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ln the east of Turkey, 1948
To my f ather...
The train is coming.
Stop, stop, stop, y ou haven't sent y our f amily to mine y et.
-My f ather's coming today. -Well, let him come f irst then.
You know what, from now on l'm the son of the Director of Customs.
-Son of what? -The Director of Customs.
-What's that? -Something like a cop.
He's in charge. -Something big, eh?
-Very big. -Bigger than...
the gendarmerie? -Bigger.
-Than Yasar the Hood? -Bigger. Sort of like the state.
On top of everything.
Mehdi, Azamet is y our f ourth sister-in-law.
So our sister is the village teacher? Congratulations.
Couldn't come to y our wedding but didn't f orget y our present.
Oh, how could y ou know that l play the violin?
-Sahane wrote me about it. -Why go into all that trouble?
Unload it. Quick, quick. Unload it now.
-And this is y our present, Mehdi. -What's his name?
lt has no name. You name him.
-Napoleon. -My dear brother.
You y ourself are a Napoleon, too.
-The train will arrive any time now! -The train never arrives on time.
-What's this, Rahim? -A weapon.
-You carry a weapon? -lt's a gift from y our late f ather.
Let me take a look. lt seems great!
l'm f iring it f or y ou, Mehdi.
-Where s my oldest? Where's Adem? -He was here a moment ago.
-Where's my oldest? Where's Filiz? -She'll be here in a jiffy.
-Welcome Uncle Mehdi. -Thank y ou.
-Where've y ou been, Filiz? -l put the f ire out, f ather.
-Welcome, f ather...Uncle Rahim. -Where've y ou been, son?
l put the f ire out, f ather.
-What do y ou see here, Mr. Rahim? -A hole.
A hole...
-So what's this, Uncle Rahim? -lt's written, isn't it?
State Directorate of Customs..
Hey, let me look.
Barbed wire. So, what's the story?
Ankara, Ankara, Ankara oh so lovely All without luck dream to see y ou
1867 reels of barbed wire have been taken over... the Directorate of Customs of Hislihisar.
-Exactly 1867. -Exactly, we've counted them.
-l'm signing. -Sign it.
-Melek, bring the sugar. -O.K.
-l'm so glad that y ou've come back. -Thanks a lot.
There's no one here village y ou can chat with. l almost went crazy...
...when y ou were away. After all those y ears of friendship, 18 month...
-never seemed to end. -Same here. We've been friends...
...since the y ears of the War of lndependence. l was wounded...
...and y ou extracted the bullet. lf it weren't f or y ou...
-none of this would have come to be. -Every medic would have done it.
l was busy with my appointment. Couldn't come to my f ather's funeral.
-Was he cross with me? -Not cross, but sad because...
...he loved y ou so much. Even when giving the gun, his ey es watered.
-May he rest in peace. -So he gave it to y ou, ha?
That he did. And he said, ''Rahim, my son, when Mehdi was away...
in Ankara, y ou have done a lot f or us. My most precious treasure is...
...this gun. This'' he said, ''l'm giving to y ou.''
His ey es watered. He praised God's Oneness, and Mohammed, His Prophet.
He f ought f or breath and was gone. May he rest in peace.
Off icial, did we measure the border correctly? l mean...
...some houses were left out. -Measurements come from Ankara.
So. Well, the old stones also indicate this border. The great big Capital,
they wouldn't err now, would they?
-What's up, Mehdi? -l better take care of this border
business my self. They won't be able to manage it.
Wait, l'll see y ou off.
-Mahmut, what is this? -The border, Director.
What sort of a border is this? Have y ou looked at the measurements?
l did. Border measurements are in line with the position of the old stones.
-They are, eh? -Yes.
-ln line? -l have measured three times.
Mahmut, there should be a mistake somewhere. Just take a look.
-Well, Director, this is the border. -How come?
The medic, the teacher and the whore of the town are all
-left on the other side. -We cannot change the position ...
...f or just a couple of houses, Director.
Oh god, now what!
-Close y our ey es. Did y ou? -Come out.
-Shall we open them? -Don't.
How beautiful y ou are, Filiz. lt becomes y ou so. Come.
-What's wrong with her? -They killed her husband
at Nazmiy e's wedding. They shot him eight times in front of our ey es.
He had just arrived from lzmir. Since that day, she can't talk.
ln front of her, y ou say? l would also cry...
...if they had killed my Adem.
You should've seen Filiz's wedding gown. There were no such... gowns in our day. Am l talking to the wall, Mehdi?
-Don't y ou act in a hurry, eh? -Why? She waited two y ears...
...f or Adem to f inish his military service. Then 1,5 y ears f or y ou.
-What else should we wait f or? -Just wait a little more.
Till the barbed wire and Customs is ready. See what happens.
-l m cooking y ou some chickpeas. -Put plenty of meat. ls Adem asleep?
-He is. Came late last night. -Sadiy e, watch y our mathematics.
-Make Cemil study, too. Come on. -Have a good day f ather.
