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Princess Of Thieves

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Long ago in the Reign of the|King's Richard the LionHeart.
There was a legend known to all.
That's a man who stole from the|rich to feed the poor
He was known throught out the Reign.
As Robin Hood.
lt is known that he and|his band of merry men
Played the evil share of Nottingham.
And he romanced one heart of maid,|Marion.
There was more to their story.
A tale kept secret then forgotten.
Lost in the maze of time and|shifting memory.
For Robin and Marion, had a child.
You gave me the orders to inform|you moment the child is born.
My lord,
Shall it be a price on the|infant's head my lord?
Equal to the price set on its father.
Robin Hood shall not have a son.
To play the Nottingham.
Oh, the child is female...
Not a son?
Are you sure is a daughter?
Shall it be a price on the infant's|head my lord?
A girl...
Let's no home come to her.
She'll be safe here, I'll promise.
How can I choose to you|if you don't study?
You're the future churchman.|ls you not me.
I'm only stable because each|cruises he said it could be his last
Would you have your father|refuses his king.
King Richard should be here|carrying for his people.
lnstead of abandoned his|brother Prince John
The injustice is here,|not in Jerusalem.
Back to Latin before you sour the milk.
Did I hurt you?
We're not children anymore.
Nearly there Robin.
Come on, come on, come on,
Tell him we'll soon be home.
Got trouble girl?|-No, no uncle.
Have you knew,|you have feeling for the boys?
l do love him but|he's like my brother but...
Uncle, I have to let him win at|the archer just to spare him.
How can I think of him as a husband?
lf he pleases your father?
l can't get his pleasure or its opposite.
Rain in England not like the|rainbow in Jerusalem
Not the weather not does|it no distance?
But how do we measure it?
l can count his visits from one hand,
Tuck Friar!
Robin is coming!|-Well, now you need two!
My bird its on it ways.|He could be several days.
Don't worry he'll be fine.|-Why don't you just go to bed?
l understand how you feel.
You are an orphan.
You never knew your parents.
You can be as sad and angry|as you like. It doen't matter.
They are never coming back.
But he comes back and he goes away...
He said he'll be back|but not when.
He's my father and|l haven't seen him in five years.
Now see him now.
God! ls that you?|ls that really you?
Look at that Will!
You have grown my lad,|look at the size of you.
l can't believe that how quickly|you've grown to be a woman.
Now she is one of that.|lsn't she Will?
You look like more and|more just like your mother.
God rest her soul.
Welcome home father.
That's never young Andrew.
Robin how are you?|You are look well...
Tuck where are you?
Come on you fool.
Ah, Richard the LionHeart|is dying across the neck.
ls doubtful he'll survive|the journey home.
ln fact he might be gone in this very hour.
Well...Here to King John.
May he take the throne for|all of ours sakes
What about Philip?
l thought he want his son|to take the throne.
His son no one has ever seen|Philip will stay in France.
lf he doesn't want to die.
Well said...
Prince John my lord,
l bid you welcome your grace.
ls the test of loyalty,|I'm impressed.
Who's he?|-Cardaggian, yours grace.
I'm your force to be half-metaphor|-I'll remember.
Oh, my old body aches from the ride.
I'm hungary...|-Now seated.
Philip is coming you know.
My brother Richard has arranged|for the boy to travel
Under the supervision|of Countess Toutelot.
They dock at Harwich within a week.
Find him and kill him.
Yes, your grace.
He wears the royal-signet ring.|You will know him by the ring.
Of course,|l must be careful...
You could say he was|murdered by robbers.
The woods around the Nottingham.
The theives running out for him.
Consider it done.
The food is taken it's time?
Has he gone off to kill|something fresh?
No doubts,
Richard will take steps to|protect his French spouts
No doubts.
Safe combat from Harwich|to Nottingham
Now let's see who does Richard hold|in trust such as matter such as thee?
Who would he sent do you think|to out wit you?
Robin Hood is in Jerusalem,|your grace.
My spies has placed him|here in England.
