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Hold on. Hold on.
Come on. Stay with me.
.Tell mewhere it hurts. .Just help me.
.Where does it hurt? .I'm holding my stomach.
.Where? .What?
.Where?What side? .Here.
.Sarah. .Pain, left side abdomen.
.Any bleeding? .No bleeding.
.Impact? -What do you mean?
.Didsomeone hit him? .I don't know.
.You need to make the call. .I'm callingyou.
Acute pain on left side. Make the call.
I'm goingwith ruptured appendix.
.How much money was on this? .Twenty dollars.
Sorry, Steve. It's hisspleen.
.Shit. .Spleen.
.Appendix is on the... .Right side. I Know.
I don't need these games.
I've got real emergencies. Real patients.
.You didn't ask if I'd been hit. .Just die already.
Someonewas nice enough to take over your shift.
And I didn't even call today to say how much I miss you.
Now I amsick.
I' m getting at 2a.m. isthat too iate to caii?
Maybe I'lljust say I'llsee you when Isee you.
I love you.
.Sosweet I got to pee! .Shut up.
Seriously, I've got to take aleak.
.O. C. C. C.? .You got me.
Oregon CounciI of...
Orthopedic Catastrophe Coalition.
CounciI of Cookie Cutter... Cookie Cutter Committee.
Official Committee for Central Cunnilingus.
.Yousaw that too, right? .I did.
That was likewalking into abeer commercial.
You are going to pee, thenwe are going to go.
Oregon College Cheerleading Championship.
As good as that may sound, westill have to get back!
This has the makings of abad porn movie but in a goodway.
Take apiss, thenwe're gonnaleave.
I am gonnapiss...
we have two beers, and thenwe leave.
.Steve! .Patrick!
What? Please.
One beer.
I've been trying to figure out your ailment.
But your symptoms keep changing. What is it?
.Why are yousowound up? .Iwork harder than anybody.
You thumb through the text book and get it in aweek.
School isn't to be excelled at. It's to be endured.
Come on! Look aroundyou.
God has dropped alittle piece of heaven in your lap.
Let your mindwander. Give it arest.
.Havesome fun. .I have fun.
.You just think you do. .That's your opinion.
.Are you a judge? .What?
Are you a judge?
Next time you get asked that, say yes.
Your friend's got teamspirit.
It looks like it, doesn't it?
Are you a judge?
Are you a cheerleader?
Do I look like a fucking cheerleader?
You look likesomething. Not a cheerleader, but...
Each to his own. Nice talking to you.
Am I blushing?
I've never been put in my place like that before.
.Should Islap you or... .Or what?
.I'mAmber. .Steve.
You're not alocal. Andyou told me you're not a judge.
Andyou don't look like a fem boy that cheerswith the girls.
So I'm gonnalet you tell mewho you are.
I'm a doctor. I'm astudent.
Me and my buddy, we're coming down for this conference in...
I don't want to be that guy tonight.
Good, because he wasstarting to bore me.
He'sstarting to bore me too.
Steve. It is Steve, right?
I've got something I'd like to show you.
What do youwant toshow me?
.It's amole. .A mole?
Or maybe abirthmark. I'm not sure.
If Ishow you in here, we could get arrested.
It'd put me at ease if I got a thorough examination.
Why don't youshow me where it hurts?
What are doctors driving these days?
Check out the Mustang over there.
.That's nice. .Thanks.
Come on, doctor.
It's right here.
Can yousee it?
.I don't see it. .Youshould look closer.
I can't do this. I can not do this.
Trust me. Iwant to very badly but...
I lovesomeone.
It's the one thing I know I'm doing right.
.I know that sounds corny. .No, it doesn't.
You're very sweet. She's a very lucky girl.
I'm really sorry.
No, I'msorry. I'm really sorry.
.Didyou mean that? .What?
.That he'ssweet and all. .Eat shit, Bo.
.Did he touch your cooch? .Just get hiswallet.
You let them touch you alittle more each timewe do this.
