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Subtitles for Pod Njenim Oknom (Beneath Her Window).

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Pod Njenim Oknom (Beneath Her Window)

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Sorry. -Stay a while.
We're just lying here anyway.
in a Metod Pevec film BENEATH HER WINDOW
Say it.
Do you really have to go? -Yes.
Will you stay the night another time? -Yes.
Are you coming on Friday?
Lock the door behind you.
But Saturn and Pluto were already in opposition a lot of time.
Now Mars will move in conjunction with Pluto.
What does that mean?
There'll sure be a piece of shit. -I knew it.
Don't worry because Mars is moving along fast.
Wait a moment. I'll look on the Net for the interpretation.
The thing that really gets me most is that he didn't tell me straight:
"It's over - bye, babe!"
He could've done something normal like first live together
but differently with no obligations.
Then he explained in detail about erotic tolerance and friendship.
So he sat down holding my "remote".
I looked at him and thought:
"I won't be able to put up with "that" any longer."
Did you tell him then?
I told him everything - it was time.
Then he yelled something about living with me
being life threatening.
The fact I washed and ironed and cooked;
that wasn't deadly dangerous.
Oh, mum, couldn't you find a man your age?
Either they drink too much or they're too married.
That's all too old for me.
Are you sure that goes together? -Absolutely.
But mum., only kids are there. -Yes, that's why.
Those juveniles have taken over all night-life.
It's just kids out there in the evenings.
You have to resist that. -So let's go.
You're not going to swallow all that, are you?!
Why not? It's not a lot. -You can't take that as a mother.
Why are you looking at me like that?
You used to get them on prescription.
You said you're slightly depressed so they gave you something. Eh?
That was at the doctors. You bought those in the lav.
So what? You'll go to the bar.
No! I'm going home. This can only be compared to toothache.
I told you this a place for dancing, not chatting.
We used to have something to talk about in the evenings. No longer.
Don't screw yourself up with those.
What are you doing? Couldn't you at least knock on the window?!
I didn't park in the wrong place because I didn't park at all.
I've got a photograph.
What photograph? I don't give a toss about that. Open the barrier.
Open the barrier!
How much? I'm coming.
Good-day. I'm reading the meters. -Someone read it last month.
But he made a mistake. -It's up there.
Thanks. Good-bye!
Couples bow. Left, right, left...
Left, right, left...
Couples bow.
Don't you have a partner?
Left, right, left...
What're you looking at?
Left, right, left. Could you leave, please?
Thanks. Left, right, left...
We had a rehearsal. -Half.
I understand someone could just doze off like that.
But to sleep at two in the afternoon
and keep two classes of high school students waiting!
And why did you reprimand that poor young boy?
What should I do if he can't behave?
He keeps Iooking at my tits.
Don't forget the principal's son is looking at your tits.
We live off him - the whole school and you too.
You can't take away the course just because of that!
That's only temporary., a change to cool off a little.
Are you punishing me? -Punishing?
Then why did you "throw" me in that damp hall?
I have to work with pensioners.
Because I was hoping you won't fall asleep
at least in the evening slot.
You know you can tell me everything.
You know I have no prejudices at all.
I don't know what to say. Everything's fine.
I'm sleeping a bit worse,
but something's begun to ache my heart.
Do you know that my cat's left me?
We've got a mouse here in the office?
You could be a little more frank. I'm warning you that Marina,
Petra and others can hardly wait for you to slip up.
They keep coming and telling me all sorts of stories.
Like what? -Better I don't tell you.
Come on. Tell me. What stories? -There's no point!
Those two have come already. We're shooting an ad for cable TV.
Those guys haven't got a clue
so I have to think everything up by myself.
They're on time too.
Mirko! Get up!
Do you hear me!
What is it, Josie? Shall I help? -Could you?
He just drinks a bit and goes floppy. Come on!
I don't understand. He can drive a car. but he can't walk.
I'm going alone. -Come off it!
We've really smoked up the place. At least they're asleep.
You know, one day l'll just leave as I can't stand it any longer.
Lately l've become a nervous wreck.
It's full moon. -ln Mirko's case it always is.
Soon l'll have to go to work.
I'll be off now. -l'm not going to bed.
Have one more. -No, enough. I can't.
We've almost finished it, haven't we? Have one more.
I can't. No more, please. I've had enough.
