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Subtitles for Plastic Tree CD2.

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Plastic Tree CD2

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Oh? You weren't asleep?
Hey, wait a sec What are you doing? Hey? What the...
What are you doing?
Oh, shit...
What... Who is it?
The rain... can't possibly sleep up there I was about to head to a motel
But it's almost dawn Let me stay here for a while
Okay, come over here
It's like the monsoon season
Come over to this side
- No, not enough room on that side - Fucking come over!
Cut my hair for me
I'm getting tired of all this hair
Mom... I want my hair cut
Why? Sue, your hair is so beautiful
The kids make fun of me They say that I'm a girl
No, Sue Your sister likes it this way
I don't have a sister!
You cut other people's hair Why not mine?
Stop it! No! I won't!
No? Fine with me!
You think you're the only one that can cut my hair?
You wait and see I'll shave it all off
Be nice to her, man Let's eat
- Hello - Where are you?
Near Busan Women's University
- Done with the delivery? - Yes
Come right back in, then Lots of deliveries to go
Wow, this is awesome
If you take ten children and ten adults a day
Forty thousand Six thousand
Hundred thousand won a day!
3 million won a month Minus the rent...
You still have over two million won left
Hey, how about putting this barbor shop in my hands
I think I can do a fine job
Don't be silly
And... about Wonyoung...
Don't say stupid stuff to her She believes it all
What silly stuff?
Ah, I remember
I wasn't lying about it though
If you keep on being like that...
It's not going to be pretty
What's up with you? I'm happy to be with you
I'm gonna plant those seaflowers today
- Welcome! - Welcome!
How may I help you?
- Came for a trim? - Yes
- Oh, want a perm? - No, I want to get it cut
Just a moment, please
When we're done here we'll be right with you
Barbor, Barbor shop!
What happened to our big party? They're all waiting
Ah! Yes, I'm on my way to get the dog right now
Oh, okay Get a good one then
Remember there's four of us
Yeah! Don't worry
Fuck, didn't bring the bitch's number
No, no!
- Hold him - Come!
- What's up with this long hair! - Come here
You're not a girl!
- Don't you dare move - Hold him still
- Stop moving around, don't move! - No, no!
No! No! Mom...
- Come over here, miss - Okay
Would you give yourjacket to me
- We'll keep it for you - Okay
Answer your phone, miss
Hello? Joo Wonyoung speaking
Hey! You bitch! What the hell's wrong with you?
You took the wrong package
- Did you deliver or not? - I delivered
Fuck! Damn it!
When you took that to a twenty year old college girl
did she like it? Write the address down!
Just a moment
Okay, I got it
I'm really sorry I've got to go
It's okay Pleases visit us next time
- Have a nice day - Have a nice day
Excuse me, um...
- Hello, Is a Yoon Soojung here? - Wait a moment
Yes, yes...
Excuse me, a flower delivery for Miss Yoon Soojung
I will call you back as soon as I check the schedule
- Yes, yes... - You're sending a fax?
Yes, I'll check and call back
Thank you, yes...
Yes, who were you looking for?
- I'm from Happy Post - Wait a moment
- Mr. Lee, phone call - Okay, just a sec
Hello! Hold on a sec
Oh, miss... Blood running from your mouth
Is a Ms Yoon Soojung here?
Yes, that's me
Mr Lee Byungho isn't in right now
Ah, yes, yes...
Yes, yes. Leave a message Just a moment please
Hello? Yes, yes
Port 2?
Tomorrow afternoon 4 o'clock
I don't know his cell phone number
Okay, I will
Okay, I'll tell him to call
Hello, Joo Wonyoung speaking
Hey, it's me
Uh, what's up?
What happened this morning... I was sorry
- Hello? - Yeah
Come early today Let's have a party
Party? What for?
- It's Independence Movement Day - We party on Independence Movement Day?
Well you know... Spring's coming and all...
Okay And um... Byung...
Oh, alright Okay
- Can't you do any better? - I'm trying
Oh, come on
- Come on! - Ain't working today
- Try again, come on - Nope
- Miok - Yes
- You know what? - What?
I'm going on a business trip in a few days
Don't know when I'll be back How about drinking with me all night
How come you don't know when your coming back?
You're going to get on a boat aren't you?
Man, you catch on quick don't you?
How 'bout it today?
Enough dough and it won't be just tonight
- You see? - Really?
When? When do you get off work?
- How do you want it? - I want it cut
How? Um... About here?
Spring's coming How about cutting it short?
No, I want it shaved
I want it shaved clean Cut it all off, you know?
What? What the...
Fuck that! Get outta here
Cut it all off, my ass! You little...
Is that wrong?
What the fuck's wrong with you?
