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Prime of Miss Jean Brodie The CD1

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Morning, girls.
Good morning.
There's Miss Brodie.
Miss Brodie!
Oh, girls, how lovely to see you. Thank you.
- I've been looking for you all over the place. - Have you had a nice holiday?
Oh, you wait till I tell you about Italy.
- Good morning, Miss Brodie. - Morning, Miss Brodie.
Oh, good morning, Mr. Lowther, Mr. Lloyd.
- Will you put that upstairs? - Yes, Miss Brodie.
- Put that on the desk. - Yes, Miss Brodie.
Come on.
Good morning, Miss Mackay.
You take charge of these two new girls. Please see that they know what they have to do.
- Yes, Miss Mackay. - Thank you so much.
- Sheila, there's no need to run. - No, Miss Mackay.
Lord, behold us with Thy blessing
Once again assembled here
Onward be our footsteps pressing
In Thy love and faith and fear
Still protect us Still protect us
By Thy presence ever near
For Thy mercy we adore Thee
For this rest upon our way
Lord, again we bow before Thee
Speed our labors day by day
Mind and spirit Mind and spirit
With Thy choicest gifts array
Keep the spell of home affection
Still alive in every heart
May its power with mild direction
Draw our love from self apart
Till Thy children Till Thy children
Feel that Thou their Father art
Break temptation's fatal power
Shielding all with guardian care
Safe in every careless hour
Safe from sloth and sensual snare
Thou, our savior Thou, our savior
Still our failing strength repair
Here comes Miss Brodie.
- Good morning, girls. - Good morning, Miss Brodie.
You may sit down.
Who opened the window?
Whoever opened the window has opened it too wide.
Six inches is perfectly adequate.
More is vulgar. Forsooth, one should have...
an innate sense of these things, of what is suitable.
Morag, will you please?
Thank you.
I see we have two new girls this term.
Will the two new girls please stand up?
- You are? - Emily Carstairs, Miss Brodie.
Emily Carstairs.
There. You are inscribed.
Would you like to tell us something about yourself, Emily?
I'm a Girl Guide, Miss Brodie. I have six merit badges.
One for knot tying. One for flag folding.
- Indeed. - One...
For those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like.
You may sit down, Emily.
And this is Mary McGregor.
Well, what about you, Mary? You don't look to me like a girl who ties knots.
N-N-No, Miss Brodie, but my b-b-brother does.
That is as it should be.
But what about you? What are your interests?
I haven't g-got any.
I d-d-don't think.
That is what I am for, Mary McGregor...
to provide you with interests.
You may sit down now, Mary.
Little girls, I am in the business of putting old heads on young shoulders.
All my pupils are the creme de la creme.
Give me a girl at an impressionable age...
and she is mine for life.
You girls are my vocation.
If I were to receive a proposal of marriage tomorrow...
from the Lord Lyon, king of arms, I would decline it.
I am dedicated to you in my prime.
And my summer in Italy has convinced me...
that I am truly in my prime.
Emily, Mary McGregor, you are new to this institution.
It is possible you will hear my teaching methods decried in certain quarters...
as being unsuitable for a conservative school like Marcia Blaine.
That is to say, a school dedicated to the status quo.
Can anyone define "status quo"?
Does it mean staying the same, Miss Brodie?
Staying the same to the point of petrification.
I do not intend to devote my prime to petrification.
Prop up your books in case of intruders.
If there are intruders, we are doing our history.
But we will not do our history.
Can anyone tell me who is the greatest Italian painter?
Leonardo da Vinci, Miss Brodie.
That is incorrect, Jenny.
The answer is Giotto. He is my favorite.
Observe, little girls, Stanley Baldwin...
who got in as prime minister and got out again ere long.
Our headmistress, Miss Mackay...
retains him on the walls because she believes in the slogan "safety first."
Safety does not come first.
Goodness, Truth and Beauty come first.
One's prime brings one's insight into these things.
One's prime is the moment one is born for.
