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Subtitles for Point Break - CD1 1991.

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Point Break - CD1 1991

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(cocks gun)
100%, Utah!
Good job!
Hi! Johnny Utah.
Your 9 o'clock appointment is here.
Special Agent John Utah,|day number one in LA. Welcome aboard.
- Your record's impressive.|- Thank you.
You may have been|in the top 2% ofyour class at Quantico,...
..but out here you have exactly|zero hours of experience in the field.
You know nothing,|in fact, less than nothing.
lf you knew you knew nothing,|that'd be something, but you don't.
Yes, sir.
- You eat a solid breakfast?|- Sir?
All food groups, avoiding caffeine, sugar?
l like my people to be fit. We don't drink|and we sure as hell don't smoke!
- Sir, l take the skin off chicken.|- Good man!
This is us - Bank Robbery.
You are now|in the world's bank robbery capital.
(Utah) 1,322 last year in LA County.|Up 26% from the year before.
That's correct.|We nailed over 1,000 ofthem.
Miss Deer,|take a look at that for me. Thank you.
D'you know|how we nail the bad guys, Utah?
By crunching data,|good crime-scene work, good lab work,...
..and, most importantly,|good data-based analysis.
Special Agent Utah,|are you receiving my signal?
Zero distortion, sir.
l love these things.
You're a real blue-flame special, son:|young, dumb and full of cum. l know.
What l don't know is how you got yourself|assigned out here to LA with us.
l mean, hell,...
..l guess we must have|ourselves an asshole shortage, huh?
Not so far.
- Pappas?|- Yeah?
Put on the blindfold. l want to see you|retrieve at least two bricks offthe bottom.
(blows whistle)
l've been in the field 22 years,...
..l've fired my piece|over 19 times in the line of duty.
l got no idea what a blind man fetching|bricks from the bottom ofthe pool...
..has got to do with being a special agent.
Added to which indignity, l have been|saddled with a blue-flame Quantico cat!
Some quarterback punk.|Johnny Unitas or something.
- The shit they pull, huh?|- Yeah!
Hey, Angie? Here's your guy!
(sighs) Uh,... Pappas. Angelo Pappas.
Punk. Quarterback punk.
Welcome to SeaWorld, kid.
(man) Good luck, Pappas.
Two bricks, comin' up.
Little hand says it's time to rock and roll.
- Everybody freeze!|- Nobody move! Hands up and eyes down!
Back away from the counters!|Hands on your heads now!
Everybody, onto the floor!|Move it! Move it!
- Now! Get down!|- What's the matter with you people?
You, outta the cubicle. Get outta my way!
Back away and get your fuckin' hands up!
Hey, what's the matter with you?|You got earwax?
Back away! Keep your hands|where l can see 'em! Hands up!
Hello, hello, ladies and gentlemen.|We are the Ex-Presidents!
We need just a few moments ofyour time.
We've been screwing you for years,|so a few more seconds shouldn't matter!
On the floor, asshole! The money's|insured so it's not worth dying for!
How you doin', Dick?
lmplementing our personal plan|of deregulation, Mr President!
- (carhorn)|- Time, Mr Carter!
- LBJ?|- We're stylin'!
Oh, Ron, l got Nancy on the line!
- (bang)|- (woman screams)
Air Force One is waiting, Mr President.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Get your hands|where l can fuckin' see 'em! Thank you.
Thank you very much.|And, please, don't forget to vote!
l'm not a crook!
(Pappas) 27 banks in three years.
God. ln and out in 90 seconds!
No-one ever gets shot.|Now, what are we talking about here?
We're talking about solid professionals!
Good moves.
Yeah, they control the room well|and they stick strictly to the cash drawers.
They don't go for the vault?
No. They never go for the vault.|They never get greedy.
Smart. You burn time in the vault.
Reagan usually does the driving.
Stolen switch car, they leave it running.|lt looks parked from a distance.
