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Raging Bull 1980

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Those cheers still ring in my ears.
For years, they remain in my thoughts.
Once, I took off my robe, and I forgot to wear shorts.
I recall every fall, hook, and jab -
bad way to get rid of flab.
As you know, my life wasn't drab, though I'd much...
Though I'd rather hear you cheer
when I delve into Shakespeare.
My kingdom for a horse. I haven't won in months.
Though I'm no Olivier, I'd rather...
I'm no Olivier, but it ain't the ring, it's the play.
Give me a stage where I'll rage.
Though I can fight, I'd rather recite.
That's entertainment.
Jake La Motta, Jimmy Reeves.
La Motta's undefeated but behind on points.
He's taking a lot of punishment.
Tell me why. Why come here to get beat?
Do the right thing.
You're outpointed. You'll have to knock him out.
- Bite him, kick him, anything. - Listen to Joey.
Get all over him. Just knock him out.
You wanna do it?
- A knockout's where it's at. - Final round.
Good luck.
Reeves is up against a fighter...
who doesn't back up.
La Motta continues to bore in, and Reeves is down!
The crowd's urging Jake on.
Reeves is trying to get up.
La Motta comes at him with a hard left,
and Reeves is down for the second time.
La Motta is making a comeback in the tenth round.
Reeves is up again. La Motta's coming at him.
A left and right to the midsection, a hook to the jaw.
A right and a left. Reeves goes down again.
- They're pulling La Motta away. - Two, three, four, five...
The referee is counting. Time is running out. There's the bell.
Did La Motta do it soon enough?
Jack, come here! It's no good! You waited too long!
Put my robe on right.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Under the rules of the Ohio Boxing Commission,
after ten rounds, the winner by unanimous decision...
Jimmy Reeves.
La Motta has lost his first fight.
That's Jake's fight! Jake won that fight!
Don't leave the ring. You won. Let him go first.
La Motta floored Reeves seven times, but still...
He's dead. They say he won.
Tommy should have been there.
He's got to fight with Tommy or he'll wind up punch-drunk.
- I know. - It's best for everybody.
- I said I know. - You got to make him know.
When will you stop with all that stuff?
I understand. He wants to do things for himself.
- Hard to understand? - He's got a concrete head.
You think it's easy? You talk to him.
- I can't. - Why not?
- He don't like me. - Nobody does.
I know... I know who's the boss.
The judges didn't know. The people knew.
You don't believe me. Thought I was foolin' around.
Tell me the truth. I ain't foolin' around.
- That's in your mind. - Yeah, so what?
With that championship belt around me, I'll fool around.
- Is it done? - No, it's not done.
Don't overcook it.
It defeats the purpose.
What are you doing? You're overcooking it. Bring it over.
- You want it? - Bring it over. Bring it over!
It's like a piece of charcoal!
- You want it? - Yeah, right now!
Good. There it is. Can't wait for it?
- No, I can't. - Good. Happy?
- That's all. - No, more. There.
You botherin' me about a steak?
I agree. He should be with Tommy. I'll tell him.
Tommy keeps telling me to work this out. I'm in the middle.
- You are? I'm his brother. - Who better to talk to him?
- I will. - Do what you can.
- I'll see you tomorrow. - Where will you be?
- The gym. - Catch you there.
All right. Sal... go fuck yourself.
- Complain some more. - Complain?
- I want to hear. - You call those carrots?
- You eat 'em? - I got no choice!
- I can't believe you! - I got no choice!
You got no choice? Stay away! Please!
- Get in there! - I'm sick of you!
- What's the matter up there? - What?
- What's going on, you animals? - He's callin' me an animal.
- Hey, you! - Come on.
I'm gonna eat your dog for lunch!
- You hear me, Larry? - Crazy animals!
Your mother's an animal, you son of a bitch!
Your dog will be dead tomorrow, you bum!
The whole block could hear you. Sit down. Relax.
You break anything, I'll come in there and kill you!
Calmed down?
What did I do? Come on, honey, let's be friends.
- Truce, all right? - It's not all right!
You can't eat and drink like an animal...
and put up with this all day, I'm telling you.
Forget about Reeves. You've got other fights.
You can't keep doing this.
What's wrong?
Something's the matter. What's wrong?
What's botherin' me?
- My hands. - Your hands? What about 'em?
I got these small, little girl's hands.
Me too. Who cares?
Know what that means?
No matter how big I get, who I fight, or what I do,
I'll never fight Joe Louis.
He's a heavyweight, you're a middleweight.
I'll never fight the best there is.
I'm better than them, and I'll never fight them.
That's what's wrong.
Don't think about that.
He's a heavyweight, you're a middleweight.
It'll never happen, so why go crazy thinking about it?
- Do me a favour. - What?
- Hit me in the face. - What?
- Hit me in the face. - Forget about it.
- I want you to. Go ahead. - I said forget about it.
We have fights all the time. Go ahead.
- No! - You afraid?
- Of what? - Come on, hit me.
- I'm no fag. - Take your best shot.
- You're a real jerk. - Did I not tell you to do it?
Do it.
- I ain't hittin' you. - I'm your older brother.
I ain't doin' it!
I ain't doin' it... you fuckin' nut.
I'm not doin' it.
- I don't have any gloves. - Use that over there.
- What? - Use that.
How many times I got to tell you?
- Not too many more. - Go ahead.
Hit me with everything you got.
You sure? All right.
- Harder! - Yeah?
