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Subtitles for Real Fiction (Shilje sanghwang).

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Real Fiction (Shilje sanghwang)

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Produced by Saerom Entertainment & Shin Seung Soo Production
Investment for Production & Management Kim Sang Yoon & Jung Young Jin
Real Fiction
Would you like a doll?
Dolls for sale.
Are you done?
It doesn't look like the photo.
This is terrible.
She will come and pick it up today for a memorial ceremony.
Anyway, it's done. I'll take it with me.
I'll pay only half of the price.
If she won't take it, I'll have to cover for it.
Please finish this one by tomorrow.
Don't draw so many wrinkles. You got it?
You don't know how to speak, huh?
See you.
Who's calling, please?
This is Jungyoung. Sorry for calling you.
You know, I'm busy. Why are you calling me?
I miss you. I can't help wanting you.
Me, too.
Let's meet for the last time. I'm crazy to see you.
We can't see each other without hurting one another.
Wait! I'm on College Street. We used to draw pictures here.
Wait for what? What an awful looking bitch! - Don't expect to see me. I won't be there.
I'll be here until you come.
Is it fun listening to someone else's conversation?
It's the infringement of personal portraits, right?
How many did you draw?
Don't touch. It might get dirty.
Are you deaf?
Aren't you listening?
I asked you how many you drew, prick!
Give me the money, son of a bitch.
You should pay me directly.
I'm his manager.
It's 20,000 won, right?
This is my new girl friend. You finish it by tomorrow!
If you lose it, you're dead.
Try to make her look pretty, okay?
Well, there aren't many people here today. I didn't sell a lot.
I'll try to get some money, if you come by in the evening.
This is a new brand of doll?
Please come again, later.
Don't forget to pay us, huh? - Yes!
But leave the doll with me.
Goddamn it, I can't believe this is me!
Do I have such an ugly nose and big nostrils?
I can't take this! Give me my money back!
What are you looking at? Give it to me.
What a shitty day!
That's strange. It looks just like him.
You hate me, don't you? You wanna kill me.
Some people must be helpless prey...
and others must be predators.
Let me sing for you out of pity.
Why don't you try to be a singer!
No way! Is your brother still in the hospital?
His brother got to stay longer. - Take this.
No, I can't. - Take it, man!
Go ahead. - Thanks, boss.
Let's go for your favorite, sushi? - Yes!
This is really good.
Sorry, but I have no money.
Can I pay you in another way?
I'm sure you'll like it, huh?
You're such a fool. You always get bullied.
Just robbed, and beaten up.
Follow me, I'm not lying to you.
We have these pretty dolls, only 5,000 won each.
"Another Me"
Who are you looking for?
You wanna drink with me?
What a coward!
Come on, hey.
Have a drink and play my opposite, come on.
You know how stupid you are?
A lot of hate and fury are in you, right?
I'll give you freedom.
But you need to suffer a lot for freedom.
This is not what I call suffering!
The real suffering has followed you all your life.
Those who made you suffer, live in comfort. It's not fair!
I want you to get revenge. I want you to kill me and then kill them!
You wanna get that girl?
You don't know how to express yourself.
I'm asking you again, you wanna fuck her?
She's like a jewel, huh?
You want her, right?
I'll let you take her.
But you can't touch her.
Just take a look. Look at her! Just like this.
You feel humiliated?
Think of how oppressed you've been, this is nothing.
You wanna kill me because I humiliated you?
Take the gun.
Take it.
Listen to me.
I'll tell you all the names I wanna kill.
Point to my head with this gun...
And fire it whenever I say a name.
Oh, come on.
I've suffered too much to sleep soundly.
My girlfriend has a new boyfriend.
She seduces him to her shop...
And fucks him on the flowers, ridiculing me.
I wanna kill her. What did I say?
I wanna kill her!
I wanna kill her.
Pull the trigger.
Kill her, come on!
I knew this prick in the Marines.
It was a dark night after training.
