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Pornographer The

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Jacques Laurent was born in 1950 in Lyon.
In the early 70s, he becomes a professional pornographer... other words, he makes pornographic films.
By 1984, he has made over 40 films.
Then he stops.
His last film project was titled "The Animal".
It was about a fox hunt, in which the fox was a young woman.
The last scene was a series of violent and explosive images...
...almost entirely abstract.
Jacques was never able to finance it.
Was it nice? -Very.
Unfortunately, we lost trees in the storm.
I'd really like a house like this. -It is really nice.
We'd found a run-down castle near by, but castles... don't inherit them. -Yes.
Take it if you want. -No.
And the sauce? -Just olive oil, sauces are too fancy.
And the tomatoes? -For the salad. Let's be simple.
Yes. Let's be simple.
Can I help? -No.
You have to leave tonight? -Jacques works tomorrow.
When are you paid? -5000 today...and 7000 at the end.
Well...four days of shooting...
Not enough to pay our debts...
It's ok if you make a few more.
I know.
Are you worried? -No.
You may as well enjoy it then.
I do have an idea or two though...
Really, it won't be bad...
I may as well enjoy it then.
The guy is on the bed, fully dressed.
He introduces himself, says his name.
He speaks in Russian, we won't translate.
...he starts stroking himself, through his pants.
He gets undressed.
A guy jacking off... it won't work.
I don't agree, it creates tension.
I'm lost, what's Igor's role?
It's a bit abstract... otherwise, the story holds up.
It's like a tribute to your early films.
Something's missing.
I don't know what but...
Sex scene here.
With whom? -I don't know.
I was thinking that the film really works...
...only if we believe in Victoria's love for Igor.
You're right.
That's the only way to stay aroused 'til the end, right?
Mustn't recognize the house.
Too bad.
For once we had a mansion.
Excuse me. Are you the actress?
No no, not at all. I do make-up. -Oh...sorry.
Joao. -Jacques.
I'm assistant director.
Great. I forgot my script. -Here, take mine.
Hello, Xavier.
You're going to chauffeur my daughter to school.
You pick her up.
Take her to her piano lesson and bring her back home.
What's your name again? -Igor.
You'll see, she's nice.
Her name's Victoria. She's 16. -Very well mam.
Thank you.
So you're a gossip columnist? -I suppose so.
I want you to pretend to be my daughter's chauffeur... her everywhere and stay with her...
...and take notes and photos...
...of everything she does at night so I can turn it into a book.
With pleasure. I love the idea.
Sorry, what is your name again?
You wilI see Ivan. She is adorable.
Her name is Victoria.
She is 16.
I brought two dresses with me, which one do you prefer?
The blue one...or the black one?
The blue one.
And my hair?
Like that...loose is fine. -Ok.
Excuse me... nail polish please.
It makes me want to... throw up.
Please, take it off.
I'm almost ready.
I'm coming.
Let's go.
We're down to one man tomorrow.
The plumber wilI become a fantasy. Mathias'll play both parts.
Good idea.
It's a ''budget'' idea.
I need to get laid once more... What do you think Igor?
Definitely yes.
And with whom?
You choose, Igor. I'm too tired.
Can I borrow your thing? -Call you back.
How does it work? -Dial the number, then press that.
It won't give me brain cancer?
Brain what? -Nothing. It's the devil.
Hello Jeanne.
No, nothing really.
Just wanted to hear your voice.
So they were all naked? -Yes Mam.
I've got no imagination, show me, telI me.
The boys were touching... -I can't picture it.
I have photos if you really want to see.
So they were naked. Is that right?
Yes mam.
So then show me.
TelI me. I have no imagination.
The boys were touching themselves and...
Stop. I can't picture it.
I took photos if you want to see.
I don't have my glasses. Show me.
As you wish but I should warn you I'm as hard as a rock.
So he enters the room, oblivious.
Obviously...we weren't authorized. And he sees it...
He turns to me, says...
...''cool, everyone's fucking everyone here. I'm joining.''
He gets undressed. We didn't know who he was...
...that he was in the government.
How do you get an idea like the car crash in Perverse Niçoise?
My ideas come to me at night.
I wake up... and bam!
The problem is I fall back asleep and forget everything.
But now I have a notebook to write them down at night.
I see...
I've got bad news.
The last day is canceled.
You'll get half a day's pay. Sorry...
Have a look at the catalogue and choose some penetration scenes.
Reassure me, wilI you?
You're not shooting crap, right?
Financial difficulties? -I owe money.