You throw a punch like you take it up the ass. Harder.
- That's hard! - Take it off.
- You wanna stop? That's enough. - Come on!
- Come on! - Don't fuck around!
- Throw it again. - That's enough!
- I said that's enough! - Harder!
Your cuts are open. What are you trying to prove?
Joey, what's what? Jake, you're looking good.
How you doin'?
I'm still here.
Joey... come here.
- He looks mad. - Spoke to him yesterday.
You told them to come here? Answer me!
Yeah, why not?
- I'll break his fuckin' head. - Take it easy.
Don't ever bring them up here again.
- Fuck! - They look like two fags.
Call you tomorrow, Joey.
- Jake, don't hurt yourself. - Fuck you.
How's your wife? Anybody bothers you, let me know.
Yeah. Wave. They're your friends.
What's wrong with you?
They came because Tommy wants to help us.
What's the matter with you?
Will they help by taking my money?
Is that what this is about? I'm breakin' my ass, not them.
Never bring them here again, you jerk.
I'm a jerk? You're a fuckin' asshole. Don't hit me!
Here, you fucker, take this. Maybe you can't.
Give me a Coke.
You goin' to the dance?
- Who's that girl? - The blonde? Vickie.
- Where's she from? - She's a neighbourhood girl.
- What's her last name? - Vickie. That's all I know.
Call her Vickie.
- She knows them? - They know her.
She comes here every day. Everybody knows each other.
- She go with them? - She's 15 years old.
Where's she gonna go, the Copacabana?
Heard he went with a beautiful blonde.
That's not her?
I doubt it. Why?
She ain't the kind you fuck and forget about.
Why are you always cursing? Don't do it around me.
Don't do it.
She's not the kind you bang and forget about.
You got to spend time with her.
You bang her?
- Tell me the truth. - I just did.
If I did it, you would know.
- I took her out. - You didn't try to fuck her?
- I tried. - She didn't go with you?
- She didn't go for it. - Naturally. She knew better.
- What does she know better? - That you're an animal.
Ruin her reputation.
- Wasn't he talking to Vickie? - That's the same guy?
- Same. - I'll kill him.
- You missed him yesterday. - I was at the house yesterday.
We'll find him.
Look at 'em. Big business meeting.
They talk, make deals, make sure she can hear.
Like a big man. Get outta here.
Don't get your hair wet.
I'll smack him around - no more bigshot.
Real tough guys.
- Tough guys. - What are you thinkin'?
You're married. It's over. Leave 'em for me.
Let's get out of here.
- Where are you going? - I'm going out. Business.
- You go out, I go out. - Whatever.
I won't be here when you get back!
- Stop. - Why don't you?
You're not going on business. You're gonna suck each other.
Larry, you got something to talk about with your dog.
- Hit her with a bat. - She's still my wife.
How much you gonna take? Kill her.
Fags! You leave me here like a dog!
- What's wrong with you? - You can't leave me!
- What's the matter? - I could give a shit!
- Let's sit with Beansie. - Beansie who? Who's Beansie?
- What? - Beansie who?
- Beans. One of the guys. - Think she'll be there?
I don't know. You can see from there.
- How you doin', Joe? - Thanks for the seats.
Hey, what's up? Thank you.
I got trouble with some greaseballs downstairs.
- Hello, Father. - Hey, Father.
Father, you want to get laid?
Bless the table. Give us a shot.
Give any money?
- She's over there. - I saw her.
- They're with her. - No, go ahead.
Get the fuck out! Get out!
You, too. Get out, you bum!
- Bastards. - Get out.
Hey, Vickie! Vickie! Vickie!
- Hi. - How you doing?
- OK. What you doing? - Nothing much.
- That your car? - My brother's. Ever meet him?
- Is that him? - Yeah. Want to meet him?
- All right. - Hey, Jack!
This is my brother Jake, the next champ.
- Hi. - How you doin'?
Nice to meet you.
- Nice car. - You like it?
It's nice.
- Where you from? - Around here.
Want a ride?
All right. I have to change.
- All right. - All right? I'll be back.
- I'll be here. - OK.
Move over.
- I never played before. - Go ahead. I'll show you how.
That's right.
- Like this? - Right. Hit the little one.
You see it?
- What does that mean? - Means the game is over.
Come on. Let's go.
Dad? Come on in.
Probably went shopping. Let me see. Daddy?
Must be shopping. Sit down.
- Want somethin'? - No.
Sit a little closer.
You're so far away.
Come here. Sit over here. Come on over here.
That's better.
No, thank you anyway.
Some water?
Want to see the rest of the place?
All right.
I bought it for my father.
From fightin'?
Yeah. What else?
The dining room.
That was a bird. It's dead now.
Come in.
Sit down.
- That's me and my brother. - I know.
You look good.
- Why are you smiling? - I don't know.
You're beautiful.
Anybody ever tell you that?
Robinson and La Motta in their second fight.
Robinson and La Motta in their second fight.
The undefeated Sugar Ray defeated Jake last October.
They have different styles.
Robinson, the dancing master, and La Motta the brawler.
He's hurt Robinson.
He's coming at Robinson. A left and right to the jaw.
It's anybody's fight at this point.
La Motta hurts Robinson again with a left to the jaw.
Robinson comes back. La Motta drives him across the ring.
Robinson is driven out for the first knockdown of his career!
It's the nearest Robinson's been to losing.
La Motta has taken charge of the fight.
Sugar Ray's winning ways are in jeopardy.