Like you're getting off on thisshit.
And like hurting them doesn't get you hard.
If you disrespect me again in front of one of these Johns...
I'm going toshow youwhat gets me real hard.
You are one pretty boy.
If I'd known you were thisscrumptious...
I'd have let you bump upwith my girljust to be nice.
Tell me you know which car is his.
Good girl. Meet me at my truck.
I'm gonnaplay cowboyswith...
Steven J. Hillman of San Francisco, California.
We've never done anyone from the Gay bay.
This is arare occasion.
.Just leave him. .That isstrike!
Don't make mesendyou back to the miners.
What do yousay, you and I go play in the forest?
.Why are you doing this? .Why?
Because it's fun.
You're gonnalove this.
I used to play thiswith my Dad every Saturday.
I'm real close to my f ather. I've got hang ups like Katmandu.
I love my Daddy.
I tell him everyday. Give his tired old ass abig old hug.
Very touching.
That was pretty bold for you. Therewe go.
Whenwe used to do this we used asquirt gun.
.This isway more fun. .What are you doing?
Don't move. You're gonnalove this, Iswear.
Damn it, Bo.
I'm having a good night. Usually I clip a guy after a fewshots.
Oh, that's good.
Please don't kill me. Take everything, I don't care.
Been there. Done that.
My dad used to naiI me right in the eye.
My dadwas a dead on aim.
Drew from the back. Less of areach.
Me, I prefer, the front load approach.
Yousay draw, partner.
Say draw. Say draw!
Oh, my God!
.What didyou do! .I didn't do this.
Hewasshooting at me.
.4.18 -4-18 go ahead.
Officer down.
-What'syour twenty? .You're a cop!
I'm in thewoods behind Charlie's Place.
Please don't kill me.
I'm going to killyou?
Remember me? I'm the guy youwereshooting at.
If you're not gonnakill me, you'd better run.
What are you going to do?
Not me.
Not me. Not me.
I' m just upthe road. I' mon my way.
-Aiiunits, officer down. -Taikto me Bo.
-Any other officersdown? -Wiii advise.
Run, run!
-I' m aroundthe corner. -Roger.
4-18, do you copy? Dispatch for 4-18.
Talk to me, Bo.
I'm in thewoods.
The keys. Shit!
Down herewe have the muscle that bends the leg.
And running all theway along here...
Patrick, we have got to go.
I've had eight tequilashots. You'll have to help me.
.You look likeshit. .We gottaleave now.
.Let me introduce you to Tracy. .We gottaleave.
Keep that chair warm for me.
You'respooking the natives andyou're freaking me out.
Aiiunits, the suspect isSteven Hiiiman.
White maie, aged 25, 173 pounds.
Brown hair and eyes. Wearing abrownshirt and jeans.
-He is armed and dangerous. .Who are they talking about?
Drop it. On the bar. Gently.
Turn that off.
What the hell?
Canwe go home now?
.We didn't shoot anybody. .Drop that weapon.
He killed Charlie.
.Who the hell is he? .Some kind of fearlessshit.
Sheriff, we needyou. Weshot ahostage.
Don't tell me that.
This is gettingweird.
Just put the gun down.
This is allyour f ault. A little piece of heaven, right?
We'll go outside and tell them it was abig mistake.
A local cop blew his balls off in front of me.
He used me for target practice. His girl broke into our car.
Do you know what it feels like to beshot at?
Okay Steve, tell me.
What do youwant to do?
I don't know.
.Get on the ground. .Let them go.
.Let them go. .Take it easy. Relax.
Put your gun down.
What dowe do?
.Freeze! .Go, go. Move it.
Faster, come on girls.
Let the girls go and nobody gets hurt.
Come on.
Get in the car.
Get back.
Amber! Where's Amber?
Stay calm. We needyou tostay conscious.
I don't carewhat it takes you've got tosave my dick.
.I can't livewithout it. .We'll do everythingwe can.
Let go of me.
This is no fleshwound. These are my f amily jewels.