Don't worry about Robin,|l will take care of him.
You have my word.|-Good!
Where's my food?
l thought you might be|riding with Glen.
Tuck say she can take a jump|as well as you and me.
You know time Will,|-She's not a child any more.
l can see that Will.
Talk to her.
We leave tomorrow.|What do you want me to do?
Stay behind watch a girl|jump off a horse?
And for that Richard's Kingdom|falls to John?
Kill two bears with one stone|Let me ride with you to meet Philip.
My horse can take the|edge on the way.
And England will be safe.|One stone.
Very clever.
Just like her old man...|-Now I see.
Like her mother and everything else.
You look some spirit.|-Thank you Will,
When I return,|we have more time we'll talk...
To catch up.
You said that to me so many times.|I'll lost count.
And for that I'm sorry.|-You needn't to be sorry.
Let me go with you?
This ain't some kind of game Gwyn...|-Please!
John has his spies everywhere.|I'm sure they are watching the dock
I've got enough to worry about.|Don't you be there as well.
l wouldn't be a worry.|I'll be a help.
l can step in a willow in 50|paces watch!
Gwyn, No!
There'll be another time I promise.
That's what you think.
I'm begging for the chance to|meet the king.
That's enough,|you watch your tongue!
What's right have you got|to thrives me?
Where were you when I was|learning speech?
l speak anything I like!|-No, I still your father you won't.
How many times have I begged|to go with you?
How many times have you told me?
The highway has no life for a child?
Look at me!
Do you see a child?|-You're behaving like a child.
A grown woman isn't foohish|to argue like this.
lf I was a son,|you will take me with you.
l tell you,|I'm just as good as a son.
l gave my words to your mother
No harm will come to you|because of me.
That's your excuse!
Have you got any ideas what will|happen if you were captured?
Do you know what prince John|does with his prisoners?
You'll be lucky just to lose your head.
Unlucky to die for fighting|for the cause?
You can have my head|if it comes to that!
You will stay here where you belongs.
Where I belong?
...mending socks than I am chattel
No, you are my daughter.
You do not know me sir!
We'll meet Philip at the back gate|of Harwich
My old friend Friar Benedict|has arranged all.
l think you handled it all...very well.
This isn't some fair ground|tornament Will.
Putting Philip on the throne|would be dangerous.
Stop back!|-Yes, your highness?
Stop the coach!
Countess Tountelot's perfume is|choking me. Not for a moment longer.
She keeps moving your highness?|Philip sorry.
l know!
l want you to comes inside|with me to play cards.
No jokes.|-Perhap a moment
You'll be alright,|you'll see.
l noticed I have to wear a crown
Public life holds a new charm.
That cos you haven't try it yet sir!
Comes with a castle|with lots of servant.
Good food...|Good women.
You left out up rising ferment wars,|and plague...
We all suffered those...
But the king is expected to do|something about them
Duties makes my head aches.
We have lost the leap.
No madam, he's right here with us.
Get back to the carriage immediately!
It is not safe!|-We're still in France Countess.
King John's has the spies everywhere!
Please! Get back to the carriage.
Thank you.|-For what?
For not saying something stupid|to makes me feel better.
You know me well.
l hope so.
After 18 years of the same time.
You are a good friend.
l am so ungrateful sometime,|please forgive me.
For the whole world...
Tuck said I should be beg pardon to|my father for the way I've spoke.
We shouldn't be fighting|each together...
But fighting together.
Side by side against King John,|why can't he see!
l must do something,|l will die before I've lives.
Do you ever feel that?
What stops you?
...I'm a coward.
He said that life is like a wild horse.
You ride it or its ride you.
Suppose the wild horse doesn't|want to be ridden.
Are you after your destiny or|slate your fear?
A man who doen't afraid of the|wild creature is probably a fool.
l don't want to be afraid of anything...
It is all arranged madam.
Prince John's army will be|waiting at Harwich.
Philip will be murder the minute|he comes to shore.
Prince John promised to pay|my travel expenses.
Would you like to pour me some wine?
