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My story travels far and wide across these beautiful valleys of Ooty
Like roses, and thorns
Here it was that I became someone's wife... and a woman
Love, devotion, faith and sacrifice...
it was here that I got to know what they really meant
Here it was that I practically touched my life
At this place, I felt the cold feeling of death, touch my body
There was a group of college students on a picnic, that particular night
Little did I know that what was happening then...
would also affect my life
You must do it. The bottle stopped on you
That's the rule, isn't it guys?
Stop it!
Nisha, stop there!
Where are you going?
You might have to kiss a lion or a tiger ahead!
Why're you bothering me?
I'm going to find you anyway!
Stop bothering me!
Where are you hiding?
She hasn't gone into that bungalow, has she?
Nisha! That bungalow doesn't belong to us!
Come on out
If you get caught, there's no saying how many guys you'll have to kiss!
Listen to me!
Give me a kiss, please!
Who's there?
Who is it?
Yes, sir?
Is someone here to meet me?
There's nobody, sir
Has there been a mishap in the hills?
It's a strange incident
The police can't understand. Only you can help us
He's the girl's boyfriend, sir
He has a broken bone in his shoulder
He can't believe...
how his girlfriend...
attacked him like a wild beast
Where's the girl?
The doctors aren't letting anyone close to her
If you wish, you can take a look at her from there
I've awakened! I'm awake!
I'm not going to spare him!
He'll have to come!
I'm awake! And he'll have to come!
They'll all awaken. Like hell they will
I'm not going to spare him! No way!
I've awakened... I'm awake!
What are you staring at, you swine?
You think you will stop me? Me?
I've awakened!
I'm awake!
I've already given her two injections. They have no effect on her, sir
It won't have any effect!
What you think is a disease of the brain...
is in fact a disease chasing man for centuries
No matter what you do...
you can't cure this disease
Because you can treat only human beings
Not erratic souls
And this is an erratic soul
But you are not going to believe me
Because it does not suit your profession to believe me
You weren't the one who was attacked. It was the girl herself
We have very little time
Her body won't be able to tolerate the spirit for very long. It'll explode
Do you want to save her?
Where did it happen?
I was standing there
When I heard her cries...
I ran and came here
She was standing right there
Calm and quiet
What did you feel when you got close to her?
I thought she was upto mischief to bring me closer
What else?
Was there any other sign...?
A gust of wind that could perhaps have meant to tell you something?
Didn't you feel as if you were being drawn away by the hand...
and you had no control over yourself?
Did you see someone else's face in hers, when you got closer?
Did you see terror in her eyes?
It all happened so quickly that I felt...
Oh yes! The force with which she pushed me, it felt as if...
It sure tells us that it wasn't the doing of a human being
It was an evil spirit at work
Spirits draw strength from places like this...
where an accident might have taken place
At places where...
where someone has sinned or where something foul has taken place
By coming here, you have awakened a passive spirit
Manoj here. - Go on
She has left us
This is only the beginning
What does that mean?
Lts goal hasn't yet been accomplished
If it's really a spirit... can't we stop it?
What transpired here? Whose soul is it?
What does it want...? It's all a secret
A secret...
that lies buried somewhere here
Unless we unravel the mystery...
it'll be difficult to stop the spirit
Looks like lightning will strike again
On whom? And where? Nobody knows
This is a city of peace
The air here is unique
It's peaceful here
Everything is at peace
Everything is at peace
There's sunshine, there's shade...
there are moonlit nights
Beautiful girls throng the place
There are dreams, there are celebrations...
and parties for the young
There's fun and frolic, and merry-making everywhere
This is a city of peace
The ambience here is unique
Everything is at peace
There's peace and quiet
There are secrets...
and there's love in hearts
There are friendships...
even foes are buddies
There are desires, there's comfort...
here you can reach for the Moon
Summer and winter... you have every season here
This is a city of peace
The atmosphere here is unique
This is a city of peace
The atmosphere here is unique
Everything here is at peace
Everything here is at peace
What insolence is this?
You take me for a sidekick?
It's you who's treating me like a sidekick, Aditya
It doesn't seem as if you've married me
It appears as if you've bought me!
For three hours, I've been sitting all by myself...
waiting for you to cast a glance at me
But you can't find the time from your merry-making
Don't you know this is a business party?