When they run,|they dump the vehicle and they vanish.
Like a virgin on prom night.
l mean, they vanish! Pshht!
Surgical.|Look at them separate the dye pack.
Dick and Ronnie know theirjobs.
The Ex-Presidents|are the best l've ever seen.
Any time you two've finished jerking off,|watching MTV, we need to see the tapes.
Pappas, you tell the kid|your theory on the Presidents?
Just take the tapes and go, Babbit.
Hang ten, Pappas. Like totally rad, dude!
l tell ya, the department loves it.
What's he talking about, Angelo?
- Found the drop car on Mulholland Drive.|- We'll go work it.
(Pappas) Oh, no!
Come on!
Thank you. We'll go work it.
Excuse me.
l'm working a fuckin' drop car!|l don't believe it. Working a drop car!
Pappas - what a hard-on!
- (man #1) Keep away from there.|- (man #2) All right.
(men callinstructions)
This car doesn't have AC.|Today was a scorcher.
Sweat secretions in the seatbacks.
Are you through, Mr Wizard?
Let me know ifyou find Jimmy Hoffa|under the seat while you're at it!
Oh, look at this!|lt's 7.30. The night is still young.
The way you're going, you'll be able|to solve this case and start another one.
Drop car, my ass! Goddamn!
You been working Bank Robbery,|what, 22 years?
Yeah, 22 years.
LA has changed a lot during that time.
The air got dirty and the sex got clean.
A guy with that much time in|must have a theory about these guys.
Leave it alone, Johnny.
OK, fine, you've given up, fine.|lt doesn't mean l have to.
Hey! Listen, forget about it, kid.|They are ghosts.
Of course. If you couldn't crack it|with all your years of experience,...'s impossible to think|l might have something to offer!
Maybe l can do better|than an over-the-hill burnout.
Watch your mouth!
Maybe you should just retire, get some|rent-a-cop nightjob and tell 'Nam stories!
Listen! l was taking shrapnel in 'Nam|while you were crapping in your hands!
- You mad?|- Yeah, l'm mad.
Good and mad?
- Yeah. What you wanna do about it?|- Feels good, like you're still alive?
Well, since you're still alive|and you're not in the box just yet,...
..why don't you tell me this theory|of yours and we'll go get these guys?
OK, hotshot.
You wanna nail the bank robbers|and be a big hero?
- Definitely!|- Definitely.
Then here it is.
The Ex-Presidents...
..are surfers.
lt's in our face.
Look at the tan line on this guy.
Oh, well, he must be a surfer!
Well, yeah.
Last year, Nixon scuffs the counter|when he's going over,... there is a soil sample.
Non-specific mud.|Traces of asphalt, traces of oil.
Traces of sand. Carnuba wax.
So l become a wax expert.|Now, there's 80-some uses for this stuff.
Something like 500 products.
Candle wax, car wax, moustache wax.
Could be anything.
Guy's waxing his moustache|at the beach, gets sand in it,...
..takes it offwith a shoe.
Shoe scuffs the counter...
Would you just shut up a minute!|Listen! Maybe you'll learn something.
The lab gave us three possible matches.
This is one ofthem.
- Sex Wax!|- Yeah.
You're not into kinky shit, are you?
Not yet! Surfers use this.|They rub it on their boards for traction.
Thanks for the tip.
You're welcome for the tip.|Here's another.
Check out the dates on these robberies.
lt's strictly a summerjob for these idiots.
Four months.
June to October.
- Same the year before.|- That's right. We have one more month.
We won't see 'em till next summer.
They're travelling on the money,|going where the waves are.
That's right!
The Ex-Presidents rip off banks|to finance their endless summer!
(both) Whoa!
Hey, man,|a lot of guys your age are learning to surf.
- lt's cool. There's nothing wrong in it.|- l'm 25.
That's what l'm saying. lt's never too late.
(boy) Hope you stick with it.