I didn't get this badge knocking up your mamma. Call me Sheriff.
Sorry, Sheriff.
Word is you got your dick blown off with your own gun.
That seems about right. I cansee you doing that.
But at the hands of another man! Say it isn't so.
I don't eat, shit or breath knowingsome guy has my gun.
But you got off lucky.
If that jackass hadn't shot your pecker off...
Iwould've done it myself.
Now he hassixty hostages. He's killed Charlie.
He's got Johnson pinned and Simms pinned behind asquad car.
And all because he got hold of some dumbson of abitch's gun.
.Sheriff. .I can't breathe.
.Call me Sheriff. .Sheriff, please.
.We have to get him to O. R. .Let him bleed.
.What blood group is he? .O negative just like mine.
Two pints. O negative.
.Alright, son. .Sheriff.
You tell me right now. How did all this happen?
He came up behind me and hit mewith abig piece of wood.
.Be quiet, I'm trying to think. .Ladies, calm down.
We're gonnaneedyour help. That's it.
Suspect headingsouth on99. We're in pursuit.
Roger southon99.
He has a car load of hostages. Onewhite male and...
several cheerleaders.
My God!
Why didyou take their tops off?
Two copswon't leave abunch of toplesswomen...
stranded on theside of the road. It'd be barbaric.
We left abunch of topless women on road.
You don't see anyone following us now, do you?
.I amso... .Sowhat?
Iwanted to go home but you had to piss, and then...
Let's talk about and then. Iwas good to go but no...
Mr. swinging dick had left the bar.
Hewas busy outsidewithsome hot blond. For fresh air?
How do I explain this to Sarah?
Wait aminute.
.It's no time for a confession. .She can help us.
.I'll dial it. .Shit!
I need to talk to Steve Hillman.
Put your shotgun down andwe'll talk.
Finewith me. ljust want to talk.
OK. Now let'sstart of friendly. Why don't I come abit closer?
My God!
Out of the car and hands in the air!
.I've got it. Stand down. .Sheriff.
Yes Johnson I'm trying...
We'd have got heresooner, but we had to...
Shut your damn hole!
Alright, son. Let's have our little talk.
Maybe this guy can help.
Only oneway to find out.
What are you...
OK. Keep your hands in the air where I cansee them.
You're just curious, right? You're not gonna unload on him.
It's hard to talk with these guns pointed at me.
Boys, put the guns away.
I mean it, put the guns away.
OK. Nice and easy. Everything is going to be fine.
That gun you've got belongs to my son.
.What? .Bo, deputy Bo Cooper.
He's my son.
Sorry about that.
How is he? Is he alive?
He'll piss through a tube for awhile.
It's the risk you take when you put on the badge.
But Charlie, the barman youshot only had alicense for alcohol.
.I didn't kill him. .I'd like to hear your side.
I didn't shoot your son. He had me up back...
.Hold on, you're his f ather? .Yeah.
Don't move. Get your hands up. Get them up, higher.
Daddy draws from the back. Less of areach.
.How did I know that? .You're inway over your head.
I'm going to give you abreak, if you turn yourself in now.
.Or what? .Or I'm gonnahave to killyou.
This is just abig misunderstanding.
.I'm gonna count to three. One. .Wewere trying to get home.
.Two. .I didn't shoot anybody.
Three. OK.
Get in the car.
Where's he going? Stop! Isaidstop!
Mr. Hillman, I've heard all I care to hear fromyou.
.Get back in the car! .Shit!
Got to go. Come on!
Damn it!
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
.Back to Charlie's place? .I don't know.
It's obvious you don't know what the hellyou're doing.
You've lost it!
If youwanted to make apoint, you could'veshot the girls.
.ljust want tostay alive. .You could've fooled me.
.Go to hell. .We are in hell.
We are dead.
.Come on. .Damn it!
Took my damn gun!
Twenty miles an hour. I could run f aster than this.
Come on.
.Come on! .Alright.
Come on.
Alert the patrolwe need aroadblock on the county line.
