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Punch-Drunk Love

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This subtitle has been brought to you by|--- MOBUTU ---
Yes, I'm still on hold.|And, what is this?
I'm looking at your advertisement|for the airline promotioning giveaway.
Ah, the promotion ...
Yeah, it's hard to understand|because it's says in addition to ...
... but I can't exactly understand|in addition to what ...
... because there's actually nothing to add to.
I think that's typo than.
Ok, so just to clarify, I'm sorry
10 purchases of any of your|Healthy Choice products ...
... equals 500 miles, and with the coupon ...
... the same purchases would value 1000 miles?|That's it!
Well, do you realize that the monetary|value of this promotion and the price ...
... it is potentially worth more than the purchases?
... I don't know.
Could I call you back?
Could I ask your extension|and your name possibly?
Its extension 215 and the name is Carter.|Carter.
Thank you very much Carter.|All right. Bye-bye.
I'm not sure what that mean.|Is it break or something? What is it? Plastic?
It's aaa ... plastic, yeah.|But that kind of breaking shouldn't be a problem.
All right. Let me call you first thing tomorrow|and I'm gonna run the numbers ...
... see what is it and then I call you back.|Ok ... you have my home phone number, right?
What's that for?|If you wanted to call me ...
No, that's fine.|I have your work number.
Ok. Because of the time difference ...
... if you need to reach me or ...|No, its fine. I'll call you at the office.
Ok. All right. Bye-bye.|Ok, bye.
Do you work at the mechanic?
They're not open yet.|They don't get open until 8'a'clock.
Is it ok for me if I leave my car, you think?
I donít know ... don't know.
I thought they open at seven.
If I left my car, would it be Ok?
I don't know ...
Do you know them?|Not very well.
Can I ask you ... can I trust|to live my key with you, give it to you ...
... so when they get here|you could give it to them?
...ok ... sure.
I think it's OK where I left it, right there.
Yeah, itíll be fine ...|I can watch it.
Thanks a lot.|... keep an eye on it.
There's a piano on the street.
Ok, maybe I'll see you later,|thank you for your help.
Thank you. Maybe I'll see|you later when I pick up my car.
Good morning Barry.
You're OK?|Yes!
Why are you wearing a suit?
I bought one ... I thought it will|be nice to get dressed for work ...
... and I'm not exactly sure why ...
May I please show you something?|Sure.
What's this?
I believe this is a small piano.
Is not a piano.|I got a piano at home.
Oh!|Where did you get it?
It was dropped on the street.
And why it is here?
I don't know!
We do back our fungers 100% and we do|ask for a 30 to 60 days display on the floor ...
Barry, your sister's on line one!
Barry, your sister's on line one!
I don't think they'll be out that long.
I can almost guarantee you that,|but let me just get that, is my sister.
This is Barry. Hey, it's me, it's Rhonda,|are you going to that damn party tonight?
Oh, hi Rhonda, yes I am.
All right, fine, bye.|Bye-bye, I see you tonight.
Sorry about that.
I just want to tell you fellas|that we just receive ...
... a very large order from|the Rio hotel and casino in Las Vegas ...
... We will be supplying each and|every one of their bathrooms ...
with the dice and money fungers,|so these papers are really flying.
With the arch'o'blast ...|Barry, your sister's on line 2!
Barry your sister's on line two!
With the arch'o'blast, the little zippers,|the way'o's and the speedboats, ...
... we ask for the display|to be at high level for the recharger ...
Barry!|Let me just get that!
This is Barry.|Hey, it's me, what're you doing?
Hi, I have some customers here,|I can't really chat right now.
Chat?|Did you just say chat?
Yes, I can't talk ...|You just fucking said chat ...
... that's so ... what do you know?| ... chat?
I'm just calling to make sure that you|show up at this party tonight ...
Oh yes, I will be there.
Ok, fine. Than you get to go back at chatty|with your precious customers,|you fucking phony chatty piece of shit!
Ok. Bye. Thank you.
Sorry about that!
I didn't know, you have a sister?|Yes, I do.
Wanted to tell you guys about the new fungers ...
We've been working on this and we|have a non-breakable handle finally!
Let me demonstrate for you ...
Ok, this was one of the old ones, so I'm ...|We have a new one around here?
Sorry about that.
It's a little embarrassing.
Aaa ... this is ...|Barry your sister's on line 1!
So how many sisters do you have?
I have 7.|Yes.
They call me because they're having|a party tonight, so they just calling me ...
... 2 more minutes, OK?
This is Barry.|Hey, how do you do?
Hi Kathleen. I'm just working.|You're going to the party tonight?
Yes, I am.|What are you doing?
I'm ... just working.|Yeah, but what are you doing?
I'm ... talking on the phone to you,|I'm standing ...
What time you're going to be there?|7.
You can't be late!|I won't!
I'm serious.|I won't.
