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Subtitles for Raising Victor Vargas (2002) Deity.

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Raising Victor Vargas (2002) Deity

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Kiss me.
You been keeping your mouth shut, right?
Didn't I tell you to throw that shit out?
Listen. I'm a private person. What we do is between me and you.
-You still want this loving, right? -I understand. Come on.
Yo, Vic! Yo, Vic!
-Yo, Vic, I know you in there. -Motherfucker.
-Yo, Victor, come down here! -No can, motherfucker--
-Yo, son! -I'm gonna fucking kill him.
-Yo, Victor. -Harold, shut the fuck up!
Harold, shut the fuck up, man!
Yo, what the fuck you doing over there?
Yo, you're in the wrong floor.
Oh, my God. Are you up there with Donna?
Are you fucking her?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
Hello. Is Sabrina there?
Come here.
Oh, my God. You don't know what I found out. My brother, he was--
-What the hell are you doing? -Vicki, promise you won't tell.
I'm not promising shit.
I'm gonna tell everybody that you were with Fat Donna, that ugly bitch!
-Yeah? -Yes.
-You ain't talking to nobody. -How you gonna stop me?
-That's it. -Give me the phone.
-I'll throw it out. -I ain't playing.
-I'll throw it out. -Fuck it. Throw it out the window.
-Promise! -You'll get in trouble, stupid.
-You think I won't do it? -Go ahead. Throw it.
-Go! -Kiss this shit goodbye.
You're so stupid. How can you live with yourself?
Oh, shit! Yo, son, you fucking that fat bitch Donna?
Shut up, Harold. What are you talking about?
-I seen your head out that window. -You didn't see my head.
I can spot your fro from anywhere, nigga.
-Where the fuck are your glasses at? -Yo, you don't got them?
Shut the-- Yo, what's my name, son?
-Victor, nigga. -Why you trying to play me?
You saw me bag how many bitches. They dimes.
-No doubt. -You know that.
-What kind of bitches I bag, son? -Come on, nigga.
-Dimes, man. -I don't know, son.
I don't know. I don't know, nigga.
-"Hello?" -Hello, Sabrina.
-Yeah, where was I? -"What happened?"
See the short one? He's fucking Fat Donna Santiago.
Are you serious?
-Oh, my God. Poor girl. -Poor girl?
Have you seen that girl?
You're so bad.
You stop it.
What you waiting for, playboy?
Waiting for the right moment. Waiting for the right time, man.
We'll definitely get in this.
Your dick ain't getting any bigger, yo. Just go!
That's why I don't fuck with you.
You talk so fucking loud, you have no class, man. Damn!
Learn a thing or two. When you wait, shit will come to you.
I think you're scared.
Get out of here, man. Get the fuck out.
I heard you're fucking that fat bitch Donna.
-Oh, shit! -Get out of here. Who told you?
-Yo, who told you that, man? -Everybody knows.
Yo, Harold. Let's go right now. Fuck that. Come on.
Yo, you think you even got a chance with her?
Shut up, man.
Is he coming this way?
I think so.
-Why am I here again? -Why?
Because people piss and shit in Avenue D pool.
-I don't like going to pools. -Why did you come?
-Because you dragged me here. -I dragged you?
-You did. -I didn't drag you.
Yo, how you ladies doing?
My name is Vic. This is my associate, Harold.
Enjoying the day? Nice day in the pool.
Me and my man wanna know if you wanna double-date one day.
Vic. She has a boyfriend.
Anyway, listen, what's your name?
You're gonna ignore me now?
Me and my man just want to know if you wanna chill one day.
You can bring your friend.
-Vic? -Yes.
Do you see the wall of isolation?
You're getting annoying. I'm trying to talk to her.
-Are you deaf? I have a man. -I heard. I definitely heard.
Let me tell you something. You ain't been with a man till you been with me.
See? Got you smiling, though.
Where we going?
-What are you doing? -Look at that.
What, my reflection?
Does that look like God's gift to women?
I don't think so.
Oh, shit, son.
-That girl got a negative attitude, man. -Who, Judy? Nah, yo.