.Earthquake preparedness kit! .We may need it.
.Holdstill. .Quick!
You're alright.
Oh yeah, it doesn't get any better than this.
Come on. Watch your shoulder.
You've got to get a tetanusshot.
Don't move.
Lift it out.
Hurry up!
It can't get worse than this.
.Spit it out Simms. .About Johnson, I...
I think lwas the onewho shot him.
.What are you talking about? .The car was passing and I...
Listen to me.
Listen to me Simms, andyou listen good.
You and I are held to ahigher standard than most people.
People have to believe in their protectors and in their country.
.But sir... .Damn it.
You took an oath to enforce the the law and to obey it.
Around here, I am the law.
And I'm tellingyou that you didn't kill him.
Nodyour head and say "yes, sir".
Yes, sir.
It's going to be alright.
Damn it. We're going to be up to our asses in F. B. I. agents.
Give me your weapon.
As f ar as the rest of the world is concerned...
Hillman took both our guns. Understand?
Yes, sir.
.Awful thing, getting killed. .It could beworse.
It'd be awhole lot easier if we could put you under.
Noway. Iwant you to know I'm keeping my eye on you.
I've heardyou guys lop off thewrong leg duringsurgery.
Can I ask you a couple of questions about deputy Cooper?
Are you related to the victim?
.Excuse me. I'm looking for... .Nurse.
In here, baby.
.Hey, Bo. .Come here, darling.
Whatever stuff you've got, you'd better get rid of.
I did it already.
This thing's got out of control. If they find those two boys...
Keep your thinking cap on.
We've got alot of talking to do.
We've gottamakesure that you keep your big mouthshut.
If that doesn't work, we need to makesure that your story...
iswhat Isay happened.
You're hurting me.
No, I'm not. It's just my way of making apoint.
.Arewe on thesame page? .Yes, whatever yousay.
That's good.
Didyou hear about Johnson? He's beenshot and killed.
inOregon, iocai poiice begin their search for Steven Hiiiman.
He is beiieved responsibie for asavage murder spree...
which beganthisevening.
Poiice are stiiisearching, after abioody rampage...
ieavingtwo dead, inciuding a poiice officer.
Deputy Bo Cooper survived, but was ieft seriousiy injured.
.You're hurting me. -Littie is knownof Hiiiman...
but he'ssaidto be armed and extremeiy dangerous.
Reporting iive fromOregon, I' m Jody Marconi, channei 2news.
Take care of him. My shift is over.
.Shit! .What?
The battery 's dead.
Great. Useless.
Iwouldn't say that.
Bite down on this and holdstill.
Thespare key under the car, a first aid kit in the trunk...
Any other day, I'd laugh at your ass.
You're not going to laugh at me.
I've got to tellyou Steve...
for a guy whose life's f alling apart...
You've got your shit together.
You do know I'm all talk, right?
You know that now more than ever.
I've known that for along time.
Get some rest andwe'll move out in alittle bit.
If youshoot anybody, wake me up.
Murder suspect Steven Hiiiman isstiii at iarge...
whiie poiice combthe woods, inwhat is becoming...
one of the iargest manhunts instate history.
Locai authorities have combinedforceswith...
Good morning.
Good morning.
It's a $3OO fine for littering thesewoods. Didyou know that?
No, I didn't know that.
Nature has away of cleaning up dead folks, but all this crap...
I call that trash.
The dung beetles ain't hungering to get at your smelly ass.
.Who are you? .The name's Ollie Parks.
You boys are trespassing on my property.
Isee youstepped on one of my welcome mats.
Do you know whowe are?
Try not to be rude. Do you know whowe are?
I've got a TV.
Show me.
.You're not thesociable type? .I don't aim to be.
What is it with these unibomber types?
One day you f all off the f ashion bus or is it aprerequisite?
.Like manifestowriting1O1. .You go right on joking kid.
The day the government crashes through your windows...
you'llwish you had a guy like me to protect you.
