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Subtitles for Purple Sunset (2001).

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Purple Sunset (2001)

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Popular uncle is told that you are in those days by Japan devilpays special attention to?
pays special attention to, and pays special attention to Where to leave?
pay special attention to in northeast in the Northeast
That devil in the interest oF what pays specialattention to to endure?
What does not too act as
Your abilitys to walk are very much not good
My abilitys to walk are that Japan army man takees a taxi
In the interest oF
They say that I am eight tunnels
Those man wholly were dead, and my man returns
Be you say the affair in the devil concentration camp?
How did you escape out afterwards?
In 1945 August the Chinese northeast oF 9 days goes in a big way the mountain
In 1945 August 9 days the Soviet Union proclaims war to Japan
Wei Di Su Junjin is six tank group armies
To the army Daxinanlin Mountains in Japan Northeastsend armed Forces to suppress initiateing the assault
Our wing directly discovers 3 0 0 Russia tanks
The preparation is Fire
The preparation is Fire
The preparation is Fire
The preparation is Fire
Merely Finding attaines a lieutenant colonel who lives to go away in common
What is your name
Are you Korean? Chinese?
Carrying him the base at rear leavees
Do you bind him?
What do you say?
Go away
The Moscow broadcasting station : On July 2 6, in 1948
The British Three Kingdoms-Wei heads oF the Soviet Union the U.s. are livingpersia smoothly subscribeed the official announcement
Shikoku name with in the US and USSR English
press Japan government unconditional surrender _ at once
Xinhua broadcasting station is 9 days in August
Commander in chieF zhu De releases the order to the entire army :
Formerly the army initiate assailing completely at once
Finally triumphs over Japan invader a point oF time has arrived
Is Sha KeFu which rolled the tank in Front?
Seeing that not to clear up how the route that the tank comes is the base
please more hurriedly ! He is on the point oF death quickly
Yet I can not see anything yet
The army oF the Soviet Union been hadhad been stormed and captureed the big lake to draw you
Each Japan wholly have to in the interest oF saFeguardManchuria and Japan do one's utmost For nothing
Young going up the aged and children in Frontline wholly excavates the deFense works
We possess the powerFullest on the world 9 0 0 0 0 0 Northeast army
Man From Russia ! Man From Russia encircles us through the back
All moves Forward the grove quickly ! The army be able to be hampered FoeShields you to go back Japan !
Na is Fine, and that he ins the wake oF us can only be the trouble
Yet he drops in Japan to losing the liFe in the hand
Obtains departs From quickly here.
You go away earlier
Sha KeFu, we are the Japanese garrison area in
How? place her? The speech day army chase after us !
Maybe nobody leads the way, and we go away to come out this Forest
Like this, we are brining a captive Go away the route Fleing From home
That the Fault oF man From Russia Fault is living considers a childrenBeing living beFore the muzzle together heeds manipulateing
What space is in Front? There is the Japanese?
Don't not stir
Go away ! You are living, and gos away in the Front !
You are not brining us into
Will allow you trample the mine earlier now is dead
Run quickly ! Leave to be dead ! Leave to be dead !
You are male
Crag this man, a dequeue !
What do you work?
We what is not wholly work we is ordinary people
Ready _ Go Forward
We do not work anything yet
Go Forward
Dashing Forward stabs
Workes what? This is
Oh such gos back the affair
I hold your grandma to me
You you have guts dash me to dash me to come
I hold your eight thes like ancestry
Dashing Forward stabs !
I hold your grandma
I hold your grandma
I hold, and your grandma slaughteredl the Father did not live
Dashing Forward stabs _ Splinter
Dare not homicide can not become the gallant knight oF deity
A conFuseing sign ! Every one recruit wholly have toComplete the training embolden !
I hold your grandma
The ready is assassinated more oF low grade army man
Fine solid Food pei oF Na is the wish that we lived down
Both oF us wholly realize know
In case yet two man maybe takes to live gos away out the grove
Maybe in case also wholly going away not to get out yet Who three man takes
1945 June, Chinese northeast
American, Englishman Chinese, the Canadian.
Still possess immediately man From Russia wholly to Japan slaughters comes
The East Asia crusade had been reachd last juncture
Your pa's history had been die in battle in the Frontline
Who still possess be able to saFeguard our Man Chuan and Japan?
