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Subtitles for Possible Loves - Eng - 2000.

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Possible Loves - Eng - 2000

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Awake? - I had a strange dream.
A nightmare?
No, it was actually very pleasant.
Tell me. - It's not worth it.
Good morning.
Nine o'clock.
You know what a bore Lourdes is about punctuality.
Please don't be late as usual.
I'd rather only show up in time for coffee.
You're always arguing with Lourdes.
I hate her dinner parties, that's all.
You always have fun.
After a couple of whiskies, I'd even enjoy a funeral.
Do you think I should wear that blue dress?
I'm tired of wearing black. Isn't it monotonous when everyone...
dresses exactly the same?
In black.
Carlos, I was looking for you. Guess what this is!
The legal department signed our contract.
Now we're their lawyers in every Latin American port.
Vessels, cargo and staff. Want to take a look?
Can I say "no"? - Of course not.
We've been after this deal for over a year...
and you react like this?
I'll tell you later. - No, come on. Are you all right?
I'm fine.
So I see.
I don't know, I had this weird dream. - Dream?
About an ex-girlfriend.
Well, she wasn't in it, we'd agreed to meet in the cinema.
And then? - Then nothing.
I woke up, looked around, my room, the furniture, Maria.
I hate dreaming.
If it's a bad dream, you have cold sweats.
And a good dream is just a dream.
I hate dreaming. I'll see you up there.
Would you be capable of waiting for someone?
I am waiting.
Seriously, could you wait for a woman, for a very long time?
I'm not exactly famous for being patient with the opposite sex.
How long?
Fifteen years. - Fifteen years?!
I thought you meant half an hour, 20 minutes!
No woman deserves that long. Ciao!
Go on, Carlos, turn it off.
I woke up all dizzy. - What's wrong?
I had a weird dream.
Was I in it?
It wasn't that weird.
Come on, time to get up. - No, it's Saturday!
Wake up, Pedro.
Lucas will be mad if we don't go.
Julia will be mad, too.
Your ex-wife is always mad at something.
Today's Saturday, it's 8 a.m.
She probably hasn't even thought of a reason to be mad yet.
Call her and say you're not fetching Lucas...
and she'll thank you.
You'll give her a great reason to have a terrible Saturday.
All right, has your mother got your things ready?
We're leaving now. Bye.
Come on, Pedro.
Come on. Here.
Can you manage the rest yourself?
I managed to get up, but waking me will take another 2 hours.
We haven't got 2 hours. - We haven't?
Well let's forget it then and go back to bed.
No, Pedro, Lucas is waiting for us.
I'm trying to go faster, only my body won't obey.
Everything's in your bag, son.
If you change clothes, put them back so you don't forget anything.
Won't you warn me about Pedro?
You bet. Watch your back with that guy, understand?
If you go to the bathroom, lock the door.
I don't want that guy seeing you naked.
You're so paranoid about Pedro and dad.
Paranoid? Where did you learn that word?
You say it to dad all the time.
Let's not get too progressive here.
You're too young to understand.
There, that's your dad honking.
Bye, mom. - Have a nice time.
So, all set? - Hi, Pedro!
Are you all right? Look what a wonderful hat!
Who bought you that hat? - My dad.
Are you jealous? - Got to watch out.
One fine day you wake up after a weird dream, look around...
and think that this life isn't really yours.
You think my dream was about Julia?
All I know is, I wasn't in it. Come, Lucas!
It's nothing, dad. - Come on!
Carlos Eduardo, it's time.
Come on, don't be lazy. Get up. - What are you doing?
Waking you up. Do you know what time it is?
I went to bed at 4 AM, I'm hardly mentally fit...
to answer that! - You've a meeting at 9.
Damn, I forgot.
What's going on? - Is that someone?
Of course not.
What's going on?
Hi. - Hi. Say hi, mom.
Does she always wake you like this? - I've got a business meeting.
Where's the bathroom?
What the hell was that? - How should I know?
Got a cigarette? - I think so, someplace.
What was your name? - Dandara.
Dandara, would you be very upset if I asked you to grab...
your things and leave? You know why?
I'm late, I've got to get to work.
No problem, I'll be off, then.
Hey! - What?
Will I see you again? - Sure, one of these nights.
What a night, mom!
For a Tuesday, it must have been pretty good.
