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Prem Rog

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Wake up, dear. It's morning already.
Look, how high the sun is. And your friend Radha's here too.
Why did you lie to me? Where's Radha?
Downstairs. Your Aunt just stopped her for the prayers.
Here you are. I moved them when I swept the room.
I don't like it! Keep my slippers in their place!
"You're the Ocean of mercy, and You keep us, O Lord."
- "I'm stupid and a lowly being." - Hope you've counted them.
You're always short by one or two. "Praise to you, O Lord."
Well, well! Listen to her. Haven't you had this Puja before?
Am I bringing these earthen things for the first time for you?
Count them. And if these are less, then chide me all you want.
Quiet! You always chatter during my prayers! Keep them inside.
Join us in prayers at least. Enough of your romance now.
When my romantic husband let's me, I will join you.
You're lucky. Your husband's too busy for such things!
Shameless! Your young daughter will learn all the wrong things!
Don't get angry while singing hymns at least.
Sure, I'm the one who's full of vices I suppose!
That side... over there...
Give me the keys, please.
Here you are. - Come with me.
That's a nice dress you're wearing. Silk, eh? How much did it cost?
This is Rama's actually. - What!
Aren't her old clothes enough...
...for you to talk her into giving you her new ones too?
It's not new. I've worn it. - Don't lie! When did you wear it?
I said I've worn it! It's mine to wear, or give it away.
What a pompous girl!
Give me prasad, Mom.
My God! Still angry, eh? Did I say anything?
Did my parents comment? My aunt is a born loud mouth!
I had just praised your outfit. Didn't ask for it!
So what?
I'll give all my clothes to you. How does it concern others?
Coachman! Turn back. I'll go and talk to aunt, right now.
No, don't say anything to her. We poor always bear the taunts.
Look at me at least.
Look, I apologise on her behalf. I know you're hurt.
Enough. Do you want me to cry? - No. I want you to laugh.
So laugh. No? No?
That's better. Come, let's get some books from the library.
The library hardly has any books. But yes...
Today we'll soon find a treasure of books. My brother Devdhar.
My maternal cousin. Have you forgotten? How you pestered him!
The one who took our studies, brought you fruit, Esp. Dates.
Yes! Has he finished studying? - No. He's coming on vacation.
When is he coming? - Today, by the afternoon train.
Come, let's collect him from the station.
But Rama, you...
The goon's coming after a long time. Let's see what he's like!
Let's sit here. The train will be here soon.
He'll recognise you right away. It won't be fun.
So you sit here. - But how will you know him?
I'll recognise the idiot right away. But let's see if he recognises me.
So you got here now! - What?
Do you recognise me? - No.
Why would you? You've become city-bred now!
Who, me?
But Rama, this... - Shut up!
Didn't I say he won't know me?
Coachman, keep his luggage in the buggy. Come along Sir!
So! You're doing Ph.D. Eh? Become a doctor.
Me? I just take orders from the doctors for medicines.
What! Say that again. - I... nothing.
Tell me, didn't you think of me even once in 8 years?
I did.
Thought of you night and day. - But couldn't pen me a letter, eh?
Give me your address and, I'll pen you from now on.
Weren't you scared to face me? We were bound to meet somewhere.
The world is round after all!
No, no. How can the world be round?
Won't those at the South Pole all fall down?
Coachman! Stop the buggy.
Who are you?
Till now I was Fateh Chand. But now...
Then why did you claim to be Devdhar. - I didn't.
You didn't? Then how did you sit in the buggy? Liar!
He's not lying. In fact he... - Get out!
Listen, will you?
Shut up! Get down, I say! Take your damn luggage too.
Get out of here, else, I'll hit you nice and proper.
Why are you blaming him? - Let go of my hand!
There! - Shy fox!
Couldn't you tell me before?
You didn't give her a chance to say a word.
You keep quiet.
Let's go, Coachman. Come to my house. I'll show you!
So! This is what the bitch is up to. Bloody whore!
You said you were going to the temple. This is your temple, eh?
And who's this? Your God!
I took it as a rumour till now, but today I caught you red handed!
You humiliate me in public? Come home. I'll kill you!
What's this? I'm still here to solve your problems. Tell me.
She swallowed her husband, and now, she's flirting with this young lad.
Don't abuse your daughter so! It's not her fault she's a widow.
It's this bastard who's at fault. He has enticed this widow.
And I'll punish him for it! - Hold it, sir!
Investigate before you accuse. This is no justice.
I won't let there be injustice.
Come here, boy. What's your name?
Do you earn a living? - I play a musical instrument.
And in my spare time I work in the fields
Would you wish to keep the girl? Will you marry her?
I will, sir.
Get your daughter married to him.
What are you saying, sir? People will ostracize me!
There are social rules to adhere to. - Rules are made for the good of man.
Man isn't made for the rules. - I didn't recognise you.
Do you live in this town? - How will you recognise him?
Do the benevolent recognise the ones they oblige? He's my nephew, Devdhar.
You gave money for his education. Also, he grew up in your shadow.
He came just yesterday from the city. - Sir...
Come and see me at my place. I want to talk to you.
Of course.
Traditions are being changed. I don't quite understand.
Only the big shots know what they mean. We small fires just give in.
May I say something? - What is it?
You were very keen to skin that boy on a very petty issue.
Be truthful. You weren't eying that young widow for yourself, were you?
It's us landlords and the rich, who protect the social norms and laws.
And we shut the mouths of those who dare to speak insolently!
That won't change your code of conduct, will it?
You discard a woman like an empty bottle after you finish with her.
The difference being only this.
You pay first for liquor, but you pay us, later.
Greetings, sir. - Greetings.
Didn't you learn to greet, Radha?
There... Now see what happens.
Devdhar is sitting in the hall. And what's this you're doing?
So much chilly powder? - It'll be fun. A doctor, eh?
Let him guess what this snack carries in it's belly!
My respects, your highness. - Welcome, dear priest.
My greetings, Sir. You too, sir.
How are you? - Fine, by your grace.
You called me, and here I am.
What did you say your name was?
Sit down please. Not there. Here, right near me.
You're a limit, Devdhar! How did you sit here? Get up!
Let him sit with me for a while. - Later. Not now.
I'm also waiting for him for the past 8 years! Come on...
Go, son. Meet my wife and my sis-in-law too.
All that later.
First he'll sit and chat with me! Come on.
Welcome, Sir... We will now extend our hospitality to you.
Piping hot snacks. Special treat for a special person.
Just taste it. You'll never ever forget it.
Go on, eat it.
So, you're doing Inters privately? - Yes. Now eat.
