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Raccoon War Pom Poko The CD1

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Tokuma Shoten . Japan Television Broadcasting Network Hakuhoudou. Studio Ghibili Co-operative Work
Tanuki-san, tanuki-san wanna come out and play?
Oh, you're eating now.
What are you eating?
Tasty pickled plum?
Let me have a piece.
Oh, oh, you're a little too greedy.
Heisei Tanuki Wars Translated by Project Daicon (fixed by Venom138)
We used to live near this farm house.
Oh, no, we didn't stay there to steal food from the humans.
There are always lots of frogs, grasshoppers, mice and gophers...
...around rice paddies and fields.
You can also gather persimmon and mulberry.
You can gather more food here than up in the mountain highlands.
Then last spring, the farm house was suddenly abandoned.
There were no signs that anyone would be moving back in... we decided to move in and make it our new home.
Because of this, we had a wonderful time living there.
It was like a dream, to be able to live in a house with a yard.
But one day...
We don't normally fight over territory, but now things are different.
No matter where we went to feed, we ran into the other packs.
Fights over nests and other skirmishes occurred.
And then...
In the autumn of 31st year of Ponpoko,...
...the final battle between the tanuki of Tamakyuro...
...occurred at the construction site bordering Suzuka and Takaga Forest.
The chief of the Red Army was Gonta, the great warrior of Takaga Forest.
The elder leader of Suzuka Forest, Seizaemon, was chief of the White Army.
Now it is a little-known fact that all tanuki stand upright...
...and walk on two legs when humans aren't around.
Even though both sides fought ferociously,...
...the battle did not continue for long.
Hurrah! Hurrah! Takaga Forest!
Hurrah! Hurrah! Suzuka Forest!
Whether red wins or blue wins, both sides still lose!
Kill the vanquished tanuki!
Takaga forest is gone today!
Suzuka forest will be gone tomorrow!
Crowded tanuki have no place to stay!
Where can tanuki go after this?
No place to go! No place to live!
Whether red wins or blue wins, both sides still lose!
Kill the vanquished tanuki!
For the sake of everyone, kill them all!
If we all die then who'll pray for us?
Reduce the ranks of the tanuki!
The surviving tanuki should behave and raise their young.
More tanuki means more trouble!
There is NO more forest I tell you!
Prodded by Fireball Oroku,...
...the tanuki looked below and were astounded at what they saw.
They saw that their mountain had vanished...
...and the hills were gouged and flattened.
This is an act of madness!
This is no time to fight amongst ourselves!
The surrounding areas around Tokyo...
...had gone through massive economic growth.
To satisfy the insatiable demand for housing,...
...wanton destruction of farm lands and forests took place.
In 1967, the government announced the Tama New Town Project.
Its total area covered approximately 3,000 hectares.
Its planned population was approximately 300,000 plus.
Forests and mountains were leveled and fields and historic houses destroyed.
The giant construction sites completely altered the Tamakyuro mountain area.
This was done to foster a natural, restful environment for the housing project.
Truly an unprecedented building project.
Really, those humans are incredible.
Up to now we thought they were animals like us.
With what's happening, we now realize that they have the power of the gods.
In response to the situation, the tanuki clans of the Tamakyuro area gathered...
...that night in the abandoned Manpuku Shrine deep within Botamochi Mountain.
By unanimous consent, a 105 year-old Tsurugame abbot was elected chairman.
So, that is the current situation.
From now on, we cannot afford to work only at night.
We must act as situations warrant, even during the day, but...
Even with all the confusion, they decided to sabotage the construction project.
So we are all agreed.
The tanuki quickly disbanded because it was dangerous.
Now that they had a plan, the clan chiefs gathered to work out the details.
First, the clan chiefs decided on a five-year plan...
... to revive their craft and to study the humans.
To instruct the troops, they decided to invite the ``Transforming Tanuki''...