Merely you : wish that you are greatly and the nationality is last
The government had promulgated ' righteous and courageous military service law '
Lady over 17 years wholly have to join into gallant straightening the back group
Male student over 15 years wholly will join land Force and army
He is still living
We goed away out this grove at last third day
Yet we realize the exterior oF Forest very quicklyForest that yet is limitless
Only Na is Fine Firmly believes to go away in the direction oF north be able to encounter man From Russia
Jet have to pass the great grassy marshland in the direction oF north again
We do not there is other selection
Maybe merely For the sake oF her on the body that least bit solid Food
Who does not have no idea oF the war what strikes how
However still pass on the report in the heaven Frequently
Da Xi Jun
Halt !
It may not be a bad idea, we go away ourselves and are more convenient, correct?
You want to beating to death me
Beat to death me?
You reckon that the use damaged gun scares man needn't
Father does not take this
Father is what menFolk leans against to assign sb. to a post you to Fiddle with
Can going away reachs disbands at the same place
Who part From wholly to succeed
The solid Food Father not Festerred takes the straw and also be able to live
Father is menFolk
Wait does not put aside me, and wait me !
What you deliver is stayed, and runs
Can not run down the wind ! we run not to go to extremes !
Study and me ! Then have to bake completely to be dead !
What you deliver is stayed to lie prone secondly
The Chinese is talk in the gathering to this slave girl
Until attaines time we realizeYour name is called the leaF relaxing
Realize your much affairs afterwards but slowly
You come China in the hour oF Four years old
Being living always, the affairs oF grove liners are realize alot in the Daxinanlin Mountains
Your dad is not adoptively beFore the master oF tree Farm is collecied the Frontline
Overlooing is in luck escapes to leave to the sea side by the pine leaF with
Come across us afterwards being living among the Japan reFugee to be scatterd
The Forest here is nobody the district has only the route passed in and out
Realize know
Japan completely disallow moving Forward oF military garrison area Chinese
Here the Forest is a lot
Very Far away over there, the city which not take is inFlexible
Merely here someone is what possess to take
That our army are through north to strike always Faces northward gos away to possess wish.
Suppose going away that be able to to part From ourarmy more and more Far away here to
You wholly are peasantrys, the Japanese wholly - shape
Merely here I has strike the war you have to obey me !
Am I an acting sublieutenant, and you comprehend?
Merely she realizes the affair oF this grove what space you come through
Be you live us and bring out this damnable place?
But is like this ! Can not Follow this kind oF Fool oF yours to go away up in company !
Na has lose temper yet also have to in the wake oF us although being Fine
For man can not live in away
However Na is Fine and thinks always through else orientation also may go away out the grove
In case nowadays recollects the First place we hears hers
Maybe we wholly be able to to death be living there
Yet also surely really be able to not Find out the Fresh route
In that way, what afterwards comes everything maybe be unlikely not happen
Until nowadays you nevertheless would not pardon me
Do you say that Na is Finely still living?
Right, Moscow is living
How are you!Fine great aunt oF Na
Do you still remember this thing?
I remember, and that is the most pretty Fall that I have catch sight oF
The warFare is very much elder to us
Strike up Berlin and strikes up the Daxinanlin Mountains through prague once more through Moscow
The end oF warFare be unlikely not be very much oF a speciFied duration.
Yet then we still without end gos away
_ oF the warFare in order that awfully not being living when soon Finishing
Look For Food yet to be our the largesttest work oF daily.
However we accidentally also be able to encounter once the opportunity
The pine leaF is still a child especially in Factl s you laugh when.
Now and then we may employ the eyes and talk reciprocally
That pair oF eyes liner through you
Cause man can not believe in everything _s who happen afterwards ons her
Chinese northeast oF 1945 July
Through today, you have not been againMiddle school student but is empire army !
No matter boy student who is has joined up neverthelessJoin to straighten the back the group girl student.
Wholly shall run quickly to the crusade Frontline
The empire is loning For that you engage in battle man more
Kill those Chinese ! Kill man From Russia ! Kill American
Kill the effectively more oF inFerior quality nationality to opposing Japan oF bureau
Fine _ oF Fine Na oF Na
Na is Fine
Fires, that the shot is passed on Far away
You are want to stretch the Japanese?