Don't pay.
Once they smashed my car. -Another reason not to pay.
And AIban?
I haven't seen AIban for ages.
I loved ''SchoolgirI hotel''. It's a super film.
Yeah, super innovative.
Maybe not innovative but thank you. -Well, it revived the genre.
The genre...
Where are you going?
To get the car ready. -AIready?
You're going out tonight, right? -Yes.
Do you know where? -No, not yet.
First I take you to your lessons. -Yes, of course.
Has my mother been informed?
And she's ok? -Yes, she's also going out.
Ok, I'll see you in a minute. -Right away.
Excuse me for being a bit rough earlier.
Forget it. Besides, I feel ugly today. -No you're not. It's the light.
It's too harsh. -No it's me.
As a boy, my son always asked me what I did.
Since all fathers do something, I said I made films.
Every year I thought, he's too young. Next year I'll telI him.
And it went on... Every year the same.
And one day he found out... and he left home.
I never saw him again.
I don't think my parents know about me.
We're shooting the final scene with Jenny and Igor.
It's the scene where you are very, very much in love.
Yeah, the last scene. -The last scene.
We've got to move faster. All he does is drink..., smoke cigarettes, he's thinking.
Yeah, we'll go faster. What are we filming though?
Didn't I see a guy with a dress? -Yes.
If we see you coming, we don't have to hear you.
Same for the screams.
Hold back.
Something almost...mechanical.
Don't try and be true or authentic.
Don't try and create emotion...
Let me handle the emotion. -Ok.
No. -Why?
Because. -Ok, keep it then.
By the way...
...something else...
...for the final blow job, when he's coming... swallow his sperm. -You sure?
Yes. Not on the face... -Whatever you want.
I want.
You're very pretty. -Thank you.
It would be beautiful at the end if in the last scene...
...we showed a birth.
As though the main relationship in the film...
...gave birth to a child.
Or maybe just...
...a shot of a newborn. -Are you nuts?
I'm cold. -Ok, we're going...
Just a second.
Put on some fingernail polish.
You sure? -Yeah yeah, go.
It's cold, can't we turn up the heat? They're naked after all.
We figured that one out.
Ok, now this camera... from one face to the next, nothing else.
Large shot here, we see everything, we never get any closer.
Just body parts.
Follow the feet, the armpits, the face...
...then back to the cunt, but frame like this.
I know your frames. Never moves, always fixed.
What a jerk!
What's that music?
I thought it'd be good for the scene.
You think too much. No music. -Ok.
You're no longer my chauffeur.
I'm tired of going out with jerks.
Am I stilI in your service? -No. I am in your service.
In my service? -I've learned enough in class.
Now I'm in your service. -I think I like that.
Are you sure? -Yes.
Say it. -I like it. Get undressed.
I've wanted this from the beginning.
Caress yourself.
I've wanted this too from the beginning.
I love you.
I'm going to fuck you. -Yes.
I love you.
I love you...
You're directing? -No, I've already told them what to do.
You're too old for this.
Louder, Jenny.
Louder, I can't hear you.
You're lifeless.
I can't hear you, louder.
Go ahead, lick her now.
Close shot, Frank.
Louder, Jenny.
Louder, Jenny.
Ok, blow job now.
We've cut.
Yeah well... wasn't bad.
He was holding her arms, it wasn't easy.
Can we talk? -Yes.
How did it go?
Pretty well.
When you've done it once...
Tomorrow we get up earlier. We're behind schedule.
I don't want to wake you.
I'm putting the money here.
Joseph called.
Are you happy?
Of course I'm happy. He's my son, after all.
These girI magazines are so stupid.
''How to lose weight while you sleep!''
Why do you buy them? -Because I'm a girI.
The horoscope.
What do you think?
Not clear enough about the means, and the idea about no exchange.
We should start with:
''We live in joyless times, it's also our fault.''
Yeah maybe.
You want something?
No I'm fine.
As you wish.
You live here? -No, I'm seeing someone.
We can get together tomorrow, if you like.
See you.
Jeanne's doing ok?
Yes. She's not working much now but she's doing well.
She was happy you called. So am I.
But you're ok? No problems?
And you? StilI making your films?
I had stopped. But I started again.
So you're stilI making them? -Yes, I stilI am.
StilI enjoying it?
Listen, I know.
Forgive me.
I said I made films.
I'd actually stopped, but I couldn't say I didn't work.
And... you were 5, it was difficult to explain.
PIus your mother just died.
Later, later, I never really knew when.
Hey, I understood.
