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Princess and the Warrior The

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Birkenhof Hospital, Psychiatric Ward Ms. Sissi Schmidt
- Good morning. - Morning.
Do you feel it?
Those are goose bumps.
Your turn now.
Hey, Sissi! You're here!
I have a letter for Otto.
And for you, too.
For me?
Come here.
Come over here and sit down.
Right there, Mr. Durr. There's a seat.
How are you doing today?
Mr. Durr?
Did you get some sleep?
Want to take a walk?
- I want to get out of here! - Later, Mr. Kramer.
- It's Mr. Durr's turn. - First, an ECG...
for that guy. A nice ECG, and that's it.
- Are you the doctor? - Yes, sir!
He's full of shit!
Ms. Molke...
Why don't you get some fresh air?
Take a little walk?
With Sissi?
I'll go.
Yes, well... me, too.
What're you doing?
What kind of sport is that?
But you aren't flying, are you?
I'm warming up.
- So when are you gonna fly? - Real soon.
The army!
So you were a soldier?
You're on duty today. Get changed back there.
13.60DM an hour. You start at 2:30.
Hey, wait a second!
I need the papers!
"When we live...
we live in the name of the Lord. When we die, we die in His name.
So in living or in dying, we are one with the Lord."
We bid farewell to Ms. Marianne Radtke.
Earth to earth.
Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
Hey, Riemer!
What the hell! Why were you crying?
- Can't help it. - What's that supposed to mean?
- That's the way it is. - Oh yeah?
Then get changed and piss off!. We don't need anybody like...
Didn't work out.
It was a good job. I wish I could've kept it.
Hey, no problem.
Soon we won't have to worry anymore.
Come on.
I was at the land registry.
These are the plans from 1965.
It was an industrial complex with lots of basement levels.
Look how far down it went.
Now look at this.
I sit right above it.
Right here's my desk.
So what?
Are we still going there or not?
It's from Meike, isn't it?
- Huh? - The letter.
I haven't heard from her for ages. Aren't you going to open it?
Sure, later.
Fucking shit!
Assholes! Jack-offs!
You ass-lickers are always kissing your own ass!
Okay, bye!
Ass-lickers! Kiss my ass!
I'm gonna jack you guys off!.
- Good night. - Sissi! Come on.
- No, I'm too tired right now. - Come on!
Don't be so shy.
- Stop it. - Sissi, you're my girl.
Come on, Sissi. Don't be that way. Please, Sissi...
Come on!
But be quiet.
Everybody's asleep now.
Sissi, could you take my late shift tomorrow?
- Sure. - Thanks.
- Are you going now? - Yes, I'm tired.
I'll go with you.
- Why don't you guys finish up here? - Great!
Oh, come on!
Good night.
You still haven't read it? What patience!
Good night.
Dear Sissi,
I'm writing to you now because something has happened.
My mother died.
It's not so bad. She was quite old, and I hadn't seen her for a long time.
But now she's left me something. No idea what it is.
I can't go all the way back just for that.
You're the only person I can confide in.
You only have to go to the bank and show these papers.
I can hear the ocean outside,
just like in your shell. Only louder.
Your shell always made us feel like going to the ocean. Remember?
And now I'm here.
Yours, Meike.
Dear Meike,
I wanted to go to your bank right away,
Are you nuts?
At first, I wasn't afraid at all.
I couldn't feel anything.
But then...
Then suddenly...
...there was silence.
Actually, I always liked silence.
But not this silence.
Something was missing.
My... breath.
Bodo! What's going on?
Hey, don't try anything yourself. Wait for the ambulance.
My breath didn't come back.
But the man came.
At first, he didn't say a thing.
He only looked.
You can't breathe?
Hold on.
I'll be back.
My bottom itched.
I thought maybe I'd never be able to scratch myself again.
If he doesn't come back...
I'll be back.
What if he doesn't come back?
I'll be back.
What if he doesn't...
Men never come back. It's the same old story.
First, they went to war and didn't come back...
then they demonstrated and didn't come back...
and now they go to a spa and don't come back.
It's a damn game!
But not with me!
And not with you!
He came back.
I'm gonna take this and make an incision right here...
so you can breathe again.
Here we go.
Come on, breathe!
Keep breathing!
That's good.
I wish I could have told the man...
that his sweat smelled tasty.
I guess he'd been sucking on a peppermint drop beforehand.
Now it's stinging in my lungs.
And then he cried.
But I don't think he was really sad.
I felt that if a person wasn't alone,
they might be able to find happiness in the outside world...
if someone like him was around.
And then there was this tunnel.
We're putting in the tube now.
I'll take over on the count of three. One, two, three!
Careful! The patient's going under!
We need 3 units of O negative! Hurry!
- Did something happen? - When's lunch?