Put on your boots...
What time it is?|Don't we sail before dawn?
Here your jacket.
Conrad have you gone mad?
Shh. Listen to me,|they're not our friend.
No good-bye for her father?
Go to her Robin.
l will be forgotten by the time I return.
Look at her temper, god rest her soul.
Froder,|You want to wake up lobby?
Gwyn?|What have you done?
l need your clothes, to go as a boy.
Don't try to stop me,|you know I can't.
Gwyn, this is stupid.|-Stupid to fight against King John?
King John or your father?|Who you really fighting?
You it's seem.
l can't just sit here.
This is the only chance for justice|and peace in England.
Then I'm coming with you.
You are a scholar not a warrior.
l beat you at achery.|-Only when I let you.
Wish me god speed,|tell Tuck not to worry.
Crossing to England will be|difficult and cold.
Here take this.
Keep it.
You saved my life,
And I can save you from|the chill at the very least.
No, I'm the future King,|l command you.
Wear it for my sake.|-Alright.
lf you were ill, who will look after me?
l don't feel the cold.
l don't feel much of anything|right now.
Not cold...not hunger...|...not even fear.
As if I'm dreaming.
Or in my grave I wish to see|my father before I die.
What could he tell me?
Look at you Conrad,
Victory rules.
Controls the surrounding,|Fields and woods.
For all we know,|let me be here ready for hiding.
Will we find him.|-Any signs of Robin?
All the main roads are being watched.
He doesn't travel on main road!|Get them!
Like one of his arrows.
look at the cabbages...
The eggs...
l should see you in prison!
How dare you?
l am sick of you!
Your wife is baron.
A man who punished a hundred|child has none of own.
Tell the god,|The boy is a thief.
Let him go!|He has taken nothin'!
How dare you!
You wish for a thief?|You'll get one...
My horse is at the far end|of the market.
You take it.
Robin Hood.
ls Gwyn.|-A strike of luck that what.
Let's go.
For the Benedict has arranged a|meeting at the back gate of Harwich.
But how do we know is Robin Hood?
Mortal loves is but licking|honey from the thorns
Then he must replied,
"It is insolitude that marry|is cumulated."
Pretty thoughts,|but I can't agree.
Licking love honey no matter|the danger?
ls more then a emtpy bed|on a cold night.
You are a philosopher Conrad.
No sir, I'm a lover.
l would trade food for love|even if I was starving.
l have known a lots of women.
Right now,
l can't think of one that|l wouldn't trade for some meat...
Some bread...and a decent ale...
Admit it, you're glad that I came.
Yes, I'm glad that you came.
You don't have to lied,|if you're not glad say so.
l said I was glad.
But you really wish that|I've stay behind.
No, I don't!|-Really?
Froderick stop it!
These are good...|But you shouldn't steal.
Oh I see,
Your moral rises but|your stomach failed.
No shame leaving it for the bird.
They taxes the poor until they|can't feed their own children
And jailed them for stealing.
John's a thief, not them.
Not me.
You could have ended up in prison.
My father stole from the rich|and gave to the poor.
No prisons can't hold him.
You can never be like your father.
l didn't expected.
lf I were, would you like me better?
Over here!
Over here!
You 2 men come with me!
lt's John's men.|They are looking for Philip.
I've stole fom the innocent.
lf they see me,|they'll arrest me.
Go! We'll split up.
I'll lead them back to town hide|and meet me after dark
ln the chapel.
Don't get caught.
[Man from the distance]|The French boy might be here
Make way! Make way!
This way!
Come quick!|l have found the boy!
Lower your bow!|You are out numbered!
Get on!
So what have you to say?
lf you not come I'll be dead or worst.|ls that what you want to hear?
l admitted and freely,|please don't send me home.
Does Tuck know this?
l thought Froderick would tell him|but he followed me here
Froderick too?
You hear that Will?
Where is he now?
He's meeting me in the chapel after dark.
We split up, so I can get away.
l don't understand,|why are you running from those men?
