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Princess Diaries The CD2

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Ahh, the famous Genovian|pear and cheese dessert.
What else?
Ooh. our country.
You are nothing|but an overdressed, drunken--
I'm outta here!
Oof! Aah!
Oh! I am sopping!
Was that my fault?
Ha ha ha ha!
Shall we adjourn|to the grand hall for coffee?
Sorry I let you down, Dad.
Good night, Louie.
This place was such|a mess when I first arrived.
I've been spending|every spare moment in it I can.
Pick up one of these.|Make yourself useful.
Spray everything.
You're not mad at me|for what happened?
Actually,|I found it rather funny.
Reminds me of|my first royal dinner party.
I accidentally knocked|over a suit of armor...
and the spear went right|through the suckling pig.
Amelia, why don't we cancel|lessons for today...
and just have some fun?
You're not too busy|for something like that?
Your Majesty,|Lady Jerome has arrived...
and I have the French|Consulate's assistant on hold.
He wants to confirm|tonight's dinner.
Send my apologies.
Cancel everything for today.
I'm being shown|San Francisco...
by a true San Franciscan.
Tell Joseph I'll need the car.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, wait!|I want to show you my baby.
It's a she thing|and it's all in me
I can be anything|that I want to be
Don't consider me a minority
Ladies, help me out...
I haven't sat|in the front seat of a car...
in the longest time.
By the way...
thanks for the money|for my car, Grandma.
So, where are you taking me?
Well, do you have any change?
It's not appropriate|for royalty to jingle.
OK.|I'll get the change.
This one's my favorite!
You put the quarter in|and grab his hand.
I touch that?
Yes, you touch that.
And then|you press the button...
and, uh...
And then you just go.
Looks like Rupert's cousin...
from Liechtenstein.
How do I know when it's ready?
Oh, it'll just go.|There you go!
- Go, go, go!|- Ow!
You enjoy this humiliation?
Well,|it's hard the first time...
but you can do it again.
Hold this.
Oh, come on!|You can do it, Grandma!
I'm ready for you this time!
Go! It's going!|It's going!
Go, go, go, go, go!|You're doing it!
You're doing it!|Go! Oh, yes!
Hah! Ho!
Got it! Give me five!
- Five?|- Five.
I want one of these!
Just not this one.
So...did my father always|want to be a prince?
Oh, yes.
Except once,|about 15 years ago...
he seriously considered|renouncing his title...
because he met|a lovely artist...
who showed him|wonderful things...
about how life could be...
how he could be.
But he had|a decision to make...
and nobody|could make it for him.
Not I--though many|people thought I did--
or anybody else.
Phillipe knew|that my firstborn...
his brother Pierre,|wanted to abdicate...
which he did, eventually,|to join the church.
Your father realized...
that the love he could|have for one person--
or even two--
could not make him|forget the love...
he felt for his country|and its people.
It was the hardest thing|he ever had to do.
Do you want a bite of this?
Why not?
Well, here goes.
Why, it's delicious!
- Really?|- Mm-hmm.
Oh, OK!|Let's get another one!
It's the fastest way|back to the Consulate...
but I hate this hill!
I do believe I'm beginning|to feel that corn dog.
Uhh! Eh! Ah!
Maybe you can just|sneak gently through?
- OK, I'll try.|- Good.
Right.|Now, blaze on up.
I--I got it!
- You've got it.|- I got it!
You've got it!
Oh!|I haven't got it!
Uh-oh! Mia! Brake!
Brake! Look out!
Down here!
- Oh!|- Oh!
9-1-1 , I need to report|an accident.
You didn't hear the bell?!
They put me on hold.
Oh, for the love of God!
Put down|destruction of public property.
I will, I will.|And last, but not least...
driving without a license.
Accompanied by an adult|whose license expired...
45 years ago.
I've been trying|to tell you, Officer.
Licenses don't expire|in Genovia.
Not for the queen.
Don't I have|diplomatic immunity?
You do, but her|we have to take downtown.
I'm sorry, miss.
It's all right, Officer.|I understand.
I understand perfectly.
