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Raid On Rommel 1971

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Captain, I've come from Tobruk. I've a message from General Lederer.
And these cigars with compliments.
Major, I have orders. Your men are to leave for Tobruk.
Tobruk? Why, that's crazy! - Those are my orders.
That's an active war zone! Prisoners of war are to be sent to a safe area.
Tobruk is now ours. I assure you it is safe.
The Geneva Convention has explicit rules...
We also have those rules. Your side was notified about this movement.
Heil Hitler!
You will do that too. So prepare!
We leave immediately. - And what if we refuse to go?
We will leave you here.
Then you will see there are worse things than dysentery.
Merrihew! - Sir?
Pack it. - Yes, sir.
Captain, the girl. She is crazy. She is speaking of an aeroplane.
I will see to her.
Italian whores don't impress me!
Speak English, you Kraut!
What is the problem, Signorina? - Why am I not leaving to Tobruk?
Special air transport calls for special authority. - I got!
Courtesy shown the bearer will greatly oblige General Banducci.
Yes, I know of your position with the General. - Position?
You are very attached to his staff.
He's molto grande, il Generale! You only piccolo Captain.
Italians are stylish warriors. I wish they'd keep their women on a leash.
Any other jokes?
Yes. You will travel like the rest of us.
How is that? - In a truck. Continue packing.
Amsterdam. The Hollanders. They make good cigars, no?
Very nice. - Cured dry as the Sahara. Rommel himself smokes these.
You know Rommel? - Yes. He loves the Sahara. We all do.
By "we", I mean the professional military.
I'm not a military man, Captain. War holds no romance for me.
The side effects are repulsive. - Here there are no side effects.
No women, no children, no towns to get in the way.
Just men, my Doctor.
Just men? - Yes...
Get out of the vehicle! Give orders to leave the vehicles!
Yes, sir!
Follow the vehicle cautiously.
He's alive, Captain.
Dead or alive? - Dead. They stink already.
Search the dead and the cabin. Bring me all the papers!
The man is suffering from exposure and dehydration. He needs treatment.
Give it to him. We camp here for tonight.
Use the trucks to make a camp. Pitch the tents.
We will stay till 4 a.m.
Corporal, your pulse and respiration are quite normal.
You're shamming. Why?
I'm Foster. Your lD tag reads Weatherly, J.D.
That's my cover. I'm Foster. Captain, 53rd Combat Engineers.
You don't know? - What? - 8th Army lntelligence.
I've never had contact with lntelligence, 8th Army or otherwise.
You are Major Farrow, aren't you? - I'm Tarkington, Hugh. Medical Corps.
Where the hell is Farrow? - Who?
Those prisoners in the convoy are the 5th Commandos, aren't they?
No, that's my outfit, the 15th field hospital unit.
God damn it to Hell!
The moment he is conscious bring him to me for questioning.
It may be a little while, Captain. I'm afraid he's in shock. - Yes...
We continue now with a report from CBS London and Edward R. Murrow.
This is London.
The loss of Tobruk will make supplying Malta even more difficult.
And the battle for Egypt may even now be underway.
At the moment, all that can be said
is that Parliament and the press are looking for someone to blame.
There's no question about the conduct of British troops.
Their bravery deserved victory but they were defeated.
But Rommel is fond of the unorthodox and speculation is futile.
Rommel is being reinforced through Tobruk.
Tell me! Are you a member of the 5th Commandos?
Get him out of here.
Quite a performance.
What in the name of God is that?
Don't worry, she's real. Belongs to an ltalian general.
Any more? - No, she's the only one. Signorina Vivian something or other.
English pigs!
She's the only passenger... - What happened to the 5th Commandos?
That's an interesting question.
To ask it makes this the bloody muck-up of all time. - Who are you?
Sergeant MacKenzie, 5th Commandos. - 5th Commandos? Any others here?
Well, we're it. Ed Brown, Bill Wembley,
Dan Garth and Reilly.
We were left behind when our unit was moved. Acute dysentery.
Except me. I got a bad tattoo from Alexandria. - And the others?
Shipped to a prison camp in Tunisia. - Oh, Jesus Christ.
I don't see why that's a surprise. - Did he brief you? Major Farrow?
Only what he had to. He told us we were going to Tobruk as prisoners.
