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Predator (1987)

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You´re looking good, Dutch.
It´s been a long time, General.
Come on inside.
Eighteen hours ago, we lost a chopper...
carrying a cabinet minister and his aide...
from this charming little country.
We´ve got a transponder fix on their position about here.
This cabinet minister...
does he always travel on the wrong side of the border?
Apparently they strayed off course...
and we´re fairly certain they´re in guerrilla hands.
Why don´t you use the regular army?
What do you need us for?
DILLON: ´Cause some damned fool accused you of being the best.
DUTCH: You son of a bitch!
What´s the matter?
The CIA got you pushing too many pencils?
Had enough?
Make it easy on yourself, Dutch.
DUTCH: You never knew when to quit.
Damn good to see you.
What´s this fucking tie business?
Come on. Forget about my tie.
I heard about that job you pulled in Berlin.
Very nice, Dutch.
-Good old days. -The good old days.
-Why´d you pass on Libya? -That wasn´t my style.
DILLON: You got no style. You know that.
Come on. Why did you pass?
We´re a rescue team... not assassins.
Now, what do we got to do?
The cabinet minister´s important to our scope of operations...
in this part of the world.
DILLON: Our friends are about to get squeezed.
We can´t let that happen. We need the best.
That´s why you´re here.
Go on.
Simple setup. One-day operation.
We pick up their trail, run ´em down...
grab those hostages, and cross the border...
before anybody knows we were there.
What do you mean, ´´we´´?
I´m going in with you, Dutch.
General, my team always works alone.
You know that.
We all have our orders, Major.
Once you reach your objective...
Dillon will evaluate the situation and take charge.
TAPE: Gonna tell Aunt Mary about Uncle John...
Claims he has misery, but he has a lot of fun...
Oh, baby...
Yeah, baby...
Whoo, baby...
Havin´ me some fun tonight...
Well, Long Tall Sally, she´s built sweet...
DUTCH: Yeah, OK.
TAPE: ...Uncle John need.
Oh, baby...
Yeah, baby...
Whoo, baby...
Havin´ me some fun tonight...
Well, I saw Uncle John with bald-head Sally...
He saw Aunt Mary comin´ and ducked in the alley...
Oh, baby...
Yeah, baby...
Whoo, baby...
Havin´ me some fun tonight...
Yeah, awoo.
RADIO: Delta one-zero.
PILOT: Roger, team leader.
DILLON: Rendezvous points and radio freqs...
are indicated and fixed.
AWACs contact on four-hour intervals.
Who´s our backup?
No such thing, ol´ buddy. This is a one-way ticket.
Once we cross that border, we´re on our own.
This is getting better by the minute.
TAPE: She´s built sweet...
She got everything that Uncle John need...
Oh, baby...
Yeah, baby...
Whoo, baby...
Havin´ me some fun tonight...
Well, Long Tall Sally, she´s built sweet...
HAWKINS: Hey, Billy.
The other day, I went up to my girlfriend.
I said, ´´l´d like a little pussy.´´
She said, ´´Me, too.
´´Mine´s as big as a house!´´
See, she wanted a littler one ´cause hers was...
big as a house.
TAPE: Yeah, baby...
Whoo, baby...
Havin´ me some fun tonight.
Get that stinking shit out of my face, will ya?
Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here!
This stuff will make you a damn sexual tyrannosaurus...
just like me.
Yeah? Strap this on your sore ass, Blain.
DILLON: That was in ´72.
Me and Dutch both got one.
TAPE: Well, Long Tall Sally, she´s built sweet...
She got everything that Uncle John need...
Oh, baby...
Yeah, baby...
Whoo, baby...
Havin´ me some fun tonight...
Well, I saw Uncle John with bald-head Sally...
He saw Aunt Mary comin´...
That´s a real nasty habit you got there.
TAPE: Yeah, baby...
Whoo, baby...
Havin´ me some fun tonight...
DUTCH: Right.
TAPE: Gonna have some fun tonight....
Gonna have some fun tonight. Whoo...
Have some fun tonight--
[Beep beep]
PILOT: OK, bird two, prepare to cover me.
SECOND PILOT: You got it, leader.
Never knew how much I missed this, Dutch.
You never were that smart.