They've come in a delegation from Hong Kong
Let me go in
Apart from listening to your crap, I've also got to run my business
All right. Run your business, whether your family lives or not
Everything here is at peace
Everything is peaceful
I can't understand where the girl went from the party
Why did she have to leave all alone?
Aditya... what is the matter?
Despite such an accident, she hasn't as much as suffered a scratch
What's this, if not a miracle?
Ask her to be careful in future
She shouldn't be driving after having so many sleeping pills
It's like this, Mr Aditya...
she badly needs your care right now
God has saved her
Or you had surely lost her today
Must you punish me like this?
What if something had happened to you?
For how long will we keep deceiving ourselves?
I'm sick of fighting all the time
It's time we separated, Aditya
Don't say that, Sanjana
It's of no use
You're not the same Aditya anymore
You're not the man I fell in love with
In just a year, you've changed so much
What's gotten into you?
There's a chasm between us... - I'll do away with the chasm
I need just one opportunity
Let's go someplace far away from here
Someplace where only you and I are there
How about that delegation from Hong Kong?
They can wait. But I don't want to lose you again
Where would you like to go?
I want to take you somewhere far away...
where no voice calls out to us... except we, to each other
I want it to start there all over again
That's where we first met
That's where we fell in love
I'll do the make up for you!
Lay off! - Where will you go?
Lay off, I say! - I'm going to colour you!
No, Sanjana! No!
Hurry up!
How long will you make me wait?
Even if you do come across me...
please do pull a veil across your face
Our wedding isn't very far away...
I must pine. You must long for me too
That's the problem with my heart
You tell me how am I to remain quiet
Even if I do come across you...
I ought to pull a veil across my face
Our wedding isn't very far away...
I must pine. You must pine too
That's the problem with my heart
You tell me how I am to remain quiet
These are the times when I must pester you and flatter you
These are the times I must try you out
I hope you get the message, my love
This is just what my problem is
I can no longer bear the distance between us
How will I tell you what I'm going through, my love
The earth and the skies will bear witness...
you and I will come together
Even if I look into your eyes...
I wish you would veil your face
If I were to leave this world, and never return again...
what would you do, my love?
From God, I would snatch you
I'll make you belong to me
Till as long as we live, we shall never part
This promise, we will never break...
even if it angers God
Should I call you to meet me...
I hope you will veil your face
Our wedding isn't very far away
I must pine. So must you
My heart is the problem...
you tell me, how am I to remain quiet?
What are you thinking about? - Nothing
I'll go and change
Who's that?
Who is it?
Who are you?
Who is it?
What's wrong with you?
There was so much of agony in her cry
She's in deep trouble
We must help her, Aditya
We could help, if there really was someone there
There's no one
I've heard her screaming. Not once, but many times over
You can go ahead and think that I'm mad
For me, however, it's as true as you standing here before me
If it's true, why didn't I hear her voice?
Why didn't I realise her suffering?
You've given up realising anyone's suffering long ago, Aditya
Sanjana! This is the root of all your problems
You neither sleep, nor keep awake after taking these pills
You hear and talk any nonsense. - I can't go to sleep without it
So don't go to sleep. I'll stay up with you
We'll chat and I'll hold your hand all night
When you should have been with me, you kept running away from me
Times were when I had so much to talk you about...
and you always chose to keep quiet
I suffered everything in silence
I kept awake, while you slept
Had you steadied me then, I wouldn't have had the need for these pills today
But I can't do without them anymore
I can't.
Aditya? You?
Without even informing us, the Managing Director...
of the Park chain of hotels is here in person!
I can't believe it
Do I take it as a stroke of good luck or is this an inspection, Mr M.D.?
No M.D. A friend is here to meet a friend
By the way, where is your husband?
Someone has cast an evil eye on your love
Your love was a shining example for everybody in Ooty...
and you go through such problems?
She couldn't go to sleep when you were away
And she now swallows sleeping pills in your presence
I can't believe it
Sanjana's quite a wise girl. You haven't...?
You could say I'm the one who's not wise enough
I'm the one to blame for whatever has happened
But I want to make my love an example for others all over again
For this, I need help from the two of you
Just don't worry
The two of us got you married. We even gave the bride away
It's our problem now. Just see how we solve it between the two of us
Where is she at the moment?
