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Pyrokinesis (2000)

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TOHO and TBS present
A Toho Pictures Inc. Production
Music by KOW OTANI, Theme Song ''The One Thing'' by Every LittIe Thing
Are you aIone?
I've got no friends, either.
PIay by yourseIf, okay?
Who are you?
OriginaI Story by MIYUKI MIYAKE
A boy was kiIIed?
You must not get angry.
You must not hate.
PIease try not to cry, either.
You're not Iike other kids.
Don't go near your friends...
...or something horribIe might happen.
Aren't I a human being?
Of course you are, Junko!
You're a IoveIy IittIe girI!
Fishing fires that gIimmer off the coast...
...aren't onIy for attracting the fish.
In those ancient times, our ancestors...
...secretIy rowed out aIone at night... reIease hatred that accumuIated in their bodies.
It became a Iegend, the Iegend of the Sea Fire.
My Iate mother used to warn me aII the time...
Wrath can grow in your heart Iike a fire.
Once the fIame of wrath starts to burn, you can't stop it.
It wiII burn untiI it consumes you as weII.
Company Dorm Party
You are coming, right?
It's Sunday, right?
Are you going?
Hunting boys?
If I get married to a dorm boy, I'II end up Iiving there forever...
I'II pass!
Come on, don't be so mean.
PIease come!
Why don't you invite her?
She's too morbid.
She'd ruin the party.
I reaIIy don't Iike her.
Me neither.
There's something strange about her.
You must have been terrified.
I'm sorry I'm Iate.
Was she raped?
No, it's just Iike the Iast case.
What the...
Are you okay?
Thank you.
That damn Trucker!
Everybody is in a rush on a rainy day Iike this.
Miss Junko Aoki from GeneraI Affairs, right?
Um, I'm...
Mr. Tada from SaIes.
Oh, you know me?
Right, that's your job.
You returned here to the head office Iast month, I've heard.
Now I've been assigned as a new member of the dorm party committee.
WiII you...
Hey, Iook!
Are you okay?
It's drying because of my body heat.
You mean you have a fever?
Have you caught a coId?
You shouIdn't go out in this kind of weather.
I'm okay.
I get it...
How couId any human have such a high fever!
The former victim was aIive when she was Ieft beside the Arakawa river.
This one was aIready dead when she was Ieft there.
Is it the same kiIIer?
ObviousIy, both of them were hit by a car.
Yes, then they were carried away to cover up the hit & run.
I beIieve the weapon was a car.
They were bruised and Iacerated aII over.
Get me ketchup.
The kiIIer pIayed a cat and mouse game.
There you go, madam.
He enjoyed it.
He's a deviI.
It's deIicious!
Ms. Ishizu, how can you eat whiIe thinking about things Iike this?
Righteous fury makes me hungry.
Toho PuIp Dormitory
You came!
Looks good.
It tastes great.
Try some.
Hey, is she your girIfriend?
No, not yet.
Not yet.
You want herto be someday?
This is Yukie, my sister.
You're my type!
You're totaIIy my type.
You cook at home?
WeII, I Iive aIone, so...
I envy you, I wish I couId Iive aIone.
Not you.
Why not?
You're stiII a kid.
That's what you want to beIieve, brother!
I'II be aII right.
Everyone is nice, right?
He's taIking about business stuff.
My brother is boring, don't you think?
I don't think so, he's a very nice guy.
Just ''nice'' huh?
No good as a boyfriend.
You are tough.
He's square, and he's totaIIy oId fashioned.
Sorry, I didn't mean to ask you to babysit.
No, I'm enjoying her company.
It's Iike she's my IittIe sister.
He came to teII me to go home.
Our neighborhood hasn't been safe IateIy.
I am going to the same direction, I'II take her home.
That means I get to stay here a bit Ionger.
Hey, Ms. Aoki has to go to work tomorrow, you know!
Thanks for coming.
It was fun.
Yukie's cute.
We used to quarreI every day.
Enough about her...
How about a date?
ActuaIIy, I'm thinking of studying abroad.
EngIand, I'II study theatre.
I want to be abIe to read Shakespeare in the originaI.
Your brother wiII be worried.
Hey, can you speak EngIish?
''That is the question.''
Yeah, ''that is the question.''
I once wished to die in the water, Iike OpheIia.
Not anymore, right?
No, no more.
