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Subtitles for Pupendo (2003) CD2.

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Pupendo (2003) CD2

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that was all just a dream?
That's what you're trying to say?
The facts speak clearly.
So do I! You come here waving papers in our faces,
trying to bamboozle us into believing it didn't rain.
But I'm telling you there was a downpour like I can't remember!
Some senile old man says that it didn't rain?
I'll gladly testify that the poor dear
can't remember what he had for lunch! Or if he ate at all!
You request compensation for lost materials in an amount
exceeding 10,000 crowns. What should I think?
My husband's commission is from the Fine Arts Union.
Satisfied? A larger-than-life monumental sculpture.
It may not seem like it but it takes a lot of material.
We tried to cover everything to keep it safe...
But it's completely ruined. It's simply...
We will compensate you for the destroyed materials.
But don't tell me a Persian rug got wet, too.
-A trowel rusted. -You can't be serious!
You're not going to claim damages on a rusty trowel!
It was a new imported trowel! He had it less than a week.
There is no way we are going to compensate you for that trowel!
-We'll get over it. -You're not going to pay? -No!
Then tell her, Bedrich, whose sculpture dissolved.
Don't be modest, tell her who you worked on for six months,
-and who melted into mush? -You mean... -That's right!
The comrades will be thrilled to see him like this.
Okay, one trowel. Anything else?
-How much does that come to? -10,235 crowns.
-Including the trowel? -Plus the trowel. -Thank you.
Alena, you were magnificent. I really believed it rained.
I'm going to kill you.
Oh, my girl...
-That was the last time. -Of course it was...
Why do Rumanians, Bulgarians, and Poles get a sea but not us?
Hungarians too.
You mean Balaton?
I didn't say Hungarians, I said East Germans.
Who cares? The Hungarians have the Balaton Sea.
Since when is Balaton a sea?
Since the Caspian Sea's been a lake.
Where are you going?
Really? Maybe we can meet up.
-You're friends; run over there. -Oh, no... -Don't argue.
Honor! Hi there, Matej... Elections...
I can't...
-Mom and dad are sick. -What?
They can't come?
-High temperature! -Not so loud.
Is it serious? They can't come?
Mom and dad have a high temperature.
It's contagious. They can't come in.
They have a contagious disease.
That's enough saluting...
Well, okay, goodbye.
They're gone. Will you go vote?
-When there's elections. -When there are you can go.
Now there's none so we'll stay home.
Let's just play.
They're back. Can't they leave us alone?
There's no law says we've got to vote.
I'll get rid of them.
-A bad time? -No, come on in. -Your husband home?
Evening. It's your lucky day. The boss has work for you.
-We don't do pigs anymore. -Pigs are out.
This time it's something really great.
We thought you had a ballot box.
Great, huh? They're hot. The money goes here.
-Could you manage 100 a week? -Sure. -Let's shake on it.
-Are you nuts? -We'll manage. -It's just a job.
No big art, eh? Not Má nes or Jirá sek, eh?
-It's cute, huh? -Watch out, I spilled it.
Can I bum a cig off you?
You're good, but we all can't hang out like unwanted artists.
I'm different; I have to work.
Comrades like you stop me from working.
We're not all alike.
Some join the Party to soften it from the inside. We sacrifice.
-You're talking self-sacrifice? -Sure.
-You do it for the money. -You envy my money?
No, not your Communist Party ID either.
You talk biblically but you're just licking Bolshevik ass.
If we were all heroes like you your son wouldn't have a chance.
Why're you harping on my kid?
IQ or not, he'd be in a special school.
Man, you think I'm so into it? I just keep my mouth shut.
-But you always speak your mind. -Of course.
-I'm happy to say what I think. -Here, sure; I could too.
Keep it down, man, or you get detention.
-So say something. -What?
-Speak your mind, man. -Gladly. Know what I think?
Communism is the opiate of the masses...
You Communists are all scum, swine and thieves.
Traitors who let the Soviets ruin our country.
Now it's my turn: listen up!
Communism is crap and the Bolsheviks are swine.
I'm happy to repeat myself if you wish.
Communism is crap and the Bolsheviks are swine.
-I don't really understand you. -I'll jot it down for you.
