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What's up?
- How's it going? - Good.
Where is it? There it is.
- Fuck, man. . . Four, five. . . - Yeah, it's me.
- Yeah, it's me. You doin' all right? - Yeah. We're on the way.
We're on the way to the border. . .
- Fuck man, l feel good! - Hold the wheel.
Shit. . . Okay, you're a good driver.
- Who is it? - lt's us. Open the door.
You just cleaned this place?
- That's Anders. - Call me Scorpion.
- What's that? - What does it look like?
l can see it's a gun. You don't need a gun here.
Give it back?
- What's up? - Call me Scorpion.
- Scorpion what? - Just Scorpion.
Quit pointin' that thing.
- You wanna do business? - l gotta check it first.
- For what? - Purity.
- Fuck purity. . . Where you from? - Naestved.
- You made any buys before? - l've made a lot of buys.
- So, okay? - No, it's not okay.
- lt's okay. . . - lt's not what l tried before.
- l'll give you 45. - lt costs 50,000.
Fuck this. Tonny. . .
Wait a second.
l only have 45,000. That's all l got. Period!
- He's only got 45,000. - Take 50.
He's only got 45.
lt's bullshit, you only got 45. lt's worth 50. You got 45 on you?
You got any paper?
What's up?
- What are you doing? - Look. . .
- That's 45. - That's not 45. . .
- Give me the 45. - Give him the 45.
l said give him the 45!
That's not worth 45,000. . .
Tonny. . .
- See you. - Yeah, l'll see you.
Give me that.
- What's up Vic? - What's up?
Hey, King.
- ls that for me, Frank? - For you.
lt's okay. . .
- What do you think? - l think it's big.
What's up, Tonny?
- What are you gonna do with it? - l'll take it to bed with me.
When you're not there.
Come here, King.
Take it easy.
Sit! Stay! Go in the kitchen!
There's just enough room for it.
lf you wanna keep hiding dope here, it's gonna cost more.
What do you mean?
l mean, it'll cost more. Sisse, the girl from the club. . .
The blonde one. . . She got put into solitary 'cause of some Paki.
He hid dope in her apartment. So, l want more money.
Hello. . .? Anyone home?
Say something.
Shut up, King! Come here.
- King, come here. - You gotta talk nice to him.
Should we give her two?
Two more. . . Okay, you got two more.
- You still got something goin'? - Me and Vicky?
l fuck her.
- ls she the woman, or what? - l don't want a whore for my woman.
ls she wild?
Yeah, she's pretty wild.
- ls she a moaner? - lt's none of your business.
- You're really into her, aren't you? - No, l'm not. . .
- You are, or you wouldn't deny it. - l'm not gonna say if she moans.
You wanna know who moans. . .? Mette.
No, not Mette. . . Louise.
Vic's friend. Whether you fuck her mouth, between the tits. . .
That sounds nice, between the tits.
lt's real nice.
- You never tried it? - Between the tits. . .? No.
- You ever get your dick sucked? - Let me see. . . Yup.
By two girls at the same time?
- Have you? - No, two girls to suck my dick?
l need at least four girls to suck my dick.
- Because it's so big? - lt's fuckin' huge.
l once pissed on this girl's face, then she asked me to sperm it off.
Wait. You spermed. . . You pissed in her face. . .?
l spermed in her face, then l pissed it clean afterwards.
You spermed her, and she asked you to piss it clean? That's disgusting.
- lt's not. She asked for it. - That's perverted.
- lt's not. - lt is.
- l don't see her anymore. - lt doesn't matter.
lt was your mother.
Come on, man. . . Relax.
''Don't say nothing about my mother'' Now you get pissed off. . .
What is it?
Frank's pissed.
- Dam Square. You know where it is? - Yeah.
He's gotta check it in front of you. 200 white. . . Here's 1 00,000.
Make sure you get the dope before he gets the money. Anything else?
Just my money.
