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Raid 2003 CD2

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When I worked at|the Energy Company -
politruks opposed privatisation.
The state-owner has to act|like a professional investor.
What is your opinion -
of CRC's manager, Nardi Dei?
I don't trust anyone|who flaunts his women in public.
Jansson.|{y:i}- It's Sanna.
{y:i}They don't know a Lundström or|{y:i}Malmberg at the Attac association.
{y:i}No one by that name|{y:i}is even missing.
Really? Did Goofy trace that call?
{y:i}Not yet. He'll be here shortly.|{y:i}I'm at the coroner's office.
{y:i}You better get over here.
Hi... I felt like drinking...
Do you still have the boat|or did you drink that too?
It's at the pier.|Mehtonen has the keys.
Are we going sailing?|-I am. I could've used you.
Maybe I better get going...
No cremation. The coffin|must have a plain wood surface.
None of those|fancy ornaments -
and no female priests.
Don't invite any family|from my brother's side.
Let's do it among ourselves.
It's a deal.
Which one of us was right|about the commies?
You were.
Too bad that we never went fishing.
Yeah, too bad.
Oh, fuck.|I'm all out of luck.
Do you have a silencer?|-No.
But try this.|It's a German Weichrauch.
Five and a half mm air rifle|with a laser scope.
The muzzle velocity|is 400 metres per second.
Designed for military use.|Not available in Finland.
An air rifle?
*|{y:i}Holy shit!
What the fuck?
I'll take it.
I'm in charge of the investigation.|What happened to the body?
Well, she was cremated.
On whose orders?
There was some mix-up|with the paperwork...
On whose orders was there a mix-up?|-Excuse me...
Sometimes babies are mixed up.
Here?|-No, at the maternity ward.
Is stupidity an excuse for you|not to think?
Where was the call made? -There's|one base station before the open sea.
Either from a boat or a lighthouse|island called Kallboda.
{y:i}West of Harmaja.
{y:i}We used to be a family|{y:i}when Talja was a child.
{y:i}I was a lighthouse keeper|{y:i}during summers.
{y:i}I have forgotten the exact location|{y:i}but not the summers.
Who's on an island?
I didn't know you speak French.|-I studied it at university.
Sometimes studies|can be harmful for you...
Put your pants on.|My next client is coming.
Interesting buckle.|Another client of mine had one too.
He was French and said that|he was in the Foreign Legion.
Were you in it, too?
What does this snake symbolise?
Jansson.|-They're trying to kill me.
{y:i}You told them my location...|-We didn't.
Help is on the way. We're only...
An hour.|-An hour away.
You won't make it in time.|Stop the deal.
What deal?
Fucking cellphone...
{y:i}Don't call me while I'm working.
{y:i}What man?
You could've written.
Sometimes it's better to come|in person. -Yeah...
The Ponytail...
I wonder what he could tell us|if he could talk.
There's two more upstairs.|Neither one has an ID.
One had a receipt in his pocket.
He bought a pair of pants from|a department store in Stockholm.
Did you search the lighthouse?|-They left in a hurry.
We have no description of the boat|to give to the Coast Guard.
They'll stop all the likely ones.|-They may head for Tallinn.
l doubt it. A storm is coming.
Who were they?
Professional criminals. They've|left their prints all over Europe.
According to Interpol,|two are from Marseille -
and the third one has|a criminal record here.
They all have outstanding warrants.
They were in Stockholm 3 weeks ago.|They beat up a reporter badly.
What about the boat?|-Rented using false documents.
Seven bodies. Someone's|doing business with an iron fist.
Remember what Tarja said?
''Stop the deal.'' What deal?
The National Energy Company deal.|-Where did you come up with that?
Why does Nardi Dei|have a false identity?
Tarja was trying to find information|about that clown.
His consulting firm|gave a statement -
about the buyers|which cost millions.
They recommended the Swiss GIB|Corp. owned by Mark Hollander.
All the energy problems|could be solved with wind power.
It depends on the size|of the propeller.
What do we know about Hollander?
It was a stupid idea at first.|To do a story about fame.
Naomi is a former beauty queen,|talk show host and singer.
For the past few years she's done|video art, mostly for herself.
She donated a piece to me|called 'Men Shaking Hands'.
The picture quality was bad -
but there were people who weren't|supposed to know each other.
Nardi Dei, two Finnish ministers|and Mark Hollander.