I can't remember many details, but it was pretty heavy.
She had a skull tattooed on her behind.
A skull?
Didn't notice.
And a nail here. - That's a piercing, mom.
Look, son, nails, piercing, they're all relatives.
I didn't notice. I only felt the one on her tongue.
Tongue? Oh Carlos, that's terrible!
Such a cute and intelligent boy...
and so charming, going to bed with some tattooed punk...
who looks like a billboard. But it's a curse.
It's because you always find something wrong with...
every one of your girlfriends. - They all had problems.
What was wrong with Marta? - Talked too much.
And Renata? - Talked too little.
And Verinha? - She was agitated, couldn't keep still.
And Lais?
Lais was weird, she liked lranian movies.
And Flavinha?
I know you liked her, such a charming girl, so refined.
Yeah, she was really nice, but...
This will sound cruel, but you're my mom so I can tell you:
she used to fart.
What? - Yes, she used to.
She'd fart very politely, softly and slowly, but she used to fart.
How can you say that about her?
Mom, it happens in the best of families.
Don't worry, mom.
One day I'll find the perfect woman...
and that'll be the end of these wild nights and these mad passions.
I'll finally find peace. - Sure.
There you are.
What would I do without you? - Go on, you're late.
What do I need another woman for when I have you?
But you can't go to bed with me.
Had to be something wrong. Bye, mom.
Did you enjoy the movie?
That night, remember, did you watch the movie?
You're so different. - Older.
No, no, that's not what I meant, you're...
I never heard from you again. What have you been doing?
I went to the States for two years and stayed ten.
You used to study art, art history.
Yes. Been a long time, hasn't it?
You got married, didn't you?
Well, some things have changed.
Not me.
I'm still in the same apartment, still single...
and still devoted to art history.
And still beautiful. - You too.
If I'd known you were going to turn into such a handsome guy...
I swear I'd have shown up that night.
Hi darling, we lost each other.
I wandered over here and ran into an old friend.
Hello. - How are you?
I'm sorry, Julia, Maria.
Well, it's getting late, I'd better get going.
Pleasure meeting you. - My pleasure.
Pretty, your friend.
Do you think so?
Dad, it's mom!
Hi, Julia. - Hi, son.
Want a hand? - No need.
But they're heavy!
We never talk anymore.
For all I care, we needn't speak to each other ever again.
You shouldn't be so resentful, it's not good for you.
Funny you worrying about me after all the suffering you've caused.
Look, Julia, let's not fight in front of Lucas.
He suffers so much because we can't be friends.
Hold on a minute. I'd like to ask you something.
When you have sex with your partner...
Do you guys use a condom when you have sex?
Sure. - Too bad.
Because every night I dream, that one day you'll die of Aids.
Understand now, or do you still think we can be "friends"?
Give me that.
Come eat with us, dad!
I can't, not today.
Next time, all right?
Did you fight again?
Let's go, son.
What did I ever do to make her treat me so bad?
Nothing. You just dumped her for the guy...
you played soccer with on Tuesday nights.
Want a better reason than that?
These things happen. - Sure they do.
But usually guys play a game with their friends...
talk a load of nonsense and then go home smelling of beer.
That's not exactly what happened to you.
But look, I understand, you know?
That sort of thing's difficult for any woman to take.
Especially someone like Julia.
And anyway, if you ask me, all the hatred...
all this bitterness... Move that, will you?
It's all because deep down she still has the hots for you.
That doesn't make any sense. - Of course it does.
You just don't notice it. Or pretend not to.
I don't know why you're still so insecure.
We've been together so long now.
After all, we built this place.
I'm just teasing you.
Maybe I'm fishing for a compliment.
What's the pasta like?
And the cook?
I adore my cook.
Any messages?
Catarina, Silvia, Luisa, Glória, Catarina again...
Jesus, all that in two hours?
I never know which one I'm talking to, it's so confusing.
Okay, calm down.
The next one that calls, say I married, that I'm on...
my honeymoon, or that I had a sex change.
I'm gonna listen... Here you are. - What's that?
Got a light? - No.
You look different.
I just can't stand this life anymore.
I want to find a great woman, the right woman.
Does she exist? - She does, you can be sure of that.
Somewhere in the world, just waiting for me.
Sure, but you've got to be ready for it.
