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Subtitles for Please Teach Me English (2003) CD2.

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Please Teach Me English (2003) CD2

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Sorry very much.
Candy. It's "Thank you very much." Not "Sorry very much".
I mean, I'm not that good, but you're really not improving.
You have to admit my pronunciation got better, right?
I listen to CNN every night. Now I understand almost 90%.
Do you understand any of it?
Understand, my ass. I have to watch my soap opera.
She looks like she understands...
the way she's frowning and all.
Mom, I'm home!
Hurry up. Get in here.
Who is it? Give me that.
It's Moon-Young, isn't it? It sounds like her voice.
Be quiet!
- Can you speak English? - Okay!
Good! It's only two weeks left. And... I miss you. I miss you!
She say's she's "Miss Yoo".
- Anyway, it's nice to hear your voice... - Can't you say something in English?
I AM speaking in English. Okay? It's English, too!
Hello? Hello?
What do... how do?
What is your Saturday movie?
Can you hold? I'll get someone else.
Hello? I'm Luna Kim.
Victoria wants me to say hello to her mother.
Why couldn't I remember "How do you do?"
I'm not going to meet her.
How could I look her in the eye?
What is it now?
When your father ran off with another woman...
I wasn't sure I could raise you two by myself.
But the more I think about it,
I should have raised you both, if I had been a good mother.
Not again!
I'm sick and tired of learning English, too.
Good. We both could have made a huge mistake.
You shouldn't have had her if you couldn't raise her.
You shouldn't have looked for her if you were going to give her away.
What is this!
I would have thrown you away if I'd known you'd be like your father!
Yeah, keep going. Take all my money while you're at it.
It's for you.
Hello. This is Young-Ju's cell phone.
Who on earth is making crank calls at this hour?
What, Elvis?
If you're Elvis, I'm Nam Jin.
Listen. "In a green field..."
Are you cold?
No! Not at all.
I called too late, didn't I?
No, it's only one o'clock.
I can't believe you came out just because I asked you to.
Of course!
I was dreaming about you.
And then you called. Strange, isn't it?
Why was I in your dream?
It's not like I have nowhere to go.
We were studying in class as usual.
We're taking over this building.
Drop all your weapons. You're under arrest.
Drop all your weapons. You're under arrest.
Shut up! We will now conduct a level test.
Failure to answer will result in the gas chamber. Do you understand?
What kind of woman do you like?
I like gorgeous woman!
Passed! Stand up!
- You! - You talking to me?
Shut up! Just answer me in English!
What is your favorite movie?
M-O-V-l-E, MO VIE!
Oh~! Movie!
Double-O Seven. You mean James Bond?
Elvis! Help me! Elvis!
I'll be back!
Why did you pick that movie when you couldn't even explain?
Have you ever dreamt about me?
You have, haven't you? You dreamt about me!
Just once.
I was so shocked because you were in it.
It was a beach in Miami, not Korea.
My Emmi Restaurant [(Mom's Sushi Bar)]
No way. I don't wear bikinis.
Just listen. It's my dream!
You looked really gorgeous in my dream.
Unfortunately, you were sleeping.
Then you saw me naked!
You had a swimsuit on. It was a bikini!
I couldn't help myself.
I have to touch this woman. I have no choice. Just do it!
Never! Never!
That's it.
Elvis, never stop.
To be continued.
[To take off her clothing]
D. None of the above.
Oh, my goodness! You stripped me naked!
I checked the dictionary after I woke up.
The answer was B.
Then nothing happened.
You wanted me to strip you?
Of course not. How could you get that wrong?
It's fun talking to you late into the night.
Why do you like talking to me?
When I look at you...
I don't think of women.
So it's really comfortable. All I think of is studying English.
You're leaving?
This isn't your bedroom.
Why are you sleeping out here? It's embarrassing.
Lower your voice. Everyone's sleeping.
Who's listening?
Is this loud? Then say so!
What will I do with you!
Would you stop hitting me?
Did you eat?
No, you were probably chasing some girl.
How come you turn silly at the sight of every skirt?
At least your dad had taste. He had me.
I'm sick of that story.
There are plenty of good girls after me.
You'd want any of them to be your daughter-in-law.
You see what you want to see. I doubt there's anyone decent.
There's a public official, you know!
A public official? Who is she?
That's enough. Let's go in.
How old is she?
I'm teaching her English. She's not that bad.
So how old is she!