DUTCH: Hawkins, you´re up.
Lines away.
PONCHO: The pilots have each got one round in the head.
Whoever hit it, stripped the shit out of it.
DUTCH: Took him out with a heat-seeker.
PONCHO: Something else, Major. This is no ordinary army taxi.
It looks more like a surveillance bird to me.
DILLON: Pick up the trail yet?
DUTCH: Billy´s on it. Heat-seeker, Dillon.
That´s pretty sophisticated for half-assed mountain boys.
DILLON: I guess they´re getting better equipped every day.
BILLY: There were 12 guerrillas.
They took the two men from the helicopter...
but there´s something else.
DUTCH: What?
Six men wearing US-issued army boots.
They came in from the north...
and then they followed the guerrillas.
DUTCH: Mean anything to you?
DILLON: Probably just another rebel patrol.
They operate in here all the time.
-See what you can find. -Yes, sir.
[Birds screech]
DUTCH: What´s he got?
PONCHO: Same business.
Guerrillas hauling two guys in the chopper...
followed by men with American equipment.
Do you remember Afghanistan?
DUTCH: Trying to forget it. Come on. Let´s go.
[Wings flapping]
[Wings flapping]
[Wings flapping]
[Birds screeching]
Holy mother of God.
´´Jim Hopper.´´
Mac, cut them down.
DUTCH: I knew these men. Green Berets out of Fort Bragg.
What the hell were they doing here?
DILLON: I don´t know, Dutch. This is inhuman.
Nobody told me there was an operation in this area.
They shouldn´t have been here.
Well, somebody sent them.
PONCHO: The guerrillas skinned them?
PONCHO: Why did they skin them?
MAC: Ain´t no way for no soldier to die.
DUTCH: What happened here, Billy?
BILLY: Strange, Major. There was a firefight.
They were shooting in all directions.
DUTCH: Can´t believe Jim Hopper walked into an ambush.
BILLY: I don´t believe he did.
I can´t find a single track.
Just doesn´t make sense.
DUTCH: What about the rest of Hopper´s men?
BILLY: There´s no sign, sir.
They never left here.
Hell, it´s like they just disappeared.
DUTCH: Stick with the guerrilla trail.
Let´s get the hostages.
We move, five-meter spread.
No sound.
It´s time to let Old Painless out of the bag.
Payback time.
[Amplified audio of footsteps]
[Bird screeches]
[Birds screeching]
MAC: You´re ghostin´ us, motherfucker.
I don´t care who you are back in the world.
You give our position one more time...
I´ll bleed you real quiet and leave you here.
Got that?
[Sound of motor]
[Speaking Spanish]
MAN: Aah!
[Prisoner speaking Russian]
[Speaking Russian]
He killed one of the hostages. We move.
Mac, Blain--the nest.
Billy, Poncho--the guard.
Hawkins, Dillon--backup.
Once they´re set, I hit the fuel dump.
[Exhales deeply]
One down.
[Motor thrumming loudly]
[Beep beep]
What the hell´s he doing?
What the fuck?
Show time, kid.
[Man shouting in Russian]
Target´s the center, on the upper level!
[Chopper turbines accelerating]
Dutch, on your nine!
[Man shouting in Russian]
[Man screaming]
[Shouting in Spanish]
[Exhales deeply]
Get that mother!
Stick around.
DILLON: Hostages are inside!
Knock knock.
PONCHO: I got ´em !
Hawkins, call in position and situation.
Get Connor for the hook!
HAWKINS: You got it, Major.
Mac, any sign of the other hostage?
MAC: Found the other guy.
He´s dead, too... and the kid from the chopper.
But if they´re Central American, l´m a Goddamn Chinaman.
From the looks of it, our cabinet minister was CIA.
Another thing, Major. We were lucky.
Other guys we waxed-- Russian military advisers.
Something pretty big was gonna happen here.
DUTCH: Good work, Mac.
Clear the area. No traces. Get the men ready to move.
BLAIN: Son of a bitch is dug in like an Alabama tick.
PONCHO: You´re hit. You´re bleeding, man.
BLAIN: I ain´t got time to bleed.
You got time to duck?
This is goddamn beautiful.
Goddamn jackpot.
