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Portrait of a Lady The

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The best part of a kiss, I find me,
it is when we see that head to approximate
and we noticed that in the they will give a kiss.
That needs moment previous it is delicious.
I had never felt the touch of another person of my age.
The sensation overstepped me.
I adore. I adore to kiss.
were addicted in that to interlace one in the other,
it wants was positive, as in the beginning, it wants negative.
I am with an intense air that it says ' I am so mysterious,
' and there is so much more to discover, that a mere glance doesn't reveal... '
I believe in the destiny,
and I believe that me and that person we will be each other.
mean to find him/it more crystalline of the mirrors,
and the most faithful mirror, so that, when I love that person,
I know that that love will be me returned in a reflex.
And there is one more thing, girl Archer.
If it doesn't like of Locjleigh,
for being a lot of húmida, or something like that,
it excuses of some time there to go.
It is not húmida, it was seen to the detail
and it is in perfect conditions, but if it doesn't please him/her,
it is excused to think in there to live.
it doesn't represent any problem, I have several houses.
I found for well to inform her.
There is who doesn't like of a ditch to the turn.
I adore them.
With certainty it noticed
that I don't fall in love easily...
but when I let to snatch me, it is for a lifetime, girl Archer.
For a lifetime.
it looks, it comes the girl there Archer.
No, it is going in direcção to the house.
it goes, therefore. Where is Lord Warburton?
it was with her.
Bunchie, leaves.
Gardencourt, England, 1872
it wants him to make him/her company to dinner, Papá?
it would have a lot of taste, but the Isabel wants to speak with me.
Among, my wanted.
Because it doesn't sit down?
My uncle...
I should announce him/her
that the Lorde Warburton it asked me in marriage.
I well said that you would do a lot of success for here.
The Americans are very appreciated,
and you are very beautiful, you know.
Yes, clear. I am beautiful!
It can seem of bad taste, and ingratitude...
but I cannot marry him.
You didn't find yours attractive proposal?
attractive, it was.
There was an instant in that it would have given my minimum finger to accept.
I judge that first should obtain a general impression of the life.
There is a light that should blunt.
I cannot explain to him/it, but I know that it exists.
I am not afraid, does it know?
it is a very different man, it receives 100.000 pounds a year,
it has six houses to inhabit,
and a place in the Parliament as the one that I have to my table.
I wait for not having proposed plus,
leave me very disturbed.
Isabel, your uncle is all the right.
You cannot go to London without a decent companion.
My friend Henrietta will go with me.
Your friend is given to the boémia,
and he will want to accommodate in a pension.
Ralph enrolled you in his/her club. With him, you can go the the whole side.
But it swims here is decent!...
it likes to be a lot independent, the girl...
I like, yes.
I cannot hope you proceed always my pieces of advice,
but as you neither have father nor mother,
I hope you listen to them.
I will adore or to hate your friend journalist?
Little it will import him/her of a form or doutra.
She is not grated with the one that the men think of her.
- Will it be that will interview myself? - You are not sufficiently important.
- That sad. - Morbid, it is not?
When I wrote you of Liverpool,
it said that it had a thing special to tell you.
You still didn't ask me what is.
Will it be for you suspect?
to suspect the something? What do have to tell me?
What has to count is you concerning your American admirer.
Mr. Goodwood came with me in the steam.
That well say.
- It came behind you. - What to was he said?
No. He didn't tell me anything.
- But I spoke a lot about you. - I lament that have him/it done.
I made him/it with pleasure. I like the way as it listened.
it was so quiet, so attentive.
it drank my words.
It already esteems me in surplus, you should not encourage him/it.
it is dead for being encouraged.
I am to see his/her face
and his/her glance while we spoke.
I never saw an ugly man to seem so attractive.
He is a simple one, and it is not like this so ugly.
Your cousin doesn't make anything else except walking of hands in the pockets?
What does make it him in the life?
it is very sick, it cannot work.
Don't believe in that. I work when I am sick.
would like of exhibiting. It would be a beautiful specimen.
The Papá and me morámos here when he worked in the bank,
now we didn't serve ourselves of her.
I adore this height of the day, when it begins to darken.
You not?
Can I light a cigarette?
You can make him/it that you aprouver, since you have fun.
That you had you in the idea, when did you refuse Warburton?
it gave me license of revealing you that millstone counted.
didask you for you speak to me?
No, that not. It told me because it could not avoid him/it.
We are old friends and he felt sorry.
That it had me in the idea when did I refuse him/it?
That logic dictated such unusual acção?
- Unusual reason? - The man hardly has defects.
refused him/it for being too perfect.
If of this to Warburton your final answer, I am happy.
It is not for you, and much less for him, clear...
I am happy for me.
intend to ask me in marriage?
refer to the joy that I will have
when observing what does a damsel that it refuses the Lorde Warburton.
which did ask the logic? I explain.
- It is that cannot escape to my destiny. - Destiny?
My destiny is not to give up.
Is to marry with Warburton to give up?
It is a good proposal, but it means to lose other opportunities.
something opportunities?
I don't refer to the opportunities to marry, but...
to the one of the life. To give up of the opportunities and dangers.
- You answered to my question. - it told you very a little.
But it was the most important.
That the world fascinates you, and that you want to dive in him.
- it didn't say anything of that. - You wanted to say him/it, don't deny.
It is so splendid.
There it is him, Great Santini.
How did it know that I was here?
The girl Stacjpole informed me.
It was cruelty of his/her part.
I know that it affirmed that it never again wanted to see me,
but I never accepted that rule.
it didn't say that it was forever...
Not for 5 years, then. 10 years, 20, it is the same thing.
Does for what wait to get it, insisting?
- Do I cause him/her a lot of rejection? - Yes.
It doesn't cause me happiness none.
It doesn't belong here in way some. Now no.
Think about me or no, but it leaves me alone.
Until when?
For one year, or two.
when? Between an and two years,
the difference is abissal.
say two, then.
it will marry with other, so certain like me to be here.
I don't intend to be same to the other ones.
probably, I will never get married.