-You saw how nice I came up to her? -Maybe it's not her. Maybe it's you.
You crazy?
Maybe you lost your magic. You lost your magic. That's it.
Look at this kid. I bet you it's not even me.
-Look at this kid. -Who?
He's about to approach her. See him?
Oh, all right.
-Oh, yeah. -Look what she does to him.
Oh, shit! Oh, you seen that?
You saw that? Did you? You saw that?
-Did you? Did you see that? -She probably knows him, yo.
-Yo, that kid's half your age. -She probably knows him.
Yeah, right.
You remember what you told me, yo? Remember what you told me?
''I'm Victor. I'm Victor. I'm Victor. I'm Victor.
I get all the hottest bitches out here. What's my name?
I'm Victor.'' Remember that? ''What's my name? Victor, Victor.''
Fuck you, fuck you.
Fuck you.
It's all right, son. At least you have Fat Donna, son.
I can't take one step without them crawling up my ass today.
-Think they figured it out? -That your boyfriend's bullshit?
They're gonna hear you.
You're not in the worst position. Those guys were not that bad.
-Did the sun fry your brain? -No.
Which one of y'all wanna get fucked in the doody hole? You?
If either one of us gets with a guy like that, I'm gonna shoot myself.
Well, I'll shoot myself too.
I'll fuck you so hard your aunt is gonna feel it.
Wait, wait.
You're a lizard.
I'm a baby bird.
Yeah, I see it.
It's pretty good, right?
Okay. Check this out. Who's this?
The guy from the pool, right?
-Isn't that funny? -Least guys like you, you know?
-So what? -It's not like that for all of us.
You're the lucky one.
You don't have to walk down the street and be hassled.
Guys are dogs. We don't need that, right?
Grandma, I told you, it wasn't me. It was Victor.
Who dropped the phone out of the window?
Please tell me the truth. It's easy for you and for me. Who did that?
It was Victor. It was Victor, Victor, Victor.
-Well, I believe you. You sure? -I'm positive.
I don't want problems with Victor.
Ma, she told you she threw it?
-She told you? -Don't even come with that--
Why you pointing at me for?
Oh, my God. Why you be hitting me?
-Shut up. -Just say it.
Who drop the phone out of the window? I want to know who.
-It was her! -It wasn't me!
She threw it out the window. She's crazy.
I'm gonna find out. Nino, come here to Grandma.
Come here, baby. Come to Mama. Say the truth.
Who dropped the phone out the window?
Nino, it was Vicki, right?
No! Look, Grandma. He's doing like that to his eye--
-You don't know nothing? -I don't know. I didn't see.
-Nino, right? -No. I didn't see it.
-It was Victor. Oh, my God. -Why you lie for?
-What the hell--? -Sit down. She's talking.
Oh, my God. What kind of kids are you?
Beginning now, is no more phone in this house. No more!
I'm gonna lock it up right now. I'm gonna put a lock on this phone.
Only gonna be phone in the house for some emergency. That's it. Period.
What if there's an emergency and you're not home?
The emergencies are gonna be when I be home.
Grandma, no. That's-- You're very unfair.
If he's the one throwing phones out the window, I'm--
-What is that? -Shut up, liar!
-Shut up. I ain't talking to you. -What is that? Give me the phone.
-Take it. Take it. Take it, Ma. -Listen.
Just promise me to be a good family. Do you agree with me?
-Whatever. -Are we a good family again?
-Yeah, yeah, Grandma. -You do, honey?
Nino, I know you're a good kid. You're my baby.
I don't ask the question to you. How about you, Victor?
Do you promise me to be a family again? Look at me.
Answer with your eyes, not with the head.
Promise something to Grandma.
Be good, and then the rest is gonna be good too.
Supposed to be example for the family. Okay?
How nice. I love it. That was beautiful.
Did you like it?
You do? How about you?
He always try to make the family happy. Always.
Promise me you're gonna be here to play the piano for Grandma.
-Always. -I promise.
Thank you. I love you.
So, Victor, how was your day?
