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On May 9, 1969, a mile from the northern border of Laos,
the 101st US Army lnfantry division
was advancing on hill 937.
For them, it was just a recon mission.
For the Vietcong, hill 937 was a strategic point.
The dozen soldiers in the company, new to combat,
were to complete this routine mission in two hours.
They fought back heroically for 9 days.
This film does not tell their story.
The year is 35,000 BC.
ln this untouched and savage world,
mammoths live in peace
with horsemoths,
and wormoths.
Oblivious to evil, fearing only the night,
this is where our ancestors, the first men, lived.
All right...
- You know my wife? - Yes, Chief.
Beautiful, isn't she?
Right, roll call!
This is the Stone Age.
- Stone? - Here!
- Stone? - Here!
Absent again, that one.
Stone too, l suppose.
l knew it. Always off together.
This is nice.
lt's nice being nice.
Ever feel like not doing nothing?
- No. - Me neither.
A quick pus?
No thanks, l quit.
Rest your head.
Scared you'll mess your hair?
- Your hair's weird. - lt's a period do.
Wasn't it straight at school?
lt's always been curly, like grandpa and dad.
My children and grandchildren were too!
- Just swallow it. - Okay.
Hello, my chickadees!
Stone, have they been good?
Very. Just stoning each other as usual.
That's good.
Just a second...
There's one missing!
Honey, didn't we have 12 kids this morning?
That's right.
A wild beast gobbled Stone up.
l knew we had 12.
Come on, time for bed now. Off you go.
How much, Stone?
One baby boarmoth a day. So half a baby boarmoth.
Dung! l'm out of baby boarmoths.
That feels so good...
Take that thing.
Keep the change.
lt's getting all dark!
Knock it off!
Hurry, night is sprawling.
- lt's getting all dark! - Knock it off!
- lt's getting all dark! - Knock it off!
You kids can't watch the mural all night.
Lights out.
among the barren red rocks,
lives a tribe with dirty, muddy hair.
For centuries,
the Dirtyhairs have been at war with their neighbours,
for the latter
hold the secret of shampoo.
Despite this ancient conflict, the Cleanhairs feel
on first name terms with happiness.
lt really needs a hole.
Baby, l'm home.
- Well? - Failed again.
- Same here. - As usual.
- The others? - All drowned.
What? Unky, unky, unky, aunty and unky?
Unky too.
Unky too?
We've lost half our family tree!
Extinction looms.
Just give the shampoo thing a rest.
l don't see why we can't manage it.
l just don't see why.
Looks like the shit fairies blessed us.
This shampoo war has lasted 800 years.
800 years on the 25th.
We must break the circle of failure.
Here's what l suggest.
What do you think?
- You didn't say anything. - Right, sorry.
Here's what l suggest...
We'll take a hostage!
What do you think?
Hi, Stone.
Why bother? We're the first men, l tell you.
l'm on a dig.
Just practising...
You know my wife? Beautiful, isn't she?
Healologist, bless this hunt.
Sorry, that's gibberish.
lt's a new language l made up.
Didn't the old one work?
My the hnt be gd nd my nbdy die.
What's with the accent?
lt's my new language. The accent tends to linger.
Hunt and fish well. May meat flow like water!
Don't sit up and beg.
Don't sit up and beg.
Good Yorkimoth.
So how do you like your women, like?
Well, my ideal dream woman
would be... a girl.
Be more specific.
Someone like me.
- Meaning? - Well, me.
For a woman like that, l'd do crazy things.
Such as?
Such as stroke her hand.
Where are you going?
There may be eggs in it.
We'll say we hunted them for shampoo.
Come on.
You swim like a dogmoth.
- We show the Chief? - No, he'll make us hunt.
Let's wait the day out.
How d'you rate the Chief's wife?
- She scares me. - She turns me on.
Leave it, honey, l'll bring the meat in later.
lf we keep hunting those, they'll be extinct.
You know my wife?
Beautiful, isn't she?
- Anyway... We were hunting... - Yes, we were hunting
and hunting and hunting...
- Eggs... - And as we were hunting...
We found this for you from the Dirtyhair Chief.
Put it down!
Put it down and freeze!
l have no choice but to take a hostage.
l've kidnapped myself. My hand proves it.
Give me the recipe for shampoo by sundown...
''... or l'll execute myself.''
You skipped hunting again today.
ln what way?
You two really underdo it.
Gross. My dad's blubbing.
''Give me the recipe by sundown or l'll execute myself.''
He said it, he did it. A great man.