They were preparing the deal.
The original tape|was shot over a year ago.
The bidding competition|is a hoax.
I contacted the ministry and asked|if they would like to comment.
They refused. The house|got burnt down the next night.
{y:i}I was upstairs when it happened.|{y:i}I got onto the roof.
{y:i}Fear of dying gave me wings.
My apartment, my work and friends.|All burnt down.
And the tape.|We don't have a case without it.
But we'll figure something out.|We won't leave it at that.
Why did you write to me?|Did you want help in your revenge?
Wrote to you? The last time|I did that was over a year ago.
You never replied.
{y:i}Jansson. Why does that plump|{y:i}cop interfere with my life?
He's the greatest salesman|since Moses.
A friend of Saddam Hussein|and he sold guns to the Taleban.
He bought oil from Iraq|a month after the Gulf War.
According to the papers,|he donated 60 million to Israel.
Why does a friend of Israel|trade with its enemies?
Hollander has a philosophy,|business isn't political.
Why does he live in a ship?|-He doesn't have a passport.
Why would a billionaire want|to buy an energy company here?
Not out of the goodness|of his heart.
He bought the Vattenfall|energy company.
GIB handles the Vatican's finances.|He's a really shady character -
but he does business|with real money.
Are you sure I told you everything?
I doubt it. Maybe next time.|-Maybe...
We can't get out of here|but no one will find us here.
What did you do for two years?|-Killed... time.
The distances were long|and the winters short.
Were you with anyone?|-Only Horseman. And you?
Yes. Hannu died at the fire.
Was it serious?|-Yes.
Why did you come back?
I waited for you for a year. Why|didn't you come when I needed you?
I was afraid of what might happen.
Do you still love me?
Sorry. I can't do this.
Not now when my friends have died|and my life is in constant danger.
Life is nothing but survival.
It's Huusko from Violent Crimes.
There's a code 37|at Mannerheimintie 42.
Don't use the siren. I'll meet you.
No external signs of violence.
It's either suicide|or an accidental overdose.
It's not unheard of|in her line of work.
Yeah. Who would miss a hooker...
Did you know she was using?|-No, she didn't use drugs.
Was she the one you went to|in the spring? -No.
There were seven others before her.
If you were a game of solitaire,|you'd be easy to beat.
Any word from Raid?
No, there's a storm at sea.|It won't end until tomorrow.
Do you know anyone|who might recognise this?
There's this militarist who has|a second-hand book shop in Kallio.
I'm going to see my cat.
Have you heard from Goofy?|-No.
He's somewhere licking his wounds.
Sanna, the Security Police handles|all dubious-looking passports.
They know about Nardi Dei.|Why aren't they doing anything?
Maybe they have orders.
The count's real name is|Antonio Ancotti, from Sicily.
His father is a sheep farmer|and his mother a hooker.
The son is wanted by the Interpol.
A high-ranking official requested|us to bury the whole matter.
Someone from|the Ministry of the lnterior?
The Ministry of Trade and lndustry.|Minister Hinkkanen himself.
Hinkkanen... Did he give|any reason for his request?
''The energy company deal|is at a delicate phase.''
He used his best argument.|The common good.
What is the fake count wanted for?|-It's nothing serious.
Fraud worth tens of millions.
Now you can go with your mind|at rest. -l doubt it.
{y:i}Venla.|{y:i}- Are you busy?
{y:i}All night. Come after five.|{y:i}Don't forget the mozzarella.
{y:i}Tittonen, rubber clothes,|{y:i}pays extra.
{y:i}Periods, periods, periods, periods.
{y:i}Jarmo, 12 p.m - 1 p.m.|{y:i}Remember stay- up stockings.
{y:i}A friend of Tittonen, all night.|{y:i}Call Goofy.
Was it checked if Lundström had|a safety deposit box at the hotel?
No, it wasn't. The hotel called|and asked about the victim's family.
They want to hand over the contents.
Are you bozos interested to see them|or do I have to take care of it too?
{y:i}Tittonen,|{y:i}Ministry of Trade and Industry.
Closing time. Come back tomorrow.
Are you interested in a Lahti-pistol|in its original leather casing?
What do you want for it?|-Information.
{y:i}Ja, ja, naturlich...
Get us plane tickets to Stockholm.|Tell Hakala the box was empty.
