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Pornography 2003

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Present a Jan Jakub Kolski film
Screenplay Based on the novel by Witold Gombrowicz
Set Designers
Interior Design
Costume Designer
Edited by
Production Managers
Executive Producer
Directed by
That spring 1 k. potatoes cost 0.6 zloty in Warsaw...
1 L milk. 0.54 zloty; -1 I kerosene. 1.20;
Parsley, 0.15.
It was Warsaw 1 943 in the wartime Poland...
... deep in the teeth of German occupation.
With my friends from the rity cafe before the war...
... we'd now meet in an apartment...
... only to drink and still try to be artists. writers. and thinkers.
What brings you here Frederick?
A cold. arctic wind...
or maybe a warm one... I forget.
No kidding?
Earnest as can be,
I've got four hare pelts and leather soles to sell.
Anyone interested?
Counsellor Lipszyc.
Baron von Ordo's daughter.
Mr. Leleniewski; composer; deep into the esoteric East.
Painters. writers. and poets who survived.
The best blue blood in town. What more can you want?
Just a match. please.
- Where have you been? - Stop it.
- Where have you been? - Stop it!
The cloying smells there...
the shamelessly bandied words;
"God.- art; theatre. nation.- proletariat..."
as if the war was of no concern to us.
We chatted while Europe was in flames.
Then Frederick arrived; sat down and said little.
Hardly could iI realize that he'd get me involved
in the strangest story of my life.
Am I handsome?
You look young.
But am I handsome?
You have a striking face.
But we don't call it handsome.
You’ve got carried away; huh?
But I like you anyway.- my dear Witold.
I'm not handsome but you know what?
I'm beautiful.
Let's go.
In the next months. as we got close...
... he turned out to be quite refined...
... experienced in theatre. film; and circus art.
One day my old friend Hippo lit S. from the Sandomierz region...
... wrote asking me over with my new friend.
"its peaceful here.- but for some bands of marauders."
"The countryside isn't safe."
"Come.- both of you. The more the merrier."
What's in there?
What's in there?
- Something. - What?
- Nothing. - Meaning?
Will you take the boy to the manor...
... with a heavy bag of onions?
There they are.
Thank God you've arrived.
This must be Mr. Frederick.
- Welcome. - Welcome.
I know..- you wrote... theatre.- wrestling bouts...
... romancing all those chorus girls; right?
I won’t ask anything.
- Let me take your case. - No; thank you...
I’ve grown fat. Devil only knows why.
Because of everything. And you're following in my footsteps.
And that's Mary.
My wife... my dear Mary.
They burned Sieniechów. In Rudniki. they broke the overseer's legs.
I had refugees from Poznan.
No news from Ostrowiec or Bodzechów whatsoever.
Everybody's waiting.- all ears...
It's peaceful for the time being.
But wait till it bursts when the front line gets closer.
It'll be a bloodbath... an explosion.- a riot...
Like I say...But the worst thing is there's nowhere to run.
...pray for us now. and in the hour of our death. Amen.
Hail Mary. full of grace; The Lord is with thee...
... blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
- Hello. Iie-abed! - What time is it?
- Oh. it's late. - I promise to improve.
And here's Henia. my beautiful one...
... the most beautiful in the whole world.
Mom is ready and the horses are too.
It's Sunday; we’re off to Mass.
You may join us if you like.- but we won't force you.
Truth is the church burned down and Mass is in the coach house.
You may find it quite interesting.- gentlemen.
... Your crown woven of stars on Your head...
I didn't understand what moved Frederick so much...
Must've been someone he saw. or remembered?
- What's your name? - Veronika.
Are you sure?
And that's Henia...
My little Henia...
Karol. son of the overseer of Ikana.
Now. a handyman in Hippolit's care...
A flaxen-haired god.- daring partisan...
and a reckless whippersnapper.
His appearance tipped the delicate balance...
... between us and them. There was too much youth now.
Something pert about Henia lording it over us. unawares.
Her youth wasn't meant for us...
Karol's youth was for Henia.- and hers was for him...
But the whippersnapper and the silly goose didn't know it.
Siemian and his men. Must've shot someone.
Let's go to sleep.
I saw.
A nice couple.
God willing, she'll get engaged one of these days.
Someone local?
Yes. a neighbour. Vaclav Paszkowski of Ruda...
a very decent man indeed.
His mother runs the estate; a saintly woman.- but... a widow.
Henia's young... No better suitors around.- though.
Attorney-at-law.- responsible.- talented.- and very well-read.
I see,
Why so sad?
There's something cheeky about youth; don't you think?
I haven't thought about it.
