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Poseidon Adventure The

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- Engine room, chief still there? SAILOR: Yes, sir.
- It's the captain, put him on. - Aye, aye, sir.
CHIEF: Are you making contact? SAILOR: Yeah, I'm making contact.
Chief, the captain wants you on the phone.
Chief here, go ahead.
What's going on? Anything more you can do with the stabilizers?
There's nothing wrong with the stabilizers.
Besides, my hands are full with this pump!
You know what the trouble is. It's that bastard Linarcos.
Care to repeat yourself? He's standing right here.
Good, I hope he heard me!
All right, Joe, do the best you can until we clear this weather.
- Where the devil did you come from? - From my cabin, sir.
Don't you realize it's dangerous out there?
You said come up anytime. Robin Shelby...
You picked a particularly fascinating moment to come here.
The waves don't bother you?
I've surfed up to 18 feet.
- But these look more like 30. - Thirty-five to be exact.
Some get up to 300.
- I find 60 about maximum. Steady up. SAILOR: Steady up, sir.
- Bring her up. - Bring her up, sir.
Hang on!
- All lifelines rigged? - All except C deck, sir.
When I order all lifelines rigged it includes C deck. See to it.
Wow, surf's really up.
- Master Shelby. - Yes, sir?
We'll continue our discussion another time. Fair enough?
Aye, aye, sir.
That last one almost broached us, Linarcos.
I warned you. We should've loaded extra bunkers in Gibraltar.
We are top-heavy and when that pump is repaired...
...I am taking on more ballast.
- Where next? - Mr. And Mrs. Rogo, M45.
- Yeah? - I'm Dr. Caravello. You asked for me.
All morning.
- You the only doctor on this tub? - The only ship doctor.
What if somebody was dying?
Oh, my God, who's not dying?
Most of the passengers are sick, Mr. Rogo.
We have to take them in rotation.
Use one of these now, another in 8 hours...
...and remain in bed until the sea is calm.
Hold it, hold it.
You mean we had to wait all this time for you to come...
...and give her some pills? And some crap about staying in bed?
How do you know she's just seasick? Look at her!
It could be something else. You didn't even examine her.
Oh, shoot me, Mike. For chrissake, just shoot me.
You see how sick she is?
I'll tell you what this is. It's food poisoning, that's what.
How is she gonna swallow pills when she can't even swallow water?
They're suppositories, Mr. Rogo.
...don't swallow them.
What do you do with them?
I know what to do with suppositories. Just get them out of here!
Oh, hon...
Nurse, I think we should continue with our rounds.
I still think it's food poisoning.
Oh, shut up.
- Good morning, Mr. And Mrs. Rosen. - Good morning.
Don't fall over.
- That Martin, he's crazy. - I like that man.
Of course you like him. He runs on time like a train.
You and trains.
When, in my whole life, did I ever run for a train?
Who cried for a week when they tore down the 3rd Avenue EI?
He's lonely.
That's why he runs, so you won't notice.
Says here there's a package tour to the mountain...
...where Moses received the Ten Commandments.
When we finally get to Israel, we're gonna stay put, no traveling.
We're gonna get to know our grandson.
Just think, he's 2 years old already. He's talking.
We've never even seen him.
Get down on your knees and pray to God for help...
...and then maybe everything will work out?
Not where I come from.
You could wear off your knees praying to God for heat in February.
And icicles would grow from your upraised palms.
If you're freezing, you burn the furniture...
...but you get off your knees. - Somewhat unorthodox, Reverend Scott.
But realistic.
John, the church is for more than prayer.
With those sermons, it's a wonder you're still ordained.
- Or are you? - The best kind.
Angry, rebellious, critical, a renegade...
...stripped of most of my so-called clerical powers.
But I'm still in business.
- You seem to enjoy the punishment. - Punishment?
The church has blessed me.
Banished to a new country in Africa. Hell, I had to look it up on a map.
My bishop doesn't know, but he's given me exactly what I wanted:
Elbow room. Freedom!
Real freedom. Freedom to dump all the rules and all the trappings.
And freedom to discover God in my own way.
I'd better be going. I'll see you later.
Still want me to give that sermon this afternoon?
Well, one thing's for sure: Nobody will sleep through it.
The weather report, sir.
"Weather moderate to the southeast. Barometer 1016 millibars.
Smooth seas, clear skies. " Good.
Keep her on slow, start taking on ballast.
Aye, sir.
Full ahead, captain.
As I've told you, we don't have enough ballast yet to run full ahead.
I suggest we talk privately.
Linus, start taking on ballast.
I did not suggest full ahead, captain.
As the new owner's representative...
...I ordered it. - Damn it, man...
...the Poseidon is too fine a lady to be rushed to the junkyard.
We're three days behind schedule and it's costing thousands of dollars... maintain a wrecking crew. We dock Monday!
I can't gamble with my passengers' lives!
Your business is to deliver this ship when and where we want it.
An unstable ship at full ahead is dangerous. Especially one this old.
I'm sure I don't have to remind you of my right to relieve your command.
Three other officers have their master's license.
Now, order full ahead.
You irresponsible bastard.
Full ahead!
Aye, aye, sir.
Where did they come from?
They boarded at Gibraltar. They're on their way to Sicily.
