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Subtitles for Pokrovsky Gates The 25fps 1982.

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Pokrovsky Gates The 25fps 1982

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The Association of TV Films
The State Committee on Radio and Television, USSR
'Dip your brushes, artists, into things imagined,
'Into colours of Arbat yards and the dawn.
'And like magic wands your brushes' magic:
'Like November, like November leaves forlorn...
'Doing magic now, your brushes magic:
'like November, like November leaves forlorn...
'Dip your brushes into blue paint of the air,
'In traditions urban, so urbane and sweet.
'Make your lines so true-to-life, so fair:
'Make a picture of the live Tverskaya street.
'Make your lines so true-to-life, so fair:
'Make a picture of the live Tverskaya street...'
Written by Leonid ZORIN
Directed by Mikhail KOZAKOV
Director of photography Nikolai NEMOLYAEV
Production designer Lyudmila KUSAKOVA
Music by G. GARANYAN Sound by V. KURGANSKY
The songs written and performed by Bulat OKUDZHAVA
Moscow, the fifties... It seems like it was yesterday...
Oh, come on: 30 years have passed!
But if I close my eyes, I can clearly see...
This guy vrooming on the bike with Savransky is me.
As you can see, I am very young.
I came to Moscow and studied at the university there.
The moment I saw Moscow I came to love it.
It embraced me passionately with its Boulevard Ring,
with its Garden Ring:
it beckoned me into its streets, into its curving by-streets,
until it left me be, totally dumbfounded, to have some rest
in a communal flat near the Pokrovsky Gates.
This is my auntie.
My auntie Alice, a noble-hearted refined woman,
kindly sheltered me, her nephew.
Hello? You want to speak with Kostya?
Your humble servant, my nephew, is still sleeping.
He came home only at dawn.
Be so kind to leave your number. Just a second, I'll take a pencil.
One moment.
Lev Evghenievich!
Well... Oh Jesus!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...
Lev Evghenievich dear, you stole the pencil again!
14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 21,
22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29,
30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35...
Yes, my dear?..
42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47,
48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53...
Some culinarian!
Savva, the breakfast is ready!
Call Khobotov, let him come too.
Sehr gut', Margarita Pavlovna.
Lev Evghenievich! Did you hear? Go and have some breakfast!
Margarita Pavlovna Khobotova - a woman of imposing virtues.
At that time she turned over a new leaf in her life.
She was preparing herself for a new marriage - with Savva Efimov.
'Danke schon', Margarita Pavlovna.
But her ex-husband, Lev Evghenievich Khobotov,
shared their daily repast all the same.
It was a triple unity, and it aroused my quick interest.
- You don't eat enough. - Thanks, I don't feel like eating.
What do you mean? You should fill yourself in the morning,
'cause brains need energy too.
And my lastmost neighbor - an artiste Arkady Velyurov.
He was a stand-up comedian...
'So here I am, before all of ye, A serious and a funny guy.
'I make no bones of telling ye: Who, how & what & when & why...
'Hey, stop the war, keep saying we. Thus humour - is a remedy.
'A storm without? - 'tis no big deal. Our sense of humour makes it still.
'The USA had quite a shock: Is Eisenhower a hawk?
'Guys, I'm all for peace', he lied. Oh what a cunning proselyte!
'Sing, sing nightingales! Spring, spring in the veins.
'War-loving viper hisses and stings! But Dove spreads its wings!
Did you like my punch lines?
Thank you very much, my dear Muscovites,
and guests of our city, for having come on a rendezvous with an artiste.
We're having the rain in the street, but you're having fun at my concert.
The jokes are showering...
It's autumn now in Moscow, friends, a fine and beautiful autumn.
But the Soviet barometers can only show 'clear sky'!
Switch on the radio, and you will hear:
'Clear sky in Moscow - compared to the London fog...'.
I do hope, my dear friends...
That one nice day, we'll hear on the radio:
'It's a clear sky worldwide, the fog has melted away!'
I'm pleased to see more people coming here,
not with standing the inclement weather.
Specially for them I'll perform another couplet of my friend,
whom I don't hesitate to call
the great poet Soev! Give him a round of applause!
'A jazz-band made such a knack, That I had a heart attack.
'Boogie-woogie: do you like it? - But I nearly kicked the bucket.
'There was once a bum who died, All his bum-friends bitterly cried.
'And two punks, right on his grave, made a boogie-woogie rave!'
Sveta! Sveta!
Gladkova! Gladkova!
Sveta! Sveta!
I hope you remember me: Arkady Velyurov, a stand-up artiste.
'Firmas e bankas latino-amerikanos...
'Latino-amerikanos economi...'
- Khobotov, what does that mean? - I just took your hair-dryer.
Are you going out? Don't forget, we're having guests today.
- Let Savva entertain them. - Please, don't be late.
I can't promise you that.
You bring only discomfort to me...
We have won!
Oh no, you haven't.
Yasha, come and join us.
Oh, shucks.
Savva Ignatievich, go and do some shopping!
We're having guests today, the Orloviches.
Funf Minuten', Margarita Pavlovna. My old buddy came to see me.
So, you are a complete family guy now, aren't ye?
As a matter of fact I am. We're going to get married soon.
How it happened, between the two of ye?
Yes, Savva, give us a clean breast of things.
We lived next door during the summer season.
I rented a room in a dacha. So they lived next door.
So how it all developed? Little by little?
You see... Her ex, Lev Evghenievich,
is a phenomenal person!
He is a very learned guy, you know.
He speaks languages as a birdie would sing its songs.
But for the same reason he has lack of balance in his head.
When in town, he can manage so-so.
But when he had to face Nature, he appeared a complete nincompoop.
First, they charged him the double price for the dacha room.
The passports - their registration was overdue.
His razor burnt down because of the voltage difference there.
The same thing happened to their flat iron.
Every time he'd short-circuit smth. And the dacha in complete darkness.
- His wife all in tears... - And presto - there you are.
Nothing of this kind on my mind. It was just breaking my heart.
To see a fabulously clever woman, a specialist on South America,
so energetic - a real commander! And losing her heart...
I was like babysitting him. He breaks things, I repair them.
Ha, you're such a smart alec!
Yeah, Savva, you've broken a close-knit Soviet family.
You've trampled to ashes the family hearth.
Kostya, don't give me that too! It was not my initiative!
Once Lev Evghenievich left for town.
He promised to be back by dinner, but he didn't come back.
He came neither by supper, nor by breakfast, nor the next morning.
At this junction she became so fidgety.
And in the evening, when I tried to calm her down, she said:
'Stay with me, Savva Ignatievich.'
And you?
I stood 'at attention', of course,
We've been together since.
They have an apartment being built for them. We'll move in by spring.
So you'll live in his apartment?
So what? It's their decision. I only know my soldier's business.
Savva, go to the shop now!
Our guys speak warmly about you.
You were a second to none engraver.
Now I teach others.
She says: "You'd rather be a teacher, it's more respectable."
She knows best, I guess. But you were a first-class engraver!
I'm afraid I'm losing my hand now. A man without a craft is nothing.
Take, for example, Lev Evghenievich.
Oh, thanks. It felt great.
I'm glad to hear this.
- You did it know... - Oh really?
- It was a masterpiece of a shot! - Oh, come on...
- I didn't feel anything. - Too bad.
No, I meant the place where you inserted the syringe.
As for the rest, it did touch my feelings.
But today you had your last injection.
Don't say that. I beg you!
I've got used to coming here, to seeing you.
I've got used to your hands,
to the features of your face, to your mimicry.
There is nothing special about me.
Oh, how wrong you are, how wrong!
You remember my first coming here?
- You forgot the referral. - Oh yes!
Any other woman would have sent me away, but you...
- Allow me to kiss your hand. - Oh, please don't.
