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Poika ja ilves

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Mommy, wait!
Did you have a nice nap? - I was with Mom again.
And there was a lynx in the dream, too.
Well, you'll soon see a real live lynx. At the Wildlife Park.
Before we return it to nature.
Do you remember Uncle Jouko?
Do you know what you're getting yourself into? - Of course I do.
People around here don't see things the way you do in the South.
We're doing everything strictly by the book.
That's what I was afraid of.
Hi, Tommy! Grown into quite a man.
The last time you were here -
your Grandma and Grandpa were still alive.
Do you remember the house? Go and have a look.
We don't need outsiders to tell us what to do.
It's not about giving orders, but a project to reintroduce -
an animal that's always been a part of the local nature.
It's a predator! - There are compensations...
Let them come here to count the carcasses and fill in papers!
Where's the bathroom?
Don't let me interrupt your quarrel.
Tommy? - I'm upstairs!
Tommy still hasn't got over Maria's death yet.
Neither have I.
May I have this room?
Whichever one you like is fine by me.
This was always your mother's room...
I drew that last winter, when Mom was in the hospital.
Hey Dad!
Look what I found in Mom's room.
They're Maria's old drawings. - There's a map too -
where it's marked "Observation post at Lynx Rock".
You shouldn't be rifling through other people's things.
These aren't other people's things. They're Mom's papers.
They might be of use in our project. - I doubt that.
Mom was trying to save the last few lynxes in this area.
Returning a lynx to the wild is a completely different matter.
Were Mom's lynxes here? - They were, sometimes.
Mom told me they were killed.
We talked about them a lot when I was a kid.
Did she tell you anything else?
She said that lynxes were here before the people.
That's why I'm on their side. People can move elsewhere.
As I said, this is the northernmost Wildlife Park in the world.
Even the rarest Nordic species are represented here.
But we're running a tight budget and we'll need to make some cuts...
What do you think you're doing?
My name is OIli Oksa and I'd like to...
And I'm Kalle Pokka, reindeer herdsman!
I'd like to say a few words about our project...
You don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Who are you to come here and tell us how to live?
It's you who should be learning from us!
The lynx belongs to this region.
I appreciate your concern as reindeer herdsmen -
but the government does compensate damages caused by predators.
I'm not filling in any papers!
We can manage without the likes of you!
My job is to determine the feasibility -
of returning a lynx back to its natural habitat.
First impression is always the most important.
It didn't go quite as we planned.
Just stand up for what you believe in.
That's the only way to earn their respect.
Thank you anyway.
Helena Torvinen. Gamekeeper. - Oh yes...
Tommy? Go to sleep.
Do we really have to stay here a whole year?
Well, we have this project -
and a year isn't such a long time.
Tomorrow we'll start with the lynx.
Goodnight, Tommy.
Goodnight, Mom.
Here, kitty-kitty-kitty...
Hey! Here's a track!
It likes to hide in those bushes. And attack from behind.
Tommy! Don't move!
It's alright now, Tommy.
Its pulse is normal.
Good. Let's start then.
First we'll have to make sure that the blood count is OK.
I'll get the test tubes. - Alright.
Where can I wash my hands? - Over here. I'll show you.
This has been empty for ten years.
Grandpa used to keep some sheep and chicken here.
They're still small, so they need to be kept warm.
Tommy has nothing to do with this!
You know the boy wants to be like his mother...
And you let him think that lynxes can be treated just like before!
Come off it! Tommy knows what it's all about!
Look. When the villagers start putting pressure on the Park -
there's not much choice with that lynx.
And you don't have the guts to tell the boy what it means.
Why don't you stick your hand in there too!
It'll tear it off! There'll be blood everywhere!
Just kidding. That's nothing but an overgrown pussycat.
My Dad's gonna free it. - You don't say!
It wouldn't last five minutes in the wild, not a chance.
They'll sell it to a Turkish zoo, it was agreed on a long time ago.
The lynx is legally property of the Wildlife Park.
We do want to continue co-operation, but the tests have concluded -
that Leevi is unfit to survive in the wild. - We need more tests.
Helena, don't forget who pays your salary... - Dad!
What kinds of tests?
Behavioral tests examining its hunting skills and instincts.
It's a waste of time.
Don't make this into your personal mission.
Tell him he can't sell it! - Tommy, stay out of this.
At least we'll do the hunting test. It all depends on that.
Alright then. One more test. But if it fails -
the sales contract of the lynx will be signed immediately.
It's a deal.