Who are you?
I was told at the hotel that the two of you have arrived
I was asked to clean the place
Why hasn't Robert come? We've been waiting for him since last evening
Where has he gone? - Even his wife doesn't know
He's been missing for eight months. - Eight months?
Yes, Madam. Even the police couldn't find him
No one knows what's happened of him or where he has gone
His wife is in trouble, Madam
Do you know where she lives?
He had started changing
He did very strange things
He used to slog like an animal in that bungalow
And suddenly, he had started dreading the very mention of the bungalow
He'd make some excuse or the other to send me to do the chores
And one day, he just vanished
Why didn't you call and tell Aditya? - I did, Madam
I called him on his cell-phone from the post office
I also told the master that before Robert disappeared...
he had started hearing strange voices
He used to shut his ears and rant like a madman all day
He used to wake me up in the middle of the night and say...
that unless I went out and stopped the voices...
he'd walk out on me
But I could have stopped the voices only if I heard any
Only Robert could hear them
What sort of voice was it?
Of someone crying out in pain
The fire rages on both sides
Bodies longing to be consumed by the fires!
There you are...
The fish escapes, the shoe gets caught...
this is how, very often, lovers go awry
Thank you
On an evening...
amidst rainfall...
and a romantic setting...
let the song of love be heard
There's fire
There's longing
And a sense of failing balance
Let me tell my lover something today
All those promises we made...
all those oaths we took together...
you are the one who brought dawn into my life
Do you recollect...?
Do you remember?
Beautiful days we spent...
and our nights were lovely too
You are the one who brought dawn into my life
Do you remember...?
Do you remember?
We stayed awake all nights
We were lost in each other
We spoke about our love for each other
Out of loneliness...
we met each other every day
In your arms, I found solace and spent precious moments of my life
Your beautiful moon-like face...
I etched on my heart
We were so close...
I happened to be your destiny
On my lips was your name all the time...
do you remember?
Yes, I do remember
I do remember
In daylight, in my dreams...
you were the one always in my sight
You are my life, you are what my story is all about...
you are my destiny
I loved you and took you for my own
You gave me a place in your heart
With love, you lent colour to my dreams
Your lips I kissed...
in your arms, I swayed...
in your eyes, I dwelt
Do you remember?
Yes, I do remember
I sure do remember
All those promises we made...
All those oaths we took together
You were the only who brought dawn into my life
Do you remember?
Yes, I remember
Yes, I remember
Did you hear the gunshot?
Sanjana, it wasn't a gunshot. It was the door
No, Aditya. I heard a gunshot
It wasn't a gunshot, Sanjana. It was the door
Why didn't you tell me about Robert?
He used to hear these noises too
His wife telephoned you to tell you about it
So why did you hide it from me?
I have so many servants, Sanjana
Someone goes crazy, someone disappears...
and someone hears strange noises. I can't keep track of everyone, can I?
I'm tired
This woman has been wailing away!
You heard her. Didn't you, Madam? Only you and I can listen to it
Nobody else can hear it... not my wife, not my master
I'm fed up, Madam... I'm fed up!
My brains are going to explode... these noises will blow my mind
Save me, Madam. Please save me
Or I'll go mad, Madam
I'll go mad!
The noises I hear, the things I feel...
why doesn't Aditya feel them too?
I want to save my marriage. At any cost
I brought Aditya here from Mumbai...
to save our marriage from falling apart
But having come here, I feel as if the rift between us...
has widened, instead of making up
Sanjana, whether someone believes you or not...
I know you're speaking the truth
Have you heard of Vastu Shastra?
At times, when your house isn't properly planned...
you begin to get strange ideas
Maybe this is responsible for whatever you're going through
Whether someone believes it or not...
I have faith in the science of Vastu
I think we must consult Professor Agni Swaroop
Yes. He has great insight
And he can set right what is wrong
Is everything all right?
I'd like to believe that everything is all right
But my body says there is something here...
which is not right. And the body never lies
You might find my question strange
But you must think before you answer me
Go ahead
Do you believe in ghosts?
In spirits? Good and evil?
Spirits that help and spirits that torment?
