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Platonic Sex CD1

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Produced by Fuji Television Network Watanabe Entertainment & Shogakukan
This is the answering service.
After the beep, you have 2 minutes to record your message.
This is the answering service. Please record your message...
Hello. It's me...This is Aoi.
Do you know what day today is?
Do you remember?
Of course you don't.
Please record your name and message after the beep.
Do you remember...what day today is?
What am I doing?
"Dear Ai, Happy Birthday."
"Isn't it cold there? - Toshi"
Ai...? Who's she? It must be the wrong address.
Where shall we go?
Let's go.
Can't go home.
"I became 17 years old today."
"There 's a birthday cake. and everybody's here."
"It's quite warm here."
"Dear Ai, Thanks for answering my message."
"Knowing that you're alive... this alone makes me happy."
"Thank you for being born. - Toshi"
Can I stay over tonight?
What? Tonight?
My friends are coming over. Sorry. Some other time.
Aoi? Is that you?
Hi. What's up?
Listen. I'm really in a f ix.
Well. what about your home?
Hell, I haven't been home.
What? Are you in trouble?
Well, this and that.
Say, can I stay over?
Sorry. My boyfriend's coming over tonight.
I'm starving.
Give me a break.
Have some time?
Hop in.
Let's go.
To the beach.
What's up?
Tatsuya, what're you doing?
Free now?
A ride?
Come with us.
You've had enough to drink, but should have some more.
Go buy booze.
Go buy booze? It's dangerOus.
I'm kinda sick.
Tatsuya, drive.
Let's go.
Huh? on.
Hey, what're you doing?
Damn. I'm losing my reason.
What're you doing?
Stop it. Aren't we friends?
Stop it.
Stop it.
- Okay, hold her. - I'm next, right?
Stop it.
Don't look up.
Do you like sex that much?
Took care of transferring you to another school.
Hello?...Yes...What's the matter?
Satoshi, go upstairs.
No, nothing's wrong.
The neighbors know about it now.
It's best for you.
Best for you two.
Sorry. It's nothing.
Give it back.
You little slut...
Remember? I'm the victim.
What are you doing?
Seems I shouldn't have been born in the first place.
- C'mon, let's go. - Come on.
- Hop in. - Come on.
Let's go to karaoke.
- Let's go to karaoke. - Let's go.
You're coming? Really coming?
What's wrong?
Poor sport.
But, manager.
A transfer is...What I'm trying to say...
Damn the transfer.
I don't want to go to that dept.
Do you understand "transfer"?
Wasn't my error, but they blamed me.
I guess you wouldn't understand.
Office workers...
Hurry up and do what you came here for.
Isn't it a waste of time?
"Thank you for being born. - Toshi"
Dear Toshi
We all seem to have a price. don't we?
Seems my price is 20,000.
What're you doing? Are you aI one?
Would you, by any chance, be interested in becoming a model or an actress?
Sorry, too close.
Kanai, are you at it again?
C'mon, have some pity.
She has nowhere to go.
That's not the issue.
Sorry. A phone call.
Good morning.
Brought a girl again.
Hey, forget the phone. Can't you...
Oh, come on.
It's a business.
As I told you...
So what? Hire her.
You, too?
Listen to her.
Look at those sneakers... Maybe it's a fad, but they have to go.
Here...To the newcomer.
If there's anything you need, call me.
See you.
She's all yours.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Oh, yeah, what's your name?
Ah... It's Ai.
Ai? I see. How do you do?
Hi, I'm Yuki. How do you do?
Miss Akemi to Table 3.
You take me for a hick?
I'm from Miyamae, Kanagawa.
I'm 45.
Really? I thought you were in your 30s.
You're flattering me.
You believe that?
People all say that.
I'm sure they do.
Ai, the lighter.
You're not enthusiastic. Be nice, or you won't have any custOmers.
Leave her alone.
Don't your parents complain about working in such a place?
Let's forget the serious talk.
And yOu come to such a place.