Don't push it. What you did wasn't funny.
Funny. Do you wanna talk about funny?
Was it funny when you pissed on my shoes or tried to cut my hair?
You know what? It don't matter, because by the end of this week... won't be able to step a foot outside without somebody laughing.
You'll always be known as Fat Donna's man, and that will be funny.
Yo, what the fuck you doing, man?
Oh, my God. Can't you pass the ball?
Yo, little man! Yo!
Over here. Over here.
You. Can I talk to you for a minute?
-I'm trying to play a game here. -Let me talk to you.
Let me ask you a question.
I saw you kissing on Juicy Judy yesterday.
And I wanted to ask-- Yo, nice work. What I'm saying, what's your secret?
She's my sister, you asshole.
My fault. I'm sorry I called your sister ''juicy.''
-But I'm saying-- What's your name? -Carlos.
You look like a dude I could talk to.
I could ask favors for because we're here, man. You know?
Yo, can you do me a big favor?
Let me guess. You want me to hook you up with my sister.
You didn't even let me talk. Can I talk?
What if a person came up to you wanting to go out with your sister?
My sister Vicki is ugly and fat. Nobody ain't gonna like her.
-Vicki what? -What do you mean, Vicki what?
-Her last name? -Vicki De La Cruz.
That's her last name. My last name's Vargas. You like that one? It's better?
What? Are you crazy? Do you know my sister?
She's fucking retarded and fat and ugly. She's like Lucifer, man--
Carlos, you gonna play or what?
All right. Fine, fine, fine. I'll hook you up.
Meet me at Tompkins tomorrow. We'll be there.
At the--? No. No park, man. Yo, I'm a private person.
I like to keep shit, you know, on the low.
You wanna go now?
All right. Come on.
Look at this bitch right here.
Check this out. I'm a producer. Know what I'm saying?
This is my star, Double Penetration.
I will lay the pipe game down hard. I will fuck you in your ass.
-My dick ain't all that big-- -Let me go!
-Fuck off! -Fucking bitch.
I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine.
Wait, wait. I came to apologize...
...for yesterday, when me and Harold were acting up in the pool.
There was no need for that.
I thought that was really fucked up... I took it upon myself to ask your brother... introduce us properly because we start off on the wrong foot.
My name is Victor Vargas.
Damn. That's what you do when people apologize?
-What do you want? -Can you at least accept my apology?
-Okay. Apology accepted. Happy? -Yeah.
Now what?
I mean, we cool, right? New beginning?
Why was you acting like an asshole at the pool?
I guess you wouldn't know how it feels to get nervous around certain people.
Listen, if you're not busy, you wanna take a walk or talk or whatever?
I'll see you later, son. I'm gonna call you tonight.
What up?
What up, son?
This is it. This is where all the Victor love happens.
What love?
-Damn, it's hot. You not hot? -Yeah.
I got a fan in my room. Wanna go to my room and chill?
No, I'm not that hot.
You at least thirsty? You want something to drink?
-Yeah, that'd be nice. -All right.
-I didn't ask for a beer. -Sorry, it's all I got.
Yeah, right.
Thank you.
Who are they?
My grandmother.
"Papi chulo" right there, that's me, of course.
That's my sister, but she's fat now.
That's my brother. That's my father and my mother.
My sister's father, we don't know where he's at... we don't have a picture of him, but fuck her.
Well, she's better off that way.
Who's that?
You can't tell? The good looks run in the family.
That's my grandfather.
You don't even look like him.
Why you trying to play me for?
Of course I don't look like him right now, because I'm not posing.
Well, can you pose for me, then?
-Right? -No.
Where's your brother?
I don't know.
Vicki, do you know where Victor's at?
Does it look like I care?
Why you so far away for?
I'm fine here.
Yeah, you wanna see something?
This shit's hot, right?
-What is it? -For privacy, girl.
Do you need me to leave?
It's for me and you. Come here.
What's that?
You wanna know?
It means, ''I love Judy.''
All right.
Look, you're my new man.
But I'm warning you, don't fuck with me.