A free trip for free music.
They're going to a jazz festival.
Morning after
I can't take this. Give me a Strauss waltz.
I rather fancy it.
You? You even fancy bagpipes.
Hey, did you know this?
The engines on this ship have more total horsepower...
...than all the cavalry Napoleon used to conquer Europe.
How about that?
That's heavy, Robin, real heavy.
The generator creates enough electricity... light Charleston, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia.
- Shelby? - That's right.
- Cable. - Thank you.
- It's my turn to open the cable. - Don't be so childish.
"Mother and I waiting impatiently your arrival.
Our thoughts and our love with you on this New Year's Eve. Dad."
- We should've sent them a wire. - I did.
Why didn't you ask me for my ideas? I mean, what to put in it.
Why don't I have a brother who's easier to live with?
- Stop jumping and go take a shower. - I'm going to the engine room.
- You're going to church. - On vacation?
- Will you get in that bathroom? - I want to see the propeller shaft.
- You'll see the propeller shaft later. - Why don't you shove it?
Don't you ever say that to me again.
Shove it, shove it, shove it.
God is pretty busy.
He has a plan for humanity that stretches beyond our comprehension.
So we can't expect Him to concern Himself with the individual.
The individual is important only to the extent...
...of providing a creative link between the past and the future... his children, or in his grandchildren...
...or his contributions to humanity.
Therefore, don't pray to God to solve your problems.
Pray to that part of God within you.
Have the guts to fight for yourself.
God wants brave souls.
He wants winners, not quitters.
If you can't win, at least try to win.
God loves tryers.
- Isn't that right, Robin? - Right.
So, what resolution should we make for the New Year?
Resolve to let God know that you have the guts to do it alone!
Resolve to fight for yourselves and for others...
...and for those you love.
That part of God within you will be fighting with you...
...all the way.
Do you know what it means to be picked out from all the passengers... sit at the captain's table on New Year's Eve?
I'll tell you one thing it means.
That your worries about other women looking down on you is bull.
He only invited us because you're a detective lieutenant.
Why don't you just go without me?
What should I do at midnight, kiss the captain?
Don't knock it.
Why don't you admit the real reason?
You're still afraid some bum will recognize you.
That's pretty stupid!
You're out of that business now. You're my wife.
You can't go around afraid all the time...
...that every guy you bump into is a former customer!
Linda, you hear me?
Will you shut up? I'm busy in here!
You weren't on the streets that long! How many guys did you know?
You realize how slim the chances are...
...that even one of these characters is on this boat?
You don't have to shout.
I said...
I said, do you realize how slim...
I heard what you said!
I saw a young officer on deck the other day.
And he looked pretty damn familiar.
Even with his clothes on.
So he recognized you.
Doesn't that bother you?
If it bothered me, I wouldn't have married you.
Well, first you arrested me six times!
I had to keep you off the streets until you'd marry me!
Come here, you lousy cop.
Mr. Martin, what is the little green one for?
That's alfalfa, Mrs. Rosen.
It's essential to blood formation, neural function and growth.
The growth part doesn't work. At least not with me anyway.
And the yellow one? That's very attractive.
A tocopherol, derived from seed germ oil.
- It looks like vitamin E to me. - It is, Mr. Rosen.
Doesn't that increase virility?
That's the rumor.
All you need is a pretty wife.
I think I've been a bachelor too long.
Sure, you're too busy taking all those pills.
There she goes.
My wife can't stand seeing anyone who's not married.
- It comes from caring. - I'd like to be married, Mrs. Rosen.
I just can't seem to find the time.
I mean, I get down to the shop at 8, I open at 9.
I close at 7 and go home at 8.
Except on Wednesdays and Fridays, I go home at 10.
Mrs. Rosen, when you see your grandson...
...tell him not to become a haberdasher.
I know what you mean.
We never went to Coney Island until we sold our business last year.
You see?
Mr. Tinkham, are you married?
No marriage for me, Mrs. Rosen. I've got a mistress.
- What? - The sea.
Hey, that's good!
From the seismographic station in Athens, sir.
"Sub-sea earthquake, 7.8 on the Richter scale.
Epicenter 130 miles northwest of Crete."
LINDA: That's the cat this ship is named after?
That's right, the great god, Poseidon.
In Greek mythology, the god of the seas, storms, tempests...
...earthquakes and other miscellaneous natural disasters.
Quite an ill-tempered fellow.
- Yes? - Sorry to disturb you, captain.
- Please come to the bridge. - Right.
Would you all excuse me, please? Duty calls.
Reverend, do you mind taking over as host?
- Glad to. - Thank you.
Thank you, Acres.
- Oh, by the way, happy New Year! - Thank you, sir.
Where you two heading?
Oh, Napoli, Roma, Venezia...
And don't forget Torino.
It's the first vacation we've had since we got married.
And why we didn't fly, I'll never know.
Well, since I'm in charge, I'm gonna propose a toast.
Great. What will we drink to?
To love.
Hear, hear.
To love.
To love.
- To love, dummy. - Oh.
Tell me, sir, just what does a purser do?
In spite of what you may have heard, he really runs the ship.
Not the captain, the purser.
You see, the Poseidon isn't really a ship.
It's a hotel with a bow and a stern stuck on...
...and I'm the hotel manager.