That's why we moved so often?
In part yes.
And you never wondered that one day...
...I'd find out you made porn films?
Why didn't you take a pseudonym? -I didn't think of it.
I did at your birth.
Laurent Jacquet. I mean really...
I know, that was dumb.
That's not the problem but it was dumb.
Listen, I don't know how to say it but...'s important for me to know you're happy.
Do you get asked out a lot? -Yes.
What do you do? -Nothing.
Why not? -Because.
Would you lie down, pretend you're swimming?
And what do you do? -I dance. I worship you.
Monika Laurent.
No. Forget it. I don't want to get married.
That's too bad.
Look at that one.
You're no longer interested in architecture?
I'm interested in Monika.
For years, we've been living in the shadow...
...of their past liberation.
So we become the passive spectators...
...of a failure that we're now the actors of.
I'm sick of it.
It's the old generation's fault. We just got here.
And so they say we're a privileged generation.
Aren't the ecologists gross?
Nostalgic old farts.
Today is June 30th.
I know we have to refuse. Because there must be an alternative.
Got to be Iucid, vigilant.
Let's begin with:
''We live in joyless times, it's also our fault.
We must think carefully. Make radical, irrevocable decisions.
How can we answer a government...
...for whom we are just an abstract idea?
The question is love.
Am I loved? Am I good enough to be loved?
Same thing for society. Do we deserve its love?
Now there are nothing but autonomous, violent groups.
And science...
...that can transform a man into his wife's clone!
Politics should propose and not deny. We must create.
Let's be mute. The ultimate protest.
Totally? -Yes, let's be mute.
So, let's be mute.
When people demonstrated in May 68, it was beautiful, romantic.
Because they refused society as it existed.
OId references, work...
For us, it's the opposite.
We want to work, we want social recognition...
...and to be transparent.
It's individualistic, it's terrible.
It bores me.
Capitalism leads to crisis and crisis to war.
So me, since I'm a pacifist...
...I chose revolution because there was no third solution.
I did it my way, I don't know if it's good or not.
You'll do what you can.
Anyway, you never obeyed me.
Nor disobeyed me either.
As a kid, you loved this place.
Not me.
Now I like it.
Your grandfather died.
Which one? -Your mother's father.
He was watching TV, he just had time to call his wife.
Then he felI.
You also have two cousins now. Twins.
That's where your mother jumped from.
That idiot!
Why'd you name me Joseph? It's heavy.
It's pretty.
Maybe later you'll like it.
I doubt it.
I can't give you any money now, it's ok?
Yeah, I'll manage.
Are you working?
Want to go for a drink?
If you want to.
I do, I do.
You wanted me to be a banker?
That's not it.
My father was a doctor.
I also thought that was obscene.
But obscenity isn't necessarily base.
I said that's not it.
How is he?
I think he's ok. He's pretty quiet.
Maybe I should call him.
Hello, may I speak to Jacques Laurent? -Speaking.
Excuse me...
My name is Olivia Riochet, I'm a journalist.
I'm looking for a director... -I'm sorry but it's not me.
It's a common name. -Yes. It must be another one.
Sorry to bother you.
Nosy jerk.
Poetic ideas don't make a revolution.
I dunno.
Poetry wouldn't hurt.
That's not commitment.
I don't care, it's tiring.
Can I sleep here?
If you want.
On the couch.
No, the little brunette.
Did she leave a number?
An e-mail.
It's terrible.
BilI, over here.
I see, that gives me an idea.
She doesn't seem too shy.
We're gonna find out.
Excuse me sirs, my horse got loose... can you help me?
I suppose but...
What can we do to help?
I'm tired, I'd like to rest in the nearest town.
You want to lie down, is that it?
Boy I understand, you want to lie down.
Yes, I'm exhausted.
We're real tired too, eh BilI?
Yeah, we're zonked.
In fact, we should all lie down here.
Hey! What are you doing?
Come on, we're real tired...
Well uh, actually...
I see.
After all, why not?
Two stallions like you...
...with beautiful pistols.
We live in joyless times, and it's also our fault.
We must think carefully.
And make radical, irrevocable decisions.
How to answer a government for whom we are just an abstract idea?
We must create a real threat, we must intervene...
Another war is upon us, different from the last two...
It wilI be a series of civil wars in each country...
It wilI be fought with possibilities...
We shall use a new, radical language.
We shall be impenetrable.
No more strikes, demonstrations, nor counter proposals...
...but no more acceptance either.
Only silence as the ultimate opposition.
Be mute.