-Thank y ou. -We also have some rice dish.
-Good day, Mahmut, my man. -And a good day to y ou.
What a good thing this border is. Our entering and leaving...
...gained a signif icance. -ll will be more signif icant...
-...when y ou realize its importance. -lsn't it so? Mehdi, how are y ou?
-Thanks, f ine. And y ourself? -l'm going to the circumcision...
of Ramazan's son. What about Cemil's, now?
-Shall we do it this week? -Hope so, if nothing comes up.
What can come up? Or isn't a medic...
good enough f or the circumcision, now that y ou're a Director?
-Will y ou have the doctor cut it? -lt ain't a matter of a doctor cutting.
When the customs off icially opens, y ou should have a pass...
How can l tell y ou? Anything can happen in this world.
Look, l've brought y ou some Turkish delight. From this side.
-Go over, woman. Best wishes. -Same to y ou.
When Customs starts to operate this will be considered bribery.
-You don't mean it? -Well, we better be careful.
...and not without a leading light. This is noone's colony.
We are a free country full with heroes and no masters.
Where greed reigns and not the heart, there is no progress.
Theref ore take y our hand ladies, make music and dance.
Shake y our hips and f ling y our hair.
We're calling Mr. Mehdi to the platf orm.
My very esteemed district governor, esteemed pref ect...
... worthy commanders. Dear colleagues. Very dear citizens.
There's an important reason f or our gathering here today.
-He thinks he's the President. -This reason is the establishment...
...of the Directorate of Customs. Here we'll open the Directorate.
We will establish it and let it prosper. What is customs?
ls it clear or do l have to explain it?
-Do! Do! -So l will.
Well, if there is Customs, we have to preserve it. lf we don't preserve it...
then in God's name who ever will? O.K. what's Customs then?
Clearly something valuable, since it has to be preserved.
Barbed wire is the ornamental rim of the country. Take ornamental rim...
...seriously. What is it f or? When y ou look at the map y ou see...
...y our country. You are both sensitive and intelligent.
You understand what l'm say ing, don't y ou?
Well, that's it.
l now ask our district governor to open the Customs. Follow me.
May it prove benef icial f or the country and the people.
-Thank y ou. -May it be f or the good of all of us.
-Rahim? -What's up?
-Come. -Yes, my dear Mehdi?
-Come, let me kiss y ou once. -My friend.
-Did y ou f eel like it? -l f elt like it.
Thank y ou.
-l brought cookies f or y ou. -Thanks teacher, madam.
-And how delicious they are. -Well, who should we f eed but y ou?
Heroic Turkish soldiers protecting us from the enemy.
Open it so l will pass. This gate is a good thing...
...but it will be hard to open and close it all the time. l'll pass my self.
-Forbidden! -What do y ou think y ou're doing?
-l'll just pass! -Forbidden.
-What now? -l'm the one asking that.
What's this. Cookies! How can y ou eat that cookie?
-Turkish soldiers aren't to be bribed. -l'll go to my school.
-So l've brought y ou breakf ast. -You can't pass over the border.
-What? -Do y ou have a passport?
-l don't. -Then y ou can't pass.
But passports are f or f oreigners. This is my village.
On y our way home, now. No passport, no passage.
Why haven't y ou told us bef ore?
-What does it mean? -Come on now, come on.
-They don't let the teacher pass. -She was no good...
...f or the children anyway. -That serves her right. What's that...
...y oung bride doing with that old man? Maybe she has...
-...ey es f or that adopted boy, Adnan. -Don t exaggerate.
Adem, y ou wouldn't know what secret services we off er.
-He's the Customs Director's son. -Who cares if he's the Director...
...or the Sultan himself?
Mind y our step, or else l'll f ix y ou.
Thanks my lovely girl.
-What's up, why are y ou back? -l couldn't get to school.
-Why? -They wouldn't let me pass.
-Who wouldn't let y ou pass? -That man, what's his name?
Mahmut, he didn't let me pass. There's the border now.
-We can't pass over. -Was Mehdi there?
l saw no Mehdi.
-What's it, f ather? -l'll talk to Mehdi.
Hey Selami, my nutty boy, did the state put a border f or y ou, too?
-Mehdi, my brother, how are y ou? -Thanks, l'm f ine, and y ou?
Praise be to the Lord. l haven't seen y ou only one day and l've missed y ou.
-Let me pass, so we'll meet. -Stop Rahim! Forbidden.
Now why would y ou say such a thing. Kader, make two teas, l'm coming.
-l said it's f orbidden. -But why?
Because now there's a border.
Mehdi, what a beautiful Customs building it is that y ou've built.
And what a beautiful borderline it is that y ou drew. So straight.
-Take y our leg in. -What a beautiful barbed wire...
...y ou have put up. -What's that?
And we won't be able to pass, is that so?
-No. Just take that f oot in. -You mean we won't be able... visit each other? -That's it, but y ou may pass...
-...if conditions prove f avorable. -Look, there's Uncle Mustaf a coming.