What are your subjects? - Do you have to know now?
I'm told that while eating, one should concentrate only on food.
Now, eat it up!
It's smelling good... Oh! The apple's fallen down...
Are you hurt?
I'm at my wits end, Devdhar!
Please eat now. I've made it myself. Just for you.
Okay, here goes.
It's really very good.
Go on, start eating. It's really very nice. You too.
Water? - Here have this.
Aren't you ashamed? You feed chilly first, and now offer water?
What do I do now?
I'll not survive now. You're so cruel! A despot!
I'll never speak to you now.
Coming, father.
And you ask me about the offering?
Make the usual "Churma" of wheat flour of course.
My respects, Aunty... - You too.
Don't touch me! Can't you see I'm wearing my Puja-sari?
You're weird aren't you? How did you walk in? Who are you?
I'm Devdhar.
Maybe I never said you weren't. But that doesn't mean you walk in!
Go on out now... go on.
This is no king's court. Now get out.
What are you looking at? Get out... out!
You're still here?
Watchman! Throw this man out!
Great! Wonderful! How nicely you behave, Aunty!
Does one treat a guest like that? He was our Priest's nephew, Devdhar.
What! Our priest's nephew! - And he came here drunk?
Did you see him drinking? You really talk nonsense at times.
He had eaten chilly powder, that's why he had hiccups!
Then why didn't he say so? Why did he go quietly?
You raised hell here and now you ask why did he go quietly?
But why are you shouting? - Then what? She didn't even think!
He taught us so laboriously as kids. She just sent him packing!
Enough! Where will he go, but home? Go and call him, if you wish.
I know where he must be. I don't need you to tell me!
A book-mark! To remember. Which page you were on!
I know you people are rich, but that doesn't mean we poor are nobody.
No, that wasn't fun. Nobody gets angry with me on an empty stomach.
You eat and then get angry. It'll pour out better!
There are no chilies in this. I swear it. Look...
Now eat.
This is great! You pester me, and end up crying yourself!
What's great? You talk nonsense and don't even let me cry.
What did I say?
Then did I talk about we rich, and you poor?
Did I ask God to give me birth in a rich man's house?
So that you and Radha can taint me?
But I...
Aunty scolded you and you flare up at me!
She only asked me to call you. Else I wouldn't have come at all!
I haven't eaten since morning and I was coaxing him to eat.
But he went and floored it all!
So now we know the truth! It was hunger that made you cry.
Okay. Here, have a bite! - No I won't! You eat if you like.
Else, throw this too! - Will you eat, or do I apply force?
The one who can force me isn't born as yet!
Okay, eat this now. - Don't! Else... I'll bite you!
I'll bite, she says!
Go ahead. Bite me, if you can.
Nothing... Absolutely nothing...
"Nothing else is agreeable, when struck by this ailment"
"I'm love-sick"
"I'm bitten by the love-bug. Please give me some medicine"
"Go, go, go... Fetch a doctor, someone"
"I'm love-sick"
"I wonder what this world would've been like..."
"...had there been no love in it, had there been no seasons..."
"or even gardens with flowers, and blossoms"
"There would've been something else instead..."
"But not this beautiful world"
"In these thoughts of mine, you also merge yourselves..."
"Go... Go get a doctor..."
"He is a lucky chap indeed who is stuck by this illness"
"He's not bothered about joy and sorrow."
"He's just happy with his own thoughts"
"He laughs to himself, and he cries to himself"
"This disease may be incurable, but do something at least"
"So go... call a doctor. Get me treated"
"If not that, then call my beloved call my sweet-heart"
"For I'm bitten by the love-bug. Get me some medicine..."
"For I'm love-sick"
This is a very serious problem. - Why put me in suspense? Tell me.
How can I? Your Saturn is bad. You won't see this year through.
There must be a way to avoid it. - Of course. Why am I here for?
But it's not an easy remedy. - Tell us. I'm willing to die for him!
Then that's what you'll have to do.
Meaning I'll have to subtract some years from your age and add to his!
Then do it. Why think?
Who's thinking? I just wanted to ask...
It'll cost about 40o-50o Rupees. - What!
It concerns life.
True. Here, take this Rs.1oo now. The rest I'll pay later. Come, dear.
Keep this Rs.2o extra. Since you're adding and subtracting...
...put 25 years in the account. What'll a woman do with a long life?
Don't worry I'll do as you say.
Have your milk, will you?
Think hard and transfer age from here to there.
You may add all my ears to him and that Saturn will finish me off!
Take this Rs.50 and keep it. - Don't need to tell me, Ma'am.
I'll calculate in such a way, that he outlives you by 1o-15 days!
What will he do with a long life, without a wife?
Right! Okay then. I'll go now.
So much of this blind-faith in our country! Wonderful, uncle!
You really fooled them! That too in the name of religion!
That's what is sad, nephew. Nobody practices religion with faith.
Everyone practices out of fear.
Had I told him, that this year was good for him financially...
health-wise, let alone Rs.50o/-...
he wouldn't have parted with a fiver even!
He wants to get his daughter married, and for that we want money.
Look at this. What a fine boy. - We won't get a prince for her...
We must face reality, my dear. I've seen their horoscopes.
She'll be pretty comfortably off and be very happy.
But uncle, he seems much older.
And he lost his wife a few months ago too!
There was nobody else but him for my dainty, pretty girl!
Were you talking about me?
This guy's bald!
Devdhar! Come son. - My respects, Aunty.
Why did you run off yesterday? Should've told me who you were.
I told you, but... - But you didn't recognise me!
If you say so! - Bless you.
Yes? - Look who's here.
He was so small and always wore a long shirt, over a torn knickers.
Sniffed too!
Our priest's sister's son. He was orphaned when very small.
And my husband sent him to the city, educated him...
Enough now. Want to tell the old story in a new way eh?
My respects. - Bless you.
Give me that.
What happened to your hand? - Well, you see...
A cat bit it!
My God! Then you must have those 14 injections in your stomach!
Those are meant for a dog-bite. - I know.
But there must be some for a cat-bite too!
So you think I'm a cat, eh? - I didn't mean you.
A grown girl! Aren't you ashamed? - Isn't he ashamed?
He's not really hurt. He has tied it up for a lark.
Let's have a look. He's so good at excuses!
Stupid! Heat the black balm, son, and apply it. It'll heal the wound.
It's alright. - Come, I'll apply it for you.
When will she get some sense? What if it would've turned septic?
Since it's a wound, it'll hurt. Why yell so much?
I didn't mean to bite so hard. But why did you challenge me?