On the way, we'd scuttle the German guard and take over.
Your credentials say you're an expert on the harbour guns at Tobruk.
If it's any comfort, we had 50 men trained to blow them to Hell.
You said he only told you what he had to.
Any idiot private could spell it out, sir.
Rommel is building up supplies in Tobruk for his next attack.
He controls the air. The only way to clobber Tobruk is from the sea.
To clear the way for Navy those guns have to be knocked out.
That's it, isn't it? - That's it.
I don't think it concerns us. - It does. How many men do you have?
Whatever nonsense you have in mind you're not involving my men.
At 1700 hours tomorrow, one of our planes will attack the convoy.
The purpose was to create confusion so the 5th Commandos could take over.
A deliberate air attack? - Nevertheless, the pilot will strike.
To scrub this mission
I need a radio. The only way I can do that is by taking over the convoy.
And then?
Then we drive back to British lines. A long way through enemy territory.
But with wheels and guns and fuel and a little luck...
Who knows? One further question: Where is the medical kit kept?
I know the truck it's on. But why, sir?
We need weapons in order to acquire better weapons.
I'll see to it, sir. - Good, good.
I accept that you are dedicated, Captain. You will do what you must.
But without me or any of my men that don't want to be involved.
Sir, I'm a Quaker. I'm in the Medical Corps as a conscientious objector.
I cannot help you in a mission where I would have to kill someone.
The next morning, the Hitler Youth marched at the Berlin Stadium.
In spite of rain and fog, 132,000 came to greet their Fuehrer.
Everything you are, you are through me.
And everything that I am, I am through you.
And because the German nation's
master race in its pride and confidence,
bravely and daringly demands leadership,
the people
in ever - growing numbers pledge allegiance to our leadership.
Sieg Heil!
Isn't that a Luger? - No, it's a Walther. Automatic.
Beautiful. Really something, eh lads?
What are you doing in the box?
What are you doing back there?
My arm hurts bad. Very badly. I need medicine.
OK, take the medicine.
The people of Germany rejoice in the knowledge
that the eternal need to flee
has been replaced by an eternal sense of belonging!
Any of you chaps got the right time? I make it nearly 5 o'clock.
1700 hours?
How about a tea break, for instance? - Or a beer break? - Is that a Rolex?
Yes. English. Rolex. - Rolex?
Rolex is not English. It's a Swiss watch. - Yes.
How much? - Maybe I'll make a deal with you if you play your cards right.
It's a Swiss watch. - That's right. - How much do you want for it?
How much?
1700 hours.
Spread out!
Stay there!
Foster, you goddamn boy scout!
My God, help!
Too bad about the radio, sir. - Yes.
Make up a burial detail and post a guard over the prisoners.
Do you know of the Geneva Convention concerning treatment of prisoners?
There's more to the Africa Corps than uniform, much more.
You all will be shot as spies!
I wish I could shoot you myself!
You won't be buried, Superman. We'll leave you for the vultures.
The burned- out truck is hopeless. The others are ready to roll.
Feed the men. - The Germans too, sir? - Yes.
I haven't found any papers, sir. - I've got them. - Are they in order?
Official passage for British prisoners with Africa Corps escort to Tobruk.
MacKenzie... - Sir?
We're a long way from our lines. Let's get going. Now.
There's been a change of plan. - Change of plan?
The radio has been blown to bits so we stick to our original operation.
The next step is an airdrop of weapons and explosive devices.
Do you propose to raid Tobruk with a hospital unit and 4 sick commandos?
No, I'm going to blow up their guns.
The device involved could be carried in your medical kit.
But the delivery requires men. The truth is it's a suicide mission!
No. The Navy picks us up. I've no more desire to die than you.
What about them?
They remain here. - Alive.
Here comes our supply drop!
Look sharp, lads! On the double!
Cut those supplies loose and bury the chutes. Hurry it up!
Here's some more, fellows! Get moving! Get over here!
Get a move on now, we haven't got all blooming night!
Get them in, cowboys!
I give you my word, alright?
What about the girl? - She stays with us.
She's an integral part of the convoy. On the official bill of lading.
She's yours, Doctor. All yours. - Mine?
I don't care if you cut out her tongue. She's your responsibility.
But the prisoners live. - Alright. Deal.
Right lads. Over the side.