Didn't you see they're made for each other?
I didn't spy on them.
No mutual attraction at all.
What's lacking is the chemistry of love.
- What? - The chemistry of love!
No power can join them.
Rather than power.- it only takes a few tricks...
Like housebreaking a dog.
- Give them a push. - What?
- Give them a push. - Right away?
Do you know what you're abetting?
You really don't.
You want it?
I do.
Want to make a bet?
- What's at stake? - Exactly...
- What's at stake? - I don't know.
How. about... everything?
You'll see.
12 cigarettes... rolled specially for you.
Brown-nosing, huh?
Are we intruding?
No. I've had it with these potatoes.
Would Miss... care for a... stroll?
I sure would.
Closer to the socket.
The trouser leg!
Roll it up.
Lether do it
Why me?
Do it for him.
So... Let’s go.
The suitcase.
Vaclav... the captivating lawyer...
Henia's fiancé... and yes... Frederick's future victim.
I got it instantly and felt my sympathy for him grow.
Welcome aboard. friend.
Mr. Frederick; it's terribly sad.
Away with it!
Play a happy tune; please.
So talented... Is there anything you can't do?
Many things.
Like what?
Well; I can't take you away from Vaclav. try as I might.
No one can do that... in the whole world.
No thanks.
Berta keeps writing me...
Good girl.
... to beware of those dangerous Poles.
But they're such nice folks.
Eggs! Eggs. for fuck's sake!
Eggs! Capish?
Mr. Myszynski!
- Should I give them eggs? - Yes. And fuck them!
Good morning!
Good morning! They don't understand a fucking word.
Lock the horses in. With the cows.
- Eggs. - Yes; eggs.
Wait a minute.
Here are your eggs My pleasure.
A gift from our chickens and cows.
Zoska. the milk!
Here you are.
- Thanks. - Good day.
Andres... eggs!
- Here. - No; thanks.
Good bye.
Good fucking riddance! Don't ever come back again.
I get drunk...
... when I'm afraid.
I stash bottles away everywhere. in case I get scared.
Do you ever get scared?
- Got scared? - And how!
So have a drink.
I will.
Where to?
To the village to get kerosene.
- May I come along? - Please do.
- And Mr. Frederick? - No.- thank you.
I have to tend the flowerbeds.
The King came and sprinkled...
... silver poppy seeds on the eyes of the mouse and the red pony.
The Poppy King's knights wandered for years.
The mouse got very tired.- "Peep. peep. when do we get home?"'
The King asked; "Who's been sleeping in my bed?"'
"Who's been drinking from my bowl?"'
Peep; peep; peep...
We're playing.
I'm sorry.
That's all right.
What a beautiful dolly!
It's not a dolly.
What is it?
The Poppy Seed Princess.
May I see her?
What will I do without her? I may die...
I'll spank you!
Little mermaid...
I have a daughter your age.
Got any more?
- It's paid already. - For the book.
It may be your most expensive one.
Having the time of your life, huh?
I'm working hard.
I see,
What's wrong? Something happened?
Nothing's happened whatsoever.
- Why so nervous.- then? - Because I like it.
I can't do without it.
Take a sip; come on. Smell the flowers...
See how beautiful it is?
The man on high is watching over us.
The kids are playing...
... and we’re playing with them. Remember?
What's up?
- The cork's inside. - I'll pull it out.
- I'll get another one. - I'll do it...
Leave it!
See what you've done?
Why are you shouting at the woman?
Don't be scared. It's dead.
Want it?
Why worry? We have enough to eat.
- What're you doing? - Shining my shoes.
Yeah?... Here!
I'll shine them for you.
I'll drive the horses. Dad. OK?
Witulin's not far; dear.
- Barely 5 km. - Please; Mom...
All right; but with an adult.
- Mr. Witold? - Excellent choice.
Witold's a born teamster.
Karol! You'll come with us in a taxi!
- You like Karol? - Of course...
- He's a childhood friend. - I know.
But do you fancy him?
- Me? - Yes.
- I like him very much. - Is that all?
He's a beautiful boy and in love with you.
Not with me or any other girl. He just wants to get laid.
He's just a kid! Gee up!
All right. I'll tell you.
I'm no shrinking violet.
I laid a Home Army man who stayed with us one night.
Do your parents know?
They caught us red-handed. But they didn't catch on.
- Why not Karol? - Because.
But you won't tell Vaclav.- right?
He believes in your spiritual communion...
He's a true Catholic.
Do you think I have no morality?
I'm Catholic too!
You believe in God?
Would I confess or take Communion if I didn't?
My future man's principles suit me to a T.