That's what made me so angry!
Why are you staring at me now? Say something.
Like what?
If you wish to scold me, do so. I'll listen.
I can't even think of it.
Then what were you thinking about for so long now?
I was thinking, that all men are alike. 2 hands, and feet...
eyes, ears and face too, are common to all.
Then why does just one person, becomes so very dear...
that even if one has to die for him, one does it happily.
Does it really happen, Dev? - Yes, it really does.
You mean one day I too will fall in love with somebody?
Of course, who has escaped from it? Neither the Maker, nor Man.
It's Nature's gift to us, which gives Man a reason to live.
So! You came now, eh? I've been waiting for ages...
And His Lordship, takes his own sweet time!
Will you just stand up there, or, come down here?
What does he think he is!
Why are you so angry? I just got your message.
I didn't sleep a wink last night, plus this tension. Won't I be angry?
But what's the reason? - What you said yesterday, what else?
What did I say? - That I'll fall in love one day.
Thought I'll ask you once, and feel relieved.
Have you ever loved anyone? - Yes. I did, I do, and I will.
I asked for an answer, and you gave me a lecture! I just want to...
Listen, look the other way...
Why? - Just do as I ask.
Turn your face the other way.
But what difference... - Please?
I'm too shy to say what I want to.
"Why does the day dawn? Why does the night fall?"
"Where does this suffering stem from? And why do these eyes cry?"
"What is this thing called love. Please tell me..."
"Who started it... Let's hear it from you"
"A black wasp was buzzing around a flower till the evening"
"When the night fell, it was shut in the petals"
"When it escaped from captivity, I asked him what happened..."
"It didn't say anything"
"He didn't utter a word, but he just sang in his own way..."
"what is this thing called love? Please tell me"
"Who started it? Let us know too"
"What is this thing called love?"
"Why is this body on fire? Why is the breath so hot?"
"What kind of a fire is this? Why does this flame melt?"
"As the flame burnt brightly the moth was excited..."
"He wrapped himself with that fiery body..."
"When asked what was so exciting about somebody else's heat..."
"He didn't say anything"
"He didn't utter a word, but just went on singing to himself..."
"What is this thing called love? Please tell me..."
"Who started it? Let us know too"
"What is this thing called love?"
"How does one get intoxicated? How do steps falter?"
"Why isn't one aware of anything? What kind of a high' is this?"
"One day, as I was passing a liquor-house..."
"I saw a drunkard go by with a bottle in his hand"
"When asked why he had been drinking all his life..."
"He didn't say anything..."
"He didn't utter a word, but went on singing to himself"
"What is this thing called love? Please tell me"
"Who started it" Let's hear it too"
"What is this thing called love? Please tell me"
"Who started it... Let's bear it too"
"What is love?"
Let me go!
Sit down. - What?
I said, sit down!
Look, I don't beat around the bush. So I'll come straight to the point.
Will you come and meet me at our lakeside house?
Don't you know why a girl is called to that house?
If somebody says this to Manorama, what will you do?
Shoot him!
But knowing that she's from a high class family, nobody will dare it.
So, because I'm a priest's daughter, you can say this to me?
Do I seem like an item for sale for you to make a deal like this?
I accept the proposal, sayYes', - What are you saying, dear?
Today I realised why a young girl is a cause of worry to her parents.
I like the man. Get me married to him.
You'll wed a much older man? - No prince will wed me either.
I'm a poor priest's daughter, and it's you who has forgotten...
that you too are an orphaned boy, brought up by him.
What do you mean by that? Be clear.
Just be aware of her status, and your own, Dev.
Also, the society we live in considers love a dirty disease.
It's their dirty thoughts that spread hate instead of love.
Who give birth to high and low' class.
Love is that disease which just happens.
And once it happens, it cannot be cured.
She's obliging you by being so free with you. Don't think it's love.
Else, you'll have no choice but to repent.
That's not so. I'm very sure she loves me as much as I love her.
Do all girls get married? - Yes.
Forgive me if I've hurt you.
But I'll definitely say one thing.
Learn a lesson from me. We marry in our own social level.
Don't you worry. I'll go and talk to her uncle tomorrow morning.
There's no need for me to talk about the girl. See for yourself how...
Where's Manorama? Call her Munimji. Now!
If you'd call him in here, I'd see how he is too.
Of course. I'll call him now. - Come, I'll take you.
I've also heard a lot about him. - One shouldn't believe in hearsay...
One should believe what one sees. But yes, I'll say this much...
it'll be a very lucky girl who marries this noble man.
Of course.
Please come here.
Come! Our would-be brother-in-law is coming inside. Take a look.
Hope your journey was comfortable?
This is Rama's Aunt, and this is Rama's mother.
Bless you, son.
You have your horoscope? - My sis-in-law has it.
All men are made alike. Then why does just one person... just one...
becomes so dear, that even if one has to die for him... dies most gladly.
Greetings Ma'am.
You've come now? - Yes.
See this horoscope and tell us how well he suits our Rama.
He must be suiting her very well since you've all approved him!
If I get her horoscope, I will match and see.
I'll... - Wait!
Please come with me.
Come inside. Please.
Sit down.
Now make a horoscope. - What? But the horos...
You don't have to match one, but make one.
What do you mean? How is it possible, sir?
After all customs do... - Don't teach me all that!
I'll not let such a ideal proposal slip away for your principles, okay?
Take this, and make a horoscope for Rama...
which suits the boy's horoscope perfectly.
When they get it tallied, their priest should say...
"Wonderful! How perfect! Made for each other!
Come, come! Don't bother with that, just come on in.
You've come at the right moment. - Respects, sir.
He's my priest's nephew. Studies in the city.
And this is Virendra Pratap Singh, the king of Sunehrganj.
And his younger brother, Prince Narendra Pratap Singh.
Devdhar, I'm really happy today. When Rama was born...
I had decided even then, that she'd wed into a higher family.
Today my wish may come true. The prince has come to approve her.
Very glad to meet you. Sit. - Later. First go and see Rama.
Bring her here with you.
Yes, Sir. - A fine boy.
Rama, you're looking lovely! Now come on!
Greetings, Ma'am.
Where were you? I was waiting for you. He...
He's here, you know. Sitting with my uncle.
Go and meet him. Go on - That's where I'm coming from.
You mean you saw him? How did you like him?
I liked him very much. He's a richie rich, Dev.
His father was a rich landlord. They mills, factories, mansions...
and lots of cars too.
See? That day you said something, and today it's proved to be true.
What? - Didn't you say...
that all men are made alike.
But one becomes so dear to one's heart that...