Seriously!|I know.
You can't be late!|I know.
Seriously!|You can't just stay in your house!
Yeah, but I'm serious!
See you there!|See you there.
Don't push out!|Yeah.
Is that car gonna be OK?|It's fine. Thanks.
Barry. It's your sister.
Hi! How are you?|How do you do Elizabeth?
How's going?|It's going great!
Just stop by to say hello!|Terrific!
So, you're going tonight, right?|Yes, I'll be there! Cool!
You're going? Yes I am. Actually, I came by|to talk to you about something in particular.
There's this girl, this friend of mine from work,|who I think is really cute and really cool.
And I want you to meet her so I was thinking|about bringing her to the party tonight.
Yeah!|I don't wanna do that!
Why?|I just ... I don't do stuff like that!
No, you don't really do anything!
She'd be looking at me!
So? What's wrong with looking at you?|It's a free country!
It feels like I would be a little tense|and I don't think I'll act like myself.
Well ... that's kind of your fault!
It's a slight chance|I'm not even coming tonight!
Oh! Really?
Everyone said you were coming!|Didn't you tell everyone you were coming?
Yes, I renew my gym membership.
Oh, right! Oh, god, well ...|that's solve everything actually.
If you're not gonna come tonight|I can just bring her.
It's not a big deal.
Well, you'll be fine!|Great!
Please don't!
Just try to be your friend Barry.|Hope you can make it!
He's not gonna come ...|Hey Barry! Hi! Hi!
We're just talking about you. All right.|Remember we used to call you gayboy,|you get all mad.
What's that?|We used to call you gayboy, remember ...
... you'd be fine and then we|call you gayboy you just freak out!
We were calling you gay and you got so mad|you threw the hammer through the door.
You remember?|I don't remember that!
Yes you do!|We're calling you gayboy and you got so mad.
Are you gay now?
I don't know.
I don't know.|We were trying to figure out why did|you have the hammer in the first place!
Why are you wearing that suit?|I don't know.
Are you using that dandruff|shampoo I bought you?
Barry! Barry! Barry!|Why did you have the hammer?
Why did I have the hammer?
He was building a doghouse.
Ok!|Happy Birthday!
A cake! We have a cake!|You got a cake ...
Hey! I was just thinking about you.|Glad you could make it.
Chatty! Hi Mr. chatty!|You have rice in your hair!
Did you say hello to your brother?
Hey, Barry, how're you doing?|How're you doing, 'pal!
Hey, Barry!
Uh, I'm sorry!|How's a going?
How's work?|Business is very food, thank you.
What's very food?|What's that?
You just said: very food.
Oh, I'm sorry, I meant|to say very good.
Maybe you said food|'cause you're hungry.
That makes sense!
Where's your friend?
No! You're off the hook Barry!|She couldn't make it!
Thank you!
You're nervous? No.
Did you get your gym membership?|Tommorrow.
What the fuck is your problem?|You fucking retard, Barry!
I'm sorry ... about that.|I'm sorry about what I did.
It's all right.
I wanted to ask you something|because you're a doctor and ...
I don't like myself sometimes.
Can you help me?
Barry, I'm a dentist, I ...
What kind of help|do you think I can give you?
I know. I ... maybe|you know other doctors.
Like a psychiatrist?
I just don't have anybody else|I can talk to about things and ...
... I understand it's|confidential with the doctor ...
And I just ...|I don't want my sisters to know, Ok?
I can trust you about this?
Barry, if itís about getting you a phone|number for a psychiatrist I can do that.
It's not a problem, but ...
... what exactly it's wrong?
I don't know if there is anything wrong|because I don't know how other people are.
I ... sometimes cry a lot.
For no reason.
1.79 USD.
What am I looking for?
What am I looking for?
Tell me!|Talk to me!
Talk to me!|Talk to me!
Hi, this is Janet, the operator.|Who's this?
Hi, how're you doing?
Can I have your credit card number|followed by the expiration date?
Aaaa ... how much is this anyway?
It's 2.99 per minute|for the first half hour ...
... and 1.99 per minute after that.
Ok ... and it's confidential?
What do you mean?
The informations I give you|it's private, confidential?
Of course, yeah.|Would you like to talk to a girl?
I can connect you with a|beautiful girl if I can just have ...
... your credit card number|followed by the expiration date.
Sure. 5102171781186554|Expiration 0504
And your billing address?|And the name as it appear on the card.
1204 Mallpark,|Sherman-Aux, California
Apartment 4, 91403 zip code.
And your name?|Barry Egan.
And your social security number?|What for?
It's just a verification thru|the credit card company.
And this is confidential?
It's just for us to verify your|credit card information ...
... and it's completely confidential and it|appears on your credit card as ................
Very good.
91 ... I'm soryy|917655012
OK! So hang on Barry all right?|Thank you very much.
We're all set! Can I have the telephone number,|area code first and then we'll call you back?