- In five minutes. - I'll go ahead.
I was useful today. I saved someone's life.
Oh yeah? How?
An accident.
I heard something else.
Schmatt called.
Oh yeah.
I had to take a short cut through his store. Was he pissed?
How do I know! Anyway, you gotta quit that gas station crap.
- I got all the plans now. - What plans?
For this dump here.
Bodo, that's where we enter.
We go through the sewer, dig 10 to 20 yards, and we're inside.
- And then? - We're off.
- To Sydney? - Any objections?
Sydney is just on the other side.
Right through the middle.
I was released after 53 days.
The doctor said it was a miracle.
But the man was gone.
Is everything okay?
She's coming!
She's coming!
She's coming! She's coming!
Come on, Mr. Strack.
Mr. Rummenholler, can't you wait for Sissi?
Ms. Molke, what are you doing?
I don't have time to wait all day!
All clear and bye bye.
My girl.
I thought you were dead!
Someone saved my life.
What about the cake?
Sissi gets the first piece. Which one do you want?
Doesn't matter.
Sissi, this is really... Yeah, well, I'm really glad that...
- I have... we have... - I'm glad to be here, too, Werner.
You aren't gonna die, are you?
No, I'm not.
Not in here!
This is poison!
It's no good.
Is everything okay, Sissi?
Sorry, I have to go to my room first.
Hey, what's wrong? Are you okay?
Should I go with you?
I'm sorry.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I hope you haven't been too worried about me.
First thing tomorrow, I'll go to the bank.
I wish I wouldn't keep thinking about that man.
You're afraid.
I come back, and everybody's here,
and I'm afraid that nothing will be the same as it was before.
No, you're afraid that everything will be the same as it was before.
I think I have to find him.
Can you help me?
And then?
There! There!
That's where he came from.
- Are you sure? - There!
Come on.
Excuse me.
Were you working here on May 30th?
Who wants to know?
I do.
What about that guy?
What about him?
Does he want to know, too?
Yes, he does.
I got no idea where I was! It was ages ago!
You might be able to remember that day.
There was an accident at the traffic light.
Maybe. What do you have to do with it?
- I got run over. - Oh yeah?
You look in good shape now.
Yes, the doctor said it was a miracle.
How nice for you.
After it happened, a man came out of your store and saved my life.
He has short, dark hair...
and he was wearing...
an army shirt...
with buttons like this...
and heavy army boots.
I don't know him.
Hi there.
Here, it arrived this morning.
- Everything? - It's all there.
Rie... mer.
- Okay. So long. - Yeah, so long.
This man here.
Listen. Take your idiot and shove off!.
- You two are becoming a pain in the ass! - What?
- Get outta here! - But...
He's in the picture. It says Riemer on the uniform.
- You must know him! - No, I don't! And that's it!
I'll say you hit him because you didn't want a blind idiot in your store.
I'll call the police and he'll confirm everything I say.
You have no witnesses. Whatever happens, nobody's going to believe you.
They'll believe him.
Plant your left foot.
Don't move it. Keep it planted.
Hey! Let go!
Come on...
Do you remember?
That hurt.
Are you sad?
What do you want?
Yeah, what do you want?
I wanted to see you again.
I don't.
Werner, you really...
What was it?
A voice.
- From above? - From the very top...
this time.
Should we strap you down?
I would appreciate it.
I'm just about finished.
You have to unstrap me again.
- No! - Oh yes!
It's important.
But why?
I gotta knock those teeth out.
- All of 'em! - My teeth?
No, you don't, Werner. You know that.
Yes... I'm sorry. You're welcome.
Good night, Werner.
Would you like... the sun?
- Hello? - Hello!
We can't go on like this.
He isn't here.
I'm not leaving!
What's your name?
Where is he?
Bodo? He'll be here soon.
Are you friends?
You sure don't look alike.
Your brother... what's his problem?
He's not your type.
Why not?
He has enough problems. And you're one too many.
'Cause you're a woman.
Does he have something against women?
Yes, he does.
I don't know. Maybe 'cause his woman is dead.
His wife?
I see.
Why is she dead?
An accident at a gas station. But what's it got to do with you?
Bodo was on the can, while she was filling up.
And it all exploded somehow.
Bodo came out. Everything got roasted.
His woman did, too.
Somehow, he's still at that gas station, sitting on the pot,
just waiting to find out it isn't true.
When he leaves that toilet, he wants everything to be okay like before.
He's gotta get away.
Far away.
Off that toilet.
To another country?
Why are you after him anyway?
What's going on here?
You got a visitor.
I'm gonna take a shower.
What do you want?
I'm having trouble sleeping because of you.
Once I fall asleep, I dream about you.
Are you nuts?
You don't even know me!
