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Poltergeist 3 (1988)

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-Good morning.|-'Morning.
Can you spell "parakeet"?
-Wrong. Try again.|-Wrong?
Wrong, Aunt Trish. Try again.
-What's for breakfast?|-My turn?
DarIing, Donna has Iocked herseIf|in our bathroom.
WouId you get her out of there?
-My favorite roIe, the wicked stepmother.|-AbsoIuteIy.
-It's chiIIy in here this morning.|-I'II check that.
-You making breakfast?|-Aunt Trish said it's my turn.
Shh with that ''Aunt Trish'' stuff.
I have been begging you since you got here|not to caII her that.
-It's been a month aIready.|-Bruce, oId habits die hard, you know.
-Right, they do.|-My mom aIways caIIs her Trish.
My grandma aIways caIIed her Trish.
But Aunt Pat hates it.|She thinks it's decIasse.
-CaII her Pat, wiII you?|-I'II try.
-You want to heIp me make breakfast?|-I'd Iove to.
What does ''decIasse'' mean?
Come on.|I heard Mom and Pop caIIed Iast night.
Yeah, they did.
Just a second.
We're gonna be Iate again,|and you stiII have to use my eyeIiner...
which I have.
You Iook great.
Now remember, Iess is more.
We got eggs, sausage, bacon, diII pickIes.|What wiII it be?
No. Not again.
I cook. You set the tabIe.
-Done.|-A masterpiece.
-A veritabIe Picasso.|-He wouId have put your nose over here.
Can I borrow this?
-You Iook Iike an Eskimo.|-I'm a CaIifornia person.
I'm not used to wearing this stuff.
Listen, surfer girI,|the week before you got here...
the temperature got above zero|for about six minutes.
If it's this coId inside, you're gonna|appreciate those when you get outside.
Doesn't it ever get warm in Chicago?
You are going to regret|that remark come August, young Iady.
August? I'm supposed to go home|before August.
If I had my way, I'd keep you here forever.
-What are you gonna wear tonight?|-Last year's saIary.
-It wasn't that expensive.|-Yeah?
-What are you gonna wear, Dad?|-My tux.
-The one you wore to your wedding?|-Yeah, that one.
-Fashion's never been your father's thing.|-It's a year oId, dear.
I think he Iooks handsome|in his wedding pictures.
-There you are. The voice of sanity.|-I agree.
-Handsome, but conservative.|-I agree.
Wait a minute,|you're on my side, remember?
A woman's entitIed to change her mind.
No, thanks. We'II take the next one.
-Who's driving me to work?|-Me.
Let's go.
AII aboard.
Thank you, my Iady.
Fasten your seat beIts.
You better be carefuI, honey.
-Remember what happened to Narcissus.|-Who?
Greek mythoIogy. He Ioved Iooking|at his refIection in a pond so much...
he feII in and drowned.
-OnIy a boy couId be that cIumsy.|-You got that right.
What's wrong?
Every new buiIding has its probIems.
We'II get those probIems|before they get us, right?
HoId it, pIease!
-Bye, honey.|-Have a good day.
-Thanks for the Iift.|-'Bye, Dad.
'Morning, Gene. How you doing?
-'Morning, Bruce.|-'Morning.
-'Morning, Mr. Gardner.|-'Morning. What's with the heat?
-'Morning, Mr. Gardner.|-'Morning. What's with the heat?
I'm checking it now.|ProbabIy a thermo on the fritz.
Get it fixed and have somebody check out|Freight EIevator 15. It's got a stutter in it.
15? Sure.
Wait up!
Great! I don't have to go|to that creepy schooI today.
Oh, no.
Come on, we'II cut them off at the pass.
Our 50 elevators will be carrying...
approximately 12, 000 passengers a day...
swiftly and conveniently,|to our many shops, offices...
condominiums, and restaurants.
Come on!
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,|to a glimpse of the future.
It's hotter than HeII out here.
There they are.
Look, there's that snot Donna|and her yucky IittIe cousin.
-They're Iate again.|-CooI it, Marcie.
Hi, Donna.
-Sorry.|-It's okay. Your turn on Monday.
You get two fun-fiIIed weeks|to piIot the Enterprise.
-Two weeks?|-Two kids, two weeks.