Great moron, more like.
Farewell, Lucy.
- lt's getting all dark! - Knock it off!
Dung! l forget every time.
lt's you!
l'll put a light on. lt's so dark in here.
lt's good to see y...
That hurts!
But it's good to see you. Can l get you anyth...?
Stopped working?
The Chief's mad she didn't come to babysit.
Move yourselves, excuse me.
Move yourselves, excuse me.
Move me, excuse yourselves.
- Excuse me! - Watch it!
Why make such a mammoth fuss over one dead woman?
All this mobbing and sobbing!
Animals eat people every day.
- This was no animal. - lt was!
- May l agree with you both? - lt was an animal?
- Wasn't. - Was!
- lt wasn't an animal! - lt was!
- Look! - Stop squabbling like infants.
l've never seen such infantry!
Let me see it.
The dead body, l mean.
l didn't get what he meant. Did you?
lf animals attack in caves now...
Shut up about animals!
She's whole! An animal would've eaten her.
- Unless he'd just had lunch! - Or was anorexic.
We all have relatives who've been eaten!
A animal kills to eat!
That's wrong.
Come here, Blondy.
See that bearmoth?
Get up!
Up, slob!
l said ''wrong'' because he said ''a animal''.
lf an animal didn't kill her, maybe a vegetable did.
l've got it!
Look! She died of old age...
but young.
Sure! Makes sense. l'll leave you to bury the body.
This woman died by the hand of man!
The hand of man?
- Nobody ever killed a body. - They just did.
All her orifices are sewn up.
- Even her toes? - Toes aren't orifices.
- Why do we say ''Socket toe me''? - We don't.
And here's the bloody club that killed her.
You can touch. lt's stopped working.
A man killed another man.
And a woman, at that!
Wait. l have an idea.
Let's swap places.
This is something unheard-of.
l'm going to call it a ''crime''.
lt just came to me. l could say ''murder'', but no.
- l like ''crime''. - Me too.
What nonsense!
l can see the point of stroking a cheek or shuffling pebbles
but why bother to kill a person?
She'd have died anyway, sooner or later. lt's ridiculous!
Why ridiculous? lt's new. Novelty's always...
- l can see the point of frolicking... - We got it.
We must find out who did it.
What for?
To ask him why he did it.
That hurt.
Are you sure, Chief?
l'm the new Chief. l decide new stuff from now on.
But it's cruel!
You want silky hair or not, for dung's sake?
- Now. What's the singular of hair? - Hair.
lt's too cruel.
l'm hideous!
You're gorgeous. At least you look like him.
l can't go to the Cleanhairs like this.
You'll go. And you'll what?
Seduce him, bring back the shampoo
- and take care of myself. - That's right.
l've lost a son already. Enough's enough.
That shaved sheep looks like a pig.
Get going, because...
Why do l do that?
Come on!
Whoever did it, own up!
l don't mind waiting.
l'm waiting!
You're a lousy waiter.
- You're the worst waiter l ever saw. - Give it a rest.
Come on, out with it!
What's up? l was diggologing.
The Chief wants to know who did it to know why l did it.
See, l was diggologing...
Whoever says he did it,
l'll give him...
a sandwich!
What kind of sandwich?
- Had an idea? - No. Your foot's on my hair.
We can find the crimer even if he doesn't own up.
Easy! We know she was killed by a club.
So the crimer must be a club owner.
We know she was sewn up
like my Yorkimoth.
- Maybe a Dirtyhair did it. - They can't sew, so.
Sew! A seamstress did it.
A club-owning seamstress.
A club-owning seamstress!
So! We just need to find a seamstress who recently bought a club.
You two hulks! Go to the clubbery.
But it's three days' walk!
No rush. Give yourselves three days.
Three days' walk makes six days there and back.
He didn't ask us to come back.
Dear Stones!
This death will change our lives forever
but life must go on as before!
Doe-ball, anyone?
lt's fine to say ''Mine!''
but it's better to play it, okay?
Blondy, foul!
- l didn't even touch it! - Foul.
We'll send it back.
New doe!
Skip the ''Blondy''. Call me Stone.
Go, moppet!
- You're my dream girl all over. - Wanna see my booty?
Are you old?
Stop! lt's a beauty spot.
Beauty spots...
are proof of beauty.
What are you up to?
This is Stone, Stone...
He's Stone too, or ''Blondy'' behind his back.
Who's she?
How d'you pronounce it?
- Sto-o-one. - No, more like ''Guy''.