- You get it when you get back. - l need it now.
l can get someone else.
- l need it when l get back. - On Friday.
- You promise? - You go first.
- Remember. - Yeah, you go first.
Hey, fish, say bye to your brother. He's gotta go now.
Think they could swallow one of these?
- Hello! - What the hell is this?
- ls there banana in this? - Yeah, deep-fried banana.
What's that?
- Armagnac. - Some kind of cleaning product?
- lt's cognac. - Can l taste it?
- lt's okay. - Don't stick your pussy-finger in it!
l don't stick my finger in your beer, if l want to taste it!
Should l get a new one, or should l taste what you got last night?
See that one? He's got more style than you'll ever know.
- That one there? - Yeah, that one.
Hey fish, you get a lot of pussy, huh?
Can l have more of your Armagnac?
- You like it? - No, l'm just dirty on the inside.
Man, it tastes like shit.
l can't take it anymore.
l'm calling a cab. l can't stay here.
Get a fresh one.
- Cheers. - Drink up.
- What's up? - Hey Frank, this is Pernille.
Hi, Pernille. Fuck this, l don't want any lemon in my drink.
Man, don't stick your pussy-finger in my drink.
Hi. . . Hi!
- Hi. - Someone said hello to us.
l saw you down on the floor. . .
- l saw you on the dance floor! - Oh yeah?
- What's your name? - Bettina.
Bettina! Jeanette, Bettina, Jeanette. . .
- Are you from the boonies, or what? - No, does it sound like l am?
- All Jeanettes and Bettinas are. - Yeah, right. . .
- So where are you from? - From the east side.
- What are you drinking? - Carlsberg.
Hey. . . A Carlsberg and a Tuborg Gold.
- Why don't you drink Tuborg Gold? - Because l don't like it!
- lt's a cheap way to get drunk. - l didn't come to get drunk.
He asked if you love him.
- Shit man, she popped me! - She hit me, not you.
- And she hits harder than you! - That was well said. Come here.
- Yeah, it's me. - Hi, it's me.
- What's up, Vic? - Did l wake you up?
lt's okay.
Shit Frank, you know the pervert across the street who stares at me?
He's at it again. The fucker's staring at me.
What the hell do l do? Should l throw a bottle at him, or. . .
Can't you try the bottle first and call me if it doesn't work?
He could be a psycho. What if he flips out when l throw the bottle?
- Shit Frank, can't you come by? - Sick King on him.
l'll fix him, but it can't be today.
l know you, you're not gonna do anything but hang out with Tonny.
Frank, Frank. . .
- l'll see you, Vic. - Yeah, okay, l'll see you.
- Later on? - Later on.
- What's up? - What's up?
- There's a Swede. . . - A sweet?
No, a Swede. He's been looking for you.
- What does he want? - Got me, l can't understand him.
- Where's he at? - Out there.
- Out there? - He's right there.
Stay here.
l hear you can get good brown sugar.
- Where did you hear that? - You know. . . around.
l don't know what you're talkin' about.
- Don't you remember me? - Should l?
We were in together.
Four years ago, at Vestre.
Christ, Frank, l was right next to you. l was in for hash smuggling.
- Yeah. . .? - You got a haircut.
Looks nice.
So. . . Can you help me out?
- Where did you hear about me? - Here and there.
- Why me? - They say you got good stuff.
- What do you need? - 200 grams.
- That's a lot. - There's a market for it in Malmo.
- When? - Tomorrow.
No way, l need at least two or three days.
Just call, l can get coke, speed, pills, hash. . .
- l got some good white comin' in. - lt's gotta be brown, tomorrow.
l can't. There's no way l can do it.
7 00 a gram.
7 00. . . Okay?
- l'll see what l can do. - How long do l have to wait?
20 minutes. . . l'll see you in 20 minutes, here.
Oh, Frankie, my friend!
- Hey Frank, how you doin'? - Doin' good.
