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Subtitles for Please Teach Me English (2003) CD1.

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Please Teach Me English (2003) CD1

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I have a secret
What is it?
I'm just so attractive!
Why can't Koreans acknowledge other people's merits?
That's why there are no heroes here.
I've dated a lot, you know.
But it's all a waste of time.
Another man just fell head-over-heels for me!
They say princesses are Ionely and they're right.
I just blame it all on my charm.
I'm really not Ionely.
I'm not Ionely at all!
Please Teach Me English
My name is Young-Ju Na and I'm 25 years old.
I'm an entry-level public official.
Didn't I tell you not to call me at the office?
How many times do I have to...
Those born in '79 may get into a fight,
Stay away from gatherings. A fight?
Excuse me?
May I help you?
Hi. Um. They billed me over a hundred thousand won for my electricity.
Um. How in the world is that possible?
I'm a single resident. I don't have a rice cooker.
I don't have a television set.
Um. I think this must be a mistake. Can you help me with that?
Hey! Miss! Hey! Look at me!
Say something for Christ's sake!
Doesn't anyone here speak English?
Miss! Where are you going?
You know if you've been there.
There's only one thing you can do.
Just smile.
Why are you laughing at me? Do I look funny to you?
Time over.
Time what?
We held the 88 Olympics 15 years ago,
and made the 2002 World Cup semi-finals.
Now the 45,000 public officials of Seoul
lead the way on the road to the world!
- Not having anyone in our office who - It can't be me.
Speaks English is embarrassing.
I have never, ever been picked for anything at school.
Never won even the cheapest lottery ticket. I'm just plain unlucky.
Lady Luck just despises me.
Let's hear it for Miss Young-Ju Na.
I'm sure she'll do us proud.
Can we get a new grill here! Pass the bottle.
Making me study English because of just one foreigner is ridiculous.
What is she saying?
You want more pork?
Oh, you want to sing? Sing a pop song!
Pop song! Pop song!
I don't want to go to a language school.
Everyone's obsessed with English.
What's wrong with being born in Korea and just knowing Korean?
What brought you here? "[Spin the bottle]"
Did you see him? He's so cool.
I thought I was going to die.
At the institute.
I'm signing up.
A native speaker's class, of course. I've been coming here long enough.
Thank you. Bye. Bye.
Excuse me, lady.
Mister, I haven't got time for games.
Move it.
You are beautiful!
- Thank you - Bye.
Look here.
We never met. And I don't have time. I've made up my mind to study.
I'll be going.
But look.
My glasses are broken.
So they are.
You should be careful.
You need to take a level test.
Come on! Come on!
You can't speak a single word of English, can you?
My reading comprehension's okay.
Could you write it down?
Honey! What was your score on the college entrance exam?
Oh, baby! Welcome to Korea!
Did you take the TOEFL or TOEIC test?
You great sexy girl!
Are you crazy?
No. I'm Park Moon-Su.
Oh my God!
I only stopped by, you see.
Can't I come back next time?
Can you speak English?
Hey! You're so cute.
Fancy meeting you here.
Is this all you?
Wow, that's so cool.
Evaluation Impossible
Not my type.
I'm concentrating on studying.
Looks like I'll be doing a lot of studying, and nothing else.
The women here make me want to cry.
Is this level A?
Sorry about your glasses.
I'm sorry.
Hello, everyone.
Nice to meet you.
Catherine Presley. This is my name. Please call me Cathy.
I think we're going to have a really good time together over the next few months.
As long as you guys study hard.
You kids do your best and I'll do my best.
Isn't my Korean good?
Why? You're shocked?
Please tell me why you want to learn English.
And after that choose an English nickname.
Because everyone does it. Right?
English is a necessity.
Actually, this is my nineteenth institute.
More like the twentieth.
I don't see anything special yet.
And my nickname is Betty.
What's with you? Not again.
My new boss is a foreigner so meetings are in English.
Frankly, I don't understand much.
We old-timers know words and grammar,
but can't carry on a conversation.
Mr. Lee! Mr. Lee! Can you come and join us, please?
Would Richard be okay?
Richard. A king's name.
And next...
Would you pick one for me?
It's your nickname. Why should I think of one for you?
Because... you are my beautiful teacher!
Okay. Um... Elvis! Your sideburns remind me of the superstar.
Good! Thank you very much!
