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Pusong Mamon CD1

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Ron, our company's really proud of you.
You've helped boost the sales of our company.
Our competition's nowhere near.
Just doing my job, sir.
I want to tell you now that I've recommended you for a promotion.
Thank you sir.
Incidentally, have you met my wife?
And this is my youngest son.
Future boss! Hi, hello!
Sir, can you excuse me a moment?
Sure, sure! Have fun, enjoy the party.
You stare and stare. Is that all you can do?
A minute! I'm waiting for an opening.
Remember, you only have a 6-month grace period.
After that, it's my turn to go after Ron.
Congratulations on your performance award.
Thanks. Could you excuse me?
Annie, do you want me to drive you home?
Mike, let's talk later, okay?
I saved a life today.
Huh? What?
I stopped someone's attempt at suicide.
Can you phone operators do that?
Why not, if it's life and death?
I asked how she was going to kill herself.
She said she was going to drink insecticide.
I said, don't do that. It's not 100%!
If you survive, you'll have a hole in your guts.
What happened?
She said she'll leap from a building.
I told her she'll die ugly!
And you'll make trouble for the owner of the car you land on.
Not to mention the passenger. Possible heart attack.
You'll have that on your conscience, too.
So she got scared?
She asked what was she supposed to do then.
I told her that if her problem was a cheating spouse
all the more reason to live.
Otherwise, she'll just let her competitor win.
Make beauty your priority, so you'll win back your husband.
Was she convinced?
A bit. But to make sure, I told her my husband beat me when I was pregnant.
Then he left me. But I didn't surrender!
I fought back for my child!
Your bravado is admirable, Annie!
No, my story was a phony! I made it up so she'll see how better off she was.
I think I need another drink.
Can you please excuse me?
Ron, can I hitch a ride with you?
Mike left me behind.
Sure, come on.
Can you still drive?
We did it! He's mine and you lose!
And you can put our anniversary on your calendar.
Annie, I'm so happy for you.
Thank you.
I apologize for what happened last night.
I was drunk.
Why are you sorry? We're both adults.
We knew what we were doing.
Just pretend nothing happened.
Hey Annie, can we have lunch?
Annie, I need a favor. I'm menstruating.
I don't have a pad.
How come? Are you finished?
But we have the same cycle.
Girl, never mind!
Ron, I have a problem.
Sorry, you were saying?
I'm pregnant.
Why are you surprised? We both did it.
But how could I--
Once doesn't matter. You're a sharp-shooter!
But we don't even have a relationship.
Now we do and you are the father.
Annie, I can't marry you.
Why? Am I so difficult to love?
What do you want me to do? Court you?
Just say the word and I'll do it.
Just give me your list of requirements and time to practice.
I'll give child support.
No. I won't raise a child alone.
National crime rates are related to the number of fatherless kids.
Hey, don't involve me with the national crime rate!
Then marry me!
No can do.
I can't marry you.
Give me 5 reasons.
Just one.
I'm already living-in with someone!
You have a lovely home.
We have dinner prepared for us.
Nick, this is Amy.
Annie, this is Nick.
My boyfriend.
Oh, you!
No, I mean it. He's my boyfriend.
Miss whats-your-name--
Annie! That's her name!
Fan her!
Get something to fan her with!
You do the fanning!
What happened?
Miss! Miss!
What am I going to do?
Get water!
Here's the water!
In a glass! Put it in a glass!
Miss! Annie! Annie!
Are you okay?
Maybe you're hungry? Food?
No, this isn't hunger.
We'd better--
It's from what I saw
Don't you wanna eat first?
We have to talk.
Come here.
You here, and you here.
So what's your problem?
He got me pregnant!
What? Pregnant?
Why did you knock her up?
I was drunk.
Why did you get him drunk?
I didn't get him drunk.
He got himself drunk!
You seduced me!
You took advantage of him!
Me? Rape him? He stripped himself!
You were nude?
Did't I say I was sauced?
That's no excuse to cheat on me!
You're worried about betrayal when I'm the one pregnant?
What do you really want?
Take responsibility for this!
Didn't I tell you it's not possible?
I already have a responsibility to Nick.
Why? Did you knock him up, too?
You're impossible.
No matter, you have to answer for this!
My father will come and force you to marry me.
Your shotgun wedding groom is gay!
Just a minute, please.
I didn't count on you becoming a playboy.
Don't be sarcastic. We both have to solve this problem.
You got yourself into it, get yourself outta it.
Don't you dare call me honey!
But okay. What are we going to do?
Maybe this is the chance for us to have a baby.
Instead of adopting, at least this baby's mine.
Are you considering this marriage?