We'll meet again, okay?
Dusha! I'm so grateful to you.
You know what?
You know. -Yeah. Bye.
No problem - I work non-stop.
Who calls you? -That's not important.
Come on. Tell me who?
During the day men who play lotto,
and at night women who seek more happiness and love.
Just women? -And gays!
Something doesn't click. -Yes, Mars. We said so.
No. Mars has come - that's the idiot who followed me
and put twigs in my letter-box.
But there's something else.
Tell me. You'll sleep more easily. -No, I just can't sleep.
Where did we leave off last time? -The cat.
I recall a man who's half yours. -He isn't mine at all.
Aha. That means he's married and probably doesn't want a divorce.
No. Don't involve him as if he's to blame.
That other one - his wife - came earlier; I always miss everything.
Do you think he loves you?
It's a bit complicated. His wife can't have children
and now they've spent goodness knows how much time
on artificial insemination.
At least I understand he can't let her down.
But with no permanent partner you can't get sperm - I mean a kid.
If he divorced her now,
it would look as if he left her for her ovaries
and that would be too humiliating.
Now it's nine. When you get up call me at once. I mean it!
It seems your "brilliant" father got fed up of lndia.
He flew in this morning but they took him straight from the airport
to the infection clinic. Call me!
Are you Wanda Mrak? -No, that's my mother.
We've got this address. -She used to live here.
Then you two sort it out. This came by plane.
Sign here!
What's inside? -An animal.
A snake. It's got all the documents.
What snake? -It's healthy!
Snakes? -Yes.
Come off it. No, I don't like them very much.
Pity. I've got this one that goes by the name of Naja-naja.
Naja-naja. -Yes.
Are you kidding me? -No.
Naja-naja is a king cobra. I saw it on Discovery.
It's not the sort of thing for a living-room.
It came from lndia with my father.
But the snake's healthy, my father isn't.
They took him to hospital and brought the snake to me.
Hold on. You've never told me about your dad.
I wouldn't have much to say.
All I got from him was the surname and this snake.
He buggered off to lndia.
First he went there to have a look around,
do some spiritual exercises, then he stayed there.
Did he know he has a daughter? -Pardon?
Did he know he has a daughter?
Of course. but that was in his previous life.
Better tell me what to do with the snake.
I don't know. Call the zoo. How should I know?.
Why didn't you call me? Dusha, I thought I'd go crazy
when first the police called me, then the infection clinic.
A leper is in hospital and the snake here. isn't it?
Shall we call the zoo? -That's not necessary. I have.
What did they say? -They don't take domestic pets.
What shall we do then? -Tony's coming.
Who? -Tony.
He's already here. -Hello.
Where's that worm? -Here, look.
Hold this. -Not here.
Do you have a bathroom or something similar?
You don't have to look.
Our's are thinner. It sprayed a bit.
What's that? Haven't you got anything home-made?
I'm more used to strong stuff like schnapps, not this.
Why is she so sensitive?
Tell me what's new.
Let's cut your hair? It's grown a bit.
Cut it! We have to squeeze a little!
How long has it been since we did some hanky-panky?
Wait a moment; we'll hear from each other.
Now you've suddenly become hung up. -Leave me alone.
You're fine girls. If anything happens just call me for sure.
Agreed? I'm always available.
Can you open it? -Thanks, Tony, once again.
You really find them, don't you? -He repairs cars.
What did he do? -I didn't see very well.
What did he do? -He ripped it apart.
What if that snake was some kind of spirit? A reincarnated goddess?
You know what it's like in lndia.
Everything conceals some sort of god.
Something's gonna happen. -Like what?
Do you remember that picture of me on a swing when I was seven?
In that blue dress. A "nice" photo.
Today I dreamt that girl was "alive", jumping from the swing
and running towards me. She came so close to me.
I looked at her and knew that something terrible had happened.
Then she suddenly opened her mouth
as if wanting to tell me something.
When she opened her mouth her tongue fell out.
I caught it - it was so fragile, like a piece of liver.
Stop it. -Maybe I'm going nuts.
That happens. Promise me you'll help me if necessary.
O.K. I promise.
Shall we go to the hospital? -No. I can't.
I have to 'dance'. Then there's the car and petrol.
What are you doing?
Didn't you understand? Someone wants something from me.
Somebody's getting into my apartment.