Well, I saw him, and I said, "It's him".
Congratulations, Rama.
Hurry up! They're waiting. - Oh God!
You're so nice. Do me a favour. Please take the tea downstairs for me.
Come along Rama. They're waiting for you downstairs.
Vir Singh, won't you show the king our gardens?
Come, Sire. - Come, my dear.
Please sit down, sire. Come with me, Devdhar.
Is tea made like this here? - Not really. I'll make you another.
My aunt says if one takes black tea, one's skin gets darker.
I'm dark anyway. But since you're so fair-skinned...
you mustn't be drinking tea at all.
Are you pulling my leg, or do you really mean it?
I really mean it. - Then. That's fine.
Please hurry up with your questions. Then I'll go.
I don't want to ask anything.
Hey, listen, will you? - Let her go. She's feeling shy.
You only tell me something about her then.
You must be knowing her well. Isn't it so?
I hardly got a chance to do that. But yes...
I can say that she's very innocent. She's a very nice girl.
As pure as a dew-drop. Clean, and delicate.
Her bare feet have never touched the floor. Cherish her, please.
That's my humble request to you.
Okay Mom, we're going for an evening walk.
Do what you like. Why ask me?
I'm not asking, but telling!
Why are you shy? Come on... Wow!
See, Mom? A film star.
O Lord! The father recites Vedas and she dresses up like this!
You still have some time, so go to the Mansion and pay your respects.
To the Mansion.
My respects, Sir. I'm going back, so I thought I'd seek your blessings.
Sir, you're still angry with me. I did apologise that day itself.
It's nothing like that.
When are you going? - This afternoon.
My brother's upstairs Go and meet him.
I'm leaving, Monorama. - So go. Who's stopping you?
What is it? Are you angry? - Who am I to get angry?
You care only for Radha. And now that she's gone, why care about me?
Big deal! Why are you standing? Why don't you leave?
What's the matter? Why are you at swords with him?
Look at him with his luggage! He could attend Radha's wedding...
He had no work then. But now, he's very busy when I'm getting married!
Tell him to go, else he'll miss his train. And let me tell you now...
I'm not getting married! And that ends the matter.
Very stubborn girl indeed! If you can stay, then do so.
There are many odd jobs to do at a wedding. You can help too.
Well... Okay, Sir. - There! He's staying back.
Now swallow your anger! Makes much ado over nothing!
I was leaving because, finally, I wasn't feeling too happy here.
Because Radha left, isn't it? But I'm here to entertain you.
It's just for 7 days. You can go, when I'll leave.
If you say so!
You're so nice! No wonder I love you so!
"You're not to come again in these lanes and this citadel"
"Because I'm going away now, and there's nobody here for you"
"Take colourful memories with you and also the sorrow and mirth"
"Because now I'm going away and there's nobody here for you"
"My arms are full of bangles, and the green ones suit me well"
"Your bangles, and mine meet, they're like friends now"
"Your henna has brought colour..."
"Which you applied on my palms so beautifully"
"But why these tears in your eyes? You too will get married one day"
"Tell the clouds in the rainy season that I live elsewhere now"
"Because I'll be going away now, and there's nobody here for you"
"O, Mother, come and hug me. Because I'm going to my in-laws now"
"I'll be leaving my childhood in your courtyard and leaving"
"Tomorrow the sun will rise, and the birds will sing too"
"You'll see everything else, but you won't see me"
"Wrap me in your sari-end..."
"Because I'm going away now. And you won't have anybody here"
"But don't you forget me though I'm going for from you"
"Keep my impish image in your eyes, friend"
"When you hear the music, and get an empty feeling..."
"Then think that I'm being taken away in my flower-decked palanquin"
"She had danced for a while, used to laugh and sing too"
"For I'm going away now, and there's nobody here for you"
"These lanes and this mansion... Don't you come here again"
"For I'll be going away soon. And you don't have anybody here"
His father couldn't kill a fly... and he's out hunting!
But where's my wife? - In hell.
Must be in some corner. Go find her.
Sweetmeat... flowers.
Why are you so sad?
Rama's getting married. I want to go.
Go? But I'll be very unhappy.
I won't go alone. You'll come too! - I'll have to go too?
Really? Okay.
5 minutes. - Only 5 minutes?
I get it!
Heavens! He's gulping the entire milk again! Just like his father!
You, Radha? You've come now? I wrote so many letters to you!
Take it easy... I'll be a mom soon. - Really? Come with me.
How's life with the Baldy'? - He takes me to the movies...
dines me and in the evenings we go for walks...
My word is his command! But yes he does trouble me at night.
Trouble you? In what way?
When your Prince will do the same to you, you'll know what I mean.
Explain. What does he do? - What all men do!
What do they do?
He's a mouse during the day, but a night, he becomes a tiger!
He gulps a liter of milk, and then makes trouble for me!
This milk is a curse to us girls. - I'm really getting nervous.
What does he do then? - Throws me on the bed!
Then he whispers sweet nothings and seduces.
Runs his fingers through my hair...
Then? - Then he kisses me!
Then? - Then this! One gets pregnant!
O God! I just won't allow him to drink milk!
"Straight from his heart, I came to this"
"But my trouble is... that I bought trouble here"
"Those who one meets often, make a home in one's heart"
"But the one's who're near, yet so far, are remembered the most"
"Was it love..."
"Was it love, or was it something else?"
"Neither you know, nor I. Whether it was love..."
"Was it an error of the eyes? Not your fault, nor mine"
"Was it love, or something else?"
"May yours be the bed of roses, And may you have a long life"
"I was busy blessing you..."
"But neither you knew it, nor l"
"Was it love, or something else?"
"Neither you knew, nor l"
"Was it our error of the eyes..."
"But it's neither your fault, nor mine"
"Was it love, or something else?"
"By wishing you all the joys I'm going a defeated man"
"Was this an illusion? But neither you know it, nor l"
"Was it love, or something else?"
I always thought it'll be a lucky girl who'll wed my brother-in-law.
But after seeing you, I now know it's he who's lucky.
Flatter her now! And then repent at leisure!
Don't try to talk me out of it!
First give me my present, and then step in here!
I'll take bangles studded with gems... this thick!
Dear sis-in-law, you're a nut! Of all the things you asked for that?
Had you asked for something even more precious, you'd have got it!
But never mind. Ask for it now.
No, I won't ask anything from you I'll ask from Him, who blesses all.
May you have a long life.
Come inside, why stand outside? And remember, brother-in-law...
She has to go back to her father tomorrow, so let her have some sleep.
Also, I've kept some milk there. Drink it before it gets cold.
