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Platonic Sex CD2

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This lighter's ancient.
Can we hold hands?
Go ahead.
Holding hands like this, my anxiety goes away.
It's toppled.
Oh, is it.
You can eat it.
Let me.
No, it's dangerous.
Hey, watch out.
It's really dangerous.
The thin one is definitely better.
No, the thick one is better.
Single means many pulls.
Even with double, you must pull many times.
What a dummy.
Shut up.
No, really. Raise your hands like this.
Then, everybody'll do the same.
It's amazing.
Like this.
That's it.
I'm not.
You are.
You're so starchy.
What's the matter?
Can I stay here?
I'll be mad.
I'll be mad, if you don't stay.
Was thinking you're so warm.
You surprised me.
The leeks.
The leeks? You'll break them.
Don't worry.
Toshi, your hand is cold.
I have poor blood circulation.
I'll buy you gloves.
No, I don't need any gloves.
Ai, they want to shoot your second film
around next Monday.
All right.
You should say what's in your mind.
But that's a different issue.
Ouch. Damn.
Mr. Nakao, I'm right, huh?
It's a different issue.
Mr. Nakao.
I'm coming.
Come on, Ai.
"From Silence."
Okay, camera, close in.
Ah...Please stay in that position.
That's an okay. Thank you.
That was good, Ai. Miya, thanks.
Let's check it.
Miss Ai...?
Tell me...Who's the real Ai?
There's a picture on the record jacket.
You saw it?
Toshi, what are you doing?
Who are you talking to? hurry.
Where are you?
There's no time to explain. Sorry.
Kanai, come right now. If you don't...
I'll kill myself.
How much would it cost... to quit being in pornflicks?
5 million.
It says so in the contract.
Was that what you were thinking of?
Your body temperature's high.
Please go.
See you.
What happened?
I lost the key.
I don't mean that.
Can't you quit the porn?
Quit it.
I want to, but to quit I need money.
It'll cost me 5 million to quit.
So what?
Are you satisfied now?
You're hopeless.
My, my. You've done some good work.
A volunteer for unfortunate men.
ental for 7 nights and 8 days - 380.
I wonder why...
Why do I have to lend you money
to make you and your pimp's future a bright one?
It's totally beyond my comprehension.
Mr. Ishikawa, have you ever been in love?
In my case
I love people who love me.
I'lll lend you money
but you have to have collateral.
How about your life?
It was terrific tonight.
Wasn't it?
Please come again.
Yes, we will.
I need to talk to you.
Sorry, I 'm busy.
Come on.
Who is that?
The girl he Iives with.
So...That's who she is.
Who the hell are you?
Just a grown-up.
What the...?
So sorry. She seems to be drunk.
You're impossible.
I'm working.
I'm just someone you live with?
I quit the porn flick business today.
I did it for you.
You don't answer the cell phone.
You don't come home.
You don't understand me.
Where did you get the money? Did you borrow it from someone?
From a friend.
Think of a better lie.
Toshi, forgive me. I'm so sorry.
Excuse me.
Why didn't you tell me?
Don't worry. I won't have the baby.
That's not the point.
You want me to have the baby?
This is no place to...
You're always conscious of others.
What do you mean?
Think of the place.
Hold on.
No thanks.
Your body's not yours alone.
Hey...Hey. How come you're quitting?
You never mentioned a word about it.
You're dumping it all?
So you're ignoring me. That's nice.
Hey, use your hips. Harder.
I'll try.
My God.
Well? How do you Iike it?
I'll eat, too.
Do you know a Mr. Ishikawa?
5 million? What's your relationship to him?
He's just a friend.
Sleep with him?
Lends you 5 million, because he's just a friend? Don't lie to me.
Don't believe me?
How can I?
Did you get me the money?
The 5 million?
Say it: "have an abortion."
You won't do anything.
Just a pose.
I'll pay back the money.
I don't have it now, but please give me time.
Don't have it now, but will pay back?
You expect me to believe that?
You're wet behind your ears.
Toshi, you're such an amazing narcissist.
The only one in pain. Does it feel good?
Being with you, she seems to sink deeper and deeper.
Some housewives take part in citizens movement, but donate nothing.
Friends of yours?
Let's go.