Go ahead, tell your little friends.
Judy Gonzalez?!
-Was there any doubt? -You the fucking man.
-I don't know what to say. -Congrats.
-No doubt. Was there any doubt, son? -No.
Ain't no doubt about that, baby.
Ever since I seen you in the pool...
Ever since I seen you in the pool...
...I can't stop-- I don't eat. I don't sleep.
Just give me a chance. I can't stop thinking about you.
What do you think this is, some "Romeo and Juliet" shit?
Think you can come up here and sweep me off my feet?
Why you got an attitude for?
-I don't have an attitude. -You have your attitude.
-You have an attitude just like Judy. -No.
So you hate all guys in general, right?
-Why do you think I hate guys? -You're always with Judy.
Maybe I'm not like Judy.
You know you look like Julia Roberts?
You know that? You got a beautiful smile.
Thank you.
-Take off your glasses. -What do you think this is?
Do you think I'm gonna take off anything you tell me to take off?
No, but I would like to see you with your glasses off.
-No. -You're prettier with your glasses off.
-You never even seen-- -What? I don't bite.
All right. So if you take off your glasses, then I'll take off my glasses.
I don't know.
I don't know.
All right, all right. All right. On three?
All right.
-You ready? -All right.
Put your hands where your glasses are.
-All right, you got my glasses off. -Now get your hair down.
What are you trying to do? Do you think I'm stupid?
Do you think I'm gonna take my hair down for you?
I don't think you're stupid.
Come here. Why are you pushing me?
-Come on. -If I take down my hair, will you go?
Right. Yeah. I promise. Now, I promise, I promise, I promise.
I promise. I promise, I promise, I promise, I promise, I promise.
Put it to the front a little.
Wow. You know you're mad pretty?
Thank you.
-So I'm gonna go now. -Okay.
Before your parents wake up.
Before I go, can I get a kiss on the cheek?
Just one little kiss right there. Please. I promise I'll leave.
-I'm leaving. Please. -All right.
-You like that? You like that? -No.
-I think you did. -No, I didn't.
I'm gonna go, all right? I'll see you tomorrow?
-No. -Have a good night.
-Yo, where's Mommy? -She's with Vicki in confession.
Yo, take off my shirt, bro. What the hell's wrong with you?
You like that shit, right? Guess whose lips are those?
-Who? -Guess.
-Who, man? -Juicy Judy.
-Judy Gonzalez? She was here? -Yo. Not only that, she's my girl.
You like that shit? Go wash that shit.
-Listen, listen, listen. -What?
-What, what? -I just--
-I need help. -What are you talking about?
-Like with girls. -What?
Church boy wanna know about girls? Mommy's boy?
-Get the fuck out-- -I'm serious. Please.
You're dropping this shit on me. No.
All right, fine. Now, come here. Let me talk to you. First of all...
...I don't even know what to tell you. It's like an instinct.
It runs in our blood. In the "sangre".
Look at Papi, how many wives he have? Like four or five.
How many half-brothers we have? A lot.
See what I'm saying? He's a player, man.
Now, look. I'll put you out on one thing.
Lick your fucking chappy-ass lips, man.
Think girls will talk to you if you have chappy lips?
They look like dried-up raisins.
What are you doing? Not like that. Like this:
Do it. Do it.
Because you know why? When girls talk to you...
...they don't look at your eyes, they look at your lips.
You didn't know that, right? Turn away right now.
You didn't know I was looking at your lips. Do it again.
Bang. You see.
Keep on doing it because girls always look--
You're not licking them. You wanna be a "papi chulo" or "papi ferro"?
-"Papi chulo." -All right. Keep practicing.
Oh, wait. One more thing I got to ask you.
What? What?
Did--? Do you--? Like, did you ever, you know--?
What the fuck are you doing? What?
-You jerking off? -No! It's a question.
-Go wash you hands, man! -No, I'm asking you...
-...see if you did it. -Hell, no!
Just a question.
Look. After I'm done, you ain't gonna be Mommy's little church boy.
You're gonna be like me. Don't worry, bro.