You grip the rope with the right hand and pay it out with the left.
Hold it tight but let it out slowly.
Easy does it. Pay attention, your life depends on it.
You're not rolling pills now. We'll teach you how to be Commandos.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine...
Listen carefully. This weapon can hurt you as much as the enemy.
This cylinder contains Napalm, the other contains compressed air.
You release it by pulling this valve. The air comes up here.
You pull the trigger. And here is a thing called an "increment."
This thing spins around and operates like a cigarette lighter.
Don't get forward! Never get in front of the machine!
Hold it up away from you. Put your finger on the trigger. And press!
I'd hate to lead them into a real brannigan at this point.
But they're better than I expected and, well, we'll play it by ear.
Silence. Quiet.
Quiet. Silence. You know silence? - Silence.
What about that girl? - She's going to be difficult.
She's unpredictable, sir. - He's right.
We'll run into Nazis in 100 miles. If she blows the whistle, we've had it.
There must be something we can do.
Pity you're not helpful. - Pardon? - Eating out of your hand in no time.
Doc, you're supposed to know about women. - Not this kind.
I can picture your patients in Harley Street very clearly.
An emotional appeal doesn't work. I dare say she has a price. - No doubt.
I gave in on the prisoners. I hope we don't have to pay for that.
As far as the girl goes... - Let me try again.
There's very little time. - There's no time, Captain.
For God's sake... Hold it!
Alright, get out!
Two full Panzer divisions. What the devil are they doing here?
Never mind. My men are ready. Let's attack!
Fork to the left, the sea and Derna. Our Tobruk road lies straight ahead.
Suspicious, our standing here, sir. - Yeah.
Your other German-speaking man? - Garth. - He rides in the rear.
You come along with me.
Shall I take care of her, sir? - No, she's in the clearance papers.
You said she's my responsibility. Well, I've got something.
Too late for that. - I'm a doctor. She'll be taken care of.
What's the problem?
The ltalian lady. Where is she? - She's there.
She belongs to one of Mussolini's generals. Understand?
We'll take the road to the sea. - No, that area is off-limits.
You'll continue on to Tobruk. - We'll camp here. - That's allowed.
Park there.
Park there!
When I suggested we attack the Jerrys I was venturing a little joke.
Two Panzer divisions... I don't understand that.
Maybe Rommel's waiting for the right time. - Rommel waits for nothing.
They might have come from Derna. No, that's the 11th and 21st Division.
Reps camp! Parts. Repair shop. - They could do that in the field.
Rommel must have a fuel dump nearby.
Heavily camouflaged. - Underground? - Where?
A Panzer division without fuel is scrap. If we could immobilise two...
But it's all... You've got no radio. No way of communicating...
Communicating? How you do go on, Doctor.
If I locate the bastards I'll blow them sky high.
Maximum security installation. How do we get in?
If you get past the road block you can ask Rommel.
Ipecac! That would get us through. We'd give it to some of the boys...
You've gone crazy. - The Germans will go crazy when they think it's typhus.
You can't fake typhus! - We can fake it enough to get us through.
I'll get a couple of the lads.
How's our little darlin', then, eh?
You're a devil, Merrihew!
When the war's over, you ought to go into white slavery. With me.
How do you feel? - Christ, bleedin' awful!
I'll take these prisoners to Tobruk. The Doctor says it's contagious.
They must go to hospital.
We have two prisoners with typhus. They are very ill.
Yes. He wants to talk to the Doctor. - He doesn't speak German.
The English Doctor says it's contagious
and we must go to the hospital.
Hauptmann Schroeder, ask the doctor to make a smear test.
Test it.
How is the pain? - Better, General.
Feeling better? - Yes, thank you.
This is the captured English doctor with his sick men.
May I translate for you?
Not necessary. Good of you to help. Do you really believe it's typhus?
We're making tests, but let's hope it's something less serious.
You are being well-treated? - Very well.
Despite the circumstances, I'm particularly pleased to meet you.
You and I share a common hobby. - Which is? - Philately.
You are a stamp collector? - My South Pacific collection is almost complete.
I wasn't aware I was known as a philatelist.
I mentioned it to the Hauptmann as an irony of war.
I made a joke about it. How the collector was collected by you.
President Roosevelt is a famous collector.