Oh, don't start that again. What's wrong with me?
Tell me, I've done everything there is. Every type of therapy...
I've talked about my childhood, I've screamed, roared, meditated...
and looked into lanterns, I've done everything.
I'm not the problem, they're all useless!
Starting with your mom, always spoiling you.
Jesus, there you go, why hurt me like that?
Didn't we agree never to talk about her?
Remember? Mom and I have an agreement, that's all.
She protects me, and I keep her company.
Protects you from what? - You know.
From sexual harassment.
Can you imagine all those women moving into my place?
Take a look at this, maybe...
Don't do that to me. - Don't throw it away!
Look, that's just what I need!
It's my lucky day. Claudia!
In fact, I'm not even sure l believe in this sort of thing.
I just need to find my soulmate.
Before we start, I should explain that this isn't a therapy...
nor a religion.
You might say, we're a research center for divining.
So there is no need to believe...
just answer the questionnaire as objectively as possible.
Your soulmate's sex? - Female, of course.
We must consider every possibility, no prejudices.
What else? - I want an independent woman.
But at the same time, she must be totally committed to her partner.
I don't like submissive women, but on the other hand...
she must know that her main role in life is to make me happy.
Physical appearance? - An athletic body, but not too muscular.
Breasts which fit in the palm of your hand.
No more, no less. Full lips, I hate thin lips.
A soft belly, just soft enough for me to rest my head on.
So I'm not very demanding about looks.
What's next? - And temperament?
Well, I hate bleeding hearts...
but she should be loving.
Not those ones with permanent pre-menstrual tension.
No way! Cultured, yes, but not intellectual.
She should be refined, speak two or three languages...
enjoy poetry, jazz and movies.
Preferably Woody Allen and Truffaut, if possible.
And... she should be hot in bed, not too shy.
Put that, hot in bed.
Anyway that's all, I want a simple, normal woman.
I'm really very open-minded about my other half.
Finished? Is that all?
Great ass.
Put that, the ass is fundamental.
She must have a great ass.
with all this information in our database...
we're going to find your perfect partner among our clients.
And how do I find her? - With this.
We call it a "localizer". All our clients have one.
And it works?
It never fails.
And how long will it take? - Usually, 48 hours.
What are you doing here? - Waiting for you.
How long?
15 years.
Do I look terrible?
If that's the idea, then you need to try harder.
Is that a compliment?
Let's put it short. Is your mom pretty?
Apart from the jacket which makes you look old, you're gorgeous.
I think you're right.
Of course!
It's too warm for a jacket.
Take care. - Be wise!
You should do this more often...
go out, get smashed, date a guy.
It's true.
You know, it's been so long since I was with a man...
I can't even remember how they work.
We'll resolve that tonight, I can feel it.
How do you know it? - Can't you sense the vibes?
Don't look now, but two really great guys have just walked in.
Keep your cool, mustn't give them too much attention.
I don't believe it. - Hi, Julia.
Hi, Carlos.
Aren't you going to introduce your friends?
This is Carlos, and that's...
I'm Pedro.
Hi, Pedro, how are you? - Fine, and you?
Do you come here often? - Of course, every other day.
Only tonight we picked the wrong night.
What are you going to drink?
My God, this guy Pedro's gorgeous. I wouldn't kick yours out, either.
Mine? I couldn't give a damn about him.
In fact, I've got one hell of a headache. We're leaving, right?
We were just going, too. - It's early, let's dance first.
Yeah, okay.
You used to like dancing. - I still do.
So let's dance. - With you? I'd rather die.
Why? - Because I hate you.
We need to talk. - Shut up.
I thought you wanted to dance?
So let's dance.
But Carlos, this is only a truce.
Let's go. Are you coming or not?
Bye, Pedro.
Pedro is gorgeous. Is he single? - No, he's married.
Why are they either gay or married?
Well this one's gay and married. - Lucky I found out.
Carlos, what is that?
A soulmate localizer. Soon I'll be meeting the woman of my life.
Be serious.
It's science, mom, the latest in modern technology!
If you want to meet people, go on a trip.
No more mistakes, I need to get it right this time.
I'm shocked, Carlos. - Why doesn't it work?
It's all in your head, son, can't you see it's just some fantasy?
It's not possible, I answered all the questions, what's going on?
