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Subtitles for Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD1.

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Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD1

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So I went to buy'magic' for her.
Go ask the pharmacy.' Magic.'
Stand up, you bastard.
Just that I hurt my leg.
Stand up anyway.
Stand straight, asshole.
Yes, sir.
By the way, what's'magic'?
Well, how should I explain.
I said what's'magic'?
It pops up like magic, so it's magic.
Magic, I see. Sounds good.
Try it.
With the one you're best at.
Shit, what for?
How can I swing a knife at a police station?
Do like I said, asshole.
Watch yourself now. It's dangerous.
This is a sword. It's used for slicing someone.
Please come here. Don't be scared.
You slice the neck, the chest, cut the belly, and it's over!
Thought you were braver.
Now this is a kitchen and sushi knife.
It's used to stab someone.
Like this and that.
Show off a little.
Stab one and another.
If you stab right,
he's a gonner. Like this.
This is used by young kids.
Once popular with young Japanese guys, a switchblade.
A switchblade is also used for stabbing.
It's not him. Let this bastard go.
Don't know if I should show you this, too.
He's twisting his knife. So it doesn't match.
Go home, asshole.
Fuck! Why kick it right there?
Yong-man. Better behave. Does it hurt a lot?
Not at all.
How much is this?
Let me see.
1 million, 10 million, 100 million won. It's 1. 8 billion won.
1. 8 billion won?
Suppose you' re Gyu-hwan.
You' re doing really well.
Each month.
Okay. 6 million won each month.
Suppose you got 6 million a month,
But lately you spent a lot of money.
Saw his imported car, right? So you need more money.
And your dad has 1. 8 billion won. 1. 8 billion won.
Wouldn't you want to kill your dad for the money?
No, why would I do that?
Alright, let's start again.
Suppose you earn 6 million won a month.
But lately you spent a lot of money.
You need money,
and your dad has 1. 8 billion won.
So you killed your father.
Because you' re a rotten bastard.
Come on.
But how can I kill my parents?
Because you' re a rotten asshole !
No, I wouldn't.
Because you' re a rotten,
sick son of a bitch !
I'm not that kind of guy !
No, you can't go in.
Don't worry.
It won't take long.
Hello. Remember me?
Detective Kang of Kang district police.
I have a few questions.
It's okay. You can go.
Where were you the night Cho Myung-chul was killed?
What do you mean?
I heard your father left you some money behind.
Yes? How much?
1. 8 billion won.
So you think I killed
my parents for the money?
Look here. How much do you make?
Know how much money I have now?
I committed murder because of money?
That's what you guys think.
But people here would laugh.
Can't you be a little more creative?
Stop right there.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Hey asshole. Seen me before, right?
Please stop.
What's with you? You some gangster?
Remember me on that rainy night, asshole?
You two are from Kang district police, right?
Come here. Come here.
Sir, that's enough.
You keep denying it,
but I know, asshole!
Wait, there's no bump.
You some psycho?
This can't be. This can't be, you know.
Come back here!
Go away, bastard !
- Wear it now, asshole. - Why do I have to?
Just do as I say.
Kang Chul-joong ! What the hell are you doing?
I'm questioning the suspect.
Grab that bastard !
Yeah, everyone come in and grab this bastard.
Put it on, damn it. Put it on, asshole !
You fucking assholes ! What are you doing?
Let go of me !
Hey idiot. I gave you the case,
but why'd you arrest Mr. Cho?
You traitor.
Cho Gyu-hwan is the criminal.
Bastard, don't follow me anymore.
Suppose you' re Cho Gyu-hwan.
And you earn 6 million won a month.
But you spent a lot lately.
And your father
has 1. 8 billion won.
I said let's just assume.
So he killed them?
Yes, sir.
See the file I gave you?
Yes, sir.
Can't you read Korean?
- Yes? / - You idiot! Didn't you read the will?
It says his money is for charity!
Drag this idiot out.
