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Police Story (2004) CD1

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See you again!
You vomitted last week in my car, and it spend me 3-4 hours to wash it.
Your $15 deal was not worth of that.
Help! It's not my business... Let me alone.
Shut up!
Do not come over! Or I will kill her!
Shut up!Do not come over!
Mr. Huang, calm down please!
I want to see your boss Eric Chow
If he does not come, I will kill this person!
Tell us how did you cheat my money!
I have not cheated you, big brother, sorry for that.
Have not? Just now aren't you very imposing?
Cut, Dun... Now Pretend to be a dead dog?
Do not come over!
Mr. Huang!
Mr. Huang, Calm down!
Don't give a shit, Let all reporter come out!
When I came to here, I get ready to die
Good, I promise you
Why have reporters not arrive yet?
There are bombs ,so I can't pass over Help me
Mr. Huang, calm down, reporters come over.
You can say everything to them, but never become excited.
Excuse me.
Here, aim the camera at me.
Eric Chow,come out!
You are a vampire, you forced me into stockjobbing
Promised me that it was profitable, and there would be no accident.
Instigate me to peculate the money of companey.
Want me to compensate my life to you...
Now I compensate my life to you!
Eric Chow, you son of a gun ,come out! How long still will you hide?
Do not come over, calm down, put down your hand!
Stay back everyone and don't move forward! Don't mishandle!
Chan Sir! Save the hostage!
Open the sewer's cover!
There! Quick!
Chen Sir, It doesn't matter?
No matter, disperse the crowd first
Remember to repay my debt!
Caption Chen, thanks...
That man is crazy
If no one loses in stocks, who would win?
What's more, indict him for 2-3 more sins.
Put him into jail, Let him reflect on his sins.
if everyone is like him, I would have nothing to do. Isn't it right?
Who are you?
Just now you were looking for me everywhere.
My name is Eric Chow
If you want to do stockjobbing, come to me.
Why do you still stand byy? Take all the proof back.
Yes!I will help you.
Brother-in-law, fortunately you wore two pieces of bullet-proof.
Look at you. Because you have winned several prizes
Everyone become proudhearted.
Do you guys really think we are no 1 of the police?
Chao, you two were taking charge for controlling the atmosphere,
How could you let a group of person surround?
Original only one hostage, But then the reporters all became the hostages.
If gangster shot, many would fall down.
Where the atmosphere controlling you? Or you controlling the atmosphere?
The Akang, come here.
How could you let the gangster pull out the gun more quickly than you?
Haven't I taught you to how to pull out the gun? Now show that for me.
Your clothes blocked the gun.
Each time when you change the clothes, your pocket is always filled with small changes or keys.
Put a lucky stone in the pocket.
Remember what your future brother-in-law's words, become more bright.
I know, sister.
Go out for a meal?
Good...Have a meal...
Chen,you seem to still have not talked to me today.
What? Which birthday you have talked to them.
No need to talk about it.
Happy birthday, take it youself.
Open the safe-deposit box.
Open the safe-deposit box!
My job for them.
Feel very great this time.
Have the telephone?
I have
Call the police
Call the police!
I just work for them, it's not my business...
I just work of...
Police!Put down the gun!
Headquarter, here firepower is very fierce...
Three... Four...
Three... Four...
Five, OK
What are you doing?
Calm down!
Don't move!
Put down the gun!
Put down the gun!
Take a look at your the back.
A Jian, A Jian
Tonight the asia bank is under robbing, Five bandits use ...
Everyone listen,A Zu 100 decis,
Fire and A Tian 80 decis , me 60 decis
The result announced.
Beat police, 20 decis If officer or super, 30 decis
Beat the police wagon, 10 decis
1 decis 1,000,000, the superfluous is confiscated.
But Sue, if you drop the cabbage, you will be decreased 200 decis
How could be that!You all didn' help me How could you be bashful to say that.
Do not quarrel for so little cabbage, the cabbage is important.
Sue, if you lose again the next time, you will get nothing.
After the fact, the police convenes the press conference
Senior Inspector Chen Guo Rong take over this affair formally Here is his express:
Three hours!
The police has the enough reliance to catch these bandits in three hours.
Through the abearance that they challenge the police
I believe that they are babyish sheep without a shepherd.
I promise to everyone...
The police will certainly catch those bandits.
Is that OK?
Brother Sen.
Almost payed.
I really want to get out of the hospital quickly, to catch those bantits myself.