Are not you talking wholly to go back the military garrison area oF Japanese here?
Await down that we also go away and did not get out again
Whether _ or I can not get off lady's breasts
The wild animal here is a lot
The poplar is not not allow to relax with not share the gun yet once more obstinate, and the leaF stirs the gun.
The leaF also not not allow to relax is realize that he does not conForm to to Fire
Is being this kind oF obstinate causing his original place does not move to another place await me two days.
In case the affair that is not once unForeseen.
Maybe I also can not go away outes the Forest always
Na is Fine
We are living here
Fire with a riFle quickly !
Fire with a riFle quickly ! Turn on
Turns on oh the _ diges out with a Finger or something pointed not souning
To me extremely
The insurance does not turn on what does not turn on?
what does not turn on
Turns on oh turns on
Be originally you not cause the gun?
Did not a moment ago you turn on the no matter what one says?
The Japanese that the poplar is Feeied anxious does not arise.
Yet he obstinately short oF the spot Funerals carrys me
To him, I do not have no idea oF that this isgrateFul to nevertheless is get angry truly
Through that day our existence joined together
Also is through then the poplar come into being to my gunThe interest particularly.
He is very intelligent, however his curiosity
Also be able to have some troubles to come now and then
The Forest does not similarly there is the end always.
As iF our three are merely remain in this world
Uniquely senses the outside world yet is the heavers
But the Japan airplane reFlection can not be catch sight oF reachs in the heaven once more.
However this does not yet there is practice sense _ to us
How a pretty sun !
Tomorrow be able to reach the space oF someone
I am guessing also to reach
You see ! The sun purple
The sun was deliver violetly, and drop the mountain q uickly quite right
Does not have no idea oF to relax the leaF willw hat space we brings up.
See on the orientation, and similarly is living in the Forest to revolve.
I to the poplar has expressed time and again you disbelieves yetHe does not similarly understand anything yet
However not not how soon, everything is wholly realize know
Originally you brought both oF us bag to return
This grove is never living in away Reckoning the liFe merely returns
Thank you to lead the way
It seems it was here that this grove has only the route passed in and out
You are at ease, and they expound that you are goodcitizens to the direction oF going to me
I gurranteed not to conForm to haring yours by them
That you be able to obtain takes afterwards may be liberally
Be they give us liberty?
They be able to believe in I l is the Japanese
Nowadays you want to work?
I bring you to give in
All right
Need great mental effort needn't, and not have the image For a long time
You realize For a long time
Did not have the wolFhound to greet still not realizeing know in the devil barracks?
poplar _
The Xinhua News Agency broadcasting electricity since
Several days comes that my liberated area soliderss and civillians revereThe order oF commander in chieF zhu De
The day army to zhangjiakou Chengde City initiate Fiercely assailing
6 0 Yu zuojian in the liberation cities and towns resists more than 13 thousand man
Military orders master comeing to against much match at the moment soon
The Moscow broadcasting electricity since
This item shall employ Russian and English French andChinese and Japanese is seeded out.
Japan Mikado shall be living, and Tokyo was seeded the signiFicant talk
Relay the signiFicant transmission now
We am deep in world general trend oF events andJapan empire present situation.
Certainly go away to take the emergency measures.Tidyying the current political situation grasps to cue whole national.
The Japan government is ready to receive the U.s. andThe British Soviet Union and China alliance announcement.
Unconditional surrender _
The appropriate Fibaric unconditional surrender oF JapanThe inFormation spreads everywhere whole world queen.
Arouse the tremendous congratuation wave.
people celebrate joyously the warFare end such as the tide !
I'm sorry
Be you bring me to go away in company?
I Fear very much
Not have no idea oF what to handle the Japanese
I want leaveing to the sea side
That the warFare Finished me also be able toFollow was greatly Western haves a reunion
Do you have a reunion?
Does yet whom I have a reunion with?
Wholly die Finally such as the Frightening dream truly
Wholly die
Giving man select in that way while still alive
What you lean against is homicided
What you lean against and homicide here up us
Be able to wholly die such all at once
I'm sorry
One sorryly completeed?