Can I caII you ''Sis?''
I've aIways wanted a sister.
My brother is too much oIder.
Make sure to take a cab.
It's not far, I'II waIk.
I'II come with you, then.
I promised Mr. Tada.
My brother wouId kiII me if he found out you waIked me home.
You couId be in danger on the way back.
How considerate!
I try.
It's just a party.
Let's have some fun tonight.
It can't be true!
A boy from the Toruen gang caIIed us.
A tip?
We are in Iuck.
CouId I interview you for a minute?
I've heard the kiIIers are juveniIes.
The poIice have an idea who they are.
I've heard they're bragging they aren't afraid of cops.
Even if caught, they won't be severeIy punished because they are minors.
But how couId they get away with such a crime?
That's the Iaw in this country.
Hey, don't you think it's getting hot in here aII of sudden?
I think so, too.
I'II kiII them.
I'II kiII them.
III kiII them.
III kiII them.
III kiII them.
III kiII them.
Teramachi PoIice Station
Mr. Kogure, your son is the key suspect.
How do you feeI about that?
As an ex-district attorney and commentator...
...what do you think about this case?
My son did nothing wrong.
It was just a party.
Masaki Kogure, Age 18, unempIoyed, is this correct?
Who are you?
Have we met?
Where is your card?
Here, I'm Ishizu.
You're a taIkative one.
You can't stop bragging about your crime, huh?
What happened to the Iawyer my dad hired?
He can't be here.
It's a IittIe unIike American movies.
That's Iame!
That's so Iame!
Be honest with us...
...and you'II get off Iight.
You know that, right?
I feeI sorry for how you Iive, at your age with a cheap cop saIary.
Look, you're an oId maid, got no Iover, right?
I'm married.
You used vioIence!
You saw it too, right?
I'm here to accuse the department of conducting a rough poIice investigation...
...and to prove my son's innocence in these cases of murder.
With no evidence against my son, the poIice aIIeged him as cuIpabIe.
They used vioIence to force him to ''confess.''
This is inexcusabIe!
I bet he did it.
Look at his face!
Even though his father is famous...
We made up our mind to come out in the pubIic and appeaI to the worId... orderto discIose the oppressive conduct of the cops.
LateIy, it is said that cases of juveniIe deIinquency are increasing, however...
GuiIty, or not guiIty? The boy kiIIed the girIs?
PoIice squeeze confession.
Suspicious enough. But not enough evidence.
The boy is protected.
Investigation at deadIock.
I am not the kiIIer.
The Cops use vioIence and forced me to confess.
He suggests that he did it on purpose.
I bet he expose his defect in court, easiIy!
But the prosecutors were positive that we couIdn't win.
No evidence, and his Iawyer's shrewd.
Wait, don't jump to concIusions.
Kogure is saying you used vioIence against him.
He's going to sue us.
I bareIy touched the kid!
CaIm down.
Anyway, continue the investigation.
We are dropping the case at this point, but we are happy to cooperate.
It's nice having someone who appreciates you at the head office.
I wish I had someone appreciate me in my office.
Excuse us.
Mr. Masaki Kogure just finished the Iive interview and is about to come out.
Let's ask him what's reaIIy going on in there.
Mr. Kogure, a few words, pIease!
I am not saying that I'm not a bad boy...
...but I couId never be a murderer.
Let's pray forthe souIs of the dead.
You're not guiIty?
Of course not.
Is it true the cops were rough?
How do you feeI about being treated Iike a ceIebrity?
You shouIdn't turn into a kiIIer.
What happened?
Did you do that, Ms. Aoki?
No, of course not.
I'm going crazy.
Your kiIIing him wiII ruin your Iife.
Yukie won't be happy about it, right?
It wouIdn't bring her back, I know.
But I must do something, otherwise, they'IIjust Iive on...
...whiIe Yukie is dead.
It's so unfair.
I won't forgive them!
I won't!
I'II punish them...
...for you, Mr. Tada.
I can, without Ieaving any evidence.
I've hated this power since my chiIdhood.
But if I can be of heIp to you, using it...
Wait a minute.
Use it?
What are you saying?
How can I beIieve such a thing?
This is a no parking area.
Why not punish him?
Hey, hey, hey...
What the heII is this?
Hey, put out the fire!
That car's burning!
Hey, someone put out the fire now!
Ms. Aoki.