I'll scribble it down no problem.
is... crap...
The Bolsheviks...
are... swine...
-Write: Except Míla Brecka. -No, but I'll sign it.
-Go ahead. -What will you do with it?
Hide it behind the mosaic as a message for the future.
Good idea; I'll add something. Principal... Míla Brecka...
was forced, in the interest of thousands of kids...
to feign loyalty...
although inside...
he was always against it.
Now I'll sign it.
Míla... Brecka...
-Now it's your turn. -Why me?
-You said you would. You afraid? -Of what?
Sign it then.
Why not? What would I be afraid of?
I'll stuff it in this pen... to keep it nice.
-Put it in! -I've got to mortar it in...
What? How long have you been here?
I heard it all.
I agree and will undersign all points.
-He's one of us. -Can I have a moment, Bedrich?
What happened? Dammit, professor, out with it.
Rybalko is ours!
-I'm finished... -No, you're just beginning.
Super civvies. Super Casio. Super Adidas.
Hair wasted...
-How's your sis? -You're single.
-You didn't write for six months -I was in an avalanche.
-What? -I got slammed by an avalanche.
I couldn't write with frozen fingers.
And you survived?
I bounced. All you have to do is bounce.
When you bounce your knees flex.
That way the mid-sized avalanche isn't a real threat.
You can deal, but you got to dig a space around you.
Then you spit to know where you got to dig.
Hi. Something happen?
Lád'a's coming here.
Come on in.
If you'll help me we can play a trick on him.
Will you help me?
-Hello, Mr. Mára. -Hey, you're back.
We slept well with you on the watch.
And we never slept much.
-Pavla's not here? -No.
What's it gonna be?
Man, don't even ask.
Oh, right... I get it, Mr. Mára.
But be careful... I respect this here...
You can trust me, but don't trust nobody...
Like this guy at the barracks, he wore a crucifix
and an officer said, Lose it or it's two weeks in the cooler.
Next day the officer comes and he's still got the crucifix.
I respect that...
But how many of us are there? Like you...
How many... of the proud?
-Where'd she go? -I couldn't tell you.
You ever capsized?
We had this military review once on the water.
And we hooked up with some synchronized swimmers.
They didn't even breathe...
Hi. What are you doing here?
-I came to see you. -How've you been?
I didn't have you there so it was tough, I guess.
-Yeah... Why didn't you write? -Pavla, we were on alert!
You probably, like, don't know what's going on...
-Like with the SS 20 rockets... -What?
This info ain't, like, public. I couldn't write my family...even.
-You're kidding, right? -No way... But it's over now.
Can I come in?
I've got a friend here from Finland.
-So can I? -Sure, if you don't mind.
I don't.
For me? Thanks.
-She speak Czech? -Not a word.
-Just Finnish and English. -Not a word?
-Afraid not. -I guess we won't chat much.
She's used to it. She's the quiet type anyway.
Golden Czech hands.
And hockey...
And you've got Jeminen, Peltonen, suck-me-then...
That was a joke.
ABBA's from Scandinavia, right?
Watch this...
Speakers here... Wires here... Player here... Now watch out!
Dirty, dirty, dirty... Dirty beautiful girl
Looking at me like a fool...
It's banned.
Cool, huh?
How do you wash it?
Hey, Pavla, if something's happened to us just spill it.
-So I'm, like, going, huh? -I think that's best.
So no beach trip, huh?
Just go... by yourselves.
Bye, ice princess.
Hey there...
Oh, man.
-Say hi to the beach. -What's up with that?
On the one hand it's great work, this marshal, this big doll.
On the other, I tell myself I shouldn't have accepted it.
-Oh, come on. -I shouldn't have.
I know you'll execute a perfect, professional work.
It will stand at the start of a trip around the world.
I myself write.
I've written an extensive trilogy.
But no one here's interested. They just give me the boot.
So what else could I do? I sent it out.
Abroad... Into exile.
What's it about?
Okay... Part One:
Oh, it doesn't matter.
It does.
Be seated!
The lesson topic and goal is the same as last week.
An old joke...
Okay, Brecka, to the blackboard.
Dolphins are smarter than many people but you're no dolphin.