You little girls must be on the alert to recognize your prime...
at whatever time it may occur...
and live it to the full.
"Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness."
I want to tell you of a moment in my life...
when I was very young...
younger even than the man himself.
His name was Hugh.
I fell deeply in love with Hugh...
in the last year of the war...
but he fell on Flanders field.
Helen McPhee, are you thinking of doing a day's washing?
- No, Miss Brodie. - You have your sleeves rolled up.
Roll them down at once. I won't have to do with girls...
who roll up the sleeves of their blouses.
We are civilized beings.
He fell on Flanders field.
He fell the week before armistice was declared.
He fell like an autumn leaf.
Remind me to show you a map of Flanders and the spot where my lover...
was laid to sleep forever, before you were born.
"Come autumn so pensive in yellow and gray...
and soothe me with tidings of nature's decay."
Robert Burns.
Hugh fell like an autumn leaf.
After the armistice, people were dancing and singing forjoy...
in the streets, but...
Hugh was one of the flowers of the forest...
lying in his grave.
What seems to be ailing the spirits of...
Monica Maclaren, isn't it?
Monica cries easily.
Well, Monica, perhaps you can tell me why you are crying.
She's moved by a story I have been telling...
of the Battle of Flodden.
Crying over a history lesson?
It is a moving story.
The night before Flodden, at Mercat Cross beside St. Giles...
a ghostly herald was heard reading the names...
of all the noble families of Scotland beginning with the king.
After the battle, there was not one family...
who had not suffered grievous loss...
as you well know, Miss Mackay.
To be sure.
Well, girls, I know you're all going to work hard...
at every subject this year.
A good beginning makes a good ending.
I hope you all had splendid holidays...
and I look forward to reading your splendid essays...
on how you spent them.
You shouldn't be crying over a history lesson at your age.
My word.
Thank you, Janet.
Good morning, Miss Mackay.
You may sit down, girls.
You did well, Monica, not to answer the question put to you.
It is well when in difficulties to say never a word...
neither black nor white.
But you did, Miss Brodie.
You were in difficulty, and you made up about Flodden.
Sandy, please try to do as I say and not as I do.
Remember, you are a child, Sandy...
and far from your prime.
- I hear I must congratulate you on the birth of another child. - Yes, another daughter.
Have you never heard of Marie Stopes...
architect for constructive birth control and racial progress?
Ah, yes. An estimable woman. But my church enjoins me to go forth and be fruitful.
I'm aware of your unfortunate affiliation with the Church of Rome.
I doubt, however, whether that body gives...
the same interpretation to go forth that you do.
My church understands human imperfection and forgives it. Why can't you?
I am not interested in human imperfection. I am interested in Beauty, in Art, in Truth.
In Art and Beauty, maybe. In truth, no.
This is outrageous!
The truth is that you bounced into bed with an artist...
- but you were horrified when you woke up with a man!
- R-Release me instantly! - I finished your portrait, Jean.
- Come back to the studio. Come Sunday. - I can't. I can't.
- Why not? - I have another engagement!
- Well, break it! - I can't possibly!
- I'm-I'm... I'm going to Cramond. - What for?
Mr. Lowther has invited me to his estate at Cramond.
- Lowther? - He has a small boat.
I'm invited to go sailing...
on Sunday.
What do you want me to do... ravish you on the floor...
for the edification of your girls?
- Here. - Is this liver paste, Miss Brodie?
It is pâté de foie gras.
Pâté de foie gras.
Oh, it must be marvelous to be French.
The French have a genius for food...
but I doubt French women will ever get the vote.
I was quite emphatic about it.
"I'll not pull my punches, Miss Mackay, "I said.
"Miss Brodie's girls are different."
- Oh, you said that? - Oh, I said it, all right...
and I meant it.
Thank you, Miss Lockhart.
The Brodie set, indeed.
Wee girls refusing to wash their faces.
Oh, Miss Brodie, they informed me...
hasn't washed her face in 20 years.
She looks clean enough from here.
Miss Brodie prescribes cold cream.
She always looks so extreme.