His mother is almost mine.
I'm honoured to join a family like his.
Ah.- here they are!
No more flings once I marry him.
Dear Mrs. Amelia.
This is Mr. Frederick. mother.
And Mr. Witold. his friend...
... a man of letters.
With her arrival. a new aura filled Hippolit's house...
... superior; absolute; dispelling any doubts.
Frederick cast away his two live toys; Henia and Karol.
Engrossed in talk with Amelia; he was dead to the world.
They flew over our heads of ordinary humans...
... mostly about God and the beauty of the world.
Just look how beautiful it is here.
Absolutely... beautiful.
But take a really good look and admit if it's not.
Really very beautiful indeed.
Just magnificent!
- You're an atheist. right? - Right.
- Say it. please. - I am...
I'm an atheist.
- I knew it. - Bravo.
I'm bored without you.- bored to madness...
Along with my dog and my squirrel...
I write. read. and smoke - I and my eyes are still blue.
But all this is just the force of habit...
The dawn is still grey and the dusk gold-blue...
Day crosses to one. night to the other side...
... and the roses bloom seemingly unwilling...
... as they can't do otherwise.
Yet the world has ended. can you understand?
It is no more and I won't bring it to life.
The time is hard and quiet.- but wait a minute... I...
... may be already on the other side.
Without You by Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska.
Are you all right.- Mrs. Amelia?
- What're you doing. mother? - Mrs. Amelia!
- Oh Jesus! - Watch out!
Water! Mr. Myszynski!
Put it out!
Shoot at everything.
She's bleeding copiously. What do we do?
I don't know.
Come close to me.- please.
Don't leave.- please.
You'll see. I want you to see...
... everything till the end.
Sir.- we caught the bastard near Rokiciny...
He had the knife on him.
My mother couldn't have died just like that.
No; please!
- How then? - I don't know.
Not that way.
We don't know what happened...
... not you; me. or even that boy.
Perhaps.- as he says...
-... he took a knife to cut the cake... - No! No. no.
She couldn't have died like that.
- It wasn't like that. - It could’ve been!
It could have been. Imagine it.
Even a majestic lady like your mother...
... could have died under the silliest circumstances...
... for a piece of cake.
I don't know.
Let's go... please.
Thanks to Hippolit's connections; the death was recorded
as 'due to natural causes.'
The killer was back on Hippolit's estate; locked up in the belfry...
... waiting for God knows what by the decision of no one knew who.
Stop! Listen
You ride too fast but sow the grain correctly.
- And the raspberry? - Ok.
You can get dressed.
- The next rehearsal? - I'll let you know.
Well; what do you think. dear Witold?
- Do they act well? - It's going to be a film.
- A film? - Uh-huh.
I have an idea of a screenplay.
But some scenes require experimenting with live actors.
Writing a script with no actors in mind is sheer nonsense.- right?
First get them to strut their stuff.
And the script should bring out what's in them.
You were great.
Wait till I tell you.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Aren't you ashamed?
Of what?
Shame doesn't belong in art.
Boor! Murderer!
What murderer?
It's not true!
I won't let you.
He's a prisoner and cannot be beaten.
Don't be afraid.
It's that death...
I can't come to terms with it.
Look.- your mother always got down to essentials.- right?
And you?
But I can't.
What should I do?
Do what you will.- but wear your dignity intact.
Tell me what I should do.
Live through it till the end!
Drink every drop of her death to the bottom!... Got that?
I've lost my voice.
What's this?
I'm writing as I've lost my voice.
Judge by this if I've gone crazy. as I'm not sure myself.
When you finish reading this letter. burn it and pretend...
... that nothing happened.
Vaclav must see our show.
Tell him you’ve found out about their trysts...
... and find it your duty to let him know.
We’ll put the heat on them till the appearance of betrayal is out.
Then we'll see what happens.
Don't reply. I'll leave instructions under the brick by the gate.
We're running out of eggs.- Andreas.
Let's visit the funny Pole. What's his name?
The fatso playing the chicken? Hippolit or something.
Oh.- the last eggs.
We've taken the right path.
We’ll turn Vaclav into a bed on which Karol lays Henia.
Be gentle and considerate and Vaclav will believe the hoax.
P.S. Did you recognize the man?
Colonel Siemian of the local Home Army unit...
... who stopped us on the road.
Why did you bring me here?
I found it my duty.
Thank you very much.
I don't think it matters much.
Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
They want to liquidate Siemian.
Yesterday they came from Warsaw about a planned action...
... but what followed was a pathetic scene.
The colonel said he was going home...
... that he'd lost his courage and was full of fear.