Your what?
l stole some pies from the baron
And altogether he was too fat|and the children were hungrey.
A thief?
Many thanks girl.
You took the guards from their post|and gave us...
Well...there's no help now.
You have to stay here|until one of us can take you back.
l can't!|Froderick will worry if I don't come!
l can't risk Philip's life simply save|your little friend from worrying.
He have to manage!
Well, I can go but myself
You want to be arrested?|No!
You will sit exactly where you are!
And you will not dis-obey me again.
Now sit!
He's our dearest friend Rob.|You'll never leave me hanging out.
Did you hear what happened|in Harwich today?
A man stole bread and|gave it to a bunch of beggers.
The boy out there wouldn't see it.
He is travelling with a companion|to Nottingham.
For the achery tournament.
He knows nothing of Robin Hood|or Prince Philip...
Release him.
Now keep out the sight and|watch the road.
Will, you watch the door.
Robin sir? ls Gwyn with you?
Shh! She's outside.
Stay here and wait for my signal.
I'll meet you at the back door|you understand?
I've tried to stop her coming sir.
Sure you did, you are a good lad.
l remind you, wait for my signal.
Robin Hood.
That's not him.
Robin is a much uglier man.
Lances approch!
Walking lance is like|licking honey from thorns.
Oh Friar Benedict,|sang this a night ago.
When he thought I was one|of your men
Then was before I rang him through...
We've got to do something,
lf my father is in prison,|Philip will be kill.
Listen to me,|there're too many guards.
We got to get help.
l have been sent to meet|the son of a friend.
Mortal loves but the licking honey|of thorns.
It is insolitude that marry|is cumulated.
This way your highness.
Robin, you are alone?
Where are your men?
ln the forest just beyond.
A moment your highness.
l will return.
We should tell him who is who.|Before I am tempted to take...
Let him go, we have our prize.
You ride back and tell my uncle
That my father and Will Scarlett|is in the castle of Nottingham
My father is a prisoner because of me.
Pride for my stupid, stupid pride!
Pray for that Philip isn't captured|or dead.
Well hurry!
Bring as many men as you can!
I'll meet you at Nottingham.
God is my witness that|l will not let my father die in prison.
Stay there!
Good lord!
My apology.|You were dressed as a man
How hell should a man dress?
You fooled thee eyes...
I'm sorry if I hurt you.
Now you let me steal your horse?
I'll give it to you freely madam.
A madam should not have to walk.
Hasn't woman got legs?
Do we not run and|walk just like you do?
There are danger for a woman|in the forest.
And no danger for you?
I'm bigger and stronger
But not more faster and|more cunning.
Definitely faster.
So you agree I'm more cunning?
Will you just take the horse|and be gone.
l steal a horse fairly...
But I won't take it for the poor|reason of my gender.
We can both ride.|l am a stranger
And I would be grateful for a god.
l must get back to France and safely.
I'm going to Nottingham.
There are people there who will|help you to France.
But I must warn you,|is not safe to get in my campany.
Nor am l.
l don't care if you are a thief|or a murderer.
But you know the way|to King Richard?
Yes, I can show you.
Then we can share the ride.
What has happened in the market?
Welcome back to Nottingham, my lord.
ls harvest festival...|you to judge the tournament.
Ah yes, I forgotten.
Any other news?
There are rumour my lord that Philip|has come to England.
Unfortunately the climate|didn't agree with him.
He died.
Long live King John.
Long live King John.
Yeah I think I like it.
Not too glory, not too French...
It is done sir.
Everybody out! Go on!|Get out! Quickly!
You too. And shut the door!
The different of look of Richard|around the mouth
Oh god...the thing I forced to do...
You deserved too be king.
l am happy we have suceeded.
This is not Philip!
Do I have to spelt it out to you?
Do I have to write it down?
I'm surrounding by idiots!
l made one simple request!
Kill one Prince!
Possible! Must I have to do everything?
l when to Nottingham for myself
Where is Philip?
Does he mean the young Philip|or the old Philip...
l haven't seen it either .