Doesn't think of women.
Doesn't think of women.
See me as a woman.
See me as a woman.
See me as a woman.
What are you mumbling?
I see it in your eyes. You want me.
Your eyes look really big without your glasses!
I get that a lot.
People say they could dive in because they're like lakes.
Now that I look closely...
You look just like an alien!
Their faces are this small and have almond-shaped eyes!
Doesn't everyone say that?
Everyone. Look at me! We're going on a picnic this weekend.
My foreign friends are going, too.
We're going to Candy's grandfather's house.
I hear it's in a beautiful village.
Then we have to stay overnight!
I can't stay out overnight.
My grandfather has a famous pig.
It was on the news. Didn't you see it?
Did you see it?
The pig that understands English.
What kind of pig is that?
Well, you spread letters on the ground.
You say "A!" and it brings the A. You say "B!" and it brings the B.
It even knows some words, too.
No way!
There are so many of you.
Nice to meet you.
Are these all your friends?
There're all shapes and sizes.
These are my classmates, and the foreigners just came along.
This is Cathy, our English teacher.
Thank you for teaching our little granddaughter, Ma'am.
It's nice to meet you!
Why, this woman...
Thank you, too!
Grandma, how have you been?
It's been ages.
Candy, where's the famous pig?
Yeah, that pig?
It was here, but we ate it at the last village party.
Oh, my God! Why eat such a great pig? Why?
You made it up, didn't you?
No, I didn't.
I thought there really was a pig that knew English.
I need to ask a favor. It's real easy.
Just memorize a few letters.
I have to show Moon-Su I wasn't lying.
I suggest you cooperate quietly.
Why? No?
Do you know I like bacon? [Pork rib.,, bacon.]
A looks like this. Easy, isn't it?
And these are B and C. They're easy to tell apart.
Pick one of the three. C!
Oh, you pig!
What are you doing here?
You have something in your eye?
No. They're originally like this.
You have to try a different teaching method. Be gentle.
Give me that.
What a sexy sow you are. Boars must drool over you!
Hey, you want to have some fun with this handsome guy?
Which one is 'A'?
A. A. Go on.
Don't shake it. She won't come.
That's it!
She's running away!
There she is! Stop right there!
There she is.
Elvis, grab her!
Where are your shoes?
I lost them while I was running.
That was clumsy of you.
Why do you squint like that?
I kept them open extra-wide before.
It's bleeding!
It's all right.
No. It's not all right.
Get on my back.
I'm fine. I'm too embarrassed.
Come on.
I'm heavy, aren't I?
Keep your eyes open comfortably from now on.
I was heavy, wasn't I?
Go Candy!
How did you find them?
I used to be a scout. A boy scout.
Thank you so much!
Shall I get you a pair of shoes?
Oh, no.
Do you have red ones? I've always wanted red ones.
I'll get you ten pairs so you can wear them for life!
You cold?
No cold.
Good people in this scenic village
The fresh air and the peaceful silence
It opens up my heart.
Me, too.
I wish to live like the wind and clouds!
Me too.
That doesn't seem like you.
I was just kidding.
I know I don't seem like that.
Plain, boring, and not sexy.
Stop that!
Ou did at first, but I take back what I said about you being normal.
You're different, you know.
I'm special to you?
You could say that.
Don't you want to say something in English?
Not yet.
Then when?
After I learn more.
Let's go in.
Goodnight, Young-Ju.
I found it in the yard.
When did that fall out?
I saw the picture. She's hot.
What does she do?
She's a lawyer in New York.
Her English is great.
Americans get frustrated talking to her because her pronunciation is so good.
That's why you learn English.
I want to see her.
Sun Tzu's The Art of War states that...
knowing the enemy brings victory.
Let's go for lunch.
Age? A little younger than me.
I bet she had her face done.
But English... No contest!
I've lost the will to fight now that I know my enemy.
Orange juice please.
No, we have only coffee.
Okay, milk coffee please.
No. We have no milk.
You're cutting class today, too?
You got dumped, didn't you?
So you're quitting altogether?
How are your classes going?
I'm not going back. No, I can't.
Why is it a disgrace not to be able to speak English?
I was never uncomfortable not knowing any English until now.
You use it maybe one week in all the years you study it.
It's crazy!
I gave up on English but I got a perfect score in Korean!
If you pressure me, I'll file a complaint with City Hall!
I didn't say anything.
Is something wrong with them?