Just to kiss your hand a farewell.
Yes? Close the door!
- For how more long? - Close the door and wait.
- Do I keep you from working? - Oh, not at all.
It's autumn now already.
Soon it will be raining, the wind will start howling...
The season of influenza! You should keep your feet warm.
Thank you. Oh how I thank you!
Doesn't your wife take care of you?
My wife? You see, she is...
She is a very busy person, she lives an intensive spiritual life...
Besides, we've parted our ways.
- She went away? - Not in the strict sense of it, but...
...she just stepped out. - God Almighty!
- She fell in love with another guy. - For crying outloud!
'What is there left to a lover? A farewell word. Slowly dies
'A fire of Indian summer. Then - silence, thin layers of ice...'
A verse? Did you write it?
No, someone else. He died of consumption.
- How horrible! - I'd like to see you again.
But I don't know where we can see each other.
Well, there are places.
There is a laboratory on the corner.
People bring their tests there...
If you don't mind, I'll be waiting for you there.
Have you finished?
- You're being very popular. - No, vitamin injections are.
Too many neurological patients. We're scarce of the personnel.
What about our date?
All right. After I finish work.
Oh, thank you!
Thank you very much!
- Well? - Get undressed!..
'So here I am, before all of ye, A serious and a funny guy...'
Kostya, it's for you. What do I tell them?
Let them call later. Thanks.
I'm sorry, my dear, but Kostya is a bit busy now.
He is taking a shower.
Will you please leave your telephone number. I'll take it down.
One second, I'll take the pencil. Dictate!..
Could you be a little more quiet - I'm working with an author!
I'm sorry, I'm very sorry. Dictate!
Soev, my dear friend...
- What does that all mean? - It's Savva Ignatievich working.
No, I didn't speak to you. Dictate!
He is wrong to think we have a workshop here!
Soev, my dear friend, please, just hump yourself.
You're a great talent.
I don't know what you want from me.
- You want too much. - It's my style.
Yes, but remember how you failed too.
Temperament - yes, but at the same time - austere expressive means.
Well, I'll talk with my wife about this.
My regards to Olga Yanovna. I'll be waiting for you on Tuesday.
He likes everything he writes. It's all because of his wifey.
She is his evil genius, she is burning incense to him.
All right. I shall tell him.
Dear Alice, you just dote on your Kostya.
You became sort of his personal secretary.
You encourage these ladies' hullabaloo.
Arkady Varlamovich, but it is so simple!
The boy came to Moscow. New acquaintances, new temptations.
Of course there appear women who're too eager to chaperon him.
'Sing, sing, nightingales, Spring, spring in the veins...'
No, he is questionable! I wouldn't give him too much rope.
'War-loving viper hisses and stings...'
Me and my auntie, we're pure souls. You wouldn't understand.
A telephone number of a mysterious lass.
Who can it be? I can't remember.
- Boo! - Too many things on my mind.
I study at the History department, moonlighting too -
an instructor at the athletics club.
Selling your body?
- Will you have something to eat? - I wouldn't object to that, auntie.
Maybe I should get on the horn to her, just for the kicks of it..
- Ah, no, let her relax. - Tartuffe!
- Arkady Velyurov home? - Home he is.
- You're what, his son? - Honey, I'm his step-father.
I wouldn't buy that.
Well, this is my cross to bear. Arkady Varlamovich, it's for you!
- Good afternoon. - Jesus, what a surprise!
One moment, I'll just put something on...
- Meanwhile, may I make a call? - Absolutely, my dear Sveta!
So, you are Sveta. My stepson is just crazy about you.
Your stepson? I'm not some babe in the wood for you.
My name is Constantine, which means 'constant'.
- My congratulations to your wife. - I'm as lonely as Robinson Crusoe.
- The worse for you. - I'm not as lucky as you are.
I've known him only for 3 days.
- So where did you meet him? - At the swimming competitions.
Wow, Velyurov was swimming too?!
He was watching. I came the second.
The 'Labour Reserves' Club?
- How do you know? - Intuition.
- He calls you Mermaid. - He sent me a wire.
- 'cause I have no telephone. - What is in the wire?
- 'Pining away'. Great. - Really?
You've made a good choice.
He is a man with a scope and... I'm sorry.
Sveta, would you come in?
I can't. Have you got the tickets?
I've lost my head, really!
Show me the telegram. I couldn't read the address.
- Why do you need it? - I just need it.
- But why? - I'll explain it to you later.
'All your life may go to pieces Like a castle on the sand.
'You're pretty - for wrong kisses, You're clever - just offhand...'
- Tomorrow at 7 p.m. - Thanks.
- Shall we meet after the concert? - Only if it is not too late.
Oh my naiad...
What did you tell her?
I was just entertaining her, while you were putting on your trousers!
You can't have anything in common with Sveta!
- How do you know? - What?!
Yes? It's for you.
Yes. Who is speaking? llya? What a surprise.
Yes, I know.
Ha, that's a pretty kettle of fish!
The stage was like 'home sweet home' to me,
and now it has turned into a Golgotha!
But who is not drinking? Tell me!
Enough of it. You just spit into my soul!
- They care about you. - Oh, I know what they're worth.
You must drop this bad habit. It's a bit damp here.
Arkady Varlamovich, what about wetting our whistles?
Mind, you said it.
Let's go.
This umbrella is such a maverick.
- You're like a child. - But meanwhile...
I am 43 years old.
- And you lost your referral... - Yes, it was so ridiculous.
I was afraid you wouldn't come.
- You mean you're so lonely? - Well, you know...
'Oh bitter recollections, once again you enter my desolate house...'
- Is it your verse? - No, it's Camoens.
- He is dead already. - God Almighty!
- He died in the 16th century. - In the 16th century?
His is a very sad biography. He was a soldier, he had lost his eye.
- Then he died a pauper... - Oh my!
Jesus, you're such a tender heart...
Give me the way, please...
Ladies first...
Please, pass the fare...
Shucks, this umbrella again...
- What's the matter? - I've hurt my finger.
- Your handkerchief is clean? - Comparatively.
Then you'd better take mine. We must bandage your finger.
- Please, sit down. - Oh no, I don't need this.
- We must show respect to old people. - Thank you, young lady.
- Lyuda, please, sit down. - No, I can't, Lev Evghenievich.
- Please... - But I can't.
Lyuda, but please.
Oh, how many books you have. You must be a professor!
I work at the publishing house. I edit foreign poetry.
Camo... Camoens... The one that had lost his eye?
And Cervantes had lost his hand.
Oh stop it. This is too much!
We can't help it. It's life.
We are waiting for you!
Is this Savva Ignatievich? Nina Andreevna.
Good evening, dear colleague.
- A little surprise. - Come on in.
Savva, tell Khobotov the Orloviches are here.
Javol, Margarita Pavlovna.
Your Savva is a pleasant guy.
He was an artist of metal work, now he is an instructor.
How is he getting on with your ex?
He likes him very much. You can't but like Khobotov.
And what does Lev Evghenievich make of all this?
He gives Savva his dues, of course.
Oh, highly spiritual relations!
'A beggar seeking alms you are, An outcast by all forsaken.
'So feeling sore your poor heart: And bitter death would be a welcome.'
- Is this a Camoens too? - No.
It's Francois Villon, his poem 'Testament'.
- He died too? - He was hanged or stabbed, whatever.
My! Do these things happen to all poets?
Almost to all of them.
Look, Lev Evghenievich, the Orloviches are here.
- So what? - Don't be like that.
- I told you: I can't. - She wants you to come.
- I am busy. - She warned you in the morning.
I told 'no' in the morning.
- So you will not come? - No.
- You'll upset Margarita Pavlovna. - I am sorry.
For shame!
Thanks to you I understood one shouldn't be afraid to live.
