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Subtitles for Raccoon War Pom Poko The CD2.

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Raccoon War Pom Poko The CD2

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Mice, huh?
Come to think of it, we haven't had mice for a while.
Tempura mice are the best.
No, without batter is best.
No, I think the ones with batter taste the best.
Oh, the crunchiness of the fried tails!
What the hell are you guys doing!?
I SAY...
I SAY tempura mice are my favorite!
Mmm! Oh yeah oh yeah!
Hey, Gonta.
We can only stay serious so long.
Ah, our best plan is probably to wait for the Elders from Shigoku.
``Do not raise children, and remain pure.''
This rule was probably impossible for us to keep.
Instead of reducing our numbers, we should be reducing the humans!
The place where we used to live is now occupied by swarms of humans!
They're the ones who barged in and did anything they wanted!
Hey, taxi!
I'll go tell them you're here!
I've brought the Elders from Shikoku!
Well done, Tamasaburo!
We noted the definite changes in your mountain on our way here.
Your plight moves us!
Call everyone immediately. I want to hold a big meeting tonight.
Autumn, the 33rd Year of Ponpoko.
Now that the Elders from Shikoku had arrived, the meeting of the rebels began.
'Tis a fine, fine moon out tonight.
All ye gathered, my name is Yashimano Hage.
As of this year, I shall be nine hundred and ninety-nine years of age.
Why have the humans encroached more here in Honshuu than in Shikoku?
It is because...
...we tanuki have protected our mountains so completely.
In Shikoku, if they anger the tanuki, the humans know the price they will pay.
The proof is that I, and these other two here,...
...are enshrined in the temples where the humans worship us.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Inugami Gyobu, leader of eight hundred and eight tanuki in Matsuyama.
And I am the descendant of Kincho Daimyojin, the sixth in the Kincho line.
In order to overwhelm the humans of Tokyo,...
...we have decided to prepare a special spell, ``Operation Poltergeist.''
Leading Operation Poltergeist...
...will require an incredible amount of mental concentration.
Any one of us may lose his life in carrying out this spell.
But, my comrades, if all of you execute this operation flawlessly,...
...the humans will surely change their attitude toward tanuki.
They will regain their respect and fear for us!
And when that happens,...
...we will use their fear and force them to stop their development.
There is more than one way to do this.
We may not be the Ship of Mud from Kachikachi Mountain,...
...but we have brought you something that WILL work!
We want you to come onboard with confidence!
'Tis a pretty moon, no?
And I am fond of its sight.
Let us all pray to the moon for the success of our insurrection.
The tanuki immediately began training to prepare for Operation Poltergeist.
Happy Nine Hundred and Ninety-ninth Birthday!
Thank you, all of you.
Thank you.
Sensei, could you please reenact what Nasuno Yoichi did in your youth?
It is time!
In the 33rd Year of Ponpoko,...
...the day to commence Operation Poltergeist finally arrived.
It was a light cloudy day with no winds, 130 Celsius, and 65% humidity:
An ideal day for poltergeists.
Tanuki specialized in ghost and goblin transformations since ancient times.
The tanuki learned to utilize not only their own KI energy,...
...but also to draw and amplify energy from fire, electricity,...
...levitation, flight and other sources of energy in nature.
And then they learned how to store it and use it when needed.
Under the direction of the three Elders from Shikoku,...
...they began a training program that was unbelievably taxing.
Male or female, whether they could transform or not,...
...all tanuki participated and gave everything they had.
That evening, the tanuki's enthusiasm was so great...
...that they were like an unstoppable fire.
And so they went all out even though no humans were there to see them.
Hey, look!
What's that?
Let the flowers bloom on withered trees!
Let the flowers bloom on withered trees!
It's a goblin parade!
We used to say that a lot in the old days, too!
Like during the Foxes' Lantern Parade.
Yeah, you used to see that.
And you'd see the lanterns go up and down like this.
Yeah, those lanterns'd move all night.
Yeah, those were the days!
You think foxes can really do that?
Who knows.
