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Raid 2003 CD1

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Kaitalahti, June
Russian Karelia, ten days later
Screenplay by|Harri Nykänen & Tapio Piirainen
Produced by Claes Olsson
Directed by Tapio Piirainen
{y:i}Lada's cardan axle?
{y:i}No, Volga's.
{y:i}Kalashnikov?|{y:i}- Yes.
We've been to better rest stops...|-Yeah.
Will you come back?|-Someday...
Will you go to her?|-I doubt it.
Why didn't you write to her?|Done some sweet talking.
Two years is a long time....
200 kilometres to Vaalimaa.|We'll be in Helsinki by afternoon.
Or not. They broke the seals.
These are almost real ones.
I bought them from|a Bulgarian customs officer.
You can't tell the difference.
The seals are false.|-I've seen worse.
There were these thieves...|-Polite enough to fix the seals?
Let's look at the cargo|and your ID.
ID, please.
What's going on?|-Don't you read the papers?
There's a World Bank meeting|in Helsinki.
All the border stations|are on high alert.
The police are murderers!|The police are murderers!
No ID, wallet, cell phone|or even keys.
No one has identified her yet.
Eyewitnesses thought|she had a seizure.
Some shots were heard.|The SWAT team used rubber bullets.
Have any of the Marx Brothers|confessed? -Not yet.
The lab boys took their guns.
And the fatal bullet? -It went|through. We're looking for it.
Sanna, where's Huusko?
It's his day off.
You can exercise whenever you want|and that's not all...
You can put the Gymrubber on your|head and look economically viable.
{y:i}The Interior Minister issued|{y:i}a statement apologising...
What is she talking about?|-The police shot a demonstrator.
{y:i}The identity of the victim|{y:i}hasn't been disclosed.
{y:i}Chief Inspector Eero Jansson|{y:i}of the Violent Crimes unit -
{y:i}has been assigned to the case.|-There goes the day-off.
You couldn't stay anyway.|My first client comes by at eleven.
This is becoming|more and more difficult.
Why do you want to fuck|some fishmonger from Pori?
It's my job.|I get paid 200 Euros an hour -
and I like it.
{y:i}The police estimates there are|{y:i}over ten thousand demonstrators.
{y:i}The Minister of Finance assured|{y:i}that the World Bank meeting -
{y:i}would be carried out as scheduled|{y:i}despite the demonstration.
What World Bank?|I have an account at Postipankki.
It doesn't exist anymore.
Really? No one told me.
Raid, considered dangerous
Take statements from eyewitnesses|but only from the sane ones.
Then you show her picture around -
until you find someone|who recognises her.
If you have no luck here,|try the hotels.
After that you try the motels.
But first we comb the street.
The bullet and shell are missing.
Jansson.|{y:i}- Turunen from the Vaalimaa customs.
We've been told to contact|Inspector Jansson if he appears...
Well, now he has. - Who?
Raid. He tried to cross the border|in a truck with some cowboy.
The TIR-seals are false.|What should we do?
{y:i}Are they dangerous? - Yes. Arrest|{y:i}them both and get them to Helsinki.
Someone was whimpering|the L-word last night.
Sometimes I think -
that you don't know the difference|between lust and the L-word.
I know it.
You're the only one getting it free.
Huusko. Yeah, I'm coming.
Some day one of your clients|will decide to try low-oxygen sex -
and then you'll be in trouble.
We'll either go on like this|or we'll stop.
Are you coming back?
I think so.
This is the only place|where I get it for free.
Five surveillance cameras|but not one is directed here...
Have you dyed your hair?|-No, I'm wearing a wig.
That was the only one|but it was too far away.
Raid is in Finland.
He came through Vaalimaa today.
Why is he here now?|Does he know about the fire?
Not yet. He won't until I tell him.
Offiside! -They'll take|him to the prison today.
When he leaves, follow him.|-Yeah.
Where's the left-fielder?
The World Bank sucks!|The World Bank sucks!
