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Pumping Iron (1977)

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Come back onto this leg. Weight on this leg.
Pull your weight back onto this.... Off that leg.
Onto this leg. Weight back, there you go.
Okay, just take with your arm.
You wanna slide forward...
and reach with your arm.
And slide back, step back.
-Arnold, do it behind me. -Reach back with your arm.
And forward.
l'll do this twice, and then l'll come and look at you and correct you.
And back. Now what you want is mobility.
So you want a pass-through position that will keep showing the body, right?
-So where are your arms? -Like this.
Start, l would think, with the focus up.
-Looking up? -Looking up.
That would help.... That'll make a nice....
lf your eye line goes up there....
-Right. -Yeah.
That's the idea.
What you have to realize.... Okay, take it a little bit slower.
What you have to realize is that people are watching you all the time.
They're not just watching you there and there.
Keep it up.
Gold's Gym, Venice, California...
where many of the best bodybuilders in the world come to train.
Jesus Christ!
-That's a sick guy. -You're back.
-How are you doing? -All right.
-Big Mac. -How are you?
-All right. -Good.
-How you doing? -You remember Joey?
How you doing?
-Paul. -l thought you'd forgotten all about me.
l thought you liked me as well. Thought you'd forgotten all about me.
-l'm sorry. -No, you're the greatest.
Big Tony, how you doing?
-This is for me? -Yeah.
-Kenny. -How you been? Just got back?
Can l sign up here? l want to start gaining some muscles.
Come on.
Pumped up, you know.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, 28 years old...
6'2'', 240 pounds.
Mr. Olympia for the past five years.
He is preparing to defend his title this year for the last time.
All Mr. Universes from the past five years or so...
get together in one contest to find out who is the best of all the Mr. Universes.
So they created the Mr. Olympia contest, which is then the top contest.
And whoever wins that is the top bodybuilder.
-And you are the top bodybuilder. -Right.
How long have you been the top?
l've not been beaten for the last seven years.
l won the Mr. Olympia contest five years now.
This is now the sixth year.
-They score on points? -Yeah, on points.
lt's like judging the body by muscularity, and by proportion...
symmetry, the whole thing.
Do you visualize yourself as a piece of sculpture?
Yeah, definitely.
Good bodybuilders have the same mind...
when it comes to sculpting, than a sculptor has.
lf you analyze it, you look in the mirror and you say:
''l need more deltoids, more shoulders,'' so you get the proportions right.
So what you do is you exercise...
and put those deltoids on.
Whereas an artist would just slap on some clay on each side.
Does it, maybe, the easier way. We go through a harder way...
because you have to do it on a human body.
l mean, obviously a lot of people look at you...
and they think it's kind of strange, what you're doing.
But those are the people who don't know much about it.
As soon as you find out what the whole thing is about...
then it's just like another thing.
lt's not any stranger as going into a car...
and trying to go in a quarter mile, five seconds.
l mean, that's, for me, strange.
The greatest feeling you can get in a gym...
or the most satisfying feeling you can get in a gym, is the pump.
Let's say you train your biceps.
Blood is rushing into your muscles, and that's what we call the pump.
Your muscles get a really tight feeling...
like your skin is going to explode any minute.
It's really tight, it's like somebody blowing air into your muscle.
It just blows up and it feels different. It feels fantastic.
It's as satisfying to me as coming is.
As having sex with a woman and coming.
So can you believe how much I'm in heaven?
l'm getting the feeling of coming in the gym. l'm getting the feeling of coming at home.
l'm getting the feeling of coming backstage when l pump up...
when l pose out in front of 5,000 people, l get the same feeling.
l'm coming day and night. l mean it's terrific, right?
So, you know, l'm in heaven.
All right, got to do that.
This girl maybe didn't have a kiss for years. l may as well give her a break.
Terminal Island, California...
a federal prison for men and women.
l wanna get me a kiss.
l heard about those guys in here.
Yeah, we got a few of them.
Come over here and l'll give you your kiss.
Yes, l got this pose.
He's got a beautiful body, man.
First time l ever seen somebody's arms 23 inches.
He's a big dude, all the way big dude.
I started reading about gaining weight and weightlifting in some magazines.
And I saw Arnold's picture.
And when I saw him from all those angles...
every angle those shots were taken from, he looked good.