- More like ''Guy''. - No, ''Gay''.
Whose name is it anyway?
What tribe are you from, Guy?
The tribe at the end of the earth, where you fall off.
l've heard of that.
My whole tribe fell off, including me. Except me.
Yeah? Well, goodbye.
C'mon! Whose serve?
- We have to let her stay. - We can't feed her.
They all fell off the earth!
You want her to go home and slide off too?
Okay, she can stay.
But he goes.
Why me?
- So the bald one's your Chief. - No, l am!
l've had a wonderful day.
Since the moment we met,
l've felt that survival's worth surviving.
The sweet air, the birdmothsong, etc?
How did you know?
How advanced was your tribe?
Very. We were about to discover religion.
And how advanced were you? Oh, l already asked.
Are we nearly there?
Here we are.
You can sleep in the dead woman's cave.
lsn't there a lot better one?
Okay, then.
Good night.
l nearly forgot!
l love you. l can't live without you either.
- Come, let's freshen up. - Let's what?
Let's wash your hair.
Your curls aren't even natural!
Sorry, l never get fresh on a first date.
- lt's getting all dark. - Knock it off.
Only 2 and 3/4 more days to the clubbery.
Tell me... Sorry, l keep forgetting your name.
l'm tempted to buy a small club while we're at it.
You'll pay more for a big one.
Hi, Mum. Hi, Dad.
Hi, darling.
No fruit?
Yes. Want some?
Sleep well?
- l dreamed l had dark hair. - Poor dear!
l've been sleeping so badly.
Want to sleep with us tonight?
l'm too old for it.
Still... l wouldn't mind sleeping with you when Dad's dead.
Pass the bisonette milk.
l left some for you but l finished it.
Finished it?
l'm treated like a stranger in this house.
- We'll have to tell him the truth. - He's not ready yet.
Hi Blondy.
My name's Stone!
Want a butterflap? lt's a dried butterfly.
- Show me your hand. - Which one?
Look! l've got baby fingers on this hand too!
You like leaves?
Me too!
Let's get going.
Can l tell you a short poem?
''The sky.''
- The beginning's weak. - ''The'' is good.
Will you give me some shampoo?
- Get gathering, slackers! - We are.
Get up!
Supposing you were lying down.
You're giving her shampoo?
You're out of your mind!
You only met her yesterday.
At least get her pregnant first.
Suit yourself.
Guy loves me! l'm a couple now.
All this digging must lead somewhere.
Bones with skin on!
- lt's getting all dark! - Knock it off!
Dung! Dark already.
Lizardslaw anyone?
Trunk and pickles for me.
That one.
Lovely nosh. Delicious,
except for the mud ones.
- Another corpse has been crimed! - Who?
- Our diggologist? - l found him.
l was alone. Nobody else saw him.
Two deaths. This is getting troublesome.
Who'll be next? You. And then you. And you.
That's okay.
But then it'll be me and that'll be sad.
The sitter drew a crowd.
The first one was a real letdown so the sequel won't be a hit.
Go ahead, l've already seen it.
Ah, healologist... You know my wife?
Beautiful, isn't she?
- Nasty! - Not at all.
Want to see where l was sitting?
Look, he's been sewn up, like the sitter.
Yes, indeed...
lnteresting coincidence.
lt's like that old crime two days ago.
He only stitched one nostril. lt must be his half-brother.
Maybe he was disturbed by that moron of a watcher.
Nothing personal.
lf it's the same crimer, then...
The horror...
Horror has a face.
That's enough of that!
- You two! Find the crimer! - Stop there!
- Why us two? - l'm too cowardly right now.
Bald and cowardly at once.
Do we need Miss Judgmental?
lt's okay, l'll see to the crimer.
Of course.
Find him and l'll let you off hunting.
l'll let you off for life.
l'll let you off for life, plus a few days.
lt's a deal.
How do you express joy?
Find me the crimer.
- Thought we wouldn't guess? - Okay, l confess.
Why did you crime them?
Answer us!
That's good.
Do that when you find him.
As for... That's enough.
- Watch it! - Don't point!
Ask your thing to shut up.
l've had a wonderful day.
Thanks for the advice.
No sweat.
Can we see your dominant male?
He's over there.
Hi. Can we ask you a few questions?
- Fire away. - Can you tell us what happened?
As usual, l was saying, ''lt's getting all dark.''
Knock it off.
- The diggologist didn't say... - Knock it off.
Right. So l went to check.
When l stepped inside, he was already...
Dead. You have to say ''dead''.