Could you possibly just|connect me to one of the girls?
Well, it's a call back service|so we'll call you back.
OK ... I just was calling to speak with|one of the girls, I thought that's how it works ...
... I'm 8187753993
OK. And what kind of girl|would you like to talk to?
I don't want anybody to know it's me|and I don't want'em to know my name OK?
Nobody will know your name!|OK, if you could tell my name is Jack.
You want her to call you Jack?
Sure ... I just don't want her to know it's me.
OK, that's fine Jack.|Thank you. I'm sorry.
No problem!|So we'll call you right back, OK?
Hello, this is Back.|I'm calling for Jack.
How are you doing?
Hi, how are you doing?|This is Jack!
This is Georgia.|Hi!
Hi, what are you doing tonight?
Nothing. What are you doing?|I am laying on my bed.
Where are you?|I'm in my bedroom.
No, I mean what state,|what city are you in?
I'm in California.
Me too, I'm in California.|I know you are baby, I'm in Los Angeles.
I'm in Los Angeles too.
Well, well, well maybe we hook|up sometime, what do you think?
Are you watching a porno movie Jack?|No I'm not Georgia.
Do you like porno movies?|Sure.
Yeah?|So Jack are you stroking it?
No.|What are you doing now?
I'm talking to you.|With your pants off?
No, my pants are on.
I'm only wearing a t-shirt and panties.
Really?|Yeah, really!
And I'm looking at my|shaved pussy in the mirror.
Do you wanna know what I look like?|It doesn't matter.
What do you mean|it doesn't matter?
Well, I have no way of|finding out so it doesn't matter.
I'm not lying to you Jack.|I'm about 5 foot height, 34-28-34 ...
My friends say I'm gorgeus.|Really? Yeah, really!
What about you?|It doesn't matter.
Yes, it does!
You're married, aren't you?
No. No?|You have a girlfriend? Yes.
Oh! Where is she?|She ... went out uptown.
Oh, good, I like that!
I'm so horny Jack!|What about you?
Sure! Do you like peaches Jack?|They're OK.
Well, you'll like me even better|'cause I'm a Georgia peach.
Are you jerking off, aren't you Jack?|No, I'm not.
Well ... do you ever?
Sometimes ... yes, when I'm lonely.
Well, you're not to be lonely|anymore 'cause you got me now.
It's not very nice and very ... personable.
Personable ... thank you baby.
So what do you do Barry?
I work, I have my own business,|I work hard at doing my business.
Are you good in your business?|Yes. Yeah?
So do you do really well?|Do you make tons of money?
I'm doing pretty good|I think as a start.
I wish I was making more,|doing a little bit better ...
... but I can't get over a certain point,|however I'll crack something ...
... very soon I think|and really do better.
I like to diversify.|But I'm doing great I think as a start.
Are you stroking it baby?|No I'm not.
Is your cock hard?|I don't know what it's doing right now.
Why don't you take|your clothes off Jack.
And I wanna picture you laid|down with me next to you.
And I want you|to stroke your cock, OK?
OK? I'm so horny Barry ...
This is Barry? Hey, what do|you do and how are you?
I'm fine, nothing and how are you?|It's me, it's Georgia.
How's a going? Good morning!
It's OK that I'm calling, right?|Sure.
I just wanted to call and talk to|you and thank you for last night.
And ... to say hello.|Well ... thank you!
I'm so tired, I went to bed|so late last night.
What about you?|When did you go to sleep?
Not very late.
Well, are you going to work now?|Yes.
Can I ask you a question?|Sure!
Remember last night when we were|talking, I was telling you about my|apartment and my rent, remember?
This is so weird and|really embarrassing for me.
I was wandering if maybe you can|help me out with some money.
Me? Yeah!
Aaa ... yes ... no.|I'm sorry I can't afford that.
But you don't know how much it is!|How much is it?
Like 750 USD.
Yeah ... No no ...|I can't afford that.
I'm sorry ... sorry!|Seriously?
You're having trouble,|financial trouble?
It's so hard these days and|... yeah I really need it.
Yeah ... I just don't have enough|money to be able to do that, I'm sorry.
I thought you said you're had your own business!|You said you're gonna diversify and all that stuff.
So you think you can?
I'm sorry!
Maybe I should call back|and talk to your girlfriend?
Maybe it would be better to|ask her for the money.
Could be really easy, you know Barry|I have all your information ...
I have your credit card information ...|I say no, thank you.
Good morning Barry.|Good morning.
Hey, what's with all this|pudding, what is this?
Oh. that's part of a pretty amazing|airline promotional giveaway.
It's really tremendous. I'm gonna start|a collection of puddings and coupons
that could be redeem for free flyer miles|to Healthy Choice at American Airlines.
You're going on a trip?|No, I'm not but ...
... they're just like a currency these days.
You should go on a trip!|Yeah, no thank you.