What's the matter?
Will you really drink that milk? - You had said tea darkness the skin.
Does milk also do something?
I'm not an idiot. I know everything. You'll drink milk and then pester me.
Who told you I'll pester you? - My friend Radha told me.
Her Badly' drinks milks, and then pesters her like mad!
But I'm not bald. Look!
Enough! Don't make excuses. Promise you won't take the milk.
And that you won't pester me too! - Okay, I won't do that either.
Not like this. Touch me and then promise.
I vow for your sake, but, I was scared to touch you actually.
Because I may soil you. It'll be my loss, not yours.
You won't understand. Now rest. You must be tried.
Don't you trust me?
I can't believe my own luck. Do I deserve a nice wife like you?
So sweet, beautiful and innocent.
I must've done something good. Isn't it?
I've brought you some tea. I'll take it back if you say so.
Bless you. Looks as though you both stayed up all night.
Hope he didn't pester you too much. - I slept off the moment I got here.
If he pestered me while I slept, I wouldn't know.
What could I do? She made me take a vow.
And didn't you yourself say she was a delicate doll?
Had a piece of her come off I'd have been in trouble!
You are great! You should've been born in the age of the saints!
Why make a noise about it? We have a lifetime ahead after all.
True, but now, her brother's downstairs to take her.
Have your tea and get ready. I'll set the breakfast.
Why did you tell her about the vow?
Don't make me vow the next time and I won't tell her.
Angry? - Then what?
I'm coming the day after to collect you. Okay?
Easy does it. I'm pregnant too now.
I wanted to ask Dev what to name the child.
He's gone back.
But what nonsense are you talking? You got married just yesterday...
and how come you're pregnant today?
The fact is I don't want to go.
Who'll leave such a beautiful sis-in-law behind?
My brother beat me to it, else I was going to marry you.
When I came here as a bride, you couldn't tie your pyjamas!
Can I now? - What! Rascal! You tease me?
It's been 13 days now. They haven't bothered to enquire.
Could've sent a message at least. - Those who've lost their dear son...
must be cursing their luck, and rue the day they approved the girl!
Do you have any sense, or not? Couldn't you come and cut her hair?
I won't have my hair cut.
You'll have to have them cut, dear. - But why?
Why aren't you coming down?
You can't wear these now, dear.
Where were you? Why take so long to come down?
Mom! I won't let them cut my hair... I won't!
Won't cut my hair indeed! Want to dress up as a bride then?
Were all these widows fools to have had their heads shaven?
Did I become a widow on purpose? - Listen to her!
What will happen if she has it shaved later?
You may not know it.
But when something does happen, you'll have to hide your faces!
We have to follow our family customs.
What nonsense you talk! The times have changed.
What calamity will befall us if she doesn't shave her head?
No calamity befell us when your mother had her head shaved!
Why didn't you oppose then? - That was different. She was older.
And it's not necessary that we keep on repeating our mistakes.
If you don't follow the customs, you'll be an outcast!
I don't care!
Rama's hair will not be cut! - Okay, if that's how you feel...
why did you call us here? To listen to your lecture?
Do what you like! Let's go.
Wasted your time too! - No...
Don't do this. Please sit. I apologise on their behalf.
And it'll be done as you say. Please sit down.
Let's see who stops this ritual! When they all ostracize us...
what about our next generation? Nobody will wed them!
Will you go and sit quietly, there, or do I drag you?
What are you staring at, woman? Make her sit there.
Now what's wrong with you? What difference does it make to you?
Uncle, please...
Oh God! What's all this? What are you doing?
Such beautiful hair! How can you cut it?
Hey, your ladyship. What nonsense you talk!
She's right. This lovely hair will cause trouble later.
I don't believe in all this.
Don't feel bad, but Rama, is not your daughter now.
She's our daughter-in-law! The day she took her marriage vows...
this house became alien to her. Whatever's to be done, I'll do it!
I've come to take her. Goodbye. - To hell with these present times.
Come and eat something, dear. Don't stand and stare! Bring it in.
You've taken your time as it is! Hurry up with your milk, son.
Else your aunty will get angry. Won't you? Drink it up.
What will be the menu today? - I don't know. Ask her.
But, I don't know anything. - Then learn.
I've done my bit till now. Now you take over and I'll retire.
Here are the keys, of all the cupboards, and the safe.
The rest of the work Phuloo will explain to you.
No, don't cry my dear. - No... I can't manage this.
Let me exist in some corner. Don't worry about me.
I'm not doing anything. I can't!
But yes, I'll say this much. This is your home. You're its mistress.
You'll rule the roost. But take a hold an yourself, Rama.
You have your whole life before you. And you have to live it.
Take a hold on yourself. Control yourself, my dear.
You cheat, eh? I'll show you. Where will you run? Got you!
I don't like going to these functions, but we're so close to them...
I've no choice but to attend. My husband's not here either...
else I'd have served him food and gone. I'll do it, don't worry.
Don't trouble your Aunty now. - In fact, I take care of her.
When there's nobody in the house, I'm the only male member here.
You jabber too much! Okay then, I'll go now.
I'm scared, Aunty. You sleep here and don't leave me alone.
Princes don't get scared. But come...
My dear queen... - You?
Yes, Guddu was feeling scared so I slept with him here.
I thought it was my wife. - Never mind. She has gone out...
and she'll come late. Shall I serve you your dinner?
No. You better go now.
Do you want something? - No no. I just came to say...
So what if Narendra is dead? I'm still alive. His elder brother.
Please don't worry about anything.
You have lovely hair... And you're lovelier too.
Please let go of my hair. It's hurting me.
Let it hurt a little now, and you'll be happy forever!
Don't worry. Nobody will say a word. Narendra was my younger brother.
What's the difference between us? You can look upon me as a husband.
Yes! It's a practiced custom too. Come...
Guddu! Guddu!
Aunty! Where are you?
Aunty! Open the door!
Open the door, Aunty.
No! No!
Aunty, why don't you answer me?
Mother... it's Aunty...
What had happened to you? Why were you screaming?
Mom, see what's wrong with her. She was screaming loudly.
I want to go back home.
Yes. I made a great mistake in bringing you here.
We woman are always told, that a husband is God!
Even if he treats his wife as a door mat, or property!
If I say a word against my husband my tongue will fall off!
But I'll say one thing...
that within these high castings and marble walls...
is a state of rot!
It's suffocating in here!
But I've to lie here and die too! I don't have the guts to leave...
nor any place to go to!
But you still have a home, you can go to, at anytime you like.
So go! Go back to your parents.
Go! Go back, I say!