- There is nothing to be afraid of! -...One shouldn't postpone things...
'We're buried in the pits and graves, And not a chance the dead to raise...'
- It's Francois... - No, it's Arthur Rimbaud.
He died in the 19th century: he was very talented and very hapless.
- And he too?! - He had had his foot amputated.
As if they did it on purpose!..
lndeed... I see your lips are trembling.
- I could show you a polka dance. - You can dance?
It's an old French folksong, very naive.
'Rosamund, now we have finished the war!
'Rosamund, I've nothing to do anymore.
'Rosamund, my country is waiting for me.
'So farewell, Rosamund, I'm going back to my family!
'Hey, we shall don the neckties now...'
- He is very original, isn't he. - There is something primeval in him.
- What's going on? - They imitate the French stars.
Oh yeah, it's very obliging.
- When will you come? - I don't know, my angel.
Nights are full of surprises, aren't they?
One day your Kostya will surprise you to a very great extent.
Why don't you watch the film? You high priest of the Muses.
I'm a high priest of stand-up comedy!
- How wonderful! - You liked it?
Somebody is knocking!
What does this all mean? The Orloviches are waiting.
But in what way should it concern me?
- Khobotov, don't be so petty! - I have always hated them!
- You're in blinkers of prejudice! - Excuse me, I'm having guests.
- Oh really? How many of them? - It doesn't matter.
Velyurov told me smth about this. She works in a kindergarten?
Your Velyurov is a gossiper.
Ah, there you are. You are having a rendezvous here?
- Margo, stop it. - What did she find in you?
With all your infantility you are too cumbersome for a kindergarten.
She is a medical worker, and I'm a grown-up person.
A grown-up person? You'll be lost without me and Savva.
- I don't think so. - You, 'enfant terrible'!
- No! - Khobotov, keep your hair on!
- Well, hello. - Hi.
- So, you are Raissa? - Lyudmila.
I knew as well.
Well, Mildred dear, I wanted to tell you...
- Her name is Lyudmila! - Hush.
My name is Margarita Pavlovna,
not long ago I was his wife.
We stopped being man and woman, but we're still one family.
That's why I take his life close to my heart.
- Please! - But that is not the point.
You see, Lev Evghenievich is a bit of a character.
He just can't concentrate.
He had invited you, knowing very well we'd have guests in the evening.
Of course, I shall leave now.
You're so absent-minded!
Good bye, Mildred!
Mildred! Ah, Lyudochka!
- This is outrageous! - Khobotov, don't be ridiculous!
Why ridiculous? Say, I fell in love with someone!
You can't fall in love, you, a subconscious erotomaniac!
If you meet someone to arouse my confidence,
someone to whom I could entrust you, I'll be only happy.
Get up. Come on.
It's not polite to our guests. Come on.
There is no need for somebody to think
that our family undergoes some petty cataclysms.
Ah, Leva!
All burins are different.
There is a chisel, and there is an etching needle.
I must admit, there is some ginger in him.
For relief work only a graver is used.
- He's a real fanatic of his trade. - Achtung!
I engraved the champion's names on the cups!
Engraving other people's names is an act of self-abnegation.
- Khobotov, it's decadence. - It's life.
Some people win cups,
and others engrave their names.
I don't know nothing about self- abnegation, but it's a very rough work.
It can be done with an etching needle.
- A healthy approach to the subject! - Sophistry's not for craftsmen.
- What about diggers in 'Hamlet'? - They're simply hacks!
They threw one girl up the other day and never caught her.
She's on a sick leave now. Suspended from competitions.
The 'Labour Reserves' Club.
Svetlana is a professional swimmer, she swims on her back nicely!
I have a real man in my house at last.
My Savva is such a darling, I am very happy.
A wonderful evening! 'twas so fascinating!
- I wanted to tell you... - It's all right, I understand.
'twas so invigorating! C'est magnifique!
But mind, the scraper is what levels out the burr!..
- He is absolutely possessed! - This makes him so charming.
I can tell you what it all boils down to...
I can see, my dear colleague. For God's sake!..
Lev Evghenievich, hold on. I just admire your attitude.
- You rose to the occasion! - What do you mean?
- Well, 'meine Freunde'! - Au revoir!
- Auf Wiedersehen! - Good bye. Au revoir!
- Auf Wiedergucken! - Your humble servant...
Savva. Lev...
Highly spiritual relations!
Just all right, for intelligent people!
I am so tired.
What was the idea of mounting your hobby-horse?
Using burins in metal-work, Margarita Pavlovna:
engraving is a very delicate matter. Haste makes waste.
And you were such a wet blanket.
I'm sure that with that Mildred you're more eloquent!
She's Lyudmila! And don't mention her name in vain!
- Vouzette ridicule, mon ami. - Don't mention her name in vain!
Darling, you should take a course of injections.
Well, let's go to sleep.
- I can hardly stand on my feet. - I'll just smoke a cigarette.
Savva, I'm in complete despair.
Lev Evghenievich, take it easy. Everything will settle down.
We'll get married by spring, we'll move to a new apartment.
You'll be your own master here, you'll enjoy yourself!
Many a thing can happen before spring.
You must understand her too. Bringing girls here. She feels hurt.
I'm bringing no girls! It's different, a delicate matter.
You can't imagine what I've gone through during this evening.
It's awful!
Just calm down. You'll have to be patient...
- It's life. - I understand.
- It's nothing compared with war. - I understand.
Savva Ignatievich!..
'Like a river you flow, With a tender fairy-name,
'And your pavement transparent - Like in water-ways.
'Ah, Arbat, my dear street, You're my big destiny:
'Therein lies my grief And my happy days.
'Ah, Arbat, my dear street. You're my big destiny:
'Therein lies my grief And my happy days.
'Passers-by walking you Are simple-hearted legion.
'The staccato of steps, It's a busy day...
'Ah, Arbat, my dear street, You're my big religion.
With your pavements beneath, Here so nice to stay...
'Ah, Arbat, my dear street, You're my big religion.
'With your pavements beneath, Here so nice to stay...
'I'm obsessed with this love, Pavements sing a dear song.
'Many streets that I knew Were just foreign land.
'Ah, Arbat, dear Arbat: This is where I belong.
'Walking you, walking you... - You will never end.
'Ah, Arbat, dear Arbat: This is where I belong.
'Walking you, walking you... -
'You will never end...'
My dear aquarium enwrapped in sleep. Yes...
'Hi, my audience, you at last! Listen to my funny rhymes:
'How some characters of past Came to live in modern times...
'Dame of Spades, a hapless lot, Kicked the bucket on the spot.
'Poor lady couldn't wait: Ambulance a bit too late...
'Romeo fancied: it would be good To buy for Juliet some fast food.
'Each of them a cutlet ate... - Poor Romeo and Juliet!
'My dear friend, don't knit your brow: I'm a comedian, you know.
'Is it satire? Not so much. But I admit - there is some touch.
'I'd like to mention therefore A poet Nekrasov of the past:
'You needn't be a poet, bro, But civil spirit is a must!..'
I have it, Margarita Pavlovna! Here you are!
Happy New Year, Alice.
Happy New Year, Aziz. May you be happy!
The hendecassylabic metre of the poet Thaletes
is a complicated pentameter,
consisting of four trochees
and one dactyl,
which took the second place.
In classic prosody, namely
in the hendecassylabic metre
we meet a caesura, every time -
after an arsis in the third foot.
This prosody is quite adaptable in Russian language too...
- Please, Nina Andreevna. - Thank you.
'Like a ship all too eager to neglect its rigging:
'Now its sails billowing, then - its oars feathering...
'Likewise you: it's a double passion that you seek...
'You lad, seeking love...'
- Jesus, I can't... - '...Burning with passion...'
'You lad, seeking love, Burning with passion.