Surfing's the source.|lt can change your life.
(Utah) Why can't l just walk around|with this thing under my arm...
..and act stoned, ask a few questions?
Look at 'em.|They're like some kinda tribe.
They got their own language.
You can'tjust walk up to those guys.
You gotta get out there, learn the moves,|get into their head, pick up the speech.
You saying|the FBl is going to pay me to learn to surf?
lt's either you or me on the board.|Get my drift?
This is for rubber people|who don't shave yet.
Come on. You're the quarterbackjock.|lt's all balance, right? And co-ordination.
How hard can it be?
(coughs and chokes)
(girl) Hold on!
Hold on.
Use your arms. Paddle. Come on!
lt's all right. Come on. You're OK.
(coughs andsplutters)
You crazy son of a bitch.
You wanna commit suicide,|you do it someplace else!
This pig-board piece of shit!
You got no business out here whatsoever!
My name's Johnny Utah!
Who cares?!
That is your surfing contact?
''Female, blue eyes, black hair,...
..five foot six, 119 pounds.''
God, Utah!
Not bad, Utah!
Tyler Ann Endicott, born 27.11.64.
(Utah) Exhibition of speed,...
..indecent exposure|inside moving vehicle...
Hot, very hot!
What else they got on her?
l still haven't found anything l can use.|l gotta find an approach. A way in.
Here we go!
Both parents deceased.
Aeroplane crash, San Diego, '84.
See ya later.
What do you want?
Shrimp and fries.
l mean, what do you want?|Why d'you keep hanging around?
l need you to teach me.
Gimme a break. Shrimp and fries,... go!
Would you like|something to drink with that, sir?
- l'm serious!|- l can see that you're serious. Forget it.
Stick to... tennis.
l don't know, whatever you do good.
Miniature golf. Your number's 37.
You don't understand.|l'm gonna learn to surf or break my neck.
What is it? You all of a sudden got this bug|that you just have to go surfing?
This is a line, right?
No! No.
My whole life|l've done things for other people.
ln high school l played football|because my old man expected me to.
Then my parents|always figured l'd go to law school.
So l did. Football scholarship.
- ls this gonna take a long time?|- Wait.
So l'm a big hero to my folks, right?
But two years ago|they were killed in a car wreck.
You can't imagine it.|Your whole life changes.
And l suddenly realised|that all my goals had been their goals,...
..and l hadn't been living my own life,|so l wanted something for myself.
So l come out here|from Ohio a month ago.
l'd never seen the ocean before. Any ocean.
l never thought|it would affect me so much.
l'm drawn to it.
Or something.
l want to do what you do.
lt's the truth.
All right.
OK. Tomorrow.
lf you are one minute late, l'm gone.
And, stud,|l didn't take you on to raise, so...
..l'll teach you a few things and then|after that you'll be on your own, OK?
(Tyler) Stop here.
You agree to do|exactly what l say when l say it?
You stand straight up,|you'll just fall over, so let's try it again.
Start over. Just do it again.
Hey! What ya doin'?
Just do it again. Pop up.
(Tyler) Stay low, you're gonna bite it.
You dragged your knee. You'll wipe out.
You're dragging your foot,|you're gonna be fish food.
Both feet have to land|on the board at the same time.
That's it. That's it. You're surfing.
(# ''l WillNotFall'' by Wire Train)
Doing all right, city boy!
You are surfing!
That's Bodhi.
They call him the Bodhisattva.
He's a modern savage.
He's a real searcher.
- What's he searching for?|- The ride! The ultimate ride.
The guy's even crazier than you, Johnny.
Heads up!
- Hey!|- (screams)
Put me down!
Uh, we know each other.
That's a... a surf board, all right.
Looks like a '57 Chevy l used to have!
Tyler, come here.
So, who's the guy? You replace me?
Give me a break. Where you been?
He surfs real well(!)
Come on!|He's from Kansas or something.
