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Playtime CD1

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You're going to be careful, and button up your coat
or you'll catch a cold.
Sure, sure.
-Just like this. -Sure, sure.
Look, there's somebody important over there.
-Don't forget what l've told you, dear. -Sure, sure.
Anyway, have you taken your vitamins?
Sure, sure.
-Look, an officer. -Sure, an officer.
-Are you all right? -Sure, sure, sure.
He's so cute!
You're late. What time is it?
You have an appointment, don't you?
l got you your cigarettes; l also put your pajamas on the bottom.
Sure, sure.
-Nothing to declare? -No.
Let me see that.
-This is ridiculous. l don't believe it. -Thank you, Ma'am.
-Just a few words for our paper. -No comment.
Mr. President.
Right now l have nothing to say.
This group, Royal Hotel.
This group, Modern Hotel.
Please, for the Royal, follow me.
No, it's not allowed. This way, please.
Got a match?
Go around.
Thank you, boss.
Goodbye, sir.
lf you don't mind sitting down, l'll be back in a moment.
Let's see...
Give me 440.
l repeat.
-Two. -0ne?
No, two!
Yes. Fine, this is all right.
All these electrical thingamajigs!
You touch a button and...
So, l've announced you.
You may wait here, and if you don't mind...
No, no. Take your time.
Here you go.
There you go.
This way please.
What about the gentleman? He was there before...
C'mon, sir. Mr. Giffard just walked by.
0ver there.
-Sir. -l'm very busy.
Mr. Giffard, Dusseldorf on the phone.
...and at the end of the day, the market has still held out...
While our international expo is going on,
don't forget to visit Spaceland ...
You don't have a name tag.
You can't stay here.
You're not taking a picture, look how l'm dressed.
Here's the new electric broom equipped with two headlights,
connect the two headlights.
Notice the advantages of a moveable head.
Look carefully. Contact.
l'll be with you in a second.
l'd like some information on your new doors.
Just allow me one minute.
0ur motto: Slam Your Doors in Golden Silence.
Please, sit down.
Yes, it's the latest.
-After you, sir. -So your doors are totally silent.
Please notice how our door's made of a completely insulated material.
But tell me, can l close this door noiselessly?
l'll demonstrate. The door's thickness guarantees total silence.
That's why our motto's Slam Your Doors in Golden Silence.
lt looks like wood but it isn't real.
Here's our catalogue with our models and prices.
At your service, sir.
l'm very pleased with your organization.
Mr. Director,
a man came by with a pipe and a long scarf
and he sat down at the desk.
And he went trough all the papers, this way you see?
As if it were the most natural thing on earth!
That's him!
l see him everywhere.
Allow me to help you.
Feel at home.
Would you like to take another look through the papers?
Don't be shy, go ahead!
l'm the CE0 of this organization.
We are the first to have studied silence.
And this is progress for you.
Ah, a salesman!
Sir, my lamp is broken,
l would be much obliged if you could take a look...
Come, come here.
Ah, sir, come, come!
Tell me, sir, is this your pipe?
This isn't him.
Sir, l am so very sorry.
l want to tell you something...
Does it work?
Sir, l'm so happy. Thank you so much.
Do l owe you something?
You're very kind. Thank you.
Excuse me, sir. The booth New Moon.
-Can l help you, ma'am? -The booth New Moon.
Allow me to help you.
Your coat, sir...
and my apologies...
l must count you, one, two...
Sir, someone's calling you.
Hulot, hey, Hulot!
The army.
The Eiffel Tower is done.
For Miami, one hour stopover in New York.
l'm confirming Mexico... for Saturday...
Yes, l'll come back.
No, no it's nothing.
''For your rugs, and carpets there's only one product...''
Hulot, don't you recognize me?
Schneller, from the army!
l'll be just a minute, just wait for me here.
Like they say, ''Time is money''. The latest model.
Got any change? l only have bills.
No, we need one franc. Here we go. Done.
Come see my home. l've just bought this apartment...
Come, come in just for a moment...
What happened?
Come on, we have a little drink...
lt has been a real pleasure.
What are you doing there?
No, no, it's on the other side. There, on the right.
l told you it was English style.
Push. There you go.
Another drink? All right.
Ladies, use ''Quick Cleaner'', because ''Quick Cleaner'' is the...
Here's your dress, miss.
l've done my best.
Thank you.
You'll be so beautiful.
No, no, not at all.
You're very kind. Thank you so much.
Hey George, you've got the group that's coming back.
This is group E.
Follow this lady.
Attention, please, ladies.
A to M, go to Montmartre,
M to Z, go to Montparnasse.
Pardon me, sir, aren't you Mr. Hulot?
l looked for you for two hours this morning.
Look here, you were in our company's building.
0k kids, get to work.
You're lost in that forest.
Watch out, Robert.
Yes, yes we're open tonight...
Fine. Table for two, the name?
ls it plugged in? Does it work?
Sure, sir.
Move. Get out of here.
lt will be very classy.
The orchestra will be surrounded by spotlights.
Those are customers.
No more tools in the dining room.
That's enough. Enough. Move.
l'm trying to finish my job.
How charming!
Table six.
Nice craftsmanship on the decor.
ln front of our international guests!
l need it repaired as soon as possible.
You can't go out dressed like this.
Are you going to go?
Here you have the super glue, the tail. Don't use too much.
-What's ''turbot a la royale?'' -lt's one of our specialties, madam.
Poached in white wine, with a cream sauce.
Sir, here's your table.
This is booked.
What's all the fuss about?
Just look at this sauce. This won't do.
lt's the other way. And the other way too.
l see, l see. Why is that?
The fish is 50 cm and the door 1 50 cm.
Do you want me to do it this way, then?
lt's not going through the window.
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