'So do you, lass: bereft of love, Shedding bitter tears,
'You accept someone's Unwelcome caresses...'
'The snow whirling: a lovely scene! The blue lights shimmering above:
'Skating-rink gives a 'ring-ring'... And reminds me of school-time love.
'You're merging with lights, so near: I'm calling and after you run...
'Hey, catch me, I can hear. You're playing with me. What a fun!
'Hey, catch me, I can hear. You're playing with me. What a fun!'
'Falling snow, and falling in love...
Lev Evghenievich, poor thing! Let me help you.
Get up, my poor darling.
- It's all my blame. - No, I'm too clumsy.
No, you skate nicely!
Are you hurt that much?
I just remembered about Bertrand Dufois.
- Who was he? - A trouvere of things hedonic.
- What happened to him? - He fell down and died.
How awful!
You should be administered an anti-tetanus serum!
You, an educated person, you can't see elementary things!
You saw what happened with that trouver of yours?..
Ah, Kostya!
- What happened with you? - Just hurt myself a bit.
- He made a turn and fell down. - It's a usual thing.
Girls, go and skate a bit, I'll sit and talk with Lev Evghenievich.
- You will not leave him? - Of course not!
What the hell you are doing here?
Margarita didn't accept her, so - I'm 'spinning' here.
In my age, living some illusory life...
We go to the flicks, the last seances.
We were at the operetta. Now - at the skating rink...
We also were at a lecture. She was so kind to take the challenge...
- So, she is a kind girl, isn't she? - Very kind. And very emotional too.
I told her about Francois Villon - she nearly sobbed for pity.
Wow, I guess he was stabbed or hanged up or something like that.
He died under strange circumstances.
You will scare the girl
out of her wits, Lev Evghenievich.
What do you think: can I expect that my love be reciprocated?
You? By Jove, of course!
You're the incarnate virtue! Life is great, Lev Evghenievich!
Kostya, what shall I do now? I fell in love with her!
You must mold your own life, be a master of your destiny.
- It's she! - Who?! Margarita Pavlovna?
No, it's she. Stay here, I'll be back in a moment...
Lev Evghenievich! Poor thing, he left you alone?
I was waiting for you.
Shall we go? I shall see you home.
- No, I love it being here. - Oh really?
Yes, these lights, this marvelous spinning.
You in this lovely sweater, and this music...
And I loved that polka dance so much!
I could hardly find you.
- Why're you looking for me? - I was told to.
- Hi. - Good evening.
The boy living next door said he saw you here, on the Clear Pond.
What business did he have telling on me!
He is just a kid, you can't blame him. Margarita threw herself into a tantrum!
She asked me to bring you home.
For God's sake! Savva, go home.
- Don't get into a huff. - Yes, I'll see you home...
Either you leave now, or everything is over between us!
Lyuda, let's go on skating.
- Savva, you here too? - Kostya...
- Where is Lev Evghenievich? - He's skating.
Margarita can't find any peace without him, and he's skating!
- What do they want from him? - They care for his fragile life.
- The ice is slippery. - You slip, you take a risk.
Right you are, you've said a mouthful.
I've received yet another wire from Velyurov.
He'll go bankrupt, really.
- Don't tease me. - I'm being serious.
By the way, he is a very nice person.
Oh yeah, all the war hawks look at him with trepidation.
- What about you? - I'm a person of free choice.
- And there he is, by the way. - Wow! And he too!
He looks quite imposing!
I'll split. I don't want to upset him without need.
God will reward you for your kindness.
Why are you wandering here, oh restless soul?
I feel so blue, I need to get distracted.
- What depresses you so? - You wouldn't understand.
- You're having a crisis? - Like any artiste, I do.
You've just outgrown stand-up comedy.
You can't play one and the same role all your life.
An artiste must be in constant search and don different clothes.
- Your dinner-jacket is not popular. - I'm a master of the word!
No, a writer is.
I'm a reciter, a soloist, a master of skits and lampoons!
You can't depend on Soev and his spouse all your life.
- An artiste must change his outfit! - You're so emphatically monosyllabic!
Well, it's up to you, Velyurov.
- You feel bad? - Can you see...
- What? Whom? - It's she!
- Who? - Oh, what a beauty!
She disappeared. A glimpse, a vision, a mirage...
A vision, a mirage... It's in the spirit of the day.
But there is a hope I'll find her!
Lyuda, it's me. I've good news for you!
Excuse me. Lyuda, I've got good news!
They're getting married tomorrow!
At 13 p.m, yes.
At this hour we'll be admiring the Novodevichy monastery frescoes.
No, nothing is wrong with my breathing, no asthma!
I'm healthy! I'm happy! I love you, Lyudochka!
I kiss you!
What's wrong with you? Why're you wearing a fur-coat?
It's awfully cold. I'm awfully cold.
I'm cold...
The cast:
Oleg MENSHIKOV as Kostya
Sofya PILYAVSKAYA as Aunt Alice
Leonid BRONEVOY as Arkady Velyurov.
Inna ULYANOVA as Margarita Khobotova
Anatoly RAVIKOVICH as Lev Khobotov
Victor BORTSOV as Savva Ignatievich
Elena KORENEVA as Lyudochka
Tatiana DOGHILEVA as Svetlana
Elizaveta NIKISCHIKHINA as Nina Orlovich
Igor DMITRIEV as Gleb Orlovich
Evgheny MORGUNOV as the poet Soev
Natalya KRACHKOVSKAYA as Mrs. Soev
End of Part One
Made for the State Committee on Radio and Television, USSR
The Association of TV Films
Part Two
'Flap your ears, hither come, Hey, good people, listen!
'We'll give you a lot of fun, We'll keep the tradition!
'Jesters with a funny face, For the crowd to jeer:
'Circus now a marketplace, You can buy things here!'
Well, I've bought everything. Where is Arkady?
We shouldn't have entrusted him with strong drinks.
Arkady, Margarita told us not to be too long.
- Take it easy. - Arkady, alles gemacht!
Funf Minuten', Savva Ignatievich.
'Hey, come hither!
'Many barkers in the town, But the best one is a clown.
'Buy a ticket, Muscovite, We're all too glad to sell!
'We the gates shall open wide, We shall ring the bell!'
Once I met a woman of extraordinary beauty.
For the one getting married these are quite inappropriate recollections.
I've no ulterior motive.
He is turning over a leaf, let him give vent to his feelings.
As bride's witness, you didn't rise to the occasion.
You are a moralist, and it is unbearable.
- Yep, I am a moralist! - You are a Pharisee!
- Where were you last night? - I had a simultaneous chess game.
A simultaneous love game maybe?
- I'm 10 min from being a grandmaster! - You are already a master!
Oh, let us be going now.
Alice, it is for Kostya.
- Let them call a bit later. - All right.
Would you call a bit later?
- Arkady, let's be going. - Let go of me.
- Really, we must go now. - I'm feeling blue like the poet Blok.
- My naiad has disappeared. - Don't panic.
I have showered her with telegrams.
Too bad. I could open your eyes on a lot of things.
You should be more up-to-date, keep in tune with reality.
- The end of the century is in the air. - What do you mean?
You're calling her a naiad, speaking about feeling blue like Blok.
- And you're three sheets in the wind. - Kostya, don't be rude.
- A naiad! She is a swimmer! - Call her Madama Butterfly.
There is such a swimming stroke, a very progressive one.
- No kidding? - Not at all, I know it.
I need to think about it. A cafe! I'll catch up with you.
- We are going together now! - Oh no!
Kostya? He'll be any minute now.
Yes, I'll put it down, I'll just take a pencil.
Ah, here he is.
Yes? Oh, what a surprise!
Your boyfriend in the army now?..
Ah, I see. Right. Bye.
Compexes, complexes...
A butterfly!