I was waiting for my assignment in the barracks.
A guy dressed in civilian clothes came in and...
started to beat me up saying I didn't respect him.
He dragged me into storage and beat me like a dog.
You see this scar?
He beat me up mercilessly with an iron-pipe.
I tried to escape and that's how I got this scar.
I thought he was my supervisor for sure
but later I found he was not.
He knew that I was ashamed to tell anybody about it
even if I found out that I was higher than him.
And he laughed at me.
How many mean guys like him are there in the world?
Now, he is a butcher.
He's fat enough to be sold at the butcher's.
What does he do?
He's a butcher.
Great, good! Kill him.
I loved a woman.
I wanted to marry her.
But she was fucking in love with my friend.
We had a non-physical relationship, but...
They had fucked each other several times.
I can't forgive them for abandoning me.
I found out later that he had raped her.
They married but divorced some time ago.
That's what makes me furious.
Only if they had a happy life...
I wouldn't get as angry as this.
She makes her living hand to mouth, running a comic book shop.
I saw her last at her wedding.
I really miss her now.
I'm crazy to see her.
Her ex-husband a snake importing company.
He feels loathsome just as a snake.
Hey, shoot him.
The next one is...
a detective, ill-natured and wicked.
He charged me for rape, and kicked me every night.
He even tortured me, shoving my head into a toilet.
He made me undress and
prohibited me from going to a restroom.
I shat on the floor in shame.
How can I forget the shame?
I was scared and wrote down whatever he wanted me to.
But the real rapist surrendered himself to the police.
The detective said he was sorry, and gave me 3,000 won for lunch.
Was it enough?
Scum bags are everywhere!
They suck the blood of the poor who only make money enough to live.
They should be put to death.
Kill them.
Get rid of them!
All of them!
Would you like a doll? It's just 5,000 won.
We have pretty dolls. It's a big sale.
Would you like a doll? It's just 5,000 won.
The biggest one is also 5,000 won.
Oh, damn it. It's getting worse.
This is fucking hard.
Shit, I don't care. A good frame will do.
You're late.
A lot of deliveries to do.
This is a surprise.
How come you said you'd do it?
Is it too hot in here?
You look tired. - I'm in a hurry.
Coffee is not what you want, huh?
OK. I'll do it quickly.
Pay me first.
I said, pay me.
Stop it.
I came to pick up the portrait.
What? - The portrait.
Oh! I see. Now I know. Just a second.
Here you are.
Is this the portrait? - Yeah.
It doesn't look like my mother.
You know, for a portrait, it's good.
Look at the eyes. They're the same as the photo.
Well... I don't know. How much is it?
Including the frame, it's 100,000 won
I'll give you a special price, 80,000 won.
Let's make it 70,000 won.
I just deliver it - 70,000won.
I'm late.
Turn around.
I said, turn around.
Sit down on the chair.
Who is it?
How come you're here?
You already finished the portrait?
What's with you?
I have no time to lose. Hurry up and answer.
I'm still waiting.
It was great, wasn't it?
Where are my panties? - I don't know.
Something's in the back. Look at here.
Don't move. There's rose thorns.
They made us more excited. - Are you done?
Does he make you as excited as me?
Shut up. - Oh, please...
Tell me.
Is your boy friend as good as me at sex?
Why are you asking me?
If you don't answer... Tell me one thing.
Tell me you love me more than him.
You're really eager to here that?
What a waste, all these flowers!
I can compensate you.
Next time, on the lilies. They should smell fucking great!
Let me touch you.
Stop it! I have to work.
OK. I see.
I'm off.
Good bye. - See ya.
May I help you?
What's up? Don't you have to work now?
I was working on the flowers.
Something happened? Want something to drink?
Hello, Sunghee! I dropped my phone during sex.
Keep it and give it back to me tomorrow.
Don't answer the phone. Turn it off to save the battery.
Don't forget. Next time, on the lilies.
Can you hear me? Hello?
