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Subtitles for Rain Children The 2003.

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Rain Children The 2003

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In the beginning was the great cosmic dragon
Within it, and the infinite depths of it's vast realm
There arose the elements Water and Fire
Opposing elements
but which begot each other endlessly over the ages
However. The thief of souls
The wicked divider, was jealous of
the great dragons serene power
and challenged him to a single combat
With one almighty stroke of his wrathful sword
The evil one cleft the dragon in two
Two antagonistic halves
The order of the cosmos was overturned
The humans likewise were divided
One people became two
Separated by a gulf of enmity
the Pyross, worshipers of the lofty sun
and the Hydross,
the children of the water and rain
- The Rain Children -
No, You can't
I'm a Pyross like you
Like us? He dares compare himself to us.
A vulgar Squire
A Klutz eater
I saw nothing... I won't say anything...
Not a word... I swear!
Got a big mouth for a guy who says he won't talk
But you're right, you won't say anything to anyone...
...ever again...
the rain, the rain death
Isn't he beautiful?
Wide again, what lousy shots.
That's why they're practicing Mr. Champion Archer Tob
They got two seasons more to perfect their aim
They won't improve with practice, Djuba
Those squires are dumber than the beasts they ride.
Watch out Tob, Klutz'es understand everything you say
This thing... understand me?
Hah, I doubt it!
Hey Klutz-face! Anyone home?
The knights, They're back!
Come on Djuba, lets go find your brother
Skan, where are you going?
To the plaza, mom, the knights are back!
Wash your hands first
Go on,
go see the parade of puppets
Puppets? The knights?
But father was a knight too, wasn't he?
Yes, that's true,
but 'Rhodoss', your father, was not like the others
He... and that is what cost him his life
Well as for me, I wanna become a knight too, like the others
Hey Skan
There you are
Hurry up, we're gonna miss the parade
Woah... Class!
And that goes double for the Bronto's
what a stench
Just get a look at that son
They're so handsome
Where are the squires?
Where's my son? I don't see him
You know how hard it is on the squires
Noble Council!
People of Orfalaise
Let us salute the return of our valiant knights
May the light of glory shine upon them
and may death cut down the Hydross
Death to the Hydross!
Death to that ungodly people
worshipers of the rain death
Death to the Hydross!
Death to that wile and treacherous people
For they await the green season, to unleash their diabolical dragons on us
Death to the Hydross!
May the light of glory shine upon you
Knights of the sun
You are the powerful arm of vengeance
The flaming sword of divine light
You who risk your lives...
You say risk your lives, Razza
People of Orfalaise
Ask the knights to tell you about their exploits
and what's become of the squires?
And who are these Hydross anyway?
Have any of you ever seen a Hydross?
Hey, what's with your mother?
I don't know
I don't understand
I know my people would like answers to all these questions
Be quiet woman!
What about our unavenged dead?
She's mad! She's lost her mind,
Muzzle her! ...these brave warriors, who are cleansing the world
of those Hydross vermin
Those worms ho...
What about you, Razza?
Aren't you ashamed of brain-washing innocent children
so that you can lead them like lambs to the slaughter
That Beryl, she's got guts
Yes, but she'll come to a bad end
Your supposed quest has accomplished nothing
Except make you and your cranks on the Noble Council rich
People of Orfalaise
stop listening to this fanatic
Razza is lying to you
Razza will...
Mother! Let go of me,
Let go I tell you, you filthy thugs
Wait! Mom...
Stop you Klutz-heads, they'll cut you to pieces
That's sad. She's such a wonderful woman.
But what if she was right?
She's become soft in the head since her husband died
Why did she have to speak out like that, and defy Razza?
The High Priest for pities sake
Why did she say those godless things?
Skan, we must get into the prison to see mother
she has to explain everything
But you know we'll never get in there, Djuba
Visitors aren't allowed
Prisoners don't have the right
Well guys, with this we can buy our way in anywhere
You know this could cost you your left hand, don't you?
Alright, go on, but make it fast
Deal! He he
Hold it, Hold it Hang on just a minute
One sun-stone, One visitor
You go, Skan
Say Tob, where'd you find that Sun-stone?
Nobody will give a helpless little orphan a hand
Fortunately this little orphan has fast hands
Mom, it's me
Mother! What have they done to you?