What? What did you say?
You tell me to work hard then not to work in such a place?
That old man has super bad breath. He should shut up and just smile.
They're not so bad.
Okay. Let's go.
Hey, wait.
My lashes are precious.
That old man gave me this. It's 2.8 million.
Be nice and you'll get lucky.
In this business, whatever you earn becomes your price.
Dear Toshi. What is most precious to you?
"E-mail pal?"
They're great, but don't meet them.
I did. So disappointing.
What's your real age?
I don't mean you.
It's not that.
Keigo is so terrific.
So heart throbbing.
Say, when do you think we'll be able to enter the booth?
Hey, can you two go there?
Clean up the table.
Yes, sir.
Dear Ai
You may realize
what is most precious to you when it is no logger there.
What is most precious to you?
Here. For you.
Thank you. It's so cute.
How about after work tonight?
You mean it?
Excuse me.
These are also for Miss Ai.
Dear Toshi. Money is mowt precious to me.
People talk about things money can't buy
but it would be miserable, not even to have things money can buy.
Huh? Akemi?
They're so expensive.
But, they say this is only available this year.
And this...only one more left.
So I bought them.
Look. Isn't it super cute?
Shall I go for it?
What're you going to do with it?
What do you think about me?
You must tell me tonight.
I'm serious about you.
But Mr. Yamazaki, you have a wife and children.
I don't think it's proper to...
Sir...Ah, please, sir...Ah...
Any request, sir?
Yes, the most wretched girl.
So you were gang raped, forsaken by your parents and became a runaway.
My father beat me up.
I see.
Like over here. I still have a scar.
Anything else?
Don't you have some other sales-point?
I have a debt...3.2 million.
Got hooked on some man?
No, got hooked on designer brands.
Seems I couldn't stop shopping.
50 points.
50 points at most for your misery.
Ah...What do you do?
H. Ishikawa, benefactor... What's a benefactor?
A god-like person who offers the greatest grace to the poor souls.
An angel.
An angel...
10,000 per point.
This is Wako Finance.
We haven't yet received your payment this month.
Mr. Kanai?
Ai. what's the matter?
I'm so tired. Pick me up now.
You're tired? Hang on a while.
I can't go right now.
If you don't come
I'll kill myself.
You're such a bastard.
What did you do?
Asked me what I thought of her so told her she had no eye brows.
You're such a heartless person.
your nostril hairs.
Dear Ai
Someone told me I was heartless.
Perhaps, because I am heartless
there is nothing precious to me.
You're the most popular at the joint
because you're cute.
You say the same thing to everybody?
Dumped everything else and came.
I wonder how much a heart costs.
Here. A celebration for 2 months.
Exactly 2 months today, right?
Working there?
No, since we met.
Dear Toshi
I think you can buy a heart for only about 100.
A hard drinker?
Make the drinks.
Some ice, please.
Mr. Ishikawa, how much does that watch cost?
10 million.
You're joking...
Let me see.
It's marvelous.
I told you it's a sure thing.
Give me a call.
Okay, see you later. Bye.
This is for the 3 remaining months.
This is Ai's, right?
Thank you very much for coming.
So that's how you take a cut.
From Ai?
From whom?
My debt increases day by day.
It's sad to be young.
Pretty soon, it'll be hell. You poor thing.
Well, I'm not scared of anything.
It's cool. It's cool. The Californian blue...dummy.
So she's forgotten me.
There's nobody booked for Monday.
Want to try the booth?
Yes, sir.
Okay, you're in.
Is Miss Kadokura home?
Is Miss Kadokura home? Miss Kadokura.
Miss Kadokura. Miss Kadokura.
Miss Kadokura, aren't you home?
I know you're home.
Miss Kadokura.
Can't be real.
"Carnage hell..."
"Carnage hell..."
You want to talk to me about something?
It was a popular song in the 70s. Know it?
This song really puts me off.
Really? I think it's so hot.
Where are we going?
To no man's land.