Poiice are stiii iooking for StevenJ.Hiiiman.
Eariier today, deputy Bo Cooper gave a pressconference.
Jody Marconiwasthere.
-He'ssexuaiiy depraved. .What?
My Amber wasthere when iwas shot by this mad man.
-Are you proud of deputy Cooper? -Yes, i am.
if you couidtaikto Hiiiman right now, what wouidyou say?
Watchyour back.
-Harshwords fromthe one man... .There's Sarah at the back.
What'sshe doing here?
What are you doing?
Must be tough.
Talking to all those reporters.
Not exactly how I planned on spending my day.
Must be even more difficult having to lie.
.Who are you? .Steve Hillman is my boyfriend.
.Like you and deputy Cooper. .Sowe're pals now.
Nowe're not. Somewomenwill do anything for the man they love.
Don't holdyour breath.
.Yousaid he attackedyou? .I did.
.Stevewould never do that. .Youseemsure about alot.
If he didn't attack me in the parking lot...
what was he doing out therewith me? Your Steve and me.
You may know his f avorite ice cream and his dreams...
but I knowsomething about your Steve, too.
I know hisskin issalty and his kisses are really dry.
And they 're all over, without beingsloppy.
If youwant to get to the bottom of this, I'llsave you time.
Men areshit, this I know. Excuse me.
Is there aphone in this mess?
You may have me hostage in my own home, but lwon't cooperate.
You're right. He's right.
Right about what?
.What the hell are you doing? .Patrick, trust me.
.You can't let him go. .Trust me.
Sir, I'msorry if lwrongedyou.
I've disrespectedyou on your land and for that I'msorry.
But you need to knowsomething.
My Government haswronged me.
They blame me for something I didn't do.
They have chased me like an animal and tried to kill me.
My rights have been taken away.
Willyou help me?
Are you crazy?
He's going to kill us.
Thiswas a good idea.
Horace, you don't want to do this.
I got a cell.
You guyswant somesoup?
Sorry to intrude, sir. The Feds are here.
Weweresent to lendyou ahelping hand.
I'm Frank Grunick and this is agent Shepherd.
Grab aseat, boys.
We're fixing up that office, you'll besnug in no time.
.Thank you, Sheriff. .Not like I have much choice.
I've alwayswelcomedyou here in the past.
I've even helpedyou catch a few fugitives like that cult leader.
.Andwe appreciate your coop... .This is in my own backyard.
And I like to pull my ownweeds, if I'm making myself clear.
That's our concern.
Our reportsshow asubstantial use of force on your part...
resulting in alot of property damage and not much else.
.Make your point. .You keep missingyour target.
Look, Sheriff.
We're not trying to tell you how to run your show.
Think of us as a cooperative force.
Maybe you can help me hit my target.
Good job.
If your recovery takes too long, we'll have to buy new batteries.
Was that a joke?
Lighten up, let's get your stuff and get out of here.
Youwant to hear something funny?
That was funny. Don't you think?
Pack up the rest of thisstuff before my jokes get dirty.
The profiie of Steven Hiiiman is that of an ideaistudent.
The kind of young manyouwouid take home to meet your parents.
But his actions iast night paint a f amiiiar picture...
of student rage andvioience.
No more livespots untiI somebody else gets tapped.
.Hello, this is Sarah. .Sarah!
Oh my God!
I'msorry I didn't make it home, I tried to call...
...andyou know the rest. .I don't know the rest.
I know what Isee on TV and hear at the hospital.
What happened? I'mscared.
Everything they 'resaying is a lie. I didn't shoot that guy.
Hewas trying to kill me You've got to believe me.
Iwant to.
What can I do?
Thiswhereweshould go. Middle of nowhere.
.Easy to get lost. .This iswhat we need.
We need the kind of protection a national audience can provide.
.Like anews crew? -Yes. We'iiturnourseives in...
but we can't just walk up to local cops.
Ok, where?
It's abridgewhere56 meets Mountain view rd.
-Canyou meet usthere at 4pm? .How willyou clear your name?