This is my new girl, Mr. Lowther, Mary McGregor.
Mr. Lowther. There's a great deal Mr. Lowther can teach you...
about the modulation of your tones.
Miss Brodie, I thought... that is, I hoped there might be time...
for a wee cup of tea in the common room before the afternoon classes.
how nice of you to ask me, Mr. Lowther.
Now, girls, I leave Mary McGregor in your charge.
Thank you.
Well, Mary McGregor, how much pocket money do you get?
O-O-One and six a week.
One and six? Your father gives you one and six?
M-M-Mr. Ealing gives it to me.
I don't have a f-f-father or mother.
- Who's Mr. Ealing? - At the b-b-bank. He's our guardian.
He takes care of the m-m-money.
Well, I'd like to be an orphan heiress and get my pocket money...
from bankers that don't know any better.
Does your brother get one and six too?
I d-d-don't know. He's 14.
My b-b-brother has run away...
from four schools.
Your brother sounds like a bad lot.
So I thought that this Sunday...
I would treat myself to one last day...
of sun and water.
I wonder, Mr. Lowther, if you might be able to help me.
- In what way, Miss Brodie? - Why, you might know if there's any possibility...
of my renting a little boat at Cramond.
Oh, well, Miss Brodie, I have a boat.
Oh, do you, Mr. Lowther?
It would give me the greatest pleasure, uh...
I mean, i-if you would consider coming with me.
Oh, but I couldn't trouble you, Mr. Lowther.
Trouble? Oh, Miss Brodie, I would have asked you before many times...
but l... I didn't want to seem to push myself.
Please, Miss Brodie, say you'll come with me.
Very well, Mr. Lowther. On Sunday?
On Sunday.
After church, of course.
Oh, of course, Mr. Lowther.
Do you think Mr. Lloyd is the creme de la creme...
or Mr. Lowther?
Neither. It's us.
"Little girls, if you will only listen to me...
I will make of you the creme de la creme."
My father says these are the happiest days of our lives.
But if these are supposed to be the happiest...
why does Miss Brodie say prime is best?
Miss Brodie never got married like our mothers and fathers.
- They don't have primes. - They have sexual intercourse.
- Oh, I don't like to think about it. - You don't have to.
It happens on the spur of the moment.
You lead.
- How do you know? - About what?
What you were saying... about how sexual intercourse happens on the spur of the moment.
Because it happened to Teenie, that works in my father's shop...
when she was out walking at Puddocky with her boyfriend.
They had to get married.
You'd think the urge would have passed by the time they'd got their clothes off.
Yes. That's what I can't understand.
People take their clothes off in front of each other.
It's so rude.
They're bound to be put off their passion.
Do you think Miss Brodie ever had sexual intercourse...
with Hugh of Flanders field... before he fell?
I don't know.
I don't think they did anything like that.
Their love was above all that.
Well, Miss Brodie said they clung to each other...
with passionate abandon on his last leave.
I don't think they took their clothes off though. Do you?
No. I can't see it.
Observe, little girls, the castle.
It is built on a rock of volcanic plug.
It was through one of yon windows...
that Mary, Queen of Scots lowered her infant son...
straight down 187 feet in a basket in a high wind.
Mary McGregor, will you please do up your shoelace?
Oh. Observe the litter.
In Italy, Mussolini has put an end to litter in the streets.
Do any of you little girls remember what the followers of Mussolini are called?
- Fascisti. - That is correct. F-A-S-C-l-S-T-I.
Fascisti. And Mussolini is called?
- "Dukee." - Il Duce. That is to say, the leader.
Il Duce. We move on.
Straighten your shoulders, Mary McGregor.
All you girls must learn to walk with your heads up, up...
like Sybil Thorndike, a woman of noble mean.
In the Kirk of the Greyfriars...
on the 20th day of February, 1638...
the people of Scotland pledged themselves...
to the Presbyterian faith.
Many of them used their own blood to sign the covenant.
- Ew. - This part of Edinburgh is very rich in history.