Spirits that long to accomplish what has remained unfinished
Have you ever heard of tormented souls?
Has the breeze ever tried to whisper something into your ears?
You don't find things suddenly disappearing from your sight...
and coming back again?
Strange voices, I mean
A stunning cry
Feeling of a presence, despite being all alone
Do you feel as if you're wide awake and yet, you're seeing a nightmare?
Yes... how did you get to know?
Which means, there is someone
There is someone...
who wants to assert himself, despite being dead
What's up there?
How many days since you opened this door?
It's almost two years
But it feels as if someone has been frequenting this place
If the lemon does not change its colour till sunset...
you can assume that everything is all right
Or else... - Or else?
Or else, you could face grave problems
Pray that the lemon does not turn red by this evening
I told you! There is someone!
There is something in our house!
Those gunshots...
There is someone in our house, Aditya! There's a spirit haunting our house!
Else, Professor Agni Swaroop's lemon would not have turned red!
It wouldn't have turned red!
I'm not lying, Aditya!
Ask Priya, if you don't believe me
There's a spirit in our house
I have felt its presence
Who do you think you are...?
You're a professor? Are you?
You make money out of scaring women! - Mind your tongue!
There's a ghost in my house? Is there...?
I'll have your blood!
I'll report you to the police if you even look at my house again!
Call the police! Go ahead!
You don't know who I am! I'm Aditya Dhanraj!
Call the cops! - I've dealt with your kind!
But why isn't he taking the phone?
Actually, Adi and Sanjana have gone out
Let him not take the call, if he doesn't want to
I'm not fond of lecturing him like a school kid
lt'll be kind of him if he doesn't ruin the respect I've built...
over the years, in brawls and scraps
Yes, Uncle
Yes, my foot! Can't you make him see reason?
He's no ordinary man
The press always keep nosing around for such stories
They've splashed the news on the front-page
Anyway, I haven't called to talk to him about his exploits
I've something important to discuss with him
Yes, Uncle. I'll tell him
Adi, you've got to reach Bombay tomorrow
Uncle says the delegation from Hong Kong...
can stay for another day at the most
If you don't have a meeting with them, not only will you lose millions...
your relations with them will be over too
I'm glad it happened. I was fed up of this place anyway
We'll take the afternoon flight back
Priya, will you do something for me?
Professor, at least hear me out
Sanjana is terribly embarrassed
Or why would she send me here to ask for your forgiveness?
She herself doesn't know what got into Aditya
She wanted to come here to meet you, Professor
But there was this call from Bombay suddenly...
and she had to leave with Aditya
She hasn't gone at all!
Pardon me?
Till that power accomplishes what it wants to...
forget Mumbai, it won't let Sanjana even leave this city
Her husband wants to take her away, isn't it?
So let him!
Professor, they've already left
They've left
But they haven't reached there
The road is blocked, sir.
It'll take 5 or 6 hours for the traffic to clear
D'you want some tea or coffee? - 3 cups of tea
There's a landslide ahead, sir. The road's blocked for 5 or 6 hours
D'you want me to look for a lodge for you?
If there are unseasonal rains or a storm, or a fog...
descending in summer, what can you or I do against an act of God?
You're being funny! It's a contract worth millions
If I don't get to Mumbai by tomorrow morning, I'll have lost everything
You can't get a flight from Ooty. You'll have to drive to Coimbatore
But there has to be a way. Some way
No, nothing can be done about it today
Even if we were to have a chopper flown in from Bangalore...
it'd take us a day to get clearance from the army
So call your father. He'll handle everything
No way. I don't want to listen to his sermons again
Suppose I take a flight from Bangalore, instead of Coimbatore?
I must take the flight from Bangalore tomorrow morning
For that, I'll have to drive all night through Madhu Malai...
to reach Bangalore at six tomorrow morning
It isn't a safe road. And you... - Go ahead, Aditya
I'll wait here for you
As soon as my work is over, I'll rush here
And don't you dare take those sleeping pills in my absence
I don't want you to see ghosts all over again
The ghost's actually in the bottle. Let it remain there
Stop being stubborn and pack your bags
I can't leave you alone in this house
Please, Priya. Go away. I want to stay here and find out the truth
What truth are you talking about?