But we sure saw 'em!
Ah, we musta imagined it!
The Foxes' Marriage Parade... The Foxes' Lantern Parade...
It was all in our heads. It was just our imagination all the time.
Yeah, we imagined it.
Yeah, yeah! No way a fire can walk!
Man, the imagination sure is scary!
You think about it, and you really think you see it.
But actually, there's no way th--
...those ghosts are real.
Yeah, you just think you see'em.
Welcome home--
Abira unken saugaa!!
Matter is void, all is vanity!
Wasn't that great?
That was scary!
Aw, it's over already?
That was really neat!
Yes, it was.
Oh, let's hurry back home and go to sleep.
Don't forget to brush your teeth!
It felt like a dream.
I know. I wonder what that was?
Now I'm more likely to believe in UFO's.
There really are mysteries out there.
Gyobu once joined the Matsuyama Clan feud and allied himself with the villains.
This led to the decimation of his clan.
He deeply regretted his decision.
Since then, he's wanted to spend the rest of his life furthering justice.
We must not waste Gyobu's heroic death.
We must perpetuate his noble ideals.
I swear that we will continue this fight until the day of our victory.
Namuan dabu
Namuan dabu
Tanuki-san of Botamochi Mountain!
Drank lots of sake and transformed!
Operation Poltergeist is a big success! Big success!
The tanuki were so sure of their success that,...
...except for the tanuki on monitor duty, no one watched the TV.
``The police and TV stations...''
``...are searching for anyone who recorded tonight's mysterious parade.''
``As of now, no one has come forth,...''
``...making it difficult to locate the perpetrators.''
``I was taping it with this, but nothing got recorded.''
``This is very weird!''
``The monster came in through this crack!''
``I was REALLY frightened!''
``There's no way a human could do that!''
``There really IS something going on in this New Town.''
``If it were possible, I'd like to move, but I can't.''
``We will broadcast a special program concerning this incident at 12:20am.''
The more they try to find out how it happened,...
...the more they will be forced to admit that what they experienced...
...was not their imagination, but irrefutable fact!
Then, when their advanced science and deduction fail to solve this mystery...
...the humans will finally understand.
Now that the humans have witnessed our new abilities...
...they will realize beyond any doubt what a lowly existence they lead.
Comrades, all things come to those who wait.
Celebrate rather than sleep!
Now shall we sing and drink most heartily!
Only the defeated do not dance!
However, the next day, the situation took an unpredictable turn.
``The unauthorized party held in Tama New Town last night was found to be...''
`` advance promotion for the Wonderland theme park.''
``The police have called the responsible parties in for questioning.''
Get real!
``However, the complex tenants and local residents stated that...''
`` did not appear to be a promotional parade at all.''
Of course not!
``...president admitted that the parade was put on by Wonderland marketing.
What'd she say?!
Wonderland President Emergency Press Conference
``I sincerely apologize for causing such a disturbance in the community.''
Who the hell's this?!
``Our company is doing everything to construct the Wonderland theme park.''
``To show how wonderful our Wonderland is,...''
``...we took it into the streets, and all for free,...''
`` that everyone could enjoy it.''
``That was my plan.''
``After thinking about it, I decided, on my own initiative,...''
`` execute this huge parade without officially getting permission.''
Huh, what's this about?
``Thankfully, we received an enthusiastic response...''
``...from those who saw the parade.''
``And at this moment, I am shaking, not with fear, but with joy.''
``And if I get arrested for this, then, well, I will be satisfied.''
What in the world...?
What's the...?
There must be some mistake!
``...then, well, I will be satisfied.''
You damned bastard! Damn you!
This news sent a wave of panic through the tanuki.
Meanwhile, at the Wonderland offices,...
...they were desperately searching for those responsible for the parade.
We can't back out now!
Find who did this no matter what it takes!
And then hire ALL of them!
Yeah, throw money at them if you have to!
Whatever it takes!
It was the tanuki who did this.
W-What about tanuki?
Yeah! I don't care if you call him a tanuki or how clever he is!