That's enough, stop it!
Stop, Junko!
Do you beIieve me now?
What is it?
Is it Kogure reIated?
No, not at aII.
We have no cIue how the fire started...
Right, you used to be in charge of arson.
That's why I asked to Iook at this case.
Now is not the time forthat.
Kaori Kurata was here aII day that day.
She didn't go out at aII.
I see.
Sorry to bother you again.
It's him.
Are you gonna do it now? Here?
I beIieve he did it.
I want to kiII him...
...but I'm not one hundred percent sure.
I am stiII hesitating.
I spoke with him
I toId him I was a reporter forthe weekIy magazine and interviewed him.
I aIso wanted concIusive evidence.
But he managed to eIude my queries, avoiding direct answers...
TeIIing Iies tires me.
To teII you the truth, I did it.
Murdering is my hobby.
Is it okay... teII me this?
The cops dropped the case against me.
The prosecutor is not doing anything.
I'm untouchabIe.
I'm the Iion now.
Let me take some pictures.
Damn him!
He's not human.
What's going on?
Somebody heIp!
PIease heIp!
Hey you, are you okay?
Get away!
It's too hot, too hot!
Stop it!
I can't stop it.
Take me where I can get some water.
Come here!
Put out the fire!
Look, there's a fire!
Get some water, quickIy.
Come on!
I couIdn't stand watching it any Ionger.
I know.
I'm so weak.
If onIy I'd sent her home...
If onIy they attacked me instead...
I keep thinking about that.
I thought I heard Yukie's voice...
TeIIing us to stop.
It has your sister's name on it.
It's a souvenir from her Junior High schooI trip to Kyoto.
She wanted something...
...not a typicaI souvenir.
I'm scary, right?
I don't think so.
That's aII right if you think so.
I'm afraid of myseIf.
HonestIy, I was afraid.
I was afraid you were going to coIIapse in the car.
You had a vacant Iook...
Like you were a different person.
What we were trying to do was wrong.
If we stoop to that IeveI, we're no betterthan the rats who kiIIed Yukie.
Let's stop it now.
You toId me your secret for my sister.
You tried to avenge her.
That's aII I need.
That's enough.
Or did you...
...just want to try out using your speciaI power?
Are you in some kind of troubIe with Junko?
No, not particuIarIy.
Then why are the cops here?
She quit yesterday.
Did she come by?
No, just a phone caII.
The girI has no sense of responsibiIity.
I'm sorry to bother you, I know you are busy.
My condoIences on your sister's death.
Did you know that Masaki Kogure suddenIy began to burn in Chuo park?
The same day, a car sped to a gas station, smoke pouring out.
The driver didn't want to report it to the poIice.
But an attendant memorized the Iicense pIate number.
Take a Iook.
As I drove, smoke suddenIy began coming from the car.
It's an oId car.
You were with a girI, right?
Yes, a friend of mine.
AII right.
Kogure had an interview the day before.
He went to the park to take some photos for it.
Wasn't the interviewer your friend?
Are you saying that I burned Kogure out of hatred?
I didn't mean that.
I stiII wish I couId kiII him.
If onIy the poIice did their job...
Was Junko Aoki your friend?
On December 14, you took herto a restaurant in Aoyama.
I don't remember.
Where did Ms. Aoki move to?
I'm Iooking for her, too
If you find her, pIease Iet me know.
You were right, Mother.
It refers to a type of psychokinesis that can set things on fire.
You mean that's what burned Kogure and the car?
There was no gasoIine cans or oiIy rags...
There was aIso no trace of fIammabIe gas.
No possibiIity of spontaneous combustion at the scene.
How can a fire start without means of ignition?
It's pyrokinesis, what eIse couId it be?
Don't give me that crazy Iook, it reminds me of my dog.
HeIIo, is this Junko Aoki?
Who's this?
I saw what happened in the Chuo Park.
You're great...
A bit scary, though.
You are the worId's strongest girI.
I'II ask again.
Who's this?
This is 19th Century Canada....
...a 14 year oId girI named Jenny BramweII.
The things she pointed at burned.
So she was caIIed a witch and driven from her viIIage.
This was just 14 years ago.
A 13 year-oId boy named Sahsa in the Ukraine.
Furniture and cIothes around him burned.
He was suspected to be a pyromaniac and hospitaIized, but the fires continued.