You're very welcome.
I'll just use my real name.
Everyone must have an English nickname in this class.
Just pick any name!
My parents gave me my name. I'll just be 'Young-Ju'.
Why are you being difficult?
[You're not some kind of nationalist!] [Nationalist.]
Choosing your English nickname is a part of studying.
Think of an English name!
Now, you introduce your partner to the class in English.
The person next to you is your partner.
His nickname is Elvis.
he is salesman... he is salesman...
handsome man.
The end.
The end.
And next is the superstar.
What's your name again?
Na Young-Ju.
Na Young-Ju. Doesn't want a nickname.
- How do you say "plain" in English? - Normal!
- Nor... ru-mal, Nor... ru-mal. Thank you. - She is Normal.
Not nor... ru-mal... Normal.
She is normal.
She is normal!
She is normal.
She is normal.
Very good!
A sweep! 3 cards! [Was it two go? Three go!]
Yes! I'm selling!
Gambling brings out your true nature.
Really? Then what am I like?
You're nice.
What do you mean?
Nice is good for a woman.
Cut the cards!
Women who stand out have difficult lives.
There's nothing special about me?
This is the ninth game. How many times did you sit out?
Seven times?
See! Your life is meant to be plain.
Yeah, plain.
How could you say that to your daughter?
It's Cathy.
Cathy! One question.
What is your question, Elvis?
What is your handphone number?
Not handphone.
My mobile phone number is private.
Okay. My joke.
How do you describe a beautiful and sexy lady?
Yeah. Everyone, Repeat. Gorgeous.
Gorgeous equal Cathy.
I picked a nickname, but you didn't ask.
It's Candy!
Candy!? That's it for today, everyone. See you next time.
Bye. Bye, Cathy.
I should have called myself "Normal".
Wait for me!
Size 5. Candy, you have such cute, little feet.
Thank the gods! I have found the owner of this shoe!
I'm an entry-level public official.
Aren't you getting in?
This is the man I've been waiting for!
What number are you taking?
Number 111.
Me, too...
I see...
[I don't like subway trains.]
They say the subway is a lunch box for cannibals.
Yeah... es, I'm an idiot.
Hey? It's here. It's here.
I'm sorry.
What a ditz!
Stamp my heart with a seal of love!
Sorry to all the studs in Korea.
I'm already taken.
Wow, 2 minutes and 35 seconds!
I tied Dad's record.
We have a saying.
You can read a person's life in their feet.
Obviously you are graceful and classy.
And will continue to forever...
You are just too much.
Did you know...
you have such small, exquisite feet for someone of your stature.
Yes, yes. Wrap these up.
Bye-bye, cutie pie!
Please, come again.
Miss Lee. I'll ask something in English and you answer!
I'm busy.
It's easy. Translate this.
I love you long!
You think I'm stupid?
I've loved you for a long time.
Me too, Miss Lee.
No. The answer is "I will love you for a long time."
Welcome to our store.
Try on anything you like.
Do you have these in size 5?
These are size 5.
I think these would look good on you.
Aren't they... too plain?
Plain is good, you know.
Take a seat and try them on.
And throw these away.
You should just sell the plain ones, or else not have those on display.
Here you go.
I have a lot of plain ones at home.
Hi, Yunjin. I've been so busy, baby.
So many overseas business trips.
I don't even have time to go to the bathroom.
I'll call you back later.
What is it! Wait, wait, wait.
You good-for-nothing bum!
You're eyeballing a married woman now!
What married woman?
Ms. Lee in the ladies' bags section!
Her second child is already crawling!
The nerve of that woman, pretending to be available.
What a witch.
You're a disgrace to me, just like your lousy father!
What? Mom!
If you ever say I'm like him again, I'll move out!
Pronunciation is very important
Listen, look,
Good! Next word.
Now, get your bodies into this one.
Candy, why aren't you doing it?
Try it by yourself!
Shape your lips like a doughnut.
Cathy, how long do we have to do this?
What did you say?
I'm leaving for the U.S. Any day. When do we get to speak?
I can study pronunciation with a tape. I don't need to pay for that.
Don't you agree?
Hey, Jolie!
I've been to almost 20 institutes.
But this is the slowest class.
Koreans are always rushing everything.
Do You want to learn how to speak English well?
Then do as I say!
I came here to learn quickly.