Where did you find the whistle?
Three metres from the body.
Shot with a Glock.|Cartridge made in Lapua.
It matches the cartridges|of the SWAT team.
But you didn't find the bullet.|A shell is not conclusive evidence.
You don't shoot rubber bullets|with a Glock.
Only the police were seen firing.
Has the identity of the victim|been established? -Not yet.
The men are going around|with a picture.
We need the big boys on this one.|Central Criminal Police takes over.
You will assist them if required.|-No.
The taxidriver murder in Kamppi|the Kaitalahti arson and now this.
You can't transfer anymore cases.
Saarinen solved the Kaitalahti case.|You disregarded a clear lead.
The neo-Nazis.
Saarinen can't find toilet paper|in a toilet without help.
The skinheads were in Jyväskylä.|-Two hours before the fire.
They speeded to Helsinki.|We have a confession.
Money talks... -The case is|transferred and you can leave.
Have you forgotten that|The SWAT teams were moved -
under the command|of the Central Criminal Police?
They can't investigate themselves.|-Shit...
I'll call the Ministry.
May I have the shell back?
Why am I being brought here?
I'm an honest Finn|and the victim of a robbery.
My truck was impounded and my|freedom as a citizen is being abused.
Look at these hands,|could they ever commit a crime?
And the 200 bottles of spirit?|-Haven't the regulations changed?
Why don't you say anything?
Good day... and good bye.
Eh?|-You can go.
And my noggin?|{y:i}- Cut your hair and it'll be OK.
The noggin, the cab of truck,|is in Vaalimaa.
Goofy, see to it that|he gets his truck.
Why are the cops in jail?|-So that criminals can feel safe.
There was some bad|water damage in Pasila.
All the tenement services|were privatised.
The cheapest bid won...
You came to see her.|-Who?
Tarja, your ex-girlfriend.
It's not possible.
Ten days ago there was|an arson attack in Kaitalahti.
An old house was burnt down.
It was the office|of the New Power-magazine.
Three people lived in that house.|They all died.
Tarja worked for the magazine|and lived in that house...
Have the bodies been identified?
Who did it?
It's been investigated as arson.
The Arson department has arrested|two twenty-year-old neo-Nazis.
Can I go?
NEW POWER threatened...
Where's Sundman?|-Should he be here?
He owns this shop.|-No, he doesn't.
It's normal in a market economy|to have changes in ownership.
Can you tell me where to find him?|-Yes, but I won't.
Fucking Maradona!|Who's gonna pay for the damages?
Motherfucker! I'll remember this!
Is Huusko following Raid?|-Yes.
Why?|-Goofy needs the exercise.
What about the woman's clothing?|-Her overcoat was made in Sweden.
They're not sold anywhere else.
Either she bought it on holiday|or she was Swedish.
We're going through the photos|the Security Police took.
Channel One has footage|but they won't release the tapes.
I'll deal with them.
Give the ball back to the field|or you'll get a warning.
Where is the owner of the porn shop?|-Undergoing spiritual counselling.
Where?|-At Lapinlahti...
Where's the blonde with the|chainsaw? -She ran out of gas.
Let's go for a walk.|-No, I'm working.
This is OK.
How long a binge?
A little over a year.
Why?|-I was unlucky in love.
The wrong kind of woman|and the right kind of feelings.
The IRS was hounding me|so I put the firm in her name.
She was a modern blonde|with a D-cup and grade A ass.
I should've known by her name|that it would turn to shit.
Tahiti Kinnunen.
Did you try to get the firm back?|-No, her...
Her boyfriend broke two of my ribs.
What about my caravan and car?
The caravan is at Mehtonen's|garage as collateral for debts.
Booze costs money...
And the broad put the car for sale.
We'll get it back and your firm too.
First the booze.
Sign there.
You're the healthiest man|ever to leave this place...
For the spasms.
He knows me.
I'll wait here.
He has a sawn-off shotgun|in his desk drawer.