TERRY: Susan, would you like to dance?
- Hello, Susan? - Hey, Sis!
I was just asking if you'd like to dance.
Yes, I'd like to.
That's a frightening target, sir, and getting closer.
Seismographic station, Athens, sir.
This is Captain Harrison, S. S. Poseidon.
Can you give me any further reading on that seaquake near Crete?
This is Athens. Epicenter 130 miles northwest of Crete.
Duration 42 seconds.
One aftershock, 3. 6 on the Richter scale, duration 10 seconds.
First reports indicate a major bottom displacement...
...and heavy swell conditions building to the northeast, over.
This is the Poseidon. Thank you for the information. Out.
- Are we all battened down? - Tight as a button, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please.
It is exactly 50 seconds to midnight.
Will you all please stand and fill your glasses?
Mr. Martin, don't be by yourself tonight.
Come, stand next to me.
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen, silence. Quiet, quiet, please.
Ten seconds, nine...
...eight, seven...
...six, five...
...four, three, two, one.
Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year! - Happy New Year!
CAPTAIN: It seems to be piling up in those shallows.
- By the way, happy New Year. - Thank you, sir, same to you.
- What's its speed? - Sixty knots, sir.
It must be mountainous.
- Lookout, see anything? - Nothing, sir.
- Radar target port bow. Keep watch. - Yes, sir.
Get my binoculars.
- What is it, lookout? - On the port bow...
I never saw anything like it. An enormous wall of water coming at us.
Oh, my God.
- Hard left! - Hard left, sir.
Close all watertight doors!
Sound boat stations.
What the hell is happening?
- Sparks. - Yes, sir.
Send a mayday.
- Mayday, sir? - Yes, I said, mayday, mayday.
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
This is S. S. Poseidon calling.
Manny! Manny!
Manny! Manny! No, Manny!
Hold on, Linda!
- Manny. - Belle.
- What? - Belle.
Oh, Manny!
- Are you all right? - I think so.
- You're not hurt? - No, I don't think so.
- Jesus Christ, what happened? - We've turned over.
- It's okay. - Linda?
- Linda, honey, you all right? - Hi.
- Where the hell have you been? - Where do you think?
Flying around on my ass.
MAN: Please... me.
Help me, please.
Must go to the lifeboat stations.
Soon. Very soon.
...go to the lifeboat stations.
Listen to me, everybody!
I want you all to stay where you are. Help will be here any minute.
This ship is equipped with watertight compartments.
So just remain calm.
Keep your positions. Help is on the way.
- Sis! - Help is on the way.
- Robin, are you all right? - Yes, sir. I'm all right.
- But I can't... SUSAN: Robin?
Reverend Scott.
Can you help me?
What are you doing up there, Sis?
That's a stupid question!
- Are you hurt? - I don't think so.
Just stay perfectly still.
You wait right here.
It'll be all right. Hold on, Sis.
Over here, everybody!
Listen to me, give me some help.
Gather around.
Pull it tight. Let's make a net.
Tuck it down tight.
All right, boys. Pull it tight. That's it.
All right, hold on.
Come on, Susan! Jump, we'll catch you!
I can't!
Don't be afraid! Jump! Trust us!
Come on, you can make it, Sis!
Come on and jump, Susan! You can make it.
Susan, you can do it. Now, come on.
- It's a cinch. Come on! - That's it, keep coming. Come on.
Come on, jump!
- Are you all right? - Yes.
- Sis! - Okay.
Listen to me, everybody! Listen to me, please!
Please stay where you are!
Reverend Scott?
- Who is it? - It's me, sir, Acres.
Could you help me down? I've injured my leg.
Hang on, we'll get you down. Grab that.
Pull it out. Grab hold.
Excuse me, Reverend, my name's James Martin.
- Isn't it better to go up? - What do you mean?
It seems that any rescue would have to come through the hull.
- The hull? You mean the bottom? - My God, that's right.
We're upside down. We've got to go up.
Acres, where's that lead to?
To the galley, sir.
- You stay there, we're coming up. - Wait.
How do you figure going through the bottom?
It's solid steel.
Aft, sir, at the outlet of the propeller shaft.
Kid, this isn't some toy boat, so you let us figure it out, huh?
I'm sorry, sir, but Charley, the third engineer...
...he told me that by the shaft, the hull was only one-inch thick.
Look, do you know how thick one inch of steel is?
It's one inch less than two inches.
We're climbing up! All of us!
Is there a ladder there, or something we can climb with?
No, sir, this is the linen service area.
- Tablecloths? - Yes, sir.
- We can knot them together. - Wouldn't be strong enough.
What we need is a...
Something like that, the Christmas tree.
- Come on, give me a hand. - No.
- You gonna give us a hand? - No. Didn't you hear the purser?
He said to stay put and keep calm. Help will be here.
- I'm staying right here. - There he goes. That's my old man.
- Linda. - Everything by the book!
- You stay the hell out of this! - You get your ass with us, mister.
Hey... your language, preacher. You sound like you come from the slum!
You son of a bitch, go help him!
Okay, okay.
Who the hell does he think he is?
Clear the way! Come on, clear the way!
We're gonna lift on three. Get over.
One! Two...
For God's sake, Reverend, that's suicide!