- You're plastered! - What a hail-fellow manner!
I know my limit all too well.
But as for you... I've been observing you for quite a long time.
I remember how you talked with Sveta and how you stared at her!
- What do you mean? - You... you!..
You were craving her!
- What a cheek! It's slander! - I know what' I'm talking about!
- You can blow the wedding! - Nonsense!
- You're the bride's witness. - I can control myself!
- Sveta has walked out on me! - Look at your humble servant:
in a wink I met and then lost a girl of my dream.
And what do you think? I passed my exams yesterday, all right?
There is someone... Oh Jesus...
There is someone between the two of us.
The young lot, especially the fair one, are too undemanding nowadays.
But she was at my concert, she witnessed my success!
You shouldn't bemoan it: she fell short.
- You think so? - She is a flippant girl.
The Festival of Youth is at hand.
There will come handsome guys from New Zealand!..
If you let feelings take the most of you, you would pine away!
- It makes sense. - So, you are lucky then!
- After all, I'm Velyurov! - Right you are.
- I'm Velyurov! - Velyurov indeed!
- I'm Velyurov! - You've said a mouthful!
Arkady Varlamovich, excuse me.
Anna Adamovna!
- Why are you so late? - I don't know myself.
- I'm having a wedding today. - How come?
I'm the bridegroom's best man.
- Please meet the bridesmaid. - How do you do.
Ah, I'm at a loss, you know. I was thinking, thinking...
Shall I drop in or shall I not...
- I've dropped in just for a minute. - Yes, of course.
The books are waiting for you.
I'm so absurd, you know, so faltering.
So illogical!..
Yes? Yes?
- Hi. - What is it, Margo?
- How is your side feeling? - It hurts a bit.
- I'm sorry, it's such a mess here. - It's all right. Are you alone?
Yes, though I can't understand how it may concern you.
- And what about the skating rink? - What about it?
You're very secretive. We've been together for 15 years,
and it never occurred to me you were a skating star!
People change, given certain circumstances.
That injure will tell on your appendix.
- You're going somewhere? - Yes.
- Alone? - It's none of your business.
It's not your self speaking, it's your vacuum crying out!
The vacuum which you strive to fill artificially!
- You have no need of her! - You are no judge!
I know better what you need. I saw that small forehead of hers...
Would you be so kind as to show some respect!
You just taking revenge on me!
Some silly commonplace, a shame to any thinking man!
I'm not asking you whether you're going alone to the wedding ceremony!
- You're suffering! - I don't want your sympathy!
You must pay Savva his dues. You know he's a virtuous man.
- Things prosper in his hands. - Things burn down in yours!
I've been spoiling your life. Now we're free, the two of us!
You think now you can demonstrate your inclinations?
- What inclinations? - I remember everything.
How you came home late, which, being not too circumspect,
you explained by that usual absentmindedness of yours!
- Or how you didn't come to dacha! - I lost my key!
Or that harlot from the Scandinavian office, with that sinful mouth of hers!
Excuse me, I can't proceed back-talking like this!
- May you and Savva be happy. - You must be back home at 3 p.m.
Darling, you're so excited! This is a once-in-a-lifetime day!
May I remind you, I was married before.
When you read all these books,
a truth will open up before you: abstention,
I don't know really.
I am so sudden,
so illogical...
Kostya! The taxi is here!
Margarita, Savva! Your wedding 'carriage' is at the doors!
- But where is your veil? - Stop it, Kostya!
- Savva, you're magnificent! - Well...
- And where is Arkady? - Arkady, it's time to go!
Arkady Varlamovich.
- What does that mean? - I'm just reclining.
- You must be crazy! - I'm not feeling well.
- This is outrageous! - Have you no sense of duty?
I have. But I can't.
- Arkady Varlamovich! - No!
He can't stand witness: he'll turn the wedding prayer into a farce!
- We're being late. What do we do? - We need another witness.
Lev, Arkady is out of order. You'll stand witness.
- But I can't! - No way out. Hold on.
- Hold on, Levushka. - Let Alice do this for you.
My dear friend, I'm cooking! I'm the chef of the wedding table!
- Lev, help us out! - We'll tell you what to do.
I'm having a date! We're going to watch the frescoes!
- You must offer this sacrifice. - We'll go in a taxi.
You're a knight without fear and without reproach!
- We'll go in a taxi! - Some Stone Age!
God's speed to you!..
It'll take just a moment, Lev. Setzen Sie bitte.
- It's outrageous! - Lev, don't be detrimental.
Hush, you shameless type!
Lev, everything will be all right.
What frescoes was he talking about?
Lev Evghenievich was going to visit the Novodevichy Monastery.
It's crazy!
There's a fine touch: you getting married, he going to the monastery!
Lev Evghenievich, look who is sitting at the table...
- Poor thing, waiting for me there. - Jesus, here you go again...
Savva, just take a look at this girl.
- She is pretty! - No, she is magnificent!
Savva Ignatievich is on quite different business here.
Oh yes, I beg your pardon.
Excuse me, do you haunt the skating rink at the Clear Pond?
- Not too often, but I do. - I saw you there, for sure.
- Kostya, for God's sake... - One moment, Lev Evghenievich.
What do you feel for those going through the wedding ceremony:
Resentment, sympathy, or maybe - the motherly love?
When you're going to get married, I'll tell you. Are you a reporter?
I'm a historian, but modern days arouse my quick interest.
- What is your name? - Rita.
- What? - Margarita.
- You are the would-be husband? - No, but I'm the potential one.
- So, it's you then? - No, it's not me.
- Aren't you getting married? - It's quite the other way round.
Savva, Ignatievich, will you please step forward.
Ein Moment.
Margarita, do you take this man Savva to be your husband?
Savva, do you take this woman Margarita to be your wife?
As a token of love and faithfulness - exchange your rings.
Now kiss each other.
And put your signatures here and here.
- Now - the witnesses. - Excuse me, I'm in a hurry.
Witness, are you a relative of this newlywed woman?
Alas, from this moment on - I am not, anymore.
Khobotov, I appreciated everything.
Your turn.
- You and me. - What?
I mean, gimme your pen.
Konstantin Romin: don't forget my name.
- I shall try to. - Be sure and do this.
Konstantin in the ancient language means 'constant'.
- Can I go now? - Witness, have some patience.
Margarita Pavlovna and Savva Ignatievich:
I pronounce you man and wife.
And my congratulations.
My congratulations.
Now the music, please...
'They're angels of love, Tender sentinels: their beat
'Is Pokrovsky Gates and Neglinka Street.
'All the length of Arbat They're treading along:
'Their shift is only life-long...
'Oh how sweet their numerous army,
'Only soldiers, no marshals above.
'They know not the perdition of money, Equal before commandment of Love.
'Love eternal is their campaign
'In the face of the snow-storm and pain.
'To such Army my praise I sing: It's the seizure of Moscow by spring.
'They're angels of love, Tender sentinels, their beat
'Is Pokrovsky Gates and Volkhonka Street.
'All the length of Arbat They're treading along:
'Their shift is only life-long...'
Lyudochka! Sorry. Kostya, it's for you.
Lev Evghenievich, for God's sake!
- He's feeling blue. - Savva!
Didn't I ask you to be quiet, while I'm working with the author!
I'm desperately sorry.
Soev, let's give it another try.
' 'twas war, what a joke I could tell: Satire - a fire to burn.
'It's peace in the air I can smell: It means I shall make a U-turn.'
With all due respect for Mrs Soev, but is that a finale?
- A brilliant finale! - This - a finale?!.
'It means I shall make a U-turn...'
- A brilliant finale! - It's your old variations!
You're not a Shakespeare to do this.
Shakespeare? You want me to improvise? Very well...
'Tucked under the bed was the war: Leaned down I, and gave a start:
'She was a tough lady not long before. I nearly died, cross my heart!