Really pathetic.
Too much tension.
It's a... disaster! You should've seen it.
All those secrets he knows.
In his present condition.- he's likely to squeal.
He will.
What now?
They'll send some hatchet men with his death sentence...
- What do you think? - Me??!. It must be done.
I see it like a soldier!
And we?
You what?!.
From now on.- you too are soldiers. Wait.
Wait for your orders!
We have a problem with Siemian. This has messed our plans.
Let's wait it out and see what happens.
We'll have to act in sync now.
You must burn this letter.
- May I have a word with you? - Come on in.
- Would you rather rest? - No. no.
You know why I'm here?.
That show... on the trolley there.
I wonder how I could help you?.
I just want your opinion.
Tell me; like man to man. what you think of it.
- Me? What's there to think? - I can't make light of it. see?
They're childhood friends.
It was just... kid's stuff... a kind of game.
- Yes; but... - What?
How should I put it...
Rather peculiar...
- Odd... - Calm down!
- I shouldn't have taken you there. - You couldn't have done better.
But I have to say one thing... Loud and clear.
I wonder how Henia can feel anything for me.
See the way I am? I have no illusions.
I'm not fond of myself really.
I don't understand what she could see in me.
This puts me off. believe me.
What I hold against her...
... is the way she welcomes my advances.
What're going to do?
My friends...
I'd like to hearten you.
I have good news...
This war will soon be over.
This war...
You look funny.
Funny? Me?
Yes.- you.
- Me? - You turned pale... a bit.
But the colours are coming back now.
The saucer got stuck to the cup. That's all.
Good God! He's a changed man.
All he wants is to run away.
I had to lock him up like a thief.
"Just give me the horses and look the other way'... This is for you.
I can't give him the horses.
He wants you to be his accomplice.
In getting scared shitless?
If the Germans catch him...
- You spoke of hatchet men. - I did.
But they're not here.
What if they don't come?
What do you think?
Excuse me... could you? Come in.
I've got something.
I had it stashed away in the forest.
It's strong.
You're seeing a man who badly needs help.
How could I help you?
I've cracked up.- you know.
It's this fear.
You know what it means...
... when a brave man turns chicken?
- It's nerves. - No sir. not nerves.
It's a transformation.
Daring turns into cowardice. Understand?
Only three weeks ago I had my goal.- task. struggle...
Now I have nothing.
Everything's gone.- like... I'm with my pants down.
Worse still I'm right! I'm right at last!
Why don't you calm down.- colonel?
You want to get rid of me; huh?
- Who? - All of you.
You want to do me in.- right? Admit it.
- Me? - I'm no fool.
As long as I feared nothing. they feared me.
Now I'm scared, so I'm dangerous.
What can I do?
Just tell them to let me go.
Or help me escape.
Give me a hand.
Colonel. there's a war on. I - the country's occupied.
- To desert now.... - Uh-huh...
Ever been scared shitless? I am now.
- I've lost it. Got that? - Listen to me; colonel.
First; calm down. Tell them it's a passing nervous breakdown.
And I'll talk with Hippolit.
Maybe I'll be able to arrange your leave.
No way out. We must cooperate in this underground action.
And not a peep about ours. Act as if you were...
... with the Home Army struggle.- the Poland v Germany dilemma...
... not Henia & Karol's coupling.
We must see our plan through.
They’ve sent an order.
They're not coming.
- So they leave it to us? - Your voice is back?
- By ourselves? - Yes. fuck it!
- Who then? - What?
Who'll do it?
First we must decide how...
So. how?
Quietly. No pistol... a knife.
We could enter through the wardrobe.
That's no good; the man hardly sleeps.
Get him to open the door himself.
You're right.
Now the hardest part.
To kill him?
I couldn't.
Neither could you.
- Why not? - Can you?
And you?
Enough! I'll do it; without your help.
- You? - Me.
Out of the question!
It's an order! We've received an order!
I can't be a swine.
Some sense of duty at least.
I know.;. duty.- responsibility...
- But you can't slaughter him! - Goddammit! How then?
- Have Karol do it. - Karol?
Who else?
Karol... Could be... the simplest way indeed.
- Hello! - Hello. hello.
Siemian's turned traitor. We have proof.
You'll slit his throat tonight.
With what?
A knife.
What if he doesn't open the door?
We’ll find a way to make him open it.
- Little sparrow... - What're you up to?
Smoking a cigarette... one of the twelve.
- Let's say... Saint Peter... - I mean about Karol.
As far as I know... he doesn't smoke.
I shouldn't have brought you here.
It was me who brought you.