We're cut off from the world. Maybe we can get to them.
- Now, get out of the way. - Pray for us but don't do this!
Climbing up will kill you all!
Sitting on our butts isn't gonna help us either!
Maybe by climbing up we can save ourselves.
You got any sense, you'll come too. Grab hold. On three! One!
Two! Up!
Holy mackerel, it's heavy.
All right, forward!
Hold it!
Let's upend it.
Bring it up to your waist.
Stand by, Acres! Good for you, Mr. Rosen.
All right, come on, everybody! Push!
- Come on, push! - Get the bottom!
- Anchor the bottom! - Keep it up now!
- Put some muscle into it! - Be careful there.
- Keep it straight! - All the way up!
All right, Reverend.
- Come on, push! - Come on!
- Come on, Rogo! - Catch it, hold it!
Don't let it tip over!
- Good. Easy. - That's it.
That's it. Acres, watch out.
- Stand clear. - We did it.
Acres, can you anchor it up there?
- Yeah, I think so, sir. - Good man.
- Mr. Rosen. - Yeah?
Get your wife.
- Are you all fixed up there, Acres? - Yes, sir.
Let's start climbing up.
I need a monkey.
- Are you game? - Yes, sir!
Good boy.
Climb up inside as far as you can go.
Then come out and Mr. Acres will give you a hand, okay?
No sweat.
It's a cinch! Come on!
- Now the rest of us. - So you get us up there, then what?
Through the kitchen and deeper until we reach the hull.
That way.
Then you kick out the bottom and swim ashore, huh?
Or yell, "This is the police," and it'll open up.
- Don't be a smart-ass. - Susan, you're first.
You can't climb in a gown, so it'll have to come off. Okay?
Go up the same way Robin did...
...and don't look down. - Okay.
Excuse me, Reverend, what about all those other people?
I'll keep them moving. Try and get the others to join.
Okay, Miss Rogo, up you go.
- You have to take off the gown. - Like hell she will!
- She can't climb in that, too tight. - She's got nothing under it!
Just panties. What else do I need?
What do you mean, what else?
- Give her your shirt. - My...
Come on.
Linda... time you put something on like I told you to put on.
- How you coming, Susan? - All right!
Good girl.
Ladies and gentlemen, there's very little time.
Please, everybody, you heard what the reverend said...
...he's taking us up to the engine room.
- Please, everyone, come this way. - Mr. Martin!
- We're staying right here. - Can't you see the logic?
- What are you doing? - I want you... give this to our little grandson, huh?
Why? I'm going somewhere you're not?
- Tell me something, Manny. - What is it now?
How long you think since we told each other "I love you"?
Who knows?
Twenty years?
I love you.
Not many people have had that.
Put it back on. You'll give it to him yourself.
- No. - Mrs. Rosen...
...we have to go right now.
Mr. Scott, a fat woman like me can't climb.
- I'll wait here with the others. - I'm afraid I can't allow that.
Listen to him, Belle.
There's something different up there than there is down here?
Life is up there.
And life always matters very much...
...doesn't it?
All right, so I'll climb.
NONNIE: Please, Ted.
You've got to wake up.
We've got something we've got to do.
You know how disorganized I am without you.
- Wake up. - Miss?
I think you should come with me.
Leave him?
Oh, I can't.
I can't leave my brother.
He's all I've got.
What's your name?
...your brother's dead.
Did you like his music?
I would have danced to it...
...if I'd had somebody to dance with.
Come, please.
Come with me. Please.
- Come on, Belle. - I can't!
You can. It's just a little higher.
I can't, Manny, I'm stuck. I'm stuck in the spokes!
- Yes, you can. - I can't, Manny!
I can't!
BELLE: What's happening? What is that?
What's down there?
Good girl.
- Excuse me for getting so familiar. - What else could you do?
Mrs. Peter Pan, I'm not.
All right, Belle, let's get up.
Come on, come on.
That's it. There we go.
You ready?
- Follow her. - Wait a minute.
- Don't you ever say "please"? - Lf it'll get you up that tree...
This is Nonnie, she's coming with us.
- What about the others? - Nobody will listen.
They have more confidence in the purser than in us.
You help her up, Mr. Martin, and then you follow her.
You didn't say what you thought of my sermon.
- You didn't ask me. - I'm asking you now.
You spoke only for the strong.
I'm asking you to be strong. Come with us.
I can't leave these people.
I know I can't save them.
I suspect we'll die...
...but I can't leave them.
They don't want to go.
They've chosen to stay. Why should you?
What good's your life then?
What's it all been for?
I have no other choice.
John, I'm not gonna give up.
Can I have your attention?
May I have your attention, please?
That's the way out.
- That's our only chance. - Don't listen to him!
- We must stay until help arrives. - Help from where?
From the captain? He's dead.
Everyone above us before the ship turned over is dead.
Because now they're under the water.
- That's not true! - It is true, you pompous ass!
There's nobody alive but us!
And nobody's going to help us except ourselves.
It's up to each one of you. It's up to all of us. Together.
Now, for God's sake, come with me.
I order you not to go!
He knows nothing about this ship.
- He's right. - Mind your own business!
- God bless. - God bless you.
Here, sir. Here, sir.
Here you are.
- I appeal to you for the last time. - You don't know what you're saying!