So, what you want me do with it?|Well, you just leave it there for now.
Thank you very much,|I'm doing well, my name is Barry Egan.
I have a little problem with my MasterCard.
I ... lost it|and I found it again
and I'm afraid in my|losting and finding I ...
somebody might have used my card or ...|OK. What's the account number?
Ok. I did punch that in|earlier, I'm sorry.
I just ... |I'm nervous about the whole situation
I just wanna make sure that no one|spent any money so far ... I don't|have money to burn.
OK. I'm clean for now?|Yes. Everything is fine.
I'm sorry. That's OK.|What's your name?
My name is Simone.|Nice to meet you.
Ok. So I'm gonna go and cut it out.|Ok. That's fine. I'll cut up my card and
... and get a new one going, right?|Yes you will. Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
He is wearing that god damn suit again|I don't know why is he wearing that suit
He hasn't usually dress like that.|That's fine.
Hey, what are you doing?|Why are you wearing that suit again?
I don't know. Hi. Hi!|Remember me? I left my car yesterday.|Yes I do!
This is Lena Leonard, she's a good friend|of mine from work. We were in the
neighborhood and she had to pick up her car|and we're getting breakfast before we go in
so did you wanna go? We're|gonna go eat. Let's go!
Yeah, I can't. Why? I have|to work, I have to stay here.
Seriously? We will going to eat I said.|I'm sorry. It's OK, that's all right.
What is that? Are you|learning to play the piano?
That's not a piano. Lance! Yeah?|Remember we have to call that guy in Toledo!
Which guy?|I tell you later!
You don't wanna come eat with us?|Barry, a call for you on line 2!
What's all that pudding?
No ... I'm gonna talk to ...|One second! Let me just get this!
What's that pudding Barry?
This is Barry!|Hey baby I guess we got disconnected before.
We got disconect?|How did you get this number?
You're calling me at work?|You cancelled your credit card ...
I need you not to cancel|your credit card.
OK, this is very unconfortable.|I need help.
Should I just ask your girlfriend? Maybe I|should just call back and talk to your girlfriend.
I don't have a girl. You said|you did. I know. But I don't.
You lied to me? This is illegal|Ok? I'm sorry, I'll call the police.
No, you won't.
This is a little embarrassing. I'm sorry.|I'll go pay for my car. Are you sure?
Yes. I have no idea why he's beeing|weird and dressed in that suit.
That's no problem, it's ok.|He's so strange, I don't ...
... even if you'd really go out with him?|It's ok, all right. I'll come right back,|I'll just pay for my car.I'm sorry.
Come on rich boy, I thought|we have fun! This isn't cool!
You thought it was cool last night.|I'm gonna hang up the phone.
You have no idea what will|happen to you mother fucker!
Ok! I just really have to go.|What do you think, she's cool, right?
Why did you just come by like this?|It's not cool? No, its fine, I just ...
Do you think you'll ask her out?|I don't know, I don't do things like that.
You don't do anything.|Why are you being scared?
I'm not being scared! I just ...|you're gonna rag up on me if I do this!
I'm not gonna rag you! Why|would I do this just to rag you?
Can I ask a serious question?
Did you ask Walter to get you a shrink?
Barry! Did you ask Walter to get you a shrink?|What's the matter with you? Are you OK?
He is lying!|You're being weird again.
We should be going!|Yeah!
What guy in Toledo are you talking about?|Talking about the guy ...
I come over to you, I'll tell you later.|Are you talking about the Ramata Inn?
I'll just come over to you|in a second ...
I'm sorry I couldn't come to your sister's|birthday party last tonight. Elizabeth had|invited me and I couldn't make it.
Not a problem! Don't worry about it!|We had a terrific time thou!
It must be a weight for you|to have so many sisters.
No! Not at all! It's very nice.|Telephone, Barry, line 1!
This is Barry! Hang up again and|see the troubles it's gonna make!
Thank you!|What do you mean, thank you?
This is good, you're busy?|Yeah ... not really.
I saw a picture of you.|Oh yes?
Elizabeth has a picture of you guys,|your sisters and you.
It's a lot of family, must be nice.|Do you have brothers and sisters? No.
I'm the exact opposite.
That must be nice ...|That must be really, really ...
No, it's terrible.|What's the pudding for?
That's something else!
Oh my god!
So, where you guys went on the breakfast?|How long have you been working with my sister?
Aaaa ... 6 months, maybe 5.|So you know her.
Do you wanna check that?|Sure!
Are you guys hurt? Are you OK?|They are ok.
So what do you do? You do what she does?|The same job, the same work?
I do ... I do mainly field consultations,|which is cool 'cause I got to travel.
I'm going to Hawaii on Friday.|Hawaii? I was thinking about going there!
Really? I was thinking about|going there on business.
Well, if you gonna go ...|I'm probably not gonna go thou ...