It's uncle.
Uncle. Uncle.
Over here... I'm pretty respected.
I'm popular.
Hey, don't open it.
Damn noisy kids.
Go on. Go on. Scram.
It's the summer bonus.
Can you guess why they're so attached to me?
Money. Because of the money I donate here.
Hey, you kids can't survive without me.
Really cool kids. Ass lickers. So obvious.
Misery is so radiant.
Your misery is a full score, too.
Here's your bonus. Go away. Go on.
Okay. Go away.
I guess I 'm like these kids, Mr. Ishikawa.
Please lend me money... Lend me 5 million.
I won't.
How cOme?
I don't feel I ike it. My intuition says "no."
Even if I sleep with you?
Sleep? You mean sex?
Even animals do it. Why me?
Why should I lend you my precious money?
Don't get it. It's nonsense.
Come on...Here.
Come on. ouch. ouch.
Do you think I'm in love with you or something?
There won't be a better offer.
I'm serious. You'll get 5 million.
You'll be an actress. An actress.
It's porn.
You don't understand. Not everyone can do it.
I negotiated and recommended you.
Do you understand? You're now worth 5 milliOn.
If parents find out?
None of their business.
I'll be classified as an actress.
It's one entrance to showbiz.
Higher level than the sex industry.
You'll be doing the same thing.
It's about someone telling me I'm worth 5 million.
Then, what's the problem?
Akemi...are you getting married?
When I got pregnant, I was sure he'd tel I me to have an abortion.
But he was over joyed.
So I thought it wouldn't be bad to have a baby.
Besides, I'm fed up with this job.
Ai, it's your choice.
It's your own life.
Dear Toshi
The only definite thing in this world
may perhaps be that human beings are all alone.
Say, what about this?
It's not bad, but it'll overlap with Keigo's.
Even if...even if I die now
no one may notice it.
"Even if I die now, no one may notice it. - Ai"
"First Party shall pay 1 million performance fee per film to Second."
"5 million for 5 films shall be paid at the beginning."
It means: appear in 5 films.
"If Second Party fails to fulfill the terms of this contract"
"Second Party must pay the above as penalty."
If you take off, you pay him.
I hope you understand the terms.
Your seal here.
All right.
No career yet, but records pile up.
Sorry. Can you go on ahead?
I'm sorry.
Since she'll be 18 years old on the 1st, don't schedule
the shooting before that.
Birthday? That sounds great.
Can you schedule the shooting on Nov. 1st?
"Even if I die now, no one may notice it. - Ai"
All right. Cut. Okay.
Well done.
All right? Are you nervous?
Not really.
Miss Ai, the next shoot.
Here...Happy Birthday.
Good luck.
Ai, you smell good.
Stop it, Masao.
C'mon, Ai.
You said you'd let me, because it's your birthday.
All right. Cut. Cut.
If you have trouble with the lines
say "don't" or something.
And your leg...raise it a bit.
Like this? Relax.
Yes, a bit more.
Yes, that's good. Okay.
Let's try again.
Ai, I love you.
Ai, let me do it.
Please, Ai.
I told you it's all true.
I never lie.
Call me again. See you.
Good work.
Shall we go eat?
How much kickback?
What kickback?
I'm walking home.
Dear Ai
Happy Birthday.
There's a song I want you to listen to.
It's NOT AT ALL 's "From Silence." - Toshi
Dear Toshi. Thank you for the present.
Boy, it was another tough day.
Who wants after-work dates?
Doesn't that old man get it?
This song...
Well? From that beat to this song
may be a bit unorthodox.
Not bad. It's definitely his style.
That D.J....
You mean Toshi?
What's wrong?
Just that...
"Dear Toshi. Thank you for the present. - Ai"
I love records and...
The grooves on a record are basically just scars
and sounds come out by touching them with a needle.
It's like they're alive.
Sounds painful.
For the record.
Wow. You live in a terrific place.
See you.
I lost my key.
You're kidding.
I'm okay.
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