It is very romantic.
So you see, little girls, you must always remember...
you are citizens of Edinburgh, city of Hume and Boswell.
You are Europeans, not dowdy provincials.
- Sandy, what on earth are you doing? - Walking like Sybil Thorndike.
You know, one day, Sandy, one day you will go too far.
- Hello. - Oh, Mr. Lloyd.
Girls, you know Mr. Lloyd, the art master from the senior school.
- Yes. - Good afternoon, Mr. Lloyd.
- Good afternoon, girls. - Mr. Lloyd has his studio somewhere in this neighborhood.
Number six... fourth floor, front. The door's always open.
I've been giving my girls an outing. We've been to the gallery.
I've been telling them the story of Gauguin.
Ah, the dangerous Miss Brodie.
By whom, pray, am I considered to be dangerous?
It is the consensus. Your girls are said to be vastly informed...
in subjects irrelevant to the accepted curriculum.
Most heinous of all, you are said to inculcate no team spirit.
Is that true, girls?
Does Miss Brodie incite you to shirk your duties on the hockey field?
Phrases like the "team spirit" are always employed to cut across individualism.
Cleopatra knew nothing of the team spirit, if you read your Shakespeare.
And where would the team spirit have got Anna Pavlova?
She is the prima ballerina.
It is the corps de ballet that had the team spirit.
Oh, Miss Brodie, you are dangerous.
Mm-hmm. Yes. We must away and catch our tram.
I doubt we will get seats. It is 1932, and chivalry is dead.
Miss Brodie?
I do want you to come and see the picture, the one I told you about.
What about next weekend?
- No. I'm afraid I'm going... - Going to Cramond?
Why, yes. My girls and I spend nearly every weekend at Cramond.
Mr. Lowther is most hospitable.
Good afternoon, Mr. Lloyd.
Come along, girls.
Got it!
There we are.
- Oh, there's some nice ones up here. - No. Get one.
- I'm watching. It's all right. - Watch out.
Thank you.
Crepe de Chine.
Miss Brodie's legs are longer than Mr. Lowther's.
She'd have to wrap hers around his.
First he puts out the light.
Then their toes touch.
Then... "Miss Brodie, Miss Brodie."
Miss Brodie says, "Darling..."
- She says... - "Mr. Lowther...
you are the creme de la creme."
We will have to watch Miss Brodie's stomach.
It is the curve I am attempting to introduce you to.
The curve here in this drape...
and here, and here in the arm.
The curve flows through a painting like a river.
It is sinuous, sensuous...
epitomizing everything that is female.
The curve is a beckoning line...
here, and here.
And here, in the breast.
And the belly! And the buttocks!
Shut up!
Go on. Get along with you.
Go to your sewing classes and your singing lessons. It's all you deserve.
"They flee from me...
who once did seek me out."
I miss you, Jean. Shall I beg you?
Please, come back.
You have a family. I am a teacher.
I had a family lastJune. You were a teacher lastJune.
My God. I wish I had a pound note for every time I've heard you say...
"I am a teacher. I am a teacher. First, last and always."
What a firm reminder your postcard was.
"A postcard from romantic Italy.
"The incomparable Giotto frescoes...
How triumphantly his figures vibrate with life. Yours truly,J. Brodie."
A postcard from my passionate, abandoned inamorata.
That night at the studio...
that one night at the studio...
I was pleased to feel it was I who enjoyed the tutorial position.
Come back, Jean.
I need you.
Mary McGregor!
Mary McGregor, do you know what happened to Peeping Tom?
His eyes were shriveled into darkness in his head...
and dropped before him!
Poor old Tom.
Don't worry, Jean. You've got your girls well trained. You're safe from that quarter.
It's me you've got to worry about.
Come to the studio. Come to pose again.
- Only to pose. - You should paint one of my girls.
- Jenny is the pretty one. - Hang your girls. It's you I want to paint.
I will not come to the studio.
Then to hell with you!
Teddy, you know, you really should paintJenny.