La Motta feigning a left hand.
After ten rounds, Judge Rossi... 8-2, La Motta.
Judge Murphy... 7-3, La Motta.
La Motta has won, a unanimous decision.
He's handing Robinson his first professional loss.
Robinson doesn't like it.
With this victory, La Motta has broken Robinson's record.
He shouldn't be denied a shot at the middleweight crown.
- You sure we should do this? - Come here.
Before a fight?
Come here.
You've been good for two weeks.
Come here.
Touch my boo-boos.
Good. That's it.
Give the boo-boo a kiss. Make it better.
Take off my pants.
Take off my pants.
Take off the rest.
- I promised not to. - Go ahead. Do it.
Take off your panties.
I like the gym smell.
The smell of the gym.
No, no, no.
That's it.
I got to fight Robinson.
What are you doin' to me?
La Motta and Robinson meet again.
They're classic rivals - fierce, powerful fighters.
Dangerous - no other fighter will go near them.
So they fight each other. They've each won one.
They'll probably fight again.
They go to close quarters.
Round seven. Robinson's ahead. La Motta may need a knockout.
Robinson's down for the second time in his career.
La Motta watches Sugar Ray take the count from the referee.
- Robinson's trying to get up. - Seven... eight...
He's on his feet now, and he's stunned.
La Motta comes at him. Robinson is well ahead on points.
He hooks a left to the jaw.
Your attention, fans.
Judge Joe Lanahan scores it 8-1, one even, in favour of Robinson.
...with a score of 6-2, two even,
for the winner by unanimous decision, Sugar Ray Robinson.
He only won 'cause he's going in the army.
I knocked him down. What else can I do?
They robbed you. Their mothers take it up the fuckin' ass.
Maybe it's because I've done bad things.
Maybe I'm a jinx.
Forget that shit. This was your shot.
- They robbed us! - Want to talk to Vickie?
No, I don't.
- Joey, take her home. - OK.
- You all right? - I'm OK.
- You sure? - Make sure she's OK.
All right.
Don't ever do that shit again. No more deals like that.
- What are you talkin' about? - Look at that! 168 pounds.
- Stop eatin'. - I said I didn't want to do it.
You're the one who told me you could get down to 155.
I'm not even gonna make it to 160.
You signed me at 155. I could lose $15,000.
- That's right. - You're my manager.
- I did what I wanted. - I'm worried.
- You want a title shot? - Am I in a circus over here?
- He's got more sense than you. - You've been killing yourself.
There's nobody left. Everybody's afraid to fight you.
Along comes Janiro. He's young. He'll fight anybody.
Good. You fight him. Tear him apart.
- Why are you worried? - The weight.
- The weight? - I just said the weight.
If you lose because of that,
they'll think you're not tough?
Good. You'll fight the guys who were afraid before.
- You'll get a title shot. - Coffee, please.
Why? Nobody's left. Who can they give it to?
- Coffee. - In a minute.
- You listening? - Please bring it.
- All right. - How long?
You listening? Let's say you win.
You beat Janiro, which you should, right?
- Yeah. - Right?
- Yeah. - You still got a title shot.
- Why? - There's nobody left.
They'll give you the shot. If you win or lose, you win.
You can't lose, and you'll do it on your own.
You understand? Just get down to 155. Stop eatin'.
You can do it. Do you understand that?
Joey's right. Janiro's good-looking and popular.
- Excuse me. Good-looking? - I'm saying popular.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying Joey's right.
- Are you an authority? - Nothing. I...
Take the baby and get out.
Everybody's an authority. How does she know he's good-looking?
She didn't mean nothin'.
- Who asked you? - Starting with me now?
Don't interrupt. It's none of your business.
They got nothin' to do with you. Take the baby inside.
- Let's leave the grouches here. - Change her diapers.
- You make her cry. - I'll make you cry.
They're babies.
Let's go to the training camp.
No wives or phone calls. Nobody around to bother you.
- I'll fix your schedule. - Can I ask you something?
When I'm away, you notice anything?
- With Vickie? - Yeah.
- Like what? - What do you think?
- I don't notice anything. - Keep an eye on her.
- She don't do anything wrong. - Watch her while I'm away.
You'll start trouble for nothin'.
I got a reason.
Any woman, given the right circumstances, will do anything.
Anything's possible, all right?
You're right, but you're pickin' on this girl.
You're worried about your weight.
You're saying, "Go inside! Who asked you?"
- You'll give her an excuse. - She was talkin' about a guy.
So? She was talkin' on your behalf.
She was talkin' about a pretty kid.
Make him ugly.
- Just do it. - All right.
You should go inside and make up with her.
Tell her you'll take her out.
Then you can leave with a clear head, all right?
All right. Where you want to go?
Out out. If you tell her now, take her aside,
'cause I'm not taking Lenore.
What, you think I'll tell her?
- Do what you want. - I am.
Come here.
Good evening. It's great to be back.
Come on, lady, laugh. I laughed when you come in.
Seriously, we have a special guest with us.
He's the world's leading middleweight contender.
The Bronx Bull. The Raging Bull. Let's hear it for Jake La Motta!
- What's your name again? - Janet.
Janet. Sorry. It's post time.
Hits me with a left hook. No hand. A hook.
- Where you goin'? - The bathroom.
- Hey, Vickie. - Hi.
You're lookin' great. Joe here?
- Yeah. Jake's here, too. - That's great.
I'm here with Tommy. Come have a drink.
How are you?
