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Subtitles for Rabid Dogs - Cani Arrabbiati 1974.

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Rabid Dogs - Cani Arrabbiati 1974

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Do you have the bag? Did you look inside?
I'll do it now.
Hey, men, we've got ourselves a fortune here! We're rich!
Rich at last! Come on, move! Move!
Stay calm.
Doc, look! Feast your eyes on this! Good times are here at last!
Hey, Doc-The fuckin' cops are still on our tail!
Step on it, Doc! Faster! Faster!
We're out of gas!
Bail out!
This way!
A guard's been shot.
Take one more step and we'll cut these bitches!
-Stay right where you are, or she's dead! I mean it!
Goddamn cops! I'll send you all straight to hell!
-We said back off, you cocksuckers!
You want me to stick her? Is that what you want?
Please, no...
Get down!
My God! That son of a bitch really did it!
Now back off! Back off now, or we'll make it a matching set!
Allright! Stay back, men!
Get in the car!
Now they've seen our faces!
That's it. We're fucked.
Don't be fools. We still can make it!
Let me go!
Shut up, you whore, or I'll shut your mouth for ya! They're right behind us!
Step on it! Step on it!
You did it! You lost them!
One wrong move and you're dead.
-Hold it right there.
Get in!
Hey, look-a kid!
What's wrong with the kid?
He's sick.
Yeah, so I see! He's looks like death warmed over! What's his problem?
He's been given a sedative. I've got to get him to a hospital. He needs an operation-urgently.
I'm sorry, there's not time for that. Before you take him anywhere, you've got to get us out of town.
Turn right at the light.
No, no! I beg of you! His life's at stake!
OUR lives are at stake-and to tell you the truth, our lives are a little more important to me than HlS!
The fuckin' cops already got Fagio, and they won't give up till they get us all!
It's not even their fuckin' money! What assholes! Why should they give a shit, anyway?
Let me take the child to the hospital. I won't say a word about anything.
Besides, I wouldn't know how to identify this car! Have pity! Please, please let me go!
Stop your bullshit!
The cops are climbing up our asses and you want us to take you someplace special? Go fuck yourself!
Five minutes ago, Fagio was still with us. He could drive like a god! You know what they did to him, you cunt?
They blew his brains out! One shot... and his brains spilled out-all over me!
That's enough now. Watch the road.
Try to pull yourself together.
Better do as he says.
Good. That's much better.
Once we get up there, take the highway. If you continue to behave well, you and your son will be allright.
I can't do this... lt'll be your fault if he dies.
Look, we've already killed four today. One more or less doesn't matter. You can't serve more than a life sentence.
So, we don't really give a shit about the kid.
Who knows? Maybe they'd give us a bonus for adding a kid to our hit list?
Shut up, Blade. Let the man drive!
Say, Thirtytwo... Do you really think you could kill a child?
Sure! No skin off my ass! What kind of question is that?
And how would that help you three?
You're right. You're more useful to us alive!
Let me go! What did we do to you? Take the car! You don't mind-do you? -if they take the car?
Hey, your kid's snoring. Do you think he's trying to say something?
He says he's sleeping, shithead, what else?
So, what's the boy's name?
Nice name. You call him Agostino or Tino?
A good thing he's asleep. He could have gotten scared, had a bad shock. You know?
Yes, absolutely. It's better this way.
You're a little too cool-headed for my liking. You don't have any tricks up your sleeve... do you?
No, I just want this to be over with.
It will be, if you do as you're told. I believe you. For now. Here we are; take the highway.
Hey, Beautiful! Enjoying the ride with us?
Why are you looking at me like that? Am I making you wet down there?
Cut it out! Don't be such an asshole! Why can't the two of you straighten up and act normal?
Hey, I didn't do anything!
So, your name is Riccardo. I'll hang onto this for the time being. What's your name?
Maria! Like the Madonna! Get outta here! I don't believe it!
No, you look more like that actress on television... You know, the one who never smiles! What's her name?
Greta Garbo!
That's it, Greta Garbo! What was that famous line of hers?
"l want to be alone."
What a great fuckin' line!
"Driving at night with the headlights off, trying to die behind the wheel!...
...You cannot understand, you only feel! Going out at dawn, when you cannot see your steps,...
...trying to find out what is real! You cannot understand, you only feel!"
Listen, Riccardo... shhhh! When we come to the tollbooth, don't forget. No tricks.
Tino is in the back and Thirtytwo and l both have guns pointed right at his head.