I don't have money to burn, you know?
And she talks condescendingly in Korean.
It's because her Korean's not that good.
My Korean is fine.
That's it for tonight! See you next time!
Ashtray. Ashtray.
Unification. Unification.
Side dish. Side dish.
This is a tough one.
Adoption. Adoption?
He doesn't know.
Wow! That's amazing. How do you memorize all that?
I just memorized some vocabulary.
What good is vocabulary when you can't even open your mouth.
Don't you have to go home and cook something?
Why don't you go cook!
English is all about words. This guy in my hometown ate two dictionaries.
Now he's at Seoul National University.
That was in the old days.
I hear yelling in English is the hottest thing nowadays.
They say you start talking fluently after only 30 days!
Where do they teach that? That's where I need to go.
That's no good. It's too embarrassing.
Elvis... I have a question.
What's your cell phone number?
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
It's the alcohol, that's what it is...
I think I'm drunk.
Your shoes are too small.
I'm a size 5! You want to see?
Ladies first. Sit down.
No, no.
Sit down, Elvis. Please.
Will you just sit down and stop embarrassing me!
I'm okay.
Okay, okay. You're creasing it.
Just sit down.
I'm okay.
All right. I'll sit.
Where are you going?
Hold on.
I had this custom made.
What style do you like?
I like casual, but I usually wear suits.
No, no. What kind of woman?
I don't care.
I might look at her character? Why?
By any chance... Did someone ask you to ask me?
Tell them that for the next 3 months, I'm only studying.
I won't have time for anything else, so she should forget about me.
That's what I'd like to say, but that would be bad manners.
Is she pretty?
In 3 months, I'll have a lot of time.
I wouldn't say pretty...
But she has a great character.
And she has little feet.
Is her English good?
A little.
When I find a woman to love, I'll confess to her in English.
"I love you" in Korean is so corny.
"I love you, darling."
English feels different, doesn't it?
But if she doesn't understand English, that would be embarrassing.
English, I will master you completely!
Come on, English!
Come on Elvis!
What has she been drinking...
I'll call the police if you don't get down!
I love you!
Honey, call the police! Now!
Good night. E-L-V-l-SSSSSSS!!!!!!
I am the king of English! Catherine! Wait! Coming soon!
Every gorgeous woman.
I'm Park Moon-Su.
Korean-American lawyer searching for birth mother years after being adopted to the U.S.
Mom, come on over here!
Come on, come on!
You have to yell to speak English?
You don't want to say anything when you meet her?
You want to be a fool?
Your posture is important.
Bend your legs!
Straighten your back!
Hold your stomach in!
Make your voice ring out through Seoul!
Don't be so timid!
Loudly this time.
- I! - I!
- Victoria! - Bacteria!
We're trying to sleep here!
What the hell!
Yesterday... I worked on my English.
On a mountain top.
Elvis, you try.
What did you do yesterday?
Very sorry.
So many absences! You can't even answer simple questions.
If your English is bad, you must study hard.
[Foundation-elementary level] Foundation,,,
Heavy traffic.
Do you have a problem with me?
Apologize quickly.
That's it. From now on you will speak only English during this class.
Only English!
It will be difficult at first, but if you try, you will get better.
Speaking Korean is not allowed in this class. Only English!
I'm sorry.
What a temper.
I know.
Is it over?
Why isn't it coming?
Is there a strike?
Elvis, you know...
Only English!
If you don't have anything special to do this weekend
Would you like to go to a movie on Saturday with me?
You understand?
She's asking what the Saturday movie is.
What was it?
Oh, Cathy. I am Elvis.
This phone is Cathy phone! Tonight?
No problem! Coming soon. Yes!
Are you meeting Cathy?
You are... meeting her.
You're meeting Cathy.
Hey, taxi!!
Go then.
He really went to see her.
Driver, follow that cab!
Are you mental? This is a bus.
This is who I am!
A public official!
Where exactly do you work?
Step on it! You'll lose him!
Don't worry. No one has ever shaken me off yet.
I'm getting off!
Hey, Mike. You've been busy?
Excuse me? Excuse me
Hi? Remember me? I'm the guy who had the wrong electricity bill! Remember?
Hi. Yeah. That got taken care of. Did you do that?
You don't know what a problem that was for me.
Do you want a drink?
Can you handle Whisky?
One glass, please.