What a son of bitch!
Who was it?
What do you mean?
I'm asking you. - Asking what?
Don't misunderstand.
Oh, my God! There, it's there.
Hurry and put it away before the boss comes back.
Damn it!
There, there.
What the hell is happening? - Hurry up, close the door.
Domestic or imported?
How stupid! How many left?
Only one left.
You clutz! You're useless!
First catch it. Then, I'll talk to you.
I'm dying to pee. Please get it back in the bag.
Hey! There! There! - There! Tread on!
That idiot! I should fire him.
Don't worry. Now it's okay, Boss.
Please, take better care of the snakes, Cho.
We should be compensated for the risk.
Cho, this is not the first time!
Your sales record is fucking bad and
then you let the snakes get out?
I didn't mean to.
You did it on purpose, to torture me.
Never! The bag has a hole, that's all.
Count them carefully. Is it right?
Oh, shit! One less snake in the bag!
What an idiot you are! Get it back to the bag!
You delivered one this morning. Did you count it?
Right. Then it's correct.
You're fired, you loser.
You're terrible in sales, and your counting is worse.
Get out! - I'll fix it, chief.
Don't be insane. This is not the army.
If you can, go and find a better job!
You know, I let you have a great time in the mountains.
Catching snakes, and having a fucking great time.
Hey! You think you can get a better job than this?
I'm terribly sorry, I won't do it again.
What the hell remember, this is the last time.
Hello, 'Super Viagra'. May I help you?
A white snake? Sorry, but we don't have one.
What a lucky guy you are! We have one fresh from 'Mt. Chiri'.
You're asking how much it is?
I'll hang up. If you have to ask you don't want it badly.
You're coming now? Great!
But hurry. O.K. See you then.
But we have no white snakes.
We have some from China!
They are not native ones. The native ones are transparent...
You moron! If it's white, it's enough.
They don't know shit about white snakes anyway.
But we shouldn't cheat them.
Don't be stupid. Put it in a nice bottle.
One with a mountain god painted on it.
You got it? - Sure, I'll do it.
Kim? - Yeah.
Any news from China? Have they shipped the snakes yet?
Sorry but not yet...
Knowing how crazy Koreans are about snakes, they want to raise the price.
What's worse, there are fewer snakes.
I knew this would happen.
With 1.2 billion Chinese all taking one each...
So, what should we do? Business has been great so far.
Oh, it's disgusting, Park.
What? Disgusting?
But guys are not disgusting when they're excited in bed?
Stop it!
Welcome! This way.
What a young guy! Wanna buy a white snake?
Sorry, but he's my friend.
Long time no see. Have a seat here. - Where?
Go outside with him, idiot!
Bad at work, and you bring your friends to the office?
Hey, take the bag of snakes with you.
Oh, damn it! This is my fucking life!
It's all because of these snakes.
Anyway, what's up? I didn't expect to see you again.
Why did you abandon Kiyon?
You know about that?
She is not who you think she is. What she cares about is only money.
You are lucky for not marrying her.
She wants to make money, but with a comic book shop?
You still hate me for my marrying her?
Believe it or not, she started flirting first.
You wanna eat a snake?
People are crazy about white snakes, but...
All the white snakes in Korea are from China.
They have no effect. You wanna take a look?
Cobras are the best. O.K. Come on.
Oh, this one looks fucking great! I'll give you one free!
What the hell are you doing?
Oh, what's that?
Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Kim!
Water is dripping there.
I'm not married, so I'm not misses.
Hello, this is the comic book shop.
Water is dripping from the ceiling. You didn't repair the pipe?
What nonsense is this?
You, the landlord, don't have enough to repair it?
You don't wanna fix it because my rent is a month overdue.
This shop is filled with books. The water is damaging them.
What the hell are you talking about?
What! I'll pay the rent.
Damn it!
Do you have Mr. Wind, Backhome?
Over there.
But this is Mr. Cloud, Backhome.