I almost forgot.
I was looking for you. No one's minding the store.
The caretaker... is asleep.
Come in.- please.
What do I do with this?
Who's been drinking from my cup? Who's been eating from my bowl?
What's this tune?
Just a tune.
Strange... both happy and sad.
Hela'd say the same.
- Who? - Hela...
... my friend's daughter.
What's this story?
A sad one.
I admire sad stories.
- You won’t like this one. - How do you know?
I had a friend...
... a Pole married to a Jew.
She was lucky to have died before all this.
We'd tell that bon vivant. "No booze or women."
"Your daughter's Jewish." He wouldn't listen.
He'd hide her in the closet and come back at dawn.
She'd say.- "Don't leave me. dad."
To make up.- he'd whistle this tune.
"Don't be angry.," he'd say.
"I'll dance with you. Like with a real lady."
In his arms, her legs dangling over the floor... they'd dance.
It was her favourite pastime.
What was next?
One night he was too late.
She couldn't wait so she went out onto the stairs... the street.
- With her black eyes and hair... - Don't finish.
- I know what comes next. - You don't...
You can't even guess.
He bribed everyone;. Poles. Jews. Germans...
... and went off on the same transport with her.
When she saw him. at the entrance to the camp.-
she stretched out her hands; "Tateleh! Tateleh!"
You know what happened? He hid.
He hid from her... his own child.
A couple of days in a cattle car amidst corpses and shit...
... turned him into an animal.
And then... they gave him a pretty serial number.
You know what? 123000.
And a triangle with the letter P.
I'm sorry; ma'am.
You know why I’ve come.
No idea.
Karol can't kill. He's still a child.
This is war.
Vaclav; talk to me.
Say something. please.
- Karol told you about Siemian? - A little.
You'll go with him. you hear?
You'll knock. He'll open for you.
He won't suspect anything.
- Will you? - I will.
He's a traitor. He must die.
What're you doing here?
I'm wondering...
At what?
The chemistry of love.
Knife and blood...
... will unite them all.
As the youngster kills an adult up there...
... here another adult will sacrifice the youngster. Full circle.
A bloody communion.
- What? - Nothing.
I'm checking if you think I still have all my marbles.
I’ve more important things than your boozing.- you hear?
Colonel. it's me. Henia.
I have important news for you.
Jesus Mary. have you seen this?
- Vaclav. - Let me alone!
I told you so.
I told you so.
I'll leave it for you on the road.
Don't spy on me.
My mother would slap me on the wrist for being indiscreet.
And that's all.
Subtitles by Jerzy Siemasz Proofread by Gail de Courcy
Print-out: RMR s.c.
P S 2004
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Pocketful of Miracles CD2
Pod Njenim Oknom (Beneath Her Window)
Poika ja ilves
Point Break - CD1 1991
Point Break - CD2 1991
Pokemon - Movie 1 - Mewtwo Strikes Back
Poker (2001) CD1
Poker (2001) CD2
Pokrovsky Gates The 25fps 1982
Pola X 1999 CD1
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Police Academy (1984)
Police Academy 2 Their First Assignment 1985
Police Academy 3 Back in Training 1986
Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol 1987
Police Story (2004) CD1
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Police Story 2
Poltergeist 2 The Other Side 1986
Poltergeist 3 (1988)
Poolhall Junkies
Pork Chop Hill
Porky - Awful Orphan (1949)
Porky - Dough for the Do Do (1949)
Porky - Porky Chops (1949)
Porky - The Wearing of the Grin (1951)
Pornographer The
Pornography 2003
Pornostar (Poruno Suta)
Port of Call (1948)
Portrait of a Lady The
Poseidon Adventure The
Poslusne hlasim (1957)
Possession (2002)
Possible Loves - Eng - 2000
Post Coitum 2004
Postman Blues (1997)
Posutoman Burusu
Power Play (2002)
Practical Magic
Predator (1987)
Prem Rog
Presidents Analyst The (1967)
Presidio The
Prevrashcheniye (Metamorphosis)
Prick Up Your Ears
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice CD1
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Pride and Prejudice The Making of
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Prince and the Showgirl The
Princess Blade The
Princess Bride The
Princess Diaries The CD1
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Princess Mononoke
Princess Of Thieves
Princess and the Warrior The
Prisoner of Second Avenue The
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes The (1970)
Private Parts
Producers The
Profondo rosso
Project A CD1
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Psycho (1960)
Psycho - Collectors Edition
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD1
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD2
Public Enemy The
Pulp Fiction (1984)
Pump Up The Volume
Pumping Iron (1977)
Punch-Drunk Love
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