And I said, ''That's the way I wanna look. ''
My father's real tall and l'm short, so at least...
if l can't get as tall as he is, l wanna be as wide as he was.
if l can't get as tall as he is, l wanna be as wide as he was.
Make one line. Try to make one line straight.
So you always remember that you have to have a line.
Yeah, see now there's your line.
And look where you point.
l like what you had in Ironman.
Yeah, that's good.
Again, raise up the hand.
Remember one thing, when you pose...
a lot of little guys have one habit.
And they hide away when they pose.
When they do an arm pose, they do like this.
The big guy will come right out with his arm.
Never do that, never hide away. Like right now, you did like this.
You know, show them. Show them the whole thing.
Make the move, open up the whole body.
Do the same thing again.
Yeah, great.
Look confident, yeah.
Yeah, do it!
Just pose slowly, good.
They'll go nuts.
Crowd's good tonight. ls it?
Close that arm more. Good.
Mike Katz.
31 years old, 6'1'', 240 pounds.
One of the top amateur bodybuilders in the world.
Mike lives in North Branford, Connecticut, and is a junior high school teacher.
Show them the back, turn around for the back.
Good girl.
How about a ''most muscular'' in the front, like this, Michelle?
Like this, hands down.
Michael, show her the most muscular. Good girl.
That's a girl.
-Can you do that? -l can do that one, dad.
All right, you do that one. Go ahead, one arm.
That's a boy, it's hard.
Feel this muscle, how hard that is, Michelle.
Feel up here, right here.
lsn't that hard? Yeah.
-Feel mine. -Feel yours?
She wants you to feel yours, don't jump on me now. Come on.
Feel yours.
-Nothing, no muscle. -Nothing? How about daddy's?
-Daddy got a big muscle? -Yeah.
Come on, Mike, ripped, come on get up, come on.
Come on.
Get up.
Come on, up.
I can remember back in my life...
when I would be picked on quite often. I'm sure every kid's gone through it.
But it just affected me more than, I think, it would affect other people.
''Hey, four eyes, hey, cross-eyes. ''
''You got rusty fenders on your bicycle. ''
''Your bike isn't as good as our bike. ''
''Hey, Jew boy. ''
Or, ''You're not Catholic, so you're no good. ''
I can remember times when kids would be going to dances...
and I would leave a dance, like, 1 1.:00 at night.
I'd leave a dance for no reason and say, ''I'll show them. ''
And go and run on a track for two or three hours.
Or go home and lift weights.
I got involved in all the peewee sports most kids play, hockey and so forth.
Then when I got into high school...
and I made all-state and all-American in football.
I was doing very well with the Jets until I got injured.
That was my biggest thing, to go on a football field and be so feared.
I wanted to be put in a cage and rolled out, like in a circus.
Big bars with chains and everything. And then just hope like hell...
that everybody would run off the field when they saw me coming.
Let's give him a big welcome, Mike Katz.
In every contest I ever won...
or ever lost, I always got the most applause...
and the people were most for me.
When I went to the Mr. Universe contest in '72...
and in '73 and in '7 4...
I knew, even though I didn't win the contest...
when I go to South Africa this year, I'm sure the same thing is gonna happen.
The crowd is gonna be for me.
The contests in South Africa, in Pretoria...
are the most important or prestigious amateur contests in the world...
the lFBB Mr. Universe contest...
which is amateur, open to amateur athletes.
Sort of along the guidelines of the Olympics.
And the other contest is a professional contest...
open to professionals, because there's money prizes involved...
and that's called the Mr. Olympia.
So l'll be competing in the Mr. Universe, since l am an amateur.
as l see it, from all of the people who l know who are gonna be there...
and the best in the world will be there...
l feel it's gonna be between me and Ken Waller...
for the overall championship.
l told you boys, l'm the quarterback.
l don't worry about Mike Katz, anyway. The only one guy l worry about is Robbie.
He's good, but he lacks too many things.
His arms aren't big enough to match his chest.
His thighs are too big for his calves.
He hits one pose.
ln that, he looks like a big spider.
What l'm gonna do when l get to Africa? l'm gonna take Katz's shirt and hide it.
l'm gonna take everything l can find of his and hide it.
Mess his mind up a little bit.
Gonna be according to countries in alphabetical order.
We need Australia. Will you get your clan together, please?
Baghdad, Bahamas.