-Won't he be able to pass? -What's this?
-Tube of the water pipe. -ln it goes.
And what if y ou want to visit me?
-Stop there, Daddy. Your passport! -What's happening?
No passport. Have never known it. l'm taking bread to the children.
As f ar as l understand, the conditions are not f avorable f or Uncle Mustaf a.
You understand so well.
-Passport, Daddy. -l know no passport.
Never seen it. ls this a new law?
-Forbidden. -Forbidden? This is my path.
l'm 70, been passing through here ever since l was a child. Are y ou...
blocking my way? Say something. What's he say ing, anyway?
-Uncle Mustaf a, it's f orbidden. -l'll pass through.
What are y ou doing? Are y ou blocking my way or what?
-You need a passport. -Never heard about a passport.
Uncle Mustaf a y ou come with me,
We'll go to my house, we'll have a talk, a friendly chat, so that's it.
-Stop! lt's f orbidden. -What?
-Passport. -Move over, bro', l'll pass.
-lt's f orbidden. -Father! Father!
-What did y ou want? -Call Mr. Mehdi, will y ou?
-He's busy. What did y ou want? -l'll pass, bro', that's all.
-Did y ou perhaps have a passport? -Have a what?
-What was y our name, again? -Mahmut.
That's my house over there. l'll go to my village.
-No passport, no passage. -How do we get one?
Ask y our f ather. Move!
-Forbidden, man. -Fucker, l'll push my f oot into here.
-Forbidden! -l'll put my ass, fucker.
-Adem! -Why didn't y ou come?
-Can't y ou see the wires, Adem? -There's the Customs gate.
-Why haven't y ou passed from that? -Port, they said.
Passport. Come with me, come.
Mehdi, look, have y ou seen it? l'll put my f oot through.
-Take y ou f eet back or else. -My f oot is both here and there.
Filiz. l'll talk with my f ather, Filiz, wait.
-He doesn't let Filiz enter the village. -Does she have a passport?
She doesn't. But Filiz is y our daughter too, f ather.
But the state is f ather to us all. That's why it has the last say.
Filiz, my girl, move aside.
Mehdi, look, l've put my back f oot through the border.
Do y ou see that, Mr. Director? They take us f or naught.
You're right.
Even that nut case makes fun of us.
-Forbidden bro. -l'll put my whole f oot!
We must act so as to be a warning to all the villagers.
-What can we do? -We'll shoot him.
-You don't mean it! -Yes, we'll do.
Selami, be careful or this won't turn out any good.
-Take y our f oot back! -They're watching.
My leg goes over the border duty-free.
They're all watching..
Take care, son, or l'll shoot!
lt's my f ault no more, take aim.
-Will y our f ather have him shot? -He won't, of course.
-Put y our leg in over there. -Now here, now there.
Take aim.
Director, shall l f ire Director?
-What's it that he doesn't have? -A passport.
Shoot him now, shoot!
-Do they shoot if y ou don't have it? -But of course not.
-Shoot now. -Fire!!
-My f oot!! -They do, it seems.
Father... l'll marry Adem.
Director, a truck is coming towards the border, Director.
Run away, it's coming toward us.
Will this border pass from here exactly, Mehdi?
-Yes. -Then could l never pass... Turkish citizen? -You can't.
-But who can hinder it? -Me.
And who are y ou, Mehdi? You are my friend.
l'm a civil servant putting Ankara's decisions into practice.
Let's say my daughter is pregnant, can't she pass to the other side, the health center? -Why don't y ou understand?
l'm say ing The Capital, y ou're talking of health center.
Congratulations to y ou then. You'll have an illegal grandchild...
in a f oreign country.
My grandchild, in a f oreign country and illegal, l swear they'll banish me.
One, two, three, f our...
You came and put a wire in this ancient Hislihisar of ours.
-l didn't t, the state did. -So why didn't y ou...
-...resist? -Somebody else would have done it.
We put it to protect the borders of the country.
And how well y ou protect it! From poor Selami the Nut, from Rahim.
l can't see my friends.
-Make chickpeas with plenty of meat. -As if there was meat.
-Sadiy e, how's math? -As if there was a teacher.
Draw a border, leave the sheep at the other side and then ask f or meat.
-Mr. Director, what are they say ing? -Just y ou wait, l'll get it.
-What the hell is he say ing? -Couldn't get a thing.
Could he perhaps be say ing something bad, about the state, our f ather?
Could be.
Will every one come just like that and pass through? Goods will go in...
...go out, eh? Who are we then, what's Customs f or? You can't...
circulate freely. Customs is very important. lt protects... economy. What's freedom anyway?
We won't let y ou free, man.
Cut it out. Move on.
Muzaff er, come, we couldn't cheat the guy. l'll fuck...
...y our Customs. Here. Say something, don't be afraid.
We won't pass from here anymore, we'll pass from over there.
God willing. All right.
lt's over and done with.