You aren't drinkin', are you?
- How are you, Joey? - Hi, Sal.
I'm with Tommy Como. Come have a drink.
I didn't see him.
- See you later, Joey. - He looks good, Jack.
That was my best joke.
Look who's here.
How are you, honey? Good to see you.
- Sit down. - I just came to say hello.
Thanks for comin' by. Not a bad kid.
She's caught a hundred beatings off that gorilla.
- What kept you? - I talked to Tommy.
I saw you. What took you so long?
Nothing. I said hello. I came back.
What did he say?
He asked me if I wanted a drink.
- What did Sal say? - He asked if Joey was here.
He said, "Say hello to Tommy," and I did.
- Are you interested in him? - No. Why?
You sure you're not?
But you could be interested in somebody?
- Don't start, Jake. - Shut up or I'll smack you.
These are from Mr Como.
- Shall I take... - What?
- Shall I take this? - I'm not through.
These are jokes.
Hi. How are you, you bald-headed fag?
- Thanks for the drinks. - Any time.
- How are you? - Fine.
- Where's Jake? - Over there.
- Call him. - All right.
I'll be back.
You don't call any more. We don't see you any more.
You can't make a call? What is it?
- I'm busy fighting out of town. - Busy.
He's taking me seriously. I'm only kidding. What a kid!
He's the best fighter around.
They're all afraid to fight you.
- How are you? - OK.
- Strong? - Yeah, I'm doing OK.
- Janiro's got to watch his ass. - He should.
All right.
- I wanted to put money on him. - Good fighter.
Very attractive guy. No marks. Clean.
- Have you gained a few pounds? - I'll knock it off right away.
Let me ask you somethin'. I'm just talkin'.
I'm betting a lot of money on you in this fight with Janiro.
- What would you tell me? - I'd say everything you got.
- Everything? - Everything.
I'm gonna open his hole like this. Excuse my French.
- I'll make him suffer. - What's with him?
I'll make his mother wish she never had him. He's dog meat.
- Didn't he say something...? - He's a pretty kid, too.
Should I fuck him or fight him?
- Fuck him or fight him! - You're liable to get fucked.
- By who? - Janiro.
- You want him to fuck you? - Me? No.
- I could fix that. - How?
I'll give you both a fuckin' beating.
- I'll bleed. - You're used to that.
Drink up. That's ginger ale, Jake.
- Good luck. - Good luck.
- What? - You awake?
- Can you hear me? - What?
You ever think of anybody else when we're in bed?
- What? - When we make love.
Nobody. I love you.
Why'd you say that thing about Janiro?
- What? - That he had a pretty face.
- I never noticed his face. - Why'd you say that, then?
I don't even know what he looks like. Go to sleep.
- He ain't pretty now. - Jake messed him up.
And the winner by unanimous decision, in ten rounds...
Jake La Motta.
Give me a piece of ice. Just a sliver.
- No water. - I'm dyin'. Fuckin' hard-on.
Four pounds. Keep workin'. Cut the bullshit.
I saw the Janiro fight. He destroyed this guy.
He knocked his nose from one side to the other.
- Who are you fightin' next? - I don't know.
- He'll get that title shot. - Jackie Curtie. You know him.
- A pleasure. - We'll get the title shot.
- Made some money off Jake. - More than he did.
Made money on the Jackson fight.
- Whatever happened to Oscar? - He's punchy. Probably died.
- Make yourselves comfortable. - Beautiful table.
He's complaining? Beautiful table.
He's working an elevator downtown.
I'm not Italian.
- Took me right up. - Oscar did you a lot of good.
- Mickey! Cutty Sarks and water. - Excuse me one minute.
Come back, Joey. Come on back.
Something's happening.
- They're having a problem. - Worried about it? Don't worry.
- Just shut up. - I'm a prisoner.
I look at somebody wrong, I get smacked.
- You think you're right? - I am.
- You're wrong. - You guys are always up my ass.
- Shut up. - No.
- Don't make me... - I'm tired of listening to you!
- I'm by myself every night. - Why'd you marry him?
- I love him. - You do?
This guy don't want to fuck me.
He'll be all right as soon as he gets his shot.
You won't have to run around.
He'll never be champ. People hate him.
- You're drinkin' with them. - I'm gonna have fun.
Get your stuff!
You're makin' an asshole out of my brother!
- Joey... - Mind your fuckin' business!
- You're takin' this wrong. - Shut up!
What's wrong with you? This is innocent.
- Relax. - You know better than that.
- It's all calm now. - We're friends a long time.
- It's Jake's wife. - Nothing's goin' on.
Sorry. We can straighten this...
Nothing goin' on?! Nothing goin' on?!
Fucking hard-on!
I'll bite your fuckin' head off!
- Get your hands off! - Come on!
Fuckin' cunt.
Get out!
I'll suck your fuckin' eyes out!
We do what we got to do. Don't mention names.
- You're wrong. - He's wrong!
Take it easy!
There's a lot of years between you.
I understand it was your brother's wife,
but you don't create a scene like that.
We've heard everybody's point of view, and we'll forget about it.
I shouldn't, but we will.
Now, I want you to shake hands and forget this whole thing.
No grudges. That's the most important thing.
Come on, shake hands.
It's all right with me if it's OK with you.
- I wish this never happened. - We all do.
All right? We'll get over it.
Salvy, let me talk to him alone.
All right.
See you later.
- Sorry. I forgot all about it. - You fuckin' nuts?