We want them, promoters and all!
Tanuki, let's see...
No, I was just kidding.
Who the hell...
Where'd you come from?
Your secretary let me in.
I called you earlier. My name is Ryutarou.
This case seems rather bizarre.
And I'm probably the only one who can negotiate with this clever promoter.
All right! I'll give you Y10,000,000!
While this unknown character continued his maneuvering,...
...the tanuki's rage exploded at this man who stole their thunder.
They resented the injustice of the situation...
...and after they cried out their frustration,...
...they shook their heads and fell into a deep despair.
Furthermore, because no video was available for the TV,...
...there was no subsequent broadcast, and the poltergeist incident died down.''
Are you... a fox?
You are very observant!
Yes, I am a transforming fox from Tamahori no Uchi.
My name is Ryutarou.
I am deeply honored to meet the world- renowned Kincho Daimyojin-san of Awa.
No, I'm merely the sixth descendant.
In any case, to what do we owe this visit?
I was just overjoyed by your wonderful parade!
T-Then you understood our purpose?
My sincere condolences for your plight.
You do?!
Since you are a fox, you WOULD understand!
I expected everything that happened after the parade.
The fox, Ryutarou,... dint of his silver tongue, managed to lure out Kincho the Sixth...
...and invited him to a room at one of Ginza's famous clubs.
Please come in!
Please do not worry!
These girls are also transformed foxes.
Do you prefer them as they are, or in fox form?
Oh, or would you prefer them as tanuki?
I'll get straight to the point.
There is no future for the tanuki at Tama.
They'll become extinct like Tama's foxes.
So the foxes did become extinct!
Yes. Regrettably.
And the few transforming foxes survived by transforming into humans like this.
As humans?!
It's the only way to survive here in Greater Tokyo.
I invited you here so that I could recommend this to all the tanuki.
H-Hold on a minute!
Your confusion is understandable.
In any case, I'll come straight to the point.
You won't just live as ordinary humans.
``In for a penny, in for a pound.''
Given the current situation, I feel the best solution... for all of you to work at Wonderland.
You mean the Wonderland that humiliated us?
Let's be reasonable.
Let's just say the tanuki decide to live as humans.
``The human world is a material world!''
``And how will you make the money that you need?''
``The easiest way is to do what you do best.''
Where do you think you can earn the most money?
Unfortunately, it's from your enemy, Wonderland.
They've agreed to pay you a substantial starting bonus.
Your monthly wage.
And each person's starting bonus.
Of course, no one but I will know that all of you are tanuki.
Please help yourself!
Let's eat and then think about it.
Kincho Daimyojin-san, you are used to eating good food.
Eating leftover scraps at Tama must have been tough on you.
I don't care about such things.
I have just one question:
Those who can transform can live as humans, but what about the others?
We can't take care of everyone.
Besides, for a species to survive, only the fittest must prosper.
In our case, regrettably, we had to abandon those who couldn't transform.
So they... all died?
That's right.
It was unavoidable.
How tragic!
It may be little comfort, but unlike us, the tanuki are omnivorous.
So they may be able to survive.
Meanwhile, with Kincho the Sixth absent, the tanuki at Tama...
...met to try to find a solution to this grave situation.
Only the regulars were present.
Bah! They said they had more than one plan. What a joke!
It was a mistake from the start to listen to those old farts!
I just remembered the old saying, ``Don't count your chickens before they hatch.''
No, not even Oshaka-sama could have anticipated this!
You should not criticize the Elders.
They called that president a ``clever tanuki.''
Humans are so odd.
You make this sound like someone else's problem, Shoukichi!
No, I'm just saying we haven't studied the humans enough.
Shut up!
Our only chance is to fight the humans directly.
Don't be so rash, Gonta.
I think, instead, we should tell the humans...
...that we were responsible for Operation Poltergeist.
Have you lost your mind, abbot?
That's the one law we must not break!
That's right. Once they know that we're responsible, they'll never leave us alone.
But I'm so frustrated!