You do?
Mia, no town, no city,|no country...
can function peacefully...
if its officers and|its transportation engineers...
don't follow|the letter of the law.
Why, I would be proud...
to have two such|fine, honorable gentlemen...
serving in Genovia.
Aw, shucks, ma'am.
Ma'am, we're not all that.
Oh, but you most certainly are.
As a matter of fact...
I would like|to bestow upon you...
the honor of the...
Genovian Order of the...
uh...Genovian|Order of the Rose.
Oh--oh! Ooh!
- Ooh!|- Ooh!
Would you please kneel?
Um...does anybody|have a sabre?
Oh! I've got an umbrella!
I have an emergency brake.
This will do fine,|thank you.
With the power vested in me...
by the royal crown of Genovia...
I dub thee--
Artie Washington,|San Francisco, ma'am.
Arthur Washington.
And I dub thee--
Bruce Macintosh|of San Leandro.
Bruce Macintosh...
masters of|the Order of the Rose.
And all of you bear witness...
to this auspicious moment|in history.
Please rise.
Wait till I go home|and tell Bernice.
Now, Mia, I know|you don't want to go...
all the way downtown, but--
That really won't be necessary.
No one got hurt, did they?
- We're insured.|- OK.
Chivalry ain't dead,|you know, so--
Noble Arthur,|how very kind.
Do you need a lift home?
Oh, that would be|very helpful, thank you.
Come along, Mia.
Good-bye, trolley people!
Please take the car|to Doctor Motors?
- Good-bye!|- So long!
You were awesome!
You are the coolest queen ever!
All in a day's work.
Wave good-bye!|That's a queen!
Would you like to|slide in first?
I never slide.
Thank you.
Hey, Bruce!
How about getting on|your royal carriage...
and getting us out of here?
Here she is.
This is the possible new|Princess of Genovia here.
That's right.|Anyone know where Genovia is?
It's a country|between France and Spain.
That was a question|on "Jeopardy. "
This is the girl|that won the genetic lottery.
Look!|Here's the princess!
OK, back up. Let's go.
The princess|is late for school.
Could you sign my backpack?
Hi, Princess.
May I have|your autograph, please?
Hi. What's your name?
Lilly? That's|my best friend's name.
Would you consider you and|the princess best friends?
I would definitely say that.
We do everything together.
We shop together,|get our hair done together.
We even finish|Reach other's sentences.
It's very cool.
And what's your name?
Charlotte?|You two must be twins, huh?
I don't have|any sisters...
but I do have a cat--|Fat Louie.
That's a funny name!
Will you take a picture|with me, Princess?
The princess|is late for algebra.
Thank you so much.
The pack is back.|Are you ready?
Do they see you|when they look at me?
Do they see|my many personalities?
Oh, no
Can you help me?
Does anybody hear me?
Can they even see me?
This is not reality
Why can't I just|reach up and simply...
Step into my office.
Why can't I flap my arms|and fly and fly and fly?
Tell me why...
So, um...
I hope what Lana said on TV...
didn't freak you out|too much.
- No.|- OK, good.
Because I broke up with her|because of it...
and I hate|phony publicity seekers.
Saturday night's|the big beach party.
I think it'd be cool|if we went together.
See you on the waves?
Remember to watch Grove|High School's TV cable show...
Saturday nights with|your host Lilly Moscovitz.
You will never guess what|Josh Bryant just asked me.
"Can I borrow a comb?"
No. He asked me...
to go to the Baker|Beach Party with him.
That's this Saturday, right?
Yeah. So I was thinking...
I could come by|the garage next week...
and listen to your band|play then. All right?
Oh, yeah. That's--Yeah.
- Are you OK?|- Yeah, I'm fine.
All right.|Well, I have to go...
but thank you so much.|Bye!
Too many feelings
Emotions running away with me
There's a feeling inside me
Is Joseph driving you?
No.|Joseph was nice enough...
to take the night off.
I'll take the school bus|with the other kids.
I look like an asparagus.
But a very, very cute asparagus.
No, it's OK.|I'll just wear my blue suit.