I'm sure he would like to collect me.
If time permits, perhaps we could talk.
I don't often meet a stamp expert. - We'd be honoured, but the Doctor...
A few hours won't make a difference and it will be my pleasure.
I will send my car for you, OK?
What are you doing? I only wanted to look. - Don't flap. - I'm not!
You are! You wanted to find a petrol dump and you've got it.
What if they find out it's not typhus? - We shall all be vastly relieved.
Now, while Erwin and I talk stamps you start looking and listening.
He won't tell you where the bloody fuel dump is! - Brace up, Captain!
But that's Rommel! - Just another stamp enthusiast.
He probably writes letters to The Times.
Relax, it's a tank. KW 3.
Shut up!
Come here. - I can't!
Do anything. Shut her up. She'll have the bleeding Jerrys over!
I give you all of my money. - I know how you feel,
God and sin and all that. But you're doing this for His Majesty.
I have the complete 1893 issue of Tahitian stamps. Do you know them?
Yes, Göring once showed me a collection of Tahitian stamps.
Where he got them, I have no idea. Although I can imagine...
The set must be extremely valuable. - Yes, quite.
In my own collection I have some stamps from the South Pacific.
The Caroline lslands, which was a German possession until World War l.
There were only two original issues during our occupation.
If I'm not mistaken, sir, you're wrong about that. - No...
I'm sorry, but you are. - The 1900 and 1910.
There was the 1915 issue, but it wasn't distributed because of the war.
The 1910 five Pfennig brown was... - Excuse me, General...
What is it? - Excuse me,
may I use your communications centre to tell Tobruk we're delayed? - Yes.
That tent over there.
Tell them I approve.
You don't agree, eh? - I most certainly do not.
I'm not sure I like you, Doctor. - Nor I you, sir.
I don't know if there is any point in continuing this discussion.
Send this to the medical corps in Tobruk. - Yes, sir.
The Caroline lslands were German so I ought to know more about them.
Ought to, yes. But the simple fact is, you don't.
I've not heard one word from you about the 1900 three Pfennig brown.
That one? - Yes, that one!
It's taken care of, Captain.
Button up!
The five Pfennig stocks that was destroyed in the big storm.
The Typhoon Provisional! - Yeah, the Typhoon Provisional!
Excuse me, we must return to our unit immediately.
The Doctor is needed to look after British prisoners in Tobruk.
Rudolf! Bring the gentlemen back to their convoy.
You cannot imagine what a pleasure this has been.
Perhaps another time we meet again. - I hope we do, sir. Who knows...
Three Pfennig...
MacKenzie, pack it up, move it!
We turn hard left at the next road.
Take the rest of the convoy and meet at the nearest wadi.
If we're not back in an hour, you're on your own.
What about the men we sent back?
They're alright, sir. You were gone so long, I almost began puking.
And the girl, is she still under sedation?
Oh, yes, sir. She's under that right now, sir.
Good man, Merrihew.
I request to speak with Rommel. - Do you have identification. - No.
No identification? Do you know this man? - No, I've never seen him.
The English commandeered my convoy and have papers to get to Tobruk.
What do you think? - Let him wait here.
Yes. Wait here until Rommel comes.
Any of you boys got a map? - Here, sir.
If I get on top of the tank, follow me.
Halt, who's that? - British prisoners. Where is the main road to Derna?
Derna is over there. - Could you show me?
Alright, come up here.
Someone could shoot at you, running around here!
Corporal! Where are the Englishmen? - They camped there.
Where are they now? - They left for Tobruk.
Have you heard anything? Messages, any news?
Nothing. A man drove up, they got in and left for Tobruk.
Back to camp, to Rommel!
This looks like a good place. Turn left and over the gate.
Yes, sir!
There's an 88 on the left, sir. - I see it. Ready, Mac?
Ready, sir!
Ready, Mac? - Ready, sir!
To the right, a pump station. - Yes, sir.
One of ours.
Our own men!
Reilly, get us out of here! - Yes, sir!
You alright? - Yes, sir.
The thing is stuck!
Oh, fireworks! Molto bello...
Two Panzer divisions without fuel. It's enough to drive you mad!
You stupid idiot! That was their assignment, not Tobruk!
I should have you shot. But they tricked me too.
This British captain is dangerous. He must be caught. Block all roads.