If it hears rumors that I will marry, remember this...
and don't believe.
dislike to lose her/it of view.
I love her.
behaved very badly with me.
Does it want to say that ordered him/it away?
asked him/her that it left me alone, and to you I ask for you the same, Henrietta.
If you marry you with one of here, I never again speak to you.
- Still any it asked for my hand. - It rests, that soon will make him/it.
To Annie Climber ask-lha three times in Italy.
To poor and insipid Annie.
Well, if Annie Climber escaped, because not have-of escaping also?
I don't believe that you/they insisted a lot with her, but with you fa-lo-ão.
Do you know where go, Isabel Archer?
No, and it is óptimo not to know.
You are to let to crawl for a foolishness. You make to shudder.
My father suffered an attack of the old maleita.
Fear to be quite serious.
happily, Dr. Hope is for here,
and I will certify myself that he comes Gardencourt.
There is a fast convoy at 2:45 o'clock
and you can come with me or no, as you want.
I will go with you, I will already make the suitcase.
I am not rested with Isabel.
I fear that marries with an European, and I intend to avoid him/it.
That habit has of organizing the people's life.
I want her to get married with Mr. Caspar Goodwood.
Vein of Boston behind her.
it was here last night.
- Here in Pratt's? - It was my outline.
Does she like him a lot?
it doesn't like her, it should like. He is crazy for her.
Three months ago, it implied him/her that it could accept him/it,
and it is not habit of Isabel to leave the people badly,
just because it changed of scenery.
Isabel... was it cruel?
it didn't give him/her satisfactions, it only wanted to be seen free from him.
Poor Mr. Goodwood.
The Lorde Matthew had an attack last night.
And I am to shock an influenza.
- Can it give me any powder? - With certainty.
A great friend arrived from Rome,
Will it take tea connosco?
It is very beautiful,
and his/her interpretation it still turns him/it more beautiful.
Won't I have inconvenienced Mr. Touchett?
His/her room is far and I play...
just with the tip of the fingers.
Leaning that not. I believe that to hear music so beautiful woman
fa-lo-á to feel better.
I fear that there are moments in the life in that nor Schubert has something to tell us.
Doesn't it want to play something more?
If it gives him/her pleasure, I will have a lot of taste.
The niece, the American youth is not?
- I am my aunt's niece. - Fortunately. We are compatriots.
I am the madam Merle.
Who is there it? Is my son?
Yes, it is his/her son, Papá.
- It is not more nobody? - More nobody.
A cigarette.
What should do, when I go me, it is to marry.
What do find of your cousin?
If I understood well, it is his/her intention what do I marry Isabel?
Well, it is that that sets up, after all. Don't you like Isabel?
A lot. I like Isabel a lot.
meditated a lot in this subject.
Also me. it doesn't cost to admit me him.
Are you in love of her, then? It is good that you are,
until it seems that it came on purpose.
I am not in love of her, but...
if certain things were different.
The things are always different of what they could be.
I won't live many years,
but I hope you/they arrive to see the one that Isabel does of his/her life.
would like to do something for her. To turn her rich.
- Rich, in what felt? - I consider rich a person
that it gets to accomplish the requirements of his/her imagination.
- To do the one what him aprouver? - At all.
Beautiful boy.
Who is this madam Merle? It is charming.
it plays beautifully.
- it makes everything beautifully. - You don't like her.
On the contrary, I was already in love of her.
And didn't she love you? Is it for that what don't like of her?
How could we put such subjects?
The monsieur Merle was still alive.
- Is it now is dead? - Second that she says.
- Don't you believe in her? - I believe.
It would be of waiting that the husband of the madam Merle died.
- Do I arrive late? I ask for forgiveness. - No, in way none.
Did it already repair that beautiful roads cross the property?
Us American we give European bad,
because we don't have own room here.
But I think, for a woman, never an own place exists.
Wherever be, it has to float, and above all to crawl.
I will never crawl.
Because, I don't see her/it to crawl...
And the men, the Americans?
See Ralph Touchett's poor. What illustration type does it make him?
happily, it is consumptive.
I say happily, because it serves him/her of occupation.
The disease is his/her career, a type of position.
If it didn't go so sick, it would make something.
would take the father's position in the bank.
doubt. He doesn't like the bank.
Good friends are not?
We are! But he doesn't esteem me.
What evil did do him/her?
it is not necessary to have a reason.
For not esteeming her/it of itself? It would be necessary to have a very strong one.
I adore the English rain.
It always falls a little, never too much at the same time.
It doesn't wet, and it always smells well.
That delicacy!
Hum, delicious!
Because it is!
Everything gave to have his/her age,
and all my life for the front.
it still has her/it for the front.
No. The best part it already left, and for anything.
- For anything, certainly it was not. - Because not? What do have me?
Nor husband, nor children, nor fortune,
and nor my house at least.
What would like to do, what has not already made?
I am very ambitious.
For me, it represents the image of the success.
My dreams were grandiose.
Faria a ridiculous illustration if it spoke about them.
would like him to be with this.
I will visit six different places,
and I know that I won't find anybody of who likes as much as of itself.
He left me this house, but naturally I will never inhabit her.
I have a much better in Florence, as you know.
And Ralph is with Gardencourt.
calm, there is a notable clause in the will of my husband.
Do I order to do tea?
it left a fortune to my niece.
A fortune?
Isabel inherits about 70.000 pounds.
intelligent creature.
it seems to be very delicate.
It is really beautiful.
When the mother died, I sent you my daughter so that they educated her.
I had faith, they know.
She is perfect, it doesn't have defects.
have the connosco from little.
It is not right that lose her.
For very good that it is, it is not like us. It was cut for the world.
Nothing is still decided.
Only in the color it is that you/they differ, nun.
So much have in a branch as in the other.
- Is here anybody? - It is. Somebody that you can see.
- Madam Merle. - I came to give you the welcomes.
Cannot I go to the coach?
preferred that you were here with me.
I hope you/they see you use gloves.
The girls as you dislike them.