You're gonna be picking girls like lottery numbers. All right?
You never expect that I listen to the conversation. It's very nice.
You're teaching your brother, the baby of the house, to be like you.
Now you remind me of your grandpa, my husband.
-What are you talking about? -He was the first gigolo.
You're the second one. You're gonna make him the third!
-No, he's not, Ma. -Don't defense him!
-Ma, he's not bad. -I was just talking to him.
-We're just talking. -Go to your room!
Please, go to your room.
Now, an explanation. Where you been?
Give me some explanation where you were.
You don't show in church. Where you been?
Explain to me where you was!
If you ask me nicely, maybe I'll tell you.
I'm sick and tired with this!
You gotta remember something: Only thing you have is me.
Keep that in you mind. Right here in your mind.
Vicki, you heard? Judy was here. Judy Gonzalez.
Victor's such a fucking compulsive liar.
Yo, Vicki, why you gotta hate for? Why you so jealous?
Shut up and go back into your fucking tent.
But I got evidence. Right, son? That she was here. See?
Nino, you're such an airhead too.
-Yo, you a hater. -Yeah.
But what happened? All the people gonna be talking shit about me?
I can't walk down the street? What happened?
-Whatever. -You know what your problem is?
You're always on the couch. You're gonna die on that fucking couch.
Ain't nobody gonna want you. You're gonna be all fucking wrinkled.
Nobody gonna marry you. When are you gonna get your own life?
Yo, Victor! Yo, Victor!
Get the fuck off me. What the hell?
-Yo-- -What a fucking idiot you are.
-You owe me. -Yo, shut the fuck up!
She's right there, man. What the hell you doing?
What's wrong with you, knocking on my door so early?
So it's too early?
Can't you see I'm still wearing my robe?
-Where's your sister at? -Oh, man.
Tell me where your sister's at, or you ain't gonna meet Godzilla.
Don't slam my door.
Yo, Vicki-- Come on, come on, come on, man.
This here's my man Carlos. Carlos, this is my sister Vicki, man.
Sit down, man.
I'm gonna go take a shower, man. Wait right here, all right?
-You can see from there, man? -Yeah.
You sure? There's a better view from right there.
All right? Be good.
You want to talk about something?
I don't feel too good.
Oh, my God! You're so nasty!
Damn, yo! It had to be one of Victor's fucking friends.
Judy, where were you yesterday?
-Hello? -I was taking care of some business.
What business? I was waiting forever for you.
I went home with a guy.
-Shut up. -I'm not lying.
Him? Him, Judy?
It's not even a relationship. I needed to find a way to get them off my back.
You know he's gonna think you guys are really together.
Look, just think of him as bug spray.
What's up, ladies?
What's up, baby? How you all doing?
Where we going? We always going somewhere.
Okay. Let me tell you something about me. I like my space.
You can't be showing up like that.
I'm sorry, I'm saying, I mean, I don't have your number so....
If I would've had your number, this could've been avoided.
So can I have your number?
No, I'm not allowed give it out. Can I have your number?
My phone broke.
Yo, how about this?
-How about we just plan ahead? -Okay.
Next time we just meet at my house.
No. Let's meet in public.
All right. So we just take things slow.
Whatever you want. You call the shots.
-Cool. -Very cool.
Here, here. Come here.
Whoa, it's like a "familia" here, man.
It is a "familia". Here's Big Mama right here.
Gotta grab her gently.
-Stay right there. -Say hi.
See? What?
All right. Close your eyes, close your eyes.
Close them. Trust me, trust me.
Trust me, please? Please trust me.
I will not do anything stupid.
Close them, please?
All right, I'm gonna close them. Tell them to stay away.
-All right, close them. -Okay.
All right. Open them. Open them.
Okay. It's small. It's a baby.
You're gonna at least let me walk you home, right?
-I found a quarter. -I could do my laundry with that.
Sure. Come here, come here.
All right. So which one you want? Pink, red, orange?
-I'm okay. -For real. Which one you want?
What, these tough dudes right here?
He's in a wheelchair.
No, no, no. This is the better one right here, yo.