You wouldn't dare shoot him!
Well, you have a point there. But Blade is in the back, too, and his weapon doesn't make any noise.
He's very good at what he does. Take my word for it.
It's true, if I do say so myself! You'd be surprised how long a stabbed person can fight before he dies.
Especially the little ones. Kids scream more, but they actually have a higher resistance to pain.
Thicker Blood. Want to see?
For God's sake!
Shut up, Greta Garbo! It's not YOUR kid.
What the hell are you saying? Leave the boy alone! He has has nothing to do with all this.
That's better, Riccardo. Now you seem a little worried. Like a good father should be.
Leave him alone, I tell you!
Of course! You have nothing to worry about... from me. As long as you play along.
As long as your kid is in danger, I don't have a care in the world! There's the tollbooth. Turn on the radio.
"Going out at dawn, when you cannot see your steps..."
Here's a late-breaking new bulletin. Violent crime shocked the city this morning at 1 1 :30,...
... when four criminals robbed the Boldrini Pharmaceutical lnstitute. The object of the theft...
... was the weekly wages for the lnstitute staff.....
... The robbery took a tragic turn with the deaths of treasurer Armando Vanzelli...
...and security guard Salvatore Caponi, who tried to stop the thieves...
More bullshit.
...and an unidentified woman bystander....
... The robbers took another woman hostage and are currently on the run.
Hey, Thirtytwo! did you hear that? We're celebrities! What do you think about that?
Go fuck yourself.
"Go fuck yourself!" Is that all you know how to say? Can't you see there's a LADY present?
If my mother knew they were talking about me on the radio, she's be one proud old lady!
Listen, here's the part where the President extends his sincere condolences...
The President has sent telegrams to the families of the victims, expressing his sincere condolences.
I LOVE that part! Quiet!
Shut up!
Look, we're in no hurry.
Shall I slow down?
Sure, slow down. We've got some time to kill.
They say that time is money, and we have a lot of time, and a lot of money.
How much money did you get?
It was only a small drug company, but today is Friday. Do you know what happens on Fridays?
On Fridays, a car comes with the week's payroll. This means a lot of money.
That's what's in the bag?
No! We got our toothbrushes in the bag!
How much?
About one hundred million lire.
That's not very much.
What the fuck? You've got SOME fuckin' nerve!
Our friend got his brains blown out, every cop in the city is out looking for us,...
...and you've got the balls to sit there and say it's not very much?
Cut it out! Have you lost your mind! This man is driving!
That son of a bitch just wants to psych us out with his bullshit! That shithead! Make him shut up, Doc!
Why not let me go, with my son? You can keep the car.
If you don't cut the bullshit, Blade will cut your boy's little balls off!
Yes, I could cut them off and give them to Greta Garbo here-for earrings!
Or maybe she's like his little wee-wee for a brooch?
Oh fuck, it's the cops! We're in deep shit!
Can't you see they're just passing by? Keep cool. And you, don't think about it! You'd be the first to die.
You don't want to end up like your friend, do you, Beautiful?
How well did you know her? Was she a relative?
No. She was my neighbour. We were going shopping.
You killed her for no reason?
Did you hear that? What is WlTH this asshole? Always handing out his bullshit opinions!
Nothing happens for no reason. If we hadn't killed her, we'd all be dead now.
But she had nothing to do with all this.
She was a means to an end-like you. It's very simple. On one side, there is us, and we want the money.
On the other side, there is you, and you want to prevent this. That's the way it is.
I don't give a damn about your money.
You say that because you're afraid. But if you had half a chance, you'd kill us all...
...just so you could get a nice medal of honor and your picture in the paper-to make your kid proud.
All I want is to get him to the hospital!
Only once we've made it to safety. Remember that! You'll be free to do as you like after we let you go!
Hey, Little Richard, don't you have any ashtrays in this heap?
We'd better leave the highway. Make a U-turn the first chance you get.
I can't do that! Too risky!
If he tells you to do something, you'd better do it.
You'll do as I say... and carefully!
Turn now!
My compliments, Riccardo! A very good U-Turn! We'll exit after the next tollbooth.
Even if they've blocked the roads, we'll have a better chance if we're driving toward town.
What about the toll ticket? Won't it arouse suspicion?
What toll ticket?
I can't find my ticket. I'm sorry, I must have lost it.
Wait a minute.
Remember what I said: you'll be the first to die.
Yes, I know.
Can't you find it?