That was formerly, now taste of them.
will give you a dozen, of present.
- And will they be very beautiful? - Not in surplus.
She will offer some gloves.
It is your a lot of kindness, but it already has everything that needs.
I would say that it already owes to be fed up with nuns.
If we will talk about that, she should leave.
we will speak about other things.
wanted, you are going to the garden to pick a flower for our friend?
It is quite so that I want do.
I want you to make a thing when you are in Florence.
I have a person there becomes friends that I want that you know.
That it serves me that?
will amuse you.
- If at least you made an effort... - Ah, very well.
it already knew that will upset me.
Of who here comes to stop, will there be anybody what deserves the effort?
Be not foolish, Osmond.
The person with whom I came to meet...
it is a niece of Mrs. Touchett.
it is a 23 year-old youth. I met her in England six months ago.
I like her vastly.
And, what is rarer for me,
admire her.
You will make the same.
- Only if it cannot avoid him/it. - And you won't be able to.
It is beautiful, smart, rich, splendid,
universally intelligent, and virtuous incondicionalmente?
Just in those terms it would want to know her.
I already know a lot of common people, I don't want to know more.
The girl Archer is not common.
fill out all your requirements.
- More or less, clear. - Not. Literally.
What do intend to do with her?
What sees. To put her/it in your road.
Doesn't it deserve something better?
I don't know what deserve the people,
I only know what can do of them.
Poor girl Archer.
If that is interest for her, volume note.
You are with good air.
You always have good air when you have an idea.
are you always well.
Let's hope you didn't go so cold.
it always harmed you, and it will harm you now.
I am not as cold as judge.
Once in a while, something plays me.
As that that you ambition for me.
Because it must be interested the niece of Mrs. Touchett, if...
Do I raise interest so a little?
It was not that that wanted say.
If I knew and I appreciated a woman like you.
Isabel Archer is better than I.
Did you already see the last ones what did?
That is not a sketch of last year?
- That what made in Spain? - I already got better very ever since.
I don't like your drawings.
They are much better than the one of the other ones.
But as only occupation, is a little.
it saw you to do so much other things, my ambitions.
- Impossible things. - Impossible things.
Your room, that is perfect.
frighten me whenever here I return.
You have very good taste.
I am fed up with my good taste.
You have to bring the girl here Archer.
As guide of your own museum, you become very attractive.
did say that it was rich?
No there is doubt that has fortune.
Do you think it does me well to be so rich?
Henrietta doesn't think so.
Henrietta that deteriorates. If you want to know, I am charmed.
Did you know that your father intended to leave me so much money?
What does import it? It was very obstinate.
Then you did know?
Yes, it told me.
As it knew if I would give good use to such a big fortune?
How did it know that I am not weak?
Don't question so much what is good or bad for you.
it lives as you more aprouver, that your carácter will make the rest.
I doubt that you measure well your words,
because, if you make him/it, you take a lot of responsibility.
The facade is of the century XVI, but the interior is older.
Osmond rarely invites me,
I am that I remembered to come here today.
I like to know new people, and I am right that it is very new.
If it doesn't sit down there, that chair is not what seems.
There are good seats here,
but there are also some horrors. Pee!
I don't see nenhuns.
Everything I think beautiful and precious.
thank you. I have some good things.
In fact, I don't have very bad.
Poor Osmond, with their reposteiros and crucifixes.
Doesn't it want a tea? it should be tired.
I am not. What did make me that it got tired?
It will be tired when it goes home, if he shows him/her the trinkets,
and it gives him/her a lecture for each one.
But I will have learned something.
can be liked or not of a thing,
but not to question the reason it gave taste.
Some good feelings, are they very bad rights, doesn't it find?
it is a beautiful day. Will we walk?
And there are also bad feelings, that you/they are very good rights.
This hill is impossible...
It is not pleasant to hear gasping of our mounted one.
Girl Archer, what does of my sister find?
Don't ask me that question.
Little was with her.
Yes, that is true, but...
I like to know that it idealizes does of her a fresh mind and without prejudices.
Per times I find that we are badly habituated,
living here between people and things that you/they are not ours.
it is quite unhappy and not being her a serious person,
it doesn't demonstrate him/it dramatically, but yes laughably.
Does it want him to lower that picture? it needs more light.
This was one of the first pictures that I bought in Italy.
were enough to see me once the girl, that I liked her soon.
Me also.
That strange way of showing him/it.
advise her the if it doesn't afflict.
The case involves three people stronger than you.
Three people? You and Osmond, clear.
But the girl Archer is very strong?
As much as us.
They are capable of everything, you and Osmond. They are dangerous.
Then it is better to leave us in peace.
The madam Merle said that it had plans of traveling for the world.
I am embarrassed of my plans.
Everyday I make a new one.
Because it would owe if it embarrasses? it is the largest of the pleasures.
I made one there are years ago, and still today follow him/it.
it must have given a lot of pleasure.
And it gave. A very simple plan.
It was to be the quietest possible.
Not to worry,not to make an effort or to struggle.
to be satisfied with very a little.
Wide years I started to accomplish him/it and I don't have myself given badly.
feel more civilized for speaking with itself...
but soon it will leave, and we won't see each other more.
It is like this, to live at a tourist country.
it already had occasion of walking for Florence?
calm, you that know everything...
That finds strange creature walks to do the cut to my niece?
Gilbert Osmond? Credo, that idealizes...
Had not it happened you?
It came here five times in two weeks.
feel very foolish, but I should admit that not.
Will it have happened to Isabel?
I will ask him/her.
Don't give him/her ideas. it asks Mr. Osmond before.
I am not able to. I don't want him/it to interrogate me with that air.
ask him/her me.
investigate, and I swallow you the report.
She is very capable of marrying with him for their opinions,
or for Miguel Ângelo's autograph.
With license.
it wants me to go with her Caparola.
- What do go with her? - While she there is.
She is that it proposed him/it. But I gave him/her the opportunity.
I don't work a lot in knowing him/it, but you don't sing victory already.
Of course goes.
it will give me work, your idea.