For me the fact you were the last is important.
I didn't know there was some money there.
You must be really stupid or something else.
Someone turned off the light and the door was open.
What do you think? That your guardian angel came
and blew out a candle and fiddled around with the door?
O.K. Then tell me how much it was and I'll lend it.
It's no longer a matter of money. It's about trust.
Someone was burglarising and you just left.
Why didn't you call the police?
I thought someone wanted to do something to me.
Your colleagues came here and sold me the story
that you made the whole thing up yourself.
Maybe you need money badly.
You're behaving like the last junkie.
And you believe them? -I don't know.
It bothers them you don't hang out with them any more,
but just dance alone in the evenings.
Am I supposed to believe you?
We haven't spoken for half a year.. spoken confidentially.
The last one! -Thanks.
Don't smoke in here. Get out!
Dusha? What are you doing here?
Did you put this in my letter-box? -No.
Were you in my apartment yesterday or today? -No. Why?
Someone's walking around my apartment.
What are you implying?
I'm not. I know because things aren't in their place.
What if your mother moved them? Or you forgot them yourself?
Stop it. Are you listening? Someone's following me, get it?
Someone's harassing me - someone with bloody hands.
Why are you grinning? -You're exaggerating a bit.
I'm not. Look at the handle of my door or bell.
Did you take the red key with the red tassel. -No, I've got my own.
Where is it? -ln my other trousers.
Where are your other trousers? -What are you saying?
Look in your pockets again.
Do you think my wife's going to come after you?
She hasn't got a clue.
You haven't got a clue about women. -Change the lock.
Have you got time? -I can't right now.
Right. Bye.
Tomorrow. -Tomorrow will be too late.
I heard how you parked so I hurried here.
I rang this afternoon but you weren't in.
It's nothing special: blood sausage and some leg joint.
We slaughtered it at my sister's.
There's a lot of that. Look what I've done. I had my hands full.
Thanks. Josie. ,
Who? Did you see or hear him? -No.
Did he phone or threaten you? -No.
Maybe that's the way it all seems to you.
Look what he put in my letter-box today.
Listen: Pung Kami, a 30-year-old elephant,
is coming off amphetamine addiction.
They took him to the veterinary hospital almost dead.
In order to withstand brutal treatment and work all day long
they gave him stimulants - the mad drug or "yaa-baa"
as the locals call it. Even now it hasn't fully recovered.
It doesn't want to join the other elephants and is afraid of people.
Why would he put this stuff in my letter-box?
Maybe he wants to tell you something in good faith.
Do you think animals have a soul? -No. Only humans do.
So the snake in paradise has no soul?
Listen, I know nothing about snakes. Neither about souls.
I do know something about people and stars. That's all.
What if you took a nice rest
then we could have a chat in the morning in peace.
I've already come to terms with that. -With what?
The fact that something's going to happen.
The fact that something's going to happen.
One floor higher, Mr Berchich. -I know.
Mirko, you're a little late.
What a bitch of a day. I don't feel like going up there.
Got a light? -Yes, here.
Your place smells so nice. -Can you go now, Mirko?
So nice - of a young woman. -Go to bed.
Can I just have a smoke?
Get out. It's half past two and Josie's waiting for you.
I want to tell you something. -You don't have to.
I want nothing from you. -I now that.
Do you know what you are? -What?
You're a nice piece of pussy. -Good night.
Give my regards to Josie. -Good night.
Maniacs don't bring flowers.
Yesterday I came home
and the bathroom sink was unblocked again.
So? -I didn't unblock it.
So what is he - a maniac or a plumber? Give him my number.
He shortened my bells. -What did he shorten?
One of my bells.
You're alone too much. Find a guy. -When you say a guy I shudder.
Or a man. You need someone even if he's a fool.
You're too young for a poodle. -You know I've got "someone".
All I know is if a man's a trophy a woman likes to boast.
It's impossible to talk to you.
I can't talk to you if you're immediately offended.
I can't even say my own opinion.
You don't tell it:, you just clobber people with it.
I just want to help you.
How, if you don't want to listen to me?
So you want me to believe that someone is trying to kill you?
Yes. -Good. I believe it.
Sorry. But this is probably the last chance for you to see him. Go in.
Good. Thanks. That's enough for today. See you on Friday? -Bye.
You've called 11 3. This call is being recorded.