'A young coachman skirted the sea, In the bushes he angled the herring!
'Angled the herring!'
Stop it!
Oh, for God's sake!
Yes. it's me. Your boyfriend still in the army?
But I am going away too, you know.
They've found an ancient city on the bottom of the lake Titicaca.
I am going away for a very long time. I'm crossing her out.
It's not funny, you know.
It doesn't matter now. I'm in for a great change in my life.
It's you. Good afternoon.
- How did you like the film? - A total lack of talent!
Dear auntie, art still owes you a nice film.
Speaking of art...
Sveta Popova! It's for you.
- Hello? - Hi.
- Is that you, Kostya? - Yes.
- Something is wrong with you? - Absolutely not.
- I'm going away. - Where to?
The Black Earth region. They've found the skull of the prophet Oleg's horsie.
- I read about this in the papers. - You're such a smart girl.
By the by, Velyurov has prepared an outstanding program!
He'll be the hit of the World Festival of Youth.
Yes, he's my nice 'step-son'!
Bye, Sveta.
I wish you to win all the gold medals!
He must be crazy...
We're in for great changes!
Well, Savva...
Check. Leonty, give a hand to your fellow-in-arms.
- Lev, make your move. - Yes, of course.
Hey, son, move your brains.
Once a lady came to me.
She wanted me to engrave an inscription.
- On what? - On the wrist-watch.
The inscription went like this: 'Thanks for the lovely seconds...'
A present to an artiste? No, she said. To a writer? - No.
- To whom then? - It was meant for her husband!
For you as a newlywed this is a nice story to tell.
Savva, you promised to solder a saucepan for me!
Naturlich, Margarita Pavlovna.
Check and mate, Savva!
You were a first-rate engraver! I am totally positive of that.
We're going to the building site. We'll be moving in any day now.
That's great!
My untiresome friend Savransky knows some architect.
He says they're going to dismantle our humble castle.
And where are we going then?
Take it easy, Lev, the government will take care of you.
Oh yeah, you shaking dust from your feet, leaving me here.
- It's not decided yet. - What exactly?
Your acquaintance sometimes becomes like a landmark.
You, Savva, incarnate a historical process.
Which one?
A total Exodus of the Muscovites from communal flats to private ones.
Wow, what eloquence! We're moving out in a fortnight.
Lev Evghenievich, you're losing the game.
Margarita Pavlovna, they want Kostya on the horn.
Look, my dear friends, isn't it time for you to break up?
Yes, of course.
- Kostya, the phone. - In a jiffy.
Lev, it's a stalemate situation. I offer you a tie.
Khobotov, what about working a bit?
Et si tu travaillais.
- A preface for the Orloviches. - All right.
Khobotov! How is your side doing?
Aches a bit.
Appendix. It'll all come to this.
- Jesus, what fantasies! - It's all because of your skating.
What my skating has to do with all this?
Some champion!
Savva, can you put her to reason!
- Come on, Lev. - Are you a husband or not?
You should've listened to me when we were at the skating rink.
I'm asking you for the last time!
Only two weeks left, have some patience, Lev.
Ah, Anna Adamovna... But I'm going to Armenia on a business trip.
They've discovered on the Ararat the wreck of the Noah Ark.
You know already?.. Jesus, how extraordinary!
You'll hear from me. Bye. I'm crossing her out.
- Hi, Soev, - Hi, Kostya.
You've brought something new?
- Yes, and my wife liked it. - It speaks for itself.
With all due respect for Mrs. Soev and for her refined taste,
please, what about the finale?
Remember our last piece: so simple, and with marvelous connotation?
- And such a scope! - One can't please you enough.
The one taking the road gains smth. Creative unrest is what you need.
- Soev, he is one of the audience. - No, he's one of your neighbors.
But you are a poet, a mouthpiece of the epoch!
- I think you're exaggerating. - But I'm not!
You need creative endeavor. You need a masterpiece!
Why should he need any?
You, an advocate of stale forms!
- I beg your pardon! - You must change your appearance!
You have an idee fixe.
Look, Soev. There is another way of self-expression.
Write a comedy in verse, like Griboedov did.
He had a tragic end.
- You scare my authors away! - The Soevs will be the end of you.
But who will help me? You?
Why not? I have a talent.
Lev, I've trans-lated your polka into Russian.
- I can imagine. - I'm serious.
Stop it, Kostya.
It's a song about underprivileged youth.
- Oh, leave me alone. - First the lass recollects...
'Ah, my Father looked askance when he watched my polka dance.'
Then the lad recollects: he had the same sad experience...
'Ah, my Father looked askance, when he watched my polka dance.'
And then he says to the girl: come on, I know how it feels too...
Kostya, can you tell me, what Margarita wants from me?
She wants you. It lies in her subconscious.
Thus bespeaks her attraction to the universal harmony.
- But this is impossible! - Who knows.
Lyudochka! You've come!
- You're here! - You're ill?
I don't know. I'm feeling blue, staying at home...
My poor darling, do you want me to make you some tea?
- Hi, Lyudochka. - Hi, Kostya.
You heard the news? Emile Zola died of fumes.
- Oh no! - Never forget to turn off the gas!
Maybe you shall introduce me?
- Oh yes: please meet Velyurov. - A master of eloquence.
Oh. Kostya, where is Svetlana?
- What Svetlana? - She is a D.Sc.
I'll tell you about her later.
- A D.Sc? - Yes, a D.Sc.
Oh, it's you. Speak of the devil, and here's the D.Sc.
No, you can have the book for keeps. I'm leaving.
- Where? - To look for Tamerlan's grave.
And thank you. What for? 'For love pangs since the day we met.'
What else? 'For bitter tears that I shed...'
- Isn't it blasphemy! - It's just his love of poetry!
Thank you. I will write you a letter.
What is wrong with loving Lermontov! Or you love some other authors?
Bravo! What can you say to this?
What is wrong with my being in love like some silly calf?
What is wrong with my old loves forgotten and letters burnt down?
- You can't love! - No, he can!
Merci, mon ange. That was a challenge of an answer!
Ha, you're in concert, the two of you.
Your aunt has encouraged your corruption.
You can't understand: my aunt is a wonderful creature!
She saw little turbulence in her life.
Fiction and loneliness - this is all she had for herself.
But my living here adds turbulence to her life.
- And she is grateful for this. - Ah, how kind of you!..
You don't sound sincere.
It's not funny.
I was always a sealed book for you.
After your escapade on the wedding day, it became clear that
your complexity becomes you as a pince-nez becomes Mr. Soev.
- I have apologized, haven't I? - Everyone rose to the occasion.
And only you proved to be everybody's antagonist.
Judge not that you be not judged!
Savransky nearly ran into a dump truck when he learned about this!
Yes? Rita! I'm coming!
Think about your behavior and send a wire to Sveta. She's waiting.
- Hey, chick, wait!.. - What a beauty!
'I love you, though I fret and frown, God, what a helpless enterprise!
'And what a folly! How unwise! But at your feet I'm kneeling down.'
We're going now to my parents.
You must make a favorable impression on them.
I shall try my best...
'I'm bored without you, I yawn, With you I feel melancholy.
'To tell you only this I long: My angel, oh, how I love thee!
'You cast a smile - oh radiance! Away you go - my life ends.
'Alina, can I entertain A hope, the sinner as I am,
'For all transgressions and the pain, Dost love you, angel, such a man?
'Just feign you love, put on a mask, Play with your mimicry a game.
'A hope's a lie - but all the same. Illusion - just for this I ask...'
You will present this perfume, 'The Beau of Moscow' - to my mom.
And here we are.
This is a critical situation!
Now the right forward has the ball.
He runs it and sends it right into the center! Now! A goal!