Oh, that's too bad 'cause it's so great over there and|if you were there we could say hello to each other.
Yes, that would be great, but I'm not exactly|sure, I have so much going on here,
... a lot depends on this thing, if it happens|I won't be able to go, but if doesn't happen
... I might be able to ...|I can't find the key to my car.
So? Are you gonna come eat with us?|Yeah, I can't.
Oh my god!
It was great to meet you again|and thanks for helping me yesterday.
What is that piano?|What is this pudding?
I don't know.|Why are they here?
Call me later and we can talk|about asking Walter for the shrink ...
... and he said you have this|crying problem or something?!
By Barry!|Call me later!
Barry seems very busy. I don't know|if he has enough time for a girlfriend.
See you at the restaurant?|OK.
I'm gonna go and eat tommorrow night.|Do you want to go with me?
Sure!|Do you want to pick me up?
Sure! Can I write down my address|and phone number for you?
This is funny.|Yeah.
There you go.|Thanks.
I didn't ask for a shrink,|that must have been somebody else.
Also that pudding isn't mine.
Also I'm wearing a suit today because|I had a very important meeting this morning
and I don't have a crying problem.|OK.
OK. Hi.|Hi!
This is Barry. You just made a fucking|war for yourself that you can't afford!
Uhh, yeah.|How do you know this guy is rich?
He said he was gonna diversify.|Diversify what?
His business.|And what is his name?
Barry Egan.
I can take the brothers on this mission?|Yes.
Will do.|Thank you so much.
You can't do that! It's wrong!
They'll go.|Great.
That's all I'm paying to you guys.|That's cool!
When can you leave?|As soon as you want to.
Well, I want you to go right away!|I think that's best!
And I also really need you to check|out a car for me down there.
All the expenses are on your own.|But Leticia said you're gonna cover'em.
She didn't know what she said.|Whatever man, that's not cool.
David don't just ... seriously ...|right, doesn't make any sense.
It's business, seriously.|Look, 100 USD, 2 days work
... it's a lot more than your families|are making sitting on their houses.
All right? I'm serious now. OK?|Keys to the truck.
And you got the gas set up.
All right, save receipts on that.
Here's the address!|There was his business address too but ...
You know ... hit him at his house first.
Just fix it Sir!
You know, I wanna tell you|something, I've got to tell you ...
Oh no!
I saw a picture of you guys,|your sisters and you and ...
I saw your picture and|I really wanted to meet you.
I came to drop my car off|on purpose to try to meet you.
Boy ... are you lying?|No.
I thought I should tell you ... I don't|want to hide something from you|before we're getting out.
Very nice of you to say.|Terrific!
I was listening to this morning DJ's this|morning and they always have couples ...
... that come in and talk about their|problems ... and this DJ Justice ...
... this morning DJ that I really like|... and they were talking about pictures ...
... and they're talking about year-book|pictures and how nobody's happy with|the way they look in their pictures ...
and ... I just love this guy because he tells|it the way it is ... he's not a phony ...
and this guys ... and this guy calls up and|he's talking about his senior quote ...
and so DJ Justice says: "What was your|senior quote?, What was so great about it?"
He says "I stole an ancient proverb"|and so he says ok and he says ...
... "Confusion say!"|And then DJ Justice says
"Confusion or Confucius?"|And it was just so comical.
You know, that's my favorite part of the|show and I laugh, I laugh and laugh ...
How's your business going?|Did you sell all that pudding?
The pudding is not a sales item ...|Why?
It's ... not for sale.|Really? Why is that?
I'd rather not say, if that's OK.|Oh, I'm sorry, was it like a secret pudding?
Let's just keep it between you and I,|if that's possible? Sure, sure.
Healthy Choice and American Airlines|got together for this promotion ...
If you buy any 10 of Healthy Choice products|they'll reward you 500 frequent flyer miles ...
... with a special coupon|they'll up it to a 1000 miles.
So I think they're trying to push their|Teriyaki Chicken which is 1.79 USD ...
But I went to the Supermarket, I looked arround|and I saw that they had pudding at 0.25 USD/cup.
Comes in packages of four, |but insanely ...
... the barcodes are on the individual cups!
So, a quarter of a cup ...|say you bought 2.50 USD worth ...
That's worth 500 miles, ...|with the coupon it's a 1000 miles ...
It's a marketing mistake but|I'm taking advantage of it.
If you already spent 3000 USD ... that will|get you a million frequent flyer miles ...
... you would never have to pay|for a ticket for the rest of your life!
So you put a lot pudding so you|can get free coupons. Yes.
That's insane!
I'm guessing it was a mistake ... but I'm|taking advantage of the wallets offered.
Who knows how long it will last!|Too many peoples start doing it!
Your sister has told me a history about you.
When you were kids you throw|a hammer through the door, right?
Threw a hammer!|I don't remember doing that.
My sister's a liar!