I'll have your heads on the steak!
Maybe...|he means Philip the map maker.
Philip the map
That's not the one you meant it is?
l mean Philip the son of my brother!
What does he look like?
Prepare the rag.|-Yes.
He's still alive,
I'm in Nottingham|ls best we part here
I'm on the King buisness.
The king employed you to steal horses?
He employed a man to protect|his son Philip.
I'm afraid that man is in prison.
lf you are talking about Robin Hood,|Let him be there.
He has betrayed his King|and plotted Philip's death.
May god strike you down|for repeated such a lie!
He let the Prince into a|trap this very day!
Not Robin hood!|You might believe me!
Not with my own eyes.|-l watched with my eyes
l saw Robin Hood taken prisoner!
And who are you pretending|to know Philip!
Conrad, I was the Prince's valet.
John will act as a King will hang|Robin Hood and Scarlett.
We have to get them out of prison.
Conrad say you help me please!
A woman dressed as a man?|And me...
Prince's valet against John's army?
You are frighten?
Better alive coward than a dead fool!
You don't understand.
Robin Hood is my father.
He won't kill us yet until|he found the boy.
Or John is wearing the crown.
The only way is wait for news|of King Richard death.
It wasn't Gwyn's fault Rob.
We walked into it.
She's a good girl.|-l know.
We should have brought her along.
l should have say yes.|She was right.
l should have told her that.
l ordered Philip dead!|Did I get Philip dead?
l did not!|-That was my honest mistake my lord.
Honest mistake?
Honest mistake?
My life is in danger and|you took a honest mistake?
Are you mad?
Or plain stupid?|What did I order?
Philip's death sir.|-What did I wanted?
Philip sir.|-The name of the man you must kill?
Philip.|-Philip good!
Ride to Nottingham,|inform your Sheriff.
lf he doesn't send me Philip's head.
I'll have his.
And yours...on a plate!
Well, two heads are better than one.
Philip's death will be a great|blown for his people.
The people don't love John.
He's move by greed and treat the|subject like sheets of slaughter
Surely one King is as good as a mix.
Philip care nothing for the fair of state.
He only thought of wine|and dancing.
Believe me,|England is better off.
You know nothing of life here|you would't say that.
l rather have a fool than John.
Don't mistake me,|Philip was not a fool.
ln fact he was quite the opposite.
He was a quick wit according to some.
He find favour with women|and he was a fine sword man.
Not average or not a bad fellow.
But no desire for a public life.
A child can prefer...
A Prince has no obligation|to serve the people.
Here archer,
lf you don't hurry you won't|make the tournament.
Look at you, a woman and|you preferred to be a man.
Why shouldn't a Prince|take your part...
Archery tournament.
Allow to attend the Sheriff's|banquet inside the castle.
I'm not good at shots Gwyn.|l can't promise I'll win.
Who asking you to?
The entry is very specific,|you only need to practise.
Thank you madam.
Conrad of Lancaster...|-And my brother.
Winfred of Lancaster.
You up against some fine|archery today, boys.
Get this over quickly.
That's the Sheriff of Nottingham.
My father's greatest enemy|in John's right hand.
Hear me! Hear me!
We all present of good sheriff.
And only witness the finest archers.
ln all of England!
Beginning at 60 paces.
And now ask John of Leicester...
William of Nottingham.
Richard of Essex.
One, two, set to the mark!
And now ask,
Winfred of Lancaster,
Robin of Leicester,
Goffy of Kent.
Philip of Wiltchester
Richard of Huntington
One, two, set to the mark!
Ready! Come on boys.
Edward of Soulberry.
Winfred of Canterberry.
And big Cole of London.
One, two, set to the mark!
Round two, targets are 70 paces!
Round three!
Round four!
Round five!
The wind came up.
There was no wind,|l shot coolly
It up to you now Conrad.
ln your master's memory.
Set to the mark!
Make it 100 paces.|100 paces.
The man nearest my arrow|take the prize.
Make way for the Sheriff.
What's this?|-To end it quickly that's all.