Aside from this, the family OK?
They're fine. Everybody's fine.
- You can't talk? - What do you mean?
You got a funny attitude.
What is it with all the quick answers?
I don't know.
- You want to leave? - It's not like that.
It's all the aggravation and all the fights.
Listen to me. Jake's become an embarrassment.
He's embarrassing me with certain people. I'm lookin' bad.
I can't deliver a kid from my own neighbourhood.
Why does he make it so hard on himself? I'd make it easier.
His head is rock.
It's hard to explain, Tommy. Jack respects you.
He don't say hello to anybody. He talks to you.
When he gets somethin' on his mind, he's got a hard head.
Jesus Christ could come off the cross, he don't care.
- He wants to do it on his own. - On his own.
He thinks he's gonna become champion on his own?
- The guy's nuts. - He's crazy.
He doesn't respect or listen to nobody. That's not crazy?
- He respects you. - He doesn't respect anybody.
You do this for me.
Tell him I don't care how colourful or great he is.
He could beat everyone in the world.
He ain't gettin' a title shot without us. You tell him.
Son of a bitch. Twenty-dollar shoes here.
Know what happened?
What's the matter?
- What's wrong? - I remember meeting her here.
- Who? - Vickie.
What did she do now?
She's doin' somethin'. I want to catch her.
Want to do yourself a favour?
Bust her hole, throw her out, or let her ruin your life.
That's what's happenin'.
How much could you take?
- What'd that guy say? - Good news and bad news.
You got a shot at the title,
but you got to flip-flop for them.
- What else is new? - You knew that was comin'.
- Win some, lose some. - This one we'll lose.
Billy Fox... 173 and three-quarter pounds.
Jake La Motta... 167.
I guess you've heard a lot of rumours by now.
A short time ago, you were the favourite.
Now you're a 12-5 underdog. People are talking.
- I never heard anything. - It's not good.
The bets are off on this one. Nothin' goin'.
Smart money's saying you're gonna hit the tank.
- That's bullshit. - Yeah, bullshit.
Want to bet? I'll take the action.
Bet on Fox. I'll win. I don't go down for nobody.
- That's what I wanted to hear. - All right.
- That's it. - You came down here for that?
That was it.
Fuck him.
Good evening.
Welcome to the Madison Square Garden feature attraction.
In this corner...
Commissioner, how about a picture?
...the undefeated Billy Fox.
Your brother got out of the hospital?
Did he get out? Good.
- Let me sit there. - Sure.
- What's up? - Everything OK?
It's OK.
- Come out boxing. - Seconds out.
Stand up! What you doin'? Hit me, you fuckin' punk!
- Come on! - What're you doin'? Box him!
What's the matter with you? What are you doin' out there?
- Slow, that's all. - What you doin'?
Take it easy. He'll make it up.
Goddamn it. Pick it up. I'm sorry.
I got money on you!
- Tank job! - Hit him back, you bum!
Pocket your dirty money!
Stop it, Jack! You phoney bastard!
Don't stop the fight, you jerk!
And you, standing there!
The referee stops this bout.
- Phoney! - Fake!
The winner by technical knockout
and still undefeated... Billy Fox.
It's a free country. Don't fight any more.
What did I do?
What did I do?
What did I do?
Get out of here!
It's all right, Jake.
Why'd I do it? Why? Why?
They got some balls.
I take the dive. They want me to go down, too?
- I ain't goin' down. - Do me a favour.
Put your hands up. I'll show you.
- What's so hard about that? - You don't understand!
I had to fight a bum! I tapped him, he's all over the place.
You didn't have to help him!
I don't, I'm in worse trouble.
I don't know.
"Purse was withheld pending DA's probe."
Look how they make me look - like I'm a bum, a mammalucco.
- A what? - The mammalucco of the year.
Tommy won't forget us. You'll get a shot if he don't die.
- Who don't? - Tommy.
- What are you saying? - Tommy won't forget you.
- You'll get your shot. - Something wrong with him?
No, I'm just sayin'...
Want to fight in the rain? It's a stadium.
- You can wait. - I don't want to wait 24 hours.
I don't either, but we got to. Hello?
- You guys want to stop? - Get off the phone.
- Get off! - He won't talk.
There's enough confusion here. Don't call. No comment.
Right. Thank you. Bye. I don't believe them.
- Just hang up on 'em. - What do you want to eat?
- I don't want nothin'. - You got to eat somethin'.
Eat a steak. Chew it and spit it out. You'll make the weight.
You worried about that?
I'll order a steak. If you want it, it's here.
- Go ahead. - What do you want?
- Order me a piece of cake. - That's all?
Get a cheeseburger. It's better for you.
- Yeah, order me one. - What do you want?
- Since when you order those? - I want it.
- Order what you want. - I was just suggesting.
- Why are you telling her... - I don't care what she eats.
- Then why'd you tell her? - Order me a cheeseburger.
Order a cheeseburger.
- How long does this take to do? - Forty seconds.
That's no good. Do it in 30 seconds.
- What? - Somebody to see you.
- How you doin'? - How are you?
- Say hello to Charlie. - How are you? Lots of luck.
Thank you.
- How are you? - All right.
- Feelin' good? - As good as I'm goin' to.
- I got to fight. - All right.
- We come to wish you luck. - Thanks.
- Need anything? - No.
- You sure? - No, thanks.
- Take care. God bless you. - Thank you, Tommy.
- You'll be OK. - Yeah.