Tall man calls Mike Katz, USA.
l don't think there's much doubt. Mike? All right.
Ken Waller, USA.
You didn't see a blue T-shirt around?
Paul, you see a blue T-shirt around with my crusher?
-Waller had it. -He had it?
-Yeah. -Where did he put it?
l don't know where he put it, Mike.
Number 89, from the United States of America...
Mike Katz.
It took me five years to win Mr. Connecticut.
It took me four years to win Mr. America.
This is my fifth year that I've been trying to win Mr. Universe.
I'm not a quitter.
It's like a dog. You can kick a dog so long and it will do two things.
It's either gonna roll over and die...
or it's gonna bite you and attack you.
And I'm the kind of person who's the type of a dog who would bite back.
I wasn't gonna roll over and quit.
19, 16, 1 7, 16, 1 7.
Next one, 18, 18, 17, 18, 18.
-83. -83? That can't be right.
It's a nine, yes.
17, 13, 16, 14, 1 1.
That's a four.
Yes, 13, 16, 14, 1 1.
-Total. -62.
Will the following gentlemen step forward?
They are the three finalists, not necessarily in order.
Ken Waller, USA.
Paul Grant, Wales.
Roger Walker, Australia.
And for your information...
the fourth-place winner was in fact Mike Katz.
Can you believe the tension with these fellas?
It's bad enough for you, how must it be for them?
So far, they made it, they made the big one.
They won the 1975...
IFBB Mr. Universe.
l wonder what time it is back in the States, do you know?
l've gotta call my wife.
-lt's about 5:00. -Good.
The kids ought to be playing, driving her crazy.
Third place in the tall man category...
IFBB, Mr. Universe...
from Wales, Paul Grant.
Second place...
from Australia, Roger Walker.
And the winner of the 1975 tall man category...
from the United States of America, Ken Waller.
Kenny won. Great.
How about that?
Boy, that's fantastic.
l can imagine how he must feel.
Probably like l did when l was 16 and won my first trophy.
ln its own way, it's probably just as satisfying.
l gotta go shake his hand, that's fantastic, great.
And get my T-shirt.
Suffice to say the other two gentlemen won their height categories...
made the finals...
and our overall winner for 1975, Ken Waller...
United States of America.
-Want another pose? -Yeah, just keep going.
Wait a second.
My parents in the beginning, when I started bodybuilding...
they didn't know really what it is...
until I introduced my father to bodybuilding...
and I took him to all the gymnasiums.
And he then started picking up weights, and making his arms strong and so on.
And then they started liking what l did.
Especially after l won the first international competition...
which was the first contest I ever entered...
the Junior Mr. Europe in Stuttgart, Germany.
So when I came home with my trophy, my parents were very proud of me...
and they said, ''My son, that's my son. ''
My father was a police chief in Austria...
in a town called Graz.
We had a very strict upbringing because of him being with the police force.
We had to be the perfect example.
We couldn't do anything bad.
And it was kind of an uptight feeling at home because of it.
I always felt like my place is America. And when I was 10 years old...
I only dreamed of coming to America and being the greatest.
And just being different than everybody else.
l never experienced anything like it.
-Open your legs wide, Arnold. -Open my--
Get a little more power.
-Open your legs a little more. -Little bit to the right.
Don't strain looking up at him.
Just put your face, just hug him, kind of sexy.
Crush it, Arnold.
Bend the exerciser.
l thought you were strong.
Put your legs behind his back a bit, could you?
Play with his hair a little.
Sandy, why don't you get down lower...
so that your head is down closer to the floor.
That's it, right.
Okay, here we go.
Good, hold.
-You drink skim milk, don't you? -No, l drink no milk.
-You don't drink any milk at all? -No milk.
Milk is for babies.
When you grow up, you have to drink beer.
I was always dreaming about very powerful people.
Dictators and things like that.
I was just always impressed by people who could...
be remembered for hundreds of years.
Even like Jesus, being for thousands of years remembered.
-l dreamt about Arnold last night. -Really?
l told him, ''Arnold, you're making a big mistake going to Africa.''
He says, ''Why do you say that, Mr. Ferrigno?''
l said, ''Louie is waiting for you, in the shadows.''
Lou Ferrigno, 24 years old, a former sheet metal worker.
Mr. America, and twice Mr. Universe.
He's turned professional this year, and is a contender for the Mr. Olympia title.