You'd likeJenny. She has a profile...
of deceptive purity.
What's the matter with you, Mary? What's happened to you?
Your face is all funny.
N-No, it's not.
Yes, it is, Mary. Very funny.
So is your voice.
Well, well. Miss Brodie's brood, I presume.
Yes, Mr. Lloyd.
- Would you like a rosebud? - A what?
It's the favorite sweet of little Princess Margaret Rose.
Unmistakably Brodie.
And you, I suppose, are the pretty one.
Good afternoon, girls.
Mary, you're definitely upset about something.
- N-No. - Tell! Tell, or I'll pinch you.
- Tell. - No, I w-won't tell.
I love Miss Brodie, and I won't t-tell.
What about Miss Brodie?
Tell, or we'll take you into the locker room...
- and hang you over the banisters. - You wouldn't d-dare.
- Tell! - It's n-none of your b-b-business!
Ow! Ow!
No! Stop!
Get your hands off of me! Help!
- Let go of me! - Aaah! No!
If you scream again...
we'll drop you squoosh on your silly head.
Mary, dear, if something's happened with Miss Brodie, you should tell me.
- What have you done? - She was s-so angry!
Well, you know how you are, Mary.
- What have you done now? - Nothing.
I j-j-just went in.
- In where? - The classroom!
- There who were? - Oh, Mr. Lowther.!
Miss Brodie and Mr. Lowther.!
No! M-M-Mr. Lloyd! They were kissing!
I saw them k-k-kissing...
- He had his arms around her. - Mr. Lloyd!
Mr. Lloyd! Mr. Lloyd's in love with Miss Brodie!
And she's in l-love with M-Mr. Lloyd.
You should have s-seen them.
But what about Mr. Lowther then?
Mr. Lloyd is an artist. And Miss Brodie's artistic too.
Miss Brodie's really in love with Mr. Lloyd, but he's married to another...
so she's working it off on Mr. Lowther.
- Oh. - Let's go home.
Listen, Mary.
Was it a long, lingering kiss?
I shouldn't have t-told you.
But since you did, was it a long, lingering kiss?
- Yes. - I see.
- Didn't they hear you? - I d-don't think so.
They jumped apart though.
You mean, they sensed your presence?
I d-d-don't know.
Was it like this...
That's it! That's it!
It's nearly 5:00. Time you girls were away. What were you doing, Sandy?
- Just playacting, Miss Mackay. - Playacting at what?
- Opera. - Opera?
Yes, Miss Mackay. We've been studying Traviata.
Sandy, show me what you were doing.
Go on. Show me.
That's enough, Sandy.
She was doing Violetta expiring for love of Alfredo.
- It's very sad. - Oh, nonsense.
Violetta did not expire for love of Alfredo.
Violetta was a thoroughly silly woman with diseased lungs.
If she'd been properly brought up...
she'd have been out on the hockey field, breathing deeply.
Which is precisely what you little girls should be doing.
Traviata is not on the Marcia Blaine curriculum.
But Miss Brodie and Mr. Lowther took us to see Traviata...
when the Carl Rosa Company came to Edinburgh.
Miss Brodie and Mr. Lowther took you to the opera?
Mr. Lowther's jolly nice. We go to visit him at Cramond too.
When Miss Brodie goes... on weekends.
How very nice of Mr. Lowther...
and Miss Brodie.
I hope you're appreciative.
My, my. Miss Brodie's very musical, I believe...
theaters, concerts and the opera.
Miss Brodie is very musical.
I think Miss Brodie's more interested in art, Miss Mackay.
Now, what makes you think Miss Brodie prefers art to music, Sandy?
She told us so.
Music is an interest to her, but painting is a passion.
Miss Brodie said.
- A passion? - Compared to music.
Well, Mary...
I'm sure you're too young to have passions.
- What are your cultural interests? - Stories.
Does Miss Brodie tell you stories?
Oh, yes.
Lovely stories.
- Stories like Traviata? - Stories of history.
- History. - She makes history seem like the cinema.