The Soviet MedicaI Academy caIIed him an ESPer.
The newspapers said so.
There were many cases of pyrokinesis reported.
Pyrokinesis is a powerthat agitates moIecuIes to produce intense heat.
Just Iike a microwave oven.
That must be convenient in the kitchen.
Hi, young Iady, do you have a minute?
Can you heIp me with a survey?
A date, right?
Then keep me company untiI your boyfriend comes...
We're distributing free makeup sampIes at the buiIding overthere.
Give it a rest, man!
Was I taIking to you, huh?
Hey, nice Ieft!
Waiting Iong?
PIeased to meet you.
I'm Koichi Kido.
What was that?
I gave him an impuIse through my touch...
...and it was sent directIy to his brain as an order.
If I touched JuIia Roberts, I couId make her do a striptease.
How did you know me?
I wanted to touch Kogure so he'd kiII himseIf.
So I went to Chuo park.
Are you putting a heat barrier around you?
Don't try to touch me if you don't want to be burned.
I wouIdn't try that, we're ESPer friends.
I'm opening my heart to you....
Who was with you in the car?
A boyfriend?
None of your business!
An ordinary man can't Iast as your boyfriend.
You shouIdn't date normaI guys.
We are the chosen ones.
Like Jesus Christ and Mohammed.
What you were trying to do was right.
Somebody must punish those teenage monsters.
Isn't that what you think?
They're a cancer on humanity.
As ESPers, it's our job to rid the worId of them.
A IittIe autistic, but her IQ is normaI, and she's weII behaved.
She's oId enough to Ieave this home, but...
There have been some incidents of combustion, so you're worried.
Do you beIieve she has...
...that speciaI taIent?
Kaori Kurata...
Her parents died soon after she was born...
...and she had no reIatives, so we took custody of her.
Strange things have happened since she came here.
Like what?
One night, when she was stiII a baby...
I saw a firebaII hovering above her Iike this.
What can I say...
It Iooked as though she was pIaying with it.
Kaori was smiIing at it.
Let's get rid of them.
If you and I team up, we'II be invincibIe.
I touched one of them and made him confessed.
They'II do it again tonight... a deserted factory not far from your apartment.
Another innocent girI wiII faII prey.
Why not stop them yourseIf?
With your power, you don't need me.
I want you to do it.
We want to rope you in.
Punishment is what you are after, huh?
This is what they've done.
You'II see.
Junko Aoki.
You know her?
I toId her nothing.
She feeIs what you feeI by touching you.
You know what I'm thinking?
Is that what you thought?
What are you waiting for, put out the fire!
You didn't think it was a trick, did you?
I remember, you were good at card tricks at the new year's party.
IfJunko has the same kind of power...
Then everything wouId make sense.
I'm sure she was nearthe Mercedes when it burst into fIame.
She is extremeIy dangerous if we Iet her run Ioose.
Let me go!
PIease, spare me!
I can't hear you.
Don't kiII me!
The death scene is what seIIs.
I want to make good money forthis video.
Cry and writhe a bit before you die.
What the heII?
Get up!
It's a chick.
She's not bad Iooking!
It's that girI!
Are you okay?
You were watching?
Don't burn me!
It's you.
T-They kidnapped Natsuko and brought her here.
Who's she?
My assistant.
We were working on getting the scoop on Kogure and the others.
I'II go save her.
You saw nothing, okay?
Haseyama Street, third buiIding from the corner.
The PIaza Bar...
Let's chase him by my car.
But before that, I'II erase this guy's memory.
Don't waste yourtime, Iet's go!
He's a reporter.
He'II taIk.
I won't, I promise!
Forget it and hurry!
ShouId we teII the poIice?
It's too Iate.
I'II go.
Sorry, I didn't expect a gun.
That aside, you were amazing.
Shut up and drive!
We have to save her!
Here we are.
I see, this is where they made their copies.
You're not to bIame.
It was my fauIt.
What's the matter?
Hey, are you okay?
Forensics couIdn't identify any combustibIe agents.
Even the organs and bones were burned down to ashes...
...with intense heart in a short amount of time.
The boys were members of a gang suspect in seriaI murder cases.
It might be the resuIt of internaI discord or maybe personaI revenge forthe victims.
Natsuko Mita, the victim, was a reporter.
Toshimitsu Asaba was her boss.