Don't worry, tonight we will catch all of them.
Do you have any clues?
My informant have found the place where they hide.
They are forethought very obviously, They take the police to be their target intentionally.
A Rong , call Special Duty Unit
Do you know me just now today? I am from Special Duty Unit.
Don't worry, Brother Sen.
Our buddies are much stronger than Special Duty Unit
Yes ...
A Sen, Finance company Appoint a few hoods to your office today
Don't worry, I will take the debt back, take it easy.
That will be OK, If you have any trouble, tell me.
I will do anything I can do to help you.
I know.
A Rong...
Never be mercy when confronting those gangsters.
They are crazy.
Can escape out to have a drink with metonight?
Tomorrow if have nothing to do,I will return to police station to recognize the suspect.
A Rong,Your reliance is what I am in most admiration of.
You'd better abstain gambling after you leave hospital.
Chen Sir, you are relax in the car, Let me take it.
You guy, want to be upgraded?
Why not?
Hurry up, there's a dinner party tonight.
Me too.
I'll go traveling tomorrow, and I haven't do the packing.
Sir, let me do it.
Hey, guy, save some of your strength.
When's your turn?
Don't kid and don't be cute.
Let the same things talked at the dinner party.
Divide into 2 teams, Team A go ahead first.
Yes, sir!
Follow me!
Be careful.
Somebody's there. Watch out!
Don't move, if not, I'll shoot! Don't move!
Divide into Team A & B, Let two people left here.
I see.
Come on, game starts.
What's the matter?
Don't be nervous.
Chen Sir...
Have you receieved yet, Tian Ming?
I can't hear Chen Sir...
Tian Ming!
A Hai, stay and guard here, don't leave!
Yes, Sir!
Follow, AKang
Where are those shits?
Tian Ming, Fire!
Be quick!
There are some gun shots sound.
Where are those shits?
Don't quarrell with each other!
Hold out!
Brother Guang...
Chen Sir...
Be calm.
There's someone...
Akang, don't pursue him!
Don't pursue him.
Help me, Chen Sir!
Akang...Akang! Brother-in-law...
Akang! Don't die!
How things could be like this?
Help me...
How the hell are you?
Come out! Why?
It's not because you are strong that you still alive.
It's because we haven't tortured you enough that we leave alive.
Who the hell are you?
I'm the one hates you such police very much.
Release him!
You put down the gun first!
Release him!
Well done!
Tian Zhao! Tian Zhao!
I won't say the same words to you twice.
What on earth you want to do?
Just play with you!
It seems that you're the shooting champion in your police station, right?
You're good at guns best. So I'd like to compete you with putting the pistol parts together.
How to play?
These two are your mates' pistols.
Let's seem who finishes putting the pistol parts together first.
I'll bet with you!
Ready! One...
Help me ... Brother-in-law
You lose!
Please don't
What else you want to play with?
It's my turn.
Yor're the free-style fighting coach in the police station, right?
I want to fight with you. And let's see who falls on to the round first!
I'll bet with you!
Ready ... Start!
Please Don't!
You lose again!
Kill me, please!
You always think you're so great, right?
And You've said that you would catch me within three hours.
You don't behave the same compared to the TV.
Please release him!
I beg you, please release them!
OK, I'll give you another chance.
The same rules as before.
Come on!
I'll bet with you for four.
All right!
Ready ... Start!
Well done!
What a pity. Three seconds overtime. With one second, one man to be killed.
Please don't
Brother-in-law ... go away from here.
Akang, hold out!
Don't kill him now, he's still some kind of usage.
Akang! Akang...
Wake up Akang...
Nothing serious! Hold out!
Save the people ... there's a bomb
Akang, hold out! I'll lead you out!
I'll lead you out!
Somebody's snatching me!
Get away, don't stand here.
Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Get out! Drunkard!
He's a policeman.
Policeman? Give you a kick! Go!
Hey, borther, there are still many things waiting for you to fulfill.
Forget the past, and turn your sorrow into strength.
Who are you?
Police code 1667, report to you, Chen Sir!
I'm your new partener, Zheng Xiaofeng.
I don't need a partener.
I have applied for a one-year-vacation.
Officer Dai told me that your vacation has been cancelled from now on.
Don't touch my things.
To tell you the truth, your home can't be further untider.
Today's service attitude can be like this.
To change you should change you life style first.
In other words, throw these unuseful things.
Only from this, can help you find what you want.
You're so irritated, give me a cup of water first.