Filiz, this ring belonged to my mother's mother.
l asked if l'll give it to y ou, she said y eah. Give me y our hand.
-Did y ou like it? -lt's beautiful.
-lt becomes y ou very much. -Yes, very much.
-l want y ou so. -Me, too.
The thorns hurt.
They really hurt.
lt hurts.
-The gendarme! -Filiz.
-What's wrong? -What are y ou doing here?
-We were making love. -Forbidden.
-ls making love also f orbidden? -There's violation of the border.
-What? -Your hand goes through... well as something else. Adem. -Look, Hamdi, l'll tell my f ather...
-...mind y ou. -lt's y our f ather's orders anyway.
Go away!
-What s up? -Open it up, l'll pass.
-With what? -Here's the passport.
-ls this a passport? -Yes, my Director.
Yes, passport. What a beautiful passport y ou have. Here, take it.
-Open up, l'll pass. -Open up, son.
Look how nice he passes. Close it, sonny.
-Just a moment, Mehdi. -What s up?
-l'll pass through again. -Do y ou think this a freeway?
-l have a passport and l'll pass. -Open up son.
He keeps going back and f orth every minute, what'll we do?
-Mehdi. -What?
-l'll pass once more. -Mahmut, what time is it?
-Five o clock Director, sir. -Working hours are over...
-...y ou can't pass. -What shall l do in a f oreign country?
As if l care.
Mehdi, congratulations, y ou have another border now.
-Where? -Here.
-You can't pass from there to here. -Why not, l have a passport.
-Our marriage certif icate. -lt's not valid. Go to Ankara.
Solve the problem or else f orget about me.
What's up, Director sir, why are y ou here at this hour?
-Or have we been at f ault somehow? -Nothing of the sort. Had a little...
...argument with the missus. -l'm sorry, it's private...
...ex cept my apologies. -Mahmut, can't we give a permit...
f or this Rahim and his f amily?
But y ou know, Director, lt's against the regulations.
Rahim is my oldest friend. My friend since childhood.
lf l knew that f ate would thus separate us, l wouldn't have...
...accepted this post. l'm thinking of resigning.
You are a great big Customs Director! You don't leave such a post!
l took two people as examples in lif e. One is my f ather, the other is y ou.
We were born civil servants, and will die as civil servants, Director Sir.
-Rahim! -Yes?
-Rahim? -Who's there?
lt's me, Mehdi. Come here f or a moment.
-Come. -Why should l?
-Let's talk. -About what?
Rahim, let's bring the two f amilies together, f ind a way.
-ls that so? -Yeah.
-l'll come and we'll talk. -No.
Shall we come to y ou, or will y ou come to us?
-Neither. -Then how do we talk?
What's up, Mehdi?
We came here to sit and reach an agreement.
-And how, l wonder. -Rahim don't be stubborn.
-Go and take this passport. -Of course, why not...
...they're distributing them right here.
l have something f or y ou!
Hey, Adem. Sadiy e, Cemil.
How many times need l tell y ou?
Hey, catch that sheep.
Stop! Where's y our pass?
You cannot run around without an off icial permit.
Take it to the Customs Depot and f ill out the f orms.
Yes, sir.
He's coming, he's coming. Cut off the barter.
Don't commit violation of the border, son. Rahim let's not sit here...
...if we'll trample down the customs border, or shall we?
Congratulations Mehdi, if it weren't f or y ou who would've caught these...
...creatures? Thank God y ou're here to put states on peaceful terms.
l'm the state, Rahim. Will y ou tell on me to me?
Humans may err, y ou are the State, so God will accept. God's merciful,
-God will f orgive y ou, hopefully. -Just think now. What would have ...
-happened if there were no state? -What would have, now? What?
Am l not right. You're a big director, just look what y ou're doing.
What do these couple of barbed wires serve, ex cept puncturing us?
Did y ou need to go to Ankara and get trained f or this?
For God's sake! My f ather sent y ou to school, y ou couldn't f inish it...
...l did. You're jealous, of course, and ignorant.
-You can't understand what state is. -Why shouldn't l, am l y ou?
You idiot. The state protects a person's belongings...
...his lif e, his chastity and honor. l mean, it's something like me.
But y our state has not protected my chastity and honor.
Your son's sperms have passed through the borders of my daughter.
What? What do y ou mean?
Hood, hey y ou Hood, y ou did have a passport, didn't t y ou?
Pass over this evening, l'll be y our host.
-What's up Rahim, bro ? -Something good is up, Hood.
O.K., l will. Since l'm coming, is there anything y ou want from this side?
Yes, there is. l'm looking f or a f ine y oung man... make my daughter s husband.
ls that so? So y ou will give y our daughter to me, Rahim?
-Yes, it's y ou l've chosen. -So what happened to Adem?
Adem is Mehdi's son, l won't give my daughter to his son.
So y ou won't give her to the son of a great big director, but to me.
That great big director of y ours can't go to pee...
...bef ore asking the Ministry of Customs f irst.
O.K. then, l'll come this evening.