By telling the truth, these ass holes aren't crediblewitnesses.
Like Amber? Shewouldn't be credible?
Especially her.
Would it be alie if shesaid she knows how your lips taste?
isthat it?
Sarah, listen.
Iwon't let you down. I'llsee you at 4pm.
-Sarah, piease. .I've got to go.
She knows about Amber.
Maybe going down in ahaiI of bullets is a good idea.
.Awful lot of guns. .Youwant one?
No, I've got two.
Here's a conversation I never thought I'd hear.
We'll get there in no time. Beautiful country up there.
In the 18OO's it used to be a volcano.
People think she'll blow again like Mount St Helen did.
Funny thing about volcanoes.
They start out beautiful, Peaceful, and then...
You never know how much pressure's building up inside.
I think I do.
Sheriff, they 've found the car.
.Where? .Two miles fromwhere...
...they started out. .Two Miles!
I need tospeak with you.
You twoshould get aroom.
.Mount Monroe. .Mount Monroe.
This could be a great story.
.Sowhat do you need? .As f ar as your concerned?
Follow you out to the rendezvous and bring him back in.
.The camerarolls all the time. .That goeswithout saying.
I'll call thestation. Norman, get the gear.
What is it?
It's Steve'sword against the police's.
AndAmber's and Cooper's. There must besome kind of evidence.
.Couldyou make mesome pudding? .Pudding?
Every time lwassick, my mom would make me pudding.
.Sure, whatever youwant. .Right now lwant the remote.
Bring everything up.
Istill haven't got the remote.
And I'm gonnaneed abeer.
And I'm gonnaneed my pudding.
Thank you, honey.
Beer, girl!
I'm makingyour fucking pudding.
And a juice.
.We've got alead. .The car?
.Let's keep it low. .There's abridge in thewoods.
Looks like they 're gonnameet upwithsome friends, 4pm.
Weshould call for backup.
By the time they get here, it'll be too late.
.Dowe let Cooper in on this? .My source may not be reliable.
Smart enough to call. Smart enough to collect areward.
Let's just keep this on our side of the fence.
.It's his county heshould know. .He's had his chance.
Amateur hour is over as f ar as I'm concerned.
I couldn't agree more.
.It's beautiful. .Youshouldsee it in the f all.
I hope I dosome day.
Hey you guys, thewind pushes your spit ten feet to the left.
That's beautiful, Patrick.
I'dstay for theshow, but I don't do towellwith crowds.
Thanks for everything.
There's not much to do out here for fun.
This has been ahoot for an angry old coot like me.
Don't be offended by what Isaid earlier.
Don't sweat it, kid. I'll mailyousomethingspecial.
So there's the mountain.
It's not amountain. It's a dormant volcano.
Put aprice on your head...
andsuddenly you're Walt Whitman.
Amber, come on and get aciose upof this.
idon't iike being around guns.
Just keepfiiming.
God, it's hot. That feeis good.
Give me akiss.
-Come on, iet's go home. -Come on, iet's go home.
Good times.
Herewe go.
Listen, why don't you two talk first?
You look terrible.
Theweathered beat up look can be kind of sexy, can't it?
We'll talk about that later. Just promise me one thing.
The next conference, you take mewith you.
You've got alot of leverage on me.
With that tape of us camping.
Or the onewhere I bungee jump at the f air.
That was ahoot. Funny though, I hadn't thought about this one.
There'ssome interesting shit on this.
Youwere gonnasell me out!
Is that what's on your mind?
We're a team.
Wewatch each others back. When that hammer comes down...
It's gonnabeso easy to forget you, bitch.
F. B. I. Put your hands on your head, get down on your knees.
.Shit! .Hands on your head. I repeat.
Isaid lwas gonna turn myself in. How couldyou do this?
No, Iswear to God I...
This is Jody Marconiwith anews exclusive...
That bitch.
Drop to your knees. Do it now.
.Stop or I'llshoot. .Steve, get down.