No, no.
What are you doing here so late?
It's the last week of class...
You have to come tomorrow.
I hate English.
It's Elvis. Isn't it?
What happened between you two anyway?
Stop talking about him.
I know you are good teacher, good friend,
but from now stay out of my life.
It's none of your business.
Candy... I am sorry.
Young-Ju, you are not the person I thought you were!
And you know... For someone who says they hate English,
you speak it very well.
Today, I'm just going to ask you some questions about your plans.
Remember to answer in English. Jolie?
Oh, yes.
I have a plan...
Oh! Candy!
Young-Ju is here.
I thought you'd given up.
Hey! Welcome, my partner!
Don't use English when you can't speak it well.
And stop taking an interest in me.
So many men want me.
Maybe I should date a negative speaker. (She means native speaker)
- Long time no see! - I miss you...
Everybody, tomorrow is our last class,
so why don't we all go out together and celebrate.
I have one suggestion!
I quit the pizza place and now I work in a Korean restaurant.
I'll buy all of you lunch.
You're coming tomorrow?
I don't think I can. That meeting is tomorrow.
I'll try.
Your English is really good now.
I was bad.
No, it was for the best.
I'll be over him in no time.
Game is over.
Nice to meet you. Call me brother Moon-Su.
Nice to meet you. I'm your brother.
Try on the suit you'll be wearing.
I'm picking it up at the dry cleaner's at noon.
Is this for Moon-Young?
No, it's for someone else.
You're at it again.
Another girl?
You worry about your problems.
Stop worrying about everything else.
Don't talk to me like that.
You're giving them to that public official, aren't you?
You got it all wrong.
She couldn't be further from my mind.
That's the problem with you. You don't see what you have.
If you buy a woman shoes, she'll run off in them.
Where are you going? Moon-Su!
I'll be right back.
How is it?
It's really good.
This pork is simply delicious.
But where's Elvis?
I think he said he had an appointment.
How do you say "sambap" in English?
Do they have "sambap" in America?
Wouldn't they call it "sam-rice"?
It's "sambap" in English, too.
I was eating that when I got picked to learn English.
Candy isn't a size 5!
Hong, is there a size 6 of red strip shoes?
Yeah, bring them over. "Victory Soccer Team Ladies' Shoe Dept"
Why? I can't. I'm in a jogging suit.
His name is Park Moon-Su and he's not bad looking.
He's in my class, but he didn't come today.
He's not here either?
Then where is he?
Candy, she's looking for Moon-Su.
She would know.
Are you the public official?
You know me?
Could you find my good-for-nothing son?
I have to go to Amiga or Omega Hotel with him.
Wait till I get my hands on him!
Could you take me there?
The girl from the picture?
Getting engaged already?
Let's go!
She doesn't look as good as in the picture.
Mother? I'm Victoria. Please, have a seat.
Mother? You're not even married. You cow!
Okay, I sit. Because Mother want.
Oh, you speak English. Good. Translate for me.
Please don't cry.
Past is past. I don't remember anything.
I just came here to say hello...
It's good to see you.
Tell her this first.
I didn't do it because I hated you.
I deserve to be punished.
My mind has never been at ease.
Wondering if you're eating well, if people were good to you.
That's too long.
Tell her everything. Please!
What did she say?
Hmm... Mother said...
What's "punished"? "furnished"?
Please tell her not to cry.
You be quiet. She cry because of you!
Isn't that too short?
English is like that.
Did you say she's pretty? And thanks for growing up well?
She said you are beautiful.
But, the picture is better.
You stay here.
I don't think I introduced myself... Hi... I'm Victoria.
What's wrong? Is it me?
You think I shouldn't have come?
Did you say yes?
Mother hate you. Moon-su hate you. And everybody hate you.
Why?? Because... Because... You are not Korean!
Ok! Tell her I came with good intentions.
And that I hope she's happy.
You might as well go sightseeing since you're here already...
Good day, sir.
I told them not to write this on the back.
Or at least have it in English. Soccer team for ladies!
I can't do anything with this.
Hi. Victoria.
I'm Elvis.
Nice to meet you.
I love you. Victoria.
I love you, too.
I didn't mean to do that to that girl.
I just blurt out things before I think about them.
I'm not a bad person.
I'm sorry, Moon-Su!
What are you talking about? She said she was staying here.
We have no Bacteria or Bacterium staying at our hotel.
We're meeting her at the coffee shop!