Then why did he kill them?
Hey asshole! Wait for me!
- Mister. - Yes?
Where can I get this kind of knife?
You can buy one anywhere.
Go down a bit.
Done. I'll wear this one.
Pick anything, you wench.
Did you pick one?
Remember me, right?
Not mommy, I'm a cop.
I'm investigating the murder of Mr. Cho's parents.
Have you noticed anything strange about Cho Gyu-hwan?
Like what?
Anything suspicious.
He looks flustered suddenly,
spends money like crazy,
or a knife is in his drawer.
Miss. Anything you say will help
my investigation, right?
Something trivial is okay, so anything is great.
A few days ago, he went to the
dentist because of a toothache.
I already know that.
Also, he's going to make big money.
Go on.
The company he invested in will be listed soon.
How's that related to making money?
The estimated stock's cost is 20 times the face value.
That's why he'll make a lot of money.
So how much?
So about 37 billion won.
Look here, miss. If you lie, you can to jail.
How much?
37 billion won.
How much?
37 billion won.
37 billion won?
37 billion?
370 - 18 =
370 - 18 = 3 ?
You did it, right?
No, I didn't.
She wanted me to screw her.
You know models are easy.
So? What did you do?
She said she went to some college.
So I said I did, too.
Then she fell asleep at the bar.
So I escorted her out.
I said let's go home. Where do you live?
I drove her home,
and she falls asleep again.
Shit, how could she fall asleep like that?
Doesn't it mean that she wants to screw?
I'm innocent. What did I do wrong?
How are you, Detective Nam?
Fine, sir.
Keep up the good work.
Yes, sir.
What was your name?
Kim Young-soo, sir.
Right, Young-soo.
How's being a detective?
Fine, sir.
You look like one stubborn bastard.
What, asshole?
I'm the D. A. of the east districts. The head of your district.
You'd know me if you had caught a criminal.
I did. Mr. Math.
Mr. Math, I see. What about Mr. Language and Mr. Science?
What's a detective's job? lsn't it catching criminals?
So you have to catch one.
But why bother the victim's family?
We get insulted because of bastards like you.
Go walk out in the streets.
Wander around for an hour,
and you'll find a dozen loan sharks.
But why stake out the victim's family?
Trying to pluck some money out of them?
Captain !
What are you looking at?
Fucking asshole !
Where do you think you are?
What are you staring at, asshole?
Think you can stare at me,
you fucking prick?
Get up, you bastard !
Think you' re tough in that suit, you little prick?
Get out of here, asshole ! Didn't hear me?
Get out or I'll tear your apart, asshole!
Serves those bastards right.
No one can resist us.
The poor needs financers like us, right?
Of course ! Let's toast. Sure!
Stay strong, sir.
I'm already strong, idiot.
Young-soo, are your parents still alive?
Yes, both of them are healthy.
Can you inherit about 1. 8 billion won?
If I could, I wouldn't be here.
Are your parents still alive, sir?
My mother is. But she's not of any help.
I see.
Young-soo, who's the
richest person you know?
I'm not sure,
but I heard Warden Park has about 700 million won.
700 million won?
I know a man who has 37 billion won.
Really? Who?
But he's a murderer.
Sir, forget about it.
Young-soo. Considering a son's duty,
he shouldn't kill his parents for 1. 8 billion won, right?
Why do you keep doing this? Please forget about it.
It's being used for a scholarship fund.
It's not about money, but about killing his parents.
Why'd you transfer from the intelligence agency?
To be a cop and catch criminals like him, right?
Is it right for a son to kill his parents? Young-soo?
Know what cops are usually called?
Protector of the public.
Right, protector of the public.
I'm Protector Kang of the pubic.
And Kim Young-soo is?
Protector of the public.
Okay. A son who killed his parents is
usually called an immoral person.
From now, we call
them public enemy.
A what?
Public enemy.
I can't hear you. A what?
Public enemy !
Have a drink.