...of Shikoku and Sado where the old craft was still in practice.
Next, they debated on who to send as their representative.
No one wanted to volunteer for the hazardous journey,... they all pretended to be asleep.
Well, we'll just have to wait until the younger tanuki grow up then.
No objection there!
The McDonald hamburgers that the clan chiefs brought...
...was exceptionally well received and the meeting was adjourned.
Do not dump trash here
The senior chiefs decided to set up a TV in the main Manpuku Shrine... the primary method to study the humans and keep up on current events.
``Good evening.''
G-good evening!
However, the existence of the TV created an unexpected situation.
Unauthorized tanuki constantly gathered at the shrine to watch TV during the day.
``Transformation'' requires the utmost concentration.
It will instantly rearrange your cell anatomy...
...and is nature's greatest gift to us.
The lesser ability is called `mimicry' and is something even chameleons can do.
But aside from us,...
...only foxes and some cats are skilled enough to perform the ``transformation''.
Hey, Gonta!
You changed like that because you've already...
...mastered the rudimentary techniques of transformation.
As long as you practice and learn the knack, anyone can do it!!! least in theory...
To begin with, I will show you an example.
Don't you need to put leaves on your head?
That's only for beginners!!
It's been a while!
Do it for the clan!
With old Fireball Oroku as the instructor,...
...the art of transformation was quickly rediscovered as planned.
The students, recruited from various clans,...
...were enthusiastic and made good progress.
Well done, Shoukichi!
As a child, I was always interested in human activities.
But our laws said that we shouldn't go near them.
Still, my departed father seemed to encouraged me more than dissuade me.
Careful observation of humans is the basic foundation of transformation.
He probably thought it would be useful in the future.
Of course, not all students were equally proficient.
In fact, most of them were pretty hopeless.
The basics of transformation require rigorous training of mind, body, and soul.
Foxes have a natural knack for it.
But tanuki are by nature lazy, so some would fail to master this craft.
When the saints are lined up, let's all turn around and round.
At the time, I was really into transformations and never realized...
...that my close friend Ponkichi only wanted to live a normal tanuki life.
At dusk, when going through the mountain pass,...
...a moon rose up from behind the mountain.
A branch from a cedar next to the pass was blocking the moon.
``This is odd.'', he said.
The moment he uttered that, the branch ducked down...
...and appeared on the opposite side.
``A-ha,'' So the human realized.
He said, "No, I was wrong. There was a branch on both sides.''
And so another branch appeared.
Suddenly, there was a thud.
End of story.
So, can you figure out what fell?
A tanuki!
But why did he fall, Gonta?
He was a clumsy jerk! I would never have fallen!
Very good. That's the spirit.
Sasuke, why did this tanuki fall?
He had to let both hands go to make both branches.
Well done.
What is the lesson of this story, Shoukichi?
I think it's that we listen too much to what the humans say.
That's right.
We tanuki are basically good-natured, gullible, and too obliging.
These are the reasons for our failure.
Do you understand?
Yes, Abbot Tsurugame!
For example, I might say, ``Tanuki-san, tanuki-san, let us play!''
``We're in the middle of studying right now!''
There, you've already fallen for it.
That's what's frightening.
While the tanuki were busy learning about humans and transformation,...
...the winter ended, apricot flowers bloomed, and the season of love arrived.
But most of the tanuki heeded Old Oroku's warning...
...and tried to discipline themselves not to have more children...
...until they had won the battle.
In particular, the female tanuki suppressed their basic instincts...
...and fended off the males' advances.
Meanwhile, the big construction project progressed steadily.
The forest was cut, the land was leveled, and the housing site continued to grow.
The tanuki watched this in anger and sadness...
...and nicknamed the area ``Faceless Hill.''
Mr. Postman.
You dropped something.
That year, since they were freed from raising children,...
...the female tanuki also began to practice the art of transformation.
Male tanuki had some problems transforming into females and children.