This is more than we ever thought we´d get.
Now we got those bastards.
We got ´em.
DUTCH: I think this is what you´re looking for.
You set us up!
It´s all bullshit! All of it.
The cabinet minister, the whole business.
Got us in here to do your dirty work.
DILLON: We just stopped a major invasion.
In three days, they´d have crossed the border.
-Why us? -Nobody else could´ve done it.
Pissed about the cover story? I needed it to get you in here.
What story did you hand Hopper?
Look, we´ve been looking for this place for months.
My men were in that chopper when it got hit!
Hopper was supposed to get them. He disappeared.
He didn´t disappear. He was skinned alive!
My orders were to get somebody to crack these bastards!
So you cooked up a story and dropped us in a meat grinder.
What happened to you, Dillon?
You used to be somebody I could trust.
I woke up. Why don´t you?
You´re an asset... an expendable asset...
and I used you to get the job done. Got it?
My men are not expendable.
And I don´t do this kind of work.
HAWKINS: Major! We stepped into some real shit here.
HAWKINS: Air surveillance says we got guerillas all over.
Can´t be more than one, two miles away.
-How much time? -Half hour, maybe less.
DUTCH: Tell Mac we move in five.
DILLON: Wait. She goes, too. She´s got valuable information.
She´ll give away our position any chance she gets. No deal.
You´re still under orders, Major.
You wanna make that call or should l?
She´s your baggage.
You fall behind, and you´re on your own.
Place is too hot for a pickup.
They won´t touch us till we get over the border.
Hey, Billy, give me a way out of this hole.
Aerial says we´re cut off.
BILLY: The only way out is that valley that leads east...
but I wouldn´t wish that on a broke-dick dog.
Not much choice.
Poncho, take lead. Double-time it.
[Soldiers´ voices distorted]
[Woman shouting in Spanish]
[Dillon shouting Spanish]
MAC: Dillon!
Over here.
Turn around.
Billy! Billy!
The other day, I was going down on my girlfriend...
and I said to her...
´´Jeez, you got a big pussy. Jeez, you got a big pussy.´´
She said, ´´Why did you say that twice?´´
And I said, ´´l didn´t.´´
See, it was because of the echo.
It was....
Ha ha ha!
[Distorted laughter]
Ha ha ha ha!
RECORDING: Over here. Over here. Over here.
Turn around. Turn around.
Ha ha ha ha!
Turn around. Turn around. Over here.
Ha ha ha ha!
MAC: Goddamn. Whew.
Buddy, buddy, buddy.
I´ve seen some bad-ass bush before, but nothing like this.
BLAIN: I hear you.
This shit´s something.
Makes Cambodia look like Kansas.
BLAIN: You lose it here...
you´re in a world of hurt.
Come on, sweetheart. Stop sandbaggin´ it.
Now get up.
Come on, get up. Would you get up?
PANCHO: Ni lo intentes.
Maybe you better put her on a leash, agent man.
DILLLON: Try it again...please.
DILLON: Callate.
DUTCH: What´s got Billy so spooked?
MAC: Can´t say, Major.
Been acting squirrelly all morning.
That damn nose of his... it´s weird.
DUTCH: What is it?
What the hell is wrong with you?
There´s something in those trees.
BILLY [Warbled]: Do you see anything?
Up there ahead.
DUTCH: Nothing.
DUTCH: What do you think?
I guess it´s nothing, Major.
[Woman screaming]
HAWKINS: Please!
[Leaves rustling]
DUTCH: Billy, break back. Back right.
What the--
This isn´t her blood.
DILLON: What the hell did you do to him?
PONCHO: Major, you better take a look at this.
Did you find Hawkins?
PONCHO: l--I can´t tell.
What in God´s name?
PONCHO: I think it´s Hawkins.
-Where the hell is his body? -There´s no sign of it.
Ask her what happened.
Que paso, mujer?
Mujer, que paso?
Qué fue lo que viste? Quien fue?
Yo no se.
PANCHO: Dime, mujer! Quien fue? Dime!
WOMAN: La selva se lo llevo.
No estoy segura. No se.
PANCHO: She says the jungle... it just came alive and took him.
DILLON: Bullshit! That´s not what she said!
What she said doesn´t make any sense.