I know this much:
The sea will keep pouring in.
We'll keep settling deeper. We may even go under...
...before we cut our way out.
But it's a chance. We might make it.
If you stay here, you'll die!
We are staying with the purser!
- Couldn't talk anybody else into it? - We're on our own. Let's get inside.
Get them inside! Get in!
Let's get to the tree!
Hold it!
One at a time!
- Don't panic! MAN: Goddamn it, get off my back!
Don't panic! One at a time!
MAN: Get off my hand!
One at a time! Take it easy!
Give me your hand, Reverend! Give me your hand!
WOMAN: I'm going under! Help me, help me! I'm going under!
I'm going under!
I'm going under! Help me, help me! Please!
WOMAN: Oh, my God! I don't want to die! Please help me! Please!
Don't hang on me! Help me!
Which way to the kitchen, Acres?
This way, sir.
What is that?
ACRES: Fire, sir.
- That's a special fire door, eh? - Yes, sir. It's a safety door.
- It closes at high temperature, right? - Yes, sir.
So any fire would be out of oxygen... Smothered, wouldn't it?
- That's the theory, sir. - Let's test it.
- Get them to stand away from the door. - Hold it!
Do you know what a flash fire is?
I won't let you kill us!
I'm going through that door, Mr. Rogo.
You can either close that door behind me or try to stop me.
Now, what's it gonna be?
I always thought I was gonna catch it in some tenement by some criminal.
Okay, open it.
Move back against the bulkhead, please.
Would you move back? Thank you. Over there.
Get back! Go on! Get back, all of you!
Excuse me, Mr. Rogo. What if he doesn't come back?
So, how the hell do I know?
Well, we have to do something. We have to formulate some plan.
Meanwhile, what do I tell the others?
Tell them to bring out their hymn books and start singing.
Get back! Get back!
- Okay, what? - Acres.
Where does the companionway by the kitchen lead to?
Down to... Up to Broadway, sir.
- What's Broadway? - Service way that runs along the ship.
Does it lead to the engine room?
I don't know much about below deck but there might be access from there.
There is!
- You again? - Sorry, sir.
Robin, how do you know about Broadway?
I went there with my engineer friend.
He called it Broadway when he took me to the boilers.
That's it then.
- You're taking his word for it? - Why not?
- He's just a kid! - Mrs. Rosen, no more Christmas trees.
I'd be grateful.
- Can you make it, Acres? - Oh, yes, sir.
I'm fine, sir. Fine.
- Get your brother. - Nonnie, come on.
- Belle, we have to go. - Let's go.
There's a lot of dead bodies in there.
Don't touch anything, it's hot.
No! Manny, the fire will burn us. We'll go back!
For 30 years you've given the orders, now obey mine. We're going through!
I'll take care of you!
Acres, is this the only way?
Yes, sir.
We'll need something to pull you up with.
Reverend, try this.
Acres, you first. I need you.
Rogo, give him a hand.
Rogo, Rogo, Rogo.
Mr. Rogo, put this around his waist.
What I don't like about you, Scott, is your attitude.
Or is it deeper?
Maybe we're two of a kind and you don't like looking at yourself.
Through those doors?
Oh, no, that's the crew's galley. It's...
It's that way, sir.
- Get the rest of them. - Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
All right, grab ahold of this.
- I'm surprised the lights still work. - Emergency circuit and batteries.
Supposed to stay operational for three hours.
They better.
Oh, God.
- Well? - There's no other exit from this area.
There's gotta be. Think.
You're all right, Belle.
Go ahead, pull.
It's okay, Mrs. Rosen.
I helped my dad pull in a 600-pound swordfish off Hawaii.
That's it, sir...
...down there. Right there. I think that's it, sir.
- This leads to the central shaft? - It's what I've been told.
- Where does it lead to? - I think there's exits on all decks... this one.
- It doesn't look very promising. - No, it doesn't.
Okay, up you go.
The water's coming in! The water's coming in!
- There, grab it! - The water's coming in!
Shut up!
Come on, get up this goddamn ramp!
We all can't be as composed as you are, Mrs. Rogo.
Come on up here.
- Hurry! Hurry! - Get the hose down here.
All right, grab it!
- Bring it down. - Come on!
- Pull! Pull! - Get up.
Don't panic, don't panic!
All right, all right.
- Rogo. - Yeah?
- Bring them this way. - Everybody down this way.
It's crazy. We're sinking! Nothing will keep us from drowning!
- Keep moving! - He's right.
- There are air pockets everywhere. - Air pockets?
That last deck flooding doesn't mean this one will.
- How long will we stay afloat? - Long enough.
Andrea Doria stayed afloat 10 hours before sinking.
You see, we've got a long time to go.
Come on, keep moving.
This duct leads to a vertical air shaft.
Through that little hole?
This little hole will get us up to Broadway.
We've climbed four decks, two more to go.
- This is the only way. - You expect a person to fit in there?
Mrs. Rosen, you'll crawl through there, believe me.
MANNY: She has this illusion. Always thinking she's too fat.
- Rogo, follow me. - I figured. It's me again, huh?
I'll need you when we get to the other end of this duct.
- Mr. Martin! - Yes, sir?
See that everyone gets in and follow at the rear.