Police. May I help you?
Somebody wants something from me.
Who are you and why does someone want to assault you?
You're interrogating me as if I'm just making all this up.
We have all kinds of emergencies.
If you're attacked come to the station and write a report.
You know. , this is becoming ridiculous.
When I came the door was unlocked.
There was a rucksack on the table
and a cassette inside with shots of me.
What's that? -Tear gas.
Now that nutta's in here, or has he forgotten his rucksack?
You go in. -All right.
There's nothing inside. -I swear it was here.
The rucksack was full of men's socks and a cassette.
Don't tell me that a ghost is rummaging around the apartment.
You could keep it tidier. You'd feel better.
Why did you lock the bathroom? -I didn't lock it.
I can't open the door.
Someone's in there. -The lock's jammed.
Something's moving. Oh, Christ. Now I'm scared.
Better call Tony.
What if he's inside? -Come off it!
Don't piss about. That's for bread. Where's the tear gas?
Stop spraying!
I'll kill you. What're you doing here?
Who are you? A fucking ghost?
I can't see! -You've seen enough so now be blind!
Dusha, open the windows!
You've had enough. Can you see anything? -Yes, a bit.
In half an hour you'll see better than before. Sit down!
Who are you? -Yasha.
Yasha, Sasha, Masha - what kind of a girl's name is that?!
What are you doing here? -Nothing.
No tricks! Were you bringing flowers?
And following her and filming her? -Yes.
And did you unblock the sink? -Yes.
Why, for fuck's sake?
Do you know who I am? -Her mother.
Does that show? There are two possibilities.
A: you want to steal something, B: you're a pervert.
Don't tell me you're in love?
What are you doing? -Phoning the police.
You already have and what did they do?
I just want them to take him away.
You can't report a guy who's in love.
I just want peace! -You'll get your peace.
Give me the phone. -Calm down. I'll sort this out.
What do you mean? Are you going to drag him to bed?
Just do it. I thought he's just the right age for you.
All right. He can unblock the sink at my place.
Can I do something...? -Get out!
Get out!
We're going. And you close the window so you can cry better.
Get in the car.
You see - you can't mess with love.
Don't tell him everything.He's already old.
I told you not to put lunch in this rucksack.
Good evening.
I know you.
Are you professor Jereb? -I used to be.
Take a seat. Bring a bottle.
I'm Wanda - 7C. I don't know if you remember me.
Of course. In all those years I had only one Wanda.
You're the Wanda who beat up boys. -Well, just one.
And pretty thoroughly too.
Are you hungry? -No.
I'll wake you up at six.
He's creeping around my daughter. -He's a fine lad.
He studies that.
We're shooting a great film: The Love-life of Slovene Birds.
It's really interesting.
Only you have to take the time to observe them.
Now we're going to wait for a common moorhen.
That's a mysterious bird. Wait; I'll show you.
It's mum's birthday.
What did you buy for her? -A rubber plant.
Couldn't you think of anything better? -No.
I've also got time on the 25th. -I'm on shift duty.
Can't you change it? -No.
What if I went very early in the morning?
I'm also free on the 26th.
We have to go there with Barbara...
Then the 27th. 28th and 29th. Till when are you sold out? Show me.
What are those red dots? Are you recording my periods?
How daft I am.
You're not around in the week I have red dots in the calendar.
That's obvious.
If you come to me just for your rations you have to be accurate.
You have to know when to come.
These red dots only mean "attention";
that one should be attentive.
Stop lying to my face! I'll be thirty. Kids call me "lady".
I just don't know what you feel towards me.
What do you feel? Say what you feel if you dare?
Why should I have to tell you right now?
If you really love someone you can tell him at any time.
You know I love you.
You like me like someone loves good food, a nice car
and fine weather.
But you don't love me. Have you ever been jealous perhaps?
Have you ever followed me? What are we doing together?
We haven't even been to the cinema.
Don't say we haven't had a nice time.
Very nice - on Fridays.
Just so long as it's nice for you and I'm something on the side.
When you're bored with everything nice you rush to me.
And that's all I have.
I don't want to be just something on the side any more.
You come so I have the feeling I've got a guy.
Just so that you won't lose your booking.
In your life I'm just one deceitful turn of duty each week
and not even a night shift.
Have we ever spoken about a future - our future?