-Just Iike me.|-Come on, Mom. We're going to be Iate.
ln fact, we like to think we are a city,|a safe, efficient metropolis...
that will take us into the 21st century.
Hi, Mary.
Did you forget to pay the heating biII?|It's freezing here.
I know, it's strange. It's warmer outside.
Why are they moving the Tods?
Takamitsu doesn't want them|intermingIing with his work, darIing.
Is he going to be responsibIe...
for $26,000 worth|of postmodern neo-abstraction?
You're the one who gave him carte bIanche.
Is everything set?|Caterers, brochures, music?
Everything is set.|CaIm down, go sit down and reIax.
Nothing is gonna go wrong.
-Not over there!|-That's where he toId us to put it.
-Take it easy.|-Watch it!
Got it!
It's okay. We got it.
Nothing's going to go wrong.
-You're coming to my party tonight?|-I don't think so.
-How come?|-She can't come to our party tonight.
She has to stay upstairs|and take care of CaroI Anne.
Because her mother's having her own party|tonight. I heard her mother teII Mom.
-It's my party, not ours.|-Listen, mouth, Pat's not my mother.
And if I wanted to come|to your brother's party, I couId.
-You got a second?|-Yeah, what's up, Nate?
Come here, Iet me show you something.
AII right. Where are we going?
What? Somebody broke the mirror.|RepIace it.
Not just this paneI. Every paneI from|the concourse aII the way up to the top.
You guys have to see this.
Now, how the heII couId that happen?
I kind of hoped you'd teII us, Mr. Gardner.
SaIIy, caII the heating|and air conditioning contractor.
TeII Stan to get to my office|with a schematic for the ventiIation system.
-Pronto.|-Yes, sir, Mr. Gardner.
How come you go to|the Seaton schooI for weirdoes?
It's for smart kids, not weirdoes.
That's why you don't go there.
-There she is.|-Yeah, okay.
Thank you, Mrs. Moyer.
-Seen any ghosts IateIy?|-Leave her aIone.
-You a cop or something?|-Watch it, you IittIe asshoIe.
Shut the door.
You're so decIasse.
Yeah, I know.|The kids have started teasing her.
I was hoping we couId keep her ghosts|in my cIoset.
This doesn't make my job any easier.
-That's why you get the big bucks, Doc.|-Funny, Deborah.
-You couId caII in an exorcist.|-Funnier.
I'm reaIIy sorry|you're not coming to the party.
I kind of hoped...
you were.
Scott, my knight in shining acne.
Shut up, and Ieave them aIone.
Maybe we couId catch a movie|tomorrow night.
Maybe. CaII me.
He's stiII panting.
I wish Dusty wouId pant that way for me.
Jeff's constantIy in heat.
I practicaIIy have to muzzIe him every night.|It's a reaI drag.
Maybe he couId give Dusty ideas?
-I don't know if you couId handIe it.|-It'II be totaIIy radicaI to try.
Get a grip, girIs.
is the Second Piano Concerto by Chopin.
I'II bet aII of you probabIy think...
this was written by some oId geezer|who Iooked Iike Dr. Seaton.
Well, it wasn"t. ln fact...
Freddy Chopin composed this|when he was onIy 19 years oId...
and he'd aIready written a Iot.
He'd been pIaying by ear|and making up tunes since he was 6.
At 8...
he had written|his first of severaI poIonaises.
And at the ripe oId age of 12...
he was asked to pIay for the Czar of Russia.
Pretty scary, even for an oId-timer of 12.
In this schooI, where we're deaIing with|gifted chiIdren with emotionaI probIems...
we have to open them up.
So, we make them aware of the fact...
that other famous chiId prodigies|shared simiIar probIems.
It makes them comfortabIe|to know they're not that different.
These kids are about to find out|that Chopin was crippIed by shyness...
-and used music to overcome it.|-Excuse me, Dr. Seaton...
that IittIe bIonde girI keeps staring|at the mirror as if she sees us.
-Do you think she can?|-No.
But you think she's staring straight at you?
That is one of her dubious taIents,|making peopIe beIieve things.
-Has she ever--|-Let's taIk in the haII.
She's a very interesting case,|our CaroI Anne.
ReasonabIy weII-baIanced,|extremeIy inteIIigent...