But with the females participating, the problem was solved.
Of course, some female tanuki wanted to transform into human males.
Oh, uh, will all the males stay for a bit longer?
One day, the Tsurugame priest held a special lecture for the male tanuki.
Well, this blanket you fellows are sitting on...
...if truth be told, is actually a part of my body.
My privates.
It's 8' by 12' in size.
And here is the proof.
The final field test for their transformation had begun.
It was done like driver's training.
Instructors who had mastered transformation accompanied them.
They made sure the students wouldn't be discovered and prevented accidents.
Of all the possible transformations,...
...maintaining human form required the most concentration and energy.
The strain and physical exhaustion...
...manifested itself as distinctive dark spots under the eyes.
Even veteran transforming tanuki have to carry ``energy boosters''... replenish their strength in an emergency.
Or else, they start losing human shape or revert completely to tanuki form.
Recently, they started using the humans' booster drinks...
...because they're fast-acting.
The final part of the field test...
...required each tanuki earn 1,000 yen on their own using peaceful means.
Help me...!
Some tanuki decided to work in teams and mimic a single human.
You okay?
One tanuki disguised himself as a priest asking for donations at the train station.
Another worked at a snack bar but spent more than she earned on drinks.
Then there was the tanuki who hit the jackpot at the pachinko parlor.
One lazy tanuki stole donation money, but couldn't get enough.
So he transformed leaves into money but Old Fireball quickly saw through it.
I told you that it's illegal to counterfeit money in this modern world.
While practicing at HQ, Gonta was told to quickly return to Takaga Forest.
He was shocked at what he saw.
More than half of his home forest had been turned into ``Faceless Hill.''
Gonta was enraged.
He immediately returned to headquarters...
...and forced Abbot Tsurugame to call a clan chiefs meeting.
At the meeting, he proposed a plan to eject the humans.
I am absolutely opposed to this!
It's too soon. We're only on the first year of our 5-year plan.
We've passed the final. We can do most of what is required.
Well, Fireball? Do you think it's wise to let them do what they want?
Well, they should be able to do it, but...
They lack experience!
If they fail, they risk being discovered.
A question, Gonta.
I think you've submitted this plan only because...'re angry that your own forest was ravaged.
Am I right?
I swear that is not true.
I'm doing this for the happiness of all the Tama tanuki!
What do you mean for everyone's happiness?
Don't forget, Gonta was the one who tried to take over Suzuka Forest.
Shut up!
In any case, even if you all object, we of Takaga Forest will act!
If Gonta-san insists on doing this, then I will join them.
Shoukichi, you too?
Thank you!
It's too late for any of you to stop us now!
Wait! Stop!
Don't try to stop us, grandma!
Just this once, I will teach you my secret technique.
Even if you fail, no one will know you're tanuki for at least five days.
Then what will we be?
The corpse of a fox.
In summer of the 32nd year of Ponpoko,...
...with Gonta of Takaga Forest in charge, ten young tanuki transformed...
...and initiated a surprise attack against the humans.
The war had finally begun.
It's here! They're coming!
All right! All right!
All right! All right!
We did it! We did it!
Multiple Accidents at Construction Site
``Disaster struck at the Tama New Town Construction site at around 2:30pm.''
``Three drivers died from rockslides and from plunging off the cliffs.''
``Two others were injured.''
``A section of housing under construction was also destroyed.''
``Visibility had been poor due to heavy rains.''
``It is surmised the rains eroded the road's foundations.''
``Furthermore, due to the fact that the accidents occurred simultaneously,...''
``...there may be a problem with how the construction has progressed.''
``Local residents have expressed concerns...
``...about how the New Town construction project is being managed.''
Wait, everyone!
Shouldn't we first pay our respects for the poor humans...
...who became the victims of this plan?
The Abbot is right.
Well, everyone.
Why don't we offer a moment of silence for their noble sacrifice?
