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Pusong Mamon CD2

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If both parents are gay, who'll be the mother?
They don't believe the opposite-sex definition. Both of them are simply the parents.
Marvin, I hereby baptize you in the name of the Father...
Picture! Smile everyone!
When is yours due?
Just a few more weeks.
Ron and Nick are really lucky.
They're having a baby, too.
That's my dream, too. To have a baby even if not my own.
At least half is my spouse's.
You know, Nick is really fortunate.
And who told you I'm giving up my baby to them?
Aren't you? Your baby is lucky, too.
You can be sure Nick will love your child.
Change positions. Let me go over there.
Change position! Everyone compress!
She won't get far. She doesn't have any money!
What on earth did you tell everybody?
Nothing! I just said we wanted to adopt the baby. I didn't say we own the baby!
Annie might think we're getting ahead of ourselves.
If something happens to Annie and the baby, that's our responsibility.
No, it's your fault.
Where is that crazy woman?
There! There's the lunatic!
Pull over. I'll go talk to her.
No, it's my fault. So I'll do it.
Annie, wait!
Annie, the next time you walk out, can you please excuse yourself first?
Hello! Then that wouldn't be a walk-out!
Annie, forgive me. I know I've done you wrong.
I didn't tell them you're giving up the baby. Just that we wanted to adopt--
I'll never give you this baby!
I know.
I've accepted the fact that you are Ron's love. But this baby is mine. Mine!
I know...
You and Ron love each other. This baby is the only one who will love me.
Yes, Annie.
Annie, don't take this too hard. The baby might suffer for it.
You're only concerned about the baby.
Of course not. We're concerned about you, too.
I'll never forgive myself if something happened to you, Annie.
I won't be able to cook--
That's what worries you. Your cooking!
Annie, that's not the point.
If you leave us, I'll always remember the banana ketchup.
The unscented double-ply. Hey Annie-
When you entered our lives, luck has been on our side.
Even my restaurant has been doing really good.
Are all gays soft-hearted?
Aren't you? Then why are you crying?
Don't be upset anymore.
If I embrace you this way--
does it turn you on?
Why would it turn me on?
What if I put my boobs against you?
Girl, I can only feel your belly.
Not your tits.
Let's go home.
Wait a minute, ma'm!
Good morning!
Good morning!
How did you get here?
I took the bus!
Why, aren't there buses?
Did you tell Uncle before leaving?
No way. Forget him.
I stowed away!
Hey, lady. He might get angry.
He thinks I'm senile.
Speaks loudly. But I'm not deaf!
Maybe he's the one who's deaf.
Where's Ron?
He went to the club house.
You're husband is so lucky, you're so hard-working.
And so handsome, too!
We're both lucky when it comes--
to men!
How beautiful!
Your garden is really beautiful!
And you don't have a green thumb.
From what I know, you have green blood! (Gay!)
And who is this?
So pretty!
Thank you, ma'm.
But too pretty to be the maid!
I take that back.
Oh, not at all. Grandma, this is Annie. Annie, my Grandma.
Good morning, ma'm.
Good morning!
Don't tell me you have a girlfriend.
What about Ron?
Grandma! Perish the thought!
The father of her child--
is Ron.
You have a baby-maker?
You and Ron are separated?
Grandma, it's not like that.
It's a long story. Tell you later, okay?
How beautiful!
My dream for Nicky--
So Nicky is your nickname!
I wanted him to be an actor.
So I entered him into all the religious stage shows.
But he's not interested in acting.
He only landed the part of the shepherd.
Not even the role of Judas!
But do you know what part he really wanted to play?
He wanted to be the Virgin Mary!
Virgin Ma--
So what are you now? What?
A cook!
Granda, excuse me. I'm a chef. A chef!
What do you mean chef?
Anyway, I want my grandchild--
to be a big star.
Grandma, the baby isn't your grandchild. It's Annie and Ron's child.
Grandma, I'm the father.
Tell these bitches, I'm the grandmother.
This baby is her grandchild!
Whatever you say.
Let's do some exercise.
Music coming right up!
She can't work out--
You stay put.
Grandma, are you okay?
What's wrong?
Are you having the baby?
How far apart are the intervals?
No. But the intervals of grandma's snores are 5 seconds!
Intensity seven!
Annie, come.