- He's from Kansas?|- Heads up!
(Bodhi) Yeah!
Good catch.
Hut! Hut! Go, let's go, go!
Whose ball is it? Who wants it?
Get him!
Get him!
What the fuck is wrong with you?|Don't you think that's a little out of line?
- Cool it, Roach. Know who this is?|- No, l don't!
This is Johnny Utah, Ohio State Buckeyes,|all conference. Remember?
Number 9, how ya doing?
Jesus Christ! Johnny fuckin' Utah!|Sorry, man. Didn't mean to get in ya face!
l knew l knew you. lt was the Rose Bowl.|Three years ago you beat SC.
- You? You did this?|- Yep, him!
- That was one hell of a game.|- No shit.
Yeah, but you got nuked in the last quarter.
Yeah, l got my knee folded back|about 90 degrees the wrong way!
- Whoa! That's why you never went pro?|- Two years of surgery, missed my window.
Went to law school instead.
Law school! You're a lawyer?
Well, life's not over yet, man.|You're surfing.
- (man) Lawyers don't surf!|- (Bodhi) This one does.
(man) Let's play some football!
Special Agent Utah, this is not some job|flipping burgers at the local drive-in!
Yes, the surfboard bothers me.
Yes, your approach|to this whole damn case bothers me.
And, yes, YOU BOTHER ME!
And, Pappas, for the love of Christ,...
..just how the hell did l ever let you|talk me into this boneheaded idea?
Harp, we're working undercover.|lt takes time. We've produced...
No, no, no, no!|Let me tell you what you've produced.
Over the last two weeks|you two have produced exactly squat.
During which time the Ex-Presidents|have robbed two more banks!
Now, for Christ's sake,...
..does either one ofyou have anything|even remotely interesting to tell me?
Caught my first tube this morning,... sir!
Goddamn it!|Why didn't you leave that thing in the car?
lt sticks out so l can't lock it.
Anyway, what's his problem?|We're handling our caseload.
- l'm surfing on my own time.|- l know, just don't rub Harp's nose in it.
You think l joined the FBl to learn to surf?
This was your lame idea.|You gotta back me up on this.
Johnny, we better|come up with something real quick.
- My friend...|- What?
Encino Savings and Loan.|Guard grabbed LBJ's ponytail.
28 robberies and what do we get from it?|One fucking hair.
(Utah) Angelo, pay attention.
There's gonna be a test afterward.
Lab is showing traces oftoxins|in the hair. Selenium, titanium, arsenic.
Beaches are always being closed|because ofwaste spills.
And surfers are territorial.|They stick mostly to certain breaks.
lf we can get hair samples|and get a match at a certain beach...
..we'd know|which break the Ex-Presidents surf.
You buying this?
But let's do it, anyway.
lt will bug the shit out of Harp.
- My man!|- Yeah!
Hey! When you two are done|making out, l need to talk to you.
- What's this? Narco entrapment, dude?|- Not exactly, dude.
Making a wig for my girlfriend.|Thank you.
Fuckin' guy's a narc, man.
Dude cut my hair!
So what? He didn't bust us.
He fuckin' cut my hair!
Hey, don't move! Got some huge sucker|crawling right into your ear!
Got it!
Leave some fuckin' hair, man!
What is it?
Saved your life, bro. Close one!
PCBs, selenium, titanium, arsenic.
The percentages look right.
Here's a match.
- There's a match?|- Latigo Beach.
Nice point break. Long workable rides.
Surf's up, Ace!
Stay off my wave!
Goons trying to drop in.
(# raucous pop music)
Paddle! Paddle! Paddle!
Out ofthe way, you shit!
You dinged my board!
Why don't you watch|where the fuck you're going!
Politeness counts, asshole!
Go back to the Valley, man!
Angelo, l've eaten shit47 times andgot|my lights punched outbysome psycho.
There mustbe 20 guys here with ponytails.