Frank, this you have to taste. Tolumbe. l made this myself.
- You made it yourself? Tumbe? - Tolumbe.
- Tolume? - Tolumbe. . . Tolumbe.
Taste it, Frank. Taste.
Taste. . .
Frank. . .
- Can l pick which one l want? - l think this. . .
You think that one. . .
What do you say. . .? Huh. . .? Frank. . .?
Should l teach you? You can learn.
Very easy. Two cups water, yeah? Two cups milk.
You have a cup of oil, yeah? You make it boil. . .
- Can we talk? - Yeah, we can.
You make it boil. . . Then you add six cups of flour with water.
Then, just like with french fries.
- Okay? - Okay, Frank. Do we talk?
- A Swede. . . - Who's a Swede?
l met a Swede. He needs 200 grams of dope. Brown.
- He needs it tomorrow. - Frankie. . .
Tomorrow. . . lt's a little. . .
lt's a little fast, yeah?
- How does it happen? - l'll pick it up here tomorrow.
l do the deal, then come back here with the money.
Oh, Frankie. . . You owe me 50,000.
You're my friend. But you owe me money.
And the money is not here, yeah? l have a problem.
Can you understand? l have a problem. 50,000, yeah?
- There's no problem. You'll get. . . - You had it on credit.
You said you'd come when it's sold. And now. . .no money here.
And that's okay. We're friends, ha-ha. . .
So you come and say you want 200 grams.
That's a lot, yeah? That's not a lot? l don't know. . .
lt's a lot of money, but it's a good deal. The Swede's all right.
Okay, the dope is here tomorrow at twelve o'clock.
You promise me, yeah?
Just afterwards, you're here with the money, yeah?
And it's 600 kroner per gram.
- 550. - 600 and when do l see the 50?
You'll get it next week. Come on, l've got it next week.
- Okay, and what so? - So what?
l bought a refrigerator for my daughter. A new model.
lsn't it nice? lt's not just nice, it's a refrigerator and a freezer.
lf l marry her, can we forget about the 50?
Shit Frank, you better. . .
Ah, he's a fresh one. . . Will you help me, or what?
- Of course. - We'll put it in my car.
Wait. . . Hey, Frankie! You're not moving it. Come here.
- We gotta take the fridge out. - You promised to help, friend.
- What, now? - Now, yeah.
l'll take it up here, you take the other end.
What's up?
That's Morten. He's with me, he's okay.
You can have it for 900 a gram.
lt was 7 00. l said 7 00. . .
- Let's say 800. - 900.
- lt's quality stuff. - Okay, 900.
- That's 1 80,000. - Can l taste it?
Tonny, come out here for a second.
- Got any brown on you? l need some. - Shit man, you just gave it to me.
- Okay? - Yeah, it's okay.
We'll meet at the parking lot behind the supermarket. You know it?
You know it. . .? Okay.
- Tomorrow at two. - See you there.
- Good morning! - Frank, my friend!
lt's twelve.
- Hey, Frank. - What's up?
This is my cousin, Branko. Branko, this is Frank.
You want a piece of cake?
l tried it yesterday. lt tasted like shit. The man can't bake.
Your mother can bake. She makes good stuff. . . Take it easy.
- So, l'll see you, Frank? - Yeah, around three o'clock.
- Now l gotta shit. What time is it? - 1 :30.
- Why the hell are we so early? - ls it early?
We're a half hour early. That's early.
- What do you wanna do tonight? - l don't know.
Then think of something.
Movie? We'll see a good movie.
- l'd rather rent a video. - Watching videos makes you dumb.
- You should go to the movies more. - l got my dick sucked at a movie.
- What are we gonna see? - l don't know what's playing.
l'd rather rent a video.
Let's get out of here. l need some birth-control pills.
You think that ''2nd-Half Sport'' girl digs sport in the second half?
- Sport in the second half? - Butt-fucking.