The joke will soon be on you... Well, start describing.
Start with what you know best.
This is...
Don't tell me you've never seen one before.
That's... that's that...
I'll wait till I learn something.
That, like, the...
very funny.
-That's the sexual organ. -Right, and it comprises...
Scrotum! Testicles! Glans!
Urethra! Corpus cavernosum!
Quiet in the class!
You can scrawl vulgar symbols but you know nothing about them.
Surprise me now by outlining the female sexual organs.
I'd be happy to, comrade,
but I don't have any chalk.
I was on border duty with Brita, my pureblood German shepherd.
All of a sudden I notice Brita's caught the scent!
So I, like, set her loose,
and after about three miles we got to some clearing,
some really weird place, right.
So I'm kind of casually, peripherally looking around...
All of a sudden, peripherally, a watch flashes in the bushes.
You know, like, some guy, a border jumper!
The kind that ain't got nothing to lose; who'll do you ein zwei!
Brita sees him and starts barking...
And guys...
Oh, man...
I had my Scorpion but, like, the guy was quicker.
Brita got it.
-What about the guy? -Clean shots. Here and here.
If I'd had a G8, man, he'd be the headless horseman.
You know me, man; nothing really gets me.
But, guys, I cried like a baby.
I just held Brita and was just, like, crying. I ain't ashamed.
Then all of a sudden there's a chopper right above me.
And who, like, runs over?
Commander of the western army sector, Colonel Sochor.
And he's, like: Lá d'a, what the hell? Are you okay?
I said nothing since I was so wasted about Brita.
Then he saw Brita - he liked Brita and me best, right.
Then he says through his teeth: Where's the swine!?
Man, then the jumper starts whining that,
Iike, my dog attacked him, man.
Man, that really pissed me off. Totally calm, I lay Brita down,
and land him a 'twisty fifty' right between the eyes.
That's a punch that ends with a twist.
It's called 'fifty' because it's fifty-fifty:
Either you survive or you never get up again.
-Wasn't he already dead? -You saying I'm talking shit?
No, but you said...
Shut up when I'm talking about Brita!
Man, you're dorks, man! Making an ass of me!
No more military secrets, man! You're dorks, man...
-There's a policeman. -A cop!
Good day...
Good day.
What are you drinking? Have a beer.
-No, thanks. -No thanks what?
-I can't. -Why not? -I hit a policeman.
Come on, Lád'a, that's a bit rich even for you.
I'm not lying... Bro?
It's true! We were doing, like, about 70 or 80.
Around a curve there was a cop and Lád'a's eyes, like, popped.
At that speed it's hard to tell what rank a cop is...
So we slam into him, and it ain't like nailing a pigeon...
The car was totally for shit, front window gone,
the cop was for shit; I mean really,
his head was in the ditch and, like, no way to identify him.
So we packed up and left. Ain't that right, bro?
What's going on here? I'm principal! Who ordered...
The inspection commission did. This is the comrade deputy...
-And it's by my order... -Honor! Honor!
If it's for safety reasons... I said stop immediately!
There's wires there...
Ruin it without the artist's okay?
-My signature's on the order. -But my signature is...
For safety reasons, the wires...
Make sure they're gone when I get back...
Hi, is Bedrich here?
The roof was leaking and I said to fix it but no one did.
But they're in the wires, in the wall with the mosaic.
They're beating apart the spring motif you made.
They're at it now and you know what they're going to find.
-Our message to the future. -Exactly! Where'd you put it?
I don't know where I stuck it. We were all drunk...
You're drunk now too, so tell me where!
You've got to, or it's over. We all signed it. Fá bera...
-Fá bera didn't. He came late. -Lucky him, but we did.
The result: my days as principal are over.
Some will be glad, that cow of a vice principal delighted.
Rybalko gone; your driver's and fishing licenses are history.
Magda will be fired and have to work for some dolt.
Luckily Pavla's in school but Honza'll be a gardener at best.
Play the hero once and you make a mess of it.
Just tell me where you hide the message for the future.
-Screw the future! -Screw it, huh? You don't care?
Anything wrong?
Nothing. Go and play. Run along.
Okay, I'll change and we'll go get it.