- Pour with one hand. - Yes, sir.
Usually a murder is committed with a weapon at home.
So it's good to cut the tip for crime prevention.
Are you doing this with a search warrant?
Not a search warrant, but just a friendly visit.
Get out.
The neighborhood ladies told me
that your parents often visited Jahye Orphanage,
where about fifty kids live.
But why'd you do that to those generous people?
Do your superiors know you' re doing this?
Of course not.
Is the district attorney your friend?
I owe him a lot from the other day.
Get out now.
I was intending to, asshole.
Hang on. Just one thing before I leave.
Know how they were murdered?
22 stabs for Mr. Cho, and 12 for his wife.
Multiple stab wounds all over their bodies.
Did you know that?
Stabs in Mr. Cho's neck, chest, side, and his guts poured out.
His wife's neck was cut
about 12 cm long.
Like her husband, stabs in the chest, waist and side.
They were such kind people.
Ma'am, should the murderer
be caught or not?
Ma'am, should the murderer
be caught or not?
Go inside.
I'll catch him for you.
Go inside now!
Get out, you bastard !
Let go, asshole! I'll go on my own.
My goodness, I'm sorry. How could l?
What the fuck?
I'm very sorry. Let me get the cleaning bill.
Forget it.
I'm very sorry.
How silly of me. How stupid.
Why are you laughing? Feel good?
Absolutely not.
You spoil my clothes and laugh?
No, I'm very sorry.
I'll have it cleaned for you.
lsn't that guy out of hand?
Are you alright?
Yes, I'm fine.
You apologized, but how could
he get mad at you like that?
It's all my fault anyway. He probably felt upset.
Being too good-natured is your problem.
He does that to you, and you just laugh.
That's just how I am.
There he goes again.
Sir, what are you doing?
Look here.
It says the murderer came back.
Why did he do that?
Seems like criminal instinct.
Seeing that he stirred the blood,
he was looking for something.
The murder scene is the clue. It's written in the investigation manual.
Know-it-all. Go stuff your face.
I found this.
Throw it away.
There's no gas.
Not the newspaper bill.
Not the milk bill. lnsurance bill. Jahye Orphanage.
Jahye Orphanage?
Jahye Orphanage?
Notice. Jahye Orphanage's land
will be handed over to
Dongsung firm on August 12.
If the building is not removed by then,
we, Dongsung, will not be responsible of any damages.
Jahye Orphanage? To be removed by August 29?
Young-soo, look this up.
Yes, sir.
I'm leaving now.
Where will you meet Yu-jin?
She's coming to the terminal.
Oh no, I forgot again.
Look at you.
Want a lift?
Seung-min's mom is picking me up.
Anyway, you two always go without me.
When can I go too?
This trip is for
mothers and daughters.
We'll go next time, okay?
Don't worry about the house, and have a nice trip.
I'll call you.
Not again. What did she forget now?
Remember me?
You should be careful in a public place.
I know this pain-in-the-neck.
You' re a kind of present for him.
The murder method is the same as the old couple.
Seeing that flour was poured on the body,
it's judged to be the same criminal.
A serial murder makes things complicated.
Sayonara, Kang Chul-joong.
Put away that knife carefully.
What's that guy doing here?
I don't know.
Who the hell are you?
Kang district police? We' re busy, so don't get in the way.
Seeing that flour was poured on his face,
and he was killed with a hunting knife,
I think it's the same murderer of that old couple.
It happened 24 hours ago.
So around three or four on Sunday afternoon.
Why the hell did he pour flour?
Probably to erase any fingerprints or traces.
The victim's name is Ko Hung-sik,
and his wife reported it.
She and her daughter went on a trip,
and no one answered the phone.
So she came back first, and witnessed this.
Captain. I found this.
lsn't that a raincoat?
Son of a bitch.
Yes, this is Detective Kim.
Ko Hung-sik has nothing to do with Cho Gyu-hwan,
and not with Cho Myung-chul, either.