Move aside!
Annie! Are you having the baby?
Ron! Ron!
Annie's having the baby!
Annie, listen. Breathe in! Inhale!
Don't panic.
Excuse me please.
Why take Lamaze classes only to end up having a caesarian?
I hope Annie doesn't have a hard time.
What's the news?
None so far, sir. Who's the father?
I mean, him!
Dr. Salvador will be out after delivering the baby.
I hope the baby looks like me!
How's the baby?
Not yet out.
It's nice of you to make it here.
For important events like this, nothing stops me.
Not even a military tank!
First grandchild?
Of course, you know about your son...
But of course!
He keeps no secrets from me.
Dad, would you like a sandwich?
Grandma, some soda?
No, no.
I admire you!
You're so liberal.
Yes. So many live together out of wedlock.
The important thing is they are happy.
And love each other!
As for me, I'm beyond scandal--
Nothing scandalizes me!
At first, I was shocked, too.
But it all changed. I'm happy I'm having a grandchild.
They've been together for quite some time anyway.
A long time?
Almost six years!
That long?
Why? Don't they invite you to their anniversaries?
Maybe they were too shy to open up to you.
About the two of them.
Why would they be shy?
Congratulations! It's a healthy baby boy!
Oh! Thank God!
Thank God, too!
What a pretty baby! So cute!
Don't be noisy. Annie's asleep.
He has Ron's nose and lips.
The baby looks more like you, Nick.
What do you mean?
Dad! I mean, Annie's favorite then was Nick!
I see.
The baby probably takes after me.
Look at his eyes!
They haven't opened yet.
Ron, how's Annie? Is she okay? Was it difficult?
A little. She labored for six hours.
Man, you got one already!
Where is my grandchild?
He's inside with Annie.
By the way, Dad. They're Annie's parents.
We have a grandchild now--
Wait, so when is the wedding?
Why not make it the baptismal, too?
We'd better go in and see Annie.
I'm so excited to see my grandson!
Let's go!
Hey Ron, why do you look unprepared to be a father?
Come in, come in!
What if they find out?
Grandma, you're the only one who knows.
I'm convinced.
I'm convinced you can be the best actress!
You fooled all of them!
Meet the in-laws!
Horsey-horsey, Ryan! Look! Look!
Look baby! Look!
I don't want the baby to be over-pampered.
Never mind. We're doing the pampering anyway.
But you haven't showered. Didn't you come from the kitchen?
The baby's immune system is still weak.
Oops, sorry. I was so excited I got carried away.
Would you mind if I slept next door?
I just want to sleep next to the baby.
Of course not.
Go ahead.
Smile, baby!
Hi, hon!
Come! Say "papa"!
Hi baby!
Oh that's so cute!
Wait, let me take a picture of you.
One more.
Nick, would you take our picture?
Me, one more--
Over here. One more.
One more--
Why won't you let us be?
Yes. It's all my fault.
I ruined your lives.
I'm crazy.
But if you leave me and Ron--
I wouldn't know what to do.
You've become part of our lives.
I know.
Often, I can't fight feeling my insecurities.
I imagine--
What if Ron loves you more than me now?
Or what if he loves the baby more.
Oh, I forgot. Your baby.
I've no part in all that.
I'm just a phantom.
He's your baby, too.
Your part of the struggle.
Annie, let's not cheat ourselves, okay?
You two are the real parents and I'm just hitching.
How can you think that? It's overboard.
I know the facts.
When one grows old--
all sorts of things enter one's mind.
What if Ron stops loving me?
Or replaces me with someone younger?
What of me? What will I do?
How can you say that?
I envy you!
You're lucky. You have a caring grandmother.
You have Ron.
You're luckier.
You have a uterus.
You're mad!
Come here.
Let me kiss you.
What are you, a lesbian?
Ma, isn't he gay?
I'm confused! I thought the two were gay.
Before, the girl was with the other one.
Now, she's with the other one.
Is this a result of calamity or the peso devaluation?
I am witness to the quest of my friend Jason.
His search for a long-time partner.
Each time I introduce him to someone new, he tells me--
"He is the one!"
But as usual, he goes home heartbroken.
But this time is different.
This is the relationship that will last and be full of color.
For reasons I, and they, are only the ones to know.
But all I can say is--
this is the bomb!