- Butt-fucking? l don't know, why? - l saw her yesterday and wondered.
You see her and wonder if she's into butt-fucking? What's wrong with you?
- You think she's good-looking? - She's okay.
- l like the Wheel of Fortune girl. - Nina. . .
- Nina's okay. - Big-time sport in the second half.
What about the black chick from Eye on Entertainment?
You wanna butt-fuck her? l hear apes do it a lot. . .
- What do you mean? - l mean, she's black. . .
So what? So you thought. . . Stop thinking so much.
- Lotte Larzen? - Never.
What about Line? The anchorwoman. . .
- No. . . Would you? - Yeah, l would.
- First the news, then the sports? - And she's thin, so no shit-dick.
- Pay. - What. . .?
He'll pay. l can't take it anymore. Pay. . .
Vic and me. . .
- l've never fucked Vic. - You haven't?
l can't.
l can't deal with paid-for pussy.
The first time, when she was just lyin' there. . .all doped-out. . .
l had my hand between her legs. . .
But she sucks my dick. She sucks a real good dick.
- Never stick your dick in a whore. - l don't mind.
- l once fucked up a client of hers. - Why?
l was driving around and saw her coming out of a building.
This guy followed her out.
So l followed him over to the pisser by the church. . .
So, he's standing there, pissing.
l went over to him and said. . .
''Man, you got a little dick, huh?''
He couldn't do anything 'cause he was pissing.
What then?
l said, ''That's the ugliest dick l've ever seen.''
Then l took him by the neck. . .
He goes down. . .
So l did a few Fred Astaire moves on him.
- You should've kicked him. - There's no room in there to kick.
Here, watch this. Stand still. Take these. . .
Circle kick. . .
- Stand still, man. Come here. - lf you hit me. . .
- What did you do? - What did l do?
- We don't have time for this. - l'm in pain! lt's not a joke!
Open the door.
What a pain in the ass!
- Does it hurt? - Yeah, it hurts. What do you think?
- l can't see with your shoe on. - l'll do it myself. Get away!
l'll do it myself. lt hurts like a motherfucker.
l can't get this shit off.
Shit, it hurts!
- Not so hard. . . - Try to sit still.
They're here, Frank.
l'm stayin' here.
Okay, then give me the dope.
What's up?
- Why are we moving? - lt's safer this way.
- You got the stuff? - You got the money?
- How are you? - What do you mean?
- You seem a little nervous. - You wanna know how l feel?
- Let me see the stuff. - The money first.
- Frank, the stuff first. - The money.
lt's always the stuff first.
lt's the fuckin' cops!
Get over here!
Come on in, boys.
Get over here!
- Come on. - Get your ass up here!
lf you want it, come and get it.
l got free donuts out here.
l'm out of shape.
Sit down.
Frank Jensen, 290967-2451 , charged with selling an illegal substance.
- Coffee? - Yes, please.
Have you warmed up a bit?
What were you doing in that rental car?
Swedish rental car. . .
- Who were the Swedes? - You flew out of that car.
You stampeded a cop, with a brown cloud around you. . .
and made us wade out in the water to get you and a bag.
Do you know how deep the shit is under your feet?
- What kind of dope was it? - Man, you gotta talk slower.
- Was it 200 grams? - l don't know anything about it.
ln 1 991 you got six months for possession of cocaine. Correct?
- l was in, l can't remember why. - Can we agree you're in deep shit?
You're in deep. Someone must want their money.
- You got anything to say? - l'd like a private bath next time.
- Should we let him think about it? - lt's filthy in there.
They pay you shit, so they must have enough left for cleaning ladies.
lt's cleaning time. You can do the rest yourself.
Where did it come from, and who was buying it?
Still nothing to say? Come on, Frank, you're wasting time.
You can't hold me more than 24 hours. Stick to the rules, boys.
What time is it?
- You only got a few minutes left. - There's some people outside. . .