Anyway, what's wrong, sir?
Young-soo, listen to me carefully.
I don't know why Gyu-hwan killed Cho Myung-chul.
But he shouldn't have killed Ko Hung-sik.
You shouldn't kill a person to make fun of someone.
This isn't right.
Even I know.
I cheated and was at the bottom of my class, but I know.
An idiot named Jong-su lived by my house.
Ask him, and even he knows.
No one should kill someone for no reason.
A person mustn't kill
out of fun and without reason.
That son of a bitch. If that son of a bitch is really human,
I'm go to kill that fucking asshole with a reason.
What's wrong now, Detective Kang?
A murder.
You' re really helpless.
Let's go. I better not talk to you here.
Crazy bastard.
Give me security.
Damn it.
If I stay here, I might kill you.
So let's go, asshole.
Sit down ! Sit down, you bastard !
Why did you kill him?
What are you talking about?
Why did you kill Ko Hung-sik?
Crazy bastard.
He had nothing to do with you, so why?
Suppose I'm the murderer like you said.
Chul-joong, open the door!
Open the door!
Open it now, bastard !
Hey, go bring the key.
So suppose I killed Ko Hung-sik.
Hurry up and smash it now.
Is there a reason for killing somebody?
Son of a bitch !
Think that makes sense, idiot?
Fire him now. Got it, you bastard?
If you don't fire him, you'll be the one. Got it?
Detective Kang.
Got any paper work to hand over?
Special task force requested info.
Damn it.
Take it. The paper work is fucking worthless.
Kang Chul-joong. Hand over your badge.
Fuck this badge.
What the hell are you doing?
Try your fucking best to catch him.
Who the hell do you think you are?
Damn it, stop hitting me! Know how painful it is?
Now what time it is? Don't you know there's three shifts?
You realize if you' re late, the next person waits?
You've been a cop for ten years,
but you don't know the basics.
You! Know how many traffic lights
or control boxes are in your area?
Fuck, it's so noisy.
What? You don't know?
Think that makes sense?
Hey. Wake up!
Right, sir. I'll take him out.
Let's get up, sir.
Shit, change the battery in his hearing aid.
He's too damn loud.
Look at that damn hair style.
Why? Ashamed to be a traffic cop?
Traffic violation, ma'am. Driver's license, please.
When did the light change?
Let's see. Where did I put my license?
Go ahead.
Officer, you' re so great. Thank you.
Officer Kang !
Hurry up and go take your shift!
Please don't shout. Here I go.
Then be a good boy, and run along.
Why not.
Get out!
It hurts...
Go inside, asshole!
Hurry up.
You damn leach.
Know whose money that is?
I meant to pay you back, but now you ask me to pay
interest ten times the principal.
How can I pay that much?
So you' re saying you can't pay me back?
I don't mean that exactly.
What are you doing?
I hate cleaning up vomit when I beat someone.
What? Please save me. I'm begging you.
But consider yourself lucky.
To make you bleed, we needed plastic.
But we ran out of plastic today.
Shut up, you bastard !
Stop !
Who the hell are you?
Me? I'm Kang...
Protector of the public.
Better behave. No money, I beat...
Nevermind. I don't have time? So hurry and let's fight.
Kill that bastard.
Son of a bitch !
Gangsters always live in a gang's world.
Gangsters always live in a gang's world.
Gangsters never come to the ordinary people's world.
Gangsters never come to the ordinary people's world.
You fearless bastards!
How dare you wreak havoc in our district?
Chul-joong !
What's he calling me for, damn it?
Officer Kang !
Have some, sir.
Young-soo. What's your rank now?
Senior officer.
Know what my rank was ten years ago?
lnspector. Employed specially as an Asian Game medalist,
lnspector Kang, Detective Kang, Officer Kang.
While others got promoted by two ranks, I got demoted by two.
I see, Sir. You might've forgotten, but here.
What is it?
Jahye Orphanage.
