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Subtitles for Police Story (2004) CD2.

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Police Story (2004) CD2

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Go to hell!
Calm down! Get down! Get down!
Don't move everybody! Stay where you are... Don't move!
Zheng Xiaofeng!
Zheng Xiaofeng!Zheng Xiaofeng
You are awesome!
It's true,Sir
Say it again
Be good...Mum is here
Tai Sir!
Big brother,I really should call you that
You have been disappeared for a year And have made a huge trouble as soon as you get back
Now the Education and Stat.Office,Road Policy Office£¬Transforming Office,¡­
Bus Company,Traffic Department...
parents and citizens...
72 suits altogether!
The headquarter asks me to explain,OK...
How would you like me to explain? How?
I'm sorry,Sir
When we found the robbers of The Bank of Asia
Wait,when did you come back?
You sent someone to bring me back
I sent someone?
You can ask 1667 ...
Do you often cook noodles for others?
I suddenly warm to have noodles
When I think of warmth,then I'll think of you
Is it that simple?
What else do you want?
Chen Sir?
We were just talking about how awesome you are today
I'm busy
Why would you pretend to be a cop?
Over ten years ago there was a man who robbed some food for his son
When he came out of the store he got hit by a truck
There was a warm-hearted cop...
I've already given you a chance And you are still lying?
All that I've said is true
I've checked You are not the brother of Kwan
Who are you?
I've been eager to be a policeman since I was a kid But I couldn't make it
In my mind,to be a good cop...
Being with me for so long Making so much trouble what are you trying to do?
Yes,I'm not a cop
But have I ever hurt you?
No,No,neither have I
And I know that he wouldn't
I've already told Sa Sa's friend
to pass through that game and find out the result no matter how
As long as we pass the game we'll know what their next move is
Believe it or not
Have you ever regretted to be with me?
I've made pictures of the suspects at the scene
Sa Sa
This is Sue Chow the girl of Asian Shipping's Zhou Jianyun
Now disappeared
This is the son of Yong Cheng Jewellery's boss His name is Fire
Joined American Navy Land-battle Team before
The owner of this Faraly is called TinTinLaw
His father is the president of Jin Fu Stock
A master of game programming
The son of Yong Yi International Liang Jinkang
is called JoeKwan He's just finished school in America
He is now working in his mother's land firm
Dawdle all day long
But the most important thing is that...
His father is a cop too
and he is the head master of North section
They are all well grounded actually
leading a meaningless life
Follow him
Chen Guo Wing,Superior Supervisor
After that event of ours he's been in bandh for a year
He has a girlfriend but they can't get married
If you want to be a cop so much why don't you go for it?
My father was a thief so I couldn't make it
Kid,watch your mouth if you lie again
He seems to be playing with you
It's my brother's wife's home
I'm the top of the tops of games
You are sure to lose
This has nothing to do with Ho Yee
Sorry,I'm the master of this game
The game begins It's set in the headquarter of the police station
Sister kesaw, why you come here?
Yes, I've receieved the same call which told me that Chen sir had had an accident.
He wanted me to come here as soon as possible.
But there's nothing happened.
If so, I'll go to the meeting room waiting for him. I'll go to find him.
So, byebye!
It's me who called you.
What's the matter with A Rong?
He's on the way here. And I'm one of his friends.
Please give this to him.
This bomb has a kind of sea-level device.
Don't touch it. It will explode
if it suffers some shocks.
You have ten minutes left.
I supposed to give it to your boyfriend.
I think you can help me to give it to him, right?
Thanks so much.
Chen sir, Sister Kesaw is waiting for you at the meeting room.
I see.
Evacuate the people here.
Be quick!
Bomb! Be quick!
Call the bomb-dismantling specialist. Be quick.
Be quick ¡­ quick!
Kesaw, don't be nervous.
Chen sir, what do you want to do?
Come here and help me to move it to the strong room.
Remember, never touch each of the two sides.
You go first. One...
My feet anaesthetized.
Don't worry.
Drag the box here.
Generally speaking, the red or blue string is the detonating line.
