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Project A CD2

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Come here.
Go on, slide down.
- I'm... - You're scared. Come on.
Get them.
Hide in here.
What now?
- Take your clothes off. - Why?!
- Will you just do as I say? - What do you think you're doing?!
This is a dead end. We'll spilt up.
I got you.
My God!
Who dares to do that?! He'll get six months for this!
- Sorry, sir. - It was you!
Yeah. Are you all right?
I'm all right. But you're in trouble.
No. I'm all right. See you around.
- I got caught in your handcuffs. - You're arrested.
Deserting the force! You'll be hung.
I'll go to the police station myself. Can you let me go?
No way. I'm short of officers at the moment.
- We're looking for the missing... - They're found.
Really? Tell me, have you got them?
I mean I've found the missing girls.
Girls again. What else do you know about?
Come on.
Can we go the other way?
You're arrested and handcuffed, you'll have to follow me.
I know this type of handcuff inside out.
I can get my hands out of them just like this.
- Can I borrow your bicycle? - Stop him!
Stop whistling! Don't waste your breath. Free me.
Get out of the way.
What's going on?
Who is it?
- Crazy fool! - Out of the way.
There he is.
- There! - Don't worry about me, after him.
Keep clear!
Watch out!
Keep clear.
- He'll be OK. - Out of the way!
Out of the way!
- Use the brakes, you idiot. - It doesn't have any.
That's another one you owe me.
- You should... - Out of the way.
Give me your hand.
- Are you leaving Fei here? - He's a good-for-nothing. Let's go.
Running out on me! Where else can you find such a good friend?
You lied to me.
- Do you want to fight? - If you want.
Save it till later. Let's take care of this first.
- How about this? - Enough? No?
Not enough? OK.
Let's go.
- They have guns. - Keep your head.
But the bullets will blow it off.
Now, you can't get out of this one.
We've got help.
Captain Chi.
What a surprise! Fancy seeing you after all this time.
Get him! Stealing government property, insulting a superior.
What's more, I caused serious injuries to some people.
- Handcuff this lunatic. - Hurry.
There's been a serious road accident.
I caused it! It was me.
- Go and see if anyone's injured. - Come on.
Hey, Winnie?
Look at the state you're in. Go home at once.
Go home now!
- Go on. - See you, Dragon.
- Fei. I've got to go now. - Bye.
You, fatty, your face looks familiar.
But I don't believe we've met.
That voice sounds familiar, too.
I'm known as the crazy guy! Is that familiar, too?
Mind your manners, young man.
I'm not committing a crime.
Remember, we've a score to settle.
Thanks for giving me that life belt.
- Don't mention... - He's the thief! Stop him!
- Captain, please! - Stop that man.
That ex-cop's got our rifles.
This type of cuff you know too well!
- You won't do that again. - Come back. Don't leave me here.
Captain, take me to the station!
Lock me up in prison. I'm the sex maniac...
Don't shoot. Too many people.
- You double-crossed us. - Who are you?
Where are the guns?
Come on!
Where are my rifles?
Talk! Where are the rifles?
Hang on!
Hold tight. Help's on the way.
I'll fetch some mattresses.
Don't bother.
He's going to fall.
- Are you OK? - Yeah.
- I've proved one thing at least. - What?
There is such a thing as gravity.
Take them back to the station.
The rear admiral is on his way here to capture the pirates.
But the pirates have captured him instead. What should I do now?
I suggest we get some policemen to go out and blockade the water.
Stop the sea traffic.
But that would be crazy. We are in the shipping business.
If you blockade these waters,
San-po may still escape and we shippers will be put out of business.
Apart from blockading the water, do you have any other ideas?
Don't forget the pirates have the rear admiral.
He's our first priority.
Should anything happen to him, I'd be sent home.
But this is your home!
Doesn't matter where my home is, we must save the admiral's life.
We have to come up with a good plan.
- Sit down, Mr Chou. - Thank you.
Please carry on, but I have to meet someone. Excuse me.
What the pirates want is money, and I can use the security fund.
But I need a middleman.
I've noticed your company's ships have never been robbed by them.
So I think you'll be the best candidate. Do you see what I mean?