Don't Worry Skan
Everything is going to be fine
From now on
you'll have to look out for yourself
and watch over your sister to
But above all, Dear
Be wary of Razza and his followers
their hatred for our family
knows no bounds
But... why?
Well, because you are the son of 'Rhodoss'
and your father...
You can tell me everything mom
I'm a grown-up now
Your father was a great knight
The finest in Orfalaise
The most respected
At least, until he returned from the quest
Something bad happened?
What he discovered out there
in the land of the Hydross
shattered him, he couldn't get it out of his mind
He became obsessed with finding a way to end the war
But no-one would listen
he never even told me what he saw out there
among our so-called enemies
your father cast this medallion just before he disappeared
he said it symbolized his dream of peace
it's yours now
now that you're grown up
Pardon me Lord Razza
why didn't you sentence her to death?
And make a martyr of her?
In the eyes of my people?
You still have much to learn, my good 'Carretses'
But patience,
she'll meet the same fate as her treacherous husband met
When the time is right...
You see my son,
exercising power requires strength
decisiveness and loyal servants
who can handle everything with skill
but most of all it needs
some stones...
Cloud in sight!
Hmm, the rain so soon
Put your sun-stones away boy
we'll need them
Will we have enough, father?
We will never have enough
It seems that dry-season get shorter every year
Now we won't see a ray of sunshine for months
We'll have to suffer countless dragon-attacks again
While some people wallowing canned light
Leave him be, woman
He's badly burned!
Get Back to your post!
It's not your... OW!
Let me look after him
No, let her have her own way
That's enough
alright back to work, you bunch of good for nothing
You herd of Klutz'es
Thanks Beryl
Show some spirit
come on
Faster Gorak
I sure would like to be in their shoes
So you could get your head bashed in?
The knights they have a secret, and I want to discover it
You never give up do you?
You don't stand a chance Klutz-face
Now you're a piranha, just like me
Look at that guard down there
he'll be made a knight, not you or me
at best we'll end up for squires
Wait, this will be fun
Come on
Make your fathers proud of you
Come on Skan, let's get out of here
I see you, son of Beryl!
You're gonna pay for this
Good for nothings, sons of She-Klutz'es
he he Keep running son-of-a...
Quick, this way
Razza's son does not run down the hall
like a guilty school-boy
We're going home!
Wow, did you see his face?
When he saw that spider out
I thought he was gonna mess himself
Yea, but now, thanks to you, I'm not sure I'll ever be a knight
Do you know where we are? Well...
Hey, whats that noise?
It's coming from over there, from that blue light
- Wow, Treasure. - What? Did you say treasure?
No, were fine here, it's hot
Hey Skan. Tell me what you see!
Come on, thats enough now Skan
Let's get out of here.
Something seems to be moving out there
Immediate Alert!
At last...
- 'Carseat'! - My lord
Did you hear the trumpets
Yes, I try again, and attack
Well it's time to deal with, he he...
you know who
Faster you slouches
You wanna end up as some dragons lunch?
Will you tell me what you saw in the crypt
I don't know
an old temple of light I think
Dragon! Dragon-alert!
Have you ever seen a dragon with your own eyes?
Now, sure!
Haven't you?
No, I'm not to keen on dragons
he he, Sissy, I don't think you've got an amber in you veins
and you wanna be a knight? Hah!
Listen to that, do you hear it? Come on, let's go see
Return to your caves!
Those under-haded sons of the rain
Let them be damned!
- Hurry up! - Quickly!
The Hydross have unleashed their dragons on us again
Lances at the ready!
Let's go
But what is she doing there? It's Beryl, the mad woman
Hey you, come back!
Lets get out don't, crazy!
There's nothing you could have done, Skan
4 years later
That's great, very good!
Djuba, you've become one fine Klutz-trainer in the past 4 years
and gotten very pretty too
don't you think so, Tob
Yeah... She's not bad
if you like that sort of girl
a little bit to tall isn't she
What did I say?
Nothing, but that little flicker in your eyes says a lot
Hey Djuba! Those do-nads on your chest,
don't they get in your way when you're snapping that whip?
As you see,
not too much, Bronto-brains
What's up with your sister, she's crazy
It's our turn now, let's go
You won't be such a show-off when you face the dragon, Skan
just kill them
When I think that you insisted on becoming a squire
you could at least go a little easier on your friends
Four years of training
Four years of work and hard knocks
Four, and only one test
to determine which seven of you are the best
Now squires, load your cross-bows
and don't disgrace me in front of Lord Razza
Gulines, real ones
I still don't see why we practice shooting at birds,
nobody ever said Hydross had wings
I liked shooting Clay-Gulines better, at least they didn't squawk much
Wow, Brilliant!