A so many human liFe !
It is excellent that yet I be able to depend does not there is
Yet you reckon the most to death
You want to burst to be dead us by the mine
You want Fooing us to back the devil barracks
Being living a moment ago that you still not take to heart, us are beated to death by the gun
I do not not take to heart the gun
You are good person, and I drive not the gun
I want to brining you to give in only
Bring us to give in?
Father is mens oF two generations China menFolk, realizes know?
That you give in you to us to realize now?
I don't know!l do not realize know !
They make us homicide ! Homicide
Finally is that all slaughters us
Deceiver, they are deceivers completely
You, girl in the interest oF what Forms this shape
Did you reach the sea side?
The big lake is Japan over there
Go back to get along all out
Be grateFul to you. very much
I realize know a lot oF matters these days
I be able to let know greatly westernly and someone
You are good person
I still keep somebody company greatly westernlyand come together to see you together
possesing something, I reckon very long
Yet not have no idea oF talking
My mum did not there is
Sister did not there is yet
I reckon, I wants to you such as to I brother
To not go away, and truly exceedingly ventures
Wholly go back to get along all out
Until very long after, we realize :
Greatly western tillage oF pine leaF loved one Location last one lot particularly takes the offensive the group.
Is afterwards in Japan appropriate Fibaric is giveed in August 16 days
Take taking off order _
In 1945 August 16 days, the Japan Kyushu
Japan has been deFeated !
Yet our loyalty that our serviceman will employ the existence prooF !
You wholly are First time Fighting greener.
The very easy alignment enemy warship oF main points is collided down, that's all
I shall sally against you in company together !
In 1 945 August 16 days, the maritime space on Okinawa island
Beginning an attack !
An American airplane !
The swift strike aircraft carrier against the hostile plane is not conduct operations by every engine !
Your Majesty !
Well done ! Goes up again one goes up again one it was Finished
Your Majesty
" the File oF west China this Foundation Heavenly Teacher sends a telegramArmy hillside plot
The order what is affiliated with troops have to in accordance give inThe announcement lays down the arms at once.
Unconditional surrender
Hillside plot commander government official the sixth orders alllythe day army headquarters groups cease to Fight at once.
Cool arms _ oF Yao
Senior officer, my adoptive pa is strikes Fishing I also is in the past.
Nowadays my man wholly to death dust does not have _
Requests to do you the senior officer allows me leave to reunite with them
Quarter that queer geing that the monarch leing a state perish at this grows was insultd greatly.
promising sovereign merely be utterly loyal to die in glory.
Be able to be subjected to descendants venerates
Allowwing us be living, the shrine be able to again
Request to do !
Yet we also are the Japaneses
Japan did not there is !
Japan there is?
They still do not have no idea oF
Not hear broadcasting, and not there is the radio receiver
Shut down quickly ! The warFare has Finished need not leaveing to death ! _
The warFare had Finished !
We might go home !
- Moscow the broadcasting station :
The Soviet Union, the U.s. andThe staties nation such as England China and so on shall dispatch out the mission
Join the accepting a surrender rite stageing in the Tokyo Bay
See that sun.
_ oF purple
After the pitiFul violent Flames oF warpeace gos back once more on this world.
No matter white race man and man From yellow race ar still the black race.whether _ or what is looked up to.
Originally wholly may one another you leave peaceputs up one Fresh world.
Be living in that world.existence honor shall be venerateed by someone.
Whatever open country outrage and terror Flexing are wholly baned.
Whatever war oF aggression does not wholly conForm to An Sheng again.
Be living in that world.
On the globe every one is girl Friend _
In accordance the desire oF the aged Yang YuFu.
The musical boxwas say good-bye to the Daxinanlin Mountains on September 2, in 2 0 0 0
The residence = whole world is total to casualties 740 0 thousand man in the degree world war
In it :
England - 37 thousand man
Meaning molar U-40 ten thousand man
The U.s. - 40 thousand man
France - 6 0 thousand man
preceding Yugoslavia - 170 thousand man
Japan - 2 0 0 thousand man
poland - 6 0 0 thousand man
Germany - 70 0 thousand man
The Former Soviet Union - 2 0 0 0 thousand man
China - 2 6 0 0 thousand man
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