-Those sappers followed us-- -Hell, they´ve been ahead of us!
This woman´s been running us right to ´em !
DUTCH: Hold it!
Why didn´t they take his radio or his weapon?
Why didn´t she escape?
They did the same thing to Jim Hopper.
I want Hawkins´ body found.
Sweep pattern. Double back. 50 meters. Let´s go.
Come on in, you fuckers.
Come on in.
Old Painless is waiting.
MAC: Fucker!
You motherfucker!
DUTCH: What happened?
MAC: I saw it.
-You saw what? -I saw it.
DUTCH: Blain.
No powder burns, no shrapnel.
DILLON: The wound´s all fused, cauterized.
What the hell could have done this to a man?
Mac, look at me!
Who did this?
I don´t know, goddamn it.
I saw s-something.
Not a thing, not a fucking trace.
No blood, no bodies.
We hit nothing.
DUTCH: Dillon...
better get on the radio.
-Sergeant! -Yes, sir.
I want a defensive position above that ridge...
mined with everything we´ve got.
Put him in his poncho. Take him with us.
PONCHO: I got him.
DILLON: Vamonos.
MAC: Major...
I set up flares, frags, and claymores.
Nothing´s coming near this place without tripping on something.
DUTCH: Thank you, sergeant.
He was a good soldier.
MAC: He was, um...
my friend.
Good-bye, bro.
[Monsterous shriek]
DILLON: Blazer one, I repeat, extraction necessary.
Say again, Blazer one. Say again.
BLAZER ONE: Request for extraction denied.
Area is still compromised.
Proceed to sector 3,000 for prisoner extraction.
Priority, out. Next contact 0930.
DILLON: Roger, Blazer one. 1030 hours.
Damn bastards.
They say we´re still in too far, and they can´t risk coming in.
DUTCH: We´re assets, Dillon. Expendable assets.
It comes with the job. I can accept it.
Bullshit. You´re just like the rest of us.
Shitload of good a chopper´s gonna do us in here anyhow.
DILLON: Sergeant?
Sergeant! Sergeant!
Who hit us today?
MAC: I don´t know.
I only saw one of them camouflaged.
He was there.
Those eyes disappeared.
What was that?
Those eyes, they...
they disappeared.
I know one thing, Major.
I drew down and fired straight at it.
Capped off 200 rounds in the minigun--
Full pack.
nothing on this earth could have lived.
Not at that range.
Mac, you take first watch...
then you get some rest, OK?
DILLON: Ask her what she saw.
Ask her what happened to Hawkins.
Go ahead, ask her.
PANCHO: Qué pasó hoy?
Qué fue lo que viste?
Te dijo lo que sé. Fue la selva que se lo llevó.
Qué más quiere que te diga?
Same fucking thing.
The jungle, it came alive and took him.
Billy, you know something.
What is it?
I´m scared, Poncho.
PONCHO: Bullshit. You ain´t afraid of no man.
There´s something out there waiting for us...
and it ain´t no man.
We´re all gonna die.
The man´s losing it. He´s losing his cool.
Nothing but a couple guys running around....
and we gotta take ´em.
DUTCH: Still don´t understand, Dillon, do you?
Whatever it is out there, it killed Hopper...
and now it wants us.
MAC: Here we are again, bro...
just you and me.
Same kind of moon, same kind of jungle.
Real number-ten night, remember?
Whole platoon-- 32 men chopped into meat...
and we walk out, just you and me.
Nobody else.
Right on top of them.
Not a scratch. Not a fucking scratch.
You know, whoever got you...
he´ll come back again, and when he does...
I´m going to cut your name right into him.
I´m going to cut your name into him.
[Twig snaps]
[Twig snaps]
-What the hell is it? -Mac!
Where are you?
Over here!
Mac, where are you?
Mac, where are you?
PONCHO: Jesus.
I got you, motherfucker. I killed you, you fuck.
PONCHO: Jesus, you killed a pig.
Think you could have found something bigger?
Fuck you, Poncho. Fuck you.
DUTCH: Where´s the girl?
DILLON: Aw, shit!
PONCHO: Why the hell wasn´t anybody watching her?
Why didn´t she try to get away?
DUTCH: Look at her. She´s scared out of her mind.