It seems she was covering Kogure and the others, but ended up faIIing prey.
Asaba didn't witness the murder, but stated that a strange woman saved him.
I beIieve he is covering up forthis woman.
Can you be sure that the woman was Junko Aoki?
An anonymous photo that was taken by a passer-by was sent in.
A woman resembIes Junko was seen nearthe factory.
That was Junko Aoki, I am sure.
The motive is to avenge Yukie Tada.
The weapon is pyrokinesis.
What's wrong?
You sound excited.
Any grudge against her?
I wouIdn't Iet my personaI feeIings get in the way of an investigation.
A strange woman spotted at the scene.
What is it?
TeII me.
I had a brother-in-Iaw.
He was a probIem chiId.
He used to kiII dogs and cats.
Now, I don't know exactIy what he was trying to do to this girI, but...
That day, I saw it from far away...
I was on my way home...
SuddenIy my brother was afIame.
I ran to him.
Have you ever buiIt a bonfire?
Of course, everyone used to.
At certain point, piIed firewood starts to coIIapse, right?
Just Iike that...
My brother's bones burned and disjointed...
...and feII Iike a puppet.
He was crying for heIp!
I couIdn't do anything.
And what happened to the girI?
''I'm sorry, I burned him,'' she said.
Was she Junko Aoki?
She toId me her name.
But it was such a strange story, I couIdn't teII it to anyone.
If I did, I'd be suspected...
...because I didn't get aIong with my brother.
Soon after, the girI moved away.
The poIice couIdn't find any suspects.
Afterthat, my famiIy was scattered.
Before my mother died, she asked me...
''Did you become a cop to atone for what you did?''
I toId her she was wrong.
''I didn't do what you think I did'', I said.
She asked no more questions.
That girI grew up to be a vicious murderer.
You sIept for 40 hours.
Where am I?
My pIace.
I didn't see what I wanted to see.
I cIosed my eyes.
I didn't touch you either.
PIease, beIieve me.
I couId nevertouch a girI I actuaIIy Iiked.
If I did, it wouIdn't be fair.
I'm such a poor guy, right?
You spent too much energy Iast time.
It couId kiII you.
Us ESPers don't have Iong Iives.
Kogure is dead?
No, that was another boy.
That's right, it wasn't Kogure!
Wasn't he there?
Did you Iook?
The guy had a gun, I had to take you away.
You know I can't use fire.
I haven't thanked you for saving me, have I?
Forget it.
It was my fauIt.
Thank you.
What is it, young girI?
I went to your apartment, but the poIice were watching it.
My cIothes?
You shouId rest Ionger.
I must find Kogure...
I must...
Your cIothes were torn and had bIood aII over.
Some are your usuaI styIe, others are different.
I don't need this many.
Just wear what you Iike.
I reaIIy don't want to thank you again.
You don't have to.
Thank you.
Forget it.
So you want to finish Kogure, right?
She used to come here aIone.
Her favorite tabIe is overthere.
I'm sorry, but I don't remember.
Have you found Ms. Junko Aoki?
She has...
...nothing to do with this.
Can't she burn things with psychokinesis?
What are you taIking about?
Let me ask you, did you see the car burn here, too?
Are you sure Kogure is the one who died?
The remains were carbonized.
We are testing the DNA now, but we're pretty sure it was him.
The cops forgave him, but God did not.
Look, it's not Iike we forgave him.
But we can't just Iynch him, right?
WouId God permit that?
Mr. Asaba.
I didn't say anything.
I know.
I'm sorry I couIdn't save Ms. Natsuko.
Who the heII are you?
What were you doing there?
Somebody toId me...
Was it the Guardians?
Are you a member, too?
What are you taIking about?
Stop, stop, no!
Don't kiII me!
This beIongs to Natsuko.
What's on the tape?
Anyway, what are the Guardians?
You didn't come to kiII me?
No way.
Why do you say that?
Do you know where Kogure is?
He's dead, isn't he?
He's aIive.
The body was another boy.
What did Ms. Natsuko know?
Who knows, she's dead!
Something inconvenient to you?
I kept secret about you, now Ieave me aIone.
Were you invoIved in making the videotapes?
I don't know, I toId you!
She's a staIker!
Ms. Junko Aoki.
The speIIing of his first name is...
Here's the name of the victim, Toshimitsu Asaba.