Mr. Mehdi! l know y ou're in there, y ou've heard what l've said.
Why don't y ou come out? You've shut y ourself in that building
like a woman and can't come up to say a couple of words, y ou coward.
Yes, what's it?
Since we're friends no more, take Napoleon. Give him his horse.
We wrote Napoleon in the inventory. Napoleon is now the state's horse.
-You can't give him. -ls that so?
That's so. Take the horse back.
Napoleon belongs to the state, l don't belong to my self.
l also belong to the state. What's left, then?
Son, why don t y ou eat?
-Father, l'll abduct Filiz. -Where to?
-We'll go to Colorado together. -Where's Colorado?
-ln America. -So, what'll y ou do there?
There are motor f actories, l'll get a good job.
You can't take two steps without a passport... will y ou go to Colorado?
-You need a passport everywhere? -Everywhere.
-Mr. Rahim. -Welcome, Hood.
-l came on time, didn't t l? -l'll have a couple of words with y ou.
Filiz, so y ou decided to marry me! Good f or y ou.
And whom would y ou marry but the friend of great big lsmet Pasha?
Don't f ly high, Hood, come over here.
You know what? You've done a good job, giving y our daughter to me.
-l haven't y et, we'll talk. -You know, l have...
-...inf luential friends in Ankara. -Yes, that's a f act.
As f or Hislihisar, we're well off here, thanks to God. Then who but me...
-...can satisfy y our daughter? -Yes, y es, be patient, bro .
Rahim, from now on l'll call y ou f ather.
Well, thanks a lot, y ou can alway s call me f ather, but let's talk f irst.
-What else shall we talk about? -Wait, will y ou.
Rahim, it's such a f amous song, New York, New York.
-Yes, from the suburbs of New York. -Will y ou dance with me, please?
Woman, get off, now's no time to dance.
Sonny bring some raki to us, let's drink and eat something.
Filiz, girlie, what have y ou done?
Why did y ou run away? Did the gendarmerie see y ou? Come here.
Damn, everything is destroy ed.
l was going to abduct y ou anyway. l've talked to my f ather today.
l have to go to Ankara. No other passage.
l have to get a passport. Why did y ou run away just now?
Would the child wait f or Ankara's orders to be born? lt'll get bigger,
l'll be the laughing stock of the town. Yasar came to ask f or my hand.
l've passed through the wires. The gendarmerie were after me.
Come on.
lsn't this the house of Mr. Mehdi, the Customs Director?
-Yes, it is. -Then she can't be here.
-Just do y our duty. -All right then, y ou come with me.
Upstairs, upstairs, go through the roof.
Look at the woodshed. The criminal is here, f ind her.
Yes, Mr. Adem, now we'll get y ou.
Mr. Mehdi, Director.
Mr. Mehdi, traces of the runaway were f ound on the wires.
What runaway?
You to the right.
-What the hell? -They say there's a runaway.
You bastard!
-lt's over with my service register. -What happened, Mehdi?
-What do l say to Ankara? -Whatever has happened?
-Filiz is with Adem. -What?
Don't say anything to the gendarmerie.
We couldn't f ind her. There's only this room left.
-She's not here, either, Commissar. -Where can l f ind her?
How do l know?
lt's not good that my f ather saw us.
We have to leave immediately.
-Mahmut is outside. -Shit!
-Director, the runaway is here. -Get her!
-Adem! -Stop, what are y ou doing?
Father, do something! Father, say something!
Adem, Adem! Let me go!
Adem, y ou can't help her. Leave that to me.
You'll learn the rules of Customs organization.
My f avorite f lower is the thorn in the mountains, my f avorite animal... the camel in the desert. -But why?
l would be as strong as they are. l have an upset stomach.
-And no hope left. -Don't worry Filiz.
They can't hold y ou here, can they? You're no murderer...
no thief. You'll see, our child will also be born, please don't be anx ious.
Look, just y ou look at me, smile. l miss y ou.
Everything will be f ine.
Filiz., l'll tell y ou something. l wasn't going to give y ou to Yasar, child.
-l know. -l did that just to...
l know, l know, l know. Father, l m not angry with y ou.
Open sesame.
Oh, hello, citizens of the sister country!
How are y ou, are y ou well? Father, please don't ever!
Filiz don't y ou worry a bit. Neither y ou, f ather.
l'll go to lsmet Pasha, maybe he'll come here himself?
And Mehdi will get blue in the f ace. Don't y ou be afraid.
Yasar is y our support. Now l'll go and have a couple of words with Mehdi.
-By e by e. -May y ou go, but never come back!
So long, l'm going to my own country.
ln God s name, there's nothing like one s own country.
The very esteemed Director of Customs, Mr. Mehdi, y ou've made... grievous mistake. You are unaware and...
...led astray. -What's that?
Well, y ou have arrested the f iancée of Yasar Mertolu...
...the extraordinary f igure of Hislihisar.
-Buzz off bef ore l arrest y ou, too. -Send Filiz to her country...