Ron, we talked about adopting a child. That didn't include the mother.
Maybe we can convince her to give us the baby and we'll take care of everything.
She'll agree to become a baby-maker?
Maybe we can give her a pile of money. Let's make a deal.
Come on. Let's talk to her.
She vanished.
(Neightbors): Ma, those are the two I've been telling you about.
At what?
Look at those two! I think our neighbors are gay! Yuck!
Cathy!How many times have I told you--
Don't judge other people just like that. Let's go home!
Breakfast is ready! And you, get off the phone.
And you, feed the child.
Annie, do you have some money? We need to buy food.
Me too, sister. I need money to buy a new uniform.
Mom, didn't I just give money last Wednesday?
Yes, my child. But you know--
Elder sister, I borrowed that money. For Jon-Jon's school fees.
Could everybody please spend slowly.
Reggie, who is that Bea who keeps on calling? Lay off the girls! You might knock someone up!
Mom, I'm graduating this year.
Have some respect for Annie. She's working hard so you can all finish school.
And this is what you do? Take a look at Sarah!
Marrying early only to wind up back here.
You two do that, okay? Do exactly that.
How about you, Bernardo? Have you found a job?
Enough. All of you get your lives together.
Your sister Annie has a life of her own.
Fortunately, she does not have a boyfriend.
Mom, dad. I have a boyfriend already.
Why didn't you introduce him to us?
The reason for that is--
Honey, get the door.
You get it.
Who the hell is that?
It's so early.
Sorry sir, I told you weren't up yet but she was persistent.
Hi, Ron! This is my brother Reggie. Reggie, this is Ron.
Hi! That's Nick over there.
Bro, you're lucky. My sister's a champ.
Carry those inside.
Go ahead. Put those upstairs.
I told my family I'm moving in with you.
After giving birth, we'll get married.
Father was angry at the start. But eventually--
Don't hurt my sister
--if you don't want to get hurt.
Sis, I gotta go. The taxi's waiting.
Annie, what is this all about?
Do you expect me go to work looking pregnant and I don't have a boyfriend?
So you've decided to ruin our lives?
Ron, I'm not doing this alone. So just accept it.
You don't know how scandalous I can get.
My suffering has begun.
I'll just cook in the kitchen.
Is she still hoping to get you?
She's just vengeful.
She wants to torture us.
At least, she's succeeding.
Then let's make her life here miserable so she'll leave.
No, that's where you're mistaken.
What she needs is reverse-psychology.
We have to show her kindness.
So her heart will soften.
Who knows
--she might give your baby.
What if she insists on the marriage?
Mind your own and leave me outta it.
And maybe all the more if we refuse.
She might indeed bring her father here to force you. Then we'll be really screwed.
You know, this isn't so bad.
Pretend to live in.
At least you can postpone and postpone until she accepts the situation.
And besides, this solves on of our biggest problems.
I don't have to leave the house or leave when your father arrives.
At least, you have a girlfriend to introduce.
Oops, I'm late.
Didn't you like what I made?
I do. I just have an important errand.
Bye. I have to rush.
Hurry up or you'll be late.
Ron, I'll skip work for now. Can you take care of it? I have a lot to do here.
What's that you're holding?
What do you think? My baby?
It's the baby Jesus.
Come on. Let's go back inside.
You can put your baby Jesus over there.
I know.
There's food in the fridge. But have some breakfast here.
I'm not hungry.
Manang, she says she's not hungry. Please clean up the table.
By the way, put your dirty laundry over there.
And make sure you separate your whites and coloreds.
Yes, I know that.
Manang get the laundry twice a week.
I can do my own laundry.
Nick, what's that?
Not that. The yellow one.
You mean, this?
For your information, this is a yellow pepper from South America.
Red from China.
And our very own local version that you're more familiar with.
Oh, nothing. I said, aren't they lovely? Their colors blend.
You know how to cook?
Of course. I'm a chef. And I own a restaurant.
Nick, just a second.
I have something to say. Please come.
Over here.
What? What do you have to say?
I have something to say so come here.
Are you gay?
Are you gay?
Girl, I'm beyond Madonna.
Annie, everything Ron said is true.
Oh, really?
Do you wear panties?
Excuse me. I'm not your typical homosexual.
Open your eyes.
Girl, you're the one whose eyes need opening.
And please stay away. Thunder will strike.
Come on upstairs. I have a lot to teach you.
Over there is the downstairs bathroom.
Manang is alone. So please, let's help with the cleaning.
Not a problem.
Is that so?
Let's go upstairs.
This one is the guest room. You'll be using it--
I've been to that room. Do you mean to say--
I'm going to use the downstairs bathroom?