No water, but your girlfriend has just come here.
Leave me an important thing to give you.
A ring.
Get out here!
I won't leave here unless I've told you everything, sir.
Can you wait till I'm finished?
The guys that robbed The Bank of Asia three months ago have made their move again
I've lost many men
Tai Sir says that you are gonna take charge of this case on your own
There are tens of thousands of cops in Hong Kong Why me?
How should I know...It's hard to say
Those guys are insane They are not doing it for money
There's a new game on the internet in the name of your case
I doubt that they are using PC games ...
Don't talk about this case with me again,Go!
Get Out! Go! Listen to me,Sir
Get Out!
Chen Sir,it's me
You again? Leave me alone
I'm at your girlfriend's home
Her home?Anything wrong?
Yeah,of course
What's wrong with her?
Why would I be calling you if there's nothing wrong?
How is she?
You'd better hurry
Don't leave I'll be right there
Smells good!
Even better if you add some olive oil
Try it
Be careful
I gave the ring to him
He was shocked at the sight of it
Actually,he cares about you a lot
But when it comes to that case,he just can't get over himself
Hi...who's this?
Why don't you come in?
Come and sit
What are you doing here?
I've done what you told me Now you wanna dump me?
You made me buy it that's two hundred
And for poking my eyes,five hundred
I thought you forgot
Chen Sir picked up the cake and I'm in charge of express
Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday
It's a good day,Smile
You are supposed to make a wish and blow the candles
I...forgot to close the door
Come and sit
Things will get cold if you don't eat them
What are you writing?
I know what you are writing
Why didn't you throw it away?
Even though the things are gone but the memory will remain.
I know you won't forgive me
That's what you think
I'm a nurse I've been thinking all day that...
Is there a cure for missing someone?
What do you think?
To see the one that you miss
What if I can't?
If you can't,then as time goes by...
it'll become memory
I see
I can't forgive myself
What's the use of drinking?
You are destroying yourself and retaliating your dissatisfaction with the society
At the end, the only one that'll be destroyed is yourself
In other words you should catch them as early as you can
Otherwise what are you gonna say to your men?
I've helped you to do a lot of work
I think these guys are not robbing for money they...
Can you hear me out?
I've found out their exact details I'm very sure that...
they must revel in PC games
and their weapons,guns,bombs
are all from Europe which is to say...
those aren't cheap they must be rich
You can go home
Robbery!Over there!
Police! Freeze!
Poke and pry?
Hit him! To hell with him!
Get away! Wake up! Get them!
Inspector Wing,you are a cop!
You again,get away!
You wanna get hit?
Get away! You are a cop
It hurts...
Leave me alone,you basterd!
It hurts!
I'm sorry Because of some impulsive lust...
I robbed someone's bag...Sorry
I feel so reg...
How to spell regretful?
Sounds familiar... But I forgot
It's just regretful!
Look it up in the dictionary while you are in jail you'll have a lot of time
It'll be more profound,if you found it on your own
Use "regreet" instead that's not very different
Madam,do you have a scroll?
I'll get it
Actually, I was going to ask you how to take these two prisoners to the custody house
Just like that
I'm new here,so i'm not so familiars
Remember to plead for me!
Thank you, brother!
Stop crying
Remember to check the spelling of "regret"!
What did they do?
Nothing big
Let me introduce myself I'm supreme supervisor...Zheng Xiaofeng
I'm not finished...
I'm ...the partner of the supreme supervisor Zheng Xiaofeng Serial Number 1667
I'm Sa Sa I'm in the department of computer surporting
Everybody! Our big hero is back!
So...what award would you like this time?
How dare you come back here?
You are not welcomed ,got it?
Who's talking? Chief of the police department?
Who are you?
Serial Number 1667,Sir!
Who are you fooling?
I'm assigned here to investigate the robbery of The Bank of Asia,Sir
How come I've never heard that there'll be someone assigned to me?
I'm not talking about you I meant with Chen Sir
In this case,I'm the top commander here It has nothing to do with him
Yes,you can go with him
I applied to come here to solve this case with you and you tell me to work with this idiot?
Can he crack the case?
Kid,it seems I have to tell you something about Chen Sir
Last time,he took nine of our men to solve a case
and they all got killed! Do you know that?!
People standing here have either lost classmates or comrades!
If not their souls,at least their bows
It was all because of his arrogance!
You tell me, who's to take the blame?