Lou lives with his parents in Brooklyn, New York.
At 6'5'' and 275 pounds...
Lou is the largest bodybuilder ever.
And he thinks he can take the title from Arnold this year.
So does his father, Matty...
who retired from the New York City Police Department to oversee Lou's training.
The first time Arnold came to America, I took Louie backstage.
And when Arnold went by us, I'll never forget...
I looked at Louie's face, and he just looked at Arnold with awe.
I thought God just passed us.
And I looked at Louie, I said, ''What do you think, Louie?''
And he looked at me, he said, ''Gee, Dad, he's big. ''
And I would say that from that moment on when he first saw Arnold...
he wanted to be Mr. Olympia.
It was in his eye, in his heart, and in his mind.
And it became part of his entire body.
-Right, let me complete a full rep. -Okay.
-One. -Right.
-Two. -Right.
-Okay, Dad. -Okay, come on.
Up, come on.
Make it harder. All right.
Come on.
All the way.
All right.
-That was easy. -Easy?
You do one.
Louie was only an infant in the crib, and he developed this ear infection.
We didn't know it at the time...
until Louie was about three years old, we found out that he was hard of hearing.
That's why he never took an interest in things...
other kids would take an interest in, like television.
He was late learning to speak and everything.
Louie would become a lip reader.
Louie was a real skinny kid.
He couldn't make the football team because he was too skinny.
Then he started to buy Muscle Magazine.
I remember I would take him to a bookstore...
and he would buy up all the old muscle books.
And he would read for hours. I remember...
2.:00, 3.:00 in the morning, I would find his light on...
and he would be reading the muscle books.
So Louie decided to do a little bodybuilding.
I had an old weightlifting set in the cellar. I used to do a little bit of it myself.
Never knowing at that time that someday...
Louie would be on the stage against Arnold, in Pretoria, South Africa.
You just keep after him.
Wherever he goes, you pose down with him, right next to him.
Let the judges make a comparison. You're 6'5''.
You'll be the biggest thing that ever went out on that platform, at 275 pounds.
They know that, and he knows it. This is for the big baby, Louie.
This is for all the marbles. And we're gonna go after it, right?
One year of training, all wrapped up in one night, Louie, remember that.
When you step out there, boy...
remember all those grueling nights and mornings in the gym.
And this is it, this is the reward. And we want it.
We want it so bad that we can taste it.
Remember that when we're on that stage.
We gotta get so excited, when we're there we have only one thought in mind.
That's the Olympia, we'll win.
-How long is Arnold sleeping? -He's been here for a couple days now.
Yeah, a couple days?
The reason why l woke you up was because...
l am gonna go to New York tonight. l did wanna say goodbye.
And l'm gonna see Ferrigno there.
We're gonna train for two, three weeks. And everything...
that l learned from you...
that you stole from me, l'm gonna give him.
l figure the combination's gonna be very hard to beat, Arnold, very hard.
l'll see you when you get back.
What should l tell Louie when l get to New York?
l mean, l am gonna train with him for a few days.
Tell Louie...
-that l said hi. -Yeah?
Say to his father that l said hi.
And l'm looking forward to seeing him in South Africa.
-Okay? -All right.
ln other words, you want me to be very nice.
-Be very nice to him. -Okay.
Because he needs a lot of help.
-See, the king of the hill can only go down. -That's right.
-The king of the hill can only go down. -Or stay up.
-Or stay on that hill. -Right.
That's the other possibility.
But the wolf on the hill--
The wolf on the hill, right...
is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill.
That's true, he's not as hungry. But when he wants the food, it's there.
Biceps, the back, trapezius another thing.
Also, in fact, this evening l'm gonna jog about a mile and a half, two miles.
l think that's a good idea.
-You think we need more weight, Hank? -Couple more pounds.
All right, good.
Here, we got 10 right here.
Come on, let's do 10 good reps, Lou.
10 good reps, come on.
-Come on, Lou. -Come on, Louie.
Come on!
-No more. -Come on, more!
Good boy. Come on.
-All right, good boy. -That's the boy, Lou.
Not enough.
One more, same weight, Hank?
-l'm not satisfied. l'll put more weight. -Let's go.
l wanna beat him!
l need 10 pounds.
-10 pounds on each side? -Yeah.
-How many, Hank? -Come on, l wanna see ten.