- No. Not the cinema. More like Shakespeare. - Shakespeare.
My, what would we do without Miss Brodie?
I could wish your arithmetic papers were better.
Culture is no compensation for lack ofhard knowledge.
I'm happy to see you are devoted to Miss Brodie.
Your loyalty is also due to the school.
I'm always impressed by Miss Brodie's girls...
in one way or another.
Benito Mussolini is a great man.
He began life as a journalist...
a man of learning, an intellectual...
but he is also a man of action.
He has made Capri into a sanctuary for birds.
A simple act of goodness...
If you all turn to page 25 of your geography books, you'll find a map of Capri.
It's off the coast of Naples.
It is because of II Duce thousands of birds live and sing there today...
that might well have ended their careers on a piece of toast.
Miss Gaunt, is there something you wanted?
Thank you.
"Dear Miss Brodie, I hope it will be convenient for you...
"to see me in my office this afternoon at 4:15.
Emmaline Mackay."
4:15. Not 4:00. Not 4:30, but 4:15.
She thinks to intimidate me by the use of quarter hours.
Now, as I was attempting to say...
Benito Mussolini is indeed a man of action.
Come in.
4:15. I was afraid I might be late, or early.
Not at all. You are most punctilious.
Thank you for finding the time.
I know how busy your girls keep you.
- Please, sit down. - Oh. Thank you.
What a colorful frock.
Color enlivens the spirit, does it not?
Perhaps you're right, though I wonder if the spirits of the girls need enlivening.
Oh, indeed they do!
My credo is, "Lift, enliven, stimulate!"
No doubt. But the Marcia Blaine School...
is essentially a conservative school.
We do not encourage the, uh, progressive attitudes.
Now, Miss Brodie, I have noticed...
a spirit of precocity among your girls... your special girls.
- Why, thank you. - Oh.
I am in my prime...
and my girls are benefiting from it.
I'm proud to think that perhaps my girls are more aware.
- Precisely. Now... - To me, education is a leading out.
The word education comes from the root "ex," meaning "out,"
and "duco..." "I lead."
To me, education is simply a... a leading out...
of what is already there.
I had hoped there might also be a certain amount of putting in.
That would not be education, but intrusion...
from the root prefix "in," meaning "in,"
and the stem "trudo..." "I thrust."
Ergo, to thrust a lot of information into a pupil's head.
To discuss education with such a dedicated teacher...
is always instructive.
However, it was not for that reason I asked you to come here.
Miss Brodie...
I am told that you make weekly expeditions to Cramond.
Yes. Isn't it a lovely spot?
It is, indeed.
I believe Mr. Lowther inherited the estate from his mother.
He's lived there all his life.
Mr. Lowther is not a worldly man...
not a reckless man.
It is doubtful whether he would recognize recklessness in others.
And recklessness is an indulgence...
that we at Marcia Blaine must eschew...
not only within our walls, but in the personal life...
the conduct, as it were, of the teaching staff.
Oh, Miss Mackay...
I do not believe I have ever fully appreciated...
the taxing load of trivia...
with which a headmistress must concern herself.
I must concern myself, Miss Brodie, with this school's board of governors.
I flatter myself that I am not unknown to the board...
having been a member of the staff of Marcia Blaine...
six years prior to your engagement, Miss Mackay.
I feel quite safe in saying...
that no member of the board has ever shown anything...
but appreciation and approval of my teaching methods.
Oh! Oh, Miss Mackay...
I use the woods of Cramond for lessons in botany...
the rocks of the shore to investigate the mysteries of geology.
It should be patently clear that my expeditions to Cramond...
are expeditions for enrichment.
Enrichment for my girls... and for Marcia Blaine.
Well. Thank you, Miss Brodie.
I feel sure you and I have come to understand each other better.
I'm always at your command, Miss Mackay.
I am delighted to hear it.
Good day, Miss Brodie.
Oh, chrysanthemums.
Such serviceable flowers. Mmm.
May I have a word with you, Miss Gaunt?