- See you later. - Tommy, wait.
We really appreciate your coming. It was nice.
Any time.
- It's important. - Any time.
- Goodbye. - So long. Take care of Jake.
- I will. - Any little thing, call me.
He's very nervous. Goodbye, honey.
Look at that face. Can you believe that girl?
- Just as beautiful as ever. - Bye-bye, Tommy.
- So long, everybody! - So long, Tommy.
Come here a minute.
- What was all that about? - All what?
You know what.
- What happened? - I just said goodbye.
- Now you're friendly with him? - I said goodbye.
You say hello, goodbye. That's all.
You hear what I said? Don't ever disrespect me.
- You hear me? - I hear.
Go in there.
- Come here. - Stop that. Stop it.
Shut up! I'll take care of you later!
I'm disgusted with you.
Hit the fuckin'...
I'm the boss! I'm the boss!
For the middleweight championship of the world,
fifteen rounds.
In this corner, the challenger,
weighing in at 158 and a quarter pounds,
The Bronx Bull, Jake La Motta.
Come out fighting at the bell.
Now finish him off.
Blow on him. He'll fall right over.
Feel all right?
Can he continue? Commissioner, I'm gonna stop the fight.
May I have your attention, please?
Cerdan is unable to continue.
The referee has stopped the fight.
The winner by a technical knockout,
the new middleweight champion of the world...
The Bronx Bull, Jake La Motta.
Don't shake that. It's the worst thing you could do.
You're home.
- Hello. - Where were you?
- I went out. What's the matter? - Television won't work.
- Where'd you go? - Out. Shopping, to my sister's.
What's with this kissin' on the mouth?
- Can't I kiss her? - Ain't her cheek good enough?
- Come on... - I don't kiss Mom like that.
- You're not supposed to. - That's what I mean.
- How's that? - Looks like somethin'.
Your stomach's in the way.
Why dirty looks?
You eat like there's no tomorrow.
You're defending the title next month. Keep eatin'.
Give me dirty looks.
What happened with you and Salvy?
- When? - When you beat him up.
When I caught his head in the taxicab door?
- Yeah. - I told you, didn't I?
- No. - I never did?
- No. - It was no big thing.
I smacked him on the mouth.
Had to straighten it out with Tommy. It's forgotten.
- Why didn't you tell me? - Didn't concern you.
- It didn't? - No.
Then who? Vickie?
I just explained it. It was between me and Salvy.
Otherwise, I would have told you.
- That's not what I heard. - It's not?
- No. - What'd you hear?
- I heard something. - About me and Salvy.
- I heard things. - That I cracked Salvy around.
- I heard things. - What things?
- I heard some things. - Don't start that worryin'.
Want to worry? Worry about this title fight.
Do that.
- Did Salvy fuck Vickie? - What?
Did Salvy fuck Vickie?
Don't start your shit. No, really, don't start.
- I asked you to watch her. - I did.
- Then why'd you beat him up? - I told you.
- It had nothing to do with you. - Don't lie.
- I'm not. - Think I'm stupid?
I'm your brother. Don't you trust me?
- No. - That's nice.
I don't trust nobody about her.
- Tell me what happened. - I told you.
I slapped him around. Tommy straightened it out. It's over.
There's that look.
I'll accept your answer,
but if I hear anything, I'll kill somebody.
- I'll kill somebody. - Go ahead. Kill everybody.
Kill Vickie and Salvy and Tommy. Kill me while you're at it.
You're killing yourself, the way you eat.
- What do you mean, kill you? - Kill me first. Do me a favour.
- You're a killer. Just kill. - What do you mean by "you"?
- So? What's that mean? - You don't know what you meant.
- Don't mean nothin'. - That meant somethin'.
You included you with Tommy and Salvy.
You said you and them.
This girl ruined your life. She did a job on you.
You're nuts.
- You fuck her? - What?
You fuck her?
How could you ask me that? I'm your brother.
Where do you get balls big enough to ask me that?
Just tell me.
I'm not answering that. It's stupid.
You're smart, Joey.
You ain't answering me.
I'm asking again.
- Did you or did you not? - I'm not gonna answer.
It's a sick question and I won't answer it.
I'm not answering anything. I'm leaving.
I'm not staying in this nuthouse. I feel sorry for you.
Try a little more fuckin' and less eatin'.
If you don't have troubles upstairs,
you won't pick on me.
You're crackin' up!
Fuckin' screwball.
- Where were you? - My sister's.
- Where'd you go after that? - The movies.
What'd you see?
Father of the Bride.
Why didn't you tell me about the Copa?
- Tell you what? - You know.
How come you didn't tell me?
- Why didn't you? - What are you talking about?
- Did you fuck my brother? - Get off me, you fat pig!
Did you?
- Open the door. - Get away!
- I want to talk. - You're sick.
Why'd you fuck Joey?
- Get away! - Open up.
- Why'd you do it? - I didn't do...
Why'd you do it? Why'd you fuck them?
I didn't do anything! What should I say?
- Who'd you fuck? - Tommy, Salvy, your brother!
I sucked Joey's cock! What should I say?
- You sucked his cock? - And everybody else's, too.
You're a fat pig, selfish fool!
- Get... - Fuck you!
His cock's bigger than yours!
Where are you going? Where are you going, you sick animal?
Where are you going? Get off me, you piece of shit!
You put your hands in that plate, I'll stab you.
Keep your hands out!
- All right. - I'd like some peace.
I have to eat like you? Oh, God!