Who has come? - It's Rama, Sir.
Mom... I won't go back there again. - Why not? You went pretty haughtily.
What happened now? And what about your sis-in-law?
Doesn't she have the etiquettes to leave you here herself?
She sends you with servants? - What nonsense!
Does one talk to one's daughter. Who has come home like this?
It's easy to say, but it's difficult to take care of a widow.
Returned you like a counterfeit coin in a few days, didn't she?
Where are you going that side? - Upstairs to her room of course.
Her room is not upstairs any more.
She'll stay below, as your mother had!
Go and mind your duties out there. Don't interfere in womanly matters!
We'll follow our traditional customs.
Open the room down here, somebody...
I'm feeling very scared. Tell me what happened actually.
Tell me... please.
What shall I tell you, Mom?
My brother-in-law came to me at night...
And he... forced himself on me...
Don't say anything further.
I suspected this.
Don't you dare mention this to anyone. Did you hear? Don't say a word.
You don't know these aristocrats. They have their noses in the air.
They'll shoot that rascal dead, and the rest of the bullets...
No, my dear, no! There'll be corpses all over the place.
Seal your lips, dear child, Seal them!
Dev, you? - You've changed completely Radha.
How are you? - I'm fine. How are you both?
We're all well.
Please come in.
Where's your luggage? - I didn't bring it.
I'm going back today itself.
You remembered me after ages, and, you won't even stay for a few days?
Come, sit down. - It's not that, Radha.
Actually I was feeling very uneasy for quite some time now.
I couldn't stand it any more, so I thought I'd come to see you.
Dev? - Yes.
Who else would I ask about Rama, except you?
I shouldn't have meddled. You both may have got married.
No, in fact it was very timely. She was rich, and I...
I couldn't have given her the perks her husband can give her.
How is he? Well, I hope?
Rama is happy, isn't she? They are happy together, aren't they?
Oh Dev... Dev...
Tell me the truth, for my sake! What's the matter?
How do I tell you? But I'll have to break your heart.
On the 4th day after her marriage, your Rama was widowed, Dev!
Where're all your slippers, Rama? - Which ones, Dev?
Those finely embroidered, delicate ones?
Don't cry... Please don't cry.
I had so many hopes and dreams... but everything is shattered now...
Everything is taken away. - Don't say that.
Everything will be fine.
Tell me, how are your studies? Did you get your Ph. D?
No. I didn't finish my thesis.
You mustn't have concentrated. - I couldn't.
Because there was nobody to scold you!
You should've thought of me. I'll go now. I can't eat after sunset.
I haven't eaten either. Won't you invite me?
Will you come? Good! I won't have to eat alone.
Chef! - Yes, my dear?
Dev will eat here. Send one "Thali".
Only one? You haven't eaten either, Rama.
I cook before I go to the temple. There's no time when I return.
Doesn't the cook, cook for you? - He has other chores too.
And I have lots of spare time. Thought I'd cook my own food.
It'll pass my time at least. Come.
Where are you going?
Your room's upstairs.
No. I stay in this room now. Easier to go to the temple. Come in.
You live like this?
Chef, send the pudding please. - Let me take this thali first.
Who has come? - Devdhar, Ma'am.
He's sitting with Rama.
I've kept the dinner, dear. Please take it.
Why didn't he bring it in? Must be pressed for time. Sit.
Eat. - And you?
I'll eat later. Please carry on.
How are you, Devdhar?
My respects. - Sit down.
You eat with him too. - But Mom...
You eat once a day anyway...
And if the sun sets, you'll miss that one meal too.
You eat this stuff? - Aunty says it's good for widows.
It keeps our minds at peace, and it doesn't induce bad thoughts.
So that a person becomes a corpse. That's why this food is served!
Listen. There's pudding tonight.
Shall I get you some? - No, Mom.
Why not? Better to eat openly, than to sneak and eat.
God knows why these widows are so shrewd!
One doesn't leave a meal half-way. It's an insult to the Goddess.
Aren't the living being insulted?
Why did you learn to? Why?
You're doing atrocity and injustice to yourself. It's a sin...
to do atrocity and to bear it. You are committing a sin!
Everybody is against me, Dev. You too made me cry and went away?
I can't bear to see you live like this. I've hurt you. Forgive me.
But I just can't see anyone die under the burden of false customs.
No, I just can't.
Yes? - Angry with me.
But can't you forgive? - Okay.
Not like this. Yesterday I had insulted the Goddess of food...
Today I'd like to make amends with you.
Don't bother.
But I'll be in a flap. I had told my Aunt I'd bring you for lunch.
You know I eat what I cook myself. - Yes, she too has cooked it herself.
No Dev. I eat just once a day.
Listen, don't eat in the evening. You didn't eat yesterday, did you?
The truth now. Did you eat? - No. But why don't you understand?
They'll all wait for me at home. - Nobody'll even give you a thought!
Your mother may get upset, so I've told her before hand. Come.
You're being very stubborn! - Because you've stopped being so!
Yes, Radha's husband was here, but he insisted on going back.
I told him to stay back, but who listens? Oh, come, Aunty.
I don't eat all this, Aunty. - It's nothing much, my dear.
I don't mean that. I... - There's no chilly in it. Honestly.
Look, I'll show you.
Now, you eat. - No, Dev.
Will you eat, or, do I force it down your throat?
You can bite me if you wish, I'll take those 14 injections!
No, please. - Aunty!
Keep that black balm ready.
Rama will bite me first and then, bandage my hand for me. Yes?
What's this? You ended up crying while laughing?
I had forgotten how to laugh. Why remind me and make me cry?
Don't do this.
You've totally forgotten how to laugh, or smile even.
Smile, dear. Your smile will spread like dew over flowers.
Try it once. Billions of flowers will burst into glory.
Smile... go on.
"The bee made the flower bloom, and the prince took the flower away"
"Don't forget to tell the flower, that may she live long"
"The bee made the flower bloom, but the prince took the flower away"
"Don't forget to remind her, that she's neither here, nor there"
"Joys and sorrows come and go"
"There's no hunger for joy, nor worry about the sorrow..."
"when love takes over, joys and sorrows come and go"
"Meera drank poison, but love turned it into elixir"
"Saint Kabir sings away in glory of love..."
"Joys and sorrows, come and go"
"Don't forget to tell the flower, that let bygones be bygones"
"No... Don't..."
"Among the innocent blooming flowers the bumble-bee buzzes..."
"why does he disturb their sleep?"
"One flower among millions has made them all bloom"
"and smile ever so sweetly"
"Why disturb the sleeping?"