This is too complicated|for the commissioner.
It's an insignia of the|Foreign Legion Special Forces.
Which branch?|-Killing. Sehr gut.
Do you know any Finns who might|have served in the same branch?
Of course, of course|but I don't think he's in Finland.
He went to Africa|to become a mercenary.
He does odd jobs now.
The name?|-I don't know... Ich weiss nicht.
In the Legion he was called 'Peste'.|It means plague.
It was left on purpose.
Stockholm, Tallinn or Helsinki?|-Helsinki.
No more hiding.|We have to stop that deal.
Why? Let them do their business|and they might leave you alone.
No. The EU antitrust legislation|can still overturn the deal -
if we can prove|my information is right.
What do we do? Kill everybody|and live happily ever after?
Sounds like a plan.|-You've changed.
So have you.|Maybe we've changed too much.
Will you help me?|-In killing or finding happiness?
You don't even speak Swedish.|-You do.
We don't have an official status|in Sweden.
Neither does their Security Police|in Finland. They still stole a body.
Are you Tittonen?
Chief Secretary Tittonen. -You|visited a certain woman many times.
That information is incorrect,|I think.
''Tittonen, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.|Rubber clothes, pays extra.''
Do you think you can blackmail me?
For a guy using rubber clothes|you're not very flexible.
She was murdered.|Do you want to know who we suspect?
Who's the asshole|who smokes French cigarettes?
Have you thought about the|officer academy, sergeant?
It could be your turn.
She met with the killer|because of you. Who is he?
I cannot discuss matters of state|with a junior official. -You must.
..I'm angry.
He's feeling better.|There's some booze left.
''The Snakebuckle is known|as the Legionnaire.''
''He lives in Espoo.|If I'm not here, I'm there.''
He took a gun.|-Here's the address.
Did you kill him?
Should I have?|Someone had already beaten him up.
{y:i}Is that all you can do?
{y:i}Go ahead, motherfucker.|{y:i}I'm gonna kill you.
{y:i}Hit me harder , skinny.
You want to kill me because of her.
Well, you have a good reason.
There's a gun. Do your best.
How many?|-Three. One is at the house.
A familiar gun. Where's the owner?
I ain't dead.
I'm just disappointed.|I'm totally useless.
Who do you work for?|-That's a trade secret.
Save your bullets.|I know who he works for.
That fake count rented this place|but the owner's name is Hollander.
I saw this man that night.
Why did you kill my friends?|-It was pure business.
You had to be scared off.|Killing is the best way.
What are they up to with the deal?|-I thought you knew...
Want to try with a loaded gun?
The purchase price|has been budgeted already.
If we don't make a decision|we will have a 20 billion deficit.
I don't see any alternatives.
Let's vote. All in favour|of Minister Hinkkanen's proposal?
The vote is unanimous.|The sale will be speeded up.
Do you have a light, colleague?
I loaded only one bullet.
You belong to the wrong crowd.|Sorry.
{y:i}Do you have it?
{y:i}A pressure sensor of a '72 Mercedes.
{y:i}The only undamaged one|{y:i}in Scandinavia. Thanks.
{y:i}Lundström was|{y:i}a Security Police investigator.
{y:i}She infiltrated Attac and had|{y:i}information which led to Finland.
{y:i}What information?|{y:i}- Don't interrupt!
{y:i}Lundström was looking for|{y:i}Hollander's true financiers -
{y:i}but she joined the heavenly choir|{y:i}before she finished her report.
{y:i}Her body was brought to Sweden.|{y:i}They didn't want an incident.
What is he saying?|{y:i}- Talk to Gunde.
{y:i}If Lundström's case is kept secret,|{y:i}he'll be grateful.
{y:i}Are you Gunde?|{y:i}- Sometimes, sometimes not.
{y:i}An international incident wouldn't|{y:i}be in anyone's best interests.
{y:i}We made a terrible mistake.|{y:i}I apologise.
{y:i}Lundström's ID and passport.
{y:i}Instead of Attac|{y:i}it would've been wiser -
{y:i}to infiltrate the Finnish|{y:i}and Swedish governments.
{y:i}Vattenfall deal was|{y:i}small- scale money- laundering.
{y:i}But the Finnish National Energy|{y:i}Company deal -
{y:i}is a large- scale|{y:i}money- laundering scheme.
