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Plastic Tree CD1

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Did I ever tell you that I loved you?
Or... did I tell you about a hundred times?
Where are you?
What do you do these days?
This winter seems exceptionally long
My dearest Wonyoung
Don't forget to put a Lemon Balm beside your office desk
Wanna freeze to death? Get up, girlie
Good morning
How long you been here? From dawn?
I'm not sure
I came as soon as I woke up and didn't bring my watch with me
It's freezing So, what time is it?
Tis already seven
How can it be seven again?
- Well, I'll be going now - Take care
You took the wrong package
Plastic Tree
How can a tree grow there? Kim Junghyun
- Breakfast - Yeah, OK
How about growing some plants on the rooftop?
Trees can't grow on cement
No, look across the street It's possible
When we save up some money Okay?
Good morning
You are Sue right?
Don't you remember me? It's me, Byungho
Man... you married already?
Who the fuck's making all that noise...
Hey, come up to the rooftop
Fuck, come on... Let's get some sleep
Who is it?
Oh... sorry
Looking good
Got your own shop now, huh
What have you been doing all these years?
You know I'm not good at anything
Been around travelling and working
I planted electric poles up in the mountains before I came here
You know electric poles?
Telephone poles?
Right, telephone poles
Made a lot of money Fucking rough job though
Look Scratches and cuts...
It ain't easy
A fella I knew wants me on his boat, that's why I'm here
It's leaving from Busan port in a few days
Till then let me stay here with you guys
Uh... How long? But...
We only have one room...
Ah... that's okay
Hey, this would be perfect
Wow, seems firm enough
Okay if I stay for a few days in this tent?
It'll be too cold
maybe you can help me being in the mountains for so long
Would it be possible to grow trees up here?
- Here? - Yeah
Someone says it's impossible
Who says so? No problem at all
You want me to plant some trees for you?
Sue said it isn't possible
Practically lived with trees for half a year
I'll plant them for you
- What kind of trees? - Um... let's see... Sunflowers
- Sunflowers? - Yes
Well... you know... it's pretty the seed is edible too
OK, Sunflowers then
- Really? - Yeah
Cheers, cheers, cheers!
- Cheers - Cheers
- Hey! Cheers - Congratulations!
- To Sunflowers! - To Sunflowers
Ain't your wife is she?
Wow, didn't know you had the talent Just a girlfriend, huh?
Well, all the women of the family are dead...
Your mother, your sister...
Except you of course
I heard that someone brings flowers
to your mother's grave every year A pretty girl, they say
Could that be you?
How do you know him?
- Lived around here when he was young - Oh?
So this is his hometown, then
No, he didn't stay too long
He's very different from you
Oh, damn cold!
Ooh... cold...
Fucker, what the hell...
It's pretty cold today
- It's cold... - It's okay
- Be careful - Alright
- Have a nice day - Okay, you too
Take care
Sending your wife to work?
Get up People are going to come in
I'm freaking tired, man
Shivering up there all night
Can't feel my back
Fucking blanket's no use
I thought you were use to bad weather Being in the mountains and all
I'm gonna need a heater up there You have one?
Just a sleeping bag and a blanket won't do
Even with all I've been through It's too fucking cold
Well... Need to shave
To get a heater up there
I'll need to get wires connected
Don't worry Piece of cake
But I wonder how I'm gonna plant those sunflowers up there
It's winter you know
Thought you were an expert on trees
I said that?
Well, just gonna have to work it out somehow
Don't be so silly
Don't make her dream of things that ain't possible
So what you want is...
for her to just stay where she is her whole life?
Hi! Happy birthday!
Stop doing this to me you fucking asshole!
Good afternoon
- Hello - Oh, hi
Hey, how is a single man like me gonna understand that shit?
Ah, Ms. Jo I'll take a look and call you back
Mr. Kim Delivery!
- He's okay - Okay!
Nice trip!
Hey, fat boy Lie again, you're fucking dead
- See ya - Yeah
- Be good, bitch! - What the fuck!
Come here
Cheer up, girl
Be good, babe
See ya, guys!
See ya!
Joong- ang Chinese Restaurat
Been up in the mountains for quite a while
I missed this so much
You have a number for this place? Might call for a delivery
Tastes good enough
Here you go, sir
You live around here?
If it nice enough I might as well stay
- How much? - Fourteen thousand won, sir
Thank you
Get it!
Hey, can't you do any better?
There you go There! There!
- Fucking stupid - You dumb or something?
- There! There! - Come on!
Fucking piece of shit!
Kids, which one shall it be?
- That one! - There! There!
- What the fuck! - Hey, got it!
Wow, let's see!
Hey, you're lucky!