You got it!
Silent prayers! Silent prayers!
Silent prayers!
Party time! Let's celebrate! We did it!!!
Oh, Gonta-kun!
It's the triumphant return of the heroes!
Boy, you really did it, Shoukichi!
Well! Thanks to you guys, we can now dare to hope again!
Hey, today was only the first skirmish!
The battle has only just begun!
We will beat, smash, drive out and kill as many humans as we can!
Say something, Shoukichi!
And then we'll plant trees!
Lots of our favorite persimmon trees!
``Hurry up and sprout, seed of the persimmon!''
``If you don't, we'll cut you with our scissors!''
Kick out the humans!
Kill the humans!
Crush the--!
Oh, now, now, now!
Anyway, this has been a wonderful day! We should all celebrate together!
Hey, one thing's been worrying me.
What is it?
Do we have to kill or kick out all the humans?
Of course we do!
Couldn't we just leave some, like before?
Forget it!
Humans are our natural enemies! And they're pests!
Humans will be banished for life!
Oh, so we can't?
I-I mean, I don't like humans either!
Some of them are pretty nice.
But really! I don't like them!
It's just...
It's just, if we kick them all out, there'll be no more tempura to eat!
Or salted fish!
Or corn!
Hamburgers! Donuts! Fried chicken!
Potato chips! Chicken!
I wanna eat too!
Then how about if we leave a few humans around, Gonta-kun?
Guess we'll have to.
Let us now honor Gonta-kun!
``Man-Man-Manpuku Shrine!''
``The yard in Manpuku Shrine!''
``It is a moon-moon-lit night!''
``Everyone come on out, out, out!''
>``Our friends are going pon-poko pon pon pon!''
When Old Fireball takes a leak, the foxes like to peek!
They will look through the old peephole!
They will look through the old peephole!
``However, the authorities announced that living accommodations...''
``...for the 10 million citizens are so urgent and absolutely necessary,...''
``...that the New Town Project cannot be delayed just because of accidents.''
What'd he say?!
It was an unfortunate accident.
Gonta of Takaga Forest,...
...who was responsible for the operation's success,...
...suffered multiple fractures and ruptured internal organs.
His injuries would take at least a year to heal.
Tanuki emotions ran from high to low as they continued to listen to the news.
However, the thing that gave the tanuki a boost of courage was...
...hearing interviews with the locals, who were fearful of curses.
``Maybe it wasn't such a great idea to tear down the Suwa Temple.''
``What do you mean?''
``It must be the curse. The temple god was punishing them.''
``If I remember, many jizo and local deity statues were removed.''
``Well, we made offerings and had a priest...
``...give blessings before asking the statues if we could move them.''
``And what do you say to this, Mizuki-sensei?''
``Those gods and Buddha are the deities of this area.''
``When you move their statues, they return and find their shelters missing.''
``It is not surprising that they are angry.''
``Wouldn't YOU expect more curses and punishments?''
Maybe they won't dig up Hikage Mountain.
Shoukichi and the others commenced the next operation.
The absentee landlord of Hikage Mountain,...
...who returned with the lumber contractors muttered,...
``Did we have this many o-jizo statues on my mountain?'' and shook his head.
And then he said, ``Maybe I should wait and postpone signing the contract.''
Kumataro, the tanuki who stayed in the temple in Umanose Mountain,...
...disguised himself as a white fox from a well-known local legend...
...during one of the ritual prayers to move the statues.
The voice of the white fox, which resembled a scream,...
...overwhelmed the hired priest and the ceremony was canceled.
The parishioner petitioned the authorities... reconsider moving the statues and the road project.
The tanuki really poured it on.
Various tanuki groups competed...
...and used their recently mastered art of disguise in various guerrilla tactics.
Come and drop by...
Go away!
Take it away!
Let's pack up the leftover food and garbage.
The food!
Leave it here!
Is anything wrong, miss?