But I also know that before the robbery of The Bank of Asia
there's no case that Chen Sir can't solve
So he came back today to solve this case
If you're afraid that Chen Sir can solve this case sooner than you
and that you'll be embarrassed in front of everybody...
I can totally understand that,Sir!
OK,I'll give both of you the permission to work this case
We'll see who will solve it first!
What's the bet?
The loser has to knock head and apologize to the winer
Count me in
Are you qualified?
Chen Sir...
I'm out!
Chen Sir,he has already said it out
Whoever loses,he must never be a cop again
Hold it!
Where are we going?
Go home and sleep
What?We just took a bet
We are sure to lose
Then why did you take it?
I wasn't planning on being a cop again anyway
Please,I am with you now
Why do you want to work this case? Who are you?
Serial Number 1667
Serial Number 1667
I'm Kwan's younger brother
Do you still remember your former following?
I'm his brother
I wanna catch these robbers
Hoho,still remember your home?
Where have you been last night? I've been looking for you everywhere
I had some business to discuss Why does it have anything to do with you?
You are my wife
If I can't even take care of you how am I supposed to take care of Hong Kong police?
Who do you think you are? A pile of shit!
You are just a uniform
You think you have a reputation? It's my father's!
It's good that our son is not like you!
How big a head master can be?
What are you talking about?
It's all by myself that I have become who I am today
You are actually the pile of shit! Our son is just like you
What are you saying?
He is spoiled!
Have you tought him anything? You are worse. All you know is fight!
Get up! You pile of shit!
Get up! Do you know what time it is? See for yourself!
All you think about is internetˇ˘spending money...
I'm the head master here! How you disgraced me!
Look at you! You are nothing like me,bastard!
Piece of shit!
Joe,just don't give a shit about your dad
If you don't want to,just don't go to work today
Mum will give you the money
You can do whatever you like,OK?
There have been complaints from the citizens
about the attitude of some of our policemen
Let me announce this once again
While on duty
the most important thing is : Fair,reasonable,and legal
So,I guarantee to each citizen: As soon as there are problems,
the police will handle it fairly,openly,and equally. Thanks,everybody
Do you know that when you find something extraordinarily exciting...
that'll be much fun than any other game in the world
I already told you,those robbers are game fans
They made a net game according to your case
Did you find who they are?
Very hard, they are from all around the world
Sa Sa...
This is taken from the wired television of The Bank of Asia
Watch this robber
what's the difference between he entered the alley and hasn't?
That bag
Sam met these robbers that day in that alley
which makes him a suspect too
Why do you always wear this clothes?
It's very important to me
Who are you looking for?
Sam?Who's Sam?
One of your bosses
He was a cop You know him?
It's him
No! Get away!
You...push me?
Be careful
Get out!
Push me,huh?
What are you doing?
Get out!
You are here to make trouble?
You hit the police?
Don't come out if you dare!
That was awesome!
Sam,what happened?
Why are you hiding here?
This is also legitimate Nothing to hide,right?
The boss is on the phone
Boss,what is it?
What are the cops doing here? Listen to me...
Don't think being a partner is such a big deal
OK,there won't be a next time
I can't assure you next time!
I got it
Get out!
Sam,I'm here for that robbery case
You are the only one in that alley
Wing,I really don't remember...
I really don't...
You were a cop You couldn't have missed this
Do you still remember...
Do you still remember there was a woman,with a bag?
Don't you guff!
Wing,I really don't remember what happened that night
Don't ask me again,OK?
I quit because of this case
If you came here as a friend,then I welcome you
If you are here for the case,then I'm sorry
Sam,I owe our brothers Help me please
All I know is that one of them is a woman
The games they play are all very extreme
This watch is pulled from the woman's hand
That's all I can help
Why didn't you say this before?
Take care of yourself
This symbol belongs to...
a group of extreme sport fans who called themselves "The Ultimate Soldiers"
They are going to hold a party at the top of Sheng Mao Center
I see,thanks,goodbye
Extreme sport
Group B,follow them
That sucks!
The one with the red hair!
Stand still!
Stop,get down,get down!
The police are here
Try to leave I'll meet you downstairs
Now you point them out for me you know the result
Watch yourself
Shut up!
Your friend
Get down!Everybody get down!Be careful!
I'm on your side! 1667! Call an ambulance!
I stole a bag of money and put it in a water tank
to return feneration...
But out my awareness,they found me...
It was me who told them about your action...
It was me who murdered all of our brothers
Wing...I'm sorry...
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