I have to go to the bathroom.
Hello! Hi!|Can I talk to you sir?
Why?|I ... just need you for a second, please.
Sir, the bathroom has just torn apart.|Yeah. Did you do it? No.
You didn't just smashed up the bathroom?|No. Well, who did?
I don't know.|Sir, your hand is bleeding.
I cut myself.|On my knife.
What?|Sir, your hand is bleeding.
I know.|I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Yeah, but I didn't do anything.|Sir, I've got no way to prove that|you smashed up the bathroom.
I didn't do that. I didn't.|Look, I'm gonna have to ask you to go.
Ok. I didn't do that.|I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Please don't do this to me!|Sir, I'm gonna call the police!
All right. Can I just ...|Sir, I'm gonna crack your fuckin' head open!|Get out of here!
We should go right now.|Ok.
Thank you.
So, you know that ... the harmonium that|you send it up in your office ...
Harmonium ...|Piano.
Did you steal that from the street?
What's this?
You did, didn't you?
Yeah, I did, why, is it yours?|No, it's yours.
You're going to play it?
I wouldn't put on any concerts yet!
So, I'm sorry, I don't mean to ............ about|the pudding and the harmonium and everything
... but ....|Not at all!
... you must travel quite a lot!|Oh, no, no no ... I don't travel!
You wanna take a left to stop here.
Ok! I'm gonna go!|Yeah.
Good to see you again!|Good to see your face again!|... go out with you!
I'm gonna be arround,|back in town in a few days.
But if you come to Hawaii ...|I don't know ...
You don't think you'll go?|We'll see about that, I don't know!
Ok, I'll call you when I get back.|Oh, great!
Have a good trip!|... and bye-bye!
... and bye-bye!|... and bye-bye!
You fuckin' ...
... and bye-bye, you stupid motherfucker.
Are you Barry?
Yes?|This is for you.
Thank you!
This is Barry.|It's me, it's Lena.
I just wanted you to know ... wherever you're|going now or whatever you're doing right now ...
I want you to know that I wanted|to kiss you this time. Really?
Oh, is good!|Yeah.
I don't freak out very often.|What do you mean?
No matter what my sisters say, Ok?|I don't know what you mean.
I don't freak out.|Ok.
Have a good trip.|Thank you.
So ... 500 USD, that's maximum,|That's what I can take out in a day.
Ok.|This is what you get when you're pervert.
You said you'd help somebody out, you didn't,|so we just gonna take this money back to her.
... and that's that.
Ok. But before you guys go I just ...|I've wanted to bring up one thing ...
I said no to Georgia ... she wanted the|money and I had to decline because ...
... I don't really have that much ...|that money, right, that I just gave you ...
... is actually a lot of money to me ...|0.99 USD ... so I don't know if this is fair ...|Wait, wait .... no, please! Auch!
"UTAH"|"2R7 FNH"
You wanna fuck with my brother?|You wanna fuck with my family?|Fuck!
Help me!
Where the fuck are you going?|We know where you live!
Hey, Barry, good morning.|Hey, Lance, can I talk to you for a sec.?
Sure!|Come on, I'm here!
I got in trouble last night ...|I have a little bit of trouble.
What happened?|I made a phone call.
I better get more pudding!
Barry, a phone call on line 1!|Barry, on line one!
This is Barry!|Hey, it's me, it's Rhonda!
I need to talk to you about|smashing those windows last night.
Yeah. You know, I'm gonna go out of town.|I'm gonna go out of town for 2 days!
Where you're going Barry?|I have to go to Hawaii!
But you can tell my sisters ...|You're going to Hawaii? Yeah.
That is so wonderful you're going to Hawaii!|Don't tell my sisters, thou. Just make sure|you don't tell my sisters. Just ...
And I have to get more pudding|for this trip to Hawaii.
As I just that ... I'll realize that this|may seem a little strange but it's not.
So would you like to come with me?|Ok. Right now? Barry? Yes!
First I saw the Teriyaki Chicken for 1.79 USD|and then the soup, which made a real deal,
... but the stumble across|the pudding it's just tremendous.
How most people don't look,|they don't look at the fine print Lance!
You can go to places in the world,|but pudding ... that is funny!
Yeah!|That's funny!
It's gonna work!
I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming ...|Baby I'm coming!
Better go on line ...
Barry! I'll be on line!|OK! I'm coming! OK.
No no no no ...|What do you mean?
That it takes six to eight weeks?|Sir ... Sir ...
Sir, it takes that much time to process|the order to make sure that it is valuable.
I ... I had this plan in my mind, OK?|I, I was gonna get the pudding today.
I can get the pudding over to you today,|that's it, I'm leaving today.
Sir, as I explained to you before,|it takes this much time to process.
But how am I supposed to know this if you don't|tell me this, it's not in your rules and regulations, ...