Hey, what's the matter?
The Faceless 6Ghost!
A monster!
Uh-uh-uh, o-over there... just now...!
A homicide?
N-N-Noo! T-That's not it!
Oh, it's not a homicide?
I-I-I-It's the girl!
The Split-Mouth Girl?
N-No! No!
No! How can I explain this...?
Oh, might it have been, something like THIS\\F0?
I-It's here!
Was it...
Was it something...
Was it something like this?
The tanuki enjoyed the fact that...
...the humans were so easily fooled by their recently acquired art of disguise.
So they celebrated in style every time.
But the chief instigator of the first operation, Gonta of Takaga Forest,...
...was not recovering very smoothly from his injuries.
His loving wife took care of him,...
...but he was very angry that he could not take part in the fighting.
Gonta was also unhappy with his fellow tanuki's half-hearted way of fighting.
Yesterday's news show was really cool!
That policeman we scared was on the program titled ``The Haunted New Town.''
The rest of the guests laughed so hard...
...that he turned beet-red and got really pissed.
It was so funn--
You idiot!
So what about it?!
Will that stop the development?
If you're going to transform, do it like I did!
Cause some accidents and kill more humans!
Oh, Gon-san!
It was exactly as Gonta said.
The development did not stop.
Not only that, they filled the river with concrete.
Roads were built on Faceless Hill and more building materials were brought in.
Construction for the residential area had finally started.
However, the supernatural happenings at the development site and in Tamakyuro...
...provided a ready-made topic for the newspapers and TV programs.
The news spread all over Japan and the tanuki's spirits soared even higher.
In the autumn of the 32nd year of Ponpoko,...
...the representatives to recruit advanced transformation instructors...
...were chosen by an enthusiastic game of rock-paper-scissors.
Tamasaburo of Oniga Forest was picked as the representative to go to Shikoku.
Bunta of Mizunomi Swamp became the representative to the Sado area.
And on the night of the next full moon,...
...after they drank their last cup of ceremonial water,...
...the two youngsters left their place of birth...
...and began their journey with brave hearts.
What's wrong?
After sending off their two friends,...
...the other tanuki continued terrorizing New Town.
The tanuki started to enjoy using the art of transformation...
...whether it helped to prevent the project or not.
Ogres outside!
Can we really kick the humans out by doing this?
They'll find out who we really are if we make a mistake.
What if we do what Gonta-san says and fight for real...
No. Killing one or two humans won't change anything.
The question is, can we survive the way we are?
What're you doing over there?
Is something wrong with your neck?
I was posing for you!
I was hoping you'd say I was pretty or something.
Oops, sorry!
Oh, my neck does hurt now.
You were pretty!
It's too late!
But it's true!
It's okay.
I wasn't trying that hard.
Everyone likes that song.
I think it's okay.
Do you know ``Do You Know Where You Are?''
Yes, but they don't sing it.
Well, you know that song...
There was this tanuki at Senba Mountain.
And the hunter...
My grandpa was shot to death by a rifle.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
But grandpa wasn't just eaten.
His fur was sold for a lot of money.
Your coat is beautiful too!
Oh, I'm flattered you'd say that, Shoukichi-san!
So, what about this song?
Well, my dad liked to sing it. And he was good at playing ball, too.
Gee, your father's unusual.
Yeah, and at the end of the song he'd always lecture.
About what?
``Listen closely, all of you!''
``Even something as innocent as singing...''
``...and bouncing a ball shows the humans' cruel nature.''
``First they shoot us with their guns, then they cook us.''
Hey, wanna play ball?
Are you good at it?
I'm pretty good.
Okay, I'll do it too.
Do you know where you are?
In Higo.
Where is Higo?
In Kumamoto.
Where is Kumamoto?
In Senba.
There are tanuki in the Senba Mountains.
And then...
When are you going to start Operation Twin Star?
Well, I'd really rather not do it.