IQ weII into the 150s,|and one heII of an imagination.
-Most bright kids do.|-True...
but even the brightest ones aIIow aduIts|to intimidate them back to reaIity.
''Dad, there's a purpIe cow in our yard.''
''What, are you nuts? Get out of here.''
But CaroI Anne's different|than most of our other geniuses.
She seems abIe to project her imagination...
convince others that|the purpIe cow in the yard is reaI.
ApparentIy, she actuaIIy convinced|an entire neighborhood that it was haunted.
There's a taIent.
You think she's abIe to create|some sort of mass hysteria?
No, not reaIIy. It's more Iike mass hypnosis.
As I work with her, try to work with her,|the chiId's impossibIe...
the more I'm convinced she actuaIIy might|be capabIe of inducing mass hypnosis.
-Have you put her under?|-OnIy once. It was terrifying.
-For her?|-For both of us.
I started to experience what she was seeing.
My God.
He found her.
I'm sorry. Stay and finish your tea.
I've got to go.
Mommy, where are you? I can't see you!|Where are you?
He's after me, Mommy! I'm scared!
Yes, I am ready!
I can't find you! He's getting cIoser!
The man! The ugIy man!
I've got you, CaroI Anne. You're safe.
You're in your room in Cuesta Verde.|You're safe.
Everything's caIm.
TeII me about what's just happened.
The man wanted me|to Iead him into the Iight.
It's so coId there. I heard them taIking.
He said it was my daddy's fauIt|because of the houses...
the houses my daddy buiIt on their graves.
He said I had to Iead them into the Iight.|Into the Iight.
-Why do you have to Iead them?|-I was born in that house.
-Robbie! The tree's eating Robbie!|-SIeep.
I'm going to count to three.
And when I snap my fingers,|you wiII awaken.
You wiII not remember any of this.
How do you feeI?
One word.
How do you feeI deep down inside?
One word.
I don't know.
LoneIy, maybe.
Sure, why not?
It gets IoneIy being away from home,|doesn't it?
Yeah. Aunt....
Pat and Bruce and Donna are reaI nice,|but I miss my mom and dad.
And even my brother.
That's very good.
-What?|-The way you made me Iook in the mirror.
l didn"t make you look at anything.
That's what he meant, manipuIation.
What were you Iooking at|that made me turn?
You were Iooking at something.
I don't want to taIk about it.
When you taIk about things|that bother you, they go away.
No, if you taIk about things, they happen.
Who toId you that?
Go away!
Are you aII right?
What happened? What broke the mirror?
A IittIe demonstration in mass hypnosis.
She made me beIieve I saw a coffee mug...
fIy off my desk into the mirror...
whiIe giving you a suggestion to smash it.
BeautifuI sight, isn't it?
Did I ever teII you|how to make a IittIe girI Iaugh?
I never did?
It takes a Iot of practice.
The first thing you got to do...
is tickIe right here in the ribs.
Don't worry about|that seven years' bad Iuck stuff.
That's oId wives' taIes.
-I didn't break it.|-I beIieve you.
But I'II teII you a secret.
If that oId nerd were my doctor,|I wouId have done it.
I didn't. He did.
Dr. Seaton?
I don't want to taIk about it, okay?
How's CaroI Anne?
I don't know.
How wouId you feeI if some quack toId you|you had supernaturaI powers?
Do you remember that guy|who was on aII the taIk shows?
What was his name?|He was from IsraeI or somepIace.
He used to bend keys, fix watches...
took PoIaroids of himseIf in the dark.
Maybe CaroI Anne--
PIease, not you, too.
Give the kid a break, pIease.
First your crazy brother-in-Iaw|uses her as a scapegoat...
for those $250,000|coIIapsibIe homes he buiIds--
-Steven didn't--|-Steven and your sister have put...
that poor thing through heII, with|those weirdo psychics and witch doctors.
Weirdo psychics and witch doctors!|Come on!
DarIing, you are the onIy sane person|in your famiIy.
Don't Iet that pompous-ass shrink...
teII you she's Carrie or Houdini|or some damn thing Iike that.
Nobody reaIIy knows|what happened there this afternoon.
Maybe we shouIdn't Ieave|the girIs here aIone tonight.
Maybe we shouId forget|the opening aItogether.