I'm sorry, but you'll have to pay the toll again.
Very well, we'll pay. How much?
I'm sorry, but I don't make up the rules. I'd let you pass if it was up to me.
No problem. How much?
I mean, if I let you pass, l'd have to do the same for everybody
Allright, so how much?
Seventy thousand lire.
Here, take it.
I'm sorry, but like I say, I don't make the rules. Wait a minute, I'll get your change.
We don't care about the change.
No, wait!
Would you like a receipt?
No, thanks. Goodbye!
Roll up the windows.
Look at them! Do you think they have air conditioning?
They must! Otherwise, with their windows shut, they'd be burning up on a day like this!
Are you crazy or something? Look what you did! You smashed my fucking fender!
Get outta there! Come look what you've done, asshole. My fenders are smashed to hell, my trunk lock is ruined!
Well? You got insurance? Yes or no?
I hope you're not one of those people who don't believe in insurance?
Look, it's very hot and we're in a bit of a hurry. How much will the repair cost?
Fifty thousand, sixty thousand lire?
Don't get any bright ideas. Keep us company.
Sixty thousand won't be nearly enough. The lights are shot, too! who knows what else might be busted!
This will take a LOT more than sixty thousand!
Nice doing business with you...
Drive over here.
Stop right there.
Do you have a map?
I don't know if you rear-ended that guy on purpose, but you'd better not pull any more stunts like that!
Do you understand?
Oh, did that hurt? I'm so sorry...
Turn right down the next road! We have to pass the roadblocks and then get back onto the highway.
Look, I've done what you wanted. Leave me and my son here. I've get to get him medical attention!
Start the motor! Hurry up!
Maybe he's right, Doc. We don't need them anymore. We could slit their throats...and keep the car.
I'll take care of them; you just give the signal.
That's enough!
If anything happens to my son, I'll crash this car and kill us all! Understand?
I want the boy up front with us! She can hold him!
Allright, give her the kid.
Okay, now drive!
I think he's waking up.
We'll have to stop to get some water. I have to give him a pill, and he can't swallow them without water.
Keep driving!
Please stop! I'll give him the medicine. Please, I need to stop. Don't you understand?
Do you have to take a piss or a shit?
You're all mad! Mad dogs! Do you want me to go here? On the seat?
Hey, Doc, she's got a point. It might get a little unpleasant in here, you know?
Get out then!
Go over there.
I'd better keep an eye on her, Doc.
And where is she supposed to go? I know you just want to watch.
Hey! She's getting away!
Somebody help!
Somebody please help me!
Is anybody there? Open up! Let me in! Please!
They want to kill me! Please! They'll kill me!
No, Thirtytwo!
She's a lady-don't hurt her.
I thought you had to take a leak. You didn't do it while you were running, didja?
Check her out, Thirtytwo.
No, I beg you...
You're right, Blade. Still dry. I bet she's about to burst. Right. So do it!
What are you waiting for? Go on! Piss, you bitch!
I told you to piss!
No, don't go looking for a place! Do it right here, where you stand!
That's right. While you're standing.
That's good. Brava! Piss.
Just let it happen. If you're real careful, you won't even get dirty.
Go on, pull down your panties.
I told you to take them off!
And now, spread your legs.
Lift your skirt so you don't get it wet.
Now... piss!
Now wipe yourself with your little panties and throw 'em away.
What's wrong? Don't you want to throw 'em away?
Let me go! I don't want to stay here!
But what did we do to you? We haven't even touched you!
I don't want to sit back here!
Please, at least you, help me! I had to try and escape! They'll kill us all!
Look, I advise you to be calm. This isn't helping anybody.
Come on, calm down!
Bravo, Riccardo. She's quieter already. Let's move on.
Oh, baby, keep your skirt pulled down. We can't have any skidmarks on the seat covers.
Riccardo is very firm about things like that!
I can't take this anymore! You're all disgusting! Pigs!
Want to smell some sweet poontang? She's not wearing any underpants! Have a sniff! Go ahead!
Stop it! Stop it right now!
Oh, Riccardo! You aren't jealous, are you?
Hey, Doc, I think he's jealous!
You're acting like animals! Stop it, you bastards!
Hey, no one gives orders around here but me! Got that?
It's allright, Doc. He won't do it again.
Aw, don't be mad! I was just fuckin' around!
Hey, I know-let's all play some guessing games! This will be fun; we'll piss ourselves laughing!