Oh, okay, Reverend.
I'm going next... if old fat-ass gets stuck in there...
...I won't be caught behind her.
Come on, kids, you're next.
...if I get stuck, push.
Don't worry, you won't get stuck.
Watch your head.
That's it.
- Okay, Nonnie, you're next. - No, with you.
With you.
- Mr. Acres, would you, please? - Yes, sir.
Come, we don't want to lose the others.
You'll be right behind me?
Like two peas in a pod. Quickly!
Hey, in there!
You follow me. And don't look down.
Easy does it. Come on.
Get your foot up on the ladder. That's it.
ROGO: Go ahead, you're all right. Go ahead, honey.
REVEREND: I said, don't look down!
LINDA: Okay, okay.
Thattagirl. Take it easy.
This must be it! Bring them up!
Don't lose your footing. Your turn, kid.
Give Mrs. Rosen a hand.
All right, come on.
- How you doing, Mrs. Rosen? - Fine.
I think I'm getting my second wind. How are you doing, Mr. Rogo?
Fine, fine.
Don't mind that. Don't mind that.
- Just look up. - Manny, are you there?
- Where else could I be? - Mrs. Rosen...
I didn't mean it to sound the way it did.
I miss something?
When I told you about Dad's 600-pound swordfish...
...I didn't mean that you weighed that much.
With all that's happening, that's what you're worried about?
Sure. What else?
You're a good boy.
Tell my sister.
ROGO: Watch your leg now.
ROBIN: It's all right, Mrs. Rosen, come on.
BELLE: I'm coming.
REVEREND: Press against my back. Push.
- You go first. - All right, Mrs. Rosen.
BELLE: But don't... Don't go too fast.
Manny, are you behind me?
MANNY: You haven't lost me yet.
Up you go.
Up, up.
Keep it moving!
Nonnie, you all right?
I'm sorry.
I can't move.
I can't.
Nonnie, keep your eyes on the ladder.
Don't look at anything except the ladder.
I'm right here. I'm with you. Do you understand?
All right, now, one rung at a time. Just reach up your hand.
Now, don't think of anything but the ladder. Go ahead, Nonnie.
Come on, what are you doing up there, taking a coffee break? Move it!
Please, Mr. Rogo.
All right, Nonnie, now your foot.
Step up.
Step up.
That's it.
That's it.
That's the one. The first rung's the tough one.
Now again. Now again. Once more. That's it.
All right. One rung at a time now.
Now your foot. Now your foot.
Keep going. That's it.
Okay. Now the next rung.
Those terrible explosions.
- What's happening? - It's all right. It's all right.
We're still afloat.
My God! There are others still alive!
You stay here. Help the others out. I'll see where they're going.
- Where you going? - We're following the doctor.
You're going the wrong way. You're going toward the bow.
That's right, Reverend.
Wait a minute. You can't get out that end.
- Why not? - Because we're settling by the bow.
The bow's underwater.
Go to the stern. We'll exit through the engine room.
- It's gone. - How do you know?
The explosions. You must've felt them. The only way out is forward!
Did you check the engine room? Did you see it?
I don't have to. We're going forward.
Please, come with us, Reverend.
You're going the wrong way, damn it!
We lost Acres.
In the shaft. He fell.
Where in the hell were you?
What's that supposed to mean?
I told you to keep everybody rounded up!
- Mr. Rogo did the best he could... - You don't have to defend me.
I've had just about enough from you. Who do you think you are, God Himself?
- He was hurt and needed protection! - So he was hurt!
The boat tilted and he fell! The shaft blew up!
He's dead. That's it! Or do you want to make something more out of it?
I said I'd get everybody out and, goddamn it, I'll do it!
Mr. Scott, all those other people, where were they going?
They're going toward the bow.
But they're wrong. The bow's underwater!
How do you know?! Have you seen it?!
What makes you so damn sure about everything?
If all those people think they're right...
...maybe we should go with them! Not you!
That's brilliant!
Twenty people decide to drown, so that's all right.
That's typical. Everything by numbers...
- Stop it, Mike! - He's been right so far.
Wait a minute. May I make a suggestion, please?
We'd feel more secure if you two would stop fighting!
Well, what do you want us to do?
I'm gonna make a deal with you.
I'm gonna go to the stern, to the engine room.
And if it's passable, we're gonna do it my way!
If not, we'll go forward. You got it?!
You got 15 minutes.
If you're not back here in 15 minutes, we're going the other way.
You're on.
Wouldn't it be a good idea to look around...
...try to find things we might need, like food or something?
- Yeah, sure, sure. - Good.
All right. Start looking, everyone, but stay in the area.
Nonnie, let's take a look.
Manny, wait a second. I want to ask you something.
I'll follow Mr. Scott. Stay here.
No way. I'm gonna help find things.
Okay, but don't stray too far.
Manny, have you still got your handkerchief?
It's not very clean.
Reverend Scott.
Mr. Scott.
Why aren't you with the others?
I'm scared.
I feel safer with you.
You will get us out of here, won't you?
Oh, you bet I am, Susan. You bet I am.
We can't get out this way. But we went by a lot of other passages.
We'll look down every single one until we find that engine room.
Okay, come on.
We're never gonna see our little grandson, are we?
Now, darling, you have to think positively.