I'll fly to Tobruk and you come with me
to deal with this from that side. You know the convoy and the men.
If they get away again this time, I'll kill you myself! Is that clear?
As I recall it, your plan was merely to escape.
If it happens, would you want it any other way? - I suppose not.
Do you seriously propose to carry out this escapade? Those guns...
At 2100 hours the ships are in Tobruk. I can only hope we're not too late.
What's lacking is a sandstorm to cover our tracks.
Reilly, turn onto those tank tracks.
When we reach Tobruk according to plan at 2100 hours,
the 5th Commando unit will have knocked out the shore guns.
We will move in close and open fire on the area.
Landing craft pick up the commandos. - What if they fail, sir?
We do our part. I hope they'll do theirs.
Field police!
You can't use those again, Alex. Chew them up or something...
Reilly, keep up with them.
If you can't fight them, join them.
Yes sir, Captain Schröder.
Captain Schröder.
With a military police escort? No, they wouldn't be escorted. No.
Give me the Field Police.
Give me the Field Police again, alright?
Now we're in, which way do we go?
Captain Foster was quartered here until Rommel broke his lease.
Merrihew, get her out.
German pigs, English pigs! I hate them all!
How is she? - I think she'll be alright.
Does she know where we're going? - She hasn't the foggiest idea. - OK.
That's it, gentlemen. British Navy's target for tonight. If....
If we succeed.
No more news from the field police? - No.
Did you secure the harbour at Tobruk? In every way possible? - Yes.
The entire fuel depot here? - Yes.
Most important, the munitions depot? - It's fully secure! - Good.
Field Marshal, a message from headquarters.
The English fleet is headed for Tobruk.
The Royal Navy can't have suddenly gone mad!
They know perfectly well that our shore artillery will...
The shore artillery!
Give me the field police.
Who's guarding the shore artillery? The ltalians? - Yes, sir.
Hello? This is Field Marshal Rommel. We expect an attack within hours.
Hello, can you hear me...?
We've been disconnected. Get me the 3rd Panzer Brigade on the radio.
An enemy tank patrol is in this area. It must be stopped.
Yes, sir. - And I will hold you responsible for it.
Yes, Field Marshal!
Their telephone lines are cut.
Are the volunteers ready? - Absolutely. God help them.
Major? - Yes? - About the girl, sir, my conduct...
Dear boy, overnight you've become a legend among men. Don't spoil it.
I don't want to... - Turn off that remarkable conscience!
Remember, virtue has its own reward!
We've got to knock out the pillboxes to get at the guns.
See you on the beach, later.
Navy's on time. Our only hope...
Alright, Mac. Now! - Now!
Rope me!
They're still outranging us, sir.
Sir... - Maintain our present course.
Sir, look!
Get to the trucks! We gotta act fast! You take them mortars.
All the men this way! Right now!
Sir, lookout reports heavy fighting on the hill above the guns.
Launch landing craft. - Yes, sir.
Oh, God...
Help me!
I can't take it!
Bring out the flamethrower. - Aye, sir.
Give it to me!
I'll cover you while you get more ammunition for the guns.
Cover me!
... that they could ever defeat us, is impossible and unthinkable.
National Socialist Germany and the states allied with it
will be the young nations...
Hook up the demolition squad and let's go.
Get the men out of here! - Come on, lads!
You swine!
"I'm a Quaker. I'm in the Medical Corps as a conscientious objector.
I cannot help you in a mission where I would have to kill someone."
Get going! Get going!
Signal all units to reverse course. - All units, reverse course!
Open up! Africa Corps!
All units resume original course. - Resume original course!
All units fire as guns bear. - All units fire as guns bear!
Get going! Get going!
Get down on that bloody boat!
Why don't you get on that boat?
I'm a doctor. Maybe we can save you for a Nazi firing squad.
Perhaps Rommel won't shoot such devoted stamp collectors as us.
Here they come.
Thanks to CBS London, Edward R. Murrow reporting.
This is London. The battle of Egypt continues to go well.
The Axis radio talks of allied movement near Gibraltar.
The British are a cautious people. Their hopes have been raised before.
They'd rather wait and see.
But official quarters are more confident than ever.
They don't believe Rommel can get reinforcements in time.
And they don't believe he can stand up to superior British Forces.
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