That's straight talking.
I'm always willing to work for the government.
But some of my men have been arrested...
I'll order the captain to release them.
I've always admired people who get knighted.
I can arrange something for you, as well.
- Thank you. Cheers. - Cheers.
In order to sail my ships safely, I have some contact with the pirates.
But this time, I'll go personally to see San-po.
I'll need 100 rifles to give him as a present.
If the rifles can save the admiral, I'll think about it.
Let me know as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.
- Bye now. - You'll hear from me soon.
Good day.
- Good day. - This way.
Who are you?
A coast guard, Sergeant Ma.
I did once belong to the coast guard, sir.
What are you doing here?
The pirates have the admiral. I thought you'd need us again.
I was expecting some good news.
But I overheard you making deals with that scum Chou.
You don't understand. I'm doing this to save the admiral's life.
You're more concerned with your career.
Think of all those who have been captured.
There was no ransom for them.
The security fund is intended to free our seas.
It was donated to safeguard our shores.
You're abusing your position to further your career!
You're letting the Hong Kong people down.
You won't arrest the one who does business with the pirates,
but you are willing to see the scum knighted.
Does the queen pay you to do that?
You know tigers are carnivores and now you're feeding them.
As soon as San-po gets those rifles, how many more men will be killed?
You spend your money on antiques.
How about all the wives waiting for husbands they'll never see again?
How about the orphans?
Do you think I don't want to destroy them? Do you think I'm a coward?
The Royal Navy is too far away. What can I fight the pirates with?
We can't beat them with guns, how about brains?
If we use the right strategy, we can destroy San-po and save the hostages.
- Do you have anything in mind? - No!
- No... - I have to think.
But I won't give up now. Let's think about it.
You're in charge of the rescue now. I need a good idea.
- I can do it my way, sir? - Get to work.
Take care.
Thank you for the donation.
Father, the coast guard's flag.
Project A shall proceed as planned.
Help me!
Come here, you!
Get rid of him.
- Get out of here. - You are safe now.
Thank you, Mr Chou.
- You know my name? - Everybody knows you here.
Perhaps I can give you a lift.
- I was going to get some noodles. - Let me.
- Driver. - Yes, sir.
- Go and get some noodles. - Yes, sir.
The night is rather cold. Let's wait inside.
She's pretty.
I must admit I didn't realise that you were such a gentlemen.
That depends. If she's a pretty young thing like you...
I think good manners are important.
Come on, quick!
- What's wrong? - The coach was shaking. I...
What are you doing? You don't need to worry about me! Close the door.
Yes, sir.
- What was the matter with you? - Shut up.
- Take over, I need a leak. - Yeah, hurry.
They're really having fun!
That feels better.
Come on.
Easy, don't get carried away.
I'm not a cop now. I can do anything.
We're fighting the pirates and you're on their side! You bastard!
- Easy! - Leave me alone!
How can I write my report if you kill him?
If you beat him up like that, he's going to die.
So what? We can pretend he died trying to escape.
Tzu, please don't let him kill me.
If you want to live, tell us how you contact the pirates.
You're wasting time with scum like that. Turn away.
Don't kill me. I'll tell you everything.
What if you lie?
He wouldn't dare. He knows he would die.
How do you contact them? Talk!
On the 2nd of every month,
San-po's boat docks at the west pier.
There will be three strings of firecrackers hanging from the sail.
Going across? Are you going to the fireworks shop?
- What do you want from there? - Fireworks.
- How do you light them? - With three sticks of incense.
And which stick goes first?
I'll use them all together.
- Give me your name. - Are you a fortune teller?
I want to use your boat. Are you taking me across?
The password's right. Please come aboard.
- These are presents for your boss. - My men will take care of them.
- Let's go and wait for his news. - Set sail.
I'll get drunk in there.
- What are you doing? - And what are you doing?
I'm on a mission to San-po's hideout.
Me, too.
- You can't go. It's too dangerous! - OK, I'll tell them to turn back.
Easy. You'd better hide again.
Not in there. I can't stand it any more.
Hide down there.
We're nearly there.
I want to save the hostages and possibly capture all the pirates.
Best of luck! But count me out.