Oh, I thought it was a wonderful idea.
Want to do it with me tonight?
With you?
Yeah. Does being my partner make you nervous?
No, that's not it at all! But...
Well, let's do it.
We'll do all right.
Right, let's do it!
If we do it together, I think we'll succeed.
I'm so happy.
Whoa! Whadda pair'a cute kids!
We came back from a trip to the stars and our houses are gone!
A trip to the stars?
From the red eyeball of the scorpion, walk past the spread wings of the eagle.
Make a coil of the lighted snake all the way up to the forehead of the bear cub.
Traveling through the stars in the sky, we scattered the dew and the frost.
What in the world are--
We're cold because we have no homes.
Mister, do you know where our home is?
Y-Your home?
W-Well, I don't know about your home...
I dunno! I dunno!
Go home! Go home, you!
No, the police! We'll call the police!
W-What the-- Hey!
Stop that!
Hey! Hey!
They must be the spirits o' one o' the old homes!
Forgive us, forgive us, great spirit!
Ah, c'mon! Wait a minute!
It's not as bad as you think!
I'll pay you more! Huh? Please!
We cain't take this anymore!
We're goin' back home.
Ain't no way we're stayin' in this creepy place!
Hey, don't say that!
C'mon, Suzuki-san...
I've heard Tokyo was a scary place, but this is jus' too much!
You guys better stop developin'.
I don' know if it's a curse, but someone don' want this construction t' happ'n.
At that moment, the tanuki gave a roaring cheer.
That night, the celebration was done in a truly grand style.
The heroes were, of course, Okiyo of Mimikiri Mountain,...
...and Shoukichi of Kage Forest.
Now that the construction barracks had been vacated,... was as if the lights had been snuffed out.
But the next morning...
It seemed that more replacement humans were available.
After chasing the other humans off, new faces appeared the very next day.
``It is rumored that the locals feel that this is the work of tanuki and foxes.''
``Well, that makes it easy then!''
``We'll just eliminate the foxes and tanuki causing the problems.''
Tension amongst the headquarter's TV monitors rose after that.
``But the way they are disguised is exactly like the old stories.''
``So it is logical that this rumor may be true...''
``Doesn't it prove that it's just someone spreading vicious rumors?''
``What d'ya mean vicious rumors?! I saw it wit' my own eye!''
``Right, I understand.''
``So we'll just target these nasty animals for elimination.''
``Please notify us once you've identified the offending animals.''
``Of course, we'll need some sort of proof.''
Shoukichi wasn't the only one skeptical of the effectiveness...
...of scaring the humans with disguises.
As you all know, the Edo period was the golden era of the tanuki.
Transformation was commonly performed...
...and artists and writers competed for the privilege of telling about it.
But the tanuki became too prominent.
And provoked the humans' ire.
After the Edo period, humans have captured tanuki in great numbers...
...and turned them into fur coats, toothbrushes, and calligraphy pens.
And so they satisfied their lust for revenge.
All of you, we learned from this painful experience.
And since we kept our transformations discreet,...
...the past few decades have been the most peaceful years in our history.
Do not forget this lesson!
The art of transformation is a double-edged sword.
Do not bring the human's wrath upon us by using transformation lightly.
At that point, it seemed the transforming tanuki had lost their direction.
However, it was also autumn, the season tanuki gorged themselves for the winter.
To prepare against the coming winter,...
...the tanuki had to eat a lot to build fat and grow a thick winter coat.
The young tanuki had changed their direction...
...and used their art of disguise for the purpose of gathering food.
One day, a single fatigued tanuki arrived at the construction site.
Don't worry. We're tanuki, too.
Thank you very much.
You seem to be very tired. Where did you come from?
I'm from Fujino Mountain.
Wow! Is that in Shikoku or Sado?
Uh, no, we're over there by Kanaga Prefecture in Fujino-cho.