A goal! Play, Yasha, play. A goal!
- Savelyich? - What?
- What is the score? - 3:2.
Savransky, it's 3:2.
Ladies, it's 3:2.
The stands are crowded today. Another attack! They send a ball!
This duet of our forwards today is just something!
We can expect any kind of surprises from them...
Lev Evghenievich.
- Good afternoon. - Hi.
- How are you feeling today? - Fine.
I would like you to go with us and have a look at our apartment.
- Today I can't. - It's such a shame.
- But it concerns you too. - In what way?
You're moving in with us.
Why? I have my own room here.
The room can wait, and it would be better if you live with us.
Until you get married, of course.
Excuse me, but it's nonsense!
I talked with Savva, he backs up my idea.
Savva! What does this all mean?
You'll be just within our reach, it would be more expedient.
And you will need your room
when a woman shows up that could inspire my confidence.
Margarita, Savva, please meet my future wife.
Khobotov... It's not serious.
- I beg your pardon! - I would better leave...
We shall leave together now!
You're not being decent towards this girl.
I'm not decent?
I'm not decent?
So why say such a thing!
Being a complete egoist,
you want this girl to bear the unbearable burden!
Dear, do you want all your life go wrong,
turn into chaos,
with things vanishing: bills, money, stockings, neckties...
With all electrical appliances blowing up,
taking fire, breaking down!
With your life going back to the lce Age,
but with no skins to make you warm, because he won't get you no skins!
Stop it! It's all true, I must live alone.
Believe me, dear, I'm not prejudiced against him.
He is a flamboyant personality, and women are attracted to him.
But I wouldn't mention here his abnormal attraction to them.
He sends a sparkle seeing every other woman living!
My whole life was poisoned by the worst
and, alas, not unfounded suspicions!
Did he read verse to you, spin the mist of citations?
Stop it! I said, it's all true!
So, this precious thing here is mine!
He is my cross! And I will bear it!
You will meet another man: more 'fresh', and more well-knit.
- But... - No, Savva! She's right.
Forgive me, Lyudochka.
And farewell.
You... you're renouncing me?
I have to. I will ruin your life.
It's all over.
It's all over...
It's all over.
Take it.
For the first time ever you behaved like a grown-up person.
- Maybe. - You'll be grateful to me for this.
'The murderer his dagger thrust,
'And, dying, poor De la Rue
Took off his hat, and said at last
Most gallantly: "Thank you..."'
What have you done?..
- What have I done!.. - Lev, don't be so pathetic.
It was like some hypnosis. It's unbelievable!
With my own hands...
to give away happiness, hope...
To reject one's own renaissance in life...
And all this, for fear of some specters!
You behave like a child left without his sweets.
- Release me! - You psycho.
- I love her! - Nonsense! Self-hypnosis!
- I love her! - You, sexual maniac!
Savva, take a look at this baboon!
Hold on, Lev.
All my life I was thinking with your head.
Now I want to be allowed to decide for myself!
- It's so banal, Khobotov. - So what!
lndependent intellects never shunned banality!
- It's not about you! - Yes, right you are!
With you out of my way I could have become a Dostoevsky!
A Schopenhauer!
But instead I became a petty scribbler, a walking volume!
All my life dawdling over other people's prefaces!
Without me you would have become everybody's punching bag!
A scapegoat!
So what! But I would have lived! Yes!
Lev, zip your lip!
All my life constraining myself, fearing fools and scoundrels!
Half-living, half-working,
knowing neither ups, nor downs. Do you call this life?
- You ungrateful epileptic! - I'm getting married!
They don't registrate nut cases!
You'll live and see!
I feel bad. I've a stitch in my side. My head is spinning...
- Well, we must act! - What are you going to do?
I'm calling Doctor Vera!
- I voice my protest! - Don't panic.
- Speaking! - It's me, Margarita!
- I don't have any pain! - You will!
- Alice! - Why are you shouting like that!
Alice, they're going to butcher me!
You're kidding!
I'm bringing Khobotov now. His appendix acts funny.
What the heck! We should amputate it, to avoid peritonitis!
- A progressive attitude! - You heard it?
You're quite right, we should do away with this useless tube!
- It's cruel! - Hold on, Lev.
Arkady, go and hail a taxi. Khobotov is going to the hospital!
- What's the matter? - It's a life-or-death matter!
- Or you're not in shape again? - You needn't remind me!
Lev, get dressed! Savva, get his toothbrush!
Hey! Stop!
- I'm not going anywhere! - Don't offer resistance!
- It's violence! - Don't let me down!
A D.Sc. is waiting for us in the emergency room!
I'm coming!
I got it! I was nearly run down by an ambulance!
No, I'm not going anywhere.
Please. Hey, give me a hand.
My temperature is all right.
The better for you. The operation will go off smoothly.
Though you must admit your state is far from being cool.
It's some nightmare...
'So here I am, before all of ye, A serious and funny guy.
'I make no bones of telling ye: Who, how & what & when & why...
'Hey, stop the war, keep saying we. Thus humor is a remedy...
'So on this warm and summer day A monologue I'd like to say...
'All nature is green and blue And so bright - Look!
'The spring creeks are purling And sing every day.
'All life is like river Goes on by the Spring Book.
'Love enters your heart, You can't send it away.
'Don't send it away...
'Love keeping you warm, It will not let you go.
'A nightingale giving a poignant key.
'Love's company - sadness, It keeps you sad. So
'It's better to love Than feel melancholy...'
Lyudochka! Lyudochka!
I knew it, I believed that you would come!
- Please, eat some. - I'm not hungry.
- The pajama looks baggy on you... - It's just too big for me.
Lyudochka, when they...
...when they brought me after the operation, they dropped me!
I just knew it!
Lyudochka, I suffered a lot!
I was lying on that table, naked and helpless...
They could do to me whatever they wanted.
- Hi. - Hi.
They'd never do anything wrong.
- Why are you so sure? - 'cause I'm a medical worker myself.
I've been here for a week, but you wouldn't come...
- But I didn't know! - Yes, of course...
- It's all my fault. - If it were not for Kostya...
Jesus, you're such a pure soul!
- Why don't you eat? - I don't feel like eating.
'O Lord, what is my destiny: My poor feet are failing me...'
Did you tell the doctor about this?
This is a poem by a French poetess, which she wrote
when she had a baby in her womb.
'What's waiting for my poor baby: Pitch darkness I'm now in maybe.
'So many things that I abhor:
'Can't drink, can't eat, Sweet dreams not anymore...'
It happens. Pregnancy has different effect on women.
Once a lady came to us, she was in the family way.
lmagine: she was sick whenever she saw her own husband!
My darling!
My advice: unless you're betrothed, don't ever kiss!
- Getting well? - Oh, thank you, Kostya!
-You gave the whole world back to me! - Oh, you're welcome!
Girls, please meet each other.
Kostya told me a lot about you.
- Oh yeah, he is a talkative guy. - My every word is a second thought!
- Lev Evghenievich. - Oh yes.
- Khobotov. - Margarita.
- What?! - Rita.
Lev Evghenievich, we didn't come alone. We have an escort.
- There is Savransky over there. - Let him join us!
He can't leave his wheeled 'friend'.
Savransky, don't go away, you may come in useful today!
Wow, what people come by!
'I told my date: let's meet again, Because I love your pretty face.
'She gave a smile, and even blushed and said: Oh yes, yes, yes!..'
Hi, everybody!
How are you? It's me!
- Is it all right that I came now? - Of course!
It's for you.
You emanate triumph. Who you took prisoner at your Austerlitz?
- Svetlana came to my concert. - Don't make the same mistake.
Never teach fish to swim!
'Next day I shaved, put on a tie, The dandy one with a polka dot.
'I bought three asters And turned my step to our spot...'