You go first, Blade. I'm too busy laughing...
Okay. What is hard when it slides in, and soft when it comes out?
The cookie you dunk up in your coffee!
You thought it was maybe something else? You women are all alike with your dirty minds! Right?
Doc, we're past the roadblocks now. Let's find our way back onto the highway.
Where are we going?
This blanket is making even me feel hot. Get rid of it.
No! The doctor said he must be kept covered. We can't possibly remove it!
Very well.
Hey, Blade...
Hey, lady?
Miss Greta Garbo?
If you're awake, I'd like to show you something.
Turn around.
C'mon, it will only take a second!
Pigs! You're disgusting!
Now you know why they call him "Thirtytwo". The ladies love every centimeter.
Don't you like it?
I don't know about your experiences, but I'll bet you haven't seen the likes of this before! Want to try it out?
It all yours, Beautiful!
Any way you like.
You can take it in your hand, or in your mouth! I'm not choosy!
You filthy bastards! We've done everything you wanted!
Leave the poor woman alone!
Hey, slow down!
If you're the one who gives the orders to slow down, why don't you give them where they're really needed?
Listen, friend. You'd better change your tone, understand?
If she hadn't decided to run away, nothing would have happened to her.
And watch your mouth, the way you talk to us! Got that?
I'm fed up with all your bullshit. I wouldn't think twice about...
Listen, you assholes! Quit fucking around with the girl!
And if you touch that kid one more time, I'll blow your heads off! Haven't you done enough for one day?
What are you saying? I've done only what I had to do. They would have caught us. Don't you see that?
Shut up-I mean it now! I want an end to your crazy bullshit! Enough is enough!
Go fuck yourself in the ass, man...
Here's a news update concerning this morning's robbery and kidnapping.
Police have now identified the dead criminal, but the name of the female hostage remains unknown.
The Ajaccio Street Gang are now the leading suspects.
They always get everything ass-backwards.
Roadblocks have turned up nothing, indicating that the gang may be hiding somewhere in the city.
And now back to our musical programm...
Bravo, Riccardo! We made it.
My God, he's waking up.
I've told you, we have to do something.
I need water to give him a tranquilizer.
Look, there's a rest station! Let me stop, please.
All right. You've earned a break.
No. The boy stays here. You can bring back some water.
But I'd like to wash him a bit. He's been perspiring so.
The kid stays. Thirtytwo, go with Riccardo.
Please look after him.
Four sandwiches, please. And for you?
A bottle of...
Do you want anything?
Yes, certainly-a bottle of mineral water.
Would you get it, please? I have to visit the Men's Room.
Hold it. I gotto go too, so we'll go together. Okay? Just like buddies.
Tell me the truth, Riccardo. You were hoping to pull a fast one.
I just wanted to use the Men's Room.
Okay. But before you can pee, you have to ask me.
Just like in school-remember?
I'm going to get a bottle all for myself. Don't go anywhere, eh?
Riccardo! lsn't this strange!
First, you tell me that you're spending the weekend in town, and now I find you here!
Just taking a little ride with some friends.
Don't hand me that. I know what you're REALLY up to.
You're out with some lady. Having a little affair, am I right?
Allow me to introduce you to my friend. He's not a woman, as you can plainly see.
Tell me, have you known Riccardo very long, Mr. King-Size?
Not really, but we liked each other from the start, eh Riccardo?
Yes, yes, but we really must be going now.
What the fuck's he doing in there?
When he sees a pair of tits, nothing else matters.
I'd better go in!
If I knew that Riccardo had such beautiful friends, I would have gotten known him much earlier...
Thanks for the compliment, but I have to be running along. I have a friend waiting.
Oh, no you don't! You can't leave us now!
Ciao, Marisa! We must be going, as well.
Call me! Bye!
- Fuck you, asshole. - Let's go.
She's got a FANTASTlC ass!
You met a friend, did you? Small world.
Small world, Doc, but what a BlG behind she had! With two supertits-big and hard-...
...bursting out of her top, like they wanted to jump all over me!
That's what took you so long? You were waiting for them to jump out?
Hey, ease up on the booze! Pass me a sandwich!
C'mon, eat!
Use your mouth to eat, for a change.
If you lose weight, your boyfriend won't like you anymore.
One little bite! Oh, look! Did I drop something? Say, I got mayonnaise on your tits.
Don't worry, Beautiful, I'll rub 'em till they shine like mirrors!
Don't touch me, you pig! Goddamn pig! You disgust me!