The last classic Mercedes|with a V8 engine...
Completely refurbished.|The previous owner was a banker.
Bullshit, but I'll take it.|-I'll only sell it to a gentleman.
Let's talk about payment.|Is the price alright?
You could ask for more.
Can I take that as a confirmation|of the sales act? -Sure.
Your driver's license?
Cash or installments?
The car came from a client|but if you can prove that...
I forgot that there's always two.
Is the tank full?|-Yes.
The fastest deal of my life.
{y:i}Privatisation of state property|{y:i}is proceeding.
{y:i}Universities have received|{y:i}more research funds.
{y:i}We've made some income transfers|{y:i}to public health and employment.
{y:i}Tell me, Mr. Reporter, where else|{y:i}could we have taken the money?
{y:i}Let's put it this way.|{y:i}Which functions of society...
Who's in that taxi?|-A cop with taxi vouchers.
He freed Sundman, beat up three|people and stole a car.
Should I continue surveillance?|{y:i}- Do that.
If I see criminal activity,|what should I do?
{y:i}The usual. Don't interfere -
{y:i}unless children or animals|{y:i}are in danger. -Roger.
Why did you come back to Finland?|Nasty weather, nasty people.
All the old houses have been|torn down, ugly ones built instead.
Good friends stabbed,|bad ones in parliament.
You came here for her.|Love commands and you poor sod obey.
I know where she lives,|in Kaitalahti.
Not anymore. She died in a fire.
Ten days ago.
Was it an accident?|-No.
We need a place to stay.|-Lose the taxi. I know a place -
but they don't like cops.
You can trust Mehtonen. Men|and cars are in good hands here.
It still needs some work.
Where's the world's best Estonian|mechanic? -His wife missed him.
He took the tyre balancing machine|with him -
but I guess he pays|when things work out.
The locomotive is a brilliant|invention. Natural fuel -
and no unnecessary electronics.|Only a nuclear blast destroys it.
I traded it for a broken Lamborghini.
Chinese wet suits are useless.|They don't keep you dry.
Do either of you need|a Russian piano?
Goebbels, stay.
Would you be kind enough to tell me|who this other dude is -
and why the fuck are you here?
The caravan in your backyard...|This is the owner.
You're Raid. Why didn't you shoot?|You got a bad reputation.
But good eyesight. It's not loaded.
It's a pleasure doing business|with a pro.
Don't... that's an old injury!
Where is her father?
In Alppila!|At the Salvation Army's shelter.
Jansson, what's this paper?
I guess I used that to confiscate|some tapes from Channel One.
Why does it have my name on it?
I didn't want to bother you|with small details.
The director of the|Broadcasting company -
and the Minister of the Interior|called. You shit.
What were you thinking?|-Solving a crime.
Some of us were hired to do that.
The police didn't shoot her,|a long-haired man did it.
Not by accident, intentionally.
It was murder,|not an accidental shot.
Now we have to consider|if this is good news.
Phone records of Tarja Piirainen
Continue the investigation. Report|daily. Avoid moronic arbitrary acts.
Is Petterson there?
Don't you miss your home? -There's|just a cat. I'll go over the photos.
Has Goofy found a place yet?|-I doubt it.
He has some arrangement again.|You know what he's like...
Yes, I do.
{y:i}Venla. -Are you busy?
{y:i}All night. Come after five.|{y:i}Don't forget the mozzarella.
I have to go. Bye.|-Bye.
Who was that?|-A regular client.
You smoke too much.|-I won't die of smoking.
What then?|-The ending of life.
Life goes on....
What do hookers dream of?|-Getting rid of sex.
How do you get rid of it?
The same way as with tobacco.
By smoking.
Answer the phone. It's not nice|to keep people waiting.
{y:i}Arska... - Hakkarainen from the|{y:i}Federation of Private Enterprises.
{y:i}Do you have a moment?|-Yeah.
{y:i}Have you A) considered,|{y:i}B) become -
{y:i}or C) never thought of|{y:i}becoming an entrepreneur? -Yes.