Otherwise it makes no sense.
Anything else?
Yes. l saw a man running away.
- Which way? - From behind.
Let's pick up all the guys with behinds.
Back up. Face the wall.
Remember my shampoo.
Don't worry, doll-face, l'll give you what you want.
You're going to see some possible suspects.
Hold this for me, l'm a witness.
- lt's getting all dark! - Not yet.
What if the crimer recognizes me?
We've thought of that.
You'll see them from behind this one-way rock.
Who turned that guy around?
Scram, you're innocent.
You know my wife?
Beautiful, isn't she?
Well, do you recognize him?
All these rocks look alike.
- Shall we move it? - No, he mustn't see me.
How about a fake beard?
Beards don't suit me.
Shift the one-way rock.
Don't scratch the ground, dear!
- Well? - How can l recognize their behinds?
lt'll be tougher than l thought. Thanks anyway.
- lf you leave the tribe, tell us. - Of course.
lf you need anything, even just a drink,
- drop by my cave. - You know we won't.
- Too busy? - Too choosy.
My duckymoth!
That woman scarifies me.
You know we hang out?
Know what l'm thinking?
We used to walk on four feet, now we walk on two feet.
Maybe soon we'll walk on no feet.
This one here.
This one's good...
Not bad.
- Got it in beige? - ln beige?
Did a seamstress buy a club recently?
Going my way?
How about this one?
You recognize the watcher because he has a torch.
Now we have a job, we need something to be recognized by.
- You're right. - A torch!
What was it l wanted to say? Yes. Let's recap.
- What do we know so far? - How to make fire.
We're pretty good at inventing tools.
True, too.
- Dung! - She's just having fun!
About the crime...
The victim was disembowelled.
But why take his guts?
To make guitar strings.
We're all on edge.
lt's interesting. Go on. Guitar strings and...
So a guitarist did it.
A seamstress sewed them up.
A guitarist-seamstress.
Not bad!
You're smart, Guy.
- You're amazing. - Wait till you see me pee standing up.
Find me the guitarist-seamstress who did it.
l was kidding. Where do we find a guitarist-seamstress?
The Strum'n'Stitch School.
Hem in F sharp again.
C major. Embroidery! F sharp.
She stays here.
Yes, it could be dangerous.
lf l don't come back, you can have custody of the kids.
- We have none. - More free time for you, then.
We're investigating
the double crime with more than one victim.
Don't mind us.
Guitar-stitching is like milk-carving. Keep it natural!
Try to mind us a bit.
Start again.
Embroidery: C major.
F sharp: cross-stitch.
- Look at her. - Who?
The middle one.
l don't trust her.
Why not?
l dunno.
Stitch! Strum! Stitch!
lt's simple enough!
lf your hem goes during a recital, what then?
Who'll be sniggering then?
lt's her.
Grab her!
And the dung hits the fan!
The branches go over it, not at the bottom.
- lt's getting all dark! - Knock it off!
Good night.
- Hi, how are you? - l'm pooped.
- l was here. - Me, here.
And me, just about here.
Thanks a lot! All night waiting!
This story sucks.
Pinch her!
Are you happy with my work as watcher?
- And my work as witness? - Very.
Would you rather l continued as a watcher
or a witness?
Very very.
Now tell us why you did it, okay?
Your move.
l can't play. l'm working.
l'd prefer something with more bite.
l'm glad it's all over.
lt's not over for everyone.
l didn't like you much at first.
As time goes by, l'm getting to loathe you.
Funny you said that 'cause it's not very funny.
Try miming it with words.
- Won't that confuse things? - Try it.
The trout goes upstream step by step!
Better. Now try using words that fit the topic.
Why did you kill those two women? lncluding a man!
- Good! Got the hang of it? - Yes.
- l had the hang of it before, too. - Good work.
- This bit wasn't right. - Get some rest.
You're staying till you tell us why!
So it's been confirmed? The killer isn't a vegetable?
Keep a close eye on her.
l love your breath. Will you have it tomorrow?
The investigation's over!
To celebrate, l suggest we all go and celebrate!
A happy hippo meal for everyone!
So let's go!
l'm going.
We are gathered together...
We're all here
to celebrate the end of this gruelling but short inquiry,
thanks to her without whom it could never have happened,
Stone the murderette!
Thanks. lt wasn't me.
Still, thanks for your warm welcome.
You're all equally nice people,
especially the pretty boy.
Good eat!
1 7 minutes later
Actually, l did the witnessing on your latest crime.