Miss Gaunt, you are, of course, aware of the problem...
when a teacher has tenure and the loyalty of her pupils.
It's not going to be easy, Miss Gaunt.
However, no doubt, in due time...
some advantage will be vouchsafed us.
In the meanwhile, I would deem it a sincere service to the school...
if any indiscretion that might reach your ears...
should also reach mine.
Also, your brother...
is a deacon of Cramond Kirk, is he not...
and naturally eager to preserve its sanctity?
Thank you, Miss Gaunt.
What are you writing?
"My dear, delightful Gordon...
"your letter has moved me deeply, as you may imagine.
"But, alas, I must ever decline to be Mrs. Lowther.
"My reasons are twofold...
"I am dedicated to my girls, as is madame Pavlova...
"and there is another in my life.
He is Teddy Lloyd."
Here. Let me. Let me.
"But we can still have...
"many a breezy day in the fishing boat...
at sea."
- Shh! - What are you two girls up to?
Gather your things together, and leave at once.
This is a library, not a fun fair!
- Are those your books? - No, Miss McKenzie.
I want you to remember, girls...
that it is of primary importance...
that the upper and lower tensions...
are perfectly even.
And secondly, girls, it is most important...
to ensure that you are using...
the correct length of stitch.
If we were to fill this room with the hydrogen being made in thesejars...
and then strike a match...
there'd be an explosion large enough to reduce this building to rubble.
Look. I'll show you.
Hey, Johnnie Cope are ye waukin' yet
Or are your drums a-beatin' yet
If ye were waukin' I wad wait
To gang to the coals in the mornin'
All together now.
Hey, Johnnie Cope are ye waukin' yet
Or are your drums a-beatin' yet
If ye were waukin' I wad wait
To gang to the coals in the mornin'
The sun!
Forsooth, we are renewed. Refreshment alfresco.
Enough to go round, but the lion's share for Mr. Lowther.
This term, I have sworn to fatten Mr. Lowther...
by a full half-stone.
That is my pledge.
Did I neglect to tell you girls that once, on leave from the war...
Hugh took me out sailing on a fishing boat.
We spent our happiest times among the rocks and pebbles of a small seaport.
Sometimes Hugh would sing.
He had a rich tenor voice.
At other times, he would set up his easel and paint.
Hugh was very talented in both arts...
but I think...
I think the painter was the real Hugh.
But you girls are my life now.
I am the potter, and you are my pride.
You are shaping up.
Soon you will graduate to the senior school...
and I will no longer teach you...
but you will always be Brodie girls.
Ah! Here comes our Mr. Lowther.
"Our minstrel sweet, oh, synge unto me roundelaie.
"Oh, droppe the brynie tear with me.
De da de da de da de da and like a running river be."
Now, Mr. Lowther, you must cooperate with the fattening project.
It will enrich your voice. Caruso had the appetite of a giant.
What good care you take of me.
La, la, la, la, la-la La, la, la, la la-la
I was noticed at the theater.
I was noticed and reported to Mr. Gaunt.
Mr. Gaunt? Oh, that deacon at Cramond.
Whatever for?
Well, he considered Hedda Gabler...
Well, he said that the choirmaster of his church...
had no business attending that sort of thing with an unmarried lady and children.
O-Oh, I defended myself...
Girls, as you hear, there's now been an attempt...
to persecute Mr. Lowther on our account.
One must never succumb to provincial ignorance.
Mr. Lowther did not...
nor shall anyone under my tutelage.
Now, eat up, Mr. Lowther. What is it, Sandy?
Miss Mackay is watching us from her window.
Oh, indeed.
I wonder how many more picnics we will be allowed...
before Miss Mackay thinks fit to patrol the grounds.
It is Miss Mackay's hope to harass me...
into leaving Marcia Blaine.
Miss Gaunt and certain teachers...
have taken to bidding me good morning with predestination in their smiles.
Do you really think Miss Mackay wants to drive you away?
It doesn't signify what Miss Mackay wants.
Here I am, and here I stay. I would not leave you girls for the Lord...