Somebody's come to get you.
Tommy! I'll be there in a minute.
The boy looks like his mother.
Notjust looks...
It was shot here. - In the bar? Did it make trouble?
Thirty miles from here.
It was Haapala who stuffed it.
Jouko, help! They're after me.
They think you're their mother.
They're your responsibility now.
Good news, Tommy.
We can conduct the hunting test.
If the lynx passes it, it can be set free. - What if it doesn't?
Don't grow too fond of that lynx.
All ready for the big hunt? - Yes.
OK, that's that.
You're not giving up, are you?
There's nothing to be done, from the scientific point of view.
You and your science! Why don't you go to your laboratory -
and run experiments on yourself!
Tommy! - It's Mom's lynx, and you're going to sell it!
It's not Mom's lynx. It's a specimen raised in a cage.
I didn't know you were so interested in it.
If the project's cancelled, maybe we can go home sooner than we thought.
Just about there!
At last we'll get rid of that guinea pig...
Jaska! The customs papers!
Leevi, go!
Hey! Wanna see a real beast? - Why not.
Where's your phone?
Jouko's reindeer. Astrong one.
What's that fool trying to do?
Let it go!
Where have you been? - Just down in the woods.
We have a real problem on our hands. The lynx has escaped.
Then he's free now, like we wanted. - It's not that simple.
It can't cope alone. It'll starve. - Maybe we can feed him.
Tommy, you don't understand.
There are matters which have to be under control.
It has no radio transmitter, it's in the wrong area -
and what's more, we can't protect it from poachers.
Quite a locksmith, this lynx of yours.
This wasn't part of the original plan, was it?
Of course not. You're not accusing me, are you?
Let's just say you're on top of my list of suspects.
It's heading north. It'll probably follow the river.
As long as it doesn't cross it, we can follow its tracks.
It can only cross it by the canyon and the rapids.
I'll get my dogs!
Now wait... - You need all the help you can get!
And he knows the terrain better than you!
Please, wait!
Bad idea!
If you feed it, it'll never learn to hunt.
I'm Oula.
They're coming this way.
I'm going to look for a more peaceful place. See ya.
When his Dad goes after the skirt -
the boy's more like his uncle, roaming around the forest.
There's a lynx loose out there...
And they can't catch it. - No, they can't.
It's up to us, Jouko. - It's not my business.
It was just an idea.
You wouldn't always have to hunt small fowl.
It's good enough for me.
You haven't told the boy, have you?
Whose responsibility is this?
They could freeze out here! One is still missing!
Making an old man run around like this...
What have you got there?
It's just...
I've got to deliver this to Haapala. - I can take it!
Haapala's dog didn't seem to like you.
I'm not afraid of it! I can deliver that.
Well... why not.
How was it in the woods?
There was nothing.
We didn't catch it yet.
Tomorrow we'll have to set up traps in the woods.
Helena came to help...
Yes, I noticed. - Hi.
By the way, that's a great lynx claw you have there.
Hello... Anyone here?
Jouko sent this.
About time...
You know what this is?
You're not supposed to use these anymore -
but there's always some old ones left in the woods.
Jaska! You have to keep an eye on the alarms all the time.
If one of them goes off, the trap must be checked immediately.
I'd check your traps any time... - Get lost!
I think we've got him!
Calm down!
I'm trying to help!
What the hell is going on?
Keep the dogs on the leash!
Shit! I don't get it!
We'll find it! Come on, boys!
We can't be far behind!
Do you see anyone?
Over there!
Get him, boys!
I'll catch the son of a bitch! - Heel, boys! Heel!
Damn it! I should've guessed...
Leevi, wait!
Stay here.
I'll be back.
Wait up!
Slow down!
There's no point in this!
I've had enough!
Give it to me! I'll carry it!
Don't you see, this is useless! It'll be dead by now.
Even the rabbits could catch it and eat it. - Shut up!
Well, did you find anything?
Maybe you had the wrong kind of bait!
It's a picky eater, that lynx of yours.
Have you tried a luncheon voucher?
There's a real outdoorsy person!
How does a lynx manage in the winter?
If the lynx is fit, strong and can hunt, it should be fine.
But it won't be easy, though.
Well, what do you say? Shall we get on with it?
Who, me? - Want to try?
I'll think about it... for a long time.
Jouko! Take a look at this!
I believe it's yours.
It's the first time in a long while that any beasts come to the fence.
The lynx killed it. It can kill for fun...
Leevi doesn't know how to hunt.