Don't fake that you don't like.
caused very good impression, and I see that it is reciprocal.
So many visits his/her house they were not alone to please me.
The girl is not unpleasant. it just has a defect.
- Which is? - Too much ideas.
informed you that it was smart.
happily, they are whole very bad.
- Happily, reason? - Anything if it loses with his/her sacrifice.
You are unfathomable.
scare me the abyss in that I threw her.
Now you cannot retreat. You went too far.
Very well. But you will make the rest.
It is incredible. This whole work,
and they paid them a trifle for him.
forgot about the parasol. I will return.
- I go. - It is not necessary.
- Does it want to take a coffee? - Yes, thank you.
Then it did decide to come?
arrived last night.
The others are up there.
I didn't come for the other ones. I came to say good-bye.
Who knows if it will return? Anything she forces.
- Does it find my ridiculous trips? - Not.
Go the the whole side, make everything.
Be happy, be triumphant.
- What does with triumphant mean? - To do that that pleases him/her.
To do the things that it pleases us for vanity it can be tiresome.
Exactlly, one day will get tired.
I don't know if it waits there
to tell him/her a thing.
I am not able to aconselhá-lho without to know that is.
- I am horrible when I am tired. - I don't believe.
sometimes get annoyed, that believes,
but I know that it is never horrible.
Nor when do I lose the judgement?
The judgement doesn't get lost, it is.
And that should be beautiful.
If at least it could find him/it now.
it doesn't scare me.
crossed the arms and it was to admire her.
The one that wanted say him it is that to I love.
- No, that is better to wait. - Not.
it can give me heard now or never,
but in any way I should say him/it.
I am quite in love of itself.
- Don't say that, please. - it won't have importance for itself.
I don't possess fame, nor fortune, nor anything to offer.
I judge until being happy for we will separate.
If it didn't leave now, I would know myself better.
it will be for again.
There is only a more thing. A small favor that I ask him/her.
Childbirth for Rome inside of days.
it will visit my daughter before leaving of Florence?
Yes, with certainty.
Isabel, are you there in low?
Your coffee is to cool!
- Do you get to see her there in low? - It is dark.
They are the most beautiful gardens of the world.
It is not that I have state for everyone.
The Papá says that while he is out should not pass of this line.
- Your father that said? - it thinks that can burn.
Here. it shares my parasol.
What was?
You should do what your father says.
it will never ask you that you make anything of foolish.
My Trip
There it is.
Eight, nine, ten. Pardon. No, not.
What wants saying is that I am quite in love of itself.
I am quite in love of itself.
I am quite in love of itself.
I am quite in love of itself.
I am quite in love of itself.
I am quite in love of itself.
Florence, one year later
Nor it imagines as I wanted that it didn't come.
I don't doubt.
I informed him that it would do what wanted.
it wanted him to explain to me what took her/it to change of ideas.
Does it think I owe him/her explanations?
It was very favorable. I believed.
I didn't deceive him. it was not committed.
When I read his/her letter, I judged that could be a mistake.
There is no mistake none.
I did what wanted. 578
I saw her. 579
it wants to say that came just to look me?
You didn't come to eat lunch.
I am not hungry. 582
You should eat. You live of the air.
I still didn't congratulate you.
found strange that silence.
I didn't recompose myself of the surprise since my mother told me.
You are the last that I hoped to see captured.
I don't know because you say ' captured '.
You will be put in a cage.
If it likes of my cage, you don't have to worry.
it had built a charming vision of your future.
had entertained myself the planear a high purpose for you.
It would not include anything of this género.
You would not let to fall so easily.
- ' To abate '? - It hurts me.
hurt me, as if it was me to fall her.
I don't understand you.
I would say that the man for you it would have a more nature...
activa, wide and free.
I don't adjust to the sensation that Osmond is something...
- ' Small '. - I find him/it short. Selfish.
are taken very seriously to him own.
- He is the image of the good taste. - His/her taste is excellent.
You already saw a taste like this,
excellent, when is it contradicted?
I never hope to lack to the good taste of my husband.
That is óptimo. It is formidable!
It is it that all the wives they should want.
But you were not destined to do something better than to take care
of an amateur's sensibility?
it said what left in the soul.
said him/it because I love you.
Then you are an interested part.
love you, but without hope.
I see Mr. Osmond in another way.
it is not person important, or rich,
and it doesn't have title, honors or lands.
If to that you refer when calling him/her small,
him be-the really. I call that to be big.
It is the largest greatness that I know.
it has him/it more gentile,
the kindest and light of the spirits.
You do a wrong idea of him.
It is feather not to change her.
They think that I only want his/her money.
How do you know him/it what think?
You didn't tell me that you/they are happy,
and if they were, they demonstrated him/it.
It only imports me a thing -
that you don't have doubt shadow.
You know that no, nor a shadow.
Never in my life I tried to win a cash,
and it should be more above suspicion
that who delves into and it collects.
I won't fake that I lament that you are rich. I am charmed.
Per times I wanted to kneel down
in my uncle's gravestone, to thank him/her.
to love you it turned me in a better man.
I am not it failed that it judged to be.
I had success in two things: I will marry with the woman that I adore,
and I got to educate my daughter to the old fashion.
It will be entertaining we create a vidinha for her.
Rome, three years later
What more it has, besides their Spanish incomes and of the service of tea?
My colecção is appreciated,
and I have a small income...
about 40.000 francs a year.
The girl Osmond and me we lived beautifully with that.
beautifully? No.
modestly, yes. His/her father cannot give him/her a gift.
He lives abastadamente.
The money belongs to the woman. it brought him/her a great fortune.
Mrs. Osmond esteems the stepdaughter a lot,
maybe help.
For a passionate man, it is very lucid.
probably, it will want the money for their own children.
Their children? Certainly that it doesn't have them.
it can still have them.
it had a poor rapazito that it died there are almost two years.
lament a lot.
it is an amazing woman.
I don't say that his/her proposal be of the best,
but it could be worse.
however, his/her father will judge to be capable to arrange better.