-Ten! -You're gonna do them, too.
-You're gonna wipe 'em out! -l'll do it.
Come on, Lou, push. Drive 'em up.
That's it, man.
You're gonna do it, come on.
Seven. Goddamn, eight.
Come on, nine.
Suppose you get laid last night. Keep going, ten. Come on.
Force them out, there's eleven.
Come on, Arnold.
Seven. Come on now. One.
Yeah. Two.
Three. Come on.
-Five. -Harder!
-Come on, you can do it now. -l can't concentrate with girls pushing.
All right, that's it, no more.
-Here's a present. -What, are you crazy?
-Here, come on. -God.
Make those arms grow, man.
Stick them out, stick it out, Louie.
Come on, get it up.
You do the work.
Come on!
Okay, take it.
Oh, my God.
-Good boy. -Nice training.
Good boy.
Boy, what a workout.
Too hot.
-How do you feel, Lou? -Pretty good.
Don't ever feel sorry for yourself.
Remember, if you're training hard, he may be training twice as hard.
You just gotta keep coming back stronger.
All the way, Louie, you'll never get this chance again.
All the way.
Look like a road map back here with fingers all over it.
Yeah, that's getting closer.
Two more.
Four. Keep going.
Five. Keep going.
Come on.
Let's get serious.
Two more.
Two more, no matter what.
One more, Eddie. Flex when you come up.
That's good.
The body that isn't used to maybe the ninth, tenth...
eleventh, and twelfth rep with a certain weight.
So that makes the body grow, then. Going through this pain barrier.
Experiencing pain in your muscles and aching...
and just go on and go on.
And this last two or three or four repetitions...
that's what makes the muscle then grow.
And that divides one from a champion and one from not being a champion.
lf you can go through this pain barrier, you may get to be a champion.
lf you can't go through, forget it.
And that's what most people lack, is having the guts.
The guts to go in and just say, ''l'll go through and l don't care what happens.''
lt aches, and if l fall down.... l have no fear of fainting in a gym...
because l know it could happen.
l threw up many times while l was working out.
But it doesn't matter, because it's all worth it.
Franco Colombu.
The premier bodybuilder in the world under 200 pounds.
Five times a contender for the Mr. Olympia title...
he plans to win it this year from Arnold.
Once the featherweight boxing champion of Italy...
Franco comes from a small village in Sardinia.
Here, when you want to say, ''Where are you going?''
Somebody says, ''Go to hell'' when they get upset.
There they say, ''Go to California.''
lt's like a place where you never get there.
And then finally l came to California, really.
And now when l go back there and they ask me, ''Where you live?''
l say, ''ln California.''
They're not sure if l mean it or if l'm joking.
When I first started doing sports...
my mother used to scream at me.
She used to say, ''You don't want to work.
''You're just trying to punch people...
''trying to make a living without working. '' And she was very much against that.
But right now, after everything went so good...
and I won in sports and I made money...
they are very proud about that.
I'm the strongest bodybuilder that ever lived, I think.
Ladies and gentlemen...
the strongest man in the world is blowing up a hot-water bottle.
That takes 600 pounds of pressure.
lt's gonna pop.
-Okay, Franco. -Lazy bastards.
l missed it.
I met Arnold in Germany.
He came to United States, I came to United States, also.
We went through many things together.
And now, I will be competing in the Mr. Olympia with Arnold.
Of course, I think I'm gonna win.
I have more definition...
and I'm more muscular.
But Arnold's taller than me, and that can be one advantage for him.
l think l can show the best out there.
The only problem now is matter of the judges' opinion, too.
You never really know what's going to happen.
Okay, Louie.
No, listen.
When you come out here and you're out here....
Right? They're all waiting for you, Louie.
They wanna see what you got, they've never seen you before.
You tense your legs, right?
Then you look at the crowd.
They're all looking at you. Flashbulbs going off and all.
Then you put your arms like this.
You look at your arms like you're admiring, right?
You're admiring what you're gonna show them. And then you go....
Boom! Like you're saying:
''Take a look at this hunk of man.''
Something like that. You try it now.
Look up, that's right.
That's it. No, down here, Louie.
l told you, look at your arms down here.
Look at both arms.
-Both arms? -Right.
That's it.
Atta boy.
Now hold that pose.
Because remember, your arms are bigger than Arnold's.
They wanna see them, right?