.. in the fine print. That's an impossibillity.|Anyone know this.|- It takes that much time to process.
Ok, I didn't see a 6 or an 8 anywhere.|This is bull...crap to me.
No, no no no ...|Sir, it takes that much time to process.
All right! The pudding is gonna take 6 to 8 weeks|to process, so that's not gonna work today.
I take a bath on that today!|But here's what I'm gonna tell you.
Now ... Pudding!
You're ok?|We'll get to the pudding later. Yeah.
I'm gonna go now! Ok.|I'll call you from there. Yeah.
You're running the place until I get back.|Don't tell my sisters anything, OK?
I've never been on a plane before.
What was that sound?|I don't know.
Hi!|Hi! Where you wanna go to?
Could you take me to the beaches and the|hotels are. And I'm gonna need a phone.
Hello? Hey, it's me!|Hi, what are you doing?
Nothing, I'm at work. I was wondering,|you remember your friend Lena?
Yeah, what about her? Well, I was wondering|if you know where she's staying in the Hawaii!
'Cause she forgot something at my work|and I wanted to get it back to her,|make sure she isn't nervous.
Oh my God, I know exactly what are you saying!|You fuck, she'll think you're a pervert!
Don't do this to me.|What do you want her number for?
All I want is her number,|can you help me out?
Tell me why ...|There's no reason for you|to treat me this way!
You're killing me!|You're killing me with the way you torture me.
All I want is the fucking number!|That should be goddamn good enough for you.|Now give me the fuckin' number!
Ok. You fuckin' hear me?|I'm sick of this fuckin' shit!
Stop fuckin' treat me this way! Give me the|fuckin' number! I'll fuckin' kill you!|You are dead!
Hi, yes, Lena.|Ok, one moment. Thank you.
Hello? Hello?
Is Lena there?|Wrong room.
Hi, yes, I just called, got disconnected,|wrong room, I'm looking for Lena Leonard|and it shouldn't be a man in that room!
One moment please!|Thank you.
Hello? Lena?|Hi, this is Barry Egan!
Yeah! I am near you!
I'm just calling you,|I'm standing in my hotel room!
Yeah? Yeah!|I'm here on my business trip!
Yeah! You don't have a boyfriend or|anything do you? No, what do you mean?
I just wanted to now.|When was the last time you had a boyfriend?
About 6 months ago, why?|I just wanted to make sure.
When was the last time you had a girlfriend?|Well, you have been married? Yeah! Ok.
How long you have been married?
Do you want to meet me and talk about this?|OK. Where're you from originary?
I'm here.
You got me out from my hotel room.|Can we go now to my room?
So nice.
Really looks like Hawaii here.
I'm sorry I forgot to shave.
Your face is so adorable ...|your skin and your chick and ...
... I wanna bite it. I wanna bite your chick and ...|it's so fuckin' cute.
I'm looking at your face|and I just wanna smash it.
I just wanna fuckin' smash it with the sledge|hammer and squeeze it, you're so pretty ...
I wanna chew your face and I wanna|scoop out your eyes and I want to eat them.
Chew them and suck them.
Ok. This is fine.|Yeah. This is nice.
At the restaurant I beat up the bathroom.|I'm sorry.
Hi! Hi. Hey so, apparently, they need to see the|new 484's to make sure it works with their O.C.
OK. And what should I do about Eric?|Aaaa, just tell him to call me. Ok.
So, didn't my brother call you? No.|I have no idea what he's doing then.
I'm really sorry that it didn't work out.|No, it's fine. I mean, you wouldn't go|out with him anyway ...
... he's such a freak sometimes.|Yeah, he did seem a little strange.
Well, he's not that strange!|Don't say that.
You're right, I'm sorry.|I think he's weird, but that's me.
Ok ... so, should I call you later?|That's ok, I'll just see you when you get back here.
Ok.|Ok. Bye!
So why do you have to go?|For work.
For work?
I don't have any business here,|I came here for you.
Oh, hello there guy!|Hi, look, this is Barry ...
You had almost reached me,|but not quite.
I'm in the other room shaving|my roommate's pussy right now ...
... so I'm a bit distracted. But if you leave me|your name and your home phone number ...
... area code first please ... I'll be sure|to call you back as soon as I'm done.
Gosh, you're so sexy!|Bye honey!
Yes, this is Barry Egan, I am calling in|regards of what took place the other night ...
... I just wanted to tell everybody I know|it was not fair what you did to me ...
... and I am expecting my money back.|I realize you have my home phone number ...
... I'm away on vacation right now,|if you guys wanna reach me ...
... shortly I will be home and we can|discuss how you can return my money.
Otherwise, I'm pretty sure that the Police|can be contacted and I could do that ...
... and I feel like it's warranted,|so let's figure something out!
Like I said, I'll be home shortly,|give me a call. Ok, thank you.
How many airplanes have you been on?|I think ... maybe over a hundred.