Don't be stupid.
We're both being stupid.|You have opening night jitters...
-I have a buiIding faIIing apart.|-ExactIy.
We needed my sister pressuring us to take|her kid Iike we needed a hoIe in the head.
I reaIIy don't mind|a house fuII of beautifuI women.
-The more the merrier.|-Then hire us a maid.
Swedish, about 24?
-5'2''? TaIk about pressure.|-WiII you go get dressed?
What did I say?
Hi, sweetie. Can I have a good night kiss?
AII set.
-Have a good night's sIeep.|-Good night.
Be right with you.
She's got the hots for him. I'm serious.|I see her every singIe day.
Look for her at the start of the day.|I'm dead serious.
She foIIows him aII the time. Yeah, what?
WiII you do me a favor?
-No ghost stories tonight, aII right?|-Gotcha.
-Good night.|-'Bye.
My dad.|I don't know what he's taIking about.
Not bad at aII.
Forget it.
However, after the opening....
I know it's going to be a great party,|but I can't come.
No, I'm brat-sitting.|She's not even a reIative.
She's sort of a reIative, but not reaIIy.
Yeah, if Scott wants to caII me|from the party...
I might taIk to him.
-What you doing?|-Eavesdropping.
-Why don't you go to Martin's party?|-You know I can't.
I'II cover for you, they'II never know.
If I get caught, we'II be in troubIe.
I can take the heat.
I didn't mean|what I said to Sandy on the phone.
I don't mind being ''sort of a reIative.''|As Iong as we're friends.
There are some peopIe over here|I'd Iike you to meet.
It Iooks Iike the show is a success, darIing.
-Like the art. Love the sushi.|-It's nice to see you.
Excuse me, Pat, come here,|I've got to taIk to you.
HeIIo, Mary.
-Are you trying to save money on the heat?|-I wish that were the case. New equipment.
-Trying to work out the bugs and aII that.|-Good to see you.
-You Iook great.|-Anne KIein II.
Remember, Iess is more.
You Iook great.
Maybe I ought to stay home|with you tonight.
Just go aIready. I'II be fine.
How come you're taking|your dad's passkey?
I'm gonna use the emergency stairs|so nobody sees me in the eIevator.
You got Martin's number, right?
-I won't stay Iong.|-Have fun.
-Be good.|-I wiII.
-What's the matter? Is the stereo broken?|-It's my parents.
-Thought they weren't gonna be home.|-TeII me about it.
My father's not weII, and my mom says|if she can hear the party, it's over.
I thought you couIdn't come.|CouIdn't stay away from hot Scott?
Back to your cage. It's feeding time.
-$50 and she's history.|-You're on!
Hi there.
I can't beIieve|I risked getting into troubIe for this.
I bet we couId find some troubIe.|Your parents aren't home.
Sounds great.|How many bedrooms have you got?
-Shut up.|-CaroI Anne's up there.
Is anything open in the gaIIeria?
Forget it, didn't bring my fake ID.
My stepmom's having a party there.|I can't go.
You're a reaI kiIIjoy tonight, aren't you?
-Isn't there a pooI in this buiIding?|-It's Iocked at night.
That is correct.
Can you spell "pheasant"?
We"re back!
-Leave me aIone!|-l"ve got you!
Let go of me!
You can"t get away. l"ve got you.
You can"t get away!
You can"t get away.
We need you.
Come here, Carol Anne.
You can"t get away. l"ve got you!
l"ve got you!
Break the mirror.
Break the mirror.
-Who is this?|-CaroI Anne needs your heIp.
Kane found her, and it's aII your fauIt.
CaroI Anne, are you on this Iine?|This is one of your IittIe pranks?
-Who was that?|-A pest.
Bruce Gardner, pIease, on Michigan Avenue.
My IittIe pest from the west|pIaying her IittIe tricks.
Thank you.
Jesus Christ!
-What did that?|-It's not a what, it's a who.
I'm gonna nip that IittIe prank|right in the bud.
Where are you going?
To that art gaIIery opening|we decided not to go to.
Put dinner on a Iow fIame.
Don't forget the ciIantro.
HeIIo, Mrs. Moyer? This is CaroI Anne.
Is Donna there?
Are you sure?
Okay, thank you.
There's a camera in the haIIway.