What? Kanaga Prefecture? You're not from Shikoku, then.
I'm sorry.
Looks like I've somehow disappointed you.
Not really. We were just waiting for someone.
Well, in any case, what is your purpose here?
I finally found it!
Where the dirt that had been destroying our mountain was coming from!
According to this tanuki Hayashi, a great deal of illegal dumping...
...was occurring in the valley around Fujino Mountain.
The river was sullied and numerous landslides had occurred.
The forest was devastated, and caused the animals great hardship.
To find out where the soil was coming from,...
...Hayashi-san disguised himself as a human...
...and sneaked aboard the dump truck that did the illegal dumping.
However, Hayashi-san was unskilled in transformation,...
...and grew fatigued as he was shaken in the truck,...
...and he reverted to his tanuki form when he lost consciousness.
It's not only Fujino-cho going through this.
The neighboring towns, the municipal dump,...
...and the golf courses are all suffering, too.
We're suffering because the building of New Town is destroying our mountain.
Your area is affected because the dirt is being dumped there.
How much more evil can they do?
I was surprised when I arrived here in the dump truck.
I thought the dirt came from the big cities, but here I find a mountain!
They dug up this mountain and dumped it on the next mountain.
But what is all this for?!
I just couldn't understand why they are doing this.
Then if we could stop the project, it will benefit your clan and Fujino-cho, too.
I am so relieved to hear you say that!
With your wonderful art of transformation,...
...could you save our mountain as well as your own Tamakyuro?
Well, uh, you know...
It's not like that...
Tamasaburo and Bunta went to find the Elders.
I wonder how far they've gotten by now?
In the end, the expected Elders did not arrive from either Shikoku or Sado.
And winter finally came to Tamakyuro.
While the tanuki took a rest from their operation,...
...the public promptly forgot the New Town incident,...
...and the media dropped the story.
They were busy covering idol singers, scandals, and embezzlement stories.
Man-Man-Manpuku Shrine
Manpuku Shrine, you'll find in back.
Shaking, shaking, cotton candy.
Ice cream snowing down.
My friends are going pon-poko pon, pon pon!
On the New Year of the 33rd year of Pon-poko,...
...Tamakyuro was covered by a rare, but refreshing silver blanket of snow.
During this time, the workers returned to their homes...
...carrying gifts and enjoying their family get-togethers.
Tan-tan-tanuki's golden watch!
Walking about on a windless day!
The baby tanuki who was watching...
...imitated them and took a walk too!
We all seen it for real!
A bunch of tanuki pushed it off the cliff!
We ain't lyin'!
``The three of them stayed in the barracks even on New Years Day.''
``The authorities are treating this as a prank...''
``...trying to take advantage of the New Town incidents of last summer.''
``As you can see, the snow has already begun to melt.''
What've you done, Shoukichi?
I didn't think there was anything to worry about.
It still ain't good enough!
No. Shoukichi wanted to cheer up the tanuki...
...who hadn't mastered the art of disguise yet.
What do you say, Abbot?
Mmm, I think it will be all right.
Just as he said, it was all right.
The three workers were released for lack of evidence.
Of course, the tanuki weren't punished,... the incident ended up in the unsolved cases file.
And then spring arrived.
Now that another season of love had arrived,...
...the tanuki, who had been abstaining, had reached the limits of their patience.
Here and there, whispers and quarrels of love filled the air.
And even the sky glowed in the celebration of life.
Wait up, Hanako!
Come on, you're doing great!
Wait a minute, Hanako!
Catch me if you can!
Don't tease me, Hanako!
They're all having fun, but you know,...
...we're just like the grass and the trees.
When spring comes and the sun sheds its light,...
...they can't help but bloom and release their seeds.
But us, we'll respect Old Fireball's warning...
...and abstain until we win this battle.
Shoukichi-san, you-you're so wonderful!
I'm so happy!
Our love will last forever!
She shouldn't have done that.