BILLY: Major, you better take a look at this.
Blain´s body, it´s gone.
PONCHO: It came in through the tripwires.
Took it right out from under our noses.
BILLY: That boar had to set off a tripflare...
because there ain´t no other tracks.
PONCHO: How could anyone get through this...
and carry out Blain without us knowing it?
Why didn´t he try and kill one of us?
DUTCH: He came to get the body.
He´s killing us one at a time.
BILLY: Like a hunter.
He´s using the trees.
DUTCH: Yesterday, what did you see?
DILLON: You´re wasting your time.
DUTCH: No more games.
I don´t know what it was. It...
Go on.
WOMAN: It changed colors like the chameleon.
It uses the jungle.
DILLON: Blain and Hawkins were killed by a lizard?
That´s a bullshit psych job. There´s 2 or 3 men out there.
Fucking lizard!
What´s your name?
Anna, the thing is hunting us.
All of us.
You know that.
-What the hell are you doing? -We´ll need everyone.
DILLON: l´m taking her back. We leave in five minutes.
-We´re not going yet. -Rendezvous is ten miles away.
You think the chopper´s going to wait?
We make a stand now, or nobody will be left.
There is something else.
When the big man was killed, you must have wounded it.
Its blood was on the leaves.
If it bleeds, we can kill it.
Look out.
You really think this Boy Scout bullshit´s gonna work?
DUTCH: It can see tripwires. Maybe it can´t see this.
Instead of complaining, maybe you should help.
DILLON: What makes you think he´ll come through here?
The trees have tripwires every 50 yards.
This is the only way in.
When I was little, we found a man.
He looked butchered.
The old women in the village crossed themselves...
and whispered crazy things, such strange things.
EI diablo, cazador de hombres.
Only in the hottest years this happens.
And this year, it grows hot.
We begin finding our men.
We found them sometimes without their skin...
and sometimes much, much worse.
EI que hace trofeos de los hombres...
means ´´the demon who makes trophies of man.´´
[Wings flapping]
[Bird squawks]
What you gonna try next, cheese?
Hey, Dutch.
I got you, you mother! I got you!
I´m coming!
DUTCH: Mac! Mac! Get Ramirez to the chopper.
DILLON: Hold it. I´m going after Mac.
That´s not your style, Dillon.
I picked up bad habits from you. Get your people the hell out.
You can´t win this, Dillon.
Maybe I can get even.
Just hold onto that damn chopper.
BILLY: He´s busted up pretty bad, Major.
PONCHO: I can make it. I can make it.
DUTCH: Get the radio. Forget the rest.
DUTCH: Come on, Poncho.
Ahh! Ahh!
MAC: Long Tall Sally...
she´s built sweet!
She´s got everything...
that Uncle John need.
Oh, baby.
Oh, baby.
I´m gonna have me some fun.
I´m gonna have me some fun.
I´m gonna have me some fun.
I´m gonna have me some fun.
I´m gonna have me some fun.
[Mac whispering] Turn around.
Over here.
Over here.
Out there.
Past them trees.
You see it?
I see you.
I see it.
I see it.
You know, we can get this thing, Mac.
You work your way down there toward him.
I´ll get in back of him, flush him toward you.
When I flush the son of a bitch, you nail him.
I got a score to settle.
We´ve both got scores to settle.
ANNA: Vamos!
Come on! Quickly!
Hurry up!
DUTCH: Don´t. Leave it.
It didn´t kill you because you weren´t armed.
No sport.
[Mac whispering] Anytime.
DUTCH: Let´s go.
Billy, let´s go!
[Poncho moaning]
Dame l´arma! Dame l´arma!
Give me the weapon!
Dame la mano!
BILLY: Aaaaaah!
Get to the chopper!
Oh, shit!
He couldn´t see me.
[Twig snaps]
Bleed, bastard.
You´re one ugly motherfucker.
Bad idea.
Come on.
Come on! Do it!
Do it!
Come on. Come on!
Kill me! l´m here! Kill me!
I´m here! Kill me!
Come on, kill me! l´m here!
Come on, do it now! Kill me!
What the hell are you?
[Guttural voice] What the hell are you?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Did you get it?
What the--
My God!
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