- So cute - Yeah, really cute
You're damn lucky
- So cute - It is
What the hell is this? Look!
Did I ask for a dead dog
Did I ask for a dead dog?
Sorry, ma'am
Sorry? Well, that's not good enough!
Look at my son! He's about to faint!
- Oh! What... What's that? - It's yours. Isn't it cute?
A mouse... for me?
It's a hamster A pet mouse
Take it, spent millons to get this little thing
Hey, stop it A rat at the dinner table...
Wow, it looks like a rabbit
What does it eat?
Well, who knows?
Just feed whatever you want Rice, milk, biscuits...
and if you get tired of it just throw it away
No, you shouldn't say that
What should I call him?
Sue- ster
You know when cigarettes taste the best?
As soon as you wake up
standing at the head of the ship after you've pissed in the water
When your out there in the ocean and you realize that...
land is no where near you
You feel like your whole body is sinking in to the ocean
Moment of truth
Strange to know that my life could be
so calm and still
I send up donoughts like this
in to the ocean... Hundreds of them
Trying to open a bakery?
Open a bakery Open a supermarket
Automobile repair shop An arcade...
Can do whatever I want out there
I want to go sailing
- Never been out in the sea? - Never
Sailing? Stupid stuff...
Why? I wanna give it a try
I wanna go somewhere I've never been before
Aren't you tired of this place?
Just watching the sun rise and fall everyday
Hey, what's the big deal?
This fella I know He has quite a few boats
Let's hop on one of those and go sailing some day
Out there It's a whole new world
Not being able to see that world Man... that's wasting life
- Alright? We'll go sailing - Yes, let's
What do you say?
Impotence... I know
I'll show you a really good trick
Wow, that's nice
Isn't it hot?
Kick it! Yeah!
Who the hell is that? Overhead!
You stupid idiot!
Fuck... man...
Man, they suck
Playin' like your granny So fucking slow!
Yeah, Lee Chunsoo!
A simple pass! Can't even do that!
I want to take a bath
- I'll get the water ready - No, not that
Your friend... Tell him to stay outside for a while
- It's cold - Cold?
I'm off on Tuesday, so...
About Wednesday or Thursday... I'll get it ready
Nice job
- See you later - Take care, sir
- I'll come by later - Going?
Yeah, bye
So fucking bad...
The weather you know
The hail... Almost got killed last night
I'm afraid that my dick's going to freeze
and not work as they use to
Hey, what's all that?
To plant the sunflowers, man
Made a promise, you know Should at least look like I'm trying
Do I need your permission
to make your girl's wish come true, do I
Stupid bitch, a sunflower in this time of the year
Stay inside, it's cold
Hey, you knew it ain't gonna work Why make the promise?
For low lives like us
Things like this is what makes us going
You, me and the girl
I went like this The sucker's feeling good
It goes Ah, nice... nice... So then...
I hit him Wham And it goes Ak!
That's how it goes with dogs
Wham and the dog goes Ak! You know...
It's always like that!
- So I... - Awesome
made that bitch cry seven times
- Cool! - It's not seven times
So, viagra that's just crap
Then fifty thousand won per person would be perfect
Two hundred thousand won That's more than enough
The stray dogs that run around No one owns them
So I'll get a real big chubby one
- Just leave it to me - Alright
- You all for it, right? - Of course
- Okay? - Okay, let's have a shot!
- Yeah - Yeah, cheers!
- What are you looking at? - Oh, nothing
- Just a second - Don't take too long
Hey guys Let's have another shot
Back from work? Wanna join us?
Hey, hey, hey Wait a sec
Wow! Yeah!
Enjoy your meal
It's looks good!
Let's eat
What's wrong? You ain't hungry?
First time having a steak?
It's nothing! Just do whatever you want with it
Fork in your left hand Knife in the right
Oh, are you left- handed?
If you are The other way round
Yeah, that's it
Stab the meat with your fork
Then... cut it with your knife
Gotta be wreckless with it
And the piece of meat that's on your fork
You put it in your mouth And then...
Yum, Yum, Yum You just chew
Then swallow
The end
Like it?
Encore! Encore!
You're late
- Yes - Borrowed your girl tonight
Let's have some soju
What about dinner?
Hey, I wouldn't starve your girl I'm not that bad
We had a decent meal What about you?
Me? I had something to eat... Go change and take a rest
No... that comes later
Let's go up, make fire and drink
I'll close up the shop and be there
You guys go ahead
Okay, make it quick
Be quick
- Cheers - Cheers
Wow, you're really gonna plant those sunflowers, aren't you?