To have someone steal our masterpiece and have to remain silent?!
No, no! I just can't!
I want to tell them! Shout it out!
That WE were responsible!
Abbot Tsurugame!
How can we convince the humans that we tanuki did it?
We could write or call the media and tell them.
They'll probably think it's a prank call or letter.
Then we'll go on TV and show them firsthand that we transform.
This is ridiculous.
They'll think it's a trick and you'll just be humiliated.
Look! This is just wasting time!
No one had any good ideas...
...and they debated it over and over until morning.
Listen, we're just wasting time.
But if we attack like terrorists and anger them, they'll slaughter us.
I'm telling you, we can do it and not be found out!
Then it can't be anything big.
I think that instead of acting individually,...
...we need to regroup and launch an even bigger Operation Poltergeist.
There's no guarantee the same thing won't happen again.
That's why we need to plan ahead and regroup our forces.
Huh! You just don't wanna do anything!
Damn, you act like a spoiled woman!
Watch your mouth, Gonta! Women are not spoiled!
All I meant was that if they were spoiled, they'd be like him.
In any case, I'll start preparations for Operation Poltergeist 2.
Who's going to follow you?
And who'd follow you, Gonta-san?!
W-What did you say?!
Damn you! Damn it!
Hey! Hey!
Stop it.
Cut it out!
Listen, everybody!
There's only one way for us to continue to live and remain united...
...while utilizing the power we demonstrated in Operation Poltergeist.
Our operation has overwhelmed the humans and won their admiration.
But unfortunately, a human who claimed to do the impossible took the credit.
So what can we do about it?
How would you make this stand on end?
As you know, this is how Columbus did it.
Well done!
Do you have a solution as brilliant as this?
From now on, we must live as humans who perform these impossible tricks.
You gotta be kidding!
Oh no, this is not a joke!
But what about those who can't transform?
808 Tanuki Appeal
Abbot Tsurugame stole out of the room... the meeting adjourned without discussing Kincho's proposal.
The unity of the tanuki began to collapse.
While some concentrated on gathering food and caring for family,...
...the hawkish Gonta searched the mountain for those who would follow him.
The Eldest tanuki, apparently senile, gathered the non-transforming tanuki,...
...and became the dancing, chanting founder of a new religion.
``This is the world of darkness, the Ship of Mud.''
``Chant and dance, dance.''
``I believe in Amitabha, but he's dead.''
Having a hale and hearty Elder reduced to that...
Tokyo really is a frightening place.
If we did that in Shikoku, people would know we tanuki were responsible.
In our Daimyojin, donation would double--
No, it would go up ten times!
I want to return to Komatsu Island with you as soon as possible...
...and begin my training!
I see.
You have decided to be my successor?
Yes, Rokudaime-sama!
I am glad to hear that.
But, you're not so selfish as to abandon your fellow tanuki...
...for the sake of my daughter's love, are you?
Of course not!
But... what?
Now that you've lost your support, what can we possibly do?
There is still much we can do.
This is a really fancy restaurant!
They want you to be pleased, sir, so they went the extra mile to welcome you.
Boy, this is really well done!
This might even beat Disneyland!
Kincho the Sixth, while getting back at the hateful president,...
...also managed to steal a substantial sum for Tama tanuki's future operations.
The Wonderland president ran to the police...
...and told them that the tanuki stole his Y10,000,000.
Meanwhile, the hawkish Gonta's group was in the mountains...
...carrying out attacks to prevent more deforestation.
Are you okay?
``You environmentalists! Please do not obstruct our snake extermination!''
``Remove yourselves from the mountain!''
``Your actions constitute theft, weapons possession and illegal trespassing!''
``If you do not obey this warning and leave,...''
`` law, you will be arrested and removed by force!''
Gonta's group held off police, hunters and workers at the mountain pass.
They ignored their warnings and stopped them from entering Uranari Mountain.
And so both parties were held at an impasse until night.
If you couldn't stop them, then we'll have to go rescue them!
Can't you hear it? The riot police are here.