No, but I have to find out if it means anything that you were under the truck...
or if it was just a coincidence.
I want to know if my life has gotta change and if you're the reason.
Come on!
What's up? What's up? Huh?
Get lost!
Get lost! Damn it!
But why?
Hey! Come on! That's enough!
Go away!
Get out of here!
What're you doing? What's wrong with you?
Where is Walter?
Bodo, Bodo...
We have to get this going soon.
Everything's gonna be okay tomorrow.
What can I do for you?
I have these papers here for...
Excuse me...
Should I...?
I'll go ask, okay?
- Hi there. - Hi.
This is a document that allows you to open a safe-deposit box here.
- Alright. - Okay. I need you to sign here.
Okay, this is gonna go real fast.
Don't move.
Just sit down.
Right where you are.
Sit down!
Lean against the wall.
You too! Sit down!
Now shove this under his nose.
Come on! Do it!
Do it!
Now him.
Okay, let's go.
Here it is.
Here you are. 619.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to ask you to leave the building.
Please, remain calm and walk directly to the main exit.
What'll you get outta this?
You wanna be a hero?
If you're a hero, shoot me.
Kill me.
Shoot me.
Everything will be different after that.
After you've killed somebody.
Your whole life is different.
You don't want to do it.
We don't want to kill you either.
We just want to get out.
So you aren't gonna do it.
You're not gonna do it. You're not...
Freeze! Hands up!
Don't move!
I said, don't move!
I said freeze!
What? Go away!
Get outta here!
What are you doing here?
You can't do that.
You have to put away the gun.
You can't shoot now.
That isn't the plan.
You understand?
Please... please...
No! Stop it!
Let's get out of here.
Come help me.
Come and help us!
To the hospital!
- What... what hospital? - Any hospital! Just move it!
The money?
Everything's gonna be okay.
It's not so bad.
- Hey there! - Hello?
Hey there! Come here!
This man is badly injured.
- What's wrong? - Don't you see?
He's bleeding. Shot in the gut.
- Get a doctor! Fast! - Really! It's very urgent!
- Just a sec. - Hurry!
You gotta get off.
Off the toilet.
- Get off it. - Okay, I will.
You just gotta lie still.
The doctor'll be here soon.
Just keep lying here.
He's already here.
A gunshot?
- When did it happen? - Twenty minutes ago.
Okay, prepare Operating Room 7. And get me Dr. Schalk.
What're you gonna do now?
Come on, sit down.
Can I have a look?
I know her.
She's dead.
How do you know that?
I buried her.
It's important for you to go out and get some fresh air.
Twice a day. We're all a bit tense at the moment.
Yes sir, boss!
And we have to talk about our problems.
I specifically asked Sissi to join us again today.
Would anyone like to comment on this topic?
Yes, I would...
Mr. Durr?
Well, what I wanted to say about the problem... well...
On the whole...
- Stop your fucking "aha!" - Sure thing, boss!
Who are you, huh?
Who are you? Are you somebody?
- Where am I? - Sure, it's perfectly clear.
Sure, sure, you're not from here. You should go somewhere else.
A security van was robbed in Wuppertal yesterday afternoon,
and three guards were slightly wounded.
The robbers had dug a tunnel to the basement of a bank...
where they surprised the guards.
One of the bank's guards shot at the robbers,
seriously injuring one of them.
The robbers were able to escape but without the stolen money.
A short time later at a nearby hospital,
the second injured suspect was left behind.
The 40-year-old man succumbed soon afterwards to the injuries...
he received during the shooting.
The police are now searching...
An injection! Hurry!
Okay... We'll see.
Nobody is missing in any of the wards.
I think he wanted to get admitted.
When he got here, he just freaked out.
I'll talk to him when he's calmed down.
He's calm now. He got a huge dose of benperidol.
Hey, do you know him?
Kupfer speaking. Put me through, please.
Hey, pal.
Calmed down again?
Okay, come here.
Sit down here.
- Can I stay here? - Of course. What's going on here?
Please, get away from the door. Mr. Steinkohl, Ms. Molke, Mr. Kramer.
- You have to take your medication now. - Yes sir, boss.
Okay, move over. Let me through. Thank you.
What am I doing here?
Don't say a thing.
Act like you don't remember anything, not even your name.
Then you can stay here.
It's all meaningless anyway.
Nothing's meaningless.
Would you like some, too?
Do you know where you are?
You're in the closed psychiatric ward of the Birkenhof Foundation.
I'm the ward doctor, Thomas Kupfer.
What's your name?
Could you tell me your name?
How did you get in here? Do you remember?
Can you hear me? Hello?
Can you hear me at all?
Why are you crying?
- Tell me. Why are you crying? - I'm not crying at all.
No? Really? But I can see you are.