He has better things to do.
Torture prisoners, rises taxes...
He wouldn't dare to this if|my father was here!
ls he good?|-No!
And apparently very lucky.
Richard of Essex.|Step forward.
Step forward.
Conrad of Lancaster, step forward.
Wait! Let me be your proxy.
You think you can bust an inch?
Come on boys,|move along, take your best shot.
No excuses.
My brother will be my proxy.
That's not allowed.|ls that allowed?
Are you afraid the little one|is better at you sir?
Look, he doesn't have his wiskey yet.
No, my lord,|l have good eyes and hand.
Carry on then little man.
When I'm dining at castle this evening.
l will make a toast to you|and your brother.
Step forward!
He's not from around here is he?
Winfred of Lancaster my lord.
Winfred of Lancaster!
We're done!
His style with a bow.
Doen't it remind you...|-Aye sir.
...Of Robin Hood.
You know the tower on you side.
That's where the prisoner are kept.
Meet me there under the arch.
Take your time.
l haven't eaten for more than a day.
l fill my stomach if I were you.
I'm not think of my stomach right now!
Well, think about getting caught.
And turn into a cell without|a scrap to eat.
That's him.
The man he said he was|Robin Hood.
He lets us in to the trap.
We must leave at once.
What about my father.
Now listen to me,|that man is an assassin.
lf he sees me, we are dead.
And that's no good to your father.
Come with me now and|l swear on my honour.
We will get your father out of prison.|Do you trust me?
John want Philip's head on a plate.
Or he will have ours.
Take 20 bow mens on horse back.
Have them ready.
We'll ride at once!|This time the boy dies!
Now we are safe.
Get off!
Who are you?|-Philip's valet.
Philip is dead. Murdered...
That's true.|-Dead.
Don't worry lad is not your fault!
We have to find my father.
We must stop Prince John.
Did you have to bring the whole army?
I'm sorry uncle.
Come we must go.|Let's plan it right.
We have the Sheriff!|We have the Sheriff.
Come and look.|-All ready?
Tell me, my father and Will Scarlet|are they alive?
Not for very long.
No one last very long in the|tower dungeon.
The tower of London.
Where is the Sheriff?
His men are here he is not.
l hold the Sheriff in exchange|for prisoner
Robin Hood and Will Scarlett.
Long live King Richard.
And death of the pretender.
Who are these people?
They called them selves forest people.
That's Green, the taxes|people drove him crazy
Mary Duff,
When she couldn't pay.|They put out her father eyes
This is Prince John rules.
Now I began to understand|your system.
We're not bothering about system.
Did Gwyn tell you we were...
No, it seem so close.
Gwyn you must eat.
All this suffering,|l just want to change it.
More then Philip would have|done I can remind you.
Philip was chosen by Richard,|who was a good ruler.
lf he was alive he would have|brought peace to England.
l know it.
Why do you stare?
Do you always wear men's clothes?
No, of course not.
It just I wanted to ride|with my father.
Keeping me safe.|He was alway at war.
As I child I hated it.
l think it's because I longed for him.
Where is he now?
He's dying.|-Conrad I'm so sorry.
Philip was very lucky to have|a friend like you.
Gwyn what did he say?
l don't trust him.
He doesn't act like a man servant.
What to bow scape to you?|-I'm serious.
He could be spy from King John.
Some water, some water.
Froderick! Froderick! Froderick!
Where is he?
Gwyn?|-You fell asleep, how could you?
l didn't, he tricked me.
He was tied to a tree.|Did you un-tie him?
He asked for water that all.
My knife.
We had a hostage, our best chance.
Froderick lets the Sheriff escaped.
Stop it,|Gwyn can't you see he's hurt?
lf my father hanged,|l will never speak to you again.
The Sheriff won't be back.
We should head for the Abbey.
No, I promise Gwyn I would|free her father.
I'm going to London.
Who would ride with me.
Morning Robin Hood.
Ah, I trust you slept well,|Slept like a baby.
Ah, breakfast in the reck room.