Snap out of it...
there's no such thing as a soulmate.
You're in cloud-cuckoo-land!
Throw it away. - Hands off! It's working!
Look, mom!
You? - Julia?
What a coincidence! Such a long time!
Fifteen years.
Meeting again like this, making such fools of ourselves.
So you're my perfect partner?
And you're my soulmate?
In fact... - Go ahead.
No, please go. - You're so different...
I was just going to ask what you've been doing, for 15 years.
I'm an artist. - An artist?
Yeah, want to see my atelier?
Sure. - Let's go.
That way? - Yeah, come.
You disappeared after college, I never heard from you again.
What happened? - First I was a model in Paris.
Then I lived in Venice, Monaco, Barcelona.
Then I got tired of bourgeois comforts and went to Africa.
I spent 2 years living in a tent caring for civil war refugees.
Then I went to work on a plantation in Cuba.
Cuba was great.
Then I got bored and went and tried my luck in NY.
New York? You've done so much!
What about you?
My life hasn't been as interesting as yours.
To tell the truth, not many important things.
No, I've been waiting for you since that night at the cinema.
I'd forgotten what an incorrigible romantic you are.
And I how pretty you are. - I'd forgotten how seductive you are.
Can I tell you something?
Your smell is so intense, it fills the room.
I know, teenagers say silly things like that.
But that's how I feel right now...
making love to the woman I've been dreaming about all my life.
If I'd known how good it is with you...
I swear I wouldn't have waited all this time.
Want to go boating with me tomorrow?
I can't, I've got to work. I'm really behind.
And you'll still be behind tomorrow.
You haven't done anything productive for ages.
I hardly ever see you at your desk.
You just stare out into space, waiting for that girl to call.
Julia was the great love of my youth. We were interrupted.
No woman is worth waiting 15 years for.
Julia is.
Really? Are you going to tell your wife...
or will she wait 15 years before finding out?
No, it's Pedro.
Yes he is, I'll put him on. It's her... Maria.
Clarice looked lovely, didn't she?
She still looks 20. Something about her. I don't know...
a state of mind. She knows how to enjoy life.
Aren't you coming? - Coming.
You hated dinner, didn't you?
Maria, of course not. - Yes you did. I know you.
You didn't even argue with Lourdes. - You asked me not to.
I always do, but when you don't argue with her...
you don't have any fun. - I'm tired, Maria, that's all.
Shall we have sex? - If you like.
I'm getting the hell out.
I'm leaving Maria, the apartment, everything...
I can't stand being away from you.
What about her, your wife?
Maria will understand, she'll have to.
It'll be tough. So long together. - Such a long time and so little love.
Jesus! Where's the fire? - What fire?
There must be a fire someplace for you to wake me this early.
Sorry, I didn't mean to, I'm going to see Lucas.
Is his place on fire? - No, there is no fire!
So why are you visiting him so early? - I miss him.
But today isn't even your day to see Lucas.
No, it's not my day, but l feel like seeing him, and...
no one's going to stop a father from seeing his son, are they?
I bet Julia will. She won't like it one bit.
I'm sorry I came without calling first, I'd like to see Lucas.
He's at school.
Anything important? - No, I just miss him.
Cleaning up? - Yeah.
Can I wait? I promise not to get in the way.
Come on in.
You moved a lot of things around.
Yeah, the place reminded me of you.
Sometimes I wonder...
how could things change so much?
One day we were happy, in love, together...
and the next...
The next, you'd dumped the woman of your life...
for a guy you met playing soccer.
Didn't you ever stop and ask how difficult it is for me, Carlos?
It's difficult for me, too, Julia.
But I'm the one who lost out.
We both lost out.
And what did you lose, Carlos?
I lost you.
Son of a bitch! You want to drive me crazy, is that it?
Listen. - You listen, I do the talking!
You kicked me in the ass, left me up shit's creek for 3 years...
turned me into this monster I've become, prejudiced...
angry, resentful. I can't even see a gay in the street without...
wanting to burn him alive, all because of that queer.
Don't say that. - Faggot!
Punk, limp-wristed pederast!
Stop it, let's talk. - Talk about what?
You think you can manipulate everybody with that smooth talk?
You think you can come on with that cute voice of yours...
touching me and do whatever you like, do you?
It's not like that, I just wanted to kiss you.