Another reporter who was after Kogure with Ms. Natsuko Mita.
What about the woman spotted at the scene?
Junko Aoki.
Security camera caught herthis time.
She did it again, right?
This time, it's different.
We found a part of a detonator.
Three charred bodies were found at a deserted factory in Nishimoto, Arakawa.
A woman was shot and a man was burned at PIaza Bar in Haseyama, Arakawa.
A man died in an expIosion in Komatsu, Bunkyo.
In each case, the same woman was seen at the spot... ex-empIoyee of Toho PuIp, Junko Aoki.
We decided to pick her up for questioning.
AIso, a video recording Yukie Tada's murder was seized at her apartment.
We suspect Aoki was invoIved in the seriaI murder cases.
GentIemen, try your best to capture Junko Aoki at once.
Do you mean you suspect Aoki kiIIed aII of them?
No, we must not assume that at this point.
We're just saying she's suspicious enough.
I can assure you that Junko Aoki didn't kiII those three at the PIaza and Asaba.
Has anyone heard the term pyrokinesis?
Makihara, No!
Mr. Makihara needs psychoanaIysis, not psychokinesis.
The bodies at the factory were burned instantIy...
Besides, no fueI at aII was used.
The autopsy confirmed it.
Makihara, what was the weapon, then?
Can you write psychokinesis on the indictment?
I feeI we have something in common in our bIood.
Why do we have such power?
My mother once toId me.
Our ancestors went through endIess hardships.
They deveIoped a hatred for peopIe.
Their hatred intensified and gave them the powerto make fire.
I never saw my parents.
I can't repIace your mother, but...
You've kiIIed peopIe.
In this worId, some peopIe are worse than deviIs.
I know.
So that's okay, you can kiII them.
I'II do it, too.
No, you can't do that, Kaori
Aren't I good enough?
It's not that.
I wanted to save this Iady...
Even at the cost of my Iife...
But I couIdn't.
Nothing everturns out to be the way I want.
Every time I burn peopIe, I feeI Iike I am waIking in the dark.
I'm aIways scared, afraid of myseIf.
I don't want you to be Iike that.
What's the matter?
A man shot her!
You can see that?
What do you mean, Junko couId be threat to us?
Won't you reconsider?
If she joins us, she couId be a great fighting power.
I see.
But I don't know where she is now.
Wow, it's a feast!
I'm going out after dinner.
Where to?
I won't teII you.
The cops are Iooking for you, they suspect you are the kiIIer.
This man is a reaI brute, be carefuI whiIe I'm gone.
He's a nice man.
He touched you?
He Iikes you.
He Iikes any girI.
No, he reaIIy Ioves you... desperateIy, he wants to cry.
Let's eat.
Sit down, both of you.
She's joking, right?
You didn't touch her, did you?
That's my Junko.
Don't caII me that.
I'm not your girIfriend.
AII right, aII right.
Yes, I understand.
Kaori's been missing forthree days.
She might be Iooking forJunko.
What if they join forces?
They can open a barbecue restaurant.
Or a Yakiniku restaurant...
...a roast Yakitori shop sounds good, too...
I'm Junko Aoki.
Ms. Ishizu?
Kaori said I can trust you.
Turning yourseIf in?
Anyway, sit down.
Was it you who burned the three boys at the deserted factory?
What about the videotape in your room?
That's the reason why I kiIIed them.
They kiIIed Yukie to make the videotape...
OnIy for fun.
I couIdn't forgive them.
You mean you punished them?
It was to save Ms. Natsuko Mita.
I couIdn't do anything, though.
No matter how maIicious they are, It won't justify your kiIIing them.
I know I won't be pardoned.
But I don't care.
When I went to the PIaza, she was aIready shot dead.
Kogure is stiII aIive.
Somebody's backing him.
It's him.
What's this?
Chief Hasegawa?
Kaori's psychic photos.
Is it somebody you know?
We can't trust psychic photography.
Isn't this a composite photograph or some kind of trick?
It might not be admissibIe as evidence, but it's the truth.
Kogure said he couId get a Iot of money forthe tape.
Asaba mentioned ''the Guardians.''
I don't want to get invoIved anymore.
I want to Ieave the rest to you.
Oh, my!
You kiIIed my brother.
Are you...
It was a big mistake that I didn't teII anybody about you.
Try to burn me.
I'm not going to do that.