Professor Agni has told you that there's a spirit here
You have yourself seen the lemon change colors
And even if what he says is not true...
where's the need for you to take the risk?
There is a need
I want to find out whether a spirit is indeed trying to talk to me...
or is it a streak of madness
I want to know whether what I have felt through the days and nights...
is true, or is it an effect of the sleeping pills I consume
I want to find out whether what Professor Agni says is true...
or is Aditya? It's necessary for me to have the answers
Very necessary
Who are you?
It's my house!
So long as I live, I will not let you take over my house!
If you think you can drive me away by scaring me...
it's just not happening!
I'm not going to be scared!
Till such time as I live, you can't snatch my house from me!
You're going to leave this place. Not I!
Go away!
Tell your friend that I don't want any trouble
I'm a simple man. Let me get on with my life
I don't want to meddle in anybody's family affairs
But, Professor, you must... - Not another word from you! Shut up!
You think I will help you again?
So her husband will get physical with me again?
This time, I will raise my hand too
Get out!
I've seen her for myself, Professor
I've seen its face. It's a woman
What's all this about, Professor?
Earlier, she only got hear the voices
And now she's seeing things! What's happening?
You're not connected with that incident, are you?
Which incident?
This incident took place in the forests behind your house
Exactly where you heard the gunshot
It happened on May 16
On the same night, you met with an accident too
About two hours after this tragedy
On recovering, you insisted that you come to Ooty with your husband
Whereas, your husband was willing to take you to any part of the world
What does that mean?
The spirit in your house and the spirit which killed Nisha...
are one and the same. - Which means, she's after me?
I don't know
I don't know whether she wants to harm you
But one thing is for sure
She wants to say something to you
She wants to tell you something. - What?
We can decide that only when we get to the spot
Over there
The boy took me there
You've got to go there. On your own
If you think I'm scared to go there myself...
you are not entirely wrong
But believe me...
that isn't the only reason why I'm sending you there on your own
What else is it?
Whoever it is...
she wants to talk to her
There is something she wants to tell only Sanjana
If she wants to meet her...
she'll have to go all alone
We'll stay here. In the car
We're not staying here. We're going with her
Priya, I'll go there. On my own
Sanjana, you're... - Please, Priya
What do you want?
What are you getting at?
You wanted me to come here
And here I am
Now tell me
Professor, I think...
You're right. That gun was bought from this shop
On the 2nd of September, 1988
After that, till March 2000...
it was brought here for servicing, every six months
For a year and half now, this gun wasn't sent here
Whose gun is it? Who holds the licence?
It's a retired army colonel
He had bought the gun for his personal use
What's the colonel's name? - Colonel Arjun Malik
The address?
One moment, Madam
Sir, there's a call for you
I've found the gun you used to kill an innocent
What rubbish are you talking?
Colt 8mm, Serial FB66
That's the number of your gun, isn't it?
I don't have the time to listen to your nonsense
Don't hang up on me!
What you have done has made life miserable for me and my husband
My life is plunged in turmoil for the disgusting things you've done!
To overcome my problems, I'll have to meet you
What if I choose not to meet you?
In which case, I'll hand the gun to the police
The police will find out whom you killed and why
All right. Tomorrow at eleven
Where did you find the gun? And in what circumstances?
Why did you kill the girl? And under what circumstances?
Don't talk like a moron! Why would I kill her?
Because this just what people like you always do
You trap innocent girls, make them victims of your lust...
and once you've had enough of them, you silence them with the gun...
so that you can keep your ugly face hidden behind a mask!
No father on earth can do to his daughter, what you say I've done!
She was my daughter
But as my daughter, she gave me no comfort
She was mentally ill
I had her admitted to the asylum several times
But she would always escape
She once locked me up in my own room...
and ran away. Forever
After she had left, I discovered that my revolver was missing
I lodged a complaint with the police, I had ads published in the papers...
I looked for her everywhere
And my search came to end when you telephoned me
It was obvious that my daughter would never come back to me
The Colonel's daughter goes missing, she then dies...
and her spirit then compels you to come here from Mumbai
She shows you the gun and tells you her address
What is more, you even get to see her
Why's she doing all this?