"Don't forget to remind the flower, that her honey is no more sweet..."
"The bee made the flower bloom but the prince took it away!"
"Don't forget to tell the flower how beautiful and simple it is"
Damn it! A widow! God knows what's in store for me.
They were telling us to get our widows remarried.
But now that their own daughter is a widow, they're all quiet.
And whom did they get? A priest's orphaned nephew.
Weren't we around for her?
Shh! - Where is he?
They are not fancy. Look.
What are you doing? Go away. People are staring. Let me go.
Wear these and then go.
Wear them. Don't break your lover's heart. He's doing a good deed.
The priest has taught him this!
Hurry up and wear them. - There's a limit to stubbornness too.
What nonsense is this? - Don't pretend, dear priest.
Don't tell us that you don't know what your city-bred nephew's up to!
Blacken his face, make him sit on and ass, back to front...
and take him round the town. He'll come on his senses then!
That's a good remedy. But can you tell me the cause?
How innocent he is! - Don't you know she's a widow?
Can anyone tell me why blame a girl if she becomes a widow?
The sun doesn't refuse her light. The flowers offer her their scent.
Nature doesn't change her rules for anyone. Then why do people...
compel her to walk bare footed, eat inedible food, sleep on a mat?
Why can't she laugh, be happy... - Fall in love, get married.
Yes, why not? Will the sky fall? - What nonsense you talk, Dev?
It's a sin for widows to even think of love and marriage! Lmmoral!
When you got your only daughter married to a man twice her age...
whose wife had died recently, didn't you see sin, immorality in it?
Double standards, eh uncle? Different codes for men and women, eh?
Talk about yourself! Will you wed her, or is she a sister?
Why, isn't there any other relation besides these two you mentioned?
Tell us about that too. - What was their relation? Your Gods.
Had Krishna married Radha, or, did he look to her as a sister?
You abuse Gods and their consorts? Bash him up!
Hit him! Hit him! - You dare touch him!
I'll kill each one of you!
Let them be. It's not their fault.
Whoever has loved truly in this world has been treated like this.
Those who don't understand love, how can they know divine love?
They only know man-made relations.
Husband, lover, brother, father, pal...
Love means much more than these relationships.
He's talking sense.
Having a good time is different. But ask him, will he marry a widow?
Yes I will marry Rama.
Yes, I'll make you mine. - No, I'll survive somehow.
I can endure sorrow, insults, and even taunts. But not your pity.
I'm not pitying you. I love you.
And I always have. The day I saw you off as a bride.
The day I removed the thorn from your foot, and today, even now.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself? I had trusted you.
You've killed that trust. Don't even show me your face. Leave this place.
Listen to me at least, Rama. - Rama is dead to you!
We've nothing to do with each other. It's all over!
Get me some poison, dear. And when I die, step on my chest...
...and then do what you like! I won't stop you.
I haven't done anything like that. Do you believe these people?
I haven't done anything.
I've said what I wanted to. Now it's up to you.
May I say something? Don't you love Dev?
Tell me the truth. Don't you really love him?
You too, Mom?
I know you better than yourself! I'm your mother, dear.
The fact is, you do love him. You know it, but you won't admit it.
Because he's a poor orphan, and you, a daughter of a rich aristocrat.
Who is taught just this!
Duty, conduct, morals, social norms, purity!
And by getting confused by such heavy words...
you too have begun to believe that you've no right to be happy!
How long will you avoid the truth?
I ask you, you think of him while, sleeping...
when awake, sitting and standing...
Infact, every breath you take rings with Dev, Dev, Dev.
If this isn't love, then what is it? It's simply love, my dear. Love.
"You weren't destined to be mine then why do I wait for you?"
"I loved you yesterday, I love you even now"
"I've realised what love is, today I love you"
"Till yesterday you waited for me, Today I wait for you"
"Maybe you aren't meant for me"
"Why did my eyes dream of love?"
"I had asked joy from you, but you didn't even give your sorrows to me"
"You didn't even give your sorrows to me"
"Life has become a burden now. Neither I live, nor I die"
"I loved you yesterday, I love you even now"
"Maybe you weren't destined for me"
"Now love ties will not be broken"
"They'll have to be nurtured like yesterday, you'll have to remove..."
"all thorns from my path. The thorns of sorrow..."
"Which I hope I don't find in my joy, for shadows of sorrow scare me"
"Till yesterday you waited for me. Today I wait for you"
"I think I've realised what love is..."
"My dear heart, no leisure... I'll drown in your love"
"I do want to meet you so! For my world is so sad... come!"
"This is what is known as love... Every moment"
"I remember you day and night and I wait for you eagerly"
"May be you're not destined for me. Then why do I wait for you?"
"I loved you even yesterday"
"I love you even now"
"I love you very much"
"I too love you very much"
Love, romance mean nothing to you. But when will you tire of lust?
To ruin women is a right to you. But I've freedom to one at last.
What do you want to say? - That boy adores your daughter.
Get your daughter settled again. Get her married to that boy.
Who is that bastard? Tell me, else I'll kill you!
Why are you hitting my nephew? Please don't hit him.
Go somebody... Go and call my husband.
What's this your doing? Please stop. I beg you.
Sir, what's going on? Do you want to kill him?
Tell your nephew that if he wishes to live, he should leave by tonight.
You've punished me, Sir. Won't you tell me my crime?
Of course, so that the whole village comes to know what happens...
when someone plays around with an aristocratic girl.
You're lying! You didn't come here for your daughter's reputation.
You've come here to live up to your false pride and position!
When people refer to her as a widow and turn their faces away... doesn't hurt your pride.
But when I wanted to give her a little respect, it got your guts!
Do you know how she exists in that dark dungeon in your house?
That's our personal matter. - No, it isn't.
Because all these inhuman practices start from rich families like yours!
And then they become customs and spread in entire society.
Tie him behind the jeep, drag him to the outskirts and dump him.
When he becomes an invalid, he'll know the consequences...
for having abused our old traditions and customs.
Enough, Sir! How can you talk of customs and traditions?
That day, when Rama's horoscope was to be matched for marriage...
you had cast aside social norms and forced me to make a new one.
Did you really do a fake one? - He had forced me to make one.
Is the priest telling the truth?
Why don't you say something?
We'll talk about this with the priest in our local-court.
Change your rotten rules, sir. Time is flying past.
You cannot stop the speed of time, with your hands, Sir.
You bitch! I'll cut you open if you step out of this room.
What's the matter? What has she done?
She's going around with Devdhar. - We just skinned him alive!
Devdhar? - And she's asking what she's done?