Jahye Orphanage?
Cho Myung-chul planned to buy the orphanage on July 30.
The cost was 1 billion won.
I'm not sure how this could help now,
but the bodies will be handed over in two days.
Gyu-hwan keeps demanding they be given to him.
If 2 billion becomes 37 billion, then how much will 1 billion be?
If 2 billion becomes 37 billion, 1 billion is half, so 180, 190.
18. 5 billion won.
Right. So Cho Myung-chul's 1 billion
could be 18.5 billion for his son.
You're right.
So when he wanted 1 billion
back to save the orphanage,
to Gyu-hwan it wasn't 1 billion, but 18.5 billion won.
Do you remember?
You said the murderer came back to the scene.
If Gyu-hwan is the murderer,
he objected an autopsy, and kept requesting the bodies
because he couldn't find what he left on the scene.
When will the bodies be turned over?
In two days.
You have a friend at NlSl, right?
Why so early in the morning? Crazy idiot.
What's he doing here?
Damn it. Have to look like a drug dealer, asshole?
What about you, asshole?
Came back from Africa?
Wipe the shit off your mouth.
Your asshole is eating your pants, asshole !
The weather's bad enough with you here.
I outta stab your belly, and sing the national anthem.
Take your pants off first. before I peel off your skin.
You maggot.
Screw you.
Good morning, sir.
Follow me.
I'm not sure I should do this.
Don't worry. Know who I am?
I'm Detective Kim of intelligence and homicide.
Anyway, just finish it fast. If my superiors find out, I'm dead.
Yes, sir.
Still have that stuff?
3 kilos.
No, you asshole.
Detective Kang, this is my old classmate.
- Hello. - Please go in.
Let's go.
Who are they?
They' re undercover agents.
Smell's great.
What smell is it?
Shut up, assholes.
Where are we? lsn't this a mortuary?
If we can't find a single piece of evidence here,
nobody can leave.
Sure there's evidence here?
I don't know, idiot.
Lift it, idiot.
Hey, what are they doing?
They' re detectives from Kang, but don't they look fishy?
Call the police station.
What about the D. A. office?
Of course !
Okay, let's say this is Seoul.
The stab wound goes down to here, right?
Busan city. It's the Seoul-Busan railway.
Generally speaking, he's better at stabbing than slicing.
Now look at this.
This is Abrok river.
This stab means that...
Stop bullshiting.
When examining the bodies,
the stab wound. There's one, two. Well, a fucking lot.
The fatal wound that killed her is the stab in the left belly.
This is how, you moron !
That's not right.
Working as a knife expert for 20 years,
this part, Abrok river, is the critical stab that killed her.
That's my opinion.
Asshole, look at this.
The knife missed right by the main vein and artery. You dumb bastard.
No. Look at this.
If the wound is big enough for a baby to come out.
it hurst like crazy.
If you doubt me, want to see for yourself?
Don't touch the corpse like that, you idiot!
Stop! That's enough.
What's this?
It's a fingernail.
That's right.
This is a thumbnail.
If you're not experienced,
your nail breaks when you grab it backwards.
Your fingernail's broken.
Must have done it while cutting your nails.
Oh, right.
Seeing the nail was in the throat,
she swallowed it right before she died.
Why did she do something like that?
Dying was hard enough.
You' re the father. And your son stabbed you.
Then what will you do?'
Kill that son of a bitch !
Asshole, that's why you can't be a father.
Put the bodies back and go.
Wait... What about...
Hurry up. A ghost might come out.
Still have some unfinished business, Officer Kang?
You know I made a difficult decision today.
But you killed people, so I couldn't let you off easy.
Considering my mood,
I can help you get life sentence, you know.
What do you think?
Look, Officer Kang.
Because of your stupidity, nothing works,
so you seem to just bother me. You can get into trouble for that.
Knowing nothing and acting foolishly is dangerous.
Right, Officer Kang?
Oh really? You' re scary, Mr. Cho.