-Going home? -No, to the studio.
I'll drive you and say hello to Rybalko.
I'll walk. Bye.
I don't know who she got her talent from...
You'll never let up.... Míla's got talent to burn.
-Doesn't she get in the way? -No, she's always welcome.
I hope you don't train her in pupendo, you dog.
You think I'm a pedophile?
I wasn't much older when you plied me
with current and herb wine.
But I was a lot younger. Anyway...
What could you do? She's of age.
Scratch your eyes out.
She's not as innocent as you think.
-This one's new: "I awake..." -"I awake in fear..."
-"...the formless dump of time." -Hey, they're just kid's poems.
-"Your wings sleep like angels." -She's fallen in love.
Oh, my God. Who with?
She'll eventually find some schoolmate...
-with current wine. -I didn't want to.
I've got a lot more.
Relax. You know what I think of poetry.
"Rainbow marble lost in the sand..."
-Damn... It's so sweet. -I just skimmed over them.
-You didn't even read them? -Come on, I want to teach her.
-I don't care about the rest. -I'd be ashamed to say that.
-But not to read her letters? -She's my daughter.
-She kissed this one all over. -Yeah, it looks drooled on.
-How's she supposed to learn? -Okay!
So show me...
Hey, don't go grabbing at it! Watch your manners.
The coat looks a bit thrown together. It needs some work.
-And what about the drapery? -Just stop touching it.
-I'll help you with the suit... -Dammit, get your hands off it!
-Can't I give an opinion? -Watch your manners.
-Come down! -It's really good. Thanks.
-Can I ask a favor? -You want Lenin?
-Do you have hot water? -Sure, help yourself.
-What are you doing? -Our hot water's not working.
Hey, I've decided to forget about it.
I can't hear you.
-I'm not finishing the statue. -But it's already done.
Well, I just won't turn it in. He looks like Vlasov anyway.
-What this crap? Is this a joke? -Screw all of you!
No! I'm not giving it to you, to you or your Union!
I need no one making a fool of me. I feel like a bastard.
What do you mean screw us? You really are a bastard.
I make the calls to get you the commission.
-I prostitute my name... -Tell me about it...
Know how many butts I had to lick?
How many monsters and drunken losers like you?
Just nostalgia... I'm such an ass... All for memories.
Know what? Get this straight: uncle here isn't yours.
It belongs to me and the Union that ordered it.
Oh, no, that's my statue.
Dammit, this isn't a nudist beach; get something on.
That's just fine, kiddo. No reason to talk about it.
We'll toast the old guy and I'll just come get him,
because Comrade Marshal Rybalko Square is one big blank.
-What's wrong? -What?
That's my question. Who've you got in there?
-Are you crazy? -I can see it in your face.
You think it's the secret police? Come on out, comrades!
The comrade here's determined to burn you at the stake.
Stay there; you're surrounded!
Okay, okay, I'll give you the statue.
The Union will be happy... Don't be hysterical!
Did you forget something?
I envy you.
I'll find my way.
Of course I read them, Pavla.
But don't have illusions about me. I'm just a mummy
who embalms himself with drink so he won't lose it.
A coward...
A depressed coward.
Tomorrow evening, voice of America we'll once again
Iook at Czechoslovakia's unofficial cultural scene.
We'll read from Prof. Fábera's essay on sculptor Bedrich Má ra.
The in-depth essay was published in Sculpture magazine last week.
Prague sculptor Bedrich Má ra
is an artist the regime chased into an existential trap.
Mára's promising career, which began in the sixties
with exhibitions in Goteborg, Salzburg,
and his last in Madrid in 1970, is now fading.
This talent of a generation found himself completely outside
the official mainstream, unable to exhibit his work.
Bureaucratic power puts conformists on a pedestal,
while the best find themselves at the very bottom.
Of course we cannot generalize; There are shinning exceptions.
For example, art historian Dr. Magdalena Brecková.
She and those like her try to destroy the system from within.
With skillful diplomacy they try to lobby for discarded artists
within the ossified structures of artistic unions
and various Party selection committees.
In Dr. Brecková words, if former plasterers and cobblers,
with their fake academic titles,
persist in assessing artistic quality, nothing will change.