I just can't stand the cry, that's all
All you like as a squire
what would you say to young Skan
But father,
he's the son of...
That renegade
All the more reason, my son
all the more reason
you grasp my meaning?
Ahh, yes
you can count on me, father
Your brother really shine
He's the champ oh shish-kebab
personally my specialty is barbecue
specially when there's a Klutz-tail to cook
If they were choosing barbecue-chefs, you'd be first
Whatever you say,
I've been selected 7th place
I know, but still selected
Well it's all set
he'll leave tomorrow
don't make such a face, Djuba
we'll be back
and with our pockets full of sun-stones too
Like Razza says:
"Showered in glory and light"
if you come back...
You don't know me, Djuba
I wish I never gotten to know you, Mr. 'Breggart'
What got into her?
Don't just sit there, go after her Klutz-face
Djuba, wait!
No, don't cry
I promise you we'll be back
don't worry Djuba
He was a courageous man
the only one who had nerve to stand up to Razza
Master Othar
You knew my father?
You were his friend?
Yes, I was his friend
but I didn't deserve his friendship
a friend doesn't turn his back
right when...
it was too late
What happened to 'Rhodoss' Sir Knight? How did he die?
What did he know that was so terrible?
He knew...
I can't, I've sworn the knights oath on my soul
He knew the sun-stones terrible price
Master Othar
I'm coming!
I'm expected at the knights...
Fare well Look out for yourself, son of Rhodoss
26 days
and 26 nights
the dry-season is short
much too short
in 26 days you must return
or the rain-death will consume you
Do not forget,
you are the avengers
the heroes of Orfalaise
Pretty soon they'll be recruiting them right out of the cradle
Such handsome boys too
we may never see them again
This has to stop,
They're taking all our children, Beryl was right
...and sweep down on our enemies
in a maelstrom of fire
And remember your sacred oath;
Warriors of the sun,
your quest begins.
I saved the friskiest one for you
you'll take good care of him won't you, pretty-boy?
Well, still worried?
Yes, worried about him, not you
that goes for you too little brother
I'm doing this in memory of father
Silence squire!
Watch out for him, Skan
death walks at his side
May the light be with you, my son.
Take care of yourself, little Klutz-face
Aren't we gonna wait for the others?
Are you afraid?
Not at all
You should be, son of Rhodoss
you should be
Come on, Razza's son must be the first to arrive in Amphibole
'Amphibole' lies over there, beyond the ravine
I don't see anything
The Hydross are experts in camouflage
You go first
That was great, boy
come on
Well, I didn't know that knights could fly
Akkar, Look out!
The fires of heaven!
Hydross at last
You protect the crates
Let's get out of here
we got what we wanted
Join us while there's still time
You're making a mistake, we're not the real enemy
nor are the Hydross
But you're Hydross, aren't you?
We're Pyross, like you
the Hydross, they're nothing but... Gah!
But he's one of us
a Pyross
He was a deserter, a renegade
I hope the rain-death eats his guts out
A renegade?
Load up that last crate,
we're moving out.
All this greed
this place is even more disgusting than they say
A spring, here?
In the middle of the dry-season?
It's unbelievable
Let's not waste time
You're going to fill up this tank
With water?
Have you got smoke on the brain,
are you trying to kill me? Don't question my orders, you hear me squire!
I've seen you bolder, son of Beryl
Look at yourself, you're trembling like a female
Let's go,
this place stinks of rain-death.
What do you plan to do with it?
You'll know soon enough
Amphibole, the city of the Hydross
Picturesque, isn't it?
End of the line. Dismount
End of the line?
There's nothing here but statues
where are the Hydross?
They are here around us everywhere
don't you see them?
We'll get to work tomorrow at dawn
You take the first watch
Wake up! You wanted to know what the water was for
Sprinkle a few drops on this statue, and you'll find out
That's an order
Go on, try that one
You think it's funny watching me handle bottled death
I don't know what you hope to accomplish
Get on with the next one here,
and don't waste any water
Holy dragon!
You wanted to see a Hydross, son of Beryl
Well, you're looking at one
A Hydross?