Patience, hotshot. Patience.
lt'll be subtle, if it's here at all.|They'll be a group within the group.
These guys are a real tight unit.|You'll see 'em, you'll know it.
This the guy?
..l know.
This is where you tell me|all about how locals rule...
..and yuppie insects like me|shouldn't be surfing your break, right?
That would be a waste oftime.
We're just gonna fuck you up.
Johnny, are you there?
You betternot|be trying to pick up anybabes!
Hit him! Yeah! Harder! Yeah!
Back off! He's with me!
Kiss my ass!
Back off. Seriously.
Thank you.
Stay out ofthis, Bodhi.
What's your name?
Bunker. Well, listen, Bunker.|l'm actually really glad you found me.
Yeah, why?
Come on!
This is stimulating,|but we're outta here. Let's go, Utah.
Just keep walking.
Oh!? Uh,... Oh! OK
You two guys seen a kid|run through here with a car stereo?
He stole it from me.
No, but there's four guys|back there you might wanna check out!
Thanks, buddy!
- Hope you find him.|- Don't worry, l will.
You like to start shit, don't you?
Who are those guys?
Nazi assholes.
The guy you dropped is Bunker Weiss,...
..the big one is War Child,|AKA Lupton Pitman.
And the other two think they're|some kind of death squad around here.
What's their programme?
Brains are wired wrong,|they're into bad shit.
Like what? lllegal shit?
Maybe, l don't know.|That's not what l'm talking about.
They only live to get radical.
They don't understand the sea,|so they'll never get the spiritual side of it.
You're not gonna|start chanting or anything, are ya?!
(laughs) l might!
This is me.
So, uh, you still haven't figured out|what riding waves is all about, have you?
lt's a state of mind.
lt's that place|where you lose yourself and find yourself.
You don't know it yet, but you've got it.
l saw you with those guys, you're a pit bull.|They didn't back you down an inch.
- And that is very rare in this world.|- Thanks for stepping in.
De nada! Later!
Oh, hey. l'm having some people over|at my house tonight ifyou wanna come.
Sure. Where?
- Come with Tyler. She knows.|- All right.
Next time you leave your piece|and shield in the car, stay in sight! OK?
OK, Dad.
(shouting, rock music blaring)
Yeah, l need you to run a plate for me.
Two Denver four Sam|niner five niner, late-Seventies Jeep.
The jeep belongs to a Bunker Weiss,|my buddy. Guy's got quite a sheet.
Yeah. Skip all that.|Give me the greatest hits.
(music off)
Felony: possession of cocaine - good.|Felony: B & E - three months in juvey.
Felony: assault - postgraduate work|at Chino. Excellent! l'm loving it!
(Utah) These guys really fit the profile.
l say we lay it on Harp.
(rock music, laughing, shouting)
(Utah) Here comes the night shift.
This is bullshit. This is a bullshit lead.|This is totally bullshit.
Harp must be fuckin' desperate|if he's listening to you two flakes.
See you bright and early, guys.
Yeah, right(!)
Cold pizza for you.|lt's good for breakfast. See you.
(Utah) When did Harp say|we'd get the warrant?
First thing. Get some sleep.|This could be an interesting morning.
- Hey!|- Hey, Bodhi.
l taught him that trick.
l like it!
Watch yourself. She's a wild one.
Make yourself at home.|What's mine is yours.
Man, itjacks up.
You drop down into the pit.|lt's 25 feet straight down...
..and your balls, man,|your balls are about this big.
And the whole thing's fuckin' roaring.
Pushing you forward,|like you're on a freight train or something.
Yeah, and ifyou lose it,|the fish'll be picking you out ofthe coral.
Big-wave riding's|for macho assholes with a death wish.
No, it's not. lt's the ultimate rush.
There's nothing that comes close to it.
Not even sex.
Maybe that's cos|you're not doing it right, Roach.
Just paddling out|in a big surf is total commitment.