- What's the matter with you? - You fucked my wife!
Jake, get off him! Get off him!
I'll kill you!
Call the police!
I'll fuckin' kill you!
Get out!
Vickie, don't leave, honey. Please.
I'm a bum without you and the kids.
La Motta is losing the title
La Motta is losing the title
he won from the gallant Cerdan.
After Cerdan's tragic plane crash,
Dauthuille vowed to return the title to France.
He has to last this 15th round to be crowned champion.
La Motta's taking terrible punishment.
A left and right to the head. Another right to the jaw.
La Motta's been playing possum! Dauthuille's hurt!
A right to the body, a right to the head!
Dauthuille's reeling around the ring! The tide has turned!
He wobbles into the ropes and goes down!
The referee comes over and starts the count.
He's trying to get up. Seven... he won't make it.
- Nine... ten! - You're out!
It's all over! He's knocked out!
La Motta, with 13 seconds left,
made one of the most remarkable comebacks in history!
Just tell him you're sorry, you miss him.
He's your brother.
I'll dial him. Just tell him you're sorry.
- Can I ask some questions? - Not now.
- I've been waiting. - Excuse me.
- I've got a great angle. - Don't bother me.
- Get out of here. - Come on.
I asked nice.
Salvy, this ain't funny any more. Is it you?
I know somebody's there. I can hear you breathin'.
Your mother sucks big fuckin' elephant dicks. You got that?
Fight of the year.
When the bartender asks what you'll have, give this answer:
Blue Ribbon.
La Motta's punches explain themselves.
They've fought five times between 1942 and 1945.
It's been a blazing bout for the middleweight championship.
Great action by La Motta.
That's the last shot.
Round number 13, the hard-luck number. There's the buzzer.
You know the boys.
Robinson's hurting La Motta now.
La Motta's holding on.
That's the most damaging punching you've seen recently.
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on! What are you staring for?
Robinson punched with a fare-thee-well.
- Rocked La Motta to his heels. - Come on!
These are withering shots. How can he survive them?
No man can endure this.
The fight is stopped on a signal to Frankie Sikora.
Row after row, the crowd is standing and cheering.
He cannonaded La Motta into a death defeat.
When I say that, I mean Jake wouldn't quit.
Hey, Ray. I never went down. You never got me down, Ray.
You hear me? You never got me down. Yeah. See? Look.
In the 13th round, the championship changed hands.
There you see it, a champion defeated.
Now we wait for the announcement from Eddie Flint.
Then we'll join with the radio audience...
and have an interview with Ray Robinson.
We're waiting for the time.
It's being handed between the commissioner and Eddie Flint.
Attention, ladies and gentlemen!
The winner by a technical knockout in the 13th round,
the new world's middleweight champion - Sugar Ray Robinson!
Why won't you fight Wednesday?
Boxing's over for me. I'm through.
I'm tired of worrying about weight all the time.
You realise there's more to life. I'm grateful.
I got a nice house and three great kids.
I have a wonderful, beautiful wife.
What more could I ask for?
- What's your name? - Bob.
Bob, take a picture. Let him take a picture, honey. Smile.
Thanks, Bob. Take one of all of us.
Everybody smile. Smile.
Vickie, how do you feel about Jake's retirement?
I think it's great. He's home with us all the time now.
- It's good. - You know... You through?
- Yeah. - I just bought a club.
It's a bar. Guess what it's called.
- I don't know. - Guess.
Shut up. Enough.
Thank you.
That's what a microphone on a sexy girl sounds like.
Yeah, it's hot.
I haven't seen so many losers since my last fight.
OK, honey.
Thank you.
Isn't that somethin'?
You'd bring her home to dad... if he was a degenerate.
Did I say that?
It's great to be standing here before you wonderful people.
It's great to be standing.
If you believe that, you're full of shit.
Me and my wife Vickie's gettin' married...
Is she here? Vickie? She's not here.
Me and my wife's celebratin' our eleventh wedding anniversary.
Thank you. Thank you.
Reminds me of two friends. One's married, one's single.
Married guy says to the single guy, "Look at me. Look at you.
"Look at me. Look at you."
Let me continue.
"Every night, my wife brings me a drink.
"She gives me a bath, a rubdown,
"and makes passionate love to me.
"Then she makes me dinner. You should try that."
Other guy says, "Sounds great! When's she home?"
I'm no Olivier, but if he fought Sugar Ray, he'd say
The thing ain't the ring, it's the play
So give me a stage where this bull can rage
Though I can fight, I'd much rather recite
That's entertainment!
You were great! Glad Sugar Ray wasn't here.
He told that joke last week.
He repeats himself. Gettin' senile.
Meet state's attorney Bronson.
- How are you? - And his wife.
You shouldn't be here. Shakedown payments are next week.
- Sense of humour. Good. - That's a joke, right?
- Only you know if it's a joke. - Just kidding.
We'll talk later. This your wife?
Mrs Bronson.
- Very pretty lady. Charmed. - Thank you.
Nice guy. You can take a joke, can't you?
- That's all right. - Don't worry about it.
Give them another drink.
- Linda, come here. - Where's your wife?
- Why isn't she here? - What's it to you? You're bums.
Especially the state's attorney. He comes here a lot. Watch him.
He knows I'm kidding. Watch him.
- What's the problem? - No problem.
I just asked for some ID.
- How old? - Twenty-one.
Twenty-one? Can you prove it? Prove it to me.
She can drink here any time. How old are you?