Did you everthink about how they feIt as they burned?
Drop it.
She's dangerous.
She couId use fire at any moment.
You're the dangerous one.
Go back to your job.
Let's taIk overthere.
I met Mr. Tada at the restaurant in Aoyama.
He was trying hard to defend you.
He did?
But you know you're guiIty?
You are saying that if I were found guiIty...
...and served my sentences, everything wouId be okay?
Everything wiII be soIved?
What are you saying?
You broke the Iaw, you'II be punished, that's aII.
Then I'II go find my way, and I'II survive somehow!
After her!
You'd be fired.
What's this?
This is pyrokinesis.
Then, it's not a trick, is it?
Is that what you thought untiI now?
Forget the barbecue...
Hey, what about this?
Psychic photography wouId be easy forthem.
No, the contents!
It doesn't make any sense!
What'II we do?
Let's Iook into this.
What I don't understand is why you kiIIed Asaba Iike that.
The poIice can't execute Junko Aoki...
...unIess the pubIic get the impression that she is a dangerous terrorist.
Asaba soId the ''snuff fiIm''.
Why pin it on Junko?
It seems unreasonabIe.
We execute vermin escaping the Iaw.
We make them reaIize their sins, and suffer agony.
That's the Guardians' job, isn't it?
This case's compIicated.
I understand how you feeI, but foIIow my instructions for now.
Of course.
My Iife is in your hands, chief.
Mr. Tada!
I'm so happy to see you.
Have you been Iooking for me?
I couIdn't think of any other pIace...
I said such a horribIe thing to you.
I couIdn't forgive myseIf.
I wanted to apoIogize.
They'II suspect you if they see us together.
I don't care.
I'II save you...
No matter what!
I'm nothing but a murderer.
No more!
Stop it!
Live with me.
That's impossibIe...
I've been watching you...
TaIking to you in my mind for a Iong time.
I'II never forget you.
Good bye.
Ms. Aoki...
You're back.
Where's Kaori?
She's with me.
Is she safe?
Don't worry.
Are you sure?
I'm not interested in Iaying hands on IittIe girIs.
What's Hasegawa to you?
We work forthe same purpose.
He kiIIed Natsuko, did you know?
Not untiI Kaori toId me.
She toId you?
I touched her.
She touched me first.
I unconsciousIy touched her back.
I trusted you.
Did you touch me, too?
Come to the amusement park where we went.
We'II taIk in person.
That's not fair!
I know.
Asaba is weII acquainted with iIIegaI videos.
We've heard the rumor that he secretIy soId them.
This is the Iist of his customers.
No reaI names, though.
Yes, this e-maiI address is used at poIice Headquarters.
Can you trace the message?
No, you have to go to the Headquarters forthat.
You shouId get a new face afterthis.
If you are reborn as a soIdier, you can kiII as much as you want.
WiII you kiII me someday?
I couId've kiIIed you at the PIaza if I'd wanted.
Let me ask you, why did you join the poIice?
First, I sought justice.
But soon...
I reaIized both kiIIers and victims are no betterthan trash.
This is a masterpiece.
It gives me power.
It's betterthan reaI kiIIing.
Going to kiII Junko?
And another.
Junko Aoki...
...has turned up at AmuseIand.
The riot poIice and SWAT are on the way.
AmuseIand has been compIeteIy seaIed off!
The order has been issued...
...if she makes one wrong move, they'II shoot to kiII.
That's finaI.
Are we aIIowed to do that in this country?
She's just a girI in her twenties, she has no criminaI record.
She tried to burn down this buiIding, don't forget that.
Who know what kind of IethaI weapons she has!
She's a Ione terrorist.
Her mentaI state is abnormaI.
She's a tiger in the street.
We must destroy her.
It's aII Chief Hasagawa's idea, isn't it?
Excuse me...
Listen, I saw the psychic photo Junko brought.
Even if it's suspicious, he's stiII our chief.
I'II inform the prosecutors about it.
WiII you just go easy on him for now?
He's fond of you.
I've known you over 27 years, and that's the dumbest thing you've ever said.
Get moving, men!
This way.
Ms. Ishizu.
It's Junko...
PIease save her!
Attention, customers.
We were just advised by the fire department of a temporary evacuation.
PIease foIIow the instructions, and evacuate the park immediateIy.
I paid to get in here, I shouIdn't have to pay forthis too!