We'II go in twos. I'II teII you when to go.
Run under the camera|and stand against the door.
You ready?
Get ready.
Let's go.
Hurry up!
Watch the camera. When the red Iight|goes off, go into the Iocker rooms.
-There's aIways suits on the cIothesIines.|-Who needs a suit?
-You do!|-Come on.
Come on.
We need you.
Sam, the stairway aIarm just went off on 70.
Anything on the monitor?
It Iooks Iike that camera ain't working either.
Better go check it out.
Come on.
You knock on the door, teII Burt|you saw some creepy guy waIking on 67.
As soon as he Ieaves, we'II go in.
-He's coming out.|-Where's he going?
-He just got in the eIevator.|-Wait.
Okay, Iet's go.
What are you gonna do?
Gonna run the videotape back two hours...
then I'm going to change the monitor|from camera to VCR.
then I'm going to change the monitor|from camera to VCR.
When he comes back in, he'II be watching|two hours of videotape on the monitor.
-Okay, Iet's go.|-Have you got a key for that?
-Yeah. Why?|-Beer.
-I'm not going to steaI--|-I got money.
-No way.|-Yes.
l"m your friend, Carol Anne.
We need you to lead us into the light.
Lead us into the light.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
Want to see reaI panic?
Pretty impressive.
This is the police. We have you surrounded.
Come out with your hands up|and your pants down!
Hello, this is your camp director.|Jeff, quit pissing in the pool.
Scott had a girl
And Donna was her name
Donna, Donna
Don"t be afraid.
We won"t harm you.
We love you.
You are the only angel...
who can lead us into the light.
We would never hurt you.
Don"t run away from me.
We need you, Carol Anne.|Lead us into the light.
HeIp me! Let go of me! HeIp!
Donna! HeIp!
HeIp me! Donna! Quick!
HoIy shit!
Donna, heIp!
-Just hoId on!|-PIease heIp me!
-Grab on to me!|-Donna, puII.
-PuII her! I got her!|-Hang on!
-PuII her! HoId on!|-HeIp me!
Don't Iet go.
-HoId on to her!|-PuII!
-PuII!|-Hang on!
HoId on.
I Iove that! Love it! Yeah!
Smoking more now and enjoying it Iess?
Thinking more and enjoying it Iess.
-There's something wrong.|-TeII me about it.
Takamitsu offended|everyone he taIked to tonight.
Excuse me, Mr. Gardner. I just got a caII.
There's a bunch of kids|partying up in the pooI...
who cIaim they're guests of your daughter.
Excuse me.
Okay, so you aII Ieft the party together,|and they Iet you in here...
went to the security room|to turn off the camera...
-and then where did they go?|-I don't know where Scott and Donna went.
We didn't hurt anything.|AII we were doing was swimming.
-Where was CaroI Anne through aII this?|-Not with us.
Thanks, guys. Take the kids back to 56-E.
-I'II taIk with their parents Iater.|-Right, Mr. Gardner. Come on!
My parents are going to ground me|tiII I'm 40.
It'II give you time to study.
You might get something|besides Auto Shop this year.
-They got Donna.|-Who's got Donna?
-They got Donna and CaroI Anne.|-Who's got CaroI Anne?
-They got them.|-Who, damn it?
-What happened?|-He just came up through the ice.
-What ice?|-The ice in the...
She's gotten to you, too.|It's a suggestion, Mr. Gardner.
A posthypnotic suggestion.
They got them. They got Donna,|and they got CaroI Anne.
They got them both. They've got them.
Aunt Trish, heIp me!
She"s mine!
PIease heIp me.
HeIp me!
-HeIp me!|-Hang on, I'm puIIing!
Hang on.
I've got you.
HoId on!
HoId on, CaroI Anne! We've got you!
-Grab hoId of her!|-I've got her.
PuII! Don't Iet go!
Get away!
That's not CaroI Anne!
Damn you!
Stay back.
He's got the girIs and now he wants you.
-What are you taIking about?|-The preacher Kane.
He knows as Iong as there's someone|on this side that Ioves them...
you can get them back.
How did you know that wasn't CaroI Anne?
What surprised me, dear...
is that you didn't.
Who the heII are you?
I'm one of your brother-in-Iaw's...
weirdo psychics.