We have no way of finding out
There is a way
There's no need for you to go to her anymore
If you wish, she could come to you
With the help of this book
But you will be playing with death
To begin with, you must chant the mantras in that book...
and summon her when you're all alone
Another thing: Such spirits are very stubborn
She will come at your behest
But she will leave only when she wants to
What if she refuses to leave?
In that case, Sanjana will meet with the same fate as Nisha
Think it over
I've decided, Professor
Her secret is somehow connected with my secret
I want to know why she's playing these games with me
What made her call me here all the way from Mumbai?
Till such time as I have the answer, I will have no peace
I want to meet her, look into her eyes, and ask her
Even if I have to lay down my life
There's a particular way of reading this book. I'll explain it to you
Feelings help me to overcome distances
Extend a hand...
so I may touch you
You've even started drinking now?
Intoxication finds new heights when you drink
Tonight is a night of mischief
Tonight, I won't be able to sleep without you
You had left me far away
All alone. In despair
You have made me pine so much
But tonight isn't a night of pining. We ought to shower love
For ages, this dry parched earth hasn't had a drop of water
Tonight, however, it will see a storm
Don't say anything... just listen to me
Let the fires rage
Let me be charred
For very long, this spark has been buried in the embers
You're acting like a nervous child
It's not the first time we're doing it
I won't let your wife know anything even this time
Who's dead?
Who's dead?
What have you been hiding from me?
Who was she?
Who was she, I say!
The last time I came to Ooty, it was raining very heavily
What I didn't know was that the storm would walk right up to my door
I've lost my way
Will you please help me?
Come on in
It's cold outside
You're drenched
Sit by the fireplace, I'll arrange some clothes for you
This is all I could find. You'll have to manage
On a cold night...
when I'm feeling mischievous and carry the burden of sleepiness...
I'd have gone away to my house, if I were in my city
Pardon me?
You're not going to ask me to leave, are you?
On a night like this, I just don't feel like...
leaving this fireplace and going out
There's a guest-room here. You can rest there, if you wish
Despite putting all the woes in the world together...
when nature still couldn't achieve anything...
it gave you those eyes
There's so much of feeling in your eyes
I made this tune as an acknowledgement of your loneliness
Distances between hearts are overcome with feelings
Say nothing tonight
Just savour your loneliness
Heat and desires burn out in failure
Like the lamp, I burn every night
The lamp that burns for everybody to see...
is the flame that consigns me to anonymity
Whenever your name appears with mine...
I wonder why people burn with envy - Malini
If the Board of Directors' meeting is not held tomorrow...
One moment
I'll call you later
Don't stop
Don't get so close to me. I could destroy you
And I want to be destroyed
In love with you, I have begun to blossom
A look at you...
and I have begun to flower
Such is the manner in which I've fallen in love with you...
I'm going to pieces
In love with you, I have begun to blossom
Should you make me suffer like this...
my longing will drive me mad
I've found the one I've been looking for
I was restless, I was thirsty through many lifetimes
From our bodies, we're becoming one in soul
Such is the manner in which I've fallen in love with you...
I've begun to go to pieces
In love with you, I have begun to blossom
Our bodies will melt
The fires will rage... our hearts will go berserk
Should my lips meet yours...
sparks will emanate even from the dew
We're crossing all limits, my love
Such is my love for you...
I'm going to pieces
In love with you, I have begun to blossom
What's wrong with you?
It's not loaded
Where did you get the gun from?
I lead the life of a wanderer. What I might need and when...
and when I might need this... who knows?
Not every man is as decent...
as good looking and as honest as you are
It takes time for the romance to go out of the lives of married couples
And you've stopped telephoning me in just a year or two
I swear, I was about to give you a call
I'm glad you called instead
It's difficult to get through from Ooty
Are you alone, Aditya?
What does that mean?
Is someone else there with you?
Yes, there is
Who? Is it Ajay?
Me. And my loneliness
My cellphone is ringing. I'll call you in a while
No... I'll call you
Thank you. Thank you for the honour
You're an amazing man
You can share my bed with me
But you just wouldn't want the world to know about it
And the fool that I am...
I thought you were different from other men
I was so wrong
Aditya, why haven't you told your wife about me?
Why didn't you tell her that you're with me right now?
You're scared of her, aren't you?