Why so nervous? I'll lick them nice and clean, baby!
C'mon, calm down! Be nice-you're always bitching! Look how pretty they are.
That's enough, Thirtytwo!
Give me some. I want to get drunk, too!
You didn't pay for it. Hey, give it back, ass wipe!
Thirtytwo, haven't you had enough?
Yes, Mama!
I just wanted to remind you of the fact that you are not wearing any underwear.
Let me go!
I said, Cut it out! Stop it, I've had enough of this!
And I've had enough of you! How dare you talk to me like that! Who the hell do you think you are?
I should have known it would be impossible to trust you
Get away from me!
Stop! Stop!
What are you, a motel on wheels? You drive around while your friends boink in the backseat?
Cut it out, will you? Everybody's looking at us!
What are you looking at! Keep your eyes on the road!
You shouldn't have done that, Doc!
I had no choice. He was out of hand. You know it's true.
It was the only way to stop him. You know that.
You still shouldn't have done it. He was my friend!
Blade, he was drawing too much attention to the car! He could have landed us all in jail!
I guess you're right, Doc.
You had no choice. He was a shithead.
Just a fucking shithead.
Hey, who told you to stop?
Go on, start the engine!
Blade, cover him up.
Come on, slide over here. Hurry up!
Doc, he's still alive!
Fuckin' shithead, I knew it! I knew he was just fuckin' with our minds!
I mean, who could kill this big lug? He'll NEVER die! That's right. Just lie still, and you'll be fine.
Leave him alone. He's more dead than alive. Let him croak in peace.
Everything's gonna be fine, you'll see! I'll keep you warm, Thirtytwo.
Listen, Blade. Forget him.
Sure, Doc, if you say so.
I guess we split the money two ways now.
Fifty thousand each.
Poor Thirtytwo. We were the best of pals till the very end.
Maria, calm down. Stay calm!
The worst is over now. We'll soon be where we're going and they'll set us free. Free!
Who says we're going somewhere particular?
What? I thought...
I didn't tell you to think. I told you to drive!
I won't tell anybody what happened! I don't want to die! I swear I'll keep my mouth shut! Make him believe us!
Listen to me. Stay calm. It's all we can do.
Do you like the way I handle my knife?
All it takes is a good eye and lots of practice.
Cars with leather seats are good to practice on. Plastic seats, too.
But human skin is different. It peels off like a banana.
I started peeling a corpse once, but I didn't finish the job. What do you think I am -- crazy?
What? ! We're out of gas!
Son of a bitch! You did this on purpose!
What a bastard! I knew it all the time!
You'll pay for this, you conniving son of a bitch! I guarantee it!
Wait, be reasonable. Let's get off the highway. There's got to be a gas station around here somewhere.
You'd better pray there is! But I'm warning you: if we get stuck, I'll shoot the three of you!
Look! A gas station!
There must be somebody.
Listen! Hey, wake up in there!
Excuse us, please.
Pardon us, but we've run out of gas. We have to get into town as soon as possible.
Can't you read? The sign says I'm closed! I'll be back in one hour.
Please, we're very late. We can't wait that long. If it's a question of money...
No, Sir, it's a question of time.
I'm taking my afternoon nap. It's my gas station, my break, my nap.
Look here, are you going to open this goddamn door?
First of all, I'm not stupid enough to open that door. And you should be glad because, if I did,...
...l might have to fire a few rounds...
What are you saying? You think we're...
I don't think anything unusual. I was robbed last year and a man doesn't forget a thing like that.
Go on, get out! Hurry up!
Tell him we've got a sick kid over here.
Make sure you cover those bloodstains on your blouse.
Please, can't you make an exception? It's a matter of life and death.
We have a very sick child in the car. We have to get him to hospital right away!
Why didn't you say so? I can make an exception!
What's the matter with the boy?
He needs an operation.
Are you the boy's father?
No, HE is.
Done. Ninety thousand lire.
Here, take it.
Hey, wait up! Oh, what a godsend!
My car broke down back there. I thought I would have to walk-- dear me! -- and in these heels!
And here you are! Like a miracle! Oh, it's such a hot day...
Why are you all looking at me that way? Do I look like a ghost? In broad daylight?
Could you please give me a lift to the nearest garage?
Well, I'm not that familiar with this area and...
And we're in rather a hurry. Perhaps THlS gentleman can help you?
I'm no mechanic. What's wrong with your car?