During the dry-season this cowardly breed turns to stone
they awaken in the rain,
or with a drop of water
so... so it's true
The Hydross are hidden here all around us
camouflaged among the real statues
Now you're catching on
these vermins spend the rainy-season carving
statues that look like them
When the sun comes out
they step up on the pedestals and freeze,
so we can't tell them apart from the stone imitations
Alright, mark this one and start looking for others
Now listen closely, squire
take your crossbow and watch the sky
if you see any Gulines, shoot them
- Gulines? - What are you afraid of?
Don't try and understand, just kill them
You can count on me, you saw me in training
I never miss
As long as this case is open, and as long as I've got a ball of
plasma in my hand
if you see the slightest Guline, kill it!
It's a matter of life and death
What are you gonna do?
My duty squire
My duty as a knight
Just keep your eyes on the sky
May the sacred fire consume your body, rain-eater
That gulines cry
- That was you! - The Gulines love song
the song of death
Well, let's keep at it
So this is the quest
Blowing up statues?
Poor defenseless people?
What of it,
aren't we defenseless when these cowards send their dragons?
Are you forgetting your mother?
Watch the sk...!
By the fire of heaven
Gulines, over there!
Kill them!
Shoot quick!
Bring down those fury's!
Kill them squire!
Kill them all!
Good work squire
By the perils of rain-death,
the knights of the sun,
the heroes of Orfalaise
Reducing their helpless Hydross to
ashes to plunder the remains
Sun-stones that Razza and the Noble Council will share amongst themselves
What vultures!
Who are you to judge us?
Nothing but a vulgar squire
I may be a vulgar squire,
but I'm no murderer
- What the!? - The son of Rhodoss salutes you,
son of Razza!
You'll pay for this, you worm
I'll find you, son of traitors
Do you hear me, you filthy renegade!
I'll find you
May the rain-death fry your...
Aren't you glad to see me, Skan?
Oh well, see you later my beauty
Oh, look, the villain is having to hide
instead of playing soldier-boy with the big guys
You should have stayed with that fool of a sister of yours, collecting...
at the end of the day, you're just a coward
Coward and a traitor, just like your father
and you'll be destroyed just like him
What's the use in trying to set things straight?
You know perfectly well that it's pointless
Pretty picture...
all it lacks is a little music
No, not her
Do you think she's alive?
And she's so pretty
I bet you can hear her heart beating
There, just under her sun-stone
It will be so romantic,
A Pyross warrior,
and a beautiful Hydross
in tender embrace
'joining' heavenly lie together
and a flash of flames!
...rain death on you!
It's cracked!
And out of tune!
You're called Skan...
How did you know?
Even when we're statues, we can hear
That's horrible
We hear death approaching with the heavy footsteps of your knights
We look death in the face helplessly
By the way,
my name is Kallisto
is it true? Do you really think I'm beautiful?
I never said that,
besides, you're a Hydross after all
And you blow up the Hydross to steal their sun-stones
is that it?
No... we...
You send your dragons to kill us
when the rain-death comes
Who told you such nonsense?
You're just like all the rest of them
you Pyross are blinded by the sun
Is it magic?
No, it's just fire
So that's what fire is
doesn't it frighten you?
Frighten me? Fire is the Pyross natural element
Our source of life is the light of the sun
Don't come any closer!
You're wet!
So... You...
you're afraid of water?
Water is death to us, didn't you know that?
All that...
you're not going to eat that?
It's delicious
You wanna taste? You wanna taste?
But it's full of water, that's deadly
Plants and fruits are our worst enemies
So you also make war on tomatoes and strawberries?
What barbarians
it doesn't surprise me the way you dragged me up here like a cave-man
You wanna make peace, Skan the Pyross?
Gladly, Kallisto the Hydross
You were right Djuba,
it would have been better if you had never met me
Wow, I never imagined a Pyross could be a musician
Can you play this?
What about this?
You're more talented than I thought
Not bad for a cave-man, heh?
And what about his squire?
What did you do with him!?
We didn't find him either, Lord Razza
Get out of my sight! You rear end of a Klutz!
That cursed son of Rhodoss
May rain-dragons devour his inerts
I will destroy you,
and your treacherous family
The sweet rain at last
The green season
Skan, the Pyross
Ouch, that burns
Your people are gonna awaken now
go back to them
But, Skan
Go on, Kallisto, leave me alone
At last
What a mess, it looks like a wild dragon has been through here
And where is father?