We'll see him. We'll see him.
If any of us are saved, I hope it's those two children.
They still have their whole lives in front of them.
Stop giving our lives away.
We'll come out of this. All of us. Now you just sit here while l...
Manny... are a good man.
You're such a good man.
- Promise me something. - Depends. What?
If I'm not back in five minutes, tell the others that I was wrong.
Tell Mr. Rogo to do it his way. Understand?
I promise, but you'll be back!
I'll be back.
Look at that. A whole new idea of cutting hair.
Strap the customer in, push a button, raise him up, flip him over...
...let his hair hang down and snip, snip, snip.
Yeah, snip, snip, snip.
My brother, Teddy, has lovely hair.
He's really dead...
...isn't he?
I can't go on without him.
I can't.
Nonnie... will go on.
We do, you know.
We have to.
At first we don't think it's possible...
...but in time, believe me, in time...'ll find other things, other people.
Someone else to care for. You'll see.
- Brandy, rope, axe. - We found these.
Good, good. Well, it's 17 minutes and he ain't back.
- Sixteen minutes. - Let's go.
- Can't we wait a few minutes longer? - What for?
We're gonna move that way and fast.
Mr. Rogo!
- What's wrong? Where were you? - With Mr. Scott.
We found a hatch he thought might lead to the engine room.
So he told me if he wasn't back in five minutes to tell you... do it your way. - Come on, kid, pull yourself together.
Goddamn it, that does it! We've been wasting time...
...while we should have gone up front with the rest.
Wait! After all he's done for us, we can't leave without him.
- You act as if he's already dead. - I agree.
He made a deal! We're sticking to it!
We're going up front right now! Let's move it!
I found it! I've been there.
Do you hear me, Rogo? I've seen the engine room and the way out.
And it's this way. To use your words, "Let's move it!" Come on.
Robin? Wait, where's Robin?
Last time I saw him, he went that way.
Wait, Susan, you take everybody to the hatch. I'll find Robin.
- I can't without him. - Will you trust me, huh?
You're the only one who knows where the hatch is. I'll find Robin.
- That poor little boy. - Keep going, he'll find him.
Robin, come here!
In here. Up that ladder.
- All right. Up you go. - Not without my brother.
- Up you go. - Wait.
- Get up there. - Robin!
Oh, my God.
Get him up here!
Get up there, boy. Get up there.
Sorry, Sis, had to go to the john.
- What a dumb, stupid way to die! - I said, I'm sorry!
- Where do we go now? - Down!
Close that watertight door!
Down? That can't be. I've been keeping track.
We've come up eight decks. Each deck we passed flooded.
Not the engine room. I've seen it. We go down!
This is no goddamn engine room!
Where the hell are we?
That corridor leads to the engine room.
- But now it's underwater. - So we'll swim. Give me the rope.
- You're kidding! - She's right.
The engine room's probably underwater too.
It's in the clear. It's one deck up. I saw it. It's above us.
I'll swim up a companionway. It's not more than 35 feet.
Oh, is that all?
We can do it. Believe me.
I'll tie the rope on the other end.
When I get there, I'll give a tug. Pull yourself along the rope.
Take a deep breath. It can't be more than 30 seconds.
- How long can you hold your breath? - I don't know.
Do me a favor. Try it now.
- Mr. Rogo, time him. - Go ahead.
Look at this. I was the underwater swimming champ of New York...
...for three years. I held my breath for 2 minutes 47 seconds.
- Let me do this, please. - You were 17 then.
You've all been dragging and pulling me all this way.
Now I have a chance to do something I know how to do.
Please, may I do this for everybody?
I'm perfectly capable of holding my breath long enough to swim 35 feet.
Thank you.
ROGO: Hey, hey, preacher.
BELLE: Take a deep breath.
- Anybody timing him? - I am.
He's swimming through corridors and up and down stairwells.
I'm the only one here trained to do that.
Will you shut up!
What makes you think you can do it?
You can ask anybody in the Women's Swimming Association.
Just because I put on a little weight doesn't mean I wasn't once an athlete.
- What time now? - 39 seconds.
- What? - The rope's not going through!
- Maybe he's there. - Give him more time.
He said he'd tug on the rope.
What'll we do, goddamn it? What'll we do?
Pull him back. Pull him back!
ROGO: Give, you son of a bitch! Give!
Belle, be careful.
Manny, you think I'm planning to be careless?
What does she think she's doing?
Let her go. She knows what she's doing.
- She must have found him. - Oh, thank God.
They must have made it.
You see, Mr. Scott, in the water, I'm a very skinny lady.
They're not tugging!
Wait, wait, give them time.
I guess I'm not the champion...
...of the Women's Swimming Association anymore.
Hold on, Mrs. Rosen. Just hold on.
Mr. Scott...
...enough is enough.
Let me go.
Please, let me go.
Give this to Manny.
Tell him he has to give it to our grandson...
...for both of us.
You see, that's the sign for life.
Life always matters very much.
Oh, God.
God, not this woman.
Oh, God, not this woman.
Something's happened. Belle would've signaled.
- They've had enough time. - That does it.
- I'll go find out what happened. - No, you'll drown too!
- Let me go, it's my wife! - Let him go.
I'm going through. All of you stay put until I come back.