Why aren't you at school? - The last class was canceled.
Your mother and l were just talking.
But he's leaving, right Carlos? - Yeah, I'll call you.
I'm going to my room.
My son, it never took you more than a minute getting dressed!
Who's this new woman? - A marvelous woman...
different from anyone I ever met.
You'll find something wrong with her.
Mom, there's nothing wrong with this one. She's perfect.
For you to act like this, she must be pretty demanding.
Yes, I guess she is demanding. - And elegant?
She's a style of her own. - And is she a lawyer, too?
No, she works with art. - Une marchande, how chic!
Maybe I've heard of her, what's her name?
Julia. - Julia what?
Jesus, what is this, an interrogation?
But son, if I'm to lose you to someone, she has to be special.
She is special. She's the woman I love.
Now let me go, I'm late. Bye.
It's funny, but...
every time we make love, it's like the first time.
And that's bad? - No, but it's new for me.
Me too.
There's an animal in this! - It's just a worm.
Disgusting, how can you drink that?
Don't be such an idiot. That's what they drink in Mexico.
Go on, it's good.
What a taste you have. - You think that's bad?
No, I'll get used to them.
And I'll always have a surprise for you.
Look what I got for us today.
Julia, couldn't we have regular sex...
for once, just for a change? - Never!
What, you're not tying me to this?
For Christ's sake, tell me you're nearly through, it hurts!
Take it easy.
And you had to lose the key. - It's nearly open.
I must have been crazy or drunk to let you handcuff me. Or both!
Carlos, it's no use, I'll have to send for a locksmith.
What? No way!
You'd rather stay naked like that for the rest of your life?
How humiliating.
Can't you at least cover me? Will you do that for me?
Poor guy!
Go on, go ahead and laugh. I'd like to have seen you there...
stark naked, handcuffed, with a guy...
giving you dirty looks, saying: "pretty kinky, sir".
Sorry, but I never went in much for hard-core stuff.
You think I do?
You think I still like Julia's weird stuff?
Sometimes I wonder whether I'm losing my mind.
That's funny, I thought you said she was your "soulmate"?
She should be. Maybe I answered that questionnaire all wrong.
But I thought you liked her, didn't you have divine sex?
That's the main thing, man. That soul stuff is God's business.
Passion is the main thing.
Maybe you're right.
So, why waste time finding what's wrong with her?
One would say you like to suffer.
That's it. You're a masochist and she's a sadist.
See, you were made for each other.
Hi, mom.
Want a ride?
Where did you get that car? - It belonged to my grandfather.
I installed a CD player. Let's go?
It never happened to me before, no one ever let me use handcuffs.
Sure was dumb of me. - I thought it was brilliant...
it was an act of trust, of surrender...
a proof of love. A boundless and shameless love.
Any doubts I had whether you're the man of my life have vanished...
you have conquered me, you won.
You're out of this world. - Let's drink to that.
No worms? - Hell no, I got some great wine.
You're so handsome.
Kiss me.
If you like, you can handcuff me next time.
I don't need handcuffs to tie you down.
Going on a trip?
Why didn't you ask me to pack for you, you always forget something.
I only found out at the last minute, there wasn't time to let you know.
Going to be away long?
No, a week or two, at the most. - That long?
But I'll call you the minute I get to the hotel.
All right. Have a good trip.
This whole thing is eating me up...
I never thought I'd have the courage to move out.
Do you have a place to go?
Got a spare room? - No, we're full up.
But you can stay in mine if you like.
Sorry, my religion only allows me one sin a day...
and today's is drink.
So let's make a deal. If you promise to behave...
I'll let you stay the night. - I promise to misbehave terribly...
and then I'll go to a hotel.
Hi Ethel, I loved your e-mail and am delighted...
they want to publish my work. But regarding...
the invitation to put on an exhibition, I'm afraid the answer's no.
It came at the wrong moment.
I'm making amends with my past, and reviewing the priorities in my life.
I met an old boyfriend and what we're going through is heaven.
The classifieds.
I'm looking for a place to live. - Things are getting serious.
I moved out. - Did you tell Maria?
Not exactly...
I left, but said I was going on a trip.
And what did you tell Julia?
I told her I'd left my wife. - You bastard.
No wonder you're a good lawyer. - Just for a while, until...
I'm sure of what I'm doing. - Aren't you in love with Julia?