Are you nervous|about the beach party?
No. Actually,|I'm kind of excited.
I think I might get|my first real kiss.
- Oh! Who from?|- Josh Bryant.
That Backstreet Boy clone|you've had a crush on forever?
He is not|a Backstreet Boy clone.
He's a sailor.
I thought|he was never nice to you.
Oh. Well...
I don't know.|He is now.
I just hope that|if he kisses me... foot pops.
Yeah. You know,|in old films...
whenever a girl|gets seriously kissed...
her foot would|just kind of...pop.
Ha ha ha! Pop!
Ha ha ha!
I'm gonna go change now.
I hope you get your first|real foot-popping kiss.
We are Mark and Brian...
and welcome to|the Baker Beach Bash.
Now, with one week|left of school...
you're gonna be|out for the summer...
and we know|what's on your mind.
How are you gonna|find that summer love?
And if you do,|how do you know if it's true?
Here to tell us all about it,|please welcome...
Lana and the Lanettes!
Lana, Anna, and Fontana!
Stupid cupid,|you're a real mean guy
I'd like to clip your wings|so you can't fly
I'm in love|and it's a crying shame
And I know that|you're the one to blame
Stupid cupid
Hey, hey, set me free
Stupid cupid,|stop picking on me
You mixed me up but good
Right from the very start
Hey, go play Robin Hood
With somebody else's heart
You got me jumping|like a crazy clown...
That was so--
- Awesome, huh?|- Amazing!
Ha ha!|I'm glad you had fun.
I thought you'd get scared,|honestly...
'cause most of the girls|I take on the boat...
they freak out.
Oh, no. I wasn't scared.
Stupid cupid,|stop picking on me
Stupid cupid
And now it's time for|your favorite talk show host...
direct from|Grove High School...
the lovely Lilly.
It's Saturday night...
and welcome to my cable show,|"Shut Up and Listen. "
Later on in my show...
I will be joined by|our very own Princess Mia...
to discuss|her positive opinion...
of the "Save the Sea Otter"|movement.
Until she arrives...
I've asked|Grove's magic master...
Jeremiah Hart...
to entertain us|with some sleight of hand.
Hello, folks.
Hold me, baby,|'cause you love me
With every single touch
It's more than just a crush
Baby, you know
Reach me
Only you can see me
And what I crave so much
It's more than just a crush
It's more than just a crush
Every time we touch
Hey, Princess!|Give us a smile!
How did they find me here?
How did they find me here?!
Hey, wave, everybody!
You're on TV!
Wait, Princess, don't be shy!
Come back!
Hey, chopper boy,|look over here!
Royal deejays!
Oh, no!|I am so sorry about all this.
No, it's fine.
They can't get us in here.
We were having|such a good time...
and then|they came and ruined it.
I know, I know.|Look, they can't see us...
we can't see them.
We're all alone|in this little shack.
Actually, you know what?
It's kind of cozy in here...
and there's no one I'd rather|be here with than you.
- Josh?|- Mm-hmm?
This isn't romantic. just...
No. It's my foot.
It's caught|in a volleyball net.
Yeah. Here.
Hey! My dad|thinks I'm a princess!
I'm a friend of Mia's!
I tell you what.|While we're waiting...
how about a foot massage?
That would be so wonderful.|Thank you.
No. Actually,|I mean you give me one.
Oh, yeah.
And indeed,|it is the queen of hearts!
Thank you, Jeremiah...
for your potpourri|of prestidigitations...
for the past hour.
Obviously, Princess Mia|has a problem...
appearing here tonight...
and I'm sure|she has a good excuse.
I'm Lilly Moscovitz|for "Shut Up and Listen. "
Thank you and good night.
the coast is clear.
They're gone. Yeah.
Oh, good.
So, what do you say|we go find...
a more romantic spot?
Quiet! Quiet!
No! Stay!
Give her a smooch!
Come on!|Give her a big, sloppy wet one!
Hold it!
Hit him again!
Go away! No, no, no!|Go away, all of you!
The princess|has left the building.
Who have we got?
What's your name?