They have never seen your arms. They've seen Arnold's.
So hold that pose a while.
And l say, this pose, just tilt your body a little...
because people on this side of the theater...
and people on this side wanna see you.
So tilt your body just slightly like this. Try that, Lou.
Atta boy.
You have to do everything possible to win. You know, no matter what.
The day of the contest, if he comes in his best shape...
and he's equally as good as l am...
or if, let's say, he's a few percent better than l am...
l spend with him one night.
l go downstairs and book us together in a room...
to help him for tomorrow's contest.
that night...
he will never forget.
l will mix him up.
He will come so ready to South Africa, so strong.
But by the time the night is over, the next morning...
he will be ready to lose.
l mean l will just talk him into that, it's no problem to do.
So, all those things are available.
And if they're available, you might as well use them.
So it doesn't matter if he comes in shape, or out of shape.
lf he comes out of shape, at least it's less hassle for me.
And if he's in shape....
Fine, l hope he is.
But you couldn't pull this with Franco. Franco's pretty smart.
Franco is pretty smart, but Franco is a child.
When it comes to the day of the contest, l'm his father.
He comes to me for advices.
So, it's not that hard for me to give him...
the wrong advices.
Pretoria, South Africa.
Probably in an hour or two, we have a chance to see our room.
10 minutes.
l promise.
Can l just ask you one question? The usual we ask.
What must your...
special woman look like?
lt really doesn't matter.
l like them with black hair, with brown hair, with red hair.
With big breasts, with little breasts, with big ass, with a little ass.
lf the personality is great and if they're charming....
Wonderful, nothing to do, just lay out in the sunshine.
Can't wait to get into the sun. Look at that sun out there.
We ordered it for you.
Watch out now, Lou.
-This is good. -Get ready.
Holy cow.
He likes the oil.
Hold it up, that a boy, Lou. Tense your muscles, Louie.
Pull in your stomach.
Sometimes when people ask you advice...
if you think that they're being arrogant, or misusing the sport of bodybuilding...
you give them kind of pranksterish advice.
And that's once happened in a Mr. Munich contest, l believe.
l think it was eight years ago...
when some fella came to me in the gym and said:
''l want to win Mr. Munich. l am a perfect poser...
''and l have a fantastic body.
''And l just want to learn a new posing routine, a new style.
''Something way out which nobody expects.''
So l said, ''Let me see your posing routine you have right now.''
When the guy took his clothes off and posed for me...
he looked like nothing, number one, and his posing was bad.
So l mean, he was just.... l think he was crazy.
So l thought, okay, if he thinks that he's the best poser...
l'm gonna pull a little trick on him. And so that's what l did.
l said, ''Listen, l have a new posing routine from America.
''l'm in correspondence with all the top athletes in America.'' And so on.
And l told him that the new thing is...
that he has to scream while he's posing.
And he looked at me and he says...
''That's a new idea. That will really come out impressive.
''When you go out on stage and scream, people can't miss you.
''They'll all look at you screaming, that's it.''
So l taught him how to scream.
First of all, l oiled him up.
His body, with really heavy oil and everything.
We're standing there in the shower room.
And l taught him how to do it.
The higher your arms go up, the higher you make a screaming noise.
And the lower your arms come down, the lower the noise.
This kind of a thing.
l practiced with him for around two hours.
Spent a lot of time on developing his new posing routine.
And he mastered it very well.
He was screaming really loud and high and low.
And he went to the Mr. Munich contest.
l told him when he walks out, he has to scream loud, run out.
And so he did.
And obviously people weren't ready for that at all.
And so, he went out there, screamed loud.
Went through three or four poses with loud screaming.
They carried him off the stage and threw him out.
They thought the guy was totally nuts.
l'm shaking, really.
But when l get there, l think l'll forget about it.
-Forget about it? -Yeah.
When l get there, l'm even more nervous.
l'm not nervous at all.
Thank you.
Jesus Christ.
-Take it easy. -What can l say?
You guys are psyching me out here early in the morning.
-The only way to do it. -Lay down in the bus in the back.
Hey, Lou. ls this the master plan here this morning?
Right, be on guard.
l'm here now for six days and nobody invited me for breakfast.
This morning they say, ''Come for breakfast with us, Arnold, have a nice breakfast.''
He's talking about pumping up. He's talking about psyching me out.
She's talking about my mother.