You can'tjust call time-out|if you don't like the way things are going.
So, what's biggest? Waimea?
- Ridden?|- Yeah.
Dana Point.
Bells Beach, Australia.
No way Bells is bigger than Waimea, bro.
lt will be next year.
Bodhi believes the 50-year storm|is coming next year.
50-year storm. What's that?
That's kind of a legend.
No, it's real. lt's absolutely real.
Everything moves in cycles,... twice a century the ocean|let's us knowjust how small we really are.
A storm comes out ofAntarctica,|tearing up the Pacific,...
..and it sends|a huge swell north 2,000 miles.
And when it hits Bells Beach it'll turn into|the biggest surfthis planet has ever seen.
And l will be there.
So will l.
(all whoop andyell)
lf you want the ultimate,|you gotta be willing to pay the ultimate price.
lt's not tragic to die doing what you love.
lt's how l want to go.
l ain't gonna live to see 30!
There's too much testosterone here!
(Tyler)|Bunch of goddamn adrenaline junkies.
Hope you're not buying into this banzai|bullshit like the rest of Bodhi's moonies!
What are you talking about?
You've got|that kamikaze look, Johnny. l've seen it.
Bodhi can smell it a mile away.
He'll take you to the edge.
Past it.
- Hey, Bodhi.|- Johnny has his own demons. Don't you?
(laughter and whooping)
What's going on?
Here. A stealth mission. You up for it?
- Let's do it!|- (man) Let's go!
l can barely do this in broad daylight!
Come on. At least|nobody's gonna see how bad you are.
- (Tyler) l don't think he's ready for this.|- (Bodhi) He'll be fine.
Shit! Shit!
(Utah) l gotta be fuckin' crazy!
But are you crazy enough?
Can't see shit out here. l'm gonna die.
Feel what the wave is doing,|then accept its energy.
Get in sync, then charge with it.
- You don't need to see.|- Yeah. Vision is overrated(!)
OK, Johnny, this one's got your number on it.|Let's jam! Now paddle!
Shit! l'm gonna die now.|l'm gonna fuckin' die now.
Whoo! You're surfing, man!
l'm fuckin' surfin'!
Check it out!
ls this not the best feeling on earth?
Good break, Johnny.
All right!
- Looks like we lost somebody!|- Yeah, leave the fire for them.
(man) You wanna get something to eat?
- l'm dying.|- l'm starving.
(man) Where's my clothes?|You seen my clothes?
Had enough?
l just wanna sit out here for a minute.
Look at you.
Usually you have this intense sort of|scowl of concentration on your face,... you're doing all this|for a school project or something.
Or like you've got something driving you.
Look - it's gone.
lf l didn't know better,...
..l'd say you looked almost happy.
l can't describe what l'm feeling.
You don't have to.
Goose bumps.
Yeah, it's cold.
Come here.
Holy shit!
- (Tyler) What?|- Shit!
l'm really late.
l'm really late!
Holy shit!
Shit! Oh, SHlT!
l'm really late.
(tyres screech)
You guys need any help?
l can't believe you're late|to your own raid! What a flake!
Has that worthless|punk partner of mine shown up?
- Right here.|- Good ofyou to show up, hotshot(!)
Ow! You're gonna tear my skin!
l'm ready to rock, Angelo.|Where d'you want me?
Here's how it is.
Babbit and Alvarez are gonna go in the|back door. Cullen's gonna back me up.
l wantyou at the side window.
You're strictlyback-up. l don't wanna|burn your cover. You got that?
- Got it.|- Good.
Now take your position. lt's show time.
Scooby? Come on, Scooby. (whistles)
(whistles) Scooby, where are you?
- Seen a dog?|- No, man.
No dog? Scooby, come on.
Here, Scooby? Scooby?
(TV backgroundmusic)
(click as motorstarts)
What the fu...?
Get your gun.|There's someone at the front door! Now!
Yeah, what?