- You don't know anything. - No, that's why you're here.
You don't know shit. . . Christ, you guys know nothing.
We don't know anything? What was it Tonny said?
- You do a lot of business with him? - Look what l have here.
A signed deposition from Tonny, your good buddy.
- ls it a solid partnership? - Signature. . . deposition. . .
Come on, Frank.
Don't play the hero. Come on, Frank.
Come on, Frank.
Say something. lt's for your own good.
We know there's a lot of people waiting for you.
- Nothing, huh? - Take your clothes and piss off.
The time is 2:00 p.m., it's Thursday the 22nd, and you're released.
lf you want to talk, you know where we are.
Milo. . . l'm sorry, Milo.
Frankie. . . What a surprise, Frankie.
l'm sorry l didn't show up yesterday.
- We had a deal? l don't remember. - l was gonna come with the money.
Radovan, can you remember if we had an appointment yesterday?
Come here. Sit down, Frank.
What then?
l don't have the dope, and l don't have the money.
Why don't you have the dope, and why don't you have the money?
- The police got me yesterday. - You were busted?
Frank was busted! With 200 grams, yeah?
And you're not in jail, or solitary, or whatever it's called?
That's strange. What do l say? That's strange.
lt's in the lake. All the dope's in the lake.
- The dope's in the lake? - lt's in the lake.
200 grams in the lake.
My best friend in Copenhagen. Frank. . .
200 grams in the lake, yeah? Tell me some more.
- There isn't. . . - Help me.
We're you busted or not?
Come on, l told you l was busted.
- lf you were, show me your papers. - l don't have papers. What papers?
You don't get papers if they don't find anything.
lt's like a bad joke. . .
Should l believe you, Frank?
What do l do now?
You owe me 1 80 now.
lt's not 1 80, it's 1 20.
How much did we say?
The deal was 1 20, and l owe you 50 from last week.
No, no. . . No, Frankie.
lt was 1 20. lt was.
But now it's 1 80. 1 80.
You want to ask why? Ask. . .
- Why? - lt's for the story you brought me.
You see, it keeps getting bigger. So, it's 1 80. . .50 now.
Frank. . .
What can you do? Can you bring me some money now?
lf Radovan comes with me now, l can get you 50,000.
- l just gotta take care of something. - Can you do it?
There's a guy who owes me 50. We can do it now.
- And the rest? - Next week.
Okay. 50 now. . .
Do you want coffee?
- l'll be back in a little while. - Take care.
What's goin' on? What are you doin'?
What did you tell the cops?
What are you doin'? What the fuck are you doin'?
What did you tell the cops?
Fuck you!
Take it easy, Frank.
What did you say? Did you say something?
- ls he dangerous? - No.
He's just the kind who buys and buys without paying.
Either he's not home, or says he'll pay tomorrow.
You gotta be on 'em 24 hours a day, always reminding them what they owe.
There was this Turk who fucked up and was into Milo for 30,000.
So l had to go out there. l'd been there a few times. . .
and asked for the money nicely.
ln the end l had to go out there with a knife.
l stuck it into his knees and tore it up, so the kneecap came out.
l'll tell you, Frank, l think a lot about doing something else.
- Just leaving this all behind. - What would you do?
Milo's a good cook, right? Especially cakes.
But l'm a good cook, too. Shish kebab. That's my specialty.
You gotta try it sometime. l get special spices for it.
There's nothing else like it.
l mean it, l'm thinking about opening a restaurant.
l haven't told anyone but you, not even Milo.
lt's top secret.
But it's got to be the right place.
- ln town? - Yeah, if l can make it all happen.
Then Milo can deliver the desserts.
Don't tell me you like that stuff. No way. . . He can't bake.
- He doesn't eat them himself. - l know why.
- Frank. . . - Do you have the money or not?
- l thought we agreed. . . - Fuck that, l need it now.
- l can get it on the first. - l need it now, not on the first.