Lyon, king of arms.
Not even he! I shall remain in this education factory...
where my duty lies.
If they want to get rid of me, they'll have to...
Assassinate me!
Now, eat up, Mr. Lowther.
Cooperation is the keynote. Now, Jenny, do us a cartwheel for comic relief.
- Oh! Wonderful! - Bravo. Bravo! Bravo!
Bravo! Oh.
- Oh. - These are my girls, Mr. Lowther.
Forsooth, they are Brodie girls.
Monica... Monica is histrionic.
She will perform in plays...
or perhaps write them.
our Mary is alone in this world.
Her needs are great, but she has me.
Mary will stop stuttering. She will brisk up.
Mary McGregor will distinguish herself for me.
I have no doubt.
Then there is Jenny.
Sometimes I feel there is a spiritual bond...
between Jenny and me.
I don't expectJenny feels this yet, but someday she will.
And Sandy...
Sandy is...
- Sandy is dependable. - Oh, Sandy.
Sandy is very dependable.
Now, Monica, recite for us, please.
What shall I recite, Miss Brodie?
Something... Something of magic.
"There she weaves by night and day...
"a magic web with colors gay.
"She has heard a whisper say...
"a curse is on her if she stay...
"to look down on Camelot.
She knows not what the curse may be..."
Mr. Lowther, the Philistines are upon us.
"She knows not what the curse may be...
"and so she weaveth steadily...
"and little other care hath she...
"the Lady of Shalott.
"But in her web, she still delights...
"to weave the mirror's magic sights...
"for often through the silent nights...
"a funeral with plumes and lights and music...
"went to Camelot...
"or when the moon was overhead...
"came two young lovers lately wed.
"'I am half sick of shadows,'
said the Lady of Shalott."
The Lady of Shalott.
I think perhaps someday...
Jenny will catch the eye of an artist.
Jenny will be painted many times.
In years to come...
I think thatJenny will be famous...
Well, Monica, what do you think of it?
It makes her look very... mature.
I am very mature.
We're all mature.
Some people at the school think you're too mature.
Everyone's jealous.
They know the Brodie set has more fun than anyone else.
We go places, and we do things.
And now you've taken to hanging around an artist's studio.
- Very glamorous. - Miss Brodie's g-g-glamorous, don't you think?
Mr. Lowther thinks she is.
Sandy's awfully late. Do you think she's coming?
Three years of Cramond and Mr. Lowther.
- What stamina. - There's always lovely food at Cramond.
Lasagna verde.
Sweetbreads a la Milanese.
"Harlot" russe.
Charlotte russe.
Miss Brodie takes good care of Mr. Lowther.
- What does Mr. Lowther do for Miss Brodie? - He sings to her.
Put that wet thing over there.
Mary, for the third time this afternoon...
- will you get out of the way? - Sorry.
Mary McGregor.
Well, Mary, what's new on the Rialto? What's new with your brother?
How's he progressing up at Oxford?
His t-t-tutor caught fire.
Caught fire? His tutor?
- Well, how? From what? - From my brother.
Your brother set fire to the tutor?
Your brother should be put in a house of correction.
It makes me look very mature.
It makes you look like Miss Brodie.
All the sketches ofJenny do too. They all look like Miss Brodie.
- I think they do. - Ew.!
I painted that chap in my student days.
It's what's called a "life study."
I had a difficult time with the pectoral muscles.
- Chest. - Oh.
- Oh, Monica! - What?
Miss Brodie says that anyone of a cultured home and heritage...
- makes no fuss about the human body. - Who's making any fuss?
- You are. - I have as much heritage as you do any day.
I think that's enough for today.
If I keep on, I shall ruin the mouth...
and that would be a pity.
- What do you think? - Well, uh, I think that it's...
- It's... - Miss Brodie says thatJenny will be painted many times.
- And what does she say about you? - That I am dependable.
When should I come back?
Whenever you have time. Come next Saturday.
- All right. Come on, Sandy. I'm starving. - I can't come with you.
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