Wait here.
You know what the situation is.
They're just a nuisance.
I'll be off on my vacation. I have a few days left of it.
I'll be back on Friday. Is that enough time?
Are you telling me to break the law?
As I recall, all I've said is I'm going fishing.
Look who's here! It's Oula!
Now we have a camera and all!
Take a picture! The best nature shot you'll ever get!
Stop it!
A real man came to rescue you, Oula!
They took your camera.
I'll get it back when they've shot the roll of film.
But you could get out of here.
It came to the village because of you, and it'll be killed.
But I saved him. - Yeah, you were feeding it. And now it's starving.
It won't stand a chance when Haapala goes after it.
What are you hiding here for?
I'm not hiding. I was waiting for you.
You could wait at home. I'm busy enough as it is.
There hasn't been a sign of Leevi.
I have to find it. - Why? You'd only give him away.
Come on! I'm trying to save its life.
You know where Leevi is, don't you?
I don't know anything about him.
What are you doing in my room?
I think you need to know a couple of things.
The lynxes have always been killed here.
Your mother's lynxes were killed too.
I know! Haapala!
And Jouko.
He was paying off his debt.
He borrowed a lot of money from Haapala when times were bad.
He still owes him, to this day. - I don't believe you! You're lying!
Tomorrow I'm going to Helsinki with OIli -
and ask about the future of this project.
You killed Mom's lynxes.
How could you?
Pretending to be my friend... You killer! You murderer!
And you're going to kill Leevi too.
I hate you!
I hope this convinces you!
Look at what it's done!
I hope it was worth it!
The tracks brought me here.
It took the geese.
It left you an invitation in your own yard.
Come with me. Let's go and get it.
If you help me now, I forget your debt.
Open the door!
It's the last lynx. Not much different from the others.
Open the door, Jouko! Open it now!
It's bound to be where the others were.
You're looking for something?
Leave your skis and hop on.
What is it?
We had an agreement.
You can manage on your own.
Come back! Boy!
We've always done this as a team. You come with me right now!
Damn you, Jouko!
Walk then!
Hold on!
Jouko's ski-doo!
Easy Boy...
Good Boy...
Haapala... He's alone.
Where's Jouko?
Quickly now!
Wait! You can't get up that way! - I have to try.
Be careful... That's a difficult part. - Oh really?!
Can you make it?
Its leg looks pretty bad! We've got to get it out of this.
Let me try... - Be careful.
Don't be afraid. No need to be.
Watch out!
We've got to get some help fast! Let's go!
I'll stay. - You can't stay alone. Come on!
I can't leave Leevi. - Oh, shit! Come on!
No! - Haapala is coming. You can't stay.
OK, build a snow wall around Leevi and hide yourself.
I'll come back as soon as I can.
Tommy... Tommy!
The Ministry gave the green light for the project. Helena convinced them.
What is it? - Where's Tommy?
How the hell can you be here?
Go away!
Don't touch Leevi...
Leave him alone! - What is it with you?
You can't kill him!
It's injured. Stay there.
Leevi? Haapala?
Wait! - It's closed! Oh, it's you...
There's a boy and a lynx at the Lynx Rock. They need help fast.
A real lynx... - Idiot! They're in danger!
Help me!
This is Frontier Guard Search and Rescue.
Do you read me, ground control? Over.
Read you loud and clear. Over.
We're heading north.
It's getting tricky out here, the temperature's falling!
No sign so far on the thermograph. Over and out.
Keep us posted! Over and out!
I can't anymore!
There are signs of a fall on the precipice.
Someone's fallen down, and it doesn't look good.
Can you see them?
We'll make it, Leevi.
We're running low on fuel. We have to go back.
It may be too late. Just land and leave me here to look for him.
There is a shack... - Tommy may be heading there.
Tommy! Tommy, wake up!
You're in a pretty bad shape.
How's Leevi?
Tommy... We didn't find Leevi.
He saved my life. You have to find him.
It wasn't there. It's probably dead.
I'm going after him...
Tommy's allowed to stretch his legs. We came to fetch some of his things.
Your Mom took care of lynxes... And I killed them.
We both did what we thought was right.
Maria left... and wouldn't talk to me.
I'd like to apologize to you 'cause I couldn't at the time.
I still believe that lynxes don't belong here...
At least not in the barn.
If you take care of it and make it better, we can set it free.
Thank you, Tommy.
It's your lynx now.
Take it so far that no one can find it.
Go... Go!
You have to go...
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