Don't touch me! Let's see some fuckin' money.
You've owed me 52 for a long time. Why haven't you paid?
l had some problems. There's some things. . .
You think it's a joke?
- lt's not a game anymore. - Calm down.
lf you don't help me, l can't help you. l need it now.
- You used to play with my brother. - Does your brother have the money?
Then how can he help? He'll rip your kneecaps out if you don't pay up.
What am l gonna do with your watch?
Deal with it, Joakim. lt's not my money. l can't help you anymore.
Take it easy. . .
You're a swindler, huh? Can you get it, or can't you?
Listen, l know this sand-nigger, he can get the money.
Fuckin' Paki-lover. . . lt's my money, do you understand?
Can you get the money now? Right now? Then l have an idea. . .
- You can get the money at the bank. - He can't rob a bank.
- Anyone can rob a bank. - He can't even hold that thing.
- lt's 3:45, how can he rob a bank? - That's it, the problem's solved.
He can't rob a bank, he doesn't have the balls.
We just have time. What bank do we rob?
l don't care.
- What bank do you use? - No, he can't rob his own bank. . .
- There's nothing else around. - We'll do the first one we see.
- What about. . . - Let's go.
- Easy, easy. . . - Take it easy, man.
lf you popped one of us, the other would've blown your brains out.
lt's time to go.
Can l have a line?
- Yeah, when you give us the money. - Give him one now.
- Just give him one. . . - He gets shit until it's done.
lt's 3:45, we gotta go. Come on, Paki-lover.
So, what do we do now?
l'll tell Milo about it. Make sure you have the money tomorrow.
- Don't forget. - l won't.
- Sorry. . . - Hi, Frank.
- What's up? - What's up?
- You doin' all right? - Doin' fine. How about you?
- Okay. - Good.
- What the fuck have l been hearing? - What did you hear?
- What the fuck did you do to Tonny? - What did you hear?
l heard you fucked him up real good.
What the fuck's goin' on?
You gonna dance?
Christ, King got mega-fuckin' sick.
He threw up all his food yesterday. l got all paranoid.
Right into a taxi and over to some piss-ass expensive vet way uptown.
- That's a bitch, huh? - Totally. . .
There's a reception later. You wanna go?
- Are any celebrities gonna be there? - l think they'll all be there.
- You wanna go? - Yeah, of course.
- l'll pick you up here at twelve. - Great.
- Great. - l'll see you.
- What is it? - Bolivian.
- How much do you need? - Four grams.
- 2,800. - 600 a gram.
2,800. 7 00 a gram.
Fuck, man!
- Leave it. - l need my cord.
- l ain't gonna pay for this shit. - They're half off now. 550.
- No, they cost 7 00. - So. . . you wanna buy a gun?
Serious weapon, man. That's power, Frank.
5,500, and l'll throw in 1 00 shells.
- Can you handle 1 00 white? - l can if it's heroin.
- lt is. l'm gettin' it tomorrow. - Give me a call.
- But l need the money fast. - No problem. What about the gun?
What would l do with a gun. . .? But l could use a new phone.
- 800. When do you need it? - ln an hour.
An hour. . . Okay, l'll meet you here in an hour.
- Then l need the four. - Four grams, 2,800.
- Can it wait till tomorrow? - Then it better fuckin' happen.
- The phone's all yours. - Fuck that.
That was okay.
What's wrong?
What did that photographer say to you?
- You really want to know? - Yeah. . .
He asked if l'd suck him off for 500.
He thought l was a whore.
Aren't you?
l'm not a whore, l'm a champagne girl.
ls it any different, getting fucked for 3,000 or 300?
There's a big difference.
l could be whatever l want, l just don't feel like it.
Vic, come on!
Vic, get the fuck in here, now!
Why is what you do so important?
l mean, so long as it works for you.
You have a good time doin' what you do, so fuck it.
l don't wanna talk about it.
l think he's over there.