Go! Get out! Get outta here!
- No, I was just... - Shut up!
- All I want is a haircut - Just shut up, and piss off!
Fuck... disgusting... Fuck...
Hey, hurry up, will you?
Fucking bitch you call that moving?
I'll run out of business if everyone moves like you
Come on, move it!
Keep up, babe
Excuse me, ma'am You passed a red light
May I see your license please
Heard you got a ticket again
Tickets all the time You don't make that much money
Stupid bitch
Why can't you keep up? Getting tickets all the time
Should have shown the cop your boobs
Hey, I don't see the use in that
Look at her It won't work
Shut up!
Stop making fun of her
You out of your mind? What fun would work be without it?
You fucker...
Hey, stop her!
Stop her!
Come on! Hold her!
- Hey, stop her! - Stop her!
Hold her!
How would you like it?
- I want it all cut - What? Really?
Why, miss? You might regret it
Just have it cut short
Actually, miss... We've never done that before...
We aren't sure if we can do it
I'm alright What's up with you people?
I'm sick and tired of my hair
Um... miss
Would you come back in an hour?
Our boss will be back and she'll probably cut it for you
I loved you
Miok, you sing really well
By the way you sing
- Of course - Drink! Let's drink!
Think of today as the last day of your life and drink!
Let's go!
Hey! We need to do a love shot Love shot!
Love shot!
Damn it... Fucking love shot
What's up with you bitches?
Iove all the time...
Treat them well and they start talking about marriage and shit
Hey! What is love?
Who cares?
Fucking bitch...
Fuck... Love, who is it for?
Love, who is it for
- Love, who... - Hey, nice, nice
Love, who is it for? I'll get that for you
Love... Who...
Who is it for?
Hey! You bastards!
You still... mad?
That pretty name
You! Ok! Ok!
Had a rough day?
I had a rough day too
Byungho leaves tomorrow
Why so surprised?
Pain in the ass that's all he is
You fucker...
You started all this
I don't care what you think anymore
You're selfish
Cutting my hair It's so easy for you!
It's the hair! I should have known
It's all fucked up because of this hair
I see, you don't care anymore either, do you?
I'm not even sure that you loved me
What's all this gonna do?
Love isn't in there!
He's not coming back
He promised to go sailing together
What's wrong with you?
Your hair...
Even you guys treat me like this What am I to do?
No one even takes a glance
at a worthless bitch like me
I'm as far as a person can get I'm at the bottom
Isn't that the same for you and Byungho too?
I'm no pretty don't have a decentjob
haven't graduated school like all the other people
Don't have a mom or a dad Not even a house
Whatever I do, people either laugh or get mad
Even the hamster I grew died
I wanted to grow a little tree but you say no
I wanted to go out into the sea
like Byungho said
I'm sick and tired of staring at the sea
Watching the fireworks that people fire up, I'm sick of it!
Why! Why doesn't anyone care about what I say?
Cut my hair! Listen to me, at least you...
I mean, anyone! Please listen to me
Cut my hair!
You... cut your hair
Cut it!
Why? You don't have money?
I told you, just come to my barbor shop, Sun Barbor Shop
Follow after me
Sun Barbor Shop
Okay, Sun Barbor Shop I'll go and get a hair cut
You promised!
You'll get it cut tomorrow
Okay, I promise
Hey, mister
You... cut your hair
You want me to cut it for you?
Come to Sun Barbor Shop
I'll do it for free
You must come
Stop it!
Stop it! Please stop!
You don't even know the bastard Byungho! Byungho!
You really must be out of your mind
I'm out of my mind?
You're wrong You're out of your mind
You're mother was out of her mind And so are you!
Let Byungho stay Let him do as he wants
No? Everything's a no for you
Now I know for sure
I hate you you know that?
So just cut my fucking hair
Cut my hair! Listen to me, at least you...
Cut my fucking hair! Cut it!
Okay, I'll do it So just shut up
I'll cut it
You have beautiful lips and pretty fingernails
You laughter is like a bird singing
You wait for snow in the summer
And keep asking to go out in to the sea in the winter
When you're staring at the clock for hours
What do you think about?
What are you waiting for?
For time to pass And the wind to blow by
And for the hills to change shape?
Have I told you? That I love you?
Ms. Joo Wonyoung!
Ms. Joo Wonyoung! A delivery
Ms. Joo Wonyoung!
Ms. Joo Wonyoung! A delivery
When you get this letter
Let's go on a trip
Yeah, as you always wanted
On a boat far out into the sea
Um... You'll fall asleep in the sea
And in the sea you will open your eyes
What will we wish for then?
The tree is so beautiful
it's breathtaking view captures my heart
I really want to know
Where is all the love in this world?
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