Never. Eh? Stop smoking in here!
I'm also a woman. Have you ever thought of that?
Stop looking at me!
Here... You won't need it any more at my place.
Only I don't recall.
When you were small you had a heart on the left
Iike all the others. I don't know why it's shifted to the right.
I told you that you can't devour something you bought in the lav.
Don't think that he's a fool.
He just needs a couple of exams to finish biology.
He's got a little problem.
If my understanding of Jereb is correct.
as a kid Yasha shot all sorts of things.
Then he made a "grave mistake". -What "grave mistake"?
Do you think he told me?
Since then he's had a problem with "intimate things".
But what was he doing in my apartment?
You know. , he was unblocking the drains.
If he smelt some pants, it might not be want you think it is.
Shut up.
Do you know what the doctor said? Rest! Breakfast is on the table.
Don't forget, we still have something to celebrate.
I'm not celebrating anything. -You will.
It's easiest to imagine the Earth as one big magnet
pulling us towards it.
And if it's not like a magnet, would we fall down?
That's a matter of what "down" means.
Wait; down is down. -ln space there's no up or down.
I know what's up or down.
Don't tell me that in space you wouldn't know.
You wouldn't know even in the sea.
I'm not going to the sea. I'd go to space right away.
Could you please go somewhere else to chat - I'd be very happy.
Have I screwed up? -No.
And we've drunk a bottle too. Right. I'm off.
Did you hear what I said?
Do you think that anyone who's got five minutes to spare
can hang around me? Are you nuts?
You've destroyed a month of my life. Get lost! I'll call the police.
I'd like to take the cassette and adapter.
At least give me back the rucksack.
I threw it in the bin.
All the best!
I brought this. It's not wrapped. I apologise.
I wish you both the best. -It's only my birthday.
He described so nicely how the world turns around.
My respects - he's a smart lad.
Only he doesn't know what's up and what's down.
He'll get used to it. He's still young.
This is probably yours? -Thanks, and give my regards to Josie.
Is today the 21st? -Yes.
Christ, I completely forgot. It's our anniversary. -Bye.
They think that storks are faithful
and that the same pair lives together all their lives. Nonsense!
Once they began to fit rings,
they found that "first come. first served."
With birds it's all instinct. Even faithfulness is an instinct.
Instincts are all right. In nature everything's nicely arranged.
Man has a mouthful of love. , emotions
and goodness knows what else.
Then he leaves his offspring in the name of love.
Care for his species? -Like hell!
He uses beautiful girls to sell cars.
We won't be seeing the moorhen today.
He was walking behind me. -Where were you, you bastard?
I saw the light. -Oh, really?
You're not quite sober. -Can I go to the toilet?
Go. You know where it is.
That's enough. Go home! Come on!
Wake up!
What's the matter?
Hello... Now you've screwed up!
We said we'd go to see a moorhen today.
He's sleeping.
Sleeping? Then don't wake him. Forgive me. -I do forgive you.
Screw the moorhen!
Want a coffee? -Yes.
Milk? -Yes, please.
Do you know you snore?
Did I throw up? -No.
Sorry. I didn't dare come sober.
Could you explain something before you go?
Like what? -Like since when or why.
In the cinema you sat seven eight left, I seven nine left.
When it was over you got up and left. I just sat in your chair.
Why? -Because it was warm.
Yeah - from my arse. Where else?
Everywhere:, beneath your window.
You stood beneath my window?
That's sick. Don't you think that's sick? -No.
May I ask you how you got into my apartment?
"Good-day. I'm reading the meter."
And took the key with the red tassel.
Good morning.
I've got a telegram for Dusha Pavlin. -That's me.
Here's the date: 22 December at 8:35. Sign here.
That's right. Thanks and good-bye.
Someone else remembered only he doesn't have time.
What do you care? -I know him.
From a distance like me. -Only I don't like him.
What do you know about him?
I know he's married and he likes her quite a lot.
How do you know that?
Because he goes with her around the shops. -So? Some do.
And holds out for more than three hours.
So what? -And he's not bothered.
I also know as he doesn't look at other women when he's with her.
Is she beautiful? -Very. From a distance.
So why did you crawl straight to me?
Because you seemed nice to me and you didn't seem happy.
What did you do in my apartment besides shorten the bells
and unblock the sink - thanks for that.
Nothing special. Sometimes I just sat down.