He's already left
He's concerned about the legend of the temple of the moon
and you,
where have you come from?
We were thinking the worst
It's a bizarre story mother,
let me tell you all about it
Skan, it's me, Kallisto
...dragon... its a dragon!
It's 'Crognoh', he's my pet Diplo
he won't hurt you
Skan, the dragons that attacked you
are savage predators, we have nothing to do with them
Trust me
They cause us as much harm as they do you
Skan, you can't stay here
Crognoh and I will carry you to safety
climb in under his tongue
You're out of your mind
I promise, you'll be safe in there
there's nothing for Pyross to fear
it's hot and dry
Trust me, Skan
Maybe I'm the one who's lost my mind
Amphibious people of Amphibole!
Re-enlist, we are leaving on a crusade!
We must defeat our enemy!
We shall crush the Pyross to a...!
We'll drown them in their caves!
We'll 'trance' them!
And then we'll spin them dry!
Who is that?
Who? Trinitro?
Take no notice of him, he's a little crazy
but quite harmless
Harmless? Did you hear what he said?
Oh, that just talk
actually he's incapable of violence
like all the rest of us
Well we're here
Holy raindrops,
the Pyross!
Hello father
Ahh... Kallisto
Do you have water on the brain?
A Pyross, in our house?
Father, he needs our help,
he's been hurt, weakened by the humidity
Father, without him I would be dead now
I know, Chloe told me all about it
Holy sun-stones
where did they come from?
They are part of us in a way
for your people, rain is a curse
the sun is our curse
We would wither and die in its rays
if we did not have these gems in our bodies
The sun-stones has two sides
The dark side absorbs and concentrates the light of the sun
so all our other functions cease
This is our deathly slumber
we are petrified
like the dragons
that unite water and fire within themselves
Like the cosmic dragon in the legend?
The one that was torn in half by the thief of souls
You knew the legend?
I heard about it a long time ago
except the end
The legend has no end
it finishes with a prophecy
"One day an impossible love"
"shall conquer the thief of souls"
"then the two halves of the great cosmic dragon"
"shall be reunited at last"
"and we'll be able to drink the rays of the sun"
But Father, why not?
You know why Kallisto, a Pyross in Amphibole
it's unheard of
Besides, he can't survive the humidity for long
Remember the tragic tale of Pyross and Hydross
when they tried to hold each-other
All that remained was a statue of ash
Don't you ever sleep in Amphibole
We sleep enough during the dry-season
it's... it's...
Oh yes, a Pyross knight
very lifelike, isn't it?
Trinitro is a little crazy
but he's a good sculptor
People of Amphibole!
Rejoice, as the holy rain wills it!
The Pyross knight shall perish!
Plasma, and explosives!
But that fool has a Guline on his head
if it squawks...
Don't worry, Trinitro's Guline is tame
she always obeys his every command
at least,
she has until now
It's your turn my pretty
Sing, Sing!
I don't think Trinitro will ever get tired of that little game
You see, here we only destroy real statues
Who knows, young Pyross
maybe one day you too will come down off your pedestal
and you, like us,
will also see what it's like to dance in the rain
But for the moment
I think it would be wise to return to your own kind
- My kind? But... - Those who live in the
jade pyramid, former squires, like yourself
The renegades?
They prefer to call themselves rebels
Kallisto will take you to them
I must say goodbye to you here, Skan
'Crognoh' will carry you to the jade pyramid
Kallisto, why aren't you coming with me?
Some... is right, Skan
You can't live among the Hydross
and I can't live among the Pyross
Two people as opposite as fire and water
Two people who are forbidden, even to touch
It was nothing but a dream, Skan
a beautiful dream.
Why you old Klutz-face
you smell like dragon-breath
You don't know how right you are
and you, with that scar, you look exactly like Othar
Gosh it's good to see you again
I wouldn't have missed this for anything in the world
So, this is your friend Skan we've hear so much about
Skan, I want you to meet 'Kadosh' and his gang of rebels
they rescued us just as the rain was starting to fall
Hey, I recognize you!
You were the one who did this
I'm sorry, I thought you were a Hydross
how was I to know?
Yeah, a real baby Klutz
still wet behind the ears
anyway, you sure got one killer back-hand
Glad you could join us, brother squire
And that's how I discovered, the sun-stones
enabled them to survive during the dry-season
The sun-stones are their souls
You learned more about the Hydross
in a few days, than we have in years
Where did those come from?