What makes a good witness? Three things.
Look, see, see.
Look-seeing you now, l see your front and back are different shapes.
1 1 minutes later
We forgot to invite the healologist.
Join us and consider yourself invited two hours ago.
- What are you feasting? - Wrong!
What are you eating.
We've found the culprit. Let me introduce her.
- You'll pay for this! - No, it's my treat.
- Was he like that before? - No, he wasn't not like that.
What happened to his stuffed thing?
Nobody knows how it died.
Night watcher or witness? Given the choice...
7 minutes later
... friends and family.
My daughter, who's also my best friend...
4 minutes later
Yes! Greedyguts!
Doesn't the Chief suspect anything?
Can l sleep at your place tonight?
What for?
l feel sleepy.
The trouble is...
No time later
- There's only one bed. - No problem.
l'll sleep between your wife and you.
lf l don't mind, l don't see why not.
Which hand?
Wait! Let me check.
Why've you got a chicken bone there?
Why's that chicken bone there?
- lt's to twiddle your hair! - l don't think so.
How pathetic!
He twiddles his hair! He's not naturally curly!
Hey, Curly!
You rotten Dirtyhair!
That's right! Dirtyhair!
Put that in your pipe!
l knew all along why your hair smells of poo
but l kept quiet 'cause l thought you were different
and that under your dirt, you deserved to be...
But you're like all of your tribe.
Dirty Dirty!
Stop running after me!
- Guy's a Dirtyhair. - l knew it!
Why didn't you say, treasure?
l knew when you said ''Guy's a Dirtyhair.''
Chief! A call for you!
Who is it?
lt's me, the murderizer/
Record every fuckin' word of this.
l'm the real crimer/ You caught the wrong culprit/
Am l free? Can l go now?
l'm the only killer/
Keep him talking till we track him.
Are you pro-abortion?
l dunno. How about you?
That's a tough one.
lf the woman's pregnant, l'm pro...
But if she's not, there's no point,
l reckon!
- Then again... - Sorry to interrupt.
Go ahead.
lt's just to say l'm killing tomorrow.
Give him to me.
- Who are you killing? - lt's a surprise.
Where will you do it?
Tricky question. Let's say l'll do it here,
where l am now.
Not fair! Get him to come here.
He's one and we're a lot.
- What? - Take it from me!
Let me talk to him.
Okay, l'll tell him.
Well then?
Okay! Wherever you say.
Can't you ever say no?
One last thing. l'll dump my victim in a watery hollow/
Pardon me.
You got the whole conversation?
Let's hear it again.
lt's just to say l'm killing tomorrow/
- You know we hang out? - Too far.
- l'm the murderizer/ - There. Again.
l'm the murderizer/
Play it again slowly.
Listen to the background noise!
Sounds of water!
''A watery hollow.'' That explains it!
Croaking! Toadmoths!
- Toadmoths live... - ln bogs!
- Tomorrow we stake out the bog. - Not too early.
You two!
To witness the crime, we'll...
Okay, so you're the witnesses.
l'm being left out of it.
lt makes me...
You use people and dump them like old... leaves!
That's no way to treat people!
We're a tribe!
You're a tribe!
You're a tribe!
l'm a tribe!
One last thing. Take it or leave it,
it's up to you.
lt's getting all dark.
As l was saying, we'll need to wear camouflage.
What's wrong?
- Your camouflage! - l'm a frog.
There's no such thing as a six-foot frogmoth.
Only because l'm standing up. Look.
Keep it down!
l'm not really a chick. l'm the Chief.
You know my wife?
She's not here.
- Why not? - Too risky. The kids are minding her.
There's a 9/10 chance he'll come from there,
9/10 he'll come from there, and 9/10 from there.
That makes a 27/30 chance he'll come...
from there.
So we're ideally placed.
Knock it off.
Aren't you going to the bog?
The Chief asked me to but l'm not in the mood.
You can't witness everything.
You must be upset, though.
lsn't it getting all dark yet?
l'd be upset if l were you.
Pity your wife's not here. l could have pok...
What's Dungface doing here?
You called my daughter a dirty Dirty!
Nobody does that!
Nobody calls my girl a dirty Dirty.
Proud of yourself?
Stigmatizing people for their looks?
Hooray for racial supremacy!
Fine role models you are! Sophisticates!
- Let's be reasonable. - You be quietable!
Yes, we have dirty hair but we give lice a home.
You think you're so great with your tresses
and gloss!
You're disgusting.
You know what?