Ladies and gentleman!
The talent guest you have all been waiting for!
You can call me Tony.
How can I address you?
Thank you!
No, No, How-can-l-address-you?
My Address? Address?
Guro-dong! That's a beautiful name.
Nice to meet you Guro-dong. Cheers!
Me? Again?
She's had enough. She's drinking everything he gives her.
Are you OK?
Are you drunk?
Do you need to go home? Um...
If you want, I could drive you home. I have a really nice car.
Thank you, Jessie!
Elvis, do you dance well?
Is there anyone else?
Can you tap dance?
Come on.
Beautiful couple! Cathy and Elvis will tap dance!
My technology!
What the hell is she doing?
Are you okay?
Elvis... Run, quickly... Run... RUN!
Can you get up?
What do you want?
This is medicine.
And this is soondae.
And deokbokki.
And I made Korean pancakes.
Have all of it.
What's all this?
Am I a bad teacher?
Do you like Elvis that much?
It's carrot! (Of course!)
I don't care for him.
He's kind of cute, but he's not my type.
Cathy, you are my good friend!
Help yourself.
I don't know who that could be.
Tyson, what are you doing here?
What's wrong with your head?
Oh, Don't worry about it.
You're far away from home. I thought you might like this.
Thank you! I love pizza!
Candy's here, too. You want to come in?
I have more deliveries.
Oh That's a shame!
Then see you later.
You know... Cathy.
[Language reflects their personality.]
You should learn to speak polite form.
But it's so hard.
If it's hard, just say "yoo" at the end.
You?? I don't understand.
Like, this. I love yooooo...
I love yooo...
I love yooo...
You want more? You eat a lot!
No wonder your butt's so big.
Hi, Cathy.
Good evening everyone!
Good evening, Cathy!
Please, look at the board.
These are your partners from now on.
But Cathy!
Sit down!
Sit, sit sit.
Why are you following me?
We're partners.
That's not final. Sit down here.
At other institutes, we changed partners every day.
This man no good... no change... no money...
I want to change, too.
Okay... You can use Korean.
We need teamwork to improve your English.
Meet your partner often outside of class and practice.
Hi, we are team.
You don't want me as a partner?
No. It's a good thing.
We're in class... You shouldn't...
Let's think of only English!
Candy, don't ever wear sexy clothes. Let's study really really hard!
I don't wear sexy clothes.
That's right... Sorry.
You're welcome.
Oh, no!
That's all right!
Thank you. - You're welcome. Sorry. - That's all right.
This is annoying.
How come you speak so well!
You could be like me. Really.
Where are you from? Brazil?
No! I'm American.
I know you. You are my sister Victoria!
Yes, You're my brother Moon-su?
Yes, I love you!
Oh- Victoria,
Do you love your mother?
You're making a fool of yourself!
Let's use only English at home!
Nonsense! Turn it on, before I get really nasty!
Mencius' mother moved three times for her son's education!
Maybe her kid was smart!
Or I'll run away from home.
Our daughter is studying so hard!
I've never been so moved.
Go on out then.
Then I'll just have to stop giving you my paycheck.
Okay, okay, okay. Puke?
No, no, no, no.
Okay, okay. Water. Water.
Es, water!
Yo, yo, yo. What's up, mommy.
Basketball, get out of here. Give me the money, please.
- Water. - What's up, Daddy!
Who are you?
Thank you.
Oops! Oh, I'm sorry.
Where my stamp?
Oh, my goodness!
Good-bye, child!
Your English is terrible.
Try to speak in full sentences.
That way you can improve your English.
Are you okay?
Yes, no problem!
Oh, now it's time for me to study.
We have piles of notices to send out. You can't go today!
Young-Ju, you're going to class?
Es, sir!
So we're neighbors but haven't seen each other for a while, right?
That's right. Say something to your neighbor.
Hey. Hi.
- Hi. - Yeah.
Why don't you say something?
I'm so happy to see her that I don't know what to say.
Just say anything. Candy, you go first.
My mobile phone number is 011-3...
Oh, sorry. My e-mail is w-o...
Candy. That's enough.
Tyson and Betty. Your turn.
What time is it now? Did you have lunch?
Tyson! You have to speak out your answers to improve your English.
All right?
Yes. Cathy.
Yeah, go on. You don't need me.
Were you embarrassed back there?
A little.
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