And when you weren't sitting?
Do you think I had that fetish thing with your underwear?
Didn't you?
I didn't rape any of your pillows, so you needn't wash the flat now.
Don't you feel like a dirty voyeur? -We all are.
Yeah - suppressed. I know a theory about latent lesbians, queers,
and latent murderers, but you're a real one.
If I gave you the remote control, you'd have in turn:
Slovenia 1 and 2, POP TV, Channel A.
then the office of your boss on channel 36
and your neighbour's bedroom on channel 37.
You wouldn't be suppressed.
Pity I'll never know about that.
Because of me you can sit all the time in front of the TV
with your trousers down holding the remote.
But leave me alone! -That would be a bit hard.
Why? -Because I'm in love.
In what?
In my pictures, my scent, my sorrow?
You're in love with your image and your project.
But I can't be a project for anyone.
Have you any idea who I really am?
You watch me from a distance and get an impression.
Now you think I'd act out your virtual princess.
Anyway, you wouldn't cope with a normal, living woman.
Speaking theoretically, what would you do if I touched you now?
I don't know.
What if you touched me? -What are you doing?
Keep busy with your moorhen and leave me absolutely alone!
Try it out with men - maybe you're also suppressed in a way.
Come on, let's drink a toast. Cheers and good health!
Do you know how heavy a stork's nest is? -No. I've no idea.
Give an approximate figure.
Three kilos. -More.
Five -More.
Ten -More.
A hundred. -More.
How much? -One tonne.
You're kidding. -Up to two tonnes.
Isn't it a pity to film me? -No.
How old is the oldest stork's nest in Slovenia? -Five years.
Come off it. Seventy-five years.
What do you think? They are real structures.
Hear that? -What?
It's a moorhen. We're near it now.
It's so quickly startled. Did you see it? -No. -I didn't either.
Here, this is yours.
Are you going ahead? -No, I have to go.
Now she'll turn around.
What's her name? -Dusha.
Dusha Pavlin?...
Marjetka Ferlan?...
Waiting for someone? -Not any more. We'll eat this risotto.
What a nice smell.
Give me the plate.
"Think time's running out? You're thirty, so what?
It's all in the mind. Life begins at 50. -I can't wait that long.
I've been waiting for something all my life.
I'm in the same shit after every year.
I know you're waiting for that big love - me too.
We women have it in our genes. Take the Parmesan.
What if it stays in the genes?
At times you have to pretend that everything is all right.
That helps - it's proven. -I'd much rather get fat and enjoy myself.
That's not so bad.
Dusha, what's the matter? You're crying.
You're pregnant and you don't know who the father is. -I do.
Is he married? -Yes.
Have you told him?
Will you have it? -I don't know.
Would you like to have a child or not?
I can't force him to have a child - that's not fair.
When has it ever been fair?
If only the number of kids that men wanted were born,
the human race would have died out long ago.
I think you can't have a child... if you have nothing to give it.
If my parents had thought wisely, then I wouldn't exist.
And if I had thought about it wisely, then you wouldn't exist.
It seems that life has to go on even if it doesn't seem that wise.
Imagine you were the queen bee and you won't screw up.
What's there to explain. I've heard it a hundred times.
I won't have dinner alone, don't worry.
Next time. He's excusing himself. Nonsense!
Anyway, he's married. Cheers!
Men are fine only as kids or oldies.
In between for fifty years they're the victims of their hormones.
You have to almost suck blood to get the attention of those fools.
You have to turn into that snake from paradise. -Naja-naja.
Dusha, look...
Recently I've been tidying up my memories.
Look what Ifound-this.
Are these mine? -Whose then?
They're so tiny.
Yes. I will.
Thank you.
He's died.
But he wanted us to scatter his ashes in the Ganges.
Will anyone say anything?
Hare Krishna.
Just scatter them.
Whenever I call you you're not there. You just don't answer.
I miss you. -Really?
Are you sleeping with him?
I want to talk to you. -All right. Come round for a coffee.
Are you really sleeping with him?
I think I'm going to throw up. Keep moving.
Did you see that? You made her puke.
We already know each other, don't we?
The cat's doctor. -Yes.
I remember. But I didn't know you're married.
I'll tell you straight up. -Straight.
Dusha is pregnant. -With whom?
With you, you idiot.