Can't you read Korean? Don't pick a quarrel with me.
I'm a customer and "Customers are always right"
Not always in this goddamn comic book shop,
after you stay for hours with only one book.
It's just because I'm deeply moved by the book.
You know what? In 'Ming's Army', three unbelievable...
I'm not in the mood for jokes.
Water dripping, low sales, everything's provoking me, even you!
I won't give a shit! Read it as long as you want, okay?
300 won?
Were you really married?
That's what they say, but you don't look like it to me.
It's none of your business.
Why are you always cold to me?
I spend enough here to buy my own shop.
I appreciate it. So enjoy your reading. But don't talk to me.
I'm tired.
Tired? I can give you a massage.
Anything you wanna know about me? I asked you a question!
Don't I sound like a human being?
Don't I sound like a human being?
Everyone in my family despises me.
Even you ignore me?
Am I so valueless to you?
Just ask one thing. Anything. Where do I live? What do I do?
Why do I hang around here with a college diploma?
Do you know why I come here every day?
I wanna marry you, and run this shop together.
I know where all the books are here.
You just work at the counter, taking money. - Get your hands off!
No, I won't. I'll do what I want.
You bastard! Get out of here. Go away, you bastard!
Hey, you, come here.
You mean me?
You little brat!
Cheat me while I am crying?
Pay 200 more.
You guys! You guys!
Get out of here.
Why? No.
Take them with you. - Really?
Good bye. - Bye bye.
Long time no see.
I saw you at my wedding.
Are things tough?
I run this shop. I'm crazy about comic books.
You liked comic books... "Naughty Boys"
You used to imitate characters from the book.
I'm happy.
My husband is really nice to me.
You still hate him?
What or who made you miserable like this?
I'm really sorry.
Life is tough for me.
Do something to make me feel better.
Is my baby doing well?
Sweetheart, you're doing okay?
Take it easy. Don't get too tired.
I have to stay active for an easy delivery.
You're lucky that you married me, huh? - Really?
Wanna kiss? - This is work!
You smoked again? - No, I didn't!
I can smell it. - Trust me, I didn't.
What a mess in the fridge! I'll clean it out.
I'm teaching you how to treat men, baby.
The door is locked till you promise never to do it again.
You promised me. - O.K. I'll never do it again, never!
Don't disappoint me! - No way!
I could have died. - Sorry, just playing.
It was careless of you.
Don't do it again. It's dangerous. - O.K.
May I help you? - What can I do for you?
Do you want some beef or pork?
Do you have a tender meat?
Sure, we sell only the best quality. Especially tender loin...
Is this tender? - Sure!
What about this? - Absolutely, it's great.
Why don't you buy some roast?
Is it tender? - It will melt in your mouth.
How about this?
That's for soup, so it's somewhat tough.
Tough? - Yeah.
I'll take it. - You mean the tough meat?
It comes to 10,350 won, I'll round it to 10,000 won.
Ten thousand... three hundred fifty won.
Here you go.
I think it will be too tough to chew.
She must be a lunatic or something.
I have a delivery. - See you later.
Don't dilly-dally with your friends.
Don't smoke! - O.K. I got it.
What can I do for you?
Wait. I think I know you.
Did you happen to serve in the 2nd division of the Marines?
Now I remember you! So good to see you again.
Look at this scar.
You gave it to me in the service.
Why are you putting it on me?
I don't know about that. You'd better go.
I'm working now, so go away.
Open the door, now!
Can you hear me? Open the fucking door!
Hey! You fucking bastard! Open it now!
Take care! - Take care!
Take care!
You took them off? Why don't you cover her?
It stinks!
She was killed so cruelly.
Yeah, cruel but she had a damn good body.
Don't joke any more about the body. Right, a damn good body.
Oh, I'm in serious trouble.
What did he say?
Yang, give me your gun.
What for? - Just give it to me.
Come on.
I can't remember where I put mine.
I lost my gun without ever having used it.
