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Subtitles for Pornostar (Poruno Suta).

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Pornostar (Poruno Suta)

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LITTLE MORE presents
You... What's your problem?
I'm sorry. - You lookin' for trouble?
Let go of me!
Why the hell did you go to Matsunaga's place?
It's my job! - Job?
What about the money? He didn't pay you a dime.
We are businessmen, not a charity.
But... - But what?
Matsunaga is a bastard.
My father's last words were: "Stay clean, son!"
I shall not disgrace him.
Kamijo, we should be going. The old geezer is gonna be mad.
Don't disappoint me again.
Where do you think you're going?
You messin' with me?
Come on, Kamijo, let's go! He's just another fool.
You're gonna end up as a Yakuza too, asshole.
Selling concert tickets!
Selling concert tickets! It's a bargain!
Concert tickets! We also buy!
Concert tickets at half the price!
Got a concert ticket yet? There are still some nice seats.
Don't need any. - Okay.
Concert tickets! We buy and sell!
They're useless.
You're a Yakuza, right?
Follow us.
A tad faster!
Hello! - Hello!
If you want some food or drinks, serve yourselves.
There's enough for everyone.
Is beer okay with you?
Tatsuo, bring us some wine!
I'm sorry, it was my fault.
Why don't you join us as a full member?
It would ease things.
I can't, my mother is still alive.
I just don't have a choice. I'm sorry.
This sword...
is a real masterpiece.
I'd like to try it out.
Aren't there any cats around? Go and bring me some!
Or how about that guy... Yes. Get me Matsunaga!
That bastard steals my foreign customers.
He's defying me for sure. - Yes.
Do you like sweets?
No, not that much.
I do.
Ah, you do...
Yes. What is that?
To foreigners it's known as "sugar".
It's not easy to digest...
Get rid of Matsunaga.
I'm sorry, I can't. I have some private affairs to take care of.
You're never going to get money.
As a human being you need popularity, status!
Interpersonal relations!
Don't you have any friends?
Those guys?
Where are you from?
You got a shitty aura, y'know.
Open your mouth! You trying to mess with Yakuza?
Say something, or you're gonna be dead in two secs!
Don't bother, he's a complete idiot.
Some are just unteachable, even if you threaten them, like this guy.
When I was young, I once picked a quarrel with some Yakuza.
They thought I had guts, so they got me in.
But this life ain't easy, it's full of risks. You better give up while you can!
I didn't become a Yakuza 'cause I enjoy being one.
Really? - Nope.
Open your mouth, damn it!
Who the hell are you?
This sword is very sharp.
Do you want to die so much?
Tatsuo! Tatsuo!
Nobody needs Yakuza.
They are useless.
Wrong. Without us, this place would be ruled by chaos and anarchy.
I'm working my balls off for you people.
But I don't expect you idiots to get it.
That's my knife.
Anyway, get rid of this guy!
And Matsunaga too.
Do we really have to kill him?
Goddamn. This is really fucked up.
He really meant it. No shit.
I'm sure Kamijo can manage it, right Kamijo?
Shut up!
We'll do it tomorrow. - No way. Let's do it now!
He'll soil the trunk.
Well, you guys take it on!
I have a date.
They are waiting for me...
A foursome! - You're kidding me!
Am I lucky or what? Three ladies waiting for me. Three!
Kamijo, are you really going to kill Matsunaga?
Are we in good spirits, Mr. Okuma?
What? Ah, It's you, mom.
About dad's funeral? I'm busy, I'll call you later.
It's your lucky day. I'll let you live.
Did you die on me?
I'm not a Yakuza.
Then what are you?
How about you?
What are you?
There you go. - Yusuke, bring me some too.
Two! - Three! - Four!
Kamijo, what if the boss finds out that we didn't kill him?
Are we his slaves or what?
Why are Yakuza useless?
What do you think?
If you don't know, I don't know either.
So if I know why, you'll know too, or what?
What do you know?
Do you know anything about epitaphs?
You mean the inscription that can be found on tombstones,
in memory of the one buried there?
What does it say?
Huh? How am I supposed to know?
What are you talking about?
Where's the soup? - Oops! Just a minute!
He forgot about the soup.
You're gorgeous!
No need to be shy!
C'mon, show more! I'm paying enough already.
Yes, that's it, a bit more, c'mon!
Two beer!
Got a problem?
No, there's no problem.
Get outta here!
What's with the umbrellas? Is it raining in here?