That's right. You travel a lot.|Yeah.
How much do you travel?|You travel all the time?
Forgot about that.
Can I come home with you when|we get there? Of course.
Is it ok to ask that?|I thought that you were anyways.
Come here!
Are you Ok?|Yes I'm fine, are you Ok?
Yes. I'm sorry.|What is this?
It's Ok. It's Ok!
Follow the pen light with your eyes, Ok?
Hi, this is Janice, the operator! Who's this?|Ok! This is Barry Egan.
You talked to me. Do you remember?|No sweetheart, I don't remember you!
Cut the crap lady! You said your name|was Georgia, you said our conversation|was confidential and I trusted you!
And then you called me and you're|asking for money! Am I right? Am I right?|Get your supervisor on the phone!
Whoever owns that place I want|him on the phone, do you hear me?
Ok. Can you hang on a second please?|No more phone crash! I'm not done with you!
Yeah? This is Dean.|Hey, it's me. This guy from L.A., Barry Egan,
... he's calling on the other line,|he's saying all this stuff he wants|to talk to a supervisor or whatever.
What did you say? Nothing!|Ok, put him thru'. No, no, no ...
This is bad. Something must have happened.|Shut up. Will you shut up?
Ok sexy, I'm gonna connect you with my|supervisor now. - You're in trouble honey!
Yeah, who's this? - Hello Sir, my name is|Barry Egan, I called your service the other day ...
Why don't you shut the fuck up?|Oh, what's that?
I said calm down and shut the fuck up!|What's the problem?
The problem is if you give the chance|to explain ... one of your employees,|that girl who I was just speaking with ...
... has been threatening me, and 4|blond gentlemen just attacked me,|and smashed my car, and hurt my girl ...
All right, go fuck yourself.|That shit has nothing to do with me.
I run a legitimate business here.|Listen to me! What's your name, sir?
Answer me! What's your name asshole?|I'm Barry Egan! How do I know?
You could be anybody, fuck head!|You're a bad person, you have no right ...
... taking people's confidence in your service.|You understand me Sir? You shit!
No, no, no ... shut up! Shut the fuck up!|... you have no right to take people's confidence ...
Shut up! Will you? Shut up!|Shut shut shut shut shut UP!
Shut up!
Now! Are you threatening me dick?|Why don't you ... You go Fuck yourself!
You ... Fuck!|Did you just say go fuck myself?
Yes, I did.|That wasn't good, you're dead!
Uh, is it ... that's not ... the guy in the blue suit,|is he just around the corner? Can you ...?
Yes, there's a police officer here.|He'll want to ask you some questions ...
Oh, I know, the guy that came with me,|is he there? The guy that came with you?
I'm not sure but we can ask the receptions|to go get him for you, he's probably in the|waiting room. Ok, thanks.
Excuse me! There was a woman in there,|a blond woman, did they move her room?
What's her name Sir?|Lena Leonard.
Are you relative? Yes.|Just a minute, let me check for you.
She was discharged?|Ok.
Welcome to Directory Assitance!|Tell me the state, please.
Somewhere in Utah.|Thank you.
Can I have the listing for|D and D Mattress Man?
Fuck you! No.|You're a pervert.
Think you can be a pervert|and not pay for it?
Don't you say that to me.|You called the phone, sucker! Shut up.
I didn't do anything. I'm a nice man,|I mind my own business.
So you tell me "that's that"|before I beat the hell from you.
I have so much strength in me|you have no idea.
I have a love in my life, it makes me|stronger than anything you can imagine.
I would say "that's that" mattress man.
Did you come all this way|just to tell me this?
Yes I did.
Told the cops?|No.
All right.
That's that.
... I think if you like it|you should get it.
Now get the fuck out of here, pervert!|Didn't I warned you?
That's that!
Barry, you're Ok?|Yeah! What's going on Barry?
I'm fine, I'm fine!|Where have you been?
I was in Utah but now I'm here|and I'll be right back!
Where are you going?
Hi Lena. I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry I left you at the hospital.
I called a phone sex line ...
I called a phone sex line|before I met you.
And four blond brothers came after me.|And they hurt you and I'm sorry.
And then I had to live again because|I wanted to make sure you never got hurt again.
And ... and I have a lot of pudding ...
... and 6 to 8 weeks it can be redeemed.
So ... if you could just give me|that much time ...
... I think I can get enough mileage|to go with you wherever you have to go,|if you have to travel ...
... for your work because I don't ever|want to be anywhere without you.
So ... could you just let me|redeem the mileage?
You left me in the hospital.|I'm sorry.
You can't do that.|Ok.
If you just give me 6 to 8 weeks,|I can redeem the mileage, ...
... and I can go with you|wherever you have to travel.
So here we go!
This subtitle has been brought to you by|--- MOBUTU ---
This subtitle has been brought to you by|--- MOBUTU ---
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