...bef ore lsmet Pasha hears of this. l swear no one else will know.
-Soldiers, take him away. -l f orgive y ou. l'll take Filiz... her country and marry her.
Filiz, girlie, why did they throw y ou in here?
Because l've violated the border. l've committed a crime, Adem, my love.
Just wait, l have an idea.
-Father, arrest me too. -Why's that?
l have committed an ideological crime.
-What's that? -l'm thinking bad things about the...
...state and Customs. -Look what we've brought y ou.
Don't be afraid. Osman, take these to Filiz.
Mr. Director, they're violating the border.
Just now there was something in their hands, now there's nothing.
-Don't let them smuggle things. -Could be. Go in and take a look.
Take this, child, and give it to her.
-Mr. Director, just as l thought. -You don't say.
lt's like state provisions off ice. We have to shoot any one getting close.
-Then do what y ou have to do. -Soldiers.
Aren't y ou going to arrest me?
What's that, move over, move, y ou geezers.
Mr. Rahim, take those and move away from the border.
-What if we don't go? -l'll order them to shoot y ou.
-Do, then. -Attention! Take aim!
-Father, don't worry. l'm f ine. -Pull this away, will y ou? Let's go.
We've only a lif e left to us, let them take that too.
Father, let's go.
You are Turkish soldiers. You can't point y our guns at Turkish citizens.
This is wrong, Turkish soldiers can't shoot Turks.
lt's written in no law, what the hell is this?
This is y our country. Do y ou think what y ou're doing is right.
You two, don't go anywhere. Move.
-My mother has left the house. -Left f or where?
-For Sarikamis, f or my aunt's. -Where did she run to, l said?
Mehdi, take a look at Customs Law, see what civil servants do when
-their wives run away. -Turks don't carry propaganda...
...against Turks. This is our country, we have saved it and now...
...y ou don't let us pass through here.
You are making propaganda against us.
Shit. Why have y ou let her, y ou idiot, why have y ou?
Come, mother. Father is nuts.
Maybe this will bring him to his senses. He deserves it all.
Don't be sad.
You wouldn't have lived through these if y ou had a passport.
But they don't give passports to everybody.
You must know some people in Ankara. People of high position...
-...isn't that so? -But of course.
They don't give the state's documents to anybody.
What happened, Mr. Adem? You're not answering me.
Well, whatever, the bird has f lown from the nest. Didn't Rahim come... me and say, please save me from this sluggish Adem.
Didn't he come right here and cry ''Come and take Filiz?''
Why don't y ou give up running after Filiz and worry about y our mother?
Since she has left Mehdi, she should have f ound...
...someone better, hasn't she?
Never talk about my parents, or Filiz again.
-Do y ou understand? -Hey, hey, let go! Help!
Wait here, Napoleon.
Sahane, get off.
You've made a laughing stock out of me. Get off that train.
Why are y ou looking? Don't look at her, either.
She's my wif e. Don't look at me either, look in front.
l was his wif e, bef ore he pref erred customs to me.
He f orgot about all of us. Go to Ankara and take away this...
-wire in the middle of the village. -Ankara, Ankara...
...Ankara, oh so lovely
Get off the train f or the children's sake.
We're getting late because of y ou.
-Adem, are y ou hurt? -lt's f orbidden to shout.
lt's f orbidden to talk with the prisoner.
-Hamdi. -lt's f orbidden to talk.
Filiz, sis, y ou look like my f iancée in my village.
We used to swim in streams. l miss her very much.
-She just looks like y ou. -Then take this to y our f iancée.
A Turkish soldier can't be bribed.
l'm giving it to y our f iancée. She isn't a soldier, is she?
Yes, to my f iancée, isn't it? Hey, this is much too valuable.
l owe y ou f or this. But l don't have money.
Money isn't everything. You do me a f avor and that's that.
-What sort of f avor? -l want to talk to Adem.
Just give him that message. l love y ou. l love y ou.
l want to touch y ou. l want to kiss y ou. l love y ou.
O.K. but don't shout it from here.
-What s up Hamdi? -She say s, well done f or beating...
...that brute, the Hood. l miss y ou. l want to embrace y ou, to touch y ou.
l'm not afraid at all. l love y ou. l love y ou. l love y ou..
-Say it again. -l love y ou. l love y ou. l love y ou...
l know y ou're not afraid. l love y ou, too.
Those were the loveliest words l've heard, Hamdi. Say them again.
Adem, l want to kiss y ou. l want to nuzzle y ou. l want to caress y ou.
-What? -Well, Adem, haven't l told y ou?
-l love y ou. l love y ou... -You've said something else, too.
l want to caress y ou. l want to nuzzle y ou. l want to kiss y ou.
Wonderful. Thanks, Hamdi.
We're coming nearer to the town, don't make a laughing stock of me.
Sahane, someone's violated the border here.
Sahane, don t even think of it. Sahane, stop, stop l say.
Where are we going? There's only Rahim's house.