Get down. Get down.
What the hell.
Open this door.
Do you hear me?
We have to get out of here now.
After three. One, Two...
We've got to get the camera.
.I've gotta get him out of here. .I know. Come on help me.
This isn't going towork.
You guys have got to get ready to carry him.
.What are you doing? .We've got to go now.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think you didn't love me.
There, three o'clock.
You in thewoods! Holdyour fire.
Put him in the back of the truck.
Put him inside.
Everyone get in.
.Go ahead. I'llstay. .Noway.
He's going to die.
You think you can hurt me?
I've got friends. I've got f amily in high places.
.I've got... .Bo, you ain't got dick!
Drop it! Now!
OK, I'll put them down.
.Don't move. .I'm not.
Don't move.
Holdyour fire.
Drop your weapon.
Wakey, wakey.
You know...
you never realize how much you lovesomething...
untilyou loose it.
Didyou have a good timewith her?
You know what we've got here?
Two generations of law enforcement.
Both of whom had there guns taken away by asnot nose prick.
I'm thinkingwe need to go for some retraining.
My son Bo goes for these snub nosed jobs.
They make abigger bang or somesuch nonsense.
But he's not gonnabe making much of abang anymore.
I've come to understand that there is no dignity in death.
The only thingwe leave behind is alegacy. Our f amily.
You have taken that away from me...
with oneshot to the nuts.
And for that you're going to die.
I'm OK with that now.
I used to think you could be in control of these things but no.
So if we're gonna do this, let's get onwith it.
As a f ather...
youshould know that your son is a jack ass.
Is that right?
He played this game, draw with his pistol.
Hesaid the two of you used to play withsquirt guns.
When hewasshooting at me the gunwent off in his own pants.
So if there's anyone dumb enough toshoot his own dick off...
Congratulations, that's your boy.
Damn that boy.
Sheriff he didn't do it.
We've come to f ar to back off now. You go and take him out.
Only one person could've killed Johnson, that's not you is it?
.This is crazy. .We can't leave this dangling.
Now you put abullet in hisskull.
.I have to do everything myself. .Sheriff.
Somethingwrongwith your aim?
I can't...
Finish your sentence, son. I'm listening.
I took an oath. I can't let you. You're out of your mind.
I took an oath.
You're right. You're right, son.
I'msorry, but you can't blame me.
I'm just looking out for my boys, first my son then Johnson.
Then thisson of abitchshoots youwith my own gun.
I tend to agreewith you.
Life isn't something you can control.
It'ssomethingyou endure. But aman like me in my position...
Well, I gotta at least make an effort.
Because I took an oath too.
First one I'm gonnaput in your ballsso you know how it feels.
Oh God.
Don't move.
Stay right where you are.
I never shot anybody.
I'mstarting to believe you.
I didn't shoot him.
It's five dayssince the hunt for Steven Hiiimanended.
With aiiegationsof corruption incounty Oregon.
The deathsof Sheriff Cooper and HaiJohnson have been...
overshadowed by attempted murder and obstructionof justice.
Aiiegations made by the FBi.
Amber Rathkin has recanted her statement that Hiiimanshot...
deputy Bo Cooper after an altercationoutside aiocai bar.
The FBi have ahome video supportingciaimsthat Cooper...
shot himseif accidentaiiy.
All assholes please raise their hand.
.That's funny. .You bet it is.
Let'ssee you beat that.
When didyou become awinner?
Hey, Doc.
Iwaswrong, somebody does love you, these came for you.
It's from the cheerleaders.
"Hoping thesewill cheer you up. Love, Tracy and the girls of...
the O. C. C. C.
.Promise me you'll outgrow him. .I'm trying.
That's enough now.
.Iwon't cover your shift again. .I know.
I'll be looking forward to that sponge bath.
She is right.
The life of aplayboy is fraught with misery and loneliness.
You ought to marry her, have babies, grab amorgage...
...settle down. .There'll be time for that.
You know what we need? When you're all better.
What's that?
A road trip.
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