How's your finger by the way? You know what?
I found something on my way here. Want to see it?
What was that lady's name?
Anyway, some lady picked it up and swallowed it.
Shit, I must've lost it.
Damn it. Here it is!
What the hell is that?
It's magic, you asshole. Your fingernail.
Oh yeah, her name was Kim Young-soon !
This nail that her son left by mistake,
she swallowed it before she died.
Why do you think she did that?
That's the nature of parents.
Whether their bastard son kills or stabs them,
they want to hide his crime.
So what do you think?
You know, I didn't tell anybody yet.
It's not too late, so apologize for your crimes.
So, I see.
You didn't tell anybody yet.
Aren't you thankful, asshole? See you later.
What? So where did he go?
He probably went to look for Cho Gyu-hwan.
I wrote down the number on his scooter.
Tell me. Write it down. Seoul Joong Da 9413.
Where are you now?
Alright, wait there.
Got the number? Ask traffic headquarters for help,
and find Cho Gyu-hwan's whereabouts. Let's go.
I'm a really lucky guy.
For meeting a nice cop like Officer Kang.
You've got the worst fucking luck.
For meeting a good fucking cop like me. Know why?
If others knew about this, I can't kill you secretly.
Must be nice to be a good fucking cop.
You'll be buried in the national cemetery.
You know, I might be able to forgive you today.
So say you' re sorry for your crimes.
Fuck you, asshole.
Stop staring, asshole!
You fucking asshole!
Stand up,
you asshole!
So what?
If you needed help,
you should've sent a notice.
I said I sent it to you, asshole!
Let's suppose you did,
but why does a traffic cop work in homicide?
He's a detective, not a traffic cop, idiot.
Undercover. Know what undercover is?
And if you want to talk to me, send a notice first, asshole!
Give this back to Chul-joong.
Hello? One moment, sir. Captain, it's the D. A.
It's me. If you had fired him,
this would never happen, idiot.
- Who are you calling idiot, - What?
Seen episode 75 in ""Chief lnspector""?
You can go to jail if you shield the murderer.
You' re in deep shit, asshole.
Got it, you son of a bitch? Hello? Hello?
A public official doesn't answer the phone?
Bastard neglected his duties.
Get up and stop pretending, asshole.
Ever seen a traffic cop carry a loaded gun?
You fucking asshole.
Get up. I'm not done yet.
Get up, you asshole!
100 years for killing your parents.
100 years for killing an innocent person just for fun.
15 years for slashing an officer's face.
Total. 215 years. With the possession of narcotics,
the death sentence. You fucking asshole.
Must've made a lot of money.
Yeah, since a lot of bastards take less of my...
Cute. How much is it?
4,000 won.
4,000 won?
How much is it originally?
2,000 won.
Don't do this, please. Just take it.
Take it, you idiot.
Work as hard as you can.
Heaven helps those who help themselves.
Good-bye, sir!
What did you say, idiot? Call me detective!
Sorry. Good-bye, Detective Kang !
The world's getting better.
Excuse me, that man took this for free, right?
It's okay, so be honest.
I am. He paid 2,000 won for it.
September 23, 14:. 21 pm.
Kang Chul-joong, case file 257. He has gotten much better.
Is this bastard dead?
No way. He's just pretending.
Get up or I'll saw you to pieces!
You assholes parked your car in a no-parking zone again.
Who the hell are you?
A parking attendant?
Detective Kang of Kang district police.
Know what they call bastards like you in two words?
In two words? Loan broker. Right, asshole?
Public enemy.
I decided to call you assholes
public enemy from today.
Public enemy, you assholes.
Do as you fucking please.
Better behave. No money, I beat him.
Don't listen to me, I beat him.
His face upsets me, I beat him.
So there's about a stadium full
of guys who got beaten by me.
I'm in a good mood now.
So you' re lucky. So follow me quietly.
Fuck you.
Freeze, you asshole!
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Pietje Bell
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