Of course I am...
but I couldn't face telling Maria, so I'm in doubt.
You still like her.
I think it's guilt. - You like her.
I'm not sure, Pedro.
I know it's lousy saying something like this,
but I've grown accustomed to her.
She knows what I like, I know what she likes, we get along.
What a great couple. A shining example!
Don't tease, come up with something, I need help here!
Don't try dragging me into this mess of yours...
I'm your partner, not your accomplice.
Where's Pedro, isn't he coming with us?
No. - Hi, Carlos.
Pedro's playing soccer.
So can mom come with us?
I'm not sure she'd want to.
Wouldn't I be in the way? - Course not.
All right, I'll just change, be right back.
He's grown. - Yeah, sometimes it scares me.
You could have another kid. - You too.
Gays can't have kids. Cats, at the most...
but I hate cats.
Remember when he was a baby? The prettiest baby in the world.
And all the photos we took of him? And then showed them to...
our friends, hundreds of them, all identical.
We must have been unbearable.
Here, keep this photo.
No, Julia, I have others.
But this one's special, Carlos.
This photo is of our last day together.
Our last photo.
Doesn't look as if things were as bad as all that.
I've thought that, plenty of times.
This photo's become an enigma...
I lay awake at night trying to figure it out.
It's only a photo.
It's us.
Here's the athlete. - I've had it.
Soccer is for kids...
at my age I should be a commentator.
Get up, you're filthy.
When I went out this seat was still mine.
Is there anyone else? - Lucas is going to stay the night.
Well, well, well...
I turn my back for a minute and you put someone in my place!
Hi, Pedro.
All right? - Yeah.
Are you wearing pajamas?
We went out and he asked to eat here, sleep here, the works.
And his mother let him? - She was with us.
That's great. I'll take a shower.
Won't you have supper with us?
No, I think I'll go and take a bunch of sleeping pills.
What's wrong with Pedro?
He's just kidding. Don't worry, let's eat.
You got my aircraft carrier. H2.
Damn, S4.
S or F?
S for shit, 4!
That's it, I don't want to play anymore, I've got work to do.
It's only a game. - I don't feel like it.
What's up?
You know...
we're getting to that dangerous phase in our relationship:
I'm hopeless at day-to-day things.
And to top everything...
there's this dinner with your mother.
We can cancel if you like, I'll make up some excuse, no problem.
No, don't bother. I'll go.
But only because I really adore you.
I don't know what's happened, mom, it was all set up.
Women often arrive late, son, but this is going a bit far.
But it's the first dinner with her mother-in-law...
and what a mother-in-law, right mom?
I think she's scared.
Deep down, she knows no woman...
can look after you as well as I do.
Julia's fantastic, you'll see.
Excuse me...
have you chosen?
I won't have anything, I've lost my appetite.
No, nothing for me.
Just the bill.
Sorry I'm late.
Is this your Julia? - That's me, Dona Sonia!
We were just leaving...
but now you're here, I guess we can eat.
Yes, great idea, mom.
Bring me a double tequila. - Certainly, miss.
hadn't you better eat something first?
Your tequila, miss. - Thanks.
That computer of yours made a mistake. - What?
No, Julia, you can't smoke in here.
Excuse me, miss, but this is a non-smoking area.
No, you don't understand.
I am sorry, but you see this cute thing here...
I'm crazy about him...
I love him, and I'm meeting his mother...
she simply has to approve of me.
Now look what happened. I'm so nervous...
she'll think I'm drunk, and I must smoke--
Excuse me, I'll just fetch the head waiter.
Has he head waiter a mother? - What the hell...?
I've had enough.
What got into you, Julia? Why the scandal?
I already told you, I got nervous with that mom's stuff...
so I had a few hits to calm down, but it didn't work.
So I took a few pills, and they didn't work, nothing worked.
You're nuts. - Nuts?!
She isn't the slightest bit interested in getting to know me...
and I'm the crazy one? - Listen.
I hate being tested. - No one was testing you.
No?! The worst thing was, l'd failed before I even got there.
She thinks no woman is good enough for you.
That's nonsense. - In her own image.
All right, if you must, call your mother.
I'll call her right now, if you want.
No, I'll handle mom.
The best thing for you is to go home and sleep off that hangover.
I've always looked after myself.