Where do you go to school?
Josh Bryant.
I go to Grove High School.
What are we,|friends with Mia now?
Yes. We hate Josh.
Sorry. It's hard to keep up|with who we're not talking to.
Here she comes!
I'm really sorry.|I can't talk.
I have to go|get my clothes.
Well, here.|We've got your clothes.
You'll be a lot warmer.
You guys want to help me?
Yeah. Josh is such an idiot.
We'll make sure|no one bothers you.
Thank you. Um...
That's really nice of you.
This is so great of you.
Thank you so much.
Everything's fine.
Is anybody coming?
- No!|- No!
Guys,|I really appreciate this.
Thank you.
She's got her bathing suit off.
OK, now!
Princess, hi!
That was|the scream of Princess Mia.
Go away, all of you, please!
OK. Come here, Mia.
Piranhas, all of you!|Back off!
My mom always told me|I couldn't cry...
and told me to be a big girl...
but you've been hurt,|so you just cry.
It was really bad.
My foot didn't even pop.
It was just last night...
that San Francisco's|own little princess...
partied at the beach...
but what started out|as innocent fun...
soon turned into|allegedly too much fun.
This is Suki Sanchez|for KPFW.
Please say something.
Well, there's not much to say.
A picture's|worth a thousand words...
and you have two pictures.
I embarrassed the family,|didn't I?
Not to put too fine|a point on it, yes, you did.
I think you're making|a wise decision...
to abstain from the job.
I suppose|I won't come to the ball.
Of course you should come.
You're still family.
Just because you don't|want to be our princess...
doesn't mean|we're sending you into exile.
Your mother's planning to come.
All your guests are invited.
Except for your beach friends.
Now, if you'll excuse me...
I'm meeting with the press|to do some damage control.
You can come in now.
If I may say so...
that did not go very well.
Is this the way|a princess should act?
My information tells me|that boy was using her.
The kiss|was merely a device...
so that he could get|his 15 minutes of fame.
And her friends|didn't help, either.
Anna, Falana, Banana,|Bandana, Montana...
I have no idea|what you're talking about.
Why didn't she have|enough common sense...
to deal with this?
She's only 15...
but today,|she acted beyond her years.
She showed great respect...
and gracefully accepted|your criticism.
You're saying that as a queen,|I was too harsh on her.
I was critical of the person...
who could become|the next ruler of my country.
No. I'm saying,|as a grandmother...
you might have been too harsh|on your granddaughter.
Do you think she can do it?
Oh, I have no doubts, ma'am.
I thought so, too.
What makes you different
Makes you beautiful
What's there inside you
Shines through to me
In your eyes I see
All the love I'll ever need
Hey, it's Mia Thermopolips.
Can you autograph your picture?|Josh did.
Hey, there's Princess Pucker-up.
What makes you different|makes you beautiful
What's there inside you
Shines through to me
In your eyes I see
All the love I'll ever need
Hey, can I talk to you|for a minute, please?
Lilly, can I just|talk to you for a minute?
- Is that cool?|- Sure. Let's talk.
But about what, hmm?
How you broke|my brother's heart...
or how you stuck me|with Jeremiah...
during my cable show doing...
"Pick a card, pick a card."|Mwah mwah mwah!
I'm sorry, OK?
I forgot to call you|and tell you...
that I couldn't make it.
So I was stuck with|the Happy Houdini...
while you make out|with the Yachting Yahoo.
Those are really|good alliterations.
No! I don't want to talk|about alliterations!
Lilly, I came up here|to tell you that I'm sorry!
I'm sorry I missed|your cable show...
and I'm just really sorry.
I can't believe|that you hung me up...
after all I did for you.
I kept your royal secret.
And do you know|how hard it is...
to have a cable show|and keep a secret?
You didn't keep it|a secret from me...
how jerky you thought|my being a princess was.
Well, congratulations.|You got your wish.
I'm not gonna be a princess.
You're not?
But I want you to be.
I didn't mean it.
The green monster|of jealousy came out...
because you were Miss Popular...
and I thought I was|losing my best friend...
so I got angry and upset|and hurt and...