The Hydross bring them
in exchange, we do what we can to protect them during the dry season
I see, by stealing crates of explosives for example
Yeah, these poor Hydross,
they live for dancing
Imagine being turned into statues
what would happen if we weren't here?
You see, it's not so bad here
Right, we're like spider-rats stuck in this hole
Yeah, but at least we're alive
Yeah, right, but
we cant stay here forever
we're stuck between the dancing Hydross and the murderous Pyross
He's gone completely soggy in the brain
Come on... move up your flints, you've got him!
I knew I was gonna find you here
you must be out of your mind
Are you so bored already that you wanna commit suicide?
It's the little Hydross, isn't it?
Come on Skan, come back inside
What's that?
It's Master Othar
Razza, he...
he had her arrested
he's going...
he's going to sacrifice her
Since his son died, Razza's been like a mad-man
he suspects everyone
The Noble Council, the slaves,
even the militia
I can't tell you how many arrests
the torture,
the executions
he wants to go on a global war
he's building an army of suicide bombers
he's like a man possessed
he's trying to summon the thief of souls
we have to save Djuba
You're right,
and free Orfalaise
It's so quiet
where is everyone?
This isn't normal
Looks like everyone is dead
Deserters, huh? How did you get here?
I haven't got time to explain
what happened here?
It's Razza, he's locked himself in the council chambers with his supporters
he was talking about the final purification
What about the Noble Council and the knights?
They're in there with him
but I don't know if they're on his side
he's had some of them killed
Orfalaise has been turned into a prison
Razza had all the controls for the opening of the shutters connected
if he wants he could open up all the vents and let in the killer rain
believe me, he's mad enough to do it
Fire of heaven!
What about my sister Djuba? The Klutz trainer
Well I think she's in there too with all the other prisoners
in the council chamber
doomed for sacrifice
This is the day of the rain-death
this is the day of the final purification
it's your turn little girl
Orfalaise, Orfalaise,
let the rain-death take you!
The world will know, the world will witness
the thief of souls rise
- Skan, Tob! - Push them back!
it's Razza we want
Hand him over and there will be no trouble
Throw them out!
Knights, councilors, brothers
we've come here to save you from the tyranny of Razza
and his militia
You know as well as I
that Razza is lying to you
You poor lost souls...
Pathetic children of the earth
who are you trying to fool
with your fancy words
when I have Orfalaise in the palm of my hand
Of course, it had to be you
Your people have turned against you Razza
You're finished
On the contrary, you worm
it's just the beginning
Do you remember me my angel?
I love your new scar you rascal
The quest was only a cover to hide his greed for the sun-stones
our greed, Noble Councilors
The party's over for you!
Master Othar...
Drop your weapons!
I remember once
someone said, in this very place
at the risk of her life
"Show me the enemy" "Show me the Hydross"
Well here they are
the children of the rain
children of the rain?
I didn't imagine it to be like this
People of Orfalaise
People of Pyross
We are happy today to offer you
what is most precious to us
these sun-stones
our ancestors souls
they have souls
over their hearts
their ancestors
May these sun-stones bring you light and warmth
Skan, what's happened to him? Sun-stones also has two sides
I thought that... . . One captures the light of the sun
the other releases it
Don't be foolish!
Wait for me!
What a bronto-head
The great cosmic dragon!
Nothing shall defeat me
I have consumed so many sun-stone souls
Enlightenment, little Skan!
My child, it is useless!
I'm as old as the world
The thief of souls, it's you
You're the thief of souls!
Now I shall steal yours little Pyross
By this sword, that has slain the great cosmic dragon
By this sword that killed... Your father
No, Skan!
Don't waste my time
I knew all about you and your impossible love
what are you hoping for?
A miracle?
A marriage between fire and water?
Give it up, my child
Stand up you Bronto-head, stand up!
Tob, wake up!
Do you really think I'm beautiful?
Tob, we have to stop the light, the reflector
Come to me, my child
I am immortal!
I am the well of all 'lust'! Immortal, immortal...
Hurry Skan,
let's get outta here
It is by this impossible love
that the thief of souls has been vanquished
It is a fusion of the opposites which has freed me
it will free you too,
Child of the sun
Child of the rain
and you will be able to drink the rays of the sun
This golden spring here
is your future
And the great cosmic dragon
shall once more be as one
and take its place again, among the stars
You'll see my dear
they'll have fiery children
just like the stars
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