You're the king of kings, Arnold.
Shit. He's rubbing it in.
How are you doing, Lou?
-How you doing? -Good.
Look kind of worried today.
Just a little tired, gotta wake up.
-They don't come nicer than you, Arnold. -l'm a nice guy.
l wouldn't turn my back on you, Arnold, within 500 yards.
You don't trust me, why's that?
They should have the Olympia early on so we could relax, enjoy the country.
They should have it in a month for him. He isn't even in shape yet.
He didn't get the timing right, l'm telling you.
A month from now would have been perfect for you.
But then l'd get bigger, too, again...
so doesn't matter, what the hell. Let's get it over with.
And if you retire this year, you just never had the Olympia.
But you had twice the Universe, what the hell.
That's not too bad, either.
You could go on and win the next five years.
lt's amazing. Can you imagine the feeling l have? Six times Mr. Olympia.
l told you, you've found the fountain of youth.
You could go on forever.
-lt blows my mind when l think about it. -People are so tired--
l called my mother yesterday already and l said, ''l won.''
She says, ''Congratulations, Arnold.''
Anyway, listen, guys, why don't we go?
You go and help him pump up.
Calm him down, help him. Okay? Don't screw him up this time.
l don't want you in our pumping room.
Final attention, you all understand our strict code and rule.
No talking whilst adjudicating.
And that also means, photographers, please do not speak to the judges.
l'll simply will have to remove....
Most of the judging at an international competition takes place during the day...
before the crowds and distractions of the nighttime show.
This is called the prejudging.
Double biceps, rear.
The judges look for three things.:
symmetry, proportion and the size and clarity of each muscle group.
Olympia contestants are judged in two classes.
Those over 200 pounds and those under.
At night, the two class winners will pose off for the overall title.
Each class poses first as a group, for comparison judging.
Then they come on one at a time to perform the six compulsory poses...
that show every part of the body.
He's so crazy.
What a monster.
Oh, my God.
These guys are like animals, man.
l can't believe it. Look at this one now.
See, this is the hard part right here, look at that.
And your lats from the rear.
What's he got? Let's see.
You can call him ''the bat'' from now on.
-''Franco the bat.'' -He could fly with that.
Finish with the left side chest...
and your optional routine.
Nice shot, goddamn it.
That guy.... lt gives you chills when you watch that guy.
l know. lsn't it unbelievable?
Ed Corney, a 44-year-old nightclub owner originally from Hawaii.
He is Franco's chief competition in the under-200-pound class.
Can you believe that?
l mean, that's what l call posing.
Okay, turn to your right, Serge, face that way.
Turn right on. Look straight ahead.
That's it. That's the position we want.
An unexpected entry in the tall class of the Olympia contest.
Serge Nubret, 4 1 years old.
Six feet, 200 pounds.
Mr. France, and a movie and television star in Europe.
Don't lean back too much, you get wrinkles in the back.
-Don't go back too much. -All right.
Okay, thank you.
Your back was out of sight.
Your back, fantastic.
Do l need more arm?
Louie, you should've did this one for your arms.
They called it. l didn't wanna look small.
You mean this one?
No. You're wrong.
-Okay. -Look, looks like nothing.
The arms are important. You've got arms, and he's got spaghetti arms, Louie.
I don't have any weak points.
I had weak points a few years ago.
But my main thing in mind is....
My goal always was to even out everything...
to the point that everything is perfect.
Which means if I want to increase one muscle a half inch...
the rest of the body has to increase.
I would never just make one muscle increase or decrease.
Because everything fits together now.
And all I have to do now is get my posing routine down more perfect...
which is almost impossible to do.
It's perfect already.
Yeah, it's down to a point.
Wait when you see it.
Thank you, Arnold.
lf you want to be a champion...
you cannot have any kind of an outside negative force coming in and affect you.
Let's say before a contest, if l get emotionally involved with a girl...
that can have a negative effect on my mind...
and therefore destroy my workout. So l have to cut my emotions off...
and be kind of cold, in a way, before a competition.
That's what you do with the rest of the things.
lf somebody steals my car outside of my door right now...
l don't care. l can't be bothered with that.
l would only have my secretary call the insurance agency and laugh about it.
Because l cannot be bothered with it. l trained myself for that.
To be totally cold and not have things go into my mind.
And it was, in a way, a sad story...
when my father died.