Um, yes. But you can use our bathroom, too.
Here's our bathroom. We fill up pails in case water pressure is low.
Choose a place where you want to place your things. That place and that place is okay.
How about my towel?
Here. This is mine and this is Ron's.
Okay. Thank you.
I'm waiting for Nick. Nick usually makes breakfast.
I know how to cook.
Okay. Go ahead.
Is Nick going with us on the way to work?
No, he works late.
Why, is he a prostitute?
Oh, you're being funny.
Ron? Did you enjoy our night?
Are we going to discuss that so early in the morning?
Ron, are you a pure gay?
Why, is there an impure kind?
Yes. You.
You know why. Deep inside, you're straight.
Maybe you just over-identified with your mother.
Or a woman traumatized you so you became this way.
I think it's only now I've been traumatized.
No, Ron. I'm serious.
Maybe this is blessing so you'll realize you're straight.
I have a friend who was religiously reborn, and now he's straight.
Maybe you're like that, too. You're a--
A what? A closet heterosexual?
You truly are attracted to women.
Children, a normal family--
And a gay mistress?
Good morning, hon.
Hold it right there.
That's for Manang, our maid.
Actually I have my own special blend. It took me time to perfect it.
Here you go.
It's a mixture of arabica, robusta, and--
barako from Batangas!
(Whispering) Fancy-shmansy. It's still caffeine.
Anyway, what would you like for breakfast? Poached eggs?
No, croissants.
--with strawberry jam!
I thought you hated hissy laughers?
Bye, hon!
And who is that lady there?
I've no idea.
Man, congratulations!
Congratulations, Annie!
Long live the newly-weds!
Sir, congratulations!
Thank you!
Annie, what a surprise!
--Annie, we envy you
Hey, don't forget to invite us. Okay?
After the baptismal.
We're really invited?
This is so exciting!
You're unbelievable. You didn't even give me a hint.
I told you already. I didn't have any idea!
If you were shocked, then I'm shocked even more!
Hi, hon!
Have you been waiting long?
Maybe 15 minutes.
Hi, Nick!
Why didn't you come inside?
Annie and I were having a conversation.
She feels she's the wife?
Next time don't fetch me if the car is unavailable.
I told you. We should've gone to the grocery to shop.
Nick, we need ketchup.
Got it.
I don't like that one. I want this.
This is what we like.
I'll pay for this one.
Let's just put this back.
Let's get it, too.
No, let's not. It's redundant.
It makes no difference.
There is a difference!
Now look what you've done. Now we pay double.
This one smells better.
Manang prefers this.
I spoke with Manang and she said she wants to try this.
Can we just take this?
That scent makes me wanna puke!
So what do you want to wipe your ass with?
Double-ply unscented.
I don't want it scented. Isn't that obvious?
Let her be. She has cravings.
She craves toilet paper?
Let's buy all of the unscented double-ply!
You know, you should stop working.
Ron, one more.
My feet are all cramped up.
Can you massage them?
It's the fish sauce.
Left or right?
Oh. Heaven!
You're gaining weight.
You mean, obese!
Ron, I hope our baby has your eyes.
The baby would be cuter if it took after you.
Damn mess!
That woman!
I don't want any more of this!
No more! No more!
Sshh! My dad's here!
Hi, Dad!
What was that I heard that sounded like a pig being butchered?
Oh that was me! I was practicing my singing!
How are you, sir!
I'll fix up some snacks downstairs.
Right on, man!
Sure, man!
I have a suspcion about him.
It's true!
I can smell fags!
When I was in military academy--
That was my specialization!
One sniff and I can tell if someone was a fag.
Yes, sir!
Oh yeah, dad. What's the purpose of your sudden visit?
Don't you like the ocassional surprise?
But this time I have a surprise for you!
Just a moment--
I thought you'd never give me a grandchild!
Congratulations, Ron!
Thank you, dad!
Thank you?
Oh, thank you! Dad! I'll just get the ice--
I want a son. I hope this is a male baby!
If that's so, then my grandson will be a soldier!
Soldiers that kill!
First a soldier, then eventually President of the Philippines!
Dad, by the way. I'm about to be promoted in the office!
Marketing manager!
Yes, dad! Ron is really close to our boss.
Very good then. When is the wedding?
I want a military wedding!
Very near!
Yes! And I want to be a June bride!
June! That's next month!
Son, why did you keep this a secret?
If I didn't come to Manila, I would know I was already a grandfather!
Why are you coming to the headquarters tomorrow, by the way?
My retirement benefits need to be processed.
I'll fix that tomorrow.
Then you should take the master's bedroom.
No, no. Have pity on Annie.