Is that really allowed here?
Of course. Many same-sex marriages have been done.
But of course, no blessing from church and other religious orders.
Why don't you and Ron get married then?
You want his father to shoot him?
Besides, some people believe in the ceremony of matrimony, others don't.
Well, I do.
That would be the happiest day of my life, if it happens.
Annie, can I borrow Nick for just a while?
What's wrong?
You brought me all this way to say nothing?
Nothing... I mean, it's about Mike and Jason's wedding.
It just crossed my mind.
I just wanted to tell you this no matter how awkward.
You've been a wonderful partner.
And I know I'll never find another like you.
And I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you.
Can we talk?
Just a moment. Upstairs.
What's this all about? You make it sound so important.
My family is pressuring me.
Every time I see them, I can't breathe.
Then tell the truth.
As if it's that easy!
There's only one solution, you know.
A boyfriend! Someone you can really marry!
I'll put an ad on the paper for a boyfriend?
You have suitors, right?
Why not open up to the idea of dating them?
Annie, you're beautiful.
It's true.
You were backwards then but after our makeover--
here you are.
But something's still missing.
I'll take care of it!
Give her a makeover. Something sophisticated but not stiff.
Very natural. Highlight on the eyes and the lips.
Okay, you know what to do then.
I'll be gone for a while.
Where are you going?
Annie, I got you clothes.
You're so pretty.
That's what we have to fix.
What a gentleman.
Plus ten points!
And should we miss this romantic event?
Get dressed.
We're coming along.
Can you cook?
A little.
You should learn.
I like to eat.
Carnival faggot!
Don't we all have equal rights? To each his own?
Yes. But not like that!
He's probably heading for the men's room.
Maybe because he has to really go.
No! To peep!
That's what happened to me.
Peeping on me while I was peeing.
So I hit him!
Yes. Teach him a lesson!
There's more. I dragged him to the toilet and stuck his head in the bowl.
You did that?
Yes. Faggots are the plague to us men.
You're an idiot.
And a braggart!
Didn't you ever think that he was trying so hard to peek--
because there was nothing to see?!
And since your head is down there--
Food for the brain!
Tiny dick!
Here, have some refreshments.
Magazines! They're all new!
We're okay. We're fine. Bye!
If you need anything--
Yes. Thank you.
Excuse us a moment, please.
Can you please leave me alone?
Here's the wine!
Let's open it.
I'll do it.
I can handle this myself.
Go go go. Go away.
I'll take care of all this.
Can I have just water?
Here's the water.
Excuse me.
Stop. Or else I'll scream!
Poise, remember!
I'm so excited!
Aren't they nice?
Yes. You're so fortunate.
Annie's really pretty.
Not her. The guest.
Nanny, take Ryan.
Don't go too far away.
Are you really decided?
Wait. Who am I seeking permission from?
Of course, us first.
Do you really love Annie?
That's why I'm marrying her.
Are you aware we're a package deal with Annie?
Hey, be gentle with Enrico.
What do I have to be shocked with?
That the two of them are a couple?
It's obvious.
You think you're the only ones in the know.
I have gay friends, too.
So it's okay.
You're okay then.
So what's this package deal?
The four of us parents will raise Ryan.
We don't want this to be an issue later. So we're clearing it this early.
There's no issue. The first time Annie and I spoke--
the first she told me was that she has a child.
The father is gay and has a boyfriend.
And they are the 3 most important people in her life.
And if I can't accept that, then we're just wasting time.
So what is there to discuss?
Are you sure?
I've already accepted.
It's so pretty!
Play downstairs.
Wow! You're a good illustrator.
Pick which one you like.
This, this, or this?
That one!
Yup. It's made for you.
It's just a knock-off!
This is my grandmother's.
My face--
You don't want it to be seen?
Of course not!
Now you're a bride!
Let me join!
Who is it?
I'm looking for Annie.
Ma, what do you think?
I don't know. My head is aching just thinking about it.
Ma'm please proceed to the veranda.
Okay, thank you.
I was going to surprise you.
But I was the one who got a surprise.
Sally, wait. Let me explain.
No, keep it a secret. It's better I don't know!
I didn't know how to tell you.
You could have sent me a message.
I thought we were bestfriends. But I know nothing!
I look stupid!