{y:i}Are you aware of the|{y:i}start- up money... -Jansson!
Arska, what's the matter?
They didn't check my injuries -
so I didn't talk to them.
About what?|-I'm not talking to you either.
I came to report an offence and|I was arrested for some old thing.
I was assaulted but no one|bothered to check my injuries.
They were just watching|football on TV.
Where... do you hurt?
Try not to scratch it.
I'll tell the desk sergeant|to call a doctor.
You're a good cop.|You have an eye for human suffering.
Would you look at|the other cheek too?
You shouldn't scratch that either.
Raid's woman, Tarja,|didn't die in the fire.
She's alive.
How do you know?|-Some guys are looking for her.
Why would they do that|if she's dead?
{y:i}If you know the person|{y:i}in the picture...
Are you Petterson?
Yeah. What do you want to know?|-There was an arson in Kaitalahti.
One of the victims, Tarja Piirainen,|called you several times. Why?
She wanted information about|count Nardi Dei's speeding ticket.
I wrote that ticket, 50 000 Euros.|But it was revoked.
I remember. It was in the papers.
You guys screwed up. The radar|wasn't properly calibrated.
Bullshit.|It was checked at the depot.
I chased that Ferrari.|He was driving 200 km/h.
Why was the ticket revoked?|-She asked about that too -
but I wasn't permitted to talk|about it. -You are now.
The Ministry ordered it. We were|reprimanded and apologised to him.
It's unusual for them to get|involved with that. -Exactly.
Why was the ticket revoked?
I was never told|but I have a hunch about it.
When foreigners are given tickets|their passports are checked.
He had a phoney passport.|He's not a count.
Did you tell her this?
No, and I don't think|it was wise to tell you.
Take a look at this. A photo|taken by the Security Police.
She's behind the dreadlock guy,|taken 8 minutes before the shooting.
She's talking into a cell phone|but she didn't have one.
No, someone stole it|and everything else too.
It says here that Finnish semen|is Europe's best.
If only I could get an erection...
Third outage this week.|But the bill is always on time...
You took my paper just like that.
You sister called again from|the hospital. She didn't reach you.
Your father won't last much longer.
You should visit him...|-He can't stand me.
He would croak out of shock.
He decided to break with me.
Your father is dying.|-Aren't we all?
Life is a funny thing that happens|on our way to the cemetery.
You have to see him.
I know that.
The police returns|to the crime scene.
I went out to buy milk...
..and got lost.
What did they want?|Was it revenge -
or the expression of an opinion?|-We don't know.
Her body was here.
Next to a man.
What are you looking for, besides|milk? The case is no longer yours.
It's closed and the dead|are waiting for a funeral.
People have dreams|and I'm not an exception.
You want the truth to come out.
The world has to be based on truth.|-Yeah. Then why did you lie?
I didn't lie. I just wasn't sure.
It's possible she's alive.|Those who did this, know about it.
When did you find out?|-Tonight.
Tarja is hiding. I can't find her.
But maybe you can.
There were no witnesses|to the fire -
but there are people in these woods.
The kind that won't rat|to the police.
An ancient race...|-Kindred spirits.
You don't need that knife.
Did you see the fire?
Were you home during the fire?
You're not a cop, are you?|-No.
What did you see?
My situation may seem slightly|desperate to a stranger -
but it is not.|Some people cannot be bought.
My ladyfriend was at the house.|-You better find a new one.
Have you done time?|-Yeah.
What did you learn?|-A wise man minds his own business.
And don't you forget it.
The doorman of a hotel|recognised the woman.
She has a room. Christina Malmberg.|-I could do with some breakfast.
New hotels have electric locks.|They register when doors are opened.
Someone was at her room|an hour after she died.
And the surveillance cameras?|-Tapes are ready and waiting for us.
French tobacco.
Did you see his face?|-No -
but I saw his pants.
He had a belt buckle|that looked like this.
You don't see that often.