Today I had to approach those small people because of her!
You, sire? - And so unexpectedly?
Well... - I called him.
You didn't even confer with me? - Was it necessary even now?
Pack Rama's bags. He has come to take her.
She'll die. She won't survive.
Dev is a good boy. He loves her. She too loves him.
Why not get them married?
What! You're not in your senses. Go away from here!
You've forgotten your position, and you're talking as a mother now.
Yes, I am her mother. But aren't you her uncle too?
And Dev has openly declared that he'll marry Rama.
How dare he! Anybody there?
Call Kishanlal at once!
I fed a snake! But if I can feed him, I can crush him too!
Of course you can! Because he's poor, a nobody, from a weak society.
Kill him because he tried to bring light in Rama's dark world.
But what did you about him, who raped your innocent niece?
What! - Yes!
What did you do about that king Virendra Pratap...
who raped my daughter!
Your brother is entertaining him, because he's from a rich family.
You won't touch him either. Send her with That Vir Pratap Singh.
Send her with that butcher, even if he tears her to pieces!
Listen. Anger and hate can only worsen the matter.
But think carefully, before you take any step.
Why? Haven't they done enough? Do they want to kill him?
Tell him, Dev will not come. - Wait Kishanlal. I'll come.
Where are you going? - To the Thakurs.
Heavens! A man whose very name brings darkness everywhere...
can only mean ill-omen.
Don't go. - What nonsense.
Electricity always fluctuates. A village after all. Don't worry.
It'll come soon. Let's go.
Come in Devdhar. I'm sitting right here.
Respects, Sir.
Sir, you, in this darkness?
I want to talk to you. Good it's dark in here.
Sit down.
Is there any truth in what I'm hearing about you and my niece?
Yes. I love her.
Knowing that she's a widow!
When I returned from the city, I had paid my respects to you.
Not because you are elderly, but, because I realised your greatness.
That day you were telling a man, to get his widowed daughter remarried.
That was different. We live with double-standards.
Some rules for them, and other for us! It's all a facade.
But our widows don't remarry.
Then may I go? - Sit down!
I haven't finished speaking as yet.
It's a fact that I can't let her remarry. So here's what I suggest.
Elope with her!
Sir? - Yes Dev.
We'll curse her forever that she humiliated her family name.
But we'll save our pride. Don't worry. I'll arrange it for you.
But nobody should come to know of it.
Nobody will know, sir. But... I won't elope with her.
Yes, because it's not a question of just Rama and myself.
It's a battle against age-old wrong customs and traditions!
Which has spread like cancer in our society, sir.
If Rama ever becomes a bride, it'll be with your blessings.
You'll sit her in a bridal palaquin and bid her goodbye. Then she'll go.
This is a battle of principles, Sir. No compromise in this.
There'll be either a total loss in it, or victory!
May God give you victory, and let the defeat be ours!
What are you saying? You mean he dared to soil our reputation?
No, it's not what I mean. The whole village is on Dev's side.
Don't worry. Let alone the village, but even God can't save him now.
I've seen to it all. Tonight, we'll dump his body in such a place...
that even crows and kites won't be able to find it!
You? And at this time?
You love me very much, don't you? Tell me.
I may have hurt your feelings, but frankly, I love you very much.
I also love you very much! But we're so unlucky...
to realise it so very late. I beseech you with that very love.
Please leave this village and go.
What are you saying? - I've heard it with my own ears.
They'll kill you. So before they come, go away from here.
No, I won't leave you here and go. - Don't worry about me.
I'm ruined as it is. I married and then became a widow.
You know all this. But you don't know that later on, I was raped.
I was raped mercilessly.
Stale, trampled flowers are not offered to Gods.
I'm not worthy of you now.
Do you think this insignificant reason is enough to erase my love?
I'm not asking to erase it. But listen to me and go back!
I will go back. But after I marry you. Not before.
Okay. As you wish.
Here you are. I'm married now.
What's this? - You're my husband.
Now I beg you, as a wife, to leave this village.
Please go, Dev. Please go!
Oh Dev! My body, and soul... Every breath I take, is yours.
Please listen to me. I've been widowed once before.
Don't make me a widow again.
What's the matter? - They're beating up Devdhar.
Come on men...
Let me go!
This is our Rama!
Stop it! Stop it! Ramlal, stop it!
Stop everybody! Stop!
Take all these asses and throw them on that Thakur's doorstep!
Let them know, that villagers will not tolerate atrocities!
That's all very well, but this action was not a wise one.
My dear, forgive me. But go home.
It's not proper for us to trouble to these simple folks.
We'll also leave this place, this very moment.
How many times will you shift?
Shifting from place to place doesn't change these rotten rules.
The caste system is not erased. Somebody has to fight this system.
Folks, I've nothing against you. But If I do have...
it's against this bastard here. Who has lived off our money...
and forgotten his real status. And also against this slut here.
Who has dared to step out even after being told not to!
Mind your language, Sir.
She's not your daughter now. She's my wife!
You've no right to abuse her.
You slut! By marrying this lowly, orphan boy, you've spat on me!
I shall kill you for this first!
Great! You kill an innocent, and talk of respectability, eh?
Go on, look within yourself! Have you left alone any woman here?
You picked, and disrobed them at will. If you'd have your way...
You'd do the same to your own daughter!
Stop! Stop!
You murderer! Stop killing them. You have a bone to pick, with me.
Take me and vent your hatred.
Take them, and torch them alive! Let these people see...
...that we don't change justice even with our own relatives.
What nonsense you talk! She may not be a daughter to you.
But she's the daughter-in-law, of our family.
Kill that rascal, who's the root of all this clash.
Now, only my decision will be upheld!
My men have surrounded your men on horse backs.
If Rama gets singed slightly even, you and your men will writhe!
You called me to take her away. And I'll do that, at any cost.
Kill these loyal curs of the Thakur!
Leave me alone!
Save me, Dev!
He's the one who raped me.
Riddle him with bullets!
Come on men, get them! See that nobody escapes.
You bastard! Son of a bitch!
You dare lift your...
You, sir?
Even God will not forgive the sin you committed.
A man who doesn't look upon his elder sis-in-law as a mother...
and the younger one, as a sister, deserves to die!
Dear brother, if only your eyes had opened at the right time.
If only...
Dev was wright in saying that all these dirty and wrong customs...
start in the homes of the rich. All this... is due to that.
And because I'm also a part of it, the law will punish me too.
Uncle... No! No!
Don't, my dear. Everything will be fine.
Come, son.
Take her. Cherish her.
Dev, you won, and I lost.
P S 2004
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