Lock the door please, Alena.
Why should she lock it?
Don't lock it.
Come, on! Relax.
Hey, I'm as cool as a cucumber. I've just got one question.
-Was he trying to get revenge? -No, no, he wanted to help out.
Then he's an idiot. How could it help?
He didn't write it for voice of America,
but for a specialized journal. It's not his fault it was found.
But the tone, the diction, the quotations!
Can you control what others write about you?
You know that we're washed up?
-Who asked him for this? -I didn't ask him for anything.
-Why did he have to name me? -As an expression of thanks.
An eager idiot is worse than a class enemy.
Thanks a lot. Where'd you find the psycho?
He foisted himself on me.
Hold on there; you brought him home.
But who fed him? Who dressed him in my sweaters?
You awoke a pathological need in him to return the favor.
So I'm responsible for who you pal around with?
My love, if you'd stop bringing on the existential oppression
I wouldn't have to force myself on anyone.
What's the worst they could do? Pack up Rybalko in mothballs?
At least the kids won't be embarrassed when they walk by.
Hold on, he just might be our ticket out.
What do you mean mothballs? What about the kids?
Know how much work I put into that statue? Are you nuts?
We can forget vacation. I'll put salt in the bath and pretend!
I'm glad you've figured out how to 'preserve' things:
you pack the statue in mothballs and pickle yourself in alcohol,
you'll soak in brine, and they're going to put us on ice.
-Afraid of your own shadow? -Speaking of shadows,
you've made sure our kids will never see the light of day?
That's just how it works. They go after your kids.
-You and your phony altruism. -What phony altruism?
Who was the scraggy specter who floated past the gallery
-like a silent reproach? -What is this crap?
I didn't want to come in! There's a difference, man!
-Scraggy specter! I was happy. -Why were you there?
I was happy not to be inside with you!
And your presence demonstrated that?
-Hypocrite. -I can still hear you:
Did you see Bedrich? He's so alone.
How underfed he looks. Oh, what can I do for him?
But you were content! He didn't even ask for help!
-When'd you drop your defenses? -So kill me for helping him!
Who can help us now? These two? This is how it'll be:
Comrades, can the husband of a woman lauded by the imperialists
be a principal? Be involved with children? Hardly!
Show good faith by divorcing me.
You make a scene now, for them, but the truth is you really hope
I'll lick someone's ass. But after what's happened, my dear,
my choice of butts is few and far between.
-Go change your diapers. -Quiet!
-Butts all around are clenching. -I'm glad you're having fun.
You've gotten me into this and I can't get out. I admit it.
Sorry to interrupt, but I just want to get something straight.
You were the ones who got Bedrich into this mess.
What mess?
Spring motifs, the dickhead behind me...
-What? -You mean the general? -Yes. -We call him dickhead.
You found a commission for some fine folk.
Bedrich could have been selling his banks in peace
and not gotten messed up with you.
Dammit, Alena, be fair. They tried to help me.
That's rich! Hear what she said! Listen, Bedrich and Fá bera,
that bearer of good tidings, came crawling to me!
You're saying you didn't ask me for anything?
Who bombarded me with calls? Who brought up the old days?
Guess who was promised the mosaic? Krutner!
-The Party pig? -Who kept saying:
Mára's got to work? Who begged me for any commission?
-Don't piss me off! I begged?! -Yeah.
No, you're too sophisticated, you hypocrite!
You had an efficient intermediary: Prof. Trashcan.
Surprisingly efficient.
Where'd all the sudden pity come from, Magda?
Old times' sake?
Maybe I couldn't stand seeing his name on those eared asses.
Better that, than one between my shoulders.
-And if it earns a bit, why not? -Come on, guys...
We all have different standards of taste.
At least I never slept with Míla.
Goddamn, Alena, why dredge up ancient history?
That was really in bad taste. And it does nothing to help.
I'm shaking here, terrified.
I have goose bumps as big as jelly beans.
But what could possibly happen? Look at yourselves!
Look what they've done to us.
Nothing's happened yet but we're so eager to shit out pants!
This is how they want it! They can congratulate themselves!
She's right.
The lot of us makes me sick.