{y:i}And the car?|{y:i}Did you see the license plate?
I don't remember...
Did you see her that night?
She lived in the house.|I ain't seen her after the fire.
Someone escaped from the house.
Before the fire trucks came|I heard someone running.
I didn't see anyone but I heard...
Panting like crazy.
The room is empty. There was nothing.|-Jansson.
The woman was Stina Lundström.|Ask Attac of Stockholm.
Call the Attac in Stockholm.|Ask them about a Lundström.
If they know her,|send her picture by fax.
Do you know who the police was|who got to the body first? -Not now.
Goofy, trace that call.
Ok, who was it? -We don't know|but he was no policeman.
Why?|-Must there be a reason?
If he thinks a dumpster is a house|he could be mistaken about things.
Exercise will do you good.|Find out about that buckle.
After I've finished|this fucking porridge...
Where's Caesar?|-Tarja's father?
I haven't seen him in a while.
Arska might know.
Which Arska of them all?|-Arska the Ass.
He lives in the service tunnel|of Suomenlinna.
Kill me then|but don't touch my butt!
I've seen you before...|-Likewise.
Where's Caesar?|-In a hospital.
What are you doing in Finland?|-Which hospital?
I had an accident with my bike|when I was buying groceries.
Have you switched sides?
You fell down in some beer bottles.
Helsinki Central Hospital.|I told them he was in Alppila.
Who?|-They were looking for Tarja.
What did they look like?|-I didn't get a good look.
One of them had girly hair,|one had a scar -
and the third one just watched.
Where's Tarja?
I don't know.|Neither did the Inspector.
What's the time?
Too late. I should retire.
Getting your tonsils fixed?
No, I'm looking for a cure|for a lack of information.
And you?|-My old man is dying.
I came to pay my respects,|as is the custom.
I found a man|who witnessed the fire.
Three men in a cross-country vehicle.|Someone may have survived.
Any distinguishing characteristics?|-He didn't see well.
I also met a man with better|eyesight but a worse behind.
Arska the Ass.
The greatest representative|of human suffering.
He had met you.|Before that he met three men.
They were looking for Tarja.|One had girly hair.
Did he say girly hair?
Did she know a Stina Lundström?|-Not to my knowledge.
She never mentioned that name.
Listen to this.
''Inspector Saarinen considers|the arson case closed.''
Some believe in miracles or|hard currency. Not my thing.
What is?
Migratory birds.|They always find their way.
You came to deliver the final|treatment? -You know why I'm here.
{y:i}Economic News|{y:i}and World of Technology.
Tarja is dead.
She's alive and you know it.|Where is she?
That's none of your business.
Yes, it is. Shall we talk or shoot?
OK, she was here.|She arranged this room for me.
A free man cannot die|without seeing the sky.
How you been?
Like dying people usually are...
Some days... some days ago,|it was some evening.
Where did she go?|-Why the fuck are you asking me!?
She went to the sea.|She didn't tell me where.
The men who burnt the house|won't give up.
Do you want them to find her|before me?
She told me not to tell.
What was she afraid of?|-She was writing a story.
She found out something|that's best kept secret.
What was it about?|-She didn't finish it.
Someone was afraid|and killed three people.
The material was destroyed|in the fire.
Kallboda. A remote-looking place.
Did she leave by herself?
Did Helena come by?|-Your sister visits every day.
She brought the same magazines|and fruit.
Another power outage.
Did the medicine help?|-The third outage this week.
Fucking morons can't get the|fifth nuclear power plant built -
even though we're out|of electricity.
{y:i}...received CRC's statement about|{y:i}the buyers of the Energy Company .
{y:i}The best candidate is still|{y:i}the GIB lnvestment Corp.
{y:i}They will own four nuclear power|{y:i}plants, 27 hydropower plants -
{y:i}and 70 % of the electrical network.
{y:i}How does GIB plan to take care|{y:i}of electricity in remote areas?
{y:i}Will they raise prices?
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