Their love just fueled the fire.
And like many other tanuki that spring,...
...four young tanuki were born to Shoukichi and Okiyo.
Shrine of the Righteous Kincho Daimyojin
At the end of the last autumn,...
...Tamasaburo reached Awa after many hardships.
He requested the aid of the Elder Kincho Daimyojin at Komatsujima City,...
...but fell gravely ill almost immediately afterwards.
The youngest daughter, Koharu, quickly nursed him back to health.
In spring, the two were married and were blessed with three children.
Within the inner sanctum of the shrine,...
...the tanuki Elders of Shikoku continued their meetings in earnest.
They reached the conclusion that...
...if they could put a stop to the development in Tokyo,... would have ramifications for tanuki all over the country.
But they had to decide on who should be sent...
...and who would remain to govern Shikoku...
...and whether they could conduct a succession without complications.
But after much discussion, they were unable to reach a consensus.
Father and the others keep meeting again and again.
Even on a wonderful day such as this.
They've been at it since New Years, so it's already been six months.
When will they ever come to a decision?
I hope they will never stop meeting!
Tama-sama, the mere thought that you may return... your distant Tama simply breaks my heart!
Koharu-san. I, too, wish that our happiness would continue forever.
And is that so wrong?
Listen, listen, Tama-sama, I'll go and ask Father!
I'll ask him to let you stay and appoint you as his successor!
While Tamasaburo was wavering over the desires of his youth,...
...Bunta of Mizunomi Swamp was wandering the fields of Sado,...
...searching for Futatsu-iwa Danzaburo.
In this, he was like the legendary Zushio Maru looking for his mother.
But for some reason, he was never able to find...
...the whereabouts of the renowned Danzaburo.
Between summer to autumn, the tanuki faced some serious problems.
From the obvious reduction of the forest due to development,... the spring marriages and the baby boom which doubled their numbers...
...and finally, to the unusual summer which created a severe food shortage.
As expected, there were not enough chestnuts or persimmons in the autumn.
The transforming tanuki were forced to actively seek out human food.
But there was never enough to satisfy the needs of the growing children.
Thus, tanuki who couldn't transform were forced to raid...
...the inhabited areas and try to take anything edible.
Because of this, the clumsier of the ordinary tanuki...
...were run over by cars or caught in traps and killed.
I can't take this anymore!
We gotta stand up to the humans and kill them right now!
Isn't that right, Shoukichi?!
Is your body up to it, Gonta?
Of course it is!
See? Just watch this!
That's wonderful.
So, when do we celebrate your recovery?
This ain't the time, Old Fireball!
I also feel that we should wait for...
...the Elders to arrive before we commit to an all-out war.
You too, Shoukichi?
What a spineless young tanuki!
No, we must not underestimate the humans!
If we attack like this, we will surely lose!
We've already waited too long!
Let's listen to Shoukichi.
Until the Elders arrive, I suggest three courses of action.
First, have the transforming tanuki gather food.
This would mean food rationing.
Second, initiate traffic safety training.
Third, organize rescue teams to free the tanuki caught in traps.
That's all.
Shoukichi, you talk just like a human.
No! I'm a true tanuki!
We will set aside the details for now.
Let's take a vote.
Hands up!
Whatever you say!
What kind of trick is this, Gonta?
No trick! This is a coup d'etat!
From now on, my stormtroopers will mercilessly kill anyone who opposes me!
You got it?!
Don't be so rash, Gonta!
You will call him Gonta-sama!
It is true that humans are formidable opponents!
However, if we are willing to risk our lives, then we can win!
We can kill!
You should all learn this saying:
``Even a cornered prey will bite the cat!''
Cornered prey? What d'ya mean?
What a tongue-twister.
He means a cornered mouse.
That's right!
Even a mouse can bite the cat when cornered!
That's what it means!
But we're not mice, though!
There's no point in biting a cat!
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