-Me too? -All of us. -You know what can happen?
-No, what? -We have to get the jump on them
List all the Communists and cops whose kids you teach.
Finally, a rational approach.
-In case some kids are failing? -What planet are you on?
Ever heard of any of their kind failing?
Maybe one's hovering between a C and D.
You're nuts. You really think they want to crucify us?
This isn't about you. You'll keep grunting out those banks.
Maybe you're even flattered to hear your name on the radio.
Say hello to your son, Matej, for me.
Tell him comrade principal did all he could
so he could go to a normal school,
but then his father, in a stupor,
cried on the shoulder of some psycho graphomaniac.
Okay, that's enough. It's pointless.
Maybe no one will even notice. Maybe it'll just go away.
If not, who can prove anything? It was all Fá bera's initiative.
Who else's? I've never seen him in my life.
-What was the name? -Prof. Fá bera? -Who's he?
-Where did they read our names? -I never listen to it. -Yuck!
First of all, we've got to get our stories straight...
I'd relax. No one even listens to that art gibberish.
But to the station, yes!
Come and get the stuff tomorrow. And I was never even here.
I never got anything from you, I don't want any trouble.
Oh, and return the deposit.
And stick those asses up you ass, Mr. Artist!
Excuse me...
We go to the same place in Yugoslavia every year.
Suddenly they think we want to emigrate?
Can you explain why you won't give us exit visas?
Where would you go? Your name travels for you.
Ursula Konig is president of the Kafka Foundation in West Berlin.
She's interested in a statue of Franz Kafka for the foundation.
Did you see anything you liked, Frau Konig?
Unfortunately, nothing suitable.
We have a concrete idea of what we want.
Prof. Fábera, correspondent for Sculpture magazine,
sent us a parcel with pictures
of works by a sculptor named Mára.
Bedrich Má ra?
I don't know him,
but anyway I think he's not part of the Union, is he?
That's a great pity, director.
...Thanks for waiting.
I owe you an explanation. I'm sorry; of course we know...
Hey, Pavla, I think we should talk, you know.
Openly... about us.
Like, not really about what used to be...
But somehow openly now...
I think we should iron things out.
Hey, I know some things are still wrong...
Yeah, even on my side.
But I can let it all go.
I can...
I'm really not trying to blame you for anything.
Remember that time we took off and climbed up on that roof?
And how they almost caught us?
How we made a promise then...
Oh, Pavla, is Mr. Má ra here?
Mr. Mára and Prof. Fábera are fishing.
That's okay, come on in.
vlá cil...
This is just a fraction of his work of the past 15 years.
Some is in private collections, some in galleries,
the National Gallery...
Excuse me?
This is...
Those are mine, mom.
These are hers... My daughter... Her friend...
School bric-a-brac...
You know what might suit your purpose?
Two recent works, these two here...
Yes, that's it.
Excuse me?
They're excellent.
Aren't they?
-I'll bring you the Cerný. -That'd be nice of you.
Not a bite.
Thank God. This is Mrs. Konig from West Berlin.
-This is our Alois. -Fábera. -You're Prof. Fábera?
-Má ra. -Good afternoon. -An uncommon pleasure, sir.
Mrs. Konig from Berlin.
Please to meet you...
Something to drink? Come... Come Alois...
These are great. You made them?
Can I have one as a souvenir?
It's a butt...
vlasticka, don't drink so much.
Alois, what's with you... all of a sudden?
Pour the Bordeaux, bagpiper!
Bordeaux? Warm or cold?
I wouldn't forbid the job since we can tax him nicely later.
It's in our interest... But the trip abroad?
I'd never recommend it.
So, that's settled. Honor!
It's no good, friend, forget the trip.
If it was only up to me you could stay there, but...
It not just up to me... There are others...
You know the one about the guy vomiting on Wenceslas Square?
Some clerk walks by him wearing a gray suit...
a striped tie, a briefcase, and the clerk says to him:
I couldn't agree with you more!
"The Balaton Lake, Hungary, in the off-season"
Bedrich! Stop this nonsense!
Where's Matej?
Bedrich! Boys!
-It's not salty. -Of course it's not.
Subtitled by John Brent
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