For him maybe, but...
the best for his/her daughter it is to marry with the man that loves.
And it loves me.
- However, I speak to Mrs. Osmond. - Not.
Don't put her/it in agitation, or else it destroys everything.
His/her husband will be doutra opinion.
advise him/it to not to increase the discord points among them.
Don't play in the subject until me to have made some surveys.
Don't I play in the subject?
But I am passionate!
it doesn't die...
- Where is Pansy? - It already went down.
detested his/her proposal.
I made him to see that, and I was abrupt on purpose.
tell him/her that you need time.
Don't make that, that he is to the wait.
dislike to speak with asses.
He is a gentleman. it has a charming workmanship,
and a comfortable income.
It is a poverty. A noble poverty.
It was not what I dreamed for Pansy.
happily, I am not unaware.
educated her for this,
everything this,
for, in the case of appearing a situation of these,
she to accept my decision.
They never treated me like this. I don't know what have against me.
Used to be disrespect.
- It could already have married me 20 times. - it doesn't have means for Pansy.
- She is not interested in money. - No, but his/her father is interested.
Because, of that it knows you.
offended her, and now no longer it helps me.
It is not because it doesn't want. I am not able to.
- Isabel, I swallow you an old friend. - Lord Warburton.
arrived this late.
it knew that you/they would be home on Thursday, therefore I came.
The fame of your Thursdays England arrived.
- We are very flattered. - I am very happy in seeing her.
let to already tell him/her to me that it brought Ralph Touchett with me.
it didn't come, it was at the hotel.
- It was too tired to come. - Because he came to Rome?
it is very badly, Mrs. Osmond. it doesn't get to maintain hot.
The more for south we come, minus he seats the cold.
If it allows me, I think this was the worst height
for Mrs. Touchett to go to America.
Do you know him/it what your father told me?
Don't speak loudly, they are going all to hear.
it said that you already forgot me.
No. I didn't forget you.
Is everything in the same?
In the same, not. The Papá was very severe.
- it prohibited me of marrying with you. - Do you have to give him/her ears?
I cannot disobey to the Papá.
And do you sacrifice me like this?
I love you as much as always.
That it serves me that?
Don't say anything else. The Papá it doesn't want him to speak more to you.
It is too much.
- Can I introduce him/it to the people? - Please it doesn't make him/it.
Unless it is to that young one seating to the table.
it has a charming face.
- it is the daughter of my husband. - That beautiful girl.
- it has that to know. - Inside of moments.
I like of observing of here.
it knows, it changed a lot.
Yes, enough.
I don't say that it went to worst, clear.
But how to say that went for better?
I think after all am not going to Sicily.
- Don't you go? - Where will you go then?
- I think to side none. - Will you return England?
No, I will be in Rome.
- Rome doesn't serve you. - Rome is very cold.
Here I settle.
- I recommend that you try Sicily. - I won't try. I don't have forces.
I don't get to face the trip. And I don't have there nor a cousin.
What does the doctor say?
I didn't ask, I am me in the paints.
To die here, they bury me.
You won't die here.
I don't believe that she is so cold.
it is very changed. It was Osmond.
you ask her for the doctor's opinion.
The doctor's opinion destroyed everything.
You will sacrifice the health to your curiosity?
The health I don't concern a lot.
- I concern a lot Mrs. Osmond. - To me also.
Not as much as it already interested.
if it is to enhance that facto
what did go so nice for the small?
Did that seem you ridiculous?
There is a difference of ages, clear.
More than 20 years.
My dear Warburton, speeches seriously?
As much as it is necessary.
Fortunately. And God knows as that will encourage Osmond.
Don't destroy everything. Do you think she will be happy?
- The small? Charmed, clear. - No, Mrs. Osmond.
The Lorde Warburton was here.
Yes. it was here half hour.
- Did he speak to Pansy? - it almost only spoke to her.
I think very kind.
Doesn't it seem you?
I don't have to seem. I leave the opinions for you.
give in the license?
Here is a consideration that not always you demonstrate.
This time, it had decided to act how you wanted.
Are you to want to discuss with me?
No, I am to try to live in peace.
It is a óptima resolution. Your génio have not been good.
Therefore, I didn't speak to you in my daughter's subject.
it feared to find opposition.
I ordered small Rosier to his/her life.
To my daughter, it is enough to be him/her very quiet
to be Lady Warburton.
Maybe be not very quiet...
it gets lost Mr. Rosier, it can riot.
Pansy wants to be a great lady,
and it wants above all to please.
- To please Mr. Rosier, maybe. - No, to please me.
however, it would like that our different visitor if it manifested.
it already made him/it.
told me that it would have a lot of pleasure
if she could love him.
- Because you didn't tell me? - I didn't have opportunity.
- You know how we lived. - Because it didn't speak to me him?
You have to be patient. English are shy.
This was not, when it made you the cut.
How do you say? it went him and enough.
You should have a lot of influence in him.
I know that, badly want,
you take him/it to declare.
It is in your hands, and there it will be.
With a little willingly, you will get.
it thinks about that,
and it reminds you that story with you.
pansies (pansies), they should belong to her.
Yes, give-millstones to hold.
Can I catch them?
Can I be with a flower?
The things that I do for itself!
Don't put her/it in the lapel!
it feels sorry for me...
... but doesn't it have any feather of her?
promised me later a dance.
did ask for him/her the ' cotillon '?
I didn't ask him/her that. It is a ' quadrille '.
It was not smart.
told him/her to keep him/it ' cotillon ' in the case of lho to ask.
Poor girl, didn't tell me anything.
- Of course will make him/it, if it wants. - If I want?
Oh, will it dance with her because I want?
Fear to upset her.
it seems to have many young in the card.
- it lets to see me if I understand. - Does it understand each other the something?
told me that it wanted to marry with my stepdaughter.
- Didn't it forget? - I wrote to Mr. Osmond this morning.
it didn't say to have received his/her letter.
It is a letter difficult to write.
Don't forget sending.
Don't dance?
No, if it doesn't go with her.