What, I should know? The hood started to pour smoke, the dashboard started flashing. I just need a mechanic!
Nearest one is 1 5 kilometers away.
Hey, did you hear that? You can get me there in no time!
Oh, this man is asleep. I don't want to wake him: I'll sit up front.
Oh, what a nice little boy! How sweet!
What a coincidence! Your name's Maria, too!
It used to be a common name, but it's out of fashion now,for some reason.
Oh, how rude of me, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Maria Sbravati. I'm going to the beach...
...and now THlS has to happen! I should call my friends. They must be frantic.
Do you think the mechanic will have a phone?
Oh, I'm so glad you came along! It's not often that strangers are so helpful.
Is he really asleep back there, or is he faking? He must be dead! C'mon, Sweetie, show us your...
Leave him alone! He's very tired. He's really asleep.
Oh, I didn't mean to disturb him. I was just making conversation, passing the time.
Say, Maria... just between us girls, which one of these gentlemen is your husband?
I am!
My compliments, girl! You got yourself a good lookin' guy! Kinda distinguished.
Is this your little boy? How sweet!
He's not well.
Poor baby! What's wrong with him? I took some nursing lessons. I know a lot about kids.
First -- you should never cover him up like that. Look how he's sweating from the heat!
He's got to breathe to get rid of the infection! Here, let me...
Don't touch him!
Okay, okay! Whatever you say. I only wanted to help. Jeez, everybody's acting so antsy!
You're right. Please excuse us. We're all worried about my son.
I'm sorry. I'm always carrying on. I only wanted to help since you were all so nice and polite and everything.
Let's have some music. Maria, could you please switch on the radio?
Come on, everybody sing along!
We interrupt the program "Songs of the World" with this latest bulletin...
...about this morning's robbery and kidnapping. The police have now identified the female hostage.
Her name is...
That's all I care to hear. Maybe you like these things. I don't. lmagine what these monsters are doing?
Especially to that poor girl? I'll bet you she's somebodys mother, too!
I just don't have the stomach for stories like that!
Do I see tears? Why are you crying, Maria? Don't tear yourself up over your little boy.
Look, he's sleeping real peaceful!
Let her be. She's been under quite a strain. She'll calm down in a minute.
Sure thing.
Oh my God... What happened to HlM?
What is it lady?
Is something wrong? Come here, I have a POlNT I'd like to make...
Stop screaming!
We'd better get rid of these two!
The dead ones, I mean!
He's still breathing.
Thirtytwo is still breathing.
Careful where you step. Watch it! Careful!
Pull over! Stop!
Hold it right there!
You dirty thief! I'll teach you not to steal my grapes!
I was thirsty and had no fresh water. I didn't see anybody around.
I'll gladly pay. I'm sorry, but I needed them.
Here, take this!
Well, you can sure tell these are country grapes...
Why don't we pull over so you can go pick a few apples while you're at it?
I'd like to know what you think you're doing?
Doc, you don't know anything. All you know is streets and cities.
You know city grapes taste like... I dunno. They put all this weird shit on 'em.
Nobody really knows what it is. But these grapes are good.
They'd better be. You just paid fifty thousand lire for them and almost shit in your pants doing it.
You looked like a kid being bawled out by his father.
What the fuck do you know about it? You're supposed to be so smart, Doc, but all you ever say is bullshit.
I'm not afraid to kill, do you hear me?
Even my own father, if necessary!
Turn this car around and I'll prove it! I'll cut that farmer's throat from ear to ear!
Turn in here!
This is it.
Happy now, Little Richard? We're here. You were in such a hurry to get here!
Is this the car, Doc? Nice!
You thought of everything!
We're not through yet.
Move it, Little Richard! Out of the car!
C'mon, Beautiful. End of the line.
Come on! Bring the kid!
There's nobody here, Doc. Why put it off?
You can never be sure. It's safer inside. Bring them in!
Shake a leg, Beautiful!
Let us go, please! We're not dangerous!
At least let the child go.
He hasn't done anything. He hasn't even seen your faces...!
Get the kid out of the car!
But why? Why?
Do as I say, Riccardo! I don't have much time! Do it, I say!
Doc, the keys.
Where do you want me to take him?
Mrs. Girotto?
Finally! Yes, I have an important message for you. Now listen carefully!
Yes, it's about your son. Oh, he's fine! In fact, he's right here beside me.
Now, if you ever want to see him again... ALlVE will cost you three billion lire.
Got that? I'll be in touch.
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