If not blue, then maybe the yellow one. Maybe not blue...
Move out here! Go!
Chen sir!
Chen sir!
Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
I won'f fear anything within your accompany.
I'm sorry...
My younger brother is also a policeman like you.
I've get ready.
If you want to blame for his death, just blame those whose kill him.
I never blame you.
For one year seeing your depression,
how heartbreaked I am, do you know?
Turn all the picture to the strong room, quick!
Chen sir, I'm the supervisor of the bomb-dismantling unit.
What's the matter?
I don't know, I think I have solve the sea-level device.
But there are still many circuits in the second and third board.
Each string maybe the...
It can't be dismantled, coz each string has it circuit.
Each string maybe
I can't save your younger brother...
But I must save you!
Maybe you feel that I'm so stupid. But I still want to ask you.
Do you love me?
I love you
Chen sir, the last method to solve this problem is to use carbon dioxide to cool the bomb.
I'll come back soon.
Chen sir... cut it by your own decision, kesaw.
Chen sir, that bomb maybe a fake.
You try to leave the scene as soon as possible.
kesaw, don't move, what's the matter?
Kesaw! Kesaw...
Kesaw, you're strong... Kesaw...
Wake up... Kesaw...
I beg you...
The headquarters has receieved complaints that someone complaints you help other imitate policeman.
And the case that bombing the police station is your personal kind and enmity
I'll have to arrest you now.
Sir, give me a cigarette.
Get rid of smoking. Smoking do harm to your health.
Don't worry. Go in the jail for several years at most.
You deserve it!
What the hell are you doing?
Lawyer Lau comes.
Why there are so many people?
I am a good citizen and I'm afraid to be harassed by the police.
Now, it's time to recognize the person.
It's approved by the police office.
Chen sir.
I've forgot to ask whether your girlfriend is well or not.
If she's OK, I'd like to visit her and give her some other gifts.
If you dare to approach the hospital, I will not forgive you!
Your ¡­ what do you want?
Solicitor Liu, whether should we indict him one more sin?
The sin for threaten?
All right
To tell the truth, I hate deeply you these policemen.
I will rob it tonight later.
The game go on
Joe Kwan, I will certainly catch you myself.
You are welcome at any time.
But...can you come out to say?
The bank is in the maximum floor There will be 100,000,000 lumps today.
The show time.
My brother, let me come out to make a telephone call
Beg you, I want to bail out
Superior Chen, I'm sorry that I can't help you.
Though I also want to catch those bandits very much
Sha Sha
How? Do you agree?
No way!
They have no human nature!
ShaSha, you must do something to help me out from here.
Otherwise many would die tonight.
What can I do?
Whether do jail delivery, or kill him.
Do you say how to do?
Think it youself.
There's no no justice, no human nature ¡­
My father wants me to be a policeman, because that the police has justice.
I will give it up tomorrow. I want to run away from home ¡­
I never want to see him in the future
I go to W.C.
Father, why do you always go to W.C.?
Are you sick?
Come here with me.
They can not see us.
Remember to repay the gun to me
Thank you
It is greater this time!
In the game world, each time when pass a barrier, there will be new indications usually.
Those bandits are so hubris.
I believe that if I pass that game
I will certainly find out the next object.
Good!Beat it!
HongKong Capital Bank?
This bank is in the exhibition center.
Sha Sha , no matter what you do,
Prevent my brothers from approaching the exhibition center.
Call the police
Don't worry, call the police
What's matter?
I am the H.K. Policeman, coming here ¡­
I want to check your things
Really here!
Similarly, there it is?
Lend it to me, thanks.
999 Reporting Center
ShaSha , help me make some similar call.
Can't be long, your'd better hurry.
The police got me very quickly.
Don't take care of that, make some similar call first.
Superior Chen!
head off him!
Listen to me, we will play a bigger game this time
There will be double decis if beat the policeman.
Ah Zu , there are many so people underside.
Do not disturb the crowd, call them individually.
Young lady, come here
Young lady..
Come please
Ah Zu , Something is wrong
We'd better leave here.