- Twenty-one. - Can you prove it?
- Prove it. - Come here.
- She's twenty-one, too? - She had to convince me.
- Jake. - Watch it.
- Your wife's outside. - A little louder.
Good work, Jake.
It was a busy night. Everything all right?
- I'm leaving you. - What else is new?
I mean it. I have everything worked out.
- Move over. - Why?
- Open up. - No.
- Come on. - No. We're getting a divorce.
- I'm getting custody. - Let me in.
I already made up my mind. I'm leaving. That's it.
If you show up, I'll call the cops.
Don't act that way.
Come on, champ. Wake up.
- What's up? - We're from the DA.
- I know. - They want to talk.
- All look the same. - They want to talk.
- About what? - I'm supposed to bring you in.
For what?
You recognise this girl? She been in the club?
- It's the same girl? - Yeah.
- I don't know her. - You introduced her to men.
I introduce a lot of people. I introduced her to men?
I introduced him to men, but I don't say nothin'.
- She's 14. Put on your shoes. - She's how old?
- Fourteen. - Let me see.
Let me ask you somethin'.
You're tellin' me that girl looks 14?
- Fourteen. - Man to man.
Come on. We got to go.
- Downtown? - That's right.
Because of her?
- Drunk? - I'm out on bail.
- I gotta pick up somethin'. - Kids are sleepin'.
- I won't bother them. - All right. No noise.
- What? - No noise.
Just one thing.
- What's wrong? - I need $10,000.
With $10,000, they'll drop the case.
- They don't have one. - You kiddin'?
Ever see a girl testify?
You saw the paper - a vice rap.
- What you doin' to the belt? - Who cares?
- Can't your friends help? - What friends?
You're gonna wake my kids up! Stop it!
- Can't you stack dishes right? - Get out!
Didn't you want to sell me the championship belt?
- These are the jewels. - Where's the belt?
The belt of a champion is very rare. You should've come sooner.
- The belt... - Give me 2,000 for them.
- Fifteen-hundred. - Not 2,000?
Fifteen-hundred, top. I'm sorry. I'd lose.
Don't tell me you won't make a profit.
You're lying. I could get twice that.
I can't raise the 10,000. I tried a lot of places.
What am I gonna do? What can I do?
Let 'em do it.
You ain't a champ. You're nothin'.
Right. This is where it's at.
You pull your load here, boy!
- You ain't the champion here. - Fuck you!
- Fuck! - Son of a bitch! You hear me?
- Hold onto him! - I got him.
See it? Look at it, son! Live in it!
Go on! Live in it! Understand?
Your mother's cunt, you cocksucker!
You like that son of a bitch? Sick fuck!
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck your mother!
Dummy. Dummy. Dummy.
Why? Why? Why?
You motherfuck!
Why'd you do it? You're so stupid, so fuckin' stupid.
They call me an animal. I'm not an animal.
Why do they treat me like this? I'm not bad.
I'm not that bad.
I'm not that guy.
Not that guy.
Guy catches his wife cheating.
Wife says, "Now the whole neighbourhood will know."
Thanks for laughing. Spread it around.
The first night I was here, I said, "Where's the toilet?"
- He said, "You're in it." - Let's go.
- I'm tryin' to do my routine. - Up yours.
You're gonna force me to make a comeback.
- Funny. - Fuck you.
And the horse you rode in on.
And the cavalry behind you.
- Funny man. - That's why I'm here.
Give him another drink. Piss in it.
I'm gonna introduce a woman who's made a world-wide tour.
Give her a warm welcome. You can do it, you junkies.
Her name is Emma 48's!
Taxi. Taxi!
I got to take care of a couple things.
- See you later? - Yeah.
I'll be home later. Be careful.
Joe. What are you doin'?
Why don't you turn around?
Joey, turn around. Come on.
Come here. Come on. What are you doin'?
Why are you so angry? Be friends. You're my brother.
- Your brother? - Yeah, you bum.
Give me a break. Kiss me. Come on.
- Let me call my wife and kids. - You gonna forgive and forget?
It's a long time ago. Forget it.
Come on.
You're my brother. Come on.
Give me a kiss.
- How's everything? - Good.
Everything all right? Your family? Come here.
Come on, don't do this here.
We'll get together soon.
- Call me? - I will.
- Don't forget. - I'll call you.
All right.
...legitimately, and nobody can take that away from me. Nobody.
Some people aren't that lucky...
like the one Brando played in "On the Waterfront,"
a down-and-outer.
Remember the scene in the car with his brother Charlie?
It went like this.
It wasn't him, Charlie. It was you.
Remember that night you said, "Kid, this ain't your night.
"We're going for the price on Wilson.
"This ain't your night." My night.
I could've taken Wilson apart. So what happens?
He gets a title shot.
I get a one-way ticket to Palookaville.
I was no good after that, Charlie.
You reach a peak, then it's downhill.
It was you, Charlie. You was my brother.
You should've looked out for me just a little bit.
You should've taken care of me...
instead of making me take dives for short-end money.
You don't understand. I could've had class.
I could've been a contender.
I could've been somebody instead of a bum.
Let's face it. It was you, Charlie.
- It was you. - How you doin', champ?
Everything OK?
- Ready? - Five minutes.
- OK. - Need anything?
- No. - You sure?
I'm sure.
- Lot of people out there? - It's crowded.
Go get 'em, champ.
I'm the boss. I'm the boss.
I'm the boss. I'm the boss.
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