CaroI Anne and Donna are not in that room.
-Some goddamned thing is.|-Yes.
Anger, rage...
eviI, they are in that room.
Can you feeI the coId?
He's devouring the heat, the energy.
He's gathering his strength.
We must find the girIs|before he becomes too strong.
If Donna and CaroI Anne aren't in that room,|then where are they?
The other side.
Before we can find the girIs,|we must find out where they entered.
Where did Dr. Rasputin...
take Scott?
Excuse me, Dr. Seaton?
Excuse us.
Do your stuff.
I want you to Iook at the Iight.
Look at the Iight.
-Security.|-Burt, this is Gardner.
Get your guys together. My daughter|and niece are roaming the buiIding...
and I'd Iike them found|as soon as possibIe, okay?
Damn it!
Yeah, okay.
First the heating,|then the eIectricaI probIems...
now the security monitors.
This is reaIIy happening, isn't it?
Depends on who you want to beIieve.
TweedIedum or TweedIe-dumber.
You and Donna are at the swimming pooI.
You're Ieaving.
Where are you going?
The security room.
We saw CaroI Anne on the monitor.
Which monitor?
She was in the garage.
The puddIe!
Hands came out of the puddIe!
They grabbed us, the hands!
Keep her away from me!
What puddIe?
In the garage.
They're between dimensions...
behind refIections...
behind mirrors, steaIing images.
The light!
The light, it"s so cold!
Listen to me.
Find your way back to your room.
You must go back to your room.
He won"t let me!
l"m so cold!
Find Donna and go back to your room. Run!
Enough. Stop this stupid sideshow.
It's a great act. CaroI Anne creates the fire,|and you feed it.
You made this happen.
You made her taIk about him,|you made her remember him.
He was Iost. You brought him here.
It's your choice...
or TweedIe-dumber.
TeII us what to do.
Pray that CaroI Anne heard me and Iistens.
We must get up there as fast as we can.
This is stupid, idiotic!|What's the matter with you peopIe?
Can't you see CaroI Anne's behind this?
She's making us beIieve this is happening.|It's aII a hypnotic--
That's as stupid and idiotic...
as you hypnotizing that coffee cup|through the mirror.
That's good.
He'II try to trick you.
He'II try to separate you.
Don't Iet him.
Your Iove, your bond...
your caring for these two chiIdren,|is our most vaIuabIe weapon.
Let me take the chances.
What's that? Some sort of mysticaI amuIet?
-A tooI of your trade?|-It was a gift...
from a good friend...
a powerfuI medicine man,|who waIked among the spirits...
and returned.
There's power here.
I onIy pray it is enough.
Because Kane stiII thinks he needs her.
He was insane when he Iived.
And now, in death, that insanity...
has become the beast.
He wants CaroI Anne now...
before she grows up.
Youth is a strong Iife force.
Innocence is pure Iife force.
We Iose strength as we Iose our innocence.
You see, innocence is the onIy gift|we're given in Iife.
AII eIse must be fought for.
In that gift is purity.
In that purity...
Iies strength.
-That's a Iot of meaningIess crap.|-Shut up.
UnIock it.
Can you spell "gorilla"?
That is correct. Now try "pheasant."
Look at the mirror.
That is correct. Can you spell "parakeet"?
Come back to this side, CaroI Anne.|Come through the mirror.
We want you to come join us.
We miss you.
You can come back through the mirror.
PIease come back through the mirror.
Come back to this side, sweetie.
Come to me, CaroI Anne.|Don't be frightened.
Don't be afraid, sweetie. Come to us.
Won't you join us, CaroI Anne?
-Come here!|-No!
Don't just stand there!|Get over here, for Christ's sake!
I got you, baby. It's okay.
Here you go.
You're aII right.
-Where is she?|-CaroI Anne is drowning!
-She's drowning!|-Where?
You're safe now.
-She's drowning!|-What does it matter anymore?
Who the heII goddamn cares?
Take care of her for a minute.
It's okay.
CaroI Anne's drowning!
-You got to get a hoId of yourseIf.|-I can't deaI with this anymore.
I Iove you and Donna. That's our famiIy.
Let's get out of here.
-Let Dr. Seaton deaI with CaroI Anne.|-She's your niece.
I don't care.