It's a shame you don't burr. It would make you more charming.
- I can do without it. - And you should change your name.
Mr. Velyurov... Velour is fabric... Make it Mr. Valour.
I like 'my' name!..
'And so we came: me - to the drugstore Me - in cafe, in any case!
'Let's meet again then. Same time, same place...'
I was never at the hospital: I was at a spa. It was no picnic either.
The worst thing there were old women. A discouraging spectacle!
- What were you doing there? - They were probing me...
- Looked for you, babe. - And me too.
- I was mad! - I began to cry!
- You didn't come! - Where were you?
- So I left! - And so did I!
'And so we came:
' - Me - to the drugstore. Me - in cafe, in any case!
'Let's meet again then. Same time,
'Same place!..'
Lev! I am so glad!
Thank you.
- I'm so glad to see you! - Me too.
Yes, I am glad to see you, Arkady, though...
It hurts me to think that you took part
in that act of violence...
I... I just wanted to help you.
Yeah, they literally dragged you here.
Please don't. Let us not speak about sad things.
Lev Evghenievich, I learned that polka dance!
Mon papa ne veut pas... Kostya, join in!
'When he watched my polka dance...
- Mon papa ne veut pas. - When he watched my polka dance.
- Mon papa ne veut pas. - Que je danse, que je danse.
- Mon papa ne veut pas. - Que je danse la polka.
Rita, join in!..
I feel so bashful in her presence: I even lose my tongue.
- Ah, my father looked askance. - When he watched my polka dance.
- And my father looked askance. - When he watched my polka dance!
- I'd better leave. - No, you mustn't.
Girls, let's hide and watch how the events unfold!
Lev Evghenievich, it's time to make your choice!
You must fight for your rights of a man and a human!
You look better today.
Hi, Arkady, you look magnificent.
- More life in your gaze. - I feel I am all right.
Thanks God.
- How is your new apartment? - It's all too good to be true.
It's so spacious! You can swing a cat there!
There is some work to be done, of course: the floors and so on.
Every morning I take my drill and... Lev will like it there.
- Never mind that. - But you will be living there!
Are you starting again?
The doctor said we can take you home now.
What do you mean 'take' me?
Make all the papers ready and get down to the vestibule.
Savva, grab a cab and come here.
- Right! - I protest!
Khobotov, calm down. It's temporary, but necessary.
I feel responsible to a woman that will come one day and
to whom I shall entrust you, sound and healthy and in your right mind.
Lev, collect your things.
- Savva, tell me... - Lev Evghenievich, come on...
Savva dear, please tell me...
Will ever there be an end to all this?
Why don't you answer me?
- Shame on you! - What do you mean?
I will tell you frankly.
You're an outstanding man! I look up to you!
You have such a clever head,
all these things that you know.
But sometimes you embarrass me.
- But... - Don't interrupt me.
You make me feel sore, really.
You've such a brilliant head,
and with this head of yours you can't understand obvious things!
You're such a lucky person! A great woman is caring for you.
You can live in clover. What else do you want?
You ought to be thankful and do what you're told to.
You had a rest, under anesthesia,
but Margarita and I could hardly have a wink of a sleep!
Tut, tut, Savva.
I thought that this hospital here will bring you to reason.
And you're starting all this again. Shame on you.
Can you tell me...
Why do you want me to live in your house?
What do you personally need me for?
Ha, you speak foreign languages, and you can't understand Russian?
It matters not what we would do but what we should do.
You just won't be able to pull through without us.
Why did you hammer it into your head
that I will not pull through without you?!
Ask Arkady. Well, it's time. We're taking you from here.
It will be the end of me.
It's the end.
And what if he is right?
Overemotional people
need someone else to lead them.
What are you saying?
What on earth are you saying?
Kostya! Kostya!
It's the endspiel stage of the game now! And I'm going to play it!
At last - your moment of glory has come!
If they take me away, this will be the end of me!
- Don't panic. - I know what I'm talking about!
If they take me, there will be no escape - ever!
We must elope! Now!
- In this pajama, you can't. - Everything has been provided for!
Velyurov takes your rags, and you're putting on his apparel!
- But the patients! - They will not tell on you.
It's like a big fellowship with them.
- I'm ready! - And what about you?
This is some crazy farce!
Yes, it's a farce, a vaudeville, a tragic comedy!
It's all genres together, by heck!
Are you an artiste or some bath-house attendant?
I'm disappointed! Where is your zest for putting on masks?
- Again?.. - What do you mean - 'again'?
You've been deluding the audience during all these 20 years!
I didn't say 'no'!
Then hit the bushes! It's a decisive moment for all of you!
I'm doing this only out of my sympathy for Khobotov!
My mom is right. You're just a kid!
Take it easy! Youth is a fleeting moment!
In no time at all I will change!
And not for the better!
I will second-guess things!
I will know measure in everything!
- Oh no. - Don't disappoint us.
Yes, we're still young now!
I look like some cheap rogue in this suit!
Hey, it's my Sunday clothes!
I wouldn't be too fastidious in your place, you flannel guy.
They're coming!
Arkady Varlamovich, it's your act now!
Absolute transformation! Break your leg!
Oh yeah...
Khobotov, what do you mean? I was waiting for you in the lobby!
- The taxi is here. - Very well.
- What does that mean? - It's complete 'alles kaputt!
A story to make one's blood freeze!
He was a lion disguised as a lamb!
I just came to visit him:
He dragged me into a thicket,
tore off my clothes and made himself scarce!
'O! that this too solid flesh would melt,
'Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!'
- What're you babbling about? - Hey, it's 'Hamlet!'
I had to put on his rags
to cover my nudeness!
'Why, let the strucken deer go weep,
'The hart ungalled play;
'For some must watch, while some must sleep:
'So runs the world away!'
So, you're so jubilant, eh?
Of course, you're quite right!
You doomed him to sure death!
Way to go, fellows.
Yes, I'm an evil genius, and you're benefactors?
You wish him good, I wish him evil?
I want to tell you, Kostya.
Not to Velyurov, he was just an instrument!
- Me? An instrument?! - Shut up.
Kostya, you're too young.
And you can't understand a lot of things.
Yes, I'm young. I've been already reproached for this today.
But believe a historian:
you can't make one happy against his own free will.
Stop it, we shall live and see, in, say, 25 years.
- Where were you? - Doing what you told me to.
- You fool! - I was looking for a cab!
- Where is it? - It's waiting.
Hurry up, we must catch up with him.
To catch Savransky is wishful thinking.
Moscow, the 50s... They've turned around the corner and disappeared...
The 60s quieted down, the 70s fluttered away.
The 80s have sprouted.
We both, Moscow and I, change: she is getting younger, me - older...
Where are you, friends of my youth? My open-hearted girlfriends?..
Oh youth, did you ever exist? And where hath you gone?..
Only the wind in Neskuchny Garden sweeping up your traces...
The cast:
Oleg MENSHIKOV as Kostya
Leonid BRONEVOY as Arkady Velyurov
Inna ULYANOVA as Margarita Khobotova
Victor BORTSOV as Savva Ignatievich
Anatoly RAVIKOVICH As Lev Khobotov
Elena KORENEVA as Lyudochka
Sofya PILYAVSKAYA as Aunt Alice
Tatiana DOGHILEVA as Svetlana
Valentina VOILKOVA as Rita
Evgheny MORGUNOV as Mr. Soev
Natalya KRACHKOVSKAYA as Mrs. Soev
Elizaveta NIKISCHIKHINA as Nina Orlovich
Igor DMITRIEV as Gleb Orlovich
Written by Leonid ZORIN
Directed by Mikhail KOZAKOV
Director of photography Nikolai NEMOLYAEV
Production designer Lyudmila KUSAKOVA
Music written and conducted by G. GARANYAN
P S 2004
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