Where did I put it? I'm going crazy.
Blame yourself and the alcohol you drank.
You have a damn fine way to speak.
Did they report it?
No idea, I just told the chief, but...
What did he say? - I don't know.
He told me he'd help me out. It's O.K. I can always resign.
Answer it!
Where is it?
What the hell?
Yang, you nearly missed an important clue...
Hello, yeah, right.
Do you mind if I ask you the number you called?
I have a question for you. This is a flower shop...
Did you happen to be here earlier? I mean did you...
He's hanging up. I smell something fishy.
Yang, find out about the guy on the phone. I gotta piss now.
Cover it with some cloth so it doesn't stink.
What the...?
Are you a witness to this murder?
Didn't the fucking guys stop you?
Hey, I gotta piss first, O.K.?
Detective Bae!
You know me?
Yeah, you look familiar to me.
Three years ago, you tortured me.
Three years ago? Let me see.
Yeah, right!
I remember you by that scar.
I wouldn't let you go to the restroom, huh?
You wanna get even?
I gotta go, so see you later, fucking moron!
Son of a bitch! I said see you later.
Get outta here or I'm gonna piss on your face.
You kept kicking me without mercy!
Fucking bastard! You know, it's my fucking lucky day.
I'm gonna kill you. Get outta here.
Don't bother me, I'll kill you, beat it, O.K.?
Son of a bitch!!
You want some soup, right?
You skipped the church thing last week.
Don't swindle any more.
That means I'd starve, you know.
Your little brother is sick, I heard.
Hey, sis! You go get some food.
We need to do something with the doll stand, I think.
Who the fuck is the owner?
He didn't pay us yesterday, huh?
I heard he used to be a collector like us in another town.
Please, watch out. - Take good care of yourself.
Is there a teacher you wanna meet?
I was an outsider in school, so, no.
To people like you who don't study,
teachers are nothing other than the enemy.
Hey, give me some of that. - It's an awful feeling.
Before quitting middle school,
my homeroom teacher used to beat me for doing bad things...
sometimes he flashes into my mind.
I want more soup!
Are you a fucking deaf? I said go get some soup!
Who are you yelling at, punk?
Ma'am, more soup, please. - Do it yourself!
Shit! You embarrassed me with my guys.
Believe me. I'll pay you.
Son of a bitch. The fucking noise!
What a thing to say!
You know how my boss deals with things, huh?
Hey, do you like children? - Yes, sir.
Did you hear? He likes children.
Watch you mouth, or you'll see your kid's finger in this soup.
Hey, hey, get your head off!
Hey, get back.
Hi, want some food?
You haven't been here for a while.
Is your art going well?
Well, can I take your order?
I'll treat you. Help yourself.
Look at that.
Oh, is that a gun? Grab it up.
It looks like a real gun, sir.
Got some bullets. Where did you get it?
I told you to get it. - Come on, take it.
Hey, give it to me. I just wanna take a good look.
What are you? Are you nuts?
Boss, I think he'll do it.
A gun? I have one at home.
You don't need it 'cause you can't shoot it.
Do it.
You guys, don't be scared, He can't do it.
Don't call the cops.
Shoot me, shoot me, now!
Really? - Do it!
No way!
Please, don't. I beg you.
No, no...
Please, don't kill me. No, no way!
Please, don't.
I said, stop!
Stop it!
Who are you?
Ah, you're the one who called me a minute ago?
I didn't notice you came in.
Why don't you have a seat here?
You have a scar...
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
Give a doll.
That's a doll. Can you buy it?
Hey, do you ready a money?
Is there Mr. Lee?
Shit, pick up the money.
Pick up!
What are you hell to watch?
I kill you!!
Fuck! - Ah!
Come on, fuckers.
Come on, I kill you!!
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
Shit, fuck, I kill you!!
Son of a bitch, son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch, son of a bitch.
Shit, What are you looking at?
Shit, fuck!
Son of a bitch.
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