Because my mother called me on the phone, and she said:
''Your dad died.''
And this was exactly two months before a contest.
She says, ''You come home to the funeral?'' l said, ''No.
''lt's too late, he's dead, there's nothing to be done.
''And l'm sorry, l can't come.''
And l didn't explain to her really the reasons why.
l had other excuses to her, because how do you explain a mother...
whose husband died, you know, your trip?
l didn't bother with it.
And that actually caused one of the greatest conflicts...
with my girlfriend. Because she just looked at me and said:
''lt doesn't bother you?
''l mean, your father died.''
l never talk about it again.
The finals of the Mr. Olympia contest.
First to be judged is the under-200-pound class.
He said 20 minutes from now, right?
-Take your time, you got all the time. -Yeah.
Second place in the under-200-pound category...
from the United States of America...
Ed Corney!
And the winner...
of the 1975 Mr. Olympia, under 200 pounds...
from the United States of America, via Italy...
Franco Columbu!
What did you say, Louie?
-What did you say? -l'm training, Arnold.
-Gotta get a good pump. -You make too much noise.
Supposed to be very quiet here, like in a church.
Tell him.
-l can take you. -Keep looking.
-Thanks a lot. -You've got a better neck.
l know.
-l watch you. -l watch you, too.
There's a barbell above my head, l better watch it here.
We don't want no accidents here.
What symmetry you've got. You look like something Michelangelo cut out.
More oil, more. That's not good oil.
-Lou, relax. -Would you?
-Tell them that we're ready. -We are ready.
And now we come to the heavyweights...
over 200 pounds.
We have three contestants.
From the United States of America...
Lou Ferrigno!
From France, Serge Nubret.
From the United States via Austria...
the one and only, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Now we'll call on all three contestants...
Lou Ferrigno, Serge Nubret, and Arnold Schwarzenegger...
for a pose-down for the final decision from the judges.
Louie goes through his posing, and you watch every pose.
You sort of help him out, easy now.
Each pose he goes through, you're living it with him.
I mean, you just have to try to understand what I'm trying to tell you.
That you're actually out there with your son...
because you trained with him and you're posing with him.
The only thing you're not doing with him...
you're not getting the reward of the applause.
He's the one that's getting that, and he deserves it.
And you just hope the audience gives him more.
You wanna shout out, ''It's my son out there!
''Give him just a few more handshakes, a few more applause. ''
And you just hope that he's the winner, that's all.
Third place, from United States of America...
Lou Ferrigno!
Second place, from France, Serge Nubret.
And the winner...
the one and only, Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Ladies and gentlemen, the two body-weight winners...
Franco and Arnold.
Come on, Franco, give him hell.
-This little guy he's talking about. -Where is he?
Turn around.
Let's go.
The winner of the 1975...
overall Mr. Olympia...
the one and only, the greatest...
Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Louie, you're a baby, Lou. These guys are all veterans.
You're just growing. This takes years and years.
ln two years, Louie, they'll have never seen anything like you.
They'll think you were carved out of stone.
Just gives you the motivation to train harder.
Your day will come, Louie.
Someday you'll have a back, Louie, nobody ever seen.
So it's no more, because it was my last year of competition.
l would like to announce officially l'm retiring from bodybuilding competition.
l would like to thank you all for supporting me.
l would like to thank the judges.
Bodybuilding has been a beautiful experience for me.
And l will continue it for the rest of my life.
l only stop competing, but l'm not stopping bodybuilding.
lt's the greatest sport. Thank you.
l want to have everybody sing Happy Birthday to Lou...
because it's Lou's birthday today.
lt's Lou's birthday today, too.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Louie
Happy birthday to you
All right!
l have nothing to say, l just wanna eat my cake.
l'm gonna come over and have a nice meal over at your house.
-Some good cheesecake. -You're gonna come over?
Yeah, l will, when l come back from Austria, l'm gonna call you.
And she's gonna fix her nice spaghettis, meatballs...
cheesecake, apple strudel, the whole business.
Yeah, she says she's gonna bulk me up to 280 pounds.
And then she's gonna fix me up with your sister.
l'll talk to him later on.
Louie, he moved over for you, Louie.
Let's put him out, Louie.
Big Louie.
Now stay tuned for Raw lron...
The Making of Pumping lron...
with never-before-seen outtakes...
coming up next.
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