There was something I wanted|to tell you.
What was it?|Oh yes, how should I put it.
My brother Richard the|Lionheart is dead.
Then long live King Philip.
That puppy wasn't even born here.
No, no, no.|Tomorrow is my Coronation.
Sorry,|l can't make it but thank you.
l...would sleep easier if you|would find Philip.
l would sleep better if I have a pillow.
I'll arrange it
Be my friend Robin Hood.|-You are a hard man to like John.
Do I look better to you now?
Where is he?
I'll hang you now and|the little girl of yours.
Where's Philip?
You have egg in your beard.
l come here trying to makes friend.
Straight him until he talks.
Philip is alive.
Philip lives, tell everyone.
Send the messager ahead of us.
They must double the guard|around the tower.
A girl and a handful of monks,|my lord?
You don't trap for a bear|when catching a mouse
You didn't see this mouse.
Spliting image of her father.
His skills...and the disrespect|of the lord.
She will know fear and death.
I'll teach her both!
But first Philip must die.
Long lives King John!|Back to London!
Forgive me Froderick.|-Alright.
l can't bear it when we are not friend.
l am sorry,|l was wrong.
You were hurt, Conrad is right?
Now don't pretend,|l know you like him.
Stop it?|-What?
You like him don't deny it.
l know you better than|you know yourself.
You say so.|-It doen't matter.
l told him not to think of me as a|woman and he obey me very well.
So let's that be the end of it.
I've seen the way he looks at you|and believe me...
He sees you as a woman.
Maybe he believes that you also|in love of someone esle.
l didn't exactly told him the truth.
Oh Froderick,|-I'm sorry.
I'm always apologising to you.
Maybe that's the problem.
Would you like me better|if I just grab you?
Threw you down and|kiss you from head to toe?
Go a head,|tell him we're just best friend.
I'm your best friend aren't we?
Are you afraid?|-Aren't you?
Their army are well trained|and we aren't.
My father said there're no courage|about fear.
These people are the ones|with courage.
To rise each morning to face|the lost of their land.
To see the children hungrey.|Their lives stock stolen.
And they don't give up.
They are the heroes.
Froderick told me what he|said to you.
And I'm not the truth to him.|Or anyone
A friend once told me a woman|would makes me crazy.
l like the way you speak.
My full complement,|no courtesy manner.
Gwyn, after tomorrow, things|will be different.
We could both be dead.
No, that's not what I meant.
It doen't matter.|-It does.
What? What is it?
The village,|every one is talking about it.
Prince John's men are still seaching|for Philip, He alive.
ls a rumour.
Wiseful thinking.|Conrad saw Philip died.
Conrad is lying, he's a traitor.|A spy for Prince John
ls not true.
lf Conrad say Philip dead,|he's dead
And everything else is a lie!
Philip is alive.
Philip thought if people believes|he was dead,
He'll be safe.|He could return to France.
King Richard's son can not|be such a coward.
Oh, trust me he could.
But he has changed.
He see things differently now.|Through eyes...
Sorry I lied to you Gwyn.
We'll fight.
ln the name of King Richard.|We'll fight!
Now! Which one is he?
There he leads them.
Out of my sight you little wretch.
And you didn't say thank you.
Thank you.
ls a trap!
l had to,|l know how much you like him.
They'll be here soon the|reinforcement.
Get him to safety.
We attacked,|we attacked everything we have.
Keep calm Gwyn.|-We smashed them.
Froderick will be alright.
John will never be crowned.
And we'll get your father|out of prison
l made a promise.
All rise for his royal highness,|King John.
The Tower of London.
Hold this.
Stay there.
Gwyn over here.
Where is he?
Thank you.|-You are welcome.
Come on.
Do you swear to forbid wrong to|men every right within your reign?
And inforce justice with mercy|in all of your judgment.
Let god grant mercy on you.
l swear.
John Latten of England,|Chosen by his people.
Shall receive the signet|of his Kingdom.
Robin?|-Tuck is that you?
Where's Robin?