Shut up!
Fire, go there to see.
Where 's the father & mother?
Why they come here? How do the father & mother come here?
So many policemen? What's the matter?
Where is my son? Where is my son?
Your son is hijacking above.
Hijack? Really?
It's very imporsible
I will give you 1,000,000, for killing my father!
I will give you more 2,000,000 if you killed help to kill my father for me.
Here is the exhibition center. Please follow me to enter one by one.
There he is!
Maith, come back.
Maith! Maith, come back.
Maith, where do you want to go?
Don't fluster! Don't run¡­
My son! Maith..
My son, how are you? Wake up please ¡­
Call the ambulance!Call the ambulance..
Go! Go!
Chen Guo Rong!
You'd better not go out!Call the Special Duty Unit !
Superior Chen?
Ah Zu! I am hitted! Save me!
I do not want to see my mother & father ever..
Go! Go!
Don't fear, don't fear
There's no winner last time, now have a match again!
Go quickly! go quickly!
Come! Come here!
You lost
Policeman! Every inside put down your arms and surrender!
Put yours hands above the head! Forbid to do anything!
Crouch down!
People on your side!
Crouch down!
Who are you?
I am Senior Inspector Chen Guo Rong.
Someone suffers from the bullet wound, call the ambulance quickly!
Who is injured?
His is bulk bleeding now, save him first!
If not save him, he would die.
It's really Superior Chen. Call the ambulance quickly!
Don't move! Stop!
OK ¡­
Put down the gun
Ah Zu, Surrender, all of the outside are policemen.
I am not afraid.
If die, there are at least two policemen to die together with me.
I am a counterfeit policeman!
If you kill me, you also lose.
Ah Zu, What do you hate is not policeman.
You hate your father,and yourself.
Shut up!
Your friend has already lost the life.
No more should die, include yourself.
The game endes, all is over.
I will not lose! I will never lose!
I play with you for the last one game!
Ah Zu, I play with you!
How do you want to play?
Like the last time, I play with you for the gun set, the bet is his life!
OK, I play with you
Chen Guo Rong! Forget the past, you can do it well!
Ah Zu! Ah Zu¡­
What do you want to do?
Ah Zu, don't mishandle!
You bastard, you have lost all my face! Ah Zu
Your father is a policeman, and you become a gangster? Surrender
How can I step down now?
Put down the gun!
Put down the gun!
Truck! Wastage!
You want to exasperate me?
I am angry, you caused me into trouble.
Put down the gun!
He has no bullet!
My son!
My son..
Stand on! Boy!
Superior Chen, your leg loosenned!
I know
Then why do you not clip tighter?
I ¡­ won't...release..
v Chen, do you say that you would clip tighter, won't release it?
You try to see how can you clip me.
Now I am harmed more heavyly than you ah, my brother!
Thanks, thank you everyone.
Superior Chen ¡­
You do not clip me nor release me ? Hello ¡­
Keyi, you have recoverd from illness
Get out of the hospital,become happier.
Good bye.
Keyi , become happier.
Go home and have more rest.
Keyi, bye
no need to hide Whatever happens, I will marry you
Marry Superior Chen, become our brother's wife!
Marry him!
So excite.
Let's go.
Where to go?
Return back to record affidavit for me
If someone proposes toward me in future,
My policemen must be more than his
How about counterfeit policeman?
Also OK.
Brother Quan, how are you now?
I have come to H.K. for more than a month
My wife is still waiting for my news
I have no money now, Can you lend some money?
You promised me...
Father, I am hungry
Little Feng,wait here for a while
Quickly run! Call police!
Hurry up!
Don't run! Stop!
Quickly run!
Father...Run? Stole something?
Superior Chen
The thief also has dignity, call the ambulance
Yes, Superior.
Child, this world is thus, There is a lot of unfairness.
There is a lot of happiness.
You should forget the past, grew up to become a kind man.
Ok or not?
Go back and study hard, Then become a useful man in the future
Child, what's your name?
My name is Zheng Xiao Feng,
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