I told you!
I need an attitude adjustment.
But the truth is...
you being a princess|is kind of a miracle.
Whoa! No!
What miracle?
It's a nightmare!
No! Think about it!
I just found out|that my cable show...
only reaches 12 people.
Wanting to rock the world,|but having zip power like me--
now, that's a nightmare.
But you--Wow!
I mean...
What is so "Wow"?
Wow is having the power|to affect change...
make people listen.
How many teenagers|have that power?
What more of a miracle|do you want?
we'll just have to find|a different miracle.
Not more, just different.
tomorrow night...
is the Genovian|Independence Day ball...
and to make up for|my missing your cable show...
I'm inviting you.
I hope you'll forgive me...
and I hope you come.
But what will I wear?
Mmm! Yay!
I don't know, but it|doesn't really matter.
I'm just happy|that you're gonna come!
Thanks.|And you can be a princess.
- No, I can't.|- Yes, you can.
- Yes, you can.|- No, I can't.
Let's move it in.|Move in! Let's go!
Bobby Bad,|hang up the phone!
Yes, Mom. I'll go to|the dentist after school.
I hate it when|they move in like that.
Mia, it's not|a championship game.
It's not even a big game.|It's just gym class.
Just hit the ball.
I don't want to flunk you|in gym class.
Come on. You can do it.
Keep your eye on the ball.
That's all right! That's OK!
You're gonna hit it anyway!
Go, Lions!
Come on, girls.|It's a ball, not a snake.
Back in formation!
I'm sorry.
Foul ball.|It's all right.
You got a piece of it.|It's OK.
Just focus.
Ha ha ha!
That's all right! That's OK!
Come on, Mia.|Remember, it's only a game!
Keep your eye on the ball.
Go, Lions!
Let's go! Let's go!
Would you|rather hit a beach ball?
Order me a pizza, huh?|Pepperoni.
Oh! Oh!
- Run, Mia!|- All right! Go! Go!
I gotta go. Get up!
What are you doing?|Get up!
All the way, Mia!
Hi, Josh.
Come on, girl!
All the way, Mia! Come on!
Safe! And you passed.
Whoo! Mia!
Nice job, Mia.|Way to go!
Oh!'s open.
Come on in.
Michael! Hi.
How are you?
- What?|- Little guy on your--
Oh! Um...
Did Lilly tell you|that I called...
because I...called.
I brought your car.
Oh, thank you.
Seven times I called.
Doc said that he fixed|what he could...
and if you had any problems,|give him a call.
Oh, OK.
Do you want the check now?
I have the last payment.
Yeah. Thank you.
Are you hungry or thirsty?
Oh! Here it is.
Thank you so much|for doing this for me.
It's really, really great|of you.
I didn't do it for you.|Doc lets the band practice.
Right. Of course.
I help with the cars.
Oh, here.
Oh, thanks.
I know you're still mad at me|for blowing you off...
and I'm really sorry I did.
But I am going to try|to make it up to you.
Well, I'm still going...
to the Genovian|Independence Day ball...
and I'm inviting you.
It could be fun, you know.
I'm wearing this great dress|that I can't breathe in...
and Lilly's got a date.
Josh looks better in a tux.
Oh. Um...
But, see, it's...
I really want you to be|the one I share it with.
You don't have to wear a tux.
You can wear sweat pants|for all I care.
Don't worry about me.
I just consider myself|royally flushed.
Stop the bovine massacre!
Sign up now and save a cow!
Vegetarians have right|to eat special.
Make Grove School|more tofu-friendly.
Hi. Go sit by Jeremiah.|Be there in a minute.
She's wearing|that dorky hat again.
Hey, you want|to see a trick?
No. Not right now.
What are you doing?|Writing a story?
Oh, well...|my portfolio's increased...
by 30% since the last quarter.
Look what we have.
The perfect nerd couple.
Jeremiah and Mia.
Oh! Miah and Mia!
Listen, Jere.|My friends and I were wondering.
The sweater you're wearing--|was it designed for you...
or did the knitting machine|just blow up?