Hello. . .? Who's this?
- This is Thies. - Thies, this is ''Frank of Denmark.''
Wait a second. . .
l said wait!
Back off, l'm talkin' on the phone!
l said get away! l'm on the fucking phone!
What the fuck's wrong with you? Fuckin' junkie!
Fuck man, she was supposed to be here today.
Okay. l'll see you, Thies. Bye.
- What's up, Milo? lt's Frank. - Hi Frank, how are you?
Christ, l'm real busy, so l can't make it today.
- You can't meet with me. . . - l got a lot to take care of.
- You didn't come yesterday. . . - Didn't he tell you what happened?
- lt's not good. - Listen, l can't make it today.
- Come now, we can talk. . . - l can't come today, okay?
lf you don't come tomorrow. . .
with that 50, you won't be able to walk again. Okay?
What are you watching?
Some stupid movie with Johnny Depp.
Who's that?
What's that. . .? ls something wrong?
Are you pissed off about something?
What's that?
- Frank, what's that? - Open it and find out.
Thanks, Frank.
- That's enough. - Thanks, for Christ's sake.
You should've just said thanks.
- Are you going to work? - Yeah.
- Vic, where's your lactose? - ln there. . .
Where? l can't hear a word you're saying. Where is it?
- Can't you buy your own? - l don't have time. Where is it?
- They're operating on King at four. - Okay. . .
- ls he gonna die? - The doctor said he might.
- Can you drive me over? - l don't have time.
Can't you stay there with me?
Okay, l'll take you up there.
l gotta do something first, and you can get a cab. . .
l can't stay!
- Out. - What?
- What about me? - What about you?
l can't stand out here, it's raining.
- l'll see you. - Where's my money?
- We're going out to the hospital. - What?
- They're operating on King. - You know what. . .?
- You're too much. . . - He's dying.
l need it now. Jesus, you knew that all along.
- You wanna come to the hospital? - l just want my money, now.
- Yeah, but l don't have it. - l just want my money.
Who the fuck is that?
What's up?
- What are you thinking? - What do you mean?
- Are you crazy, or what? - Crazy?
Are any of us crazy?
l'm not goin' nowhere.
Hurry, Frank.
Okay, relax.
What's gotten into you?
- l had some problems. - You didn't come yesterday.
l didn't have the money yesterday.
What can l do when Milo says, ''Find Frank and get my money''?
We have a serious problem.
- l'll come by later and fix it. - You know l need it now.
l got 1 00 grams of white heroin for 1 00,000.
You do? Where did you get it?
- You want it? - Yeah, of course l want it.
You're offering me lactose?
lt's Vic's.
Are you fuckin' crazy?
Lactose and baking powder. l should tear your fuckin' kneecaps out!
You got one more chance. l want 230,000 in two hours. Understand?
What's goin' on?
- Where's Rita? - l don't know.
Can't we go now?
Get a cab.
- You owe me money. - Hi, Frank.
- l want my money. - Relax.
So l owe you money? l don't have it, you should've called first.
- Where's the phone? - There isn't any.
- What do you got? - 20,000 kroner worth of junk.
You can take that. lf you called first l'd have cash.
That's worth 20 kilos.
Hi, Mom.
- How are you? - l'm fine.
What are you doing these days?
Nothing. You know, different things. l'm trying to find some work.
Are you hungry. . .? You're sure?
- l can whip something up. - Don't bother.
Do you have any money?
l have to get some money today.
- For what? - l owe some money.
- How much? - 230,000.
They want it today, or else. . .
Do you have it?
These people, can't you talk to them?
They don't want to talk, they just want their money.
l have 6,000. You can have it.
Here is the money.
- Are you going so soon? - Yeah, l gotta run.
- Where's my dope? - What the hell is this?
- Where's my heroin? - You got it.
l got fuckin' baking powder. Why did l get baking powder?
- Didn't you check the stuff? - Yeah, l did.