It is already too late.
I'm going to take a look!
Don't! You'll be caught, too!
We'll go, too!
Are you all ready?
With our kamikaze spirit...
Yes! We will die an honorable death!
And thereby rally our weaker brothers to fight on until the day of victory!
We must believe they will follow!
Tan-tan-tanuki's private parts
Will be guided by the wind, swinging back and forth.
Special forces!
Excuse us!
Wait, Gonta-san!
Don't be hasty!
This private battle did indeed end in honorable death.
Meanwhile, in another part of Tamakyuro Forest...
...the television station arrived in their mobile broadcast van.
Tanuki-san. Please show yourselves.
Either in your normal form or in disguise is fine.
We're reporters from World Witness News, and we're your friends.
They don't seem to be coming out.
Tanuki-san, tanuki-san,
Come out and talk!
We have no food to eat now.
They're answering!
That appeal was true after all!
We want to know the story behind you troubles.
Will you show yourselves?
They're here, they're here, they're here!
The tanuki, the tanuki, the tanuki!
Are you really the ones who put on that monster show?
You got it!
Hey! Please give us a demonstration!
Otherwise the viewers will never believe us!
Not all tanuki can do that.
That's why we can't survive if the mountain's gone.
Hey, tanuki-san!
If you don't, this program will lose its credibility.
Aren't you the ones who asked to talk to us?
Please show some sincerity.
I beg you, tell the humans about our plight.
They're here! They're here!
A storefront tanuki sta-- Aaah! It's walking!
Tanuki-san! A-Any comment?
Go on.
Old Fireball.
We are the ones who did it!
The mountain is our home.
We don't want you to just destroy it.
That is the wish of all living creatures.
Those you saw yesterday, you do not see today.
Those you see today have no tomorrow.
We may not know what tomorrow brings,
but today we spend in sorrow.
The proud 999 year-old tanuki, Hage...
...claimed to have seen the Battle of Genpei Yashima with his own eyes.
He despaired over this world's future.
So he said, "This is the end. I shall leave."
They stretched his privates to the limit,...
I believe in Amitabha.
...and, with a great heave-ho, turned it into the legendary treasure-ship.
It was loaded to the hilt with exotic treasure...
...lacquered handrails, ornamented golden posts bound for Heaven and Hell.
With voices ringing and cheerful demeanor,...
...the ordinary tanuki, dreaming of their heavenly destination,...
...boarded as though beginning a regular voyage. It was such a sorrowful sight.
Under the shadow of the moon,...
...the treasure ship rocked and floated...
...gently down Tama River.
They were carried along by the current,... if being pulled along a set of tracks.
With the sail raised and stretched taut by the wind,...
...they boarded the ship for Nigitatsu and waited for the moon.
There was much merriment onboard the ship... it was propelled along by the tide.
Under the shadow of the moon, the sounds of their beating belly-drums,...
...bells, shamisen, flutes, taiko, and tanuki merriment,...
...continued throughout that fantastic night.
The ship of ordinary tanuki, loaded with gold, silver and coral,...
...slowly departed from the shore.
Although it was not the Mud Ship,...
...the tanuki left behind could do nothing but weep.
The shimmering field of silver grass seemed like a dream on a spring night.
They looked up at the Moon Bunny as Amitabha beckoned them to paradise.
However, the more they strove towards paradise, the closer they came to death.
With a ``doom doom,'' they sailed to their deaths.
The ordinary tanuki sailed to their deaths.
It was a trip from which they would never return.
And with a ``doom doom,'' they sailed to their deaths.
The poor tanuki were on their way to death.
With a ``doom doom,'' they sailed to their deaths.
Oh, man. We're no match for the humans.
That's Bunta, isn't it?
It's good to have you back.
Sasuke. Shoukichi.
What happened to the renowned Danzaburo-sensei from Sado?
Forty-five years ago, during the famine after the war,...
...he was shot and killed by a hunter.
I finally found that out.
I see.
I wish I could have met him at least once.
You've done well, Bunta.