I want you to enjoy your honeymoon!
No! I suggest you sleep in my room!
Um, never mind.
I'll take the couch instead.
Do you want me to prepare it for you?
No, don't bother.
Hey, don't neglect your wife, okay?
Oh, dad! The truth is I'm spoiled rotten by my honey.
As he should!
And I want consecutive macho sons!
As many as you want!
Nick here tells us that we should have lots of children.
And he wants to be godfather to them all!
Is that so? Nick's okay after all--
True, dad. Nick is really great.
It's hard to find a friend like him.
He's so supportive of me and Ron!
And you know what, dad--
He was the one who matched us up!
Is that so? Thank you, Nick!
You're welcome, sir.
So how did you two meet?
Oh, it's like this! There was a time I was strolling--
Dad, we work in the same office.
You look tired, dad. Would you like to rest?
You two go ahead and rest.
Oh, hon! Did you hear that? Let's go!
Good night, dad!
Good night, Nick!
Good night, son!
Good night, dad!
Would you like to have something to drink?
They're so sweet to each other!
I'm so happy for my son.
Me too.
Don't you envy them?
You should have a girlfriend too. So you'll be happy too.
Do you want me find you a girl?
No, sir! Thanks, but no thanks!
I'm good. I'm okay by myself.
I'll go to bed now!
Just hold it right there.
Oh yeah, my room is this way!
Good night, sir!
Just so we're clear...
Thank you, Annie.
It's nothing.
Anything for you.
Where are you going?
I'm just going to knock on Nick's door.
Knock where?
This is our secret door when dad's here.
I can't believe these homos...!
Why do you let her call you honey? That what I call you.
Nick, hon.
There are others you can use. There's darling, babes, cupcake, cookie, pang, sugar.
(Knocking) Ron...?
It's daddy!
Nick, it's daddy!
Huh? What?
It's daddy!
What do you want me to do?
Get Annie!
Dad, just a moment--
Just a second, Dad--
Hi, Dad!
You look.. exhausted.
I'm leaving later.
I'll just leave these papers with you for now.
Look at that.
You're so lucky to have her as a wife.
Don't cheat on her, okay?
When was the last time I cheated on a girl?
Well, that's true...
I've never heard of you having--
a girlfriend!
Okay. I gotta be on my way.
I have to prepare.
Let's talk later, okay?
Take care, dad.
Take care of my grandson.
Of course, dad.
Hon, have you told dad already?
Maybe we'll discuss this inside?
Dad might get late.
Hon, come on. Hurry up.
Hon, come on and tell dad!
Hon, come on and say it.
Say what?
Dad, Ron and I have agreed
if our baby is a male
we'll name him after you.
Thank you. I do hope it's a son.
It would be hard to name my daughter after you.
You can name her Donut.
I'll go now.
Take care, dad.
Bye now.
See you later dad.
Bye, sir.
Bye, dad!
Bye! Take care!
You can stop now. Showtime's over.
Could you please not? I'm pissed.
You kiss all the time!
But that was just for dad--
And that girl is riding on it!
You can thank me, I don't kiss you in front of your father!
Nick! Nick!
Let go of me.
Don't be mad.
Can you please--
Yes, I can.
I see a smile starting--
you're not mad anymore!
You like classical music?
The baby will grow smarter.
Excuse me. Annie Sarmiento?
Thank you.
Thanks for driving me.
It's nothing.
Do you hate me?
It could kill you.
What you're doing is more dangerous.
You both agreed.
Annie, why did you do this?
Which one? Living in your house?
No, all of this.
I don't know.
Maybe I was bored with what I've been doing.
Maybe because I just wanted to.
Don't you believe in fate?
Maybe this is my fate.
You chose this. We chose this.
I want to do something unexpected of me.
Even in your decision-making you're lousy.
Nick, do you really love Ron?
If anybody hurts him, I'm willing to kill.
You love him that much?
And you?
I love him also.
Then we've got a big problem.
You want to send me away?
Annie, I want to understand you.
At least, for the sake of the baby.
You love kids?
I don't have siblings.
Who knows. Maybe the baby will take after me.
I believe that might be true.
When did you find out you were gay?
Isn't our garden lovely?
She's good.
I agree.
I must admit. My parasol looks better on her.
This one's cute.
This one's got a handle!
This one's the best!
What's wrong?
The baby kicked!
Before we begin the ceremony--
Godfathers stand here, godmothers stand there.
How come there are only godfathers?
Aren't there any godmothers?
None, father.
The mother should carry the baby.
Are you the mother?
Oh, no. I'm just a guest.
There's no mother. My spouse and I adopted this baby.
Then get your spouse over here.
I'm here!
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