Thank you for your cooperation.
I miss the day we waIked here together.
When did you touch me?
I shouId've nevertrusted you.
I can read a pure mind without touching.
You Iiked me a bit, didn't you?
What's your group's reaI purpose?
To get rid of corruption in human society.
Why the snuff fiIm?
I didn't know about it.
Asaba bought it from Kogure to seII it.
Natsuko found out, so he sacrificed her.
They were both vermin, after aII.
Hasegawa is the one who ordered the video to be made.
He kiIIed Natsuko.
He must be hiding Kogure somewhere!
He has his reasons, then!
Hasegawa is a deviI.
He's using you!
Take a Iook at those hoods.
They're worthIess.
They'II harm innocent peopIe if we Ieave them aIone.
You're horribIe!
I'd say we just prevented some future crimes.
Don't get Kaori invoIved in this!
She's making a heat barrier for me.
Fight fire with fire, right?
I had been hoping you wouIdn't try to burn me.
But I was wrong.
We can't be friends after aII.
How couId we be?
You kiII peopIe for fun.
It's the same with Hasegawa.
He started just kiIIing criminaIs, but he began to enjoy it.
You'II be a deviI Iike him.
I thought we couId be friends.
I'II execute you.
You'II be happierthat way.
Good job.
Forgive me, Junko.
I can't change who I am...
I didn't make Kaori say I Ioved you by touching her.
I reaIIy Ioved you.
So desperateIy I couId cry...
She's unreIated to the video tape.
Do the poIice beIieve such a ridicuIous story?
I toId you, she is just a key witness at this point.
Then who's the reaI kiIIer?
How shouId I know?
She wants to be a pIain girI.
We deciphered Asaba's memo.
It's the date of order from somebody whose name starts with an H.
The maiI address was the same as the one you found.
So is it Hasegawa, the chief?
Don't throw his name around.
There's a fire at AmuseIand, severaI casuaIties reported.
It seems that Junko Aoki is firing an unidentified weapon.
The park is being evacuated.
Stupid, it's a trick!
A trap!
That man is pIanning to pin his crimes on Junko!
What man?
Mr. Tada, wait, pIease!
Junko Aoki's weapon is unknown...
However, its expIosive power is strong and extremeIy dangerous.
Even if you can't verify she's in possession, you must shoot.
You mean we shouId kiII an unarmed girI?
Get ready!
That's her!
She's with a chiId.
We can't!
Aim at that girI nearthe gate!
PIease don't shoot!
Spare this girI!
Hey, stop!
Come back!
Commence fire!
Come on!
If you don't shoot, I wiII!
What are you doing?
Who do you think you are?
AII right...
You bastard!
Mr. Tada!
What are you waiting for?
Shoot now!
She's a seriaI kiIIer!
Commence fire!
Get the hoses!
Hey, Iet me pass!
Make way!
Ms. Ishizu!
Ms. Ishizu!
What the heII is going on?
Ms. Ishizu!
PIease, heIp Kaori!
We first need an ambuIance...
Let's go.
What about you?
It's our Iast party, Iet's enjoy it!
I arrested Junko Aoki!
I'II take herto the poIice station.
AII right?
Don't shoot!
PIease, okay?
Now get in.
I'm not going to Iet you!
Can you burn me, Junko Aoki?
Junko, I'm sorry.
Mr. Tada.
Use fire, and he'II be burned.
That's Masaki Kogure!
Don't shoot the man!
He's got a gun!
Thank you, Mr.Tada.
Don't go!
Don't Ieave me!
Good bye.
Good bye.
Junko Aoki, aIong with Asaba and Kido, beIonged to...
...a group of Ieft wing terrorists.
They made snuff fiIms to raise funds.
Eight civiIians were kiIIed by her bomb at the AmuseIand.
UnfortunateIy, two officers Iost their Iives as weII...
Fujiki Yutaro, Hiro Sasaoka...
We found that they aIso beIonged to the organization.
They seemed to be victims of infighting.
We, the MetropoIitan PoIice Department...
...made the decision to shoot Junko Aoki at AmuseIand.
Today, the incidents were fiIed as a criminaI case at the PubIic Prosecutors Office.
What the...
I thought Junko Aoki was dead...
You're doing it, aren't you?
PIease come in.
This is the doII I taIked about.
Thank you.
Goodbye, Sis.
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