So what has been happening here?
After being gone for three years, I feel like Urashima-taro.
We did everything we could.
But this is such a drastic change!
Is this some joke of the humans?
Well, I'm not surprised you'd think so.
Is this really the work of the humans?
That's right. It's all their work.
No, you're wrong!
Only tanuki can do such things!
Who else could possibly do this?!
Those humans were once tanuki.
No! They're dirty, evil old tanuki who aren't fit to associate with!
Give us back our mountain!
Give us back our home!
Give us back our fields!
Shall we try?
Let us use our remaining strength to restore this land to its original form.
I see.
We can fight this man-made illusion with one of our own.
Sounds like fun. I remember vividly the way it used to be.
All right. This will be our last stand!
But... what do we gain by doing such a thing?
It'll be fun. It'll be fun!
If we lose our sense of fun, then we tanuki will no longer be tanuki.
Then you will help us too, Kincho-san?
Of course. Although I'll probably make it look more like Awa Tokushima.
You wanna call the rest of the tanuki, right?
Will you lend me your strength again?
Leave it to me.
Wait up, bro!
Hey, that looks like Mother.
Yot-chan. It's Yot-chan!
That's us.
That's us as children.
Hey, look! Tanuki!
How cute.
They're tanuki, right?
There're still some around, even in a place like this.
Wait, tanuki-san!
Aw, they're gone.
I wanted to give them some food.
I wonder if tanuki can really transform.
Afterwards, when we had lost the war,...
...the New Town development continued without further incident.
As time passed, the town gradually settled in,...
...and became an ideal place for humans to live.
The mountain where Manpuku shrine was, became a trendy residential area.
Furthermore, the fact that we revealed ourselves to the humans...
...resulted in many unforeseen benefits.
The newspaper wrote articles proposing ways for humans and tanuki to co-exist.
Later development converted the remaining land into local parks.
Watch out for animals
But for us, it was already too late, and too small a space to live in.
A group of us moved over the mountain... a place called Machida where there were still forests and farmlands.
But there were tanuki already there, and cornered by development,...
...they struggled daily to survive the dangers of traffic.
Finally, we arrived at a decision.
That's right.
We who could transform, followed the foxes' example and lived as humans.
I became a salaryman, and my wife Kiyo works at a snack bar.
Some tanuki sold real estate, and continued to develop the forest land.
>But most could not handle the severe stress...
...and wanted to return to the mountains.
Really, I can't help but admire how humans can endure such a lifestyle.
In the end, many dropped out and lived around Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku.
And others scrounge for leftovers in the red light district.
What of Ponkichi and the other normal tanuki?
The saying, "Well, at least they're alive" must have been created for tanuki.
They do not despair over the development and traffic accidents.
They continue to live happily raising children, and eventually die.
There will always be someone
who will be close to me
Please try to remember
that wonderful name
Your heart may be heavy
It's good to have you here!
Long time no see!
on nights when you see no one
There will always, always be someone
who will be close to me
Even if you're far away
from the place where you're born
Try not to forget
the winds of that place
Um, the TV and other media sources are saying that...
...foxes and tanuki have disappeared because of development.
Will you please stop them?
Although it is true that foxes and tanuki can transform and disappear,...
...what about the rabbits and badgers?
Can they disappear on their own?
what will you do?
When you wake from your dreams
are you always alone?
You will always be the one
who will be close to me
Please try to remember
that wonderful name
Wounded from the struggle
if you cannot see the light
If you strain to hear it
you will be able to hear the song
The tears and the pain
will someday vanish
That's right, it's your smile
that I want to see
The night when the wind blows
I want to see somebody
I saw it in a dream
It's you that I want to see
You will always be the one
who will be close to me
Please try to remember
that wonderful name
You will always be the one
who will be close to me
Please try to remember
that wonderful name
You will always be the one
who will be close to me
Please try to remember
that wonderful name
You will always be the one
who will be close to me
Please try to remember
that wonderful name
You will always be the one
who will be close to me
Please try to remember
that wonderful name
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