Shut up.
Go ahead.
Give me a break.
I wholeheartedly hate your kind.
Whoever gets my car gets 500,000.
Oh, sorry.
All right.
Sometimes I get this urge to really strangle him.
Come here.
Ah...Your husband...?
He's hooked on a girl in his office.
Hasn't come home for 2 months.
Revealed his true colors.
I wasn't smart enough to detect it.
Won't pay al imony and refuses to accept he's the father.
It's almost like a soap drama.
Hmmm...This is Ai.
This is Yutaro.
Huh? Has he...? Oh, yes. He's pooped again.
I'm constantly changing diapers.
What're you going to do about work?
Well, something should come up.
Why don't you catch another man and remarry?
You can...
Sorry. Can you keep quiet for a whle?
Ouch. So hot.
Eat it.
What could be the most unfortunate thing in this world?
To be born, I guess.
As far as life is concerned
you and the sweet potato are equally meaningless.
It's absolute nonsense.
It's such a live.
Doctor, she's ready.
Now, let's count together.
"Dear Ai, You may realize"
"what is most precious to you when it is no longer there.""
She was my sister.
Your sister?
If she were alive, she'd be 17, but she committed suicide.
For a long time, she was bullied in school.
I'm the only one who knows that.
She phoned me. If I had answered, she probably wouldn't have died.
My sister's name was...Ai.
I was seriously going to kill the ones who bullied her.
Then, strangely, someone responded to the maill addressed
to my dead sister.
I wanted that person to be happy.
Let's have a good life...with the baby.
Why tell me that now?
I abortion.
You're kidding.
Would have been better, if I weren't Ai.
Then, you could've been much, much happier.
It can't be true.
It's so strange... I was lonelier, when I was with you.
We should never have met.
I'm sorry.
Why does it end up like this?
Dear Toshi, Where are you?
I'm alone again.
I've seen your video.
You know. You know. That... Was it real? Was i t really real?
Your autograph here.
"Where are you? I'm alone again.""
Remember he had a fight?
At a video store, he took away your video from a complete stranger
and told him not to rent it.
He was dangerously angry.
I had never seen him so angry.
Don't records make sounds
by touching the grooves with a needle?
Sounds so painful.
Well? Got the swing of it?
Yes, sir.
Can you be in more often?
I kinda like your style.
Thank you.
What do you think?
It's great.
Yes, sir.
Your turn.
Oh, c'mon. Don't cry. Your mommy's here.
All right. All right.
Don't cry. All right. All right.
You know, he stops crying when I hold his hand.
What's the matter?
I think I did something absolutely horrendous.
I destroyed everything.
I ruined every bit of what was precious to him.
The best punishment for you
is to face the person you infl icted pain on.
Huh? Did you poop? Did you poop?
God, you stink.
You're really beautiful.
"O-ni-i-chan (brother)..."
"Yo-wa-i-ko-de (l'm so weak)."
"Gomenne (Forgive me)."
I'm sorry I couldn't return anything to you.
Please grant my last wish.
Please become the happiest person in the world.
I hope what your hands grab
will, I sincerely hope, be
somebody's warm hands.
"Thank you. - Love, Ai""
"Love, Ai."
Let's cross the pedestrian walk.
Masashi, hold hands.
I don't want anyone Jumping out.
"Dear Ai""
"To my most precious person.""
"Dear Toshi""
Hello? Is that you, Toshi?
This is the Motohama Police Station.
are you Miss Kadokura?
We have some bad news concerning Mr. Toshimi Iwasaki.
Can't you quit the porn?
Your body's not yours alone.
Your hand's so cold, Toshi.
Your poor blood circulation.
I wanted to treasure you
but instead, I destroyed you.
Mr. Ishikawa.
No money for you.
It's not that.
Then, return it.
Why don't you prostitute and pay back my 5 million?
Pay back all your life.
Don't you get it? Your body's not yours alone.
To my most precious person.
Happy Birthday.
Knowing that you're alive... this alone makes me happy.
Even if we meet again
it'll probably be the same.
We'll inflict pain on each other.
We'll be angry, cry and laugh.
Still, I want to hold hands with you once again.
I'm no good without you.
Thank you for being born.
You got me!
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