You better pay if you... - What? Speak up, I can't hear you!
This is my date-club. You'll have to pay, Mr. Matsunaga.
Shut the fuck up! You know who the fuck you're talking to?
I dare you, take it!
You don't want it? Feel free to take it.
I said take it!
Take it, go home! Lie down on your fuckin' bed!
Stay in your fuckin' bed and don't ever get up again 'till you die!
Nobody's gonna miss you!
If Matsunaga tells us to eat flies, we eat flies.
If he tells us to eat snakes, we eat snakes.
You are useless.
Shut up! I'm sorry to trouble you. Let's beat it!
They are the Yakuza that you hate so much.
What would you do?
The foreign dealers want to see you.
Let's get going.
Micro drugs! LSD! There's enough for ten years.
How about two hundred?
Five hundred!
Two fifty.
Five hundred.
Two eighty. - Five hundred.
Alright, let's say three fifty.
Five hundred!
It's no use...
Matsunaga never said he's gonna cut a deal.
What do you call ''stingy bastard'' in Japanese?
I believe "Kechi".
Kechi? - Kechi.
What is ''stingy''?
They are faggots man!
Something funny occurred to me.
This is funny.
What's he fuckin' talkin' about man? - I don't know.
You know what's funny...
You know what's funny... This is not funny.
You won't understand what's so funny,
until you die.
And in that very next moment...
You'll say: This is... this is...
This is...
Don't shoot them here.
Shall I... make tea? - No need!
He's going nuts now. - Why the fuck are you laughing?!
Don't pull my hair, asshole!
We can't change what's happened. It can't be helped.
What do you mean "it can't be helped"? We ain't no murderers!
This is fucked up big time! Really fucked up!
Kamijo should decide what to do next.
No! It's that idiot's fault.
That guy ain't just fucked up, he's seriously ill.
A psycho.
They're getting more and more every day.
It's all your fault, Kamijo.
You let him live.
I'm no murderer.
With this gun we'll soon have the cops here! - And Matsunaga.
But we're an organized gang. We'll find a way outta this shit.
I wonder if the boss is gonna help us out?
Hey, since you like killing so much...
And you don't give a shit who you kill...
Why don't you get rid of Matsunaga for us? Kill him for once!
I'll draw a map for you. - Cut the crap!
He did a good job.
He really did a good job.
Let's have a party and...
...get us some ladies.
It will be more fun than yesterday, for sure.
Why don't you come over for a drink?
The foreign dealers were killed...
Tatsuo! Go upstairs to the second floor! Second floor!
Happy birthday, Tatsuo!
Today is your birthday.
Don't cry!
Quickie: What is a real man?
You go first!
Let's start with you... No wait, you go first.
What shall I do? - Tell us what's a real man!
A real man? A real man should satisfy as many ladies as possible. - That's normal.
Have you heard about the "Grand Summer of Love"?
From summer 1999 there'll be raves all over the world.
It's gonna be so spiritual.
And on New Year's Eve we can be witnessing the sunrise on the Fiji Islands!
Isn't that fantastic? - Hello?
I have things to do. No, I can't come home to the requiem.
By the way, I wanna ask you something.
Do you know what's an epitaph?
Yes, that's it.
What's on dad's tombstone?
There's nothing written on it?
I see. I'll call you again.
Well? Don't you feel like going to Fiji with me? - Yeah, sure.
What are you doing? You trying to set us on fire?
If you wanna dope, go ahead. I'll pass.
Toilet is next door.
Why do I have to kill him for you?
Can't you do it yourself?
What? What did you just say?
Am I not the one who's going thru all this shit 'cause of you?
So don't fuck with me now! Or I'm gonna set you straight!
What's up, you stinkers?
Shut up.
You are useless.
What the fuck?
Ya know who yer messin' with, dude?
I am Kamijo!
Everybody in Shibuya knows me.
Got it? You're messin' with Kamijo.
I know Kamijo.
I know him.
What bastard put the lights out? - Shut up.
Go home!
Looks like it's closed.
Everyone is after you.
Shouldn't you be hiding away?
Okinawa is a nice place for that.
Are you all right?
Hey kid! You ruined my suit!
Please listen to me! I only want to help you!
I'm gonna thrash you and crush your balls!
Are you hunting salarymen?
That looked great!
Nice one, bro!
Ouch! Bet that hurt!
He's okay.
That gotta hurt.
He's gonna make it!