Sunglasses, girls.
It's Jeremiah hair glare.
Is one of your magic tricks|your hair?
Ha ha!
- Hey, Lana?|- Huh?
That is such|a cute cheerleading outfit.
It's so clean-cut.
I bet it goes with anything.
Of course it does!
Aah! Aah!
Mia, you're such a freak!
Yeah, I am, but you know what?
Someday|I might grow out of that...
but you will never|stop being a jerk.
Lana got coned!
Lana got coned!
- Mia!|- Toodles.
Lana got coned!
Mrs. Gupta,|did you see what she did to me?
Oh, no, honey, I'm sorry.
I was in|a very important meeting.
Send it out for dry cleaning.
Lana got coned!
It's a present|for your sixteenth birthday...
from your father.
It was found|among his possessions.
My birthday's not for two weeks.
I know...
but I wanted you to have it|before we leave.
I return to Genovia|the day after tomorrow.
Thank you.
It's locked.
If you open the locket|I gave you...
it becomes the key.
Thank you|for bringing it down here.
I also|came to apologize...
for the way I spoke to you|about the beach incident.
It was judge mental of me.
I didn't pause|to verify the facts.
That's all right, Grandma.
I've been thinking about it|a great deal...
and the truth is...
I think you'd make|a very fine princess.
You know, people think...
princesses are supposed|to wear tiaras...
marry the prince,|always look pretty...
and live happily ever after...
but it's so much more|than that.
It's a real job.
You are an extraordinary person,|Grandma...
but I don't think|I'm meant to do this.
I would be so afraid...
that I would disappoint|the people of Genovia...
and I couldn't bear...
to disappoint you again.
Well, as I said...
I have faith in you.
- I'm a writer.|- Ah!
I write soaps--|soap opera.
Did you ever see|"Middle House Road"?
No. No, no.
It's a big hit.
I wrote a character|just like you once.
He was a spy.
I'm not a spy.
That's what|the character said.
I'll see you tonight, then.
I do have one favor to ask.
I need you to formally|renounce your title...
for the press|at the ball, you know?
- Make a speech?|- Mm-hmm.
Do you think that maybe...
considering|my history with the press...
it would be better|if you did it?
Amelia, you wouldn't|stop driving your Mustang...
just because a couple of insects|hit the windshield?
Besides,|look how far you've come...
and I'll be|right there with you.
I'll have Joseph|pick you up at 7:00.
No. Um...
I promised|I'd let my mom drive me.
She wants to drive me|to my first ball...
or something.
All right.|I'll see you there, then.
I am sorry.
Oh, my dear.
You are first and foremost|my granddaughter.
Please don't be late.
Hold on,|but don't hold too tight
Let go and soon|it'll be all right
Don't run away|from what your heart is saying
Be strong and face|what you're afraid of
Come on, show 'em|what you're made of
I know it's hard|when your hope is gone
But you gotta|keep holding on
Hold on
You're gonna make it
You gotta be strong now
Thank you, Dad,|but I can't be a princess.
I don't make speeches...
and I'm not|Clarisse Renaldi and...
and I just...|I can't do it, OK?
I'm scared.
Charlotte, Miss Kawa.
Nice to meet you.
Pardon me.|I have to get the band ready.
Of course.
Should you be going|to get Princess Mia?
Mia told Clarisse her mother|would be bringing her.
Helen just arrived and said|Mia was waiting for you.
She's going to run.
Come on, Fat Louie.|Time to pack.
Let's get your things.
Louie, what have you|got there?
Come on, Louie.
We're going on a trip.
We're going to Colorado...
where we can climb|some real rocks.
We are so out of here, Louie.
"My dearest daughter...
"today is|your sixteenth birthday.
"I present you|with this diary...
"to fill the pages with|your special thoughts--
"special thoughts|of your wonderful life. "
"It is a custom in my family...
"to pass on a piece of wisdom|when one reaches this age.
"I pass it on to you as|my father passed it on to me.
"Amelia, courage is not|the absence of fear...
"but rather the judgement...
"that something else|is more important than fear.