Sure, but why is he taking so long
- He just likes things tided up - What a pussy
But why do you do such rough work That's a man's job
Delivery! It doesn't suit you
Well... I'm not really good at anything, you know
You're really good with the bike It was awesome
It's the only thing I'm good at
You know what Sue was like when he was a little kid?
He had long hair and he tied it behind his head
- Lier... - Really
When I first came here I thought he was a girl
and almost fell in love
Look at him still face almost pale
no strength what so ever
He seems like a man because his hair's short and he shaves
Back then he was really pretty
Did you know his mom was a bit crazy?
Couldn't even recognize her own kids
Running around out of her mind Drowned in the sea one day
Didn't know?
Oh, he didn't tell you?
Hey, look at your hands
So rough This ain't no girl's hand
- It's okay - No, look at this
They're worse than my hands
Can't do this with Sue, can you?
Why haven't you guys started?
Hey, girl!
Hey, motor cycle girl!
Told you it was a girl!
What is a girl doing motorcycle delivery?
- Look for yourself man - That's bull shit
Oh no! Hey... Are you alright?
- You okay? - Are you alright?
Hey, are you alright?
Shit, a girl! Man, I was scared
You stupid bitch! Watch where you're going
Fucking bitch... Not my day, shit...
What happened to your forehead?
Should have been careful
- I'm okay - Did I ask?
So this is where you come all the time
Not always...
What are you doing out here freezing your ass out?
I like being in the cold
You can think warm thoughts when you're out in the cold
You ain't afraid out here all alone?
Afraid of what?
Guys like me
You know what they say men are animals...
The way I see it this town is full of animals
Come to think of it It's the same everywhere
What are you doing?
I see lamp in your eyes
What the hell are you talking about?
But something's wrong
The lights are out
I think I feel happy
How about you?
There's no room for happiness inside me
Someone said something like this
Happiness can be lost very easily
because it's always taken for granted
Waiting for someone?
You fuck do something about your hair
What the fuck is this? Cut it!
Hey! Eat over here
I'll just stay here You guys are almost done
Bitches... Always think they're special
- What would you have? - Kimchi soup
- One Kimchi soup - Yes
- What's that? - What?
- What? - What? What is it?
Oh... you bought a dress or something?
Might be a bra
- Wow, it's white! - Nice
- Give it to me - Hey, let me take a look
- What is it, what? - What is it?
Wonyoung's trying to become a woman now
- Wow, look at this - Let's see
Wow, the feel of this Even got fur on it
- Looks like a night gown - Why the hell did you buy this for?
- It's okay - You fucker
You making fun of my wife?
Been strange lately
Getting layed these days?
- A new gown for her new partner - Give it back!
Might as well sleep on it! Here!
So smooth Feels like silk
Expensive shit Where'd you get all the money from?
Working night shifts, slut?
Night shifts, my ass Who'd wanna pay for a bitch like this?
You idiot... Should've be careful
Expensive shit... What a pity...
Take it to the cleaners
- Cleaners won't do - It's soaked with soup
You can always buy another one
I'm so sorry I'll take you in that gown
You fucker It's gonna smell though
I wouldn't do that, man
Making good money?
So so
Looks fun
- Ain't fun at all - I think it looks okay
I wish I had a shop like this
you know to settle down
Hey, what if I don't get on that ship
and just work as your assistant?
I'm not looking for one
Your mother used to run a beauty shop here, didn't she?
It must be a promising trade
Since it's being passed down like this
When do you leave?
Why? Getting tired of me?
The fella's gonna call don't worry
You told him the right number?
Man, what's the problem?
You think I'm gonna take over this place or something?
By the way she must be freezing out there...
- Yo, Miok - Hi!
- Coming back from work? - Yeah
- Had dinner? - Yeah
- Where are you going? - Me? I don't know...
Where shall I go? Have a cup of tea?
Of course
Hey, it's okay I'll drive
- Miok - Are you coming now?
I'll come a little bit later
Miok, you have time tonight?
Stop that
- Come early - Okay
There is a beautiful postcard sent to me today
She attatched some dried flower on the letter itself
How should I explain this?
The beautiful postcard is from
Mrs. Sin Seokyung from Ahnrakdong
I was wondering where she got such lovely flowers
She runs a flower shop Just opened recently
I have my own flower shop now
7 years of marriage always been a housewife
Now I have a shop of my own
I'm am nervous and worried uncertain if I can do a good job
Worried that I might ruin the family and the shop altogether
But my spirits are high and I'm going to do my best
I won't worry too much
To rest my soul
Home sweet home
- What? - Hey
Can't you do something to your hair? Cut it or tie it?
You mad at me?
Don't be, I'll tie it
I love you
Don't, I'm leaving soon
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