Hello Jeanne.
It's me.
Yes, we're stilI in Auvergne, at the hotel.
The hotel...the hotel's ok.
And you, what are you doing?
I can't go on Jeanne, I've had enough.
I'm fed up.
I'm sick of it.
Hello Jeanne. Jeanne, it's me.
StilI at the hotel in Auvergne.
The hotel's ok, ok...
I can't go on Jeanne, I've had enough. I'm fed up, I'm sick of it.
I can't find any new girIs.
Or else they're minors with fake ID.
I have more pleasure on the job than in my private life.
The girIs on the job are beautiful and we both try harder.
My private life isn't so hot. Sometimes I just can't get it up.
That's life.
I'm gonna dance. -Today's pornos are video clips.
Clean, fast moving cameras.
We're far behind in Europe.
Can I drink your coffee?
I like it Iukewarm. -Go ahead.
I'm going to bed.
How about a last drink? -No. I'm wiped out.
Come on, Jacquot.
Never ever call me Jacquot, understand?
Hello Joseph.
It's your father.
You busy?
No, I had nothing important to say.
I'm glad I've seen you recently.
What are you doing?
That's good.
No, I'm relaxing, in Auvergne.
Well, uh...
See you soon.
Me too.
Hang in there...
...I've been thinking.
I'm gonna ask you something important.
I want to marry you.
WilI you?
Here's the month's rent.
Understood, mongoloids?
you are a weakling
Wimpy bourgeois revolutionaries?
Do you hear me, mongoloids?
So when your dad phones with money, you won't answer?
A revolution without blood and without balls...
I've got something to say.
I think we should separate for a while.
Let's be adults. Things are aren't going too well.
I's not my fault.
I know. And I'm sorry.
I've often been difficult. -It doesn't matter.
It does to me.
I'm not saying it's over.
But it's best for now.
You keep the apartment, I'm going to move out.
That's it.
Now we're separated.
I'll never know why I left Jeanne.
It's Moore's theory.
In the 60s, he said that industrial...
...technological progress would double every year.
An exponential and not a gradual increase.
To simplify, take a 40 Mega computer.
Next year, same model, same price, 80 Mega.
The following year, 160 and so on...
Unlimited microchip capacity. Moore saw it coming.
It makes things very exciting.
And with the old computers? -Throw them out, more economical.
Prices get lower but our fees remain the same.
Which means more and more profits with more and more material.
Can't you keep the computer and add more memory?
No, because the heart of the computer evolves.
If you have stronger legs but a weak brain... won't know how to run faster.
You have to change the brain.
And Moore...
...saw that coming.
I'll never have a house like this. -Yes, but we'll never have kids.
Unless I build it myself.
How long would it take me? 6 months?
Depends on how many you are.
I'd be alone... I'll do it all, all alone.
In that case I don't know. A year and a half. 2 years.
Two years... that's fine.
Leaves me time to think.
I don't go out much now.
Just to work or to eat.
Sometimes I see Louis.
Is that good?
You get attached to people through habit...
...and in the end, they move you.
I'm going back to the brasserie tonight, then I'll watch TV.
Hello, my name is Olivia Riochet. I'm a journalist.
I'm doing a special issue on pornography.
That doesn't concern me.
It's not easy to meet porn directors.
I've already told you. I can't help you.
But I know you're a director.
I called your apartment. Your wife confirmed it.
Oh yeah?
Listen, I'm sorry...
...but I really don't want to.
I don't make porn films any more.
And besides Miss, it's private.
Talking about oneself is indecent. Good-bye.
They're lost but I'm going to be happy.
The windows should go here.
That way I can see that.
The table goes here.
It wilI be long...
...and delicate.
And here, a little sink, wash basin.
In aluminium.
Here, a bed which is also a couch, with drawers...
...and drawers up there too.
And a door here. Toilets.
No shower?
I forgot. A shower, yes.
But I don't know where.
You're really going to give me this piece of land?
Of course, it's yours.
I think I'll build something pretty.
Is Joseph here?
Can I come in?
I called a few times but no answer.
Did Joseph mention me?
Are you stoned or something?
I'm a bit too old but...I understand. And Joseph...?
Well then...
I'm going to leave a note in case.
I wanted to talk to you...
It's sunny, we could have sat outside and had a coffee.
I wanted to telI you certain things.
Jeanne and I have separated. But I think she's doing ok.
But maybe you already know.
AIso, I am no longer a pornographer.
or else, without the sex
Your Father.
In May 68, I made my first porn films in Paris.