He's in here.
They've hurt you.|-Gwyn why did you come here...
lf I didn't come, who would?
l think I can get myself out of|prison I've done it before.
This is Philip.|You are late boy.
You shouldn't waste your time|coming in here.
The place where Robin Hood hang,
l have no business of claiming|the throne.
Let go.
Might this oil put on the head|of god servant.
Be the true sign...
You and Philip stays behide|and search for Will.
I'm staying with you.
I'm trusting you to safe passage|of the Kingdom
l gave my words to Richard.
Now you give your words to me.
You have it sir!
Don't let John get crown.
Crown the jewellery,
Justice and might.
Well, well I never thought|you will survive.
Well, I never thought of you|to kept me going.
Oh no, your thought is just|beyond your reach.
l think Prince John's strength has|given me longer arms.
lsn't it time you retire|to your country?
Well,|l can pray to god on your grave.
My lord, 50 pieces the bull-eye|should be easy for you.
And an end for Robin Hood.
ls a good shot.
Found him with glory and|give him yet a brighter crown
ln the name of King Richard|do not crown this man.
Who is this man?|Take him out and hang him!
l am Philip,|son of Richard the LionHeart.
l was chosen by him|as the successer.
As prove,
Here is the ring given to me|by my father.
Your father the absented|King Richard's son?
l will wear the crown.
l am rightful air by blood.
l am the rightful King! By lord!
There are higher lord|for men like you.
You could never be King.
l have seen what your army and|your tax men has done to the villages
They are suffering from your|production of greed and your fear.
How dare you!
You draw a sword against your King.
Arrest this man!|Arrest him!
Step forward and defend your King.|l command it!
Why aren't you move?
You define me for him!
You define god for him!
Arrest that man!
l command you!
Miserable, contemptible, cowards!
You're all guilty of high treason!
Everyone one of you!
You and you!
And you! All of you!
lt's over!
The people won't do what you asked.
Cos they won't fight for|you anymore.
Your days is at and end.|-Give me my father's crown sir.
This is ridiculous.
History will ignore you.
I'm at your service, your majesty.
Did Froderick tell you,
That I've made him a member|at my castle?
He's off learning spanish to improve|foreign relation. He's very happy.
Winfred of Lancaster,|l hardly know you.
You will be king and|l am a commoner.
l will not take the throne.
They will despite you if you did.
l would despite myself.
Your highness,
Come, before they speak lattin and|pour oil on my head...
Let's us be it once more.
Even if it only for an hour.
Or a minute.|-One minute.
ls not fair.
The king should have everything|he wants.
That's what I used to say when|my father goes off the war.
ls not fair,
Why does he loves Richard more|than his own daughter.
l didn't understand,
It wasn't Richard he loves,|It was something much bigger...
Something held inside himself,|Like a priest carrying its faith.
What I decided, I don't want to be|a cause on another man pain
Which is why...
l will serve you like my father|served your father.
From this day forward and forever...
Yes, your majesty.
Say it, please...
From this day forward and forever.
Good day, Miss Lockely.
Good day, yours Highness.
l was wondered where you were.
Froderick said I'll find you in here.
ls a quite place to think.
Never had much quite in my life.
You mother fell in love with|a robber and a thief.
Princess just as bad if not wrost.
Look at me Gwyn,
Look at me.
l did what I thought was right.
l kept away,|and I let you grow up alone
Because I want to protect you|from the life that I lead.
ls nothing wrong with the life you lead.
No there isn't...For me.
l wanted something better for you.
ln the end it didn't makes|any different did it?
You grew up to be just like|me anyway.
So I'm not saying we'll start|again but just..
You know father umm...|...daughter.
On condition though,|You'll take orders from me.
l promise.
We'll serve the king together.
l know.
History may have forgotten|the reign of Philip
And the Richard of LionHeart.
But this much is known,|That Philip never marry.
He pledged his heart to a woman|of no birth right.
The daughter of a thief and a lady...
A common woman of uncommon value...
She was called Gwyn.
-The end-
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