- Give me that flashlight. - Mike, please!
Take it easy, baby, I'll be back.
What the hell happened? You didn't pull on the rope.
I got trapped.
Mrs. Rosen freed me.
Thanks, Mrs. Rosen. If it hadn't been for you, none of us...
Oh, Jesus.
Go back and get the others.
- What'll I tell him? - Tell him nothing!
Just go back and get them!
You had a lot of guts, lady.
A lot of guts.
I'm okay, baby.
- I'm okay. - Belle, is she all right?
She got through. She saved Scott. She cleared the way for all of us.
She got through.
But something went wrong, didn't it?
Like I told you, she did everything. Mr. Rosen, follow that rope!
Something did go wrong.
She got through. Now listen to me.
I want you all to step up here, take deep breaths and swim along that rope.
You'll be in the engine room soon.
It is above water like the preacher said. You kids first.
I can swim three pool lengths underwater, but Sis can only do two.
Okay, kid.
Now don't forget. Take a couple of deep breaths.
All right, go.
I can't swim.
You can't swim?
No, not a stroke.
Now you two.
Mr. Rogo, would you mind going? I'll help her.
All right, but let's make it snappy. No horsing around!
- You really can't swim at all? - No, I can't.
- But you can hold your breath. - Yes.
That's all you need.
Start taking deep breaths and hold the last one before you go under.
And hang on to my belt. I'll pull you through.
You've got to, Nonnie. I'm not leaving without you.
You really mean that, don't you?
Why don't we stay behind? We don't have to follow the others.
What will happen?
- We might still be rescued. - Maybe, maybe not.
You really won't leave me?
I'm not going without you.
I just have to hold my breath.
- That's all. And don't let go of me. - No, I won't.
- Ready? - No.
All right, now we'll take three deep breaths and then we go.
You all right, hon?
Get her!
Get up here!
Come on. Come on.
I've seen the propeller shaft opening. We're almost home.
Only we must keep moving. Now, come on.
- You bastard, ain't you got feelings? - Now, look!
Listen to me, all of you.
Mrs. Rosen is dead. We can't bring her back.
But what we can do is keep moving. That's what she would've wanted!
So let's keep moving, come on! Get up!
Get up, come on, let's keep moving. Come on.
- You too, Mr. Rosen. - No, my place is here with her.
God bless, Mrs. Rosen.
Look, Mr. Rosen...
The last thing she said to me was:
"Give this to Manny to give to our grandson from both of us."
Your place is with the living.
If you don't come with us, her death is meaningless.
Now come on.
All right...
...but you go first.
I want to stay with her just a while longer.
You got one minute.
All right, listen.
You see that red valve up there?
Beneath it is the entry to the propeller shaft area.
The propeller shaft is that silver thing.
And this catwalk is the way we get up there.
Now follow me.
It's this way, Mr. Rosen!
This way!
We can't get through that way. We'll have to go up.
Stay here.
One more door and we're home!
There it is, Mr. Rogo, just like I told you!
- Come on! - The little bastard was right.
ROGO: Linda!
You! Preacher!
You lying, murdering son of a bitch!
You almost suckered me in!
I started to believe in your promises! That we had a chance!
What chance?
You took from me...
...the only thing I ever loved in the whole world.
My Linda.
You killed her!
You killed her!
You killed her.
You killed her.
ROBIN: Mr. Scott, the hot steam!
It's blocking our escape!
What more do you want of us? We've come all this way, no thanks to you!
We did it on our own, no help from you!
We didn't ask you to fight for us! But damn it, don't fight against us!
Leave us alone!
How many more sacrifices? How much more blood?
How many more lives?!
Belle wasn't enough!
Acres wasn't!
Now this girl!
You want another life?
Then take me!
You can make it!
Keep going!
Get them through!
What are you doing?! Come here! Susan. Now.
Get back here! You can't help him now.
Susan, get back here!
Susan, come here! Susan, come here!
Get up here. Get up here. Come on. No.
What do you think you're doing?
You heard the reverend. He said, "Get them through."
Well, go ahead. Get us through!
Lt'll be all right, Sis. It'll be all right.
What kind of a policeman were you?
You've done nothing but beef and complain.
Always negative. Always destructive.
Well, now's your chance to do something positive for a change.
Are you quitting, Mr. Rogo?
Are you going out with a whimper? On your belly?
All right, you, that's enough!
Pull yourself together, Susan. Robin, take care of your sister. Go ahead.
Nonnie, follow them.
Are you coming, Mr. Rosen?
Watch it around this door. It's hot.
All right, now what? Dead end.
Excuse me, sir, but I don't think so.
- You don't think what, kid? - You see, sir, I tried to tell you.
We're in Shaft Alley. Nowhere is the steel hull thinner.
- This hull is only one-inch thick. - All right...
Quiet! I think I hear something.
My God, there's somebody out there!
Hold it!
Hold it, hold it.
Stop it, stop it! It's no use!
No, keep trying!
Mr. Scott wouldn't have stopped. Let's go!
Hold it, hold it.
My God, there is somebody up there.
The preacher was right. The beautiful son of a bitch was right!
Look. Look!
Get back. Get back.
- How many of you down there? - Six.
Is that all?
MARTIN: Did you save anybody else? Anyone from the bow?
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