Okay, I'll tell you the truth.
I'm getting married.
You're getting married?
Your boyfriend has a man in his arms!
You're the maid of honor when I wed Enrico.
Enrico who?
The phony couple!
Didn't I tell you I was better off not knowing?
You're the loser if you resign.
If you change jobs, this will happen again.
You know, the more you hide it, the bigger the trouble.
Look at me. I'm out at work and there's no problem.
And Enrico. He's accepted it.
Because I told him from the start.
You know what, hon, I think it's about time--
that you come out!
Yeah, hon.
And what?
Everyone will accept me?
Who's the boy?
Maybe it's Ron.
He's the real father.
And there's another girl.
Another fag?
No! How could you say that!
I just figured.
Have you guys eaten?
Later. I'll just take a peek at Ryan.
Okay, Annie.
Isn't Ron the father of Annie's baby?
Why is she holding someone else's hand?
So how about it Mike? It looks like Ron is getting the promotion instead of you.
That's what you think.
There's a little birdie that told Mr. Menardo that Ron is a fag.
Do you think the boss wants a fag to run the marketing department?
I don't think so!
Ron, can I have a word with you?
You mean--
I wanted to keep this till later but there's no point keeping you in suspense.
But I thought--
Wrong. You're the new marketing director!
But I thought--
You thought I'd listen to the gossip?
Unfortunately sir, the rumors are true.
I know that.
You don't seem to understand.
I admire your bravery, Ron.
There are many people to hide their true selves.
Pretending their entire lives.
Marries, has a conventional family.
And even in the office, since he's the boss--
the employees can't know his true identity.
And that's very sad.
On the ocassion of Ron's birthday, I have news for everyone.
Ron is the new head of the marketing department!
I've learned many lessons.
And i'm thankful.
First, thank you to Mr. Menardo.
Not just for the promotion--
but for the trust he has given me.
Now, I'll get to know him more.
And I'd like to thank the many people who love me.
Like my father.
And my son, Ryan.
I want so start over again tonight.
This night of my birth.
Starting with doing what's right.
Saying what's right.
My friends and officemates
all that you've said is true.
The first is that I am the father of Annie's child.
And I'm proud of that.
Annie and I are not married.
Because she is marrying her boyfriend, Enrico.
And I--
I can no longer marry her because--
I already have a boyfriend.
If you have any questions
just raise your hand, and I'll answer them all.
So we can all be merry!
Impossible! You can't be gay!
Dad, it's possible. I'm gay.
You should said so earlier so we could've done something!
This isn't cancer that can be prevented.
What went wrong?
Am I unacceptable to you?
Dad, have a drink. It will help.
That's right, dad!
Dad, come on! Let's dance. You have a lot to learn.
Hon, I'm so proud of you. I thought our problems would never end.
But the Little Jesus has answered my prayers!
You know what, earlier while preparing--
What's wrong?
When was the last time I said I love you?
You're the best chef in the world. My best friend.
My partner. And I love you.
Look Ryan, mom's gown is so pretty!
Daddy Ron designed that!
I love you so much.
Thank you for everything.
Isn't mom pretty?
Annie, let's go take some pictures.
Let's go.
Can I have a moment?
I just want to vent my anger.
I'm done.
I told myself
I'm hard as a rock
I won't give in to you
I told myself
I don't need you in my life
But when I face you
A big turnaround
Melting away
Melting away
My heart of stone
Soft hearts
Soft hearts
With you my heart is soft
Even if you have no time
My heart caves
It skips a beat
When will your love
Drizzle down
Upon my soft heart?
I told myself
Even if you never notice me
So what
I told myself
This longing will pass
But one look at you
A big turnaround
Melting away
Melting away
My heart of stone
Soft hearts
Soft hearts
With you my heart is soft
Even if you have no time for me
My heart caves
It skips a beat
When will your love
Drizzle down
Upon my soft heart?
Soft hearts
Soft hearts
With you my heart is soft
Even if you have no time for me
My heart caves
It skips a beat
When will your love
Drizzle down
Upon my soft heart?
Soft hearts
Soft hearts
With you my heart is soft
Even if you have no time for me
My heart caves
It skips a beat
When will your love
Drizzle down
Upon my soft heart?
This English translation (C) 2004 Raul Quiambao
P S 2004
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