Look, look, look. This is the dude on wheels.
You didn't hear about that, right?
I think I should go.
We're gonna chill though, later, right?
Thank you.
I'm gonna see you later, right?
Hello? Grandma is home.
I'm gonna cook good food. Hamburger tonight, for my babies.
With so much food, we're gonna make hamburger tonight.
Oh, fuck.
Ma! What the fuck, Ma? You just hit me with the door right now!
How did I know that you'd be outside? It's not my fault. Don't blame me, now!
Ma, I'm gonna have a ching-chung now, Ma.
It's not my fault. I'm sorry. Anyway, where's your brother?
I don't care. I don't know where they are, Ma. Can you get me some ice?
-Carlos, stop following me! -Thanks for spending the day with me.
I didn't spend the day with you. You vomited on my floor...
...and I took you out for fresh air.
My door's open.
-Who is this guy? -Grandma, this is Carlos.
I'm Victor's friend.
-Can you walk me out? -You're already out, stupid.
-I'll call you. -I'm not allowed.
I'll let it ring twice, then you meet me downstairs.
Victor, what is going on in this house? Who is this guy outside the door?
Tell him to stop introducing me to his stupid friends.
Why you introduce men to your sister? Don't do that anymore.
Where's your brother? Where's Nino?
I'm gonna cook your favorite food.
But we don't want to eat by the time he's come home.
Ma, he's right there.
-Where you was? -In the bathroom.
Why you don't answer me in the beginning, when I call you first?
Because I was in the bathroom.
Oh, God.
Please, please.
See, that's why you need to leave.
Because you touch people and you think that it's okay.
-I touch people? -You touch me without my permission.
-Why you trying to act so bossy now? -Because you're my bitch.
-I'm your what? -You're my bitch.
-I'm your what? -You're my bitch.
-Excuse me. -I said, you're my bitch.
-Don't push me. -I'll push you again.
Why are you hitting me hard for?
Why you hitting me hard for?
-All right, all right. -All right.
I could take off my pants?
-You're gonna laugh. -No, I'm not.
-Promise not to laugh? -I promise.
My ducks. My ducks!
-What the fuck is that? -My ducks.
-Get out of here. What is that? -My ducks.
-Are you serious? -Yeah.
Oh, my God.
You need help?
What, are your pants stuck to your legs?
So, what's up?
Ducks! Out of everything, you're gonna wear ducks?
Yeah. They're cool. Leave them alone.
Why are you laughing?
-You can't tell anybody, okay? -Okay.
I'm serious. Don't tell Victor.
Because me and Judy said that we had this thing.
-What thing? -That we didn't need anybody else.
But she's with Victor.
-That's different. -How is that different?
Yo, Victor! Yo, Victor!
Oh, my fucking--
Why you wake me up so early, son?
Yo, Judy!
I heard something, and I want to know if it's true.
People are saying you're using me. That you're playing head games.
-Is this what it is, a game? This true? -No.
-Why people gotta say that for? -What do you think?
I think you have me around because you need a guy to take care of you.
I don't need no one to take care of me.
-So you are using then, right? -And like you're not?
I know you're trying to cover up for that Donna girl.
What Donna girl? What? Who told you that? That lie?!
Where you get your sources?
The people who you talking to telling you lies.
You're really gullible if you believe that.
You're so easy to see through that it's embarrassing.
You know what? Fuck you.
Come here. Listen to me.
Listen to me very carefully. I don't go out with boys.
-I called you, and you came down. -To tell you to stop calling me!
You're like a stalker! Would you stop?
-Do you need space? -Yes.
So if I call you again, you won't come down?
You're gonna cry?
-Ma! -Oh, my God!
Nino, it's Grandma. Open door for Grandma. Please.
Ma, Ma. I'm using the bathroom, Ma.
Let me see your face.
-Come on, Nino. -I'll be out. I'll be out, all right?
Oh, my God.
I'm so ashamed.
This is what your brother teaching of you?
This is your brother's action. That's it!
Where we going?
Here. Keep him.
I don't want him in my house no more!