Keep your shampoo.
l'm going back to scratch my head with pride.
Where's the crimer got to?
He's letting us down.
What's the matter?
l'm wandering aimlessly.
Because of Guy?
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
l know,
l cherished the hope of adopting her.
l'm against adoption.
You're a fine one to talk.
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
but if you like this one, let's talk.
Excellent choice. Made in France, sturdy,
it's as good as they come.
Very economical. See? ''A'' for economy.
''A'', that's right. Energy rating 0.95.
Washing efficiency ''A''.
Digital temperature gauge, plus and minus.
Anti-wrinkle, delay start
with digital display, worth having.
Free delivery. Do you live in the area?
Are you local or...
on holiday, maybe?
Are you okay?
You okay, Chief?
l keep having stupid dreams.
Will you take it?
You okay, Chief?
The crimer said he's not coming. He's pooped.
How come he's pooped?
He had a late night. He's not killing today.
He's copping out 'cause he's pooped? l must be dreaming!
Am l dreaming?
l won't have it!
lf he's too pooped today, tomorrow it'll be...
some other thing, and the day after that...
- Some other thing. - For example.
- And then it'll be... - Some other thing.
l wouldn't go that far.
l won't have it. lf he can be pooped, so can we!
Come to that, we are pooped.
Bedtime, everybody!
- But it's just past noon! - l don't care! Good night.
- Are you asleep? - l can't sleep. You?
- Me neither. - We can't sleep all day.
The Chief wants us to be pooped.
We're not afraid of the dark/
We're not afraid of the dark/
l'll tidy the forest.
This... was like that.
You're all mucked up.
What have you done?
Got the wind up, have you?
Let's play tagmoth.
Get lost! We don't play with fatsos.
You know, son,
l feel your pain.
Don't worry, your difference makes you strong.
Get lost, blond bastard!
Blubber boy!
Wait till l get you!
- Can you slow down? l feel sick. - Stick your head out.
You're going too fast!
lt's okay, l know the road.
Look out!
- What was that? - l'll check.
The healologist's petmoth.
The healologist?
The next victim is your wife and me. Well, one of us.
My wife was at my sister's that day.
Odd, though. l don't have a sister.
Can l have a word in private?
l have something embarrassing to tell you.
Your wife and l are lovers. Especially her.
Oh my God!
How did you manage to fool me?
Oh my God!
One more time?
l must tell you this.
Don't take it badly.
l've shagged my wife too.
Oh my God!
You shagged my wife, l shagged my wife. We're quits.
lf we want to keep shagging her, we must protect her.
No seamstress bought a club from the clubbery recently.
Yes, l know.
So much has happened. We've lost the diggologist.
First we suspected the guitarist-seamstress.
We were so wrong. After we hippoed out...
Our wife's life is at risk!
She can wait! They need to know they walked six days for nothing.
Seven days.
- You didn't take the Beastie Pass? - Going, yes.
But coming back...
- We have to go. - Wait, Blondy.
Stop calling me Blondy! My name's Stone!
Stone! B-L-O-N-D-Y!
So tell me,
who can you kill down there? Ants?
Useless joke.
The healologist did it?
- l can't believe it. - Me neither.
l believe it now you say so.
You're not angry?
What did we do wrong? The hole, the leaves, the guy. lt worked.
You'll never get me!
We will.
You won't.
Just try to catch me.
l run too fast for you!
Shall we go?
Let's go.
Mind that branch.
l already came this way.
There are others.
- Thank you. - lt's the least we could do.
You guys saved her.
Not round the back!
Me love you!
True, he's pretty ugly.
But when l met your mum,
she wasn't...
You get used to it.
You turn a blind eye.
ln any case, sweetheart, you die in your own arms.
Right, Mum?
That's good.
Where are we going?
ln the water?
Great guy with a big heart.
- What? - l'm a great guy with a big heart.
They're all blond!
They're blond!
See, he's found his dad.
My baby's so happy.
That's why l loathed you...
You're my sister.
She recognizes him!
We've a lot to catch up.
Not round the back!
l told you not to go round the back!
Believe it or not, l found the very same stone again.
Why am l telling you this?
Subtitles by lan Burley and Nigel Palmer
Processing: B.B. COM - Paris
lsn't it getting all dark?
l don't know. We need to invent a thing to go here.
Where's the night watcher?
He's turned to art.
That horsemoth isn't very well proportioned.
Give me a break! lt's just a sketch.
You think the colours will remain vibrant down through time?
Dung! To hell with it!
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