"The brave|may not live forever...
"but the cautious|do not live at all.
"From now on,|you'll be traveling the road...
"between|who you think you are...
"and who you can be.
"The key is to allow yourself|to make the journey.
"I also want you to know...
"I loved your mother|very much...
"and still think of her often.
"Happy birthday, my Mia.
"All my love, your father. "
And there's|Countess Puck of Austria...
as the glamorous|continue to arrive...
at the Genovian|Independence Ball.
Despite the threat of rain...
the big turnout includes|the mayor of San Francisco...
and a Genovian pear juggler.
The future of Genovia...
is in the hands of|young Mia Thermopolis.
Her decision tonight will|affect the queen, the court...
and all the people of|this small but proud country.
Do you think|it's gonna rain on us?
It never comes down|on Willie Brown.
Ha ha! Thank you.
Umbrellas up!
And that's enough|pear juggling.
The trip is off, Louie.
Oh! Perfect.
Oh, come on.|Come on, baby.
Genovians, you know...
are famous for|their impeccable taste in art.
Also for their cheese.
Maybe it's string cheese.
Don't do this, baby.
Sorry, Mr. Robutusen!
Here you go.|It's already paid for.
I didn't order a pizza.|I'm sorry about that.
No, you must've.
Unless there's another|Michael Moscovitz living here.
We get a call, we deliver.
That's our motto.
You don't make the pizza?
No, no. I just deliver 'em.
Press passes.|Thank you. Thank you.
Oh, hi.|Where are you from?
"Teen Scene" magazine.
Oh, good, good.
The queen has entered.
Do we have any news on|the Von Troken matter?
It'll be decided tonight, ma'am.
I'm afraid so.
Where is she?!
She went somewhere!|I know nothing!
Nothing? Come here.
Oh, what? What?
Talk to me.
She went that way,|then that way.
Two minutes ago.
Thank you very much.
Do we have any problems?
No. Everything's perfect.
Perfect. It's wonderful.
You're not very good|at lying, Charlotte.
No, I'm not, Your Majesty.
But the garden looks beautiful.
Thank you.
Come on, baby.|You can make it.
Yes, come on! Yes!
No. Come on, baby.
Baby, please, come on.
There's no answer|at Princess Mia's house...
and I couldn't get Joseph|on the cell phone.
There's too much static|from the storm.
The press is starting|to complain...
about making their deadlines.
If she's not here in 10 minutes,|I'll make the announcement.
Yes, ma'am.
It's OK. She'll be fine.
She's gonna get here.
Is this punishment|for driving without...
a licensed driver|in the front seat?!
I am invisible and I am wet.
The press was wondering|if it would be possible--
No. No interviews until|later in the evening.
Yes, ma'am.
And we're meeting|Baroness and Baron Von Troken.
Is it true if the teenager|refuses the princess-ship...
your family will take over|the country of Genovia?
Yes. They must have|a legitimate...
Renaldi blood relative|or we rule.
No, ma'am.
Then it's time.
Catch a falling star
And put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away
You wouldn't happen to be|running away, would you?
What? Dressed like this?
No. I'm going to a ball.
Good. Get in.
Her Majesty, the Queen.
My fellow Genovians|and honored guests...
good evening.
I apologize for the delay|and--oh, hello--
And may I say...
welcome to our grand Genovian|Independence Day ball.
There's no time to change.
You look fine.
Pretty and fine.|Just fine.
- Oh!|- No running.
- Please, no running. Good.|- It's nice.
...a very special moment.
Thank you so much|for your patience.
I have an announcement|to make.
- My granddaughter--|- Ahem.
- She's here!|- I see.
I would like to announce that|my granddaughter has arrived.
With a fascinating explanation|as to her wardrobe, I'm sure.
She's styling a wet,|sort of grunge-look hairdo...
and is wearing a sweatshirt,|jeans, and Docs.
Mia, would you care|to say a few words?
Um, yes.
Why didn't we dress like her?|We look like idiots.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Do you think they're trying|to save money on the gown?
Hi--er, uh, hello.
I'm Mia. Um...|It stopped raining.