Just keep out of my sight.
Don't worry. While you play the hero, I'll get a little ready cash.
It's a deal.
Tell the chief they're here.
- Help unload the ship. - Come on.
This way.
Sir, this way.
- Chou Wing-ling. - Lord of the sea.
I'm the devil of the sea, but suddenly I've become lord of the sea.
Mr Chou, I am impressed by you.
Likewise, Lord of the sea...
- You can call me San. - Uncle San.
I'm only 35! This life puts years on you I guess.
- San-po. - Brother.
Without a doubt, you're a smart guy.
You've been looking after my ships. Many thanks for that.
It's tough. Not much fun, more a matter of life and death.
So when you send me gifts, I do prefer it to piracy.
Put them down here.
I brought the rifles you asked for. The wine is for your men.
I heard it wasn't easy to get them.
- It's my fault that Cho-kou got... - I won't blame anyone for that.
I hope you can soon forget about it.
Boss, they're good.
That's the reason Mr Chou delivered them personally.
Actually, the Hong Kong governor sent me.
What do you mean?
He's the boss in Hong Kong...
And have you come here to arrest me and my men?
You must be joking!
That British ship you've got,
the governor would like the release of the prisoners.
You keep the rifles as a present.
So the governor is not all bad.
I'll keep the rifles and the hostages.
If you release the prisoners, I can talk to the governor more easily.
- Don't bother. - San-po...
Mr Chou, I'm 35 today. I'm having a birthday banquet and you must come.
- Sure! About the... - Just forget about it.
- But... - Show him his room for the night.
Come this way.
Mr Chou.
There are dangerous paths and all kinds of snakes here.
- So you'd better stay in your room. - Thank you for the warning.
- Get those rifles stored away. - Yes.
This way.
- Where are these going? - The storeroom.
Are there any precious items there?
Just fish and dried vegetables. Precious items are in the treasury.
These rifles will easily get rusty there.
You're right. They'd better go to the treasury. Lead the way.
Don't you know the way?
I'm new here. I've not been there before.
- So, you don't know me? - No! What's your name?
Don't ask my name. Take them to the storeroom.
But you said the rifles would get rusty in there.
They can be polished, right? Hurry.
- There's lots of wine at the party. - Yeah, I know!
It's the right place. Let's climb the hill.
Grub's up.
You wait here, I'll go and find Dragon.
- Save us some wine. - Come on, we're on duty now.
What's the password?
They only gave me hand signals.
- What do you mean? - This.
Don't move.
The password.
A dummy borrows a trumpet from a lama.
The lama doesn't understand the dummy.
He gives the dummy a pumpkin.
The dummy tries to signal a trumpet.
The lama gives him a gourd.
The dummy gets mad.
He swears at the lama.
- Meaning what? - It's the password.
I'll ask him first this time.
Beat me up.
- You can go now. - How could I have guessed right?!
- What's the password? - Beat me up.
What kind of password is that?
It's me.
- Dragon, it's you! - Where are they?
Over there.
Dragon's here.
Where's Tzu?
- He went to look for you. - That must have been him.
Big Mouth, come with me. The rest wait here.
Why did he hit me? Maybe it's not the password.
- What's the password? - The stars are out tonight.
Go round that way.
- The password? - The stars are out tonight.
- No, that's not it. - Wrong again?
It's Tzu! Where did you get that hat? Come on, get up.
Row, row. Row the boat. Row the boat quickly.
I'll row the boat to grandma's home.
Be smart and don't blow the plan.
Mr Chou, what are you doing here?
I'd like to show you this.
Bring them out at the exact time.
I... Forget it.
- Happy birthday. - Thank you. You're late, drink this.
To San-po, may your victories continue.
Come along, sit.
Brother, I've been thinking.
If I keep the English, they'll eat lots of food. You better take them.
Thank you. Cheers, Brother.
Before the English women go, they should dance for us. Guards!
They've been locked up for so long I don't think they'd be up to it.
How about this?
Listen up.
Whoever beats San-po at arm wrestling will have this gold watch.
San-po, can you do it?
Watch the champion!
- Who's the first man? - Go on!