Don t violate the border. Right now y ou have passed through the border.
You re violating the law. You have kidnapped... children. See if Rahim will accept y ou!
l'll stay at Azamet's house. Either y ou include their house in here...
...or y ou write me off the book. l've waited 1 y ear f or y our appointment.
l'll wait again. Go to Ankara and solve this problem.
You have drawn this wire here, divided the village, become an enemy..
...of y our friends, separated lovers.
You have fucked everything up.
Muharrem, y ou geezer! What shall we do? We've been...
whiling away our time. You still haven't paid the rent.
Come and l'll give y ou the money.
-lf l come there... -Come and get y our money.
When l come, l'll make y ou eat these words. You imagine through what.
-What's up, Mr. Rahim? -Mahmut, my boy, please...
help Mahmut, look, this man does not pay my rent.
-You know l own the property. -lt doesn't mean a thing.
What should l own then f or it to mean a thing?
l'm getting angry. We're getting near the coff ee house.
Don't remind me of my off icial duty, Sahane, or else!
Even if he brought the money, he can't give it to y ou.
-Why can't he? -Money is also subject to customs.
-That, too? -Yes.
-Mr. Rahim. -Hey, Sahane, sis , Melek, Sadiy e!
How could y ou pass? Do y ou have a passport?
You have passed the border, y ou have committed...
...a crime, but still l f orgive y ou. Come to this side.
Don't pass over the border.
-What's that to y ou? -Passport.
-Hey, girl, come over here. -You can't pass without a passport.
-Don't violate the border. -What's that to y ou, anyway?
-Mahmut, what's he say ing? -You get y ourself a passport, come...
...and l'll make y ou coff ee. Sahane passes over only when she wishes.
She's my guest, y ou can't take her by f orce.
We have both violated the borders of state!
Don't lie to me! You have left y our heard, and me my Adem.
Did y ou hear me?
Sahane, Sahane!
Melek, Sadiy e, come here.
Melek, l'm calling y our mother, why doesn't she come?
-She doesn't. -How's y our mother?
-She's f ine. -How are y ou, child?
-Fine. -l've written to Ankara,
l'll solve this problem. Tell y our mother, will y ou...
...l've written a letter. Sadiy e, how are y ou my girl?
l'm f ine, but my mother cries every morning.
She cries? Tell her not to, l'll solve this problem. Come and...
...l'll kiss y ou, Sadiy e, my beautiful daughter, come on. Go away now.
Your f ather gave me this gun because y ou did not deserve it.
l know y ou want it. l decided to give it to y ou bef ore l leave.
-Where are y ou going? -l'll f ind another country since..
-...l can't enter mine. -You're going without y our daughter?
You'll give me my daughter in return f or the gun.
-l'm not authorized f or that. -Yes, l know. But l have a right... use this. Your f ather told me to use it in time of need.
What are y ou doing, Rahim? Are y ou going to kill me?
-Aren't we friends? -We were. But y ou put...
-...a border between us. -l'm just doing my duty.
And l'm doing my duty as a f ather. Now order them to bring the girl.
lf not, l'll use a gun once l take it out and y ou know it.
-You can't do that, Rahim. -l will. ln there is a girl...
...carry ing the baby of y our son. She's my daughter.
l'll take her and go f ar, f ar away. Now order them to bring the girl.
Mahmut, bring the girl.
-What's going on here? -Mahmut, bring Filiz.
-But Director, sir. -Can't y ou see that l'm under...
...the threat of a gun? l've given the order, Rahim. But not because...
...l'm afraid of y ou or death. lt's because l really want it.
Yes, that l know.
-Filiz, what happened? -l don't know my self.
-Your f ather has a gun. -Father?
-lt's all right. -Open the gate.
Pass over. To the house. Do what l say. Pick y our things!
Now y ou can take this gun, Mehdi. And y our dear f ather can rest...
in peace in his grave. We've honored his will.
-Filiz, y ou're free. Now what? -l don't know. Why did my f ather...
tell me to pick my things up? And they've supposedly set me free.
l think y our f ather will go away from here. Filiz, listen to this.
l've nothing left here. So what, f ather, l'll go!
lt's not possible to live here anymore. My mother... sisters are all over there. Soon all the village will move.
You haven't been a f ather to me. What have y ou done f or me?
Adem, shut up!
-You don't scare me. -Don't leave me, Adem.
Why should l stay here when all my loved ones are over there?
-l don't love y ou, f ather. -Mehdi, don't.
l've never been happy since y ou came. Did y ou treat me like a f ather?
-Pull y ourself together. -All my loved ones are over there.
l don't love y ou, f ather.
Son, does it hurt? Call a doctor!
There s no doctor on this side.
Rahim then, call Rahim.
He's on the other side.
-We have to prepare a document. -What document?
Pass permit. He can't pass without that. Then what would...
...y our shooting y our son mean?
Son, l've shot y ou so y ou won't leave me, too.
l wouldn't have left y ou anyway, f ather.