Get your tiara ready.|
I'm really no good|at speech making.
Normally I get so nervous|that I faint...
or run away or sometimes|I even get sick.
But you really|didn't need to know that.
But I'm not so afraid|anymore.
My father helped me.
Earlier this evening,|I had every intention...
of giving up my claim|to the throne...
and my mother helped me|by telling me that it was OK...
and by supporting me like|she has for my entire life.
then I wondered how I'd feel...
after abdicating my role|as Princess of Genovia.
Would I feel relieved|or would I feel sad?
And then I realized...
how many stupid times a day|I use the word "l."
In fact,|probably all I ever do...
is think about myself.
And how lame is that...
when there are 7 billion|other people on the planet--
Ooh. Sorry.|I'm going too fast.
But then I thought...
if I cared about|the other 7 billion out there...
instead of just me...
that's probably|a much better use of my time.
See, if I were|Princess of Genovia...
then my thoughts...
and the thoughts of people|smarter than me...
would be much better heard|and just maybe...
those thoughts could be|turned into actions.
So this morning|when I woke up...
I was Mia Thermopolis.
But now...
I choose to be forevermore...
Amelia Mignonette|Thermopolis Renaldi...
Princess of Genovia.
I hope you didn't order|your stationery yet.
This was my very first tiara.
I was rather fond of it.
I'm hoping you will be, too.
Oh. Grandma,|but you had it already.
How did you know|I'd even be here?
Because I recognize|the same spirit in you...
as someone else I know.
Ah, you made it.
You bet your life,|you big, tall string bean.
Here. Paolo here|to save the day.
The land I call my home
Genovia, Genovia
Forever will your banner wave
Her Majesty,|Queen Clarisse...
and Her Royal Highness,|Amelia, Princess of Genovia.
I think perhaps we'd better|get you dried off now.
Thank you.
No longer does Mia stand for|"Missing In Action."
Genovia has a new princess.
They had the same idea I had...
but now the garden|is "occupado."
Why me?
Because you saw me|when I was invisible.
And just because I'm royal...
doesn't mean|I'm any different.
Come on,|I'm really the same person.
Yes, I will have|to live in Genovia...
but I'll still go|to school and...
You showed me faith|is not gone
I don't need wind|to help me fly
Miracles happen|once in a while
When you believe
You showed me dreams|come to life
That taking a chance|on us was right
All things will come|with a little time
When you believe
Dear diary...
today is my first official day|as Princess of Genovia.
We'll land in a few hours...
and I'll meet the parliament|and the people...
before beginning|my royal duties.
Mom is, of course,|moving to Genovia with me...
and will continue painting--|without the balloons.
Lilly and Michael are spending|their summer vacation...
at our--|can you believe it--palace.
They're even having|my Mustang brought over...
which I can legally drive|in two weeks.
Grandma's so glad|to be going home.
And Joseph? Well,|he's watching nearby as usual.
Everybody's got|pre-coronation jitters...
including me.
Everybody, that is,|except Fat Louie.
He's totally adapted|to being a royal.
I guess he was one all along.
Princess,|look out the window...
and welcome to Genovia.
Miracles happen|once in a while
When you believe
You showed me|dreams come to life
That taking a chance|on us was right
All things will come|with a little time
When you believe
I know sometimes you feel
Like you don't fit in
And this world doesn't know
What you have within
When I look at you
I see something rare
A rose|that can go anywhere
And there's no one I know|that can compare
What makes you different
Makes you beautiful
What's there inside you
Shines through to me
In your eyes I see
All the love I'll ever need
All I need of love
What makes you different
Makes you beautiful to me
So beautiful
What makes you
What makes you different
Makes you beautiful
To me
Everything you do|is beautiful
Love is shining|right through me
Everything in you|is beautiful
To me
To me
I know that|you're searching for answers
Afraid that|you'll be left behind
But you can't rush time
You got to wait in line
In time,|the answers you'll find
You'll get your wings|at the right time
Each of us|must learn how to fly
Gotta move on from|what's breaking your heart
Don't let your life|pass you by
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