Not very well, by the looks of it.
It's okay, a bit like some residential hotel.
But that's what it is, Julia. - Well, then.
I was expecting some comment, not that.
But it's nice, cozy.
Like it?
No, forget that. - It might be important.
Anything wrong, Maria?
Not much longer. There's been a problem.
But does the dinner have to be this week?
Look, we'll talk later.
Say hi to Lourdes. Kisses.
Don't be childish, it's not my fault she calls me.
And now you've been so rude...
she'll never call again, right?
I can't treat her badly. I've no reason to.
Maybe I'm a good reason.
You're right.
I'd forgotten what a fight was like. - That wasn't a fight.
Let me know when it is, okay?
Don't you worry, you'll be the first to know.
Will you spend the whole day at that computer?
Want a hand?
Now he asks!
Forget it, your slave has washed everything.
What's up? - Nothing.
No, what's wrong, Pedro? - Nothing.
What's the problem? - There is no problem.
What are you getting at? - You and Julia.
What about Julia?
Something has happened, and you haven't the guts to tell me.
Julia is my son's mother.
Stop that! Don't use Lucas as an excuse.
I don't need an excuse!
Look at me.
Tell me it's not true.
I don't know how to lie to you.
So what should I do? - Why ask me?
You're the only person I trust.
Go back to her. - Seriously, though.
I'm being serious. Go back to her.
Just be careful you don't fall flat on your face.
You can't pretend you didn't live 3 years with another guy.
Look, do whatever you think is right.
You've got to sort it out alone.
And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I love you, man.
But don't think I'm going to hang around waiting for you.
Oh, you again. No, he isn't here.
Can't you understand, Carlos doesn't want to talk to you!
Who was that, mom? - The nutcase.
What did you do? - The same as usual, got rid of her.
You didn't ask me. - What for, she's crazy!?
God, you're prejudiced...
you hardly even met her and you already think she's crazy.
I saw quite enough. And l didn't like the little I saw.
Julia's not crazy, she was always like that, even back in college.
What do you mean, so you used to know each other?
Julia was my first love...
I was too scared to ask her out, and when I did, she stood me up.
And wounded your masculine pride.
Now you're quits.
And you got rid of her. Congratulations!
You don't switch off, mom!
Carlos Eduardo!
My God, mom.
Listen here, Carlos Eduardo, this time you've gone too far!
An orgy in our house?
Please cut the sermon, mom, I'm nursing a hangover.
I thought you'd come to your senses, that you'd changed.
Give me a break, mom.
You hated Julia, so we broke up.
We're no longer going out, isn't that what you wanted?
But I won't stop dating women, if that's what you're thinking.
It's not that...
I just thought you were through acting like a teenager.
Sure, and I thought l'd found the woman of my life.
That nutcase must have been a computer error.
Hey mom, you just gave me a great idea.
Of course, maybe she really was a programming mistake.
Let me have a look at it.
Let's go. - What's up?
Maria. Bad luck.
Well, we would have run into her anyway some day.
But I don't want to speak to her, I can't talk to her.
All right, I will.
We met at one of those exhibitions, remember?
How are you? - Fine, and you?
I came to get some wine for a dinner party at a friend's.
I wasn't even going, I hate going out alone.
But with Carlos I can never be sure.
I understand.
He's been away on business a lot the last few months.
We hardly ever go out together. When he gets home, he's too tired...
to go out.
Sorry, I really must go.
I'll tell Carlos I ran into you.
Nice seeing you. Bye.
I couldn't tell the truth.
Not to you, nor to her. I didn't want to hurt either of you.
So you want me to thank you for it?!
No, I just want you to try and understand.
I'm trying.
The truth is, I got more involved than I should.
Where is it written how much to love someone?
What's it measured in? - In honesty.
Everything goes, except lies. - So now what shall we do?
I need some time. I need time to think.
Julia, I waited 15 years for you.
Don't be so long this time.
Julia, I have to tell you something.
You're going back to Maria. - It's the only way.
I love you, but that's not enough.
It isn't?!
If you'd turned up that night, you'd be the woman of my life.
But you didn't.
So Maria came into my life and we became each other's hostage.
Maybe I'd have been happier with you, maybe not.
The fact is, my life took a direction of its own...
which is greater than any of us.
What a conformist, how awful.