- it should leave although, then. - Only when she goes.
Who is his/her unhappy friend? it was with funeral face.
it is right for such. My husband doesn't give him/her ears.
it seems to be a different youth.
kindness yours, even to a rival.
A rival?
Don't tell me that she likes him?
Yes, I think it likes.
told me that his/her desire it would be it of his/her father,
and that he prefers me.
it said that she had an enormous one I want of pleasing the father.
- It seems a lot of correcto. - A lot of correcto...
but never a feeling
the one that a man wants to owe a wife's obtaining.
Because it is so contradictory, so skeptic?
- It dances divinamente. - Thank you.
would like to put a subject.
It is on the Lorde Warburton.
Is he even in love?
Yes, I believe that it is him really. It is noticed.
seem disappointed.
No, just mistaken.
judged that it had understood that he doesn't love Pansy.
- Pansy, not. - But have just said that yes.
it said that he loves you.
- That is a foolishness. - To me, it denied him/it.
You don't help me.
You should be so unhappy.
When I say help, I say a foolishness.
Only the idea of inconveniencing you with my domestic embarrassments...
Your husband will find that you didn't insist enough.
A subject that badly can discuss,
because all the interest is of his/her part.
Do you know him/it what that will do him to say?
That your negligence if it owes to the jealousy.
- To the jealousy? - Of his/her daughter.
- You are not kind. - You are frank with me and you will see.
If it knows what you intend,
what wants...
can act in conformity.
The only thing that I intend in the life it is to marry with Mr. Rosier.
Your father would like you to do a better marriage.
- What does want me to do? - The Lorde Warburton...
it has really been showing kind.
It is wanted to say that he will ask my hand, I think it makes a mistake.
Your father would have in that the largest taste.
The Lorde Warburton won't ask my hand to please to the Papá.
There is no danger. There is no danger.
It is as if he had me statement, ' I like you a lot,
' but if it doesn't please you, I will never repeat him/it. '
And plus, he doesn't also love me.
- Not. There is no danger. - You should say that to your father.
preferred him/it not to do.
Would not you let to have him/it vain hopes?
For me, it was better than had them.
Like this, it would not propose more nobody,
and that would be a great advantage for me.
it will have Warburton so much difficulty in forming their words?
When it told you that it would write, what did answer him/her?
That if it didn't forget.
seemingly, it forgot. it has the kindness of reminding him/it.
If you want to lie down the hand to Warburton, it lies down her you.
It is not easy. You are against me.
- it told you that it would make the possible. - That made to win you time.
My husband and I spoke about itself.
asked where it would be. We judged that if it had been absent.
I am to leave.
I am forced England to return.
lament to leave the poor Touchett.
Light the poor Touchett get.
it should await the hottest time.
it would not advise him/it to travel now.
I have a letter to write before dinner. Does it give me license?
When it is in Rome, come to do us a visit.
Fortunately it is the last time.
Also me. She doesn't like me.
- Good night, Papá. - Good night. it sleeps well.
You still don't go. I want to speak with you.
I don't understand what intend.
intend to lie down, I am tired.
I think you are me to try to humiliate.
You are to do a complicated game. You controlled him/it very well.
What did control me?
always had this case in the hand.
will mean me without circumlocutions that you accuse me?
Of having impeded the marriage of Pansy with Warburton.
- Was it without circumlocutions? - I made an effort for turning the reality.
wanted my support, and I agreed.
- I went a fool, but I made him/it. - You faked that you made him/it.
The letter that you said what did he have writing?
- I don't make idea. - You destroyed her.
- For somebody that was so noble... - I never went as noble as you.
had everything that you intended.
removed him/it discreetly of the road,
and to me you put me in the position in that you see me,
a man that tried to marry the daughter with a lord, and it failed.
- Pansy doesn't like him. - It doesn't interest!
- And he doesn't like... - You told me that it liked!
from now on,you will be you to treat her of these subjects.
I always judged that you esteemed my daughter.
Never as much as now.
Your esteem has enormous limitations.
however, that maybe is natural.
- Is everything it what wanted me to say? - Are you satisfied?
find me sufficiently disappointed?
I think you are not disappointed of completely.
had another opportunity of doing me of stupid.
It is not that...
Pansy has a good future for the front.
it knows that cannot return for alone England.
it didn't intend to do him/it. I take people with me.
people as? Servants pagos for itself?
after all, they are human beings.
- I think I will go with itself. - Will it go with me?
I know that it doesn't have me esteem, but I will go with itself.
And plus, I will take care of itself.
have him/her a lot of esteem.
Don't judge that can buy me.
Fear to serve as wood-of-hair.
Mrs. Osmond wants him to travel with itself.
But that is not the main.
The main is that she wants that I leave Rome.
it wants that all of us leave Rome.
It is very kind of his/her part.
Nor I tell him/her how kind I find him/it.
And is it like this that it orders me away?
- it has to return one day of these. - I don't like his/her cousin.
Is it that what wants me to say?
I don't want to tell him/her thing none.
I cannot understand. In what have-of believing?
What does want me to think?
would like to know if it is happy.
For me would be something.
it says that it is happy, though...
it is so static, so polished, so... rigid.
it is very changed. Everything hides.
- I didn't approach itself. - it approached a lot.
seem very happy for you see yourself free from us.
My dear Ralph!
Little time passed with you,
but it was better than none.
I heard your respect a lot.
I don't know for who, living the life that you take.
They were the voices that the wind takes.
You have been my best friend.
It was for you that I wanted to live, but of anything I serve you.
If you sent for me, I came.
- Your husband would never consent him/it. - It would not like,
but I maybe came, even so.
hoped here to see the Lorde Warburton, and to congratulate Pansy.
it should not have gone to Naples.
it should have been for the outcome.
Does it think it is too late?
finished. Give him/her rest...
Osmond certainly will like of talking with itself on that.
I already know what he thinks, it came yesterday to visit me.
Badly it did arrive?
His/her husband censures her severely.
wait. Please.
If possible, I want to know the truth.
What truth does the one refer?