Aren't you...? Right?
Don't stand there like a dumb animal! Answer my question, Aditya. Answer me!
Coward! Chicken!
I'm wiping out every trace of that bitch...
whom you don't forget even in your dreams!
You're with me only in body. You soul's always with that bitch!
Cut the melodrama, Malini! - I'll drive her out of your life
Out of your house, and your mind!
If I still can't drive her away, I'll burn that bitch alive!
I beg you. Don't compel me to do such things
For the decency I had to let you stay at this house...
please leave in a decent manner
I want to forget whatever has happened between us
I'm not a line written in pencil...
that you can erase any time you wish to
Listen to what I say very carefully, Aditya Dhanraj
I'm going to snatch you from the bitch, come what may
This is enough
Leave me alone, Aditya! Leave me alone!
You can't do this to me, Aditya!
Open the door, Aditya!
You've thrown me out of the house for the sake of that bitch!
I wouldn't even spit at you!
To hell with you, Aditya Dhanraj!
Get out of my way, please
I shouldn't have done such a thing. Never
Hit me, if you wish to...
but please don't be angry with me
For all the love you gave me, what did I do to you?
I'm so ashamed!
But I can't help it, Aditya
Whenever I imagine you with that woman, it sets my blood boiling
I wish you were not married to her
I wish I could erase memories of every moment you spent with her
I wish she had never touched you. I wish you belonged only to me...
Sanjana is my wife. She has a right to my body and my soul...
notjust in this lifetime but every time I'm born
Hear me out, Aditya... please!
Please don't leave me... listen to me!
Don't go away, Aditya
Don't leave me, Aditya... please - Get lost!
What are you doing?
What do you take me for?
I'll wipe out every memory you have for that woman in your heart!
I won't let you show your back to your love and run away!
I won't let anyone snatch you from me!
You belong only to me... only to me!
We'll have to provide better facilities to our customers...
we'll have to renovate the hotel; we'll have to do the landscaping again
And we'll have to change the interiors of the entire hotel
It's going to cost us about 20 million rupees
What do you think, Aditya?
Should we take such a big risk?
How dare you come here again?
Just one difference between me and that bitch, isn't it?
She wears this collar around her neck, right?
Tie it around my neck. Tell her everything about me
Tell her that I'm the one you really love
You're out of your mind. Go away, else...
I have very little time, Aditya
The police have found my jeep
My Papa will come here, if he gets to know
I don't want to go back to the institution
Put that gun away, Malini
Make that telephone call quickly
Tell her that we can't live without each other
Go on. Call her quickly
Skip this madness. I'm not doing anything of that sort
Put that gun away. - You're the one acting mad, Aditya
You know very well that we can't live without each other. Don't you?
This lifetime and every time we are born...
you will belong only to me. So tell her that
You have accepted me of your own volition
Till she starts believing that I'm the woman you really love...
she's not going away from our lives
Go on now. Tell her... make that call
Make that call!
Malini, I love my wife very much
And I'm not going to tell her about you and me. Never
You mustn't make the mistake of doing that either
Because she loves me so much... she won't ever believe you
Not even if she finds my corpse in this house?
Put that gun away. Right now!
She's bound to know, Aditya
While I live, or after I die
I had never imagined...
that her madness and obsession would go to such lengths
That one gunshot blasted my power of reasoning and my good sense
It was only Robert I could look to, for some loyalty
With his help, I then did what I thought was right
We buried her body in the forest
How many people would believe I was speaking the truth?
The manner in which she was living with me, a married man...
would only suggest that she had not committed suicide...
that I had killed her
What would I tell the police? What would I tell Papa?
And you...
I didn't tell you about it because I didn't want to lose you
It was as if I wasn't burying Malini's body...
I was burying the fear of being separated from you
I can't imagine a life without you Because...
I love you very dearly, Sanjana
I must compliment you on your nerve, Aditya Dhanraj
Behind my back, on my own bed, you had a great time with a whore
And yet, you claim to be in love with me?
After mercilessly crushing my love in this very bed...
you want me to forget everything and accept you...?
And take you in my arms?