It's finished.
Please stop.
It's finished.
It's finished.
Come in, young man.
Have a seat.
-What is your name? -Victor Vargas.
-What is your date of birth, please? -February 1 7, 1 985.
Who are your parents?
She's my mother and my father. She's both.
-Are you his legal guardian? -Yes, I am.
-And what is your name, please? -Anna Guzman.
-But you can call me ''Tatika.'' -I'll call you ''Mrs. Guzman.''
-And what is your date of birth? -7 "l"28"l"1 930.
-And where were you born? -In the Dominican Republic.
But I live in the United States for many, many years.
I believe I am American.
Why are you here?
This is my family, but I need help with this one.
He do a lot of things wrong that I cannot accept it.
And they told me this place.
And I come in here to see what you can do for me. And for them, so....
-Has he committed a crime? -No, he don't do that.
Has he stolen anything from someone in the home?
That's not the point. He's not a criminal.
-Has he tried anything sexually? -No! I says, no. Don't go that far.
-What has he done that's so bad? -He's a bad influences in the house.
He show him very terrible ideas.
Right here, right here in the head.
I raised them with love, with manners.
But this one is going the wrong way. I don't know what I'm gonna do.
He don't have to be a criminal to throw out of the house.
You realize you can't just put him out?
You never heard of people going to jail for just throwing kids in the street?
He can go to the cops. They'll come and arrest you.
Then all three of them could end up in foster care. Is that what you want?
You didn't unpack your bag.
You're not gonna leave, right?
I don't know, son. Mommy don't want me.
So you're gonna leave?
What's the use if she's trying to kick me out. What the fuck?
-Me and Vicki want you. -Why, Nino?
Victor, we-- I need you. I mean, I love you.
Who's gonna stay here to be on the bed with me--?
Go ask somebody else about girls. Go ask Mommy.
Go ask Mommy?
Go ask Mommy about girls?
Thank you.
-What are you doing? Get off. -I'm not letting go.
-Get off, Nino. -No.
Where are you gonna stay? On the street? In Judy's house?
-This is your-- -All right. You're hurting me. Get off.
Ma, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for....
You know, for giving you a hard time and, like, not listening.
I just wanted to say that I don't want to get thrown out.
Nino, do you believe that?
Answer me, please.
-Yeah. -You do?
How about you, Vicki?
Yeah, Ma, I do.
I want to give you something for some candles.
And for the new beginning.
Tomorrow night Grandma is gonna make a good dinner.
We're going to join together and we're gonna be a nice family again.
We hope, okay? Go ahead, you're the first one.
You be next. Do the candle.
You're the next one, honey.
Get some wishes. Pray to God.
Can I talk to you?
I'm sorry to bother you. I just-- I just wanted to say, I'm sorry.
I mean, I was being stupid and I wasn't thinking.
And I'm really sorry.
So how have you been keeping the guys away from you?
I'll bet you've been using it a lot, right?
You want to come to my house?
Oh, nah, nah, nah. I know what you're thinking.
''Victor wants to get on top of me.''
Not like that. I mean, you know, dinner.
You know, the family and shit.
-Why? -What do you mean, why?
-Friends can't invite friends to dinner? -Oh, so now we're friends?
I mean, we could be, but who'd wanna be friends with Vic?
You like burgers?
It don't matter, because my burgers are the best.
It's so good it makes you want to eat like this.
You're not funny.
I can't go.
{y:i}So you're not gonna go?
I think you should, Judy.
Remember that guy from the pool?
The guy that was with Victor that day?
He was cute, right?
What about him?
I like him.
-You like him? -A lot.
You have seen him once.
I've seen him more than that.
-Why you didn't tell me? -Because I know you.
And I know you're not gonna be happy for me.
Are you happy for me?
I gotta go, Judy.
What's his name?
How do you know you can trust him?
-Take care of my burgers. -I do it.
Open the door, please!
Would you open the door, please?
Ma, I got it.
Hey, is Victor here?
Yeah, come on.
-Hi. -Hi.
-I'm glad you came. -Yeah, I thought about it.