- Are you all right, Cho-kou? - Fine.
Is the boss inside?
- Yes. - Cho-kou!
Time to get out of here.
Dragon's in trouble now. I'll have to help him again.
It's Fei!
Is that you, Fei?
Dragon's back there. We have to get him out or he'll be dead.
- Why? - Cho-kou just arrived.
- What can we do? - Listen.
We either let Dragon die or we all die together.
We split up into two groups, Big Mouth come with me.
Tai-po, get the hostages to a boat. Then blow up the pirates' ships.
- Then leave. - What about you?
If we don't make it, don't wait.
Tai-po, I guess this is serious.
Should I die, you must tell everyone why I sacrificed my life.
I envy your opportunity to become a hero.
Why not change places? You go back and rescue Dragon.
No, please. We'll stick to the plan. Be careful!
- Do you know where the rifles are? - Sure.
Here, Tzu.
This is for you.
- What do I need a hammer for? - Get moving!
- Cho-kou. - Boss.
- Great to see you back! - Happy birthday, Boss.
- Good. - I didn't think I'd see you again.
- Mr Chou. - Mr Chou, boss wants you.
- Which Mr Chou? - The one who sold us guns.
Mr Chou is here?
- You! - I'm really sorry.
- No! I was saying... - I couldn't help you.
- You're... - No one can rely upon me now.
- We're all on the same side. - He's...
What's he done that's so bad?
He has a right to be mad at me. Don't blame him.
- Boss... - I shouldn't have come.
But I had to deliver the rifles, what could I do?
- You dare to... - You can beat me or shoot me.
- You... - You can kill me right here.
- You're not Chou. - I'm not the Chou you once knew.
Boss, he's not Chou!
- Come on... - He has a point there.
I'm not fit to be called Mr Chou.
I couldn't help him. I'm no good.
- I let my friend down. - Mr Chou...
I don't want to be called Mr Chou, it's too depressing.
- See? You've really upset him. - San-po, I'm going.
Mr Chou, please stay.
Thanks, San-po. I shouldn't have come here.
Bad news.
- What's wrong? - The cops are here.
We can't hold the fort.
Let's go and kill them all.
- Are you all right? - Why are you here?
I'd be rich now if it wasn't for you!
- How do the cops know where we are? - You led the cops here!
- I wonder why you're out of jail. - Boss, that's bullshit.
Hands up!
I see you've brought Sergeant Ma, too.
- Who is he? - He's a sergeant in the coast guard.
Cho-kou, thanks a lot. Now the pirates are finished.
- Boss! - Why don't you all give up now?
You're surrounded by the police.
No chance. You don't have that many men.
I saw it! They're all over the place. Even in the water!
- Don't exaggerate. - It's serious, believe me.
Cho-kou, you disappoint me.
You won't listen now. Only death can prove my innocence.
Dragon's safe now, but we're not.
- We've got to get out of here. - How?
We're going to blow up your ships.
Boss, did you hear what he said? Not my ship! No!
Get them!
Blow up all the entrances.
Mr Chou, I'll see to him. Watch this!
I'm coming.
You're not Chou.
I never said I was.
I'll handle it.
Don't! You'll blow us up!
Run for it.
Come back!
Why are you blowing us all up?
I've got to blow up the entrances to stop help coming.
Go and help Dragon finish off San-po.
Get them.
- Are you running away? - Will you miss me?!
Are you all right?
I missed you, friend.
San-po, the game's up. Give up now.
I will fight until I'm dead.
- Are you trying to kill me?! - Put it back in!
- Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
All the entrances are blocked, how do we get out?
- I still have a grenade left. - Let's go.
Raise the sail. Fast around to the west by 18.
- How far to land? - About 126 feet.
If we're that near, then why can't we see it?
It's underneath us.
Look at the sun. Left is south, right is north.
I thought the sun rose in the east.
Is that right? Wrong direction, turn around.
So we've been going the wrong way for three days?
Don't blame me. The sun only just came out.
At least we know it's wrong now. Big Mouth, test the wind.
Sail with the wind!
Bring her round.
Look! The sun is going down. It's not rising.
It's the wrong direction again! Bring her round.
Here we go again!
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