Oh... hi! Oh! Have you seen my dog?|lt's a cockapoo-like thing.
l don't know anything about your dog.
Cullen, this is Utah. Get Angelo out.|They're pulling out a fuckin' arsenal.
Utah, repeat, say again.
(loud engine)
Cullen, you copy?
Cullen? Alvarez?
Don't let him pull his badge.
Fuck! l can't hearjack shit|over the lawnmower. Christ!
Something's going down, man.|This ain't right.
Chill the fuck out, man. lt's nothing.
Will you shut the fuck up!|Check the windows, bro, do it!
(Angelo) ..and the little bastard ran off.
- (girl) l know nothing about a fuckin' dog!|- Hide the shit!
- You sure it's not in the back yard?|- l ain't got time for this!
There's two guys out the back!|Duck down.
Oh, shit! shit! We're fucked!
That fuck comes through the door,|l'm gonna pump him up, man.
- You sure he's not in the back?|- He ain't back here.
- Anybody else around who's seen him?|- Get the fuck outta my face!
FBl, gorgeous!
Fuck you!
Fuckin' pigs!
No, wait! Hey...
Get off... motherfucker!
Shut up!
- You motherfuckers!|- Shut up, l said!
Dumb motherfuckers!
(shouting andscreaming)
l'm coming out right now!|Back up! Back up!
(screaming andsobbing)
Let me go! Let me go!
(screaming hysterically)
- Babbit?|- You fuckers!
Speak into the microphone, squid brain!
(man) Fuck!
- Gimme your hand.|- Fuck you!
Gimme your other hand.
There you go. You OK?
Oooh! God!
No! Ow!
Don't touch it! (screams)
(screaming continues)
lt's been paper targets up until today, huh?
lt's no different, Johnny.|Just a little more to clean up.
You did all right today.
You did real good.
Goddamn son of a bitch!
You're real cowboys, right!|Batman and Robin!
You know what this is, huh?
Know what this is, punk?
lt's two kees, uncut, crystal meth.
Oh, shit!
(FBl boss) Special Agent Utah,|l'd like you to meet Agent Dietz.
Works for the DEA.|He was working deep cover until...
You think l like this hair, man? Huh?
You think l like these clothes?
My wife wants me to stay at Ramada.
l've been working on these fuckers|for three months! THREE MONTHS!
l finally got 'em to play Wheel Of Fortune|with me so l can find out their supplier,...
- ..and you fuckin' cowboys show up.|- Nice tattoo, Dietz.
You like that, Pappas? Fuck you.
He has a record ofyour suspects'|movements over the last three months.
All l wanna know, smart guy, is|how did they rob a bank on August 2nd,...
..when they were|in Fort fuckin' Lauderdale August 2nd?
- Why don't you figure that out?|- lt's not an easy thing to do, is it, Utah?
You fuckin' jerks!
Aw, shit!
(insistent buzzing)
Hey! Five foot wall's at Zero's. Let's go.
Hey, Tyler.
Hey, Bodhi!
So, let's go!
Time's a-wasting.
- Now!|- He does this.
(excited whooping)
You all right?|You look like you saw a ghost.
Forget aboutit, kid. They're ghosts.
l gotta go.
You gotta what?
l forgot all about a meeting|l have this morning.
l gottajam. Sorry. Really.|l'll call you later.
So, l started trailing him.
The Zen surf master?
Bodhi, yeah. l'm on him all day, right?
He goes to Tower Records, buys some|CDs, has lunch at Patrick's Roadhouse,...
..he goes into the Assured Trust|Savings and Loan.
Did he rob it?
Cute! He's inside 20 minutes.|The other guy, Roach, waited in the truck.
They were scoping it out, right?
Well, they were scoping it out|or cashing a cheque.
Wait. Then they go back home|and they box up all their shit.
See, summer's over.
They load it in Bodhi's truck|and they take it to a public storage unit.
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