I see that you are crying.
I'm not crying. It's a gland problem. It's genetic.
You know your family has a gland problem but you don't know their name?
I don't believe you're not sad.
I believe you're very sad.
Did you drink any alcohol?
What made you break the TV this morning?
Did someone tell you to do it?
Did any voices tell you to do it?
If you don't have any papers, we can't take you home or inform anybody.
You'll have to wait for welfare. Is that what you want?
Do you really want to stay here?
Alright, you can rest here.
- Sissi, would you make the bed? - Yes.
I'll come by later, okay?
So let's give the young man a chance to rest.
What are you staring at?
We're all going to die.
Yes, sure.
What are you doing?
You smell good.
What planet do you come from anyway?
From here.
What do you mean?
I was born here.
Here in the nuthouse?
What about your parents?
My mother is dead. A hairdryer fell into the bathtub.
And my father is out there.
What do you mean?
He's one of them.
- One of the loonies? - Sissi!
Listen, I gotta talk to you. Right now!
What? What do you want anyway?
Can't I have a little peace and quiet?
Can't you leave me alone for just five minutes?
You too!
But you aren't even alone!
They're attached to you.
Walter is dead.
The kid is messing himself up!
Otto! Stop it!
Damn it!
Stop it!
Come on, open your mouth!
Get his mouth open!
Why the hell did you do this?
Stand back, please.
Hey, be careful!
Be careful. Get away from the door.
Listen, we have to be very careful now.
Everyone is so tense.
We need additional night duty this week,
and all the endangered patients must be isolated at night.
The new patient as well.
Here's a bulletin about the bank robbery in Wuppertal.
All evidence suggests that the other suspected bank robber...
is a man named Bodo Riemer.
He is 31 years old, 5'9", and he has short, dark hair.
This photograph is about five years old.
Also wanted is a young woman...
who apparently stood watch in the customer area...
and later forcibly intervened in the robbery.
Here is a police drawing of the woman. She is in her early twenties,
5'6", and she has shoulder-length, dark blond hair.
Information can be submitted to any police station.
Now the weather: sunny tomorrow.
Tonight, scattered clouds will pass over, but it will remain dry.
The temperature will drop...
to about 55 degrees, but tomorrow it will rise to about 68 degrees.
There may be a few clouds, but it will remain dry. Till tomorrow. Bye.
You have to decide.
I am going to leave.
You can come with me.
Why the two of us?
I had a dream.
We were together in my dream.
We were brother and sister,
mother and father,
wife and husband.
both of us were both.
You're crazy.
Yes, of course.
Maybe it's all wrong.
But I thought it was happiness.
I don't believe in happiness.
You've had too much bad luck.
What do you know about my bad luck?
I know a little bit.
I know about the gas station.
I know about your wife.
I know about the accident.
It wasn't an accident.
It was a quarrel.
One of many.
One of who knows how many.
Police Station No. 17.
Yes, this is Birkenhof Hospital, Ward 5.
We have the bank robber here.
He's hiding out here.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm certain.
Your name, please?
Steinkohl, I'm on night duty.
It will take a moment. Can you keep the man there?
Yes, no problem. He's dead.
Sissi, what's going on?
I need your car... right away.
Here. It's in the ambulance garage, but the tank's almost empty.
Doesn't matter.
Where are you guys going?
- Far away. - My God, Sissi!
Are you certain?
I won't be coming back.
What are you doing here?
What do you want?
What's wrong?
What happened?
Is everything okay?
A toaster?
Steinkohl... That's "Steini."
- Good evening. - Good evening.
They think the bank robber is here.
Hey! There's somebody up there!
On the roof!.
You stay here. Show us how to get up there! Fast!
Yeah! I gotta clear some things up. All clear.
Straight in line. Yeah!
What the fuck? None of that!
Wait a sec!
Yes, yes, yes...
I mean, some things gotta get cleared up. Okay?
Real clean and straight in line.
What the fuck? Everything's so fucking stiff here.
So fucking stiff. No more dancing here at all.
I mean, I won't give up. No! I won't give up!
I just have to. I won't give up now.
I gotta clear some things up. They gotta get cleared up.
What the fuck! So fucking stiff...
Straight in line. What the fuck?
Yeah... I'm really sorry.
- Fucking stiff... - Why did you do it?
Please, Sissi. You have to understand. I gotta make it clear to you.
- Okay? - Why did you do it?
I can jump.
Hey there!
Don't move. We're coming.
What d'you think?
It's clear. I'll jump, and everything's okay.
We're coming over to you.
You wouldn't jump anyway.
Come on.
Everything's okay.
They think you're already gone.
- What's wrong? - We need some more fuel.
Right here.
And twenty... Bye.
Come on!
So what do I do now?
What happened?
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