Just to this...
The Lorde Warburton changed of ideas
of his/her own motorcycle, or because lho recommended?
For pleasure of him, or for yours?
Be reasonable. Don't be offended.
If the Lorde Warburton it got tired of the poor child,
that is a thing, and it is a feather.
But if he gave up of her to please him/her, that is already other.
If it goes that the case, free him/it. Leave him/it for us.
- Who are you? - it reacts like this!
What does have to do with my life?
it would give my right hand to cry.
What could that make well?
Faria to feel...
as it felt before knowing you.
If I made to dry off the tears, it is good, but...
I already saw to flow you them.
I believe that you will make to regret me, and to howl as a wolf.
I deserve that.
This late was vile. I was horrible.
It can be that have statement things of bad taste.
it was full of something bad,
or something good. I don't know, it was stronger than I.
You didn't dry me only the tears, you dried me the soul.
You are very wicked.
Is it like this that will end?
As they finish the wicked people...
as for the crimes that shared?
did me as bad as you.
To me you seem me good.
My God!
After all you will cry. Some time I complained?
Of course didn't complain. You enjoy too much your victory.
made your wife to fear you.
This late feared me, but it belonged to you that it was afraid.
I didn't go me that had this idea.
Your mill unchained her.
I only ask that my wife is considered.
would owe her to be considered so much?
If you do a tragedy of that, the tragedy won't be for her.
It will be for me.
will suffer the consequences, and you will make the same.
caution with that valuable objecto.
it already has a lower case splits.
As my wife doesn't esteem me,
will look for comfort near Pansy.
happily,I don't find him/her a single defect.
it hears what tell you! it leaves me!
Mrs. Osmond? Mrs. Osmond!
I was in Paris! I sold my colecção!
The profit was magnificent: 50.000 dollars!
It will be that Mr. Osmond does it find me sufficiently rich?
Pee, eats the food.
Beautiful Pee!
Pansy is not well?
it is very well. I ordered her/it to the convent.
I didn't tell you because I doubt that it manages to do to understand each other.
Our daughter is wanted breeze and beautiful woman.
Pansy it is a little withers and shaky.
it will have time for reflectir. I want that her reflicta in a thing.
Everything is very absurd, dear Osmond.
Because you don't say what do want moved away her/it of me?
If that was the case, it would be simpler to banish you.
You know that I have in a lot of bill Mr. Rosier.
In a lot of bill even. I think simpaticíssimo.
it made me to believe in the absolute love.
When I am going to your room, I always beat.
I have more in than to think.
- My cousin is to die. - I don't believe.
it was to die when casámos. It will bury us to all.
My aunt sent me a telegram. I have to leave for England.
I don't see the need.
I have that seeing before dying.
It doesn't please me that you go.
It doesn't please you that I don't go.
Anything than I do you pleases.
You fake to think that I lie.
Is it for that reason that you go?
Not to see your cousin, but for you avenge yourself of me?
want intensely that I commit a foolishness.
If you leave today, it will be an acto
deliberate and calculated opposition.
Nor you know how unjust you seem me.
It is your opposition that is made calculations.
It is evil.
My ideal defines him/it that the my wife owes or she should not do.
it should not cross Europe for to sit down in the other men's bed.
Your cousin doesn't mean anything. Nor for you, nor for us.
You make an expressive smile when I speak about us,
but I assure you that us...
us, Mrs. Osmond...
everything is that counts.
You are closer of me that any other human creature,
as well as me I am of you.
It will be an undesirable proximity,
but it is fruit of our creation.
You don't like that me to reminds,
but I make him/it willingly,
because I have faith that should accept the consequences of our acções,
and that that more values in the life it is the honor of the thing in itself.
it tells me a funny book to read.
Will this here be good?
My cousin Ralph is to die.
It was so nice. Lament a lot.
It is with bad to seem.
Osmond said that there cannot go.
And because that Osmond said?
Because we are so happy the two that cannot separate.
it is very unhappy.
I am, but I don't find that can comfort myself.
Does it give me license that tries?
I want him to know a thing...
Maybe already it knows, or have guessed.
In his/her place, it had already guessed.
Did it never suspect, at least?
did suspect of something?
My first sister-in-law it didn't have children.
Still nor it had done three years married,
and it died without leaving children.
Pansy is not daughter of my husband?
Of his/her husband in the perfection, but of his/her wife, not.
My dear Isabel! I get, there is to put the points in the ii.
Of who it is?
She has been very smart, formidable in relation to Pansy.
it never happened him/her
what Calm Merle lover of him was during six or seven years?
finally understand.
surprise him/her that I here am,
and fear that doesn't please him/her.
it should have asked him/her for permission.
I came to see Pansy.
I remembered that it would be very only.
That that is a little sad.
For that I came, to the...
Doesn't it think it was more beautiful?
Yes. it seems comfortable.
I came to say good-bye. I am going to England.
For not returning?
My cousin is very sick.
- Don't leave me here. - Do you want to come now with me?
- Did the Papá tell him/her that it asked? - Not. It was my idea.
Then it is better I to wait.
He judges that I still didn't gorge, but I already gorged.
it wanted me to meditate a little, and I meditated enough.
- What conclusion did the one arrive? - I should not never displease to the Papá.
decided to wait for itself, but it is not to speak of Pansy.
- Does it have a lot of esteem for his/her cousin? - I don't understand you.
His/her cousin did him/her once a great favor.
Did it never guess him/it? it turned her rich.
did turn?
The money belonged to his/her uncle, but the idea belonged to his/her cousin.
convinced the father to accept her.
I don't know because it tells me this. I don't know how it can know.
I don't know except that that I guessed, and I guessed this.
In the bottom, it should thank him/her.
judged that should thank itself.
I know that it is very unhappy, but I am more.
It is not wonderful what has come?
- What such the crossing was? - Very good.
No! No, I think it was stormy.
Does he get to see me? Does it get to speak?
- You can try. - No there is any hope?
absolutely none. There was never.
It is your a lot of kindness have come.
I thought you would come, but it was not the sure.