Open the gate, l'll treat the boy's wound. Get out of my way son.
-Forbidden, without a passport. -Mehdi!!
Write down. Rahim, he's writing. He's preparing the document.
''after being shot, as the wound...''
l'll take care of it. So y ou've brought it?
-What's the situation? -He's still writing.
necessitated urgent intervention, it has been thus decided... permit intervention. -lt's O.K., child.
l'm waiting f or the pass.
As the only medic in town is out of bounds.
Mahmut, write quick, y ou geezer.
When is this permit coming? The boy will go to waste in there.
Director, sir, l haven't y et f inished writing and this man has violated...
...our border! l'm sorry but l have to let Ankara know.
-l couldn't stop him, Director, sir. -O.K., get out.
Don't look at me like that, bring a bowl of hot water. Does it hurt, son?
Take y our hand away. Take y our hand.
Poor boy.
-Thanks, f ather. -Not at all, son.
Be brave, try to endure it, Adem. lt's not too deep.
l'm getting it, child. Thank God.
l don't understand y ou. Your son is bleeding here, and y ou're having...
...a document written. This civil servant business has driven y ou crazy.
Not service, but love of duty. And look, l've let y ou in bef ore...
the document was f inished. And without a passport, too.
Here's passport f or y ou.
Mother, get up and let's go to Uncle Rahim's.
l'm not going bef ore l see my boy coming saf e and sound out of there.
We'll come in the morning.
l celebrate y ou f or the successful work of the Hislihisar Customs
...Directorate of the Turkish Republic. And l'm presenting y ou with this
...title in the name of my Ministry.
Are y ou all right, Mr. Mehdi?
Mr. Mehdi?
-How are y ou? -l'm f ine. And y ou?
Pass over to his side and let's play. -Won't my f ather get angry?
Of course, it's f orbidden to pass over.
Father, can Cemil pass over here? l missed play ing.
-Sadiy e, when will y ou pass over? -When my f ather allows.
-Why doesn't he? -He has written to Ankara
...and will allow when the reply comes.
Why? l wish f ather let us pass, then we'd play.
-That would've been great. -My teacher is over there, too.
l will f lunk this y ear. What happened to y our hand?
-lt s scratched. -Right here?
Well, since f ather has put up these wires.
l wish the reply came, then we'll all be saved!
-Come son. -Father, are y ou all right?
But Director, sir, even though he's y our son, he's guilty of
-...passing the border without a pass. -So what?
l mean, if y ou're thinking of letting him go, it's a big crime.
You're right. Come sonny.
Bring the key of that storehouse. Open the door!
But Director, sir, what about register of service?
My son is more important to me than any register.
Open, son. Son, open it!
-What are they doing? -They're going.
-Where to? -Where's he going, now?
Rahim, stop! Rahim, where are y ou going?
Soldiers! Open this door.
Where are y ou going without me? Just look at me. l came to y ou naked.
l'm over with civil service, and the directorate. We're...
...old friends. We'll win this war together.
-We were in the War together. -Where are y ou going without me?
Weren't we going away together, whereto without me?
Colorado. America, have y ou f orgotten?
l can't leave my f ather like this.
What about me? Can y ou leave me?
l'm not someone as skilful as y ou. l can't circumcise...
...children. l can't even drive, can't do anything.
l can't type. l had nothing else to do and decided to become a civil servant.
My f ather was one, his f ather was one, so l became a civil servant.
Ankara was our only hope. l went to Ankara to become...
...a civil servant. But now l'm no longer one. Look at me.
l've been left alone with no state, no government, no superior..
...and no clerk. What shall l do now, Rahim? Show me a way.
Dear Rahim, stop, Rahim.
Take me with y ou.
You'll catch cold like this.
-Cemil! -Adem, just jump on if y ou want.
Hamdi, l can see y ou. Open the door.
Hey, look at him, he walks slowly.
Be quick, come and open this door!
l'm a civil servant with a future. l'll inf orm all of y ou to Ankara.
l'll burn all of y ou to ashes! lt's not locked, it's not locked.
Pull from the bolt. You have acted slowly in doing y our duty.
l'll ask y ou all, y ou geezers. l'll ask y ou all.
The truck is coming back.
Soldiers, attention! Take aim standing!
lsn't that our Uncle Rahim?
Look, the truck is about to violate our border.
Mr. Mehdi is coming toward us with a f lag in hand.
lf y ou don't f ire, y ou've legally committed a crime.
Ramazan, Hamdi, shall we shoot?
l'm telling y ou f or the last time: You'll answer Ankara.
Look here Hamdi, l can't shoot my own citizens.
How can we f ire at Mr. Mehdi?
Then l'll apply the laws my self.
Stop the order to f ire!
-l'm doing my duty. -A Turkish soldier doesn't f ire... the Turkish f lag. -That truck cannot pass the border.
You can't make us shoot our own citizens.
Tell Ankara to stuff those papers!
Stop Uncle Rahim! Mr. Mehdi!
Don't come, Uncle Rahim!
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