Cool. Some burgers.
-Hi. Who's this girl? -This is Judy, my friend.
-Hi, Judy. -Hello.
Ma, I invited her for dinner.
Why you don't tell me before? I know who's coming.
Oh, he invited me, but I told him that I wasn't sure.
-Okay. -And this is my brother Nino.
-Nino, this is Judy. -Oh, hello.
-Hi, Nino. -You met my sister. This is Vicki.
Hey, Vicki.
-So.... -You dropped this.
Oh, thank you. "Muchas gracias." Thanks. Oh, she's good girl.
Sit down. Stay with us. Join the dinner.
-Okay. -Have a seat.
Move over, man.
-It smells good. -It's my food. I already cook.
Already cook.
-So where are you from? -I'm from the Dominican Republic.
-What part? -Down the island, "La Altagracia."
My father used to have, resting in peace, his own... And he produce his own food.
We be so many of us, is 1 4 kids.
My father working too hard. He produces food. Everything.
And he has a lot of cows.
They produce milk with the cows, almost 1 00.
And they get milk like that. They put a big can on the floor.
And they grab the titties of the cow and do like this.
Like this. Maybe that's the reason why I be so strong lady.
-How did that taste? Like, you didn't.... -Taste delicious. I remember.
Here is Grandma with the food.
Don't sit. Stand up and let's pray. Please.
Jesus, we pray today with thanks to you for the food of the day.
Also, for my family get together...
...and for me to be strong to keep on taking of care of my grand.
-Amen. -Amen.
Have a seat and enjoy the dinner, okay?
-So.... -Can I have one?
-So you like my food? -It's good.
I know you love it. I know you like my food.
You know I made these, right?
You don't believe me?
-Ma, right? I made these? -To make you feel good, let's say yes.
You help us, that's it.
-Oh, my God. -He help me.
-Yes, I did. I was-- -And I say yes. He give a hands to us.
Anyway, Judy, where you meet Victor?
My brother introduced us. Carlos.
-Are you Carlos' sister? -Yeah.
Excuse me.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry, I don't know why she's acting up.
Judy, do you see that? Take a look at the glasses. That was you.
Means for me that you was here before.
I thought that it was the first time you come to my house.
Why you lie to me? Why you did you do that to me?
Can you sit? Can you calm down?
You always do things wrong in this house.
-What's the matter with you? -You know what? She likes him.
-No, I don't. -She likes Carlos.
You make her grown before her time. That's terrible what you do.
Same thing you did for your brother.
You show to him to do things wrong! Why'd you do that?!
-I didn't even do nothing to him. -I found my baby in the bathroom.
I catch my baby in the bathroom doing something terrible.
-Do this. -Please! What are you doing?!
-My baby. -You think he'll always be a baby?
You always think he's gonna be a baby. That's it.
Ma-- Judy, don't leave.
-Judy-- -Where you going?
-Ma, why'd you do that? -Don't try to go. If you follow that girl...
...don't come back in the house. I'm gonna change the lock.
No, remember what the lady said. You can't do that.
I don't care what the lady said. I care the way I feel.
You gonna call the police for Grandma?
Then remember only thing you have is me.
No, Ma. You remember. The only thing you have is us.
Judy, Judy, Judy, wait. I am so sorry.
Why the hell did you invite me over for?
Let me guess. Was it to impress your grandmother?
-It was nothing like that. No-- -Because obviously, it didn't work.
You think I invited you over to my house for hamburgers?
That's part of the reason, but mostly the reason was...
...because I wanted you to meet my crazy ma...
...and my bitchy sister and my little brother.
I wanted you to see me down to my "chancletas..."
...these fucking beat-down shorts and shit.
Because that's me.
Come on.
Do you remember when I told you that I had a man?
I kind of made the whole thing up... they won't follow me around.
So you're the closest I've ever been with a boy.
Will you come over here?
Can I--? Can I have the key to the phone?
Hello, is Carlos there?
It's Vicki.
-"Hello." -Hi, Carlos.
Ma, did you eat yet?
Good morning.
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