In 58, it was the AIgerian war. I was a bit young.
Well then...
See you.
Are you happy with it?
Was it good? -I don't know, telI me.
Ok. It really wasn't good.
We'll redo it then.
Right, we'll do it again then.
Do you understand what you're doing... or not at all?
No I understand.
I want two things.
First, drop your ridiculous intonation.
Lower your voice.
But that demands humility.
Secondly, stand up straight.
Have good posture. Understand?
I understand.
I saw you in a film. You were really quite bad.
But this is much worse.
It's appalling.
Do you do it for money?
You're not going to cry? -No.
Yes you are, I can telI.
I'm not going to cry.
This is an erotic film and your eyes are all red.
I'm not going to cry. -Fine.
When we see Julie, we have to know that Laurent won't resist...
...and even if his wife and Julie are friends, it's irresistible.
And earlier, we saw his wife cheat on him with another guy... it won't be unethical, you can lay it on.
PIus her mouth is beautiful.
Jacques, take a look at this.
I've got some land nearby. We could shoot there.
Shoot what?
Something with her. She's good.
No. In fact...
...we'll need a big forest.
We put Julie, alone in the forest...
...and a hoard of men hunt her down.
The ones who catch her, have fun with her.
I can't believe you've got a new place.
I'm building a house.
You'll see, I'm building a house.
I love you as you are.
I don't.
A tall brunette or a blond.
I'll never dare ask Jeanne to come here again.
As for Joseph, even if he forgave me...
there we go, now l'm crying
I don't know my son, nor probably ever wilI.
I could give him this house, or money.
Nothing would change.
Why do I continue working?
To stay alive.
And Jeanne understands that.
The others...they hate me. I know.
But nothing can defeat me... except sickness.
I see it in the office... many of them lived their lives thinking...
...they needed sexual pleasure and diversity...
But you had to be productive to go it alone.
At 40 something, it's depression.
They realize happiness is a wife at home and maybe a kid or two.
And maybe less work, because it wasn't that gratifying...
But now she's hard to find, it's late.
But they finally find her. She's 45.
She's single. No kids.
Because she also lived to the fullest.
They move in, it's happiness.
A year later at best...
...they separate. It just won't work.
Then at worst,
she has breast cancer...
...or uterine because she didn't have kids...
...and detected too late, she thought she was invincible.
She starts chimio, it doesn't work so she ends it all...
...swallows pilIs.
Another piece of life gone and then it's almost over.
So you see, in the end, we're Iucky.
I'm going.
See you later.
Thought I'd step out.
It's beautiful here, eh?
You ok? You'll manage?
I'm in no rush.
Yes, don't rush it.
You'll enjoy it here.
Say, all those girIs you worked with...
It's a strange job isn't it?
Yes, kind of.
To start with, they love sex, right?
It helps.
Are they easy lays?
Why are you asking me?
I don't know, just interested.
What ''really''?
Go home, please.
Muggy weather, sky a bit pink.
More than anything, I pity Louis.
Yesterday, I had planned to return to the brasserie...
...that I seem to like so much.
But I stayed here. I feel better despite the bad night.
Now I wonder when a simple fIu is going to become fatal...
Don't let yourself go to seed.
You never know why someone jumps...
Despite appearances, my house progresses.
I can picture it.
I can't get rid of all the dust in the apartment.
The more I dust, the worse it is.
My left arm hurts. I have to go out.
Pascale is not in for the moment...
It's alright, how are you?
With you?
I just arrived.
She's fine.
It could be worse but... was difficult nonetheless, yeah.
In fact no one knows.
I don't know, when I got there...
It was a bit difficult for me. But I'm glad I was there.
And you?
Yes, I got your message.
It helps and especially... these circumstances.
I felt a bit lonely.
It was normal. It was important.
Really it was important that I be there.
Excuse me Mam, I seem to have lost my mind.
I'm nauseous.
And I missed my period.
I've never been late, do you understand?
Of course.
That's all you can say?
I don't know, it must be marvelous...
Do you mind if I tape you? -No, go ahead.
I was born in Lyon.
My family was bourgeois.
My childhood...
...was neither happy nor sad.
A normal childhood. No brother or sister.
I liked my parents though they weren't very curious.
I don't know what else I can add.
I came to Paris in 1967... help a friend open an antique shop.
My parents helped me out financially.
Things were a lot easier back then.
You entered a bar, met a guy...
...the next morning you had a new job.
Everything was politicized.
Making pornographic films was also a political act.
So we started making films...