Black money from Moscow,|St. Petersburg, Azerbaidzhan -
Colombia, Luxembourg.
Twenty billion.
They're blind if they don't know it.|-Not necessarily.
Sometimes morals must be swept|aside for the good of the nation.
Are you saying|they have nothing to gain?
Considering the result, isn't it|irrelevant which one's the cause -
greed or stupidity?
{y:i}...the parliamentary groups were|{y:i}surprised the deal was speeded up.
We have twenty four hours.|-Let's talk to Jansson.
He'll arrest us.|There are bodies in our wake.
Jansson knows the score.|We can make a deal with him.
Why did you write the letter?|-I wanted to see you together.
Why the arson?
We had a video that proved all|the parties met before bidding.
Where is it?|-ln the ruins.
Who is Hollander?|-A dummy.
The greatest dummy of all time.|He launders money.
Eats shit and defecates gold.|-Who? Me?
There's no evidence.|We can't open black accounts.
Any intelligent plans?|-I doubt it.
Let's try something else...
When the privatisation of state-owned|companies was being implemented -
the cabinet agreed that jobs,|security and environmental issues -
would not be jeopardised.|They are in the terms of sale.
The National Energy Company|is to be sold to GIB Corp.
The decision is unanimous.|Any questions?
If the company is run poorly -
why not change the management|instead of selling it?
People demand more money|for health care and education.
Where do we get that money from?|Do you want higher taxes?
We have a petition of 400,000 names|opposing privatisation.
Don't you care about public opinion?
The Helsinki Attac association has|evidence that the deal is a hoax.
The seller and buyers met a year|before the bidding competition.
Documents prove that the buyer|does large-scale money laundering...
His companies are...
They laughed at me.|-I told you it might happen.
Yes, you did.|Why don't you say you're sorry?
You should know it without saying.
I'm sorry.
I do know it.
What the hell is this?
Some have bladder problems,|I have judgment problems.
{y:i}Businessman Hollander's ship has|{y:i}lowered its anchor south of Willing.
{y:i}The exact location isn't...
Was it bad?|-Fucking leg.
How many more?|-Only one but it's deep.
We should blow up that ship.|-We need more firepower.
Is twelve inches enough?|The ship is south of Kalö.
The Kuusisaari artillery fortress|is located north of it.
It has a 305 mm double cannon turret|built in the 1930s.
I was in the coastal artillery.|I got to know the place.
You can't fire that cannon.|-Fuck, you can.
It's a museum.|-Hell, I am...
..or I were the vice chairman|of the Kuusisaari artillery guild.
Is it possible?
If the ship is close enough|but we need the exact location.
Shots and screams of pain|were heard...
The garage manager|has a migraine.
You stay here.
l've never seen a migraine|in a leg before. -It spread.
Who fired here?
Who do you think?
Someone should sink that bucket.
Indeed. But the location|is known only by authorities.
Let's go. It was nothing.
Mine grenades.|They were left by some soldiers.
The second grenade|is behind the armoured door.
In case the first one is a dud.
Sundman!|{y:i}- You'll be safer there.
What is he yelling?|-The lock may break when fired.
He wants to be the last big hero.
Why didn't I go on with|my carefree drunkard's life...
If you hadn't pushed this,|we wouldn't have done it, Hinkkanen.
I just wanted my children to live|in a country without debt.
Do you think my know-how would be|useful at the Bank of Finland?
A cigarette?|-I think I'm going to quit.
When did it happen?
I'll tell them. Thank you.
My father has died.
You have brown eyes.
Didn't you notice before?
And big lips. Do you spend|a lot of money on lipstick?
Do you love me?
This isn't going to work.|-Why not?
I don't remember what's it like.
I'll tell you.
Naomi Jaatinen,|Men Shaking Hands.
The morning news said Hollander's|ship hit a wartime sea mine.
The cabinet is looking for a buyer.|-Leaders' stupidity never ceases.
How are you feeling?
I'm in a really shitty mood.
Shall we go for coffee?|-If you pay for the donuts.
A crime reporter is calling asking|why the count was released.
Comedians don't belong in jail.
Why doesn't this foam?|-It's haemorrhoid cream.
Are you going on a long trip?|-I bought a full tank.
What's this?|-Your firm.
I asked nicely and they signed it.
How nicely did you ask?|-Very.
Where are you going?
What about Tarja?|-She'll manage. I won't.
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