Where were you? I already met her.
But she's gone.
I went out to cry and she just disappeared.
That public official girl was with me.
What girl?
That girl you talked about.
She's wearing your shoes.
We have to find Moon-Young first!
Could you check to see if...
Please believe me. We do not lie to our clients.
She was here just 5 minutes ago!
Are you calling me a liar?
I'm sorry. Mom, stay over there.
Go where?
Would you just go!
Why, you lousy...
Her name is Victoria. She's a lawyer from the U.S.
I was out playing golf, you see. Please check again.
She checked out.
What is it? Get up.
This isn't our house!
You want me to get you a blanket?
You can't go! Don't go!
Don't go, don't go. Never! Never! Never!
Over my dead body!
Over my dead body!
Victoria, get out. You out car!
Victoria! Please forgive me. I'm a liar! Mother said...
Mother... Mother like you... Moon-su want you.
What are you talking about? Please calm down and let me go.
They are waiting for you.
We have to leave now. There'll be a lot of traffic.
Please don't go, Victoria!
Don't just sit anywhere.
Victoria, I'm your brother. Call me brother Moon-Su.
You know? Mother everyday see your picture.
Really. She's always looking at it.
I've seen her with it all my life.
My baby!
A lady asked me to give you these shoes.
My shoes.
Where's that girl?
My one-sided love is over.
Nothing ever happens in my life.
That's normal.
Because I really AM normal.
Young-Ju Na!
Young-Ju! Candy!
It's me, Elvis!
Candy! Young-Ju!
Candy, it's me, Moon-Su.
Young-Ju! Candy!
I have something to tell you.
Victoria isn't my girlfriend. She's my sister!
So stop hiding from me!
Who's Candy?
I may be a player, but I wouldn't date my own sister!
I have principles, you know!
You're weird to think that.
God, he's so loud.
So he's admitting he's a playboy? Is he retarded or what?
It's because she's his sister.
We're getting off here, right?
Hold on. Then who's younger, Victoria or the playboy?
You are!
Don't piss me off!
He said Victoria thought her brother was a playboy.
You're sure?
Victoria is his sister?
That's right.
Young-Ju Na!
Here he is again.
Hey, then who's Candy?
You're Candy.
Come here, you jerk.
I'm Park Moon-Su and I have to see you today!
I just need it for a minute.
Young-Ju Na!
Why are you always taking my paper?
- Victoria is my sister... - What did I ever do to you?
What is she doing?
I've never really dated anyone.
So, what I mean is...
You're so slow! You want to go out with her, right?
I do.
I love you!
I really love you.
No, you don't.
There is no way you could.
You said when you really loved someone, you'd propose in English.
So it's not me.
Of course not. I'm so plain...
Someone like you wouldn't like me.
No, "love" sounds better in Korean.
Then does "kiss" sound better in English or Korean?
Well, there are a lot of people here... So what I'm saying is...
What a cute little baby!
Is it a boy or girl?
Our little princess.
She looks just like you.
Yeah, you think?
Look at her! She looks just like me!
Enjoy your day. Bye, bye. Have a nice day!
Our baby spoke for the first time.
She'll learn to speak.
She'll learn English too someday and it will be hard.
Then I'll tell him to speak up boldly for someone will answer him.
She wet herself again!
Honey, get me a diaper.
I left them in the car.
Why did you do that?
You expect me to go?
No, I'll go.
I came to my hometown. I'm very happy. Because I have a beautiful wife.
But I have a problem. She keeps speaking Korean, not English.
She sells seashells on the seashore. Korean is so beautiful.
Now, I drive a cab. I often go Incheon airport, because I can talk to foreigners.
Oh, I also have something to confess. This is my wife...
We didn't mean to hide it.
I'm taking our Yoo-Jeong to Canada.
We'll be staying there for about two years.
I'll be a long distance father for a while.
If you cheat on me, I'll kill you.
I'm going abroad to study.
America? No. I'm going to China.
I think I could master Chinese in short time.
Call me if you come to Beijing. See you!
Scene 49, cut 3, take 2
Their faces are this small and have almond-shaped eyes!
Doesn't everyone say that?
You'd want any of them to be your daughter-in-law.
There are plenty of...
I'm an... wait...
Sorry. - That's all right.
How come you...
I have no choice. Just do it!
Those kind of thoughts came to me!
God! Scary!
How did you do that? How?
I don't know.
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