...with girIs we met in bars.
Or friends, or strangers for whom it was more fun than orgies.
In ''I'm hard...
...I come, I sing''...
...friends hung out on the set. An hour later they were acting.
Which gave us amazing scenes, total anarchy.
Then we started a production company...
So then things get serious.
Of course, to continue, you had to go professional.
Of course, I go to the cinema. I'm not stupid.
I know about Bergman, Antonioni... a certain modernity...
But as for me...
...I make porn films.
I could've filmed nude women in front of factories.
But it wouldn't have been exciting. And people liked what I did.
And besides, I enjoyed what I did.
Which is your favorite film?
''Diary of a Sow.''
It's a true story, almost autobiographical.
It contains a lot of my fantasies, like nuns...
...or my relation to my mother.
We just used a mourning gown instead of a nun's habit.
It was a difficult film to make.
Was it successful? -Not really.
If I lose my audience of truck drivers, I'm screwed.
Which means? -One needs to be simple.
Why was ''Exhibition'' so successful? Because it was an Oliver Twist story.
Do you have fixed limits?
I use all legal forms of penetration.
Never illegal stuff...
...nor bestiality, minors or scat.
Nor real SM, just suggested acts.
What do you prefer to film?
Dramatic scenes, or sex scenes?
Blow jobs.
That's the soul of porno.
The most stimulating part.
I've always found it disquieting.
You don't just have two interlocking organs.
You also have a face...
The last bastion of humanity.
Speaking of the actresses...
They're generally high-school graduates.
But they've chosen porn instead of becoming secretaries.
How do you choose them?
We have a casting and I ask them how far they'll go.
Sodomy, golden showers, fist fucking...
Anyway, they get naked and we do a screen test.
What kind of actresses do you like?
Beautiful girIs with bourgeois bearing.
Inaccessible to the working class, with sIut authenticity.
That's about it really. It's all pretty banal.
And yet...
...occasionally... of them wilI exude something on camera, almost unreal...
...violent or very poetic.
It's often involuntary, out of the blue.
Take Sandra Martin... ''Little GirIs Hotel''.
When she comes at the end...
...I was almost in tears when I shot the scene.
In my films...
...there's always something beautiful. Even if you find the rest terribly ugly.
Because it's pure, raw sex.
And therefore profoundly human.
But there's something painful in these films.
Shall we talk about pain?
As you wish.
Since 84, you've hardly done anything.
Money had run out, and it became boring.
I couldn't film what I wanted. -Such as?
The last one I never made...
...was a big fox hunt, where the fox was a girI.
Obviously. -Obviously what?
You find that immoral?
I meant obviously, that's a hard film to make.
Yes and I didn't make it.
Because today, it seems there's a porno revival.
Even you are back.
It's all I know how to do. And I needed the money.
What do you live on since 84?
A few royalties. And my wife worked.
In porn? -Not at all.
In an architectural firm.
So she worked in an architect's office while you did what?
Not much. A lot of thinking.
Isn't it strange, a pornographer who is a kept man?
How did she deal with a husband who made porn films?
My films aren't obscene.
Your questions are.
But I wilI reply anyway.
My wife never objected to my job.
She always accepted it...
...even if she wasn't ecstatic about it.
It wasn't easy but she hung in there. She was always there for me.
So I couldn't handle it, I left.
Because I'm 50 now.
I feel heavy, my body is a burden.
My back hurts, my stomach... I'm aging.
And I film people fucking.
And I continue because it's a job, and I'm good at it.
Even my son forgave me.
And that's a terrible thing.
Because I become the son of my son, I see my father and want to cry.
I'm a bit drunk, but at least that's made me polite.
My wife's name is Jeanne.
She asked me one thing when we married:
If I slept with my actresses.
An hour ago, I just went home to get my last things.
As I said, I left. She was silent, she was waiting...
...for me to say something... But I couldn't.
I'm not ashamed...but I couldn't.
I took my coat and I left.
I don't even know how I got here. Yes.
In fact I do.
Because if I hadn't come here, I would have jumped...
So I came.
I have no idea what I've told you and I don't care.
I won't thank you, I don't care.
You talk about my career and I talk about my life.
So your questions are obscene.
So that's why you are obscene, not me.
I'm going to get my coat. -Of course.
Did you just smelI my hair?
Yes, you did.
You smelled my hair.
Leave me alone. You're going crazy.
I'm trying but it's not easy.
What can one hope for tomorrow?
At least a little more strength...
History is the passion of sons who wish to understand the fathers.
P S 2004
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