You're too stiff!
Your turn.
Wanna skate with me together?
Let's run away from here!
We will go to the Fiji Islands, not Okinawa!
It will be the "Grand Summer of Love"!
We're going to be the first in the next millennium!
I think you'll make friends easily there, since you're special.
Be quiet!
Idiots, all of them! Complete idiots!
This place is full of idiots.
What's the matter?
Come on!
Don't be like that!
Aren't they getting on your nerves? Or ears, for that matter?
Then chop them off.
What's in that bag?
An instrument?
I felt it the very first time I saw you.
It was really weird!
What do you mean?
I felt it... I've never had that feeling before.
What are you doing? Don't throw that away!
I'm going to sell it.
Then we'll be able to go to Fiji.
That's why we need money.
I'm not cheating you. Please trust me.
I know how it feels to be lonely.
Will you trust me?
I don't know.
Wait here, I'll be right back!
Forget about Kamijo! He can't do anything right.
Watch me and learn.
And call the cops if something happens.
Take it easy, dude.
If I don't do it now, who will?
Shit! Wrong floor.
You did what? If Matsunaga finds out about this...
You're dead meat!
I don't know you. I have never met you.
Same goes to you! Where's the fuckin' dope?
You know who stole it. Go and get it back!
What happened to Yusuke?
Shit happens.
That's enough. I rest my case.
I ain't gonna do without foursomes.
This is way too risky for me.
Have fun, dudes. I don't wanna die just yet.
I didn't touch you, bitch!
Please let me go, Mr. Matsunaga! - For you Dr. Matsunaga.
They're precious! - What is?
These pearls! - Please don't!
Five precious pearls.
I don't want them! - C'mon, let's take a ride!
I'll give them to you.
Let's ride to Enoshima! Come with me, bitch!
Don't fuck with me! Or I'll kill you, bitch!
Please stop!
Who the fuck are you?
Who sent you?
You are useless.
What the fuck?
Who are you?
You are useless.
Nobody needs you.
Let me go!
On your feet! - Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
You're dead, Kamijo.
Follow me.
You son of a bitch!
Where is it? Where's the fuckin' acid?
I killed him. - What?
You're lucky.
It's your lucky day.
You killed him?
You killed Matsunaga?
What is my epitaph?
You're totally fucked up, bitch.
Whoa, there it is!
The old geezer's gonna be happy.
Hello? It's me, Ginji.
I've got the dope.
I guess the old geezer won't have reason to bitch anymore.
Gotta do it right!
I have a sure instinct.
That's my specialty. It's all in your mind.
Right! Brutality gets you nowhere.
All right, you've got it back?
Good job. I'm coming over then.
And don't lose it! Later.
Relax, feel like home.
So... - What is it?
What am I to you?
Without you I'd be dead already.
Don't you want to work for me?
Take off those sunglasses, it's rude.
I wouldn't take them off,
even if I'd be meeting the emperor.
As if he would want to see you.
I heard Matsunaga's gone. Well done.
Let's have a drink. - No, thanks.
There's more. We've got the dope back.
We're contemplating about making business with you.
He's lying.
Look who's here. What are you doing here?
That guy's nothing but hot air.
I'm not lying. Your big brother is on the way,
to bring the dope.
Are you depriving my power?
Well boss, are you in for a walk?
The situation has changed.
Through devotion, one can achieve anything.
On Fiji...
Hey kid! Watch where you're going! Open your eyes! - Sorry!
You think that's enough? "Sorry"?
That guy again. I'm going.
Are you okay? - Why do you always have to threaten them with a knife?
Only wimps do that, not real Yakuza.
Kamijo said: "Use your brain, before using your knife!"
And: "Let your enemy make the first move, you'll get the reward later."
Are you a Yakuza?
Yes. Yakuza youth.
Well, I'd like to take over his business.
Whose? - Matsunaga's.
I want to achieve something, now that I'm still young.
Those guys in Matsunaga's gang are pretty tough.
They torture people with electrical surges and hot water.
But boss, that is said to be good for your back.
You, too, are a lonesome wolf.
So what?
Let's go!
Let's go to that place.
What is so good about this place?
What are you talking about? What do you want?
There is nothing interesting here.
Okay, I see.
Let's go!
Hey, wait!
I guess you don't need me either, huh?
You are useless.
No, you are useless!
You are more useless.
Why... die now...
Written and directed by Toshiaki Toyoda
Subtitles translated by NachoKun
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