I won't be able to carry out the farce, Aditya
I ask for your forgiveness, Sanjana. Please... forgive me
Forgive your husband, Sanjana. - I find you repulsive
I cried before you for so many days, I suffered...
and you kept spurning me, instead of telling me the truth
To keep our marriage alive, I begged for your love
And you kept rejecting me
And now, when the shadows of your past have begun to haunt me...
when I've begun to hear those screams...
you try to prove that I was a liar. Whereas you are the liar, Aditya
And I can never forget a liar. Never!
You have a lovable face...
I could die for it
You do not know how much I love you
You have a loveable face...
I could die for you
This journey of love is a difficult one
He who steadies himself after falling...
finds his goal
No matter how difficult our path is...
we happily walk through it
For your lovable face...
I could even lay down my life
That's a good thing you did, Sanjana
In your shoes, I'd have done the same thing
I couldn't imagine that Aditya was capable of doing something so hideous
You must never return to him
Don't ever make that mistake, Sanjana
That is just what that woman wants. I can understand it all. Everything!
Why did she draw you here from Mumbai?
Why did she always try to talk to you?
Why did she expose your husband's secret to you?
She wants you and Aditya to hate each other...
so that you will leave him forever
What would she gain out of that? - Aditya!
Sanjana is devoted to her husband
And a woman who is devoted to her husband, acts as his shield
Even God is afraid to meddle with her husband's life
But this is an evil spirit
She was smart enough to separate the two of you
As for Aditya... he's all alone now
Are you telling us that Sanjana must go back to Aditya?
If not as his wife, as a human being she must go back to Aditya
Because she's the only one who can save Aditya's life
That woman will now try to take Aditya away with her forever
For that...
she'll have to release Aditya from his body
She'll have to kill him
I'm here to save your life
Once I have seen you off at your door...
I don't want to see your face again
Get the master's luggage. We're leaving for Mumbai right now
Where's the master?
What are you staring at me for? Where's the master?
I don't understand, Madam
The master left with you in a car, just moments ago
What nonsense are you talking? I've walked in here right now
This is how the beginning of the end always is
That power is now close in on its victim
She's not going to spare anyone now... no one!
Listen to me, Sanjana. Please
Look at me, please
Should I leave the world and never return again...?
What would you do, my love?
I'd snatch you from God. I'd make you belong to me
Till as long as we live, we shall never part
May this pledge never break
Even if it angers God
The doctors are doing their best
A couple of fractures in the hip and his legs
They say he'll be all right if he regains consciousness in two hours
Will he live, or won't he?
Uncle's flying with experts from Mumbai
These people talk any nonsense
They'll take over everything the moment they arrive, you will see
Will he live, or won't he?
The car fell from a height of just 50 feet. Straight down, too
Will he survive, or won't he?
There's just one way of saving Aditya
He's still breathing. Before he stops breathing...
let's burn Malini's body. That could save him
That's the only way that wandering spirit can be dealt with
After burning in the pyre...
whether she wants it or not, she has to accept a release
Let's go and find her body before she takes Aditya and...
She won't be able to do any harm to my Aditya
Once, she snatched him from me
I won't let her do it again
No matter what she does...
I will snatch my husband from the jaws of death
Should this lemon turn red where we place it...
it'll means she's right there. That's where we must look for her
This is the place
She should be somewhere here
I think we must burn this body right here
You're the faithful bitch, aren't you?
Despite knowing that Aditya belongs to me...
you keep following him with your tongue hanging out...
and even get here?
Shameless creature! Whore!
He has slept in my arms!
Before you can burn my corpse and try to distance him from me...
I'll turn you into a corpse!
Congratulations, Mr Dhanraj
There's no danger to your son's life
Sanjana, I was wrong... absolutely wrong!
My friend has made it
Your Aditya has made it
There's just one reason why Aditya is alive. It's Sanjana
Sanjana has proved that if a woman is bent on saving her husband's life...
it can change the minds of both... God and Satan
Every pain we will bear together
Let's resolve to do that
We shall never break...
let's promise each other
I'm afraid of the very idea of going to seed
Yours is a lovable face...
I could die for it
You do not know...
how much I love you
To fall in love is easy
To live up to it is very difficult
Only after I had passed this test of love...
did my married life really blossom
Only after travelling through the depths of death...
could I reach the zenith of life
The zenith where I was blessed with the nectar of love
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