I didn't also have, until coming.
For me everything ended.
Let's hope it also had finishing for you.
What did make for me when leaving Rome?
And that you did you for me?
In times, you made a thing.
You know well.
keep me in the heart.
will be more close to you of the one that never.
I never thanked you.
Me... I never spoke. I was never what should be.
But as it had to know?
I only now know, because there are people less stupid than I.
it lets to be the people.
- Is it true? - What did go stupid?
- Not. - He married with me for money.
I only want you to understand.
I always tried to impede you that you understood.
But all this ended.
Did he hinder your arrival a lot?
Everything turned very complicated, but I don't care.
Here, with you...
I am happy, as it was not there is a long time.
I want you to be happy.
That you feel close to you.
That you know that I love you.
Because it has there to be pain?
It is not what there is of deeper.
You have to be here.
The pain is deep, but it passes.
In fact, it is to pass now. But the love lasts long.
I don't know because we must suffer so much. Maybe come to discover.
I don't have faith...
I don't have faith that a mistake as generous as this
it can hurt you like this so much.
And it reminds you of this...
If you were hated, you were also loved.
Oh, Isabel...
The man, born of the woman, it is of few days
and full of inquietude.
it is born as the flower, and it withers.
it also flees as the shadow and it doesn't stay.
On that such one you open your eyes,
and to me you do me to enter in judgement with you?
Who of the filthy will remove the pure?
adore him.
adore him.
scared me.
it wanted to see her/it the alone ones.
Therefore I was to the wait, and to walk thereabout.
I don't want to inconvenience her, as I did in Rome.
it didn't serve as anything, it only disturbed her.
I knew that it was wrong. But now I know that I am not.
Now everything changed. I can help her.
How can I help myself?
It was good to have made me to come away with his/her cousin.
it was a good man. A noble man.
spoke to me about his/her case. Everything explained his/her respect.
guessed my feelings.
it knows what he told me right here, of the last time that saw him/it?
it said, it does for her everything that you can.
' Everything that she to let to do you. '
it didn't have anything to speak of me.
Because no, if only falámos for well? He was to die.
It is too late to act.
Touchett knew, and me also, the one that cost come him here.
will have cost him/her his/her life.
it is afraid of returning.
it is completely only. Now think about me.
- In itself. - Come to me.
Because have-of returning? Because have-of facing all that?
- To move away me of itself. - I want to impede that.
If at least it listened to me once. Because we must be happy?
because, when is it here before us? When is it so easy?
can do what to please us.
To who we do have us of rendering bills?
beg him/her that it leaves.
Don't say that. Don't kill me.
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Pink Panther The - A Shot In The Dark (1964)
Pitfall The (Otoshiana 1962)
Planet Of The Apes (1969)
Planet of the Apes 1968
Planet of the Apes 2001
Planets The 1 - Different Worlds
Planets The 2 - Terra Firma
Planets The 3 - Giants
Planets The 4 - Moon
Planets The 5 - Star
Planets The 6 - Atmosphere
Planets The 7 - Life
Planets The 8 - Destiny
Planta 4
Plastic Tree CD1
Plastic Tree CD2
Platee CD1
Platee CD2
Platonic Sex CD1
Platonic Sex CD2
Platoon (Special Edition)
Play It Again Sam
Playing By Heart
Playtime CD1
Playtime CD2
Please Teach Me English (2003) CD1
Please Teach Me English (2003) CD2
Plumas de Caballo
Plunkett and Macleane
Pocketful of Miracles CD1
Pocketful of Miracles CD2
Pod Njenim Oknom (Beneath Her Window)
Poika ja ilves
Point Break - CD1 1991
Point Break - CD2 1991
Pokemon - Movie 1 - Mewtwo Strikes Back
Poker (2001) CD1
Poker (2001) CD2
Pokrovsky Gates The 25fps 1982
Pola X 1999 CD1
Pola X 1999 CD2
Police Academy (1984)
Police Academy 2 Their First Assignment 1985
Police Academy 3 Back in Training 1986
Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol 1987
Police Story (2004) CD1
Police Story (2004) CD2
Police Story 2
Poltergeist 2 The Other Side 1986
Poltergeist 3 (1988)
Poolhall Junkies
Pork Chop Hill
Porky - Awful Orphan (1949)
Porky - Dough for the Do Do (1949)
Porky - Porky Chops (1949)
Porky - The Wearing of the Grin (1951)
Pornographer The
Pornography 2003
Pornostar (Poruno Suta)
Port of Call (1948)
Portrait of a Lady The
Poseidon Adventure The
Poslusne hlasim (1957)
Possession (2002)
Possible Loves - Eng - 2000
Post Coitum 2004
Postman Blues (1997)
Posutoman Burusu
Power Play (2002)
Practical Magic
Predator (1987)
Prem Rog
Presidents Analyst The (1967)
Presidio The
Prevrashcheniye (Metamorphosis)
Prick Up Your Ears
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice CD1
Pride and Prejudice CD2
Pride and Prejudice CD3
Pride and Prejudice CD4
Pride and Prejudice CD5
Pride and Prejudice CD6
Pride and Prejudice The Making of
Pride and the Passion The
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie The CD1
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie The CD2
Prince and the Showgirl The
Princess Blade The
Princess Bride The
Princess Diaries The CD1
Princess Diaries The CD2
Princess Mononoke
Princess Of Thieves
Princess and the Warrior The
Prisoner of Second Avenue The
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes The (1970)
Private Parts
Producers The
Profondo rosso
Project A CD1
Project A CD2
Psycho (1960)
Psycho - Collectors Edition
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD1
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD2
Public Enemy The
Pulp Fiction (1984)
Pump Up The Volume
Pumping Iron (1977)
Punch-Drunk Love
Punisher The (2004)
Punisher The 1989
Pupendo (2003) CD1
Pupendo (2003) CD2
Purple Rose Of Cairo The
Purple Sunset (2001)
Pusong Mamon CD1
Pusong Mamon CD2
Pyrokinesis (2000)