It's not that bad. - Or good.
It's what I achieved.
Maybe you should have tried harder to make it different.
I did.
You gave me that chance. - But you're not giving me one.
I love you, Julia.
And I'll never forget you.
Is that all you've got to say?
Hi, Maria. - Have a good trip? You look tired.
I am a little tired.
Why don't you take a shower?
First there's something I want to tell you.
The trips are over. - Really?
That's good.
I'll make something special to eat.
Are you hungry?
Look, this whole business about a soulmate...
just isn't working. I've no peace anymore.
How do you mean?
I never stop thinking about her.
The symptoms of a man in love.
I thought I'd get some peace when I fell in love...
but it's exactly the opposite. I've been so upset...
I'm even picking fights with my mother.
I mean, please check it out, you may find a mistake.
I'll check the data again.
All the data checks. This here is your soulmate.
She is our client number 1010. You are number 1020.
But that's not Julia! - No? I am sorry.
Don't worry, making mistakes is only human.
We all deserve a second chance.
Just give me the name and address...
so I can find her.
Some clients don't give real names to maintain their privacy.
But I assure you that this new localizer will work.
Are you sure I'll meet my ideal woman this time?
See, you never believe anything I tell you.
Why would I trust a lunatic like you...
who believes in that soulmate's crap?
I've told you a million times, love is to be found...
not to be seeked.
You really think you're gonna find...
the perfect woman, custom built specially for you?
Exactly. - You're gonna wait...
she only exists in trashy romance novels.
I am going to wait, nice and quiet, for my soulmate to appear...
someone you think you know already, with instant affinity...
and the certainty of unconditional love.
This woman is going to bring me spiritual peace.
Spiritual peace? What is it you want, a nun?
Love is hard work, man!
Hey wait, it's ringing.
She must be nearby.
I want to stay well clear of this comedy.
Stick around, come on!
I need your help!
Go on.
I called you, and thanks for coming...
because I wanted to talk to you. - What about?
I thought maybe you'd tell me.
I'm sorry, Julia.
This isn't right.
I'm deceiving you. Deceiving myself.
What are you?
A sadist?
As if everything you did to me wasn't enough...
you had to come back and do it all over again!
Sorry?! I hope you die!
Calm down, Julia.
I loved you so much.
I loved you too, Julia.
You were the woman of my life.
What happened to us?
Get out.
Get out, for Christ's sake.
Are you still awake? - I heard mom crying.
What's happened?
It's hard to explain. - What are you doing here?
I thought I could come back.
Do you like mom or Pedro?
Both of them, son. In different ways.
If only I could have them both.
Can't you? - No.
Son, look after your mom. You're the man...
of the house now.
Give me a hug.
Bye, dad.
Come on! Come on!
You played well. You even scored.
What are you doing here?
I came to see you. - You're a talent spotter now?
Want to buy me for lnter Milan?
Well I might as well warn you, I'm very expensive.
I missed you.
Yeah, but that's as far as it goes.
I love you, Pedro.
Can you forgive me?
All right.
Playing by yourself is terrible.
Let's go home? - Let's.
Great goal, that. - Did you see it?
I felt someone was watching me.
I play better when there's an audience.
Stop, mom. Enough, I can't dance.
Nor can I. - There's something I want to tell you.
Me too. - Let's be serious.
I'm moving out. - Me too.
No, I'm moving out alone, mom!
Really? And who'll make your breakfast...
your toast, who'll wake you up for work?
One learns these things in life!
It's going to be great. - Fine!
Mom, stop dancing. Look at your son.
Sonia, there'll come a time in our lives when we'll have to part.
I've got to tell you a secret.
What is it? - I met a man.
Jesus, mom, what are you talking about?
You heard it.
Since dad died you never took any interest in men.
Only out of laziness.
After you meet someone, you have to hear his whole life story...
get used to his habits, it's so tiring.
What sort of dumb theory is that?
And I couldn't imagine myself naked with another man.
You did that?
Yes! And I'm going to live with a marvelous old man...
I met playing beach tennis.
Have you gone mad? Beach tennis used to irritate you so much!
It still does, somewhat.
Well, for the first time in my life, you've amazed me.
It's just that...
I've discovered that differences can really be something great.
Mom, you've just saved my life.
Been waiting long? - Fifteen years!
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