I can't take these sick IittIe games anymore.
I never shouId have Iet Steven and Diane|send her to us.
Bruce, pIease!
ReIax, Donna.
You're safe.
You're just having a bad dream.
We're aII having a bad dream.
Where's my dad? I want my dad.
Lie here and reIax.
I'II go get your dad.
And they thought I was her.
I saw her.
-You think you saw her.|-I saw her, damn it!
Your daughter's upstairs,|a shivering, emotionaI wreck.
Then you run out on me|to chase after that eviI IittIe brat again.
Don't you understand?|Don't you see what she's doing?
It's just Iike Dr. Seaton said.
Nothing Seaton said|expIains what happened tonight.
Come on.
The man, he grabbed my hand!
Remember what Tangina said.
HeIp us!
Oh, God!
Outside in!
HeIp us!
Outside in!
Tangina gave this to me.
She gave this to us!
She's trying to save us.|She's trying to bring us through this.
-It's a Iie. It's not true, any of this!|-No, baby.
It's not true! You're a Iiar!
None of this is true! You're a Iiar!
She's trying to get us through.|She's trying to save our Iives.
Just hoId on.
Just hoId on, baby.
Who are you?
-What do you want?|-You!
It's not coId anymore.
She said we couId do it!
She said we couId beat them!|It's over, baby.
It's over, darIing!
-I want to beIieve that.|-BeIieve it!
It's finished, and we did it together.
Look at you.
You two are pitifuI. You know what?
No, I don't want to know.|I understand these things.
Anyway, everybody went home.|And it went fine. I Iocked up.
You two can read about it tomorrow|in the society coIumns.
Donna's been Iooking for you. She caIIed.|She and CaroI Anne are with that shrink...
what's-his-name from the schooI.|You ought to taIk to him.
He's probabIy never met anybody|with a garage fetish.
Manana, y'aII.
Mr. and Mrs. StanIey, how are you tonight?
I did some pIumbing.|Sorry for the inconvenience.
What inconvenience?|We didn't have a probIem.
If there was a probIem, I'm sorry.
But the hot water's gonna be on very soon.
I had to say something. I mean, Iook at us.
I didn't get much use|out of Iast year's saIary.
I think you Iook great wet.
-You can Iie Iike that anytime you want to.|-I usuaIIy do.
I know.
I can't wait to get upstairs,|stretch out in bed...
and act normaI.
-Getting upstairs sounds great.|-What have you got in mind?
Packing everything|that beIongs to that brat...
and sending her home to my sister.
It wasn't her fauIt.
Yes, it is!
Oh, my God!
-Outside in!|-What?
Damn it! Outside in.|That's what Tangina said.
He controIs the inside, but not the outside!|We can stiII get to him. Come on.
Don't Iook down.
AII right, hoId onto this.
No matter what happens, don't Iet go.
Fucking son of a bitch!
Go away!
He doesn't want them! He onIy wants me!
You don't Iove me. You don't want me here!
My parents don't Iove me, either!|They sent me away!
Kane Ioves me! Kane wants me!
Give me Tangina's neckIace,|and you can have Bruce and Donna back.
They're your famiIy.
I'II go with Kane.
Your mom and dad do Iove you!
They Iove you very much.
And I Iove you, too!
It's hard for me to show it sometimes,|but I do Iove you!
Save your famiIy!
They're the ones who|mean something to you, not me.
That's not true!
You are part of my famiIy!
You and Donna are Iike my chiIdren!
I Iove you, and I'II do anything to prove that!
You've got to beIieve me!
No! Go away!
Go away!
Where are you, Kane?
Where have you taken my famiIy?
I want them back!
Tangina said you can't take them...
as Iong as someone here Ioves them.
I Iove them.
And I have this to protect me.
The necklace!
Give me the necklace!
The necklace!
Oh, God!
Give her back her family.
You don"t need them!
You don"t need Carol Anne!
l can lead you into the light!
l have the knowledge and the power!
No! Tangina, don't!
TeII me how to use the neckIace|so I can save aII of you.
Thank you, Pat.
But this is the way it has to be.
Say goodbye to Carol Anne for me.
Tell her l"ll always love her...
and that her nightmare is over.
Tangina, wait!
Where are they?
She did it.
She saved us.
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