What now? -I don't know.
I want a granddaughter... and another whiskey.
Nowwe'Il have anotherforthat Hare Krishna.
Cheers. -Hare Krishna.
Will you leave it again or what?
I think it was somewhere in Prekmurje.
Awhite female stork and black male stork
had been living together for seven years.
What sort of male stork? -A single male.
You should know that white and black storks
are two biologically different species. They can't have offspring.
Now grandad's theory is that one season there was no white stork
so a black one was good enough.
But he couldn't explain why they were together for seven years,
although there was no shortage ofwhite storks.
Once the black stork died. the white stork didn't like any other.
She returned to the same nest
until a young, aggressive pair threw her out.
Then every autumn, when the pair flew to the south,
she stayed and sat in that nest for a few days.
What are you saying? That there's bird love?
No. I want to say that maybe there is and maybe there isn't.
I would like to make a fillm
about a white female stork and black male stork.
Maybe they just got used to each other. In life that happens.
Perhaps children really don't need a father every day.
Sometimes he comes in handy: to buy toys, bring candies,
twice a year make some pancakes, and he tells them they're fine.
That seems pointless, but it isn't.
If you screw up, you won't be the first. We'll manage.
I'll make the pancakes. I'll know how to say something positive too.
You see? -Yes.
Keep your tummy in, shoulders back, head up more.
Now hold me here at the back. Right.
Where did you make your "grave mistake"? -How do you know?
You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.
When we were thirteen we guys really liked to talk about sex.
I didn't have a clue.
Then I hid a camera once in my parents bedroom.
How did you know when? -Kids do.
And? -Nothing. I filmed.
The whole month I didn't dare look dad in the eyes.
Then once I looked at mum's mouth and threw up.
I fillmed dad with another woman, but mum found the cassette.
They spent the whole year getting divorced
and sent me to a psychiatrist.
Everybody was saying I'm a pervert but I was innocent.
You can hold me tighter.
But don't glue me to you so close.
I know the steps...
...Iike soldiers marching, but you have to dance.
But one has to know that. -No. You have to feel it.
Do you feel bad? -No.
Oh. that? , -Yeah.
Have you ever slept with a woman?
What do you mean? -What do you think?
No, not exactly. -What does "not exactly" mean?
Hi, Dusha.
I wanted to phone you yesterday because they found that guy.
Who? -The thief.
How are you, Dusha? -All right.
Come around tomorrow. -I will.
Have a good time. -Bye.
Just continue.
Hedge mustard. -Come in.
Wild hedge mustard; it has a lot of vitamins. -Thanks.
Want a coffee? -Got a beer?
Did you two get drunk? -Yup.
It doesn't show. -It does.
In the eyes.
What will her name be? -How do you know it's a girl?
I don't. You mother said she wants a granddaughter.
What is it, silly? Been at it again?
I told Barbara...
so I won't have to hide the child.
And what did she say? -She took it well.
What now?
How shall we manage?
Come round for a coffee every now and then.
Will I be coming for coffee all my life?
Perhaps: that's not the worst option.
I have to go to work. -Wait for me to wash the bowl!
Leave it. You'll need it. -Thanks.
I think I now see. -What?
That - in the eyes.
Have a good time. -Bye.
Isn't it silly that people like to believe in the stars?
Stars are up in the sky and we're down here.
What shall we talk about today?
Someone who's born around 20th August
would have Venus, the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury
in conjunction with Mars and Uranus? Is that true?
20th August you say? -Yes.
Wait. I'll have a look. Yes. That's true.
Bit of a mess, eh? -Yeah. a whole scene.
But many outstanding people have very complicated charts.
What do you think that person would be like?
I don't know. He could be a serial killer or the Dalai Lama.
Hang on. Whom are we talking about?
Hang on. Whom are we talking about?
If a Boeing had at least one per cent of that navigation,
it would never fall out of the sky.
Man has gone to the moon but even now nobody knows
how a swallow knows where Cameroon and Senegal are
yet in spring it finds its way back right to its barn in Slovenia.
The swallow doesn't need a map, a satellite or air traffic control.
We can learn more from birds than on the Moon or Mars.
Butwhat use is that?
The world is ruled by arrogant fools
who think that what man has done in a few years
is more important than everything that nature has done in a million.
Who am I talking to?
...and we didn't even see a moorhen.
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