- Then why did l get baking powder? - You didn't.
- You got what l got. - Where were you yesterday?
- Where were you yesterday? - l don't know.
- Where were you? - l was with Lasse Lakken.
- Where's my dope? - l haven't seen your dope.
Frank, it's in Amsterdam!
l want my dope!
lt's in Amsterdam! He didn't have anything to do with it!
My dope's in Amsterdam?
What's up, Frank?
- l got your money. - lt's about fuckin' time.
- You were supposed to call. - l need three more.
- What are you doin'? - l want your coke and your money.
You must be crazy. Jesus Christ. . .
lt's true what people are saying. You're all fucked-up.
What's up with you?
This is ridiculous.
What are you thinking?
He took all my money.
What the hell are you thinking?
What's up?
- lt's now, Frank. - Hi, Frank.
You got a gun, Frank?
You don't usually carry one.
What were you gonna do with it? Are we goin' to war?
- We're taking a ride. - l need more time.
l'll give you 30,000 if you let me go.
Hello, Frankie!
- Hey, Frankie. . . Hi, Frankie. - l got 59 you can have.
- How are you? - l got 59, you can have it.
Frank, you owe me 230,000.
That is what you owe me. Say it.
230,000. . . l just need two days.
- What? - Two days, then it's yours.
Then one day, just give me one day.
Okay, you have a little car outside, yeah?
Give me the key, and we can say. . . 60,000. That's okay, right?
Put the key here.
How much should we say?
500? ls that okay? 500, yeah?
Okay, that's 500. You have something here. . .?
That's 500, too, yeah?
- We're moving now, Frankie. - l got 7 00 here.
- And then we have the 59. - lt's up at the hotel.
Okay, no problem, Frank. Radovan will get it.
He can't. lt won't work if he goes to get it.
- They'll only give the key to me. - Again there's a problem.
He goes to get it. Can you call?
Call the hotel.
- ls Ulrik there? - Just a moment. . . No, l'm sorry.
- What time is he coming? - Later. Can l take a message?
We have another problem.
How many problems do you have?
- He isn't there. - How many?
- ls it one problem? - We have to get it later.
What now, Frank?
- l didn't do anything wrong. - l can't hear you.
Should we talk?
You didn't do anything wrong?
You are my friend, Frankie!
You got 50,000, and you didn't come back!
- There's 50,000 at the hotel. - 50?
You said 59!
You fucked me! You fucked me!
Frank, you're fucking me!
Come on, tell me a story.
lf we put aluminum foil on the fuse, we can go on all night.
Unless you want to tell me a story.
Amsterdam. . .
To sell it. . . give you the money.
You're getting some money. Where?
Tell us a story. Come on. Get yourself together.
Amsterdam. . .to get dope l could sell here, to get what l owe you.
- Behind my back. - l wasn't cheating you. . .
So that's it, you little fucker.
Now l will show you something, you little thief.
Let's show him. . . Now we are going to show Frankie.
Little fucker. . .
Now you are scared, yeah?
- What time is it? - Nine.
- What happened? - l got my ass kicked.
- By who? - Some guys.
- What now? - l gotta leave town.
King died yesterday.
You wanna come with me?
Do you want me to come?
Yeah, l want you to come.
As long as it's not Sweden.
Or Yugoslavia.
Where do you want to go?
Spain. . .
Okay. . . We'll go to Spain.
You can stop here.
- How much? - You can have it for 1 0,000.
- Okay. - Wait here.
Frank. . .
Frank, is that you?
How are you?
- Why? - Because we have a problem.
lt's gone too far. Too many people talk about us.
Bad for me, bad for you.
Frank, my friend. . .
We have to fix it, yeah?
- How do you suggest we fix it? - How much do you have now?
About 7 0.
Okay, bring